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RPM of Group Books/Computer books

bash-doc-2.05b-22mdk Documentation for the GNU Bourne Again shell (bash). linux/i586
clanlib0.6-docs-0.6.5-17mdk ClanLib documentation linux/i586
coreutils-doc-5.2.1-4mdk Coreutils documentation in info format linux/i586
directfb-doc-0.9.20-2mdk DirectFB - documentation linux/i586
docbook-style-dsssl-doc-1.78-2mdk Documentation for DocBook dssl stylesheets linux/noarch
docbook-style-xsl-doc-1.65.1-1mdk Documentation for DocBook stylesheets linux/noarch
gawk-doc-3.1.3-3mdk Documentation about the GNU version of the awk text processing utility linux/i586
grep-doc-2.5.1-5mdk Grep documentation in info format linux/i586
grub-doc-0.95-7mdk More doc for grub linux/i586
gsl-doc-1.5-1mdk Documentation of the Scientific Library linux/i586
kernel-doc- Various documentation bits found in the kernel source. linux/i586
kernel-doc-html-2.4.26-1mdk Various books about the kernel APIs in html format linux/i586
kernel-doc-pdf-2.4.26-1mdk Various books about the kernel APIs in html format linux/i586
kernel-doc-ps-2.4.26-1mdk Various books about the kernel APIs in ps format linux/i586
lout-doc-3.29-1mdk The documentation for the Lout document formatting language. linux/i586
mandrake-doc-common-10.1-1mdk Common data for all Mandrakelinux specific documentation linux/noarch
mandrake-doc-de-10.1-1mdk The Mandrakelinux manuals in German linux/noarch
mandrake-doc-drakxtools-de-10.1-1mdk The Mandrakelinux Tools User Guide in German linux/noarch
mandrake-doc-drakxtools-en-10.1-1mdk The Mandrakelinux Tools User Guide in English linux/noarch
mandrake-doc-drakxtools-es-10.1-1mdk The Mandrakelinux Tools User Guide in Spanish linux/noarch
mandrake-doc-drakxtools-fr-10.1-1mdk The Mandrakelinux Tools User Guide in French linux/noarch
mandrake-doc-drakxtools-it-10.1-1mdk The Mandrakelinux Tools User Guide in Italian linux/noarch
mandrake-doc-drakxtools-zh_cn-10.1-1mdk The Mandrakelinux Tools User Guide in Chinese linux/noarch
mandrake-doc-en-10.1-1mdk The Mandrakelinux manuals in English linux/noarch
mandrake-doc-es-10.1-1mdk The Mandrakelinux manuals in Spanish linux/noarch
mandrake-doc-fr-10.1-1mdk The Mandrakelinux manuals in French linux/noarch
mandrake-doc-it-10.1-1mdk The Mandrakelinux manuals in Italian linux/noarch
mandrake-doc-zh_cn-10.1-1mdk The Mandrakelinux manuals in Chinese linux/noarch
nasm-doc-0.98.38-1mdk Extensive documentation for NASM linux/i586
ocaml-doc-3.08.0-3mdk Documentation for OCaml linux/i586
openldap-doc-2.1.30-3mdk OpenLDAP documentation and administration guide linux/i586
perl-PDL-doc-2.4.1-2mdk PerlDL documentation package linux/i586
rute-0.9.1-3mdk Rute Users Tutorial and Exposition linux/noarch
sag-0.7.0-5mdk The LDP's System Administrators' Guide in HTML format. linux/noarch
slang-doc-1.4.8-6mdk Extra documentation for slang libraries linux/i586
zsh-doc-4.2.0-1mdk The doc package of zsh linux/i586

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