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unclutter-0.8-4mdk RPM for i586

From Mandriva 10.1 for i586 / media / contrib

Name: unclutter Distribution: Mandrakelinux
Version: 0.8 Vendor: MandrakeSoft
Release: 4mdk Build date: Tue Apr 6 14:29:37 2004
Group: System/XFree86 Build host:
Size: 13193 Source RPM: unclutter-0.8-4mdk.src.rpm
Packager: Michael Scherer <>
Summary: Hides the mouse cursor when idle
unclutter is a program which runs permanently in the background of an X11
session.  It checks on the X11 pointer (cursor) position every few seconds, and
when it finds it has not moved (and no buttons are pressed on the mouse, and
the cursor is not in the root window) it creates a small sub-window as a child
of the window the cursor is in.  The new window installs a cursor of size 1x1
but a mask of all 0, ie an invisible cursor.  This allows you to see all the
text in an xterm or xedit, for example.  The human factors crowd would agree it
should make things less distracting.




Public Domain


* Tue Apr 06 2004 Michael Scherer <> 0.8-4mdk
  - Birthday rebuild
  - moved to /usr/bin
* Mon Mar 10 2003 Marcel Pol <> 0.8-3mdk
  - buildreq: XFree86-devel
* Fri Dec 27 2002 Han Boetes <> 0.8-2mdk
  - rebuild because of new rpm macros and new glibc
* Mon Nov 12 2001 Han Boetes <> 0.8-1mdk
  - Initial mdk release.
* Tue Jul 07 1998 Paul H. Hargrove <hargrove@sccm.Stanford.EDU>
  - Remove modes from %attr on $docs.
* Tue Apr 14 1998 Paul H. Hargrove <hargrove@sccm.Stanford.EDU>
  - OOPS, I forgot the BuildRoot tag in the previous release.
  - Started with 0.8-1 SRPM by
  - Use buildroot and %attr



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