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Packages beginning with letter Q

qadsl-1.3.3-1mdk Autologin & Keep-Alive Daemon for Internet Connections linux/i586
qalculate-0.6.2-1mdk A very versatile desktop calculator linux/i586
qamix-0.0.7e-1mdk Easily configurable ALSA mixer linux/i586
qarecord-0.0.9-1mdk QT based ALSA recording interface linux/i586
qcad- A professional CAD system linux/i586
qcheck-1.0-4mdk Checks Maildirs for incoming mails. linux/i586
qdox-1.4-1jpp Extract class/interface/method definitions from sources linux/noarch
qdox-javadoc-1.4-1jpp Javadoc for qdox linux/noarch
qdu-2.2-2mdk Graphical Disk Usage linux/i586
qdvdauthor-0.0.7-2mdk GUI to create DVD menus and images from media files linux/i586
qemacs-0.3.1-1mdk A small heavy featured editor linux/i586
qemu-0.6.0-2mdk QEMU CPU Emulator linux/i586
qfaxreader-0.2.6-2mdk Multipage TIFF/fax viewer linux/i586
qgis-0.5.0-1mdk Quantum GIS is a Geographic Information System for Linux/Unix. linux/i586
qiv-2.0-2mdk Gdk/imlib image viewer linux/i586
qjackconnect-0.0.3b-5mdk Qt based patchbay for Jack linux/i586
qjackctl-0.2.12-1mdk A QT gui for the jack audio daemon linux/i586
qjoypad-3.3-2mdk QJoyPad - Emulate keyboard or mouse actions with a joystick linux/i586
qmidiarp-0.0.2-1mdk Simple, graphical MIDI arpeggiator linux/i586
qprint-1.0-4mdk Encode and decode quoted printable data linux/i586
qrna-2.0.2c-1mdk Prototype ncRNA genefinder linux/i586
qsf-0.9.0-1mdk Quick spam filter linux/i586
qstat-2.5c-4mdk Real-time Game Server Status for Quake servers linux/i586
qsynaptics-0.21-1mdk A QT application to configure Synaptic TouchPad linux/i586
qsynth-0.2.2-1mdk GUI for fluidsynth soundfont softward synthesizer. linux/i586
qt3-common-3.3.3-26mdk config, language file for Qt linux/i586
qt3-example-3.3.3-26mdk Qt examples. linux/i586
qtc-3.2.3-9mdk Qt bindings for C. linux/i586
qtparted-0.4.4-2mdk Flexible partitioning tool linux/i586
qtradio-0.8.1-3mdk QtRadio - listen to the radio with QtRadio. linux/i586
qtsharp-0.7.1-1mdk Qt# is a C# language binding for the Qt toolkit. linux/i586
quadra-1.1.8-12mdk Multiplayer puzzle game linux/i586
quagga-0.96.5-1mdk Routing daemon linux/i586
quagga-contrib-0.96.5-1mdk Tools for quagga linux/i586
quagga-devel-0.96.5-1mdk Header and object files for quagga development linux/i586
quanta-3.2.3-12mdk A web editor for the KDE Desktop Environment linux/i586
quanta-kfilereplace-3.2.3-12mdk Kfilereplace linux/i586
quanta-kommander-3.2.3-12mdk Kommander linux/i586
quark-3.21-1mdk Music player based on Xine linux/i586
quartz-1.2.3-1jpp Quartz Enterprise Job Scheduler linux/noarch
quartz-demo-1.2.3-1jpp Examples for quartz linux/noarch
quartz-javadoc-1.2.3-1jpp Javadoc for quartz linux/noarch
quartz-manual-1.2.3-1jpp Manual for quartz linux/noarch
quat-1.20-4mdk Generation of 3d fractal objects. linux/i586
quick-lounge-applet-2.1.2-1mdk GNOME Applications panel grouping applet linux/i586
quicklist-0.8.6-4mdk Keep track of "things" linux/i586
quiminputcontextplugin-0.1.6-2.svn909.mdk Uim context plugin for qt-immodule linux/i586
quiteinsane-0.10-2mdk KDE Scanning application linux/i586
quota-3.10-1mdk System administration tools for monitoring users' disk usage. linux/i586
quotatool-1.4.6-1mdk Utility for setting filesystem quotas from the command line. linux/i586
qvcd-0.21-3mdk Tool for building and writing VCD's linux/i586

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