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Packages beginning with letter Y

yabasic-2.744-1mdk Small basic interpreter with printing and graphics linux/i586
yacas-1.0.55-2mdk Yacas, a computer algebra language linux/i586
yadex-1.7.0-2mdk Yadex is a level editor for DOOM linux/i586
yafc-1.1-1mdk Yafc - yet another ftp client. linux/i586
yammi-1.2-0.beta.1mdk Yet Another Music Manager linux/i586
yamt-0.5-8mdk Yamt is Yet Another MP3 Tool linux/i586
yank-0.2.1-6mdk Yet Another NoteKeeper linux/i586
yaz-2.0.21-4mdk Z39.50 protocol support library linux/i586
yelp-2.6.2-2mdk GNOME 2 help browser linux/i586
yencode-0.46-3mdk Usenet yEnc encoder,decoder and poster linux/i586
yiff-2.14.2-2mdk YIFF Sound Systems linux/i586
yodl-1.31.18-10mdk Yet oneOther Document Language. linux/i586
yp-tools-2.9-1mdk NIS (or YP) client programs. linux/i586
ypbind-1.17.3-1mdk The NIS daemon which binds NIS clients to an NIS domain. linux/i586
ypserv-2.11-1mdk The NIS (Network Information Service) server linux/i586
ytalk-3.1.2-1mdk A chat program. linux/i586
yudit-2.7.6-4mdk Unicode Text Editor linux/i586
yum-2.0.7-1mdk RPM installer/updater linux/noarch
yzis-0.20040811-3mdk Yzis linux/i586

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