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RPM of Group Text tools

ack-2.999.30-1.mga7 Grep-like text finder for large trees of text linux/noarch
agrep-0.8.0-14.mga6 Approximate matching linux/x86_64
antiword-0.37-15.mga7 MS Word to ASCII/Postscript converter linux/x86_64
apachegrep-0.3-10.mga6 A grep tool for apache log files linux/noarch
ascii-3.18-1.mga7 Interactive ASCII name and synonym chart linux/x86_64
aspell- A Free and Open Source interactive spelling checker program linux/x86_64
aspell-manual- Manual for aspell linux/x86_64
autocorr-af- Afrikaans auto-correction rules linux/noarchNew
autocorr-af- Afrikaans auto-correction rules linux/noarch
autocorr-bg- Bulgarian auto-correction rules linux/noarchNew
autocorr-bg- Bulgarian auto-correction rules linux/noarch
autocorr-ca- Catalan auto-correction rules linux/noarchNew
autocorr-ca- Catalan auto-correction rules linux/noarch
autocorr-cs- Czech auto-correction rules linux/noarchNew
autocorr-cs- Czech auto-correction rules linux/noarch
autocorr-da- Danish auto-correction rules linux/noarchNew
autocorr-da- Danish auto-correction rules linux/noarch
autocorr-de- German auto-correction rules linux/noarchNew
autocorr-de- German auto-correction rules linux/noarch
autocorr-en- English auto-correction rules linux/noarchNew
autocorr-en- English auto-correction rules linux/noarch
autocorr-es- Spanish auto-correction rules linux/noarchNew
autocorr-es- Spanish auto-correction rules linux/noarch
autocorr-fa- Farsi auto-correction rules linux/noarchNew
autocorr-fa- Farsi auto-correction rules linux/noarch
autocorr-fi- Finnish auto-correction rules linux/noarchNew
autocorr-fi- Finnish auto-correction rules linux/noarch
autocorr-fr- French auto-correction rules linux/noarchNew
autocorr-fr- French auto-correction rules linux/noarch
autocorr-ga- Irish auto-correction rules linux/noarchNew
autocorr-ga- Irish auto-correction rules linux/noarch
autocorr-hr- Croatian auto-correction rules linux/noarchNew
autocorr-hr- Croatian auto-correction rules linux/noarch
autocorr-hu- Hungarian auto-correction rules linux/noarchNew
autocorr-hu- Hungarian auto-correction rules linux/noarch
autocorr-is- Icelandic auto-correction rules linux/noarchNew
autocorr-is- Icelandic auto-correction rules linux/noarch
autocorr-it- Italian auto-correction rules linux/noarchNew
autocorr-it- Italian auto-correction rules linux/noarch
autocorr-ja- Japanese auto-correction rules linux/noarchNew
autocorr-ja- Japanese auto-correction rules linux/noarch
autocorr-ko- Korean auto-correction rules linux/noarchNew
autocorr-ko- Korean auto-correction rules linux/noarch
autocorr-lb- Luxembourgish auto-correction rules linux/noarchNew
autocorr-lb- Luxembourgish auto-correction rules linux/noarch
autocorr-lt- Lithuanian auto-correction rules linux/noarchNew
autocorr-lt- Lithuanian auto-correction rules linux/noarch
autocorr-mn- Mongolian auto-correction rules linux/noarchNew
autocorr-mn- Mongolian auto-correction rules linux/noarch
autocorr-nl- Dutch auto-correction rules linux/noarchNew
autocorr-nl- Dutch auto-correction rules linux/noarch
autocorr-pl- Polish auto-correction rules linux/noarchNew
autocorr-pl- Polish auto-correction rules linux/noarch
autocorr-pt- Portuguese auto-correction rules linux/noarchNew
autocorr-pt- Portuguese auto-correction rules linux/noarch
autocorr-ro- Romanian auto-correction rules linux/noarchNew
autocorr-ro- Romanian auto-correction rules linux/noarch
autocorr-ru- Russian auto-correction rules linux/noarchNew
autocorr-ru- Russian auto-correction rules linux/noarch
autocorr-sk- Slovak auto-correction rules linux/noarchNew
autocorr-sk- Slovak auto-correction rules linux/noarch
autocorr-sl- Slovenian auto-correction rules linux/noarchNew
autocorr-sl- Slovenian auto-correction rules linux/noarch
autocorr-sr- Serbian auto-correction rules linux/noarchNew
autocorr-sr- Serbian auto-correction rules linux/noarch
autocorr-sv- Swedish auto-correction rules linux/noarchNew
autocorr-sv- Swedish auto-correction rules linux/noarch
autocorr-tr- Turkish auto-correction rules linux/noarchNew
autocorr-tr- Turkish auto-correction rules linux/noarch
autocorr-vi- Vietnamese auto-correction rules linux/noarchNew
autocorr-vi- Vietnamese auto-correction rules linux/noarch
autocorr-zh- Chinese auto-correction rules linux/noarchNew
autocorr-zh- Chinese auto-correction rules linux/noarch
banner-1.3.4-2.mga6 Print text as banner on the console linux/x86_64
bibletime-2.11.1-2.mga7 Easy to use Bible study tool linux/x86_64
catdoc-0.95-2.mga7 A program which converts Microsoft office files to plain text linux/x86_64
colorer-take5-0-0.beta5.13.mga7 Syntax highlighting and text parsing library linux/x86_64
colorer-take5-base-0-0.beta5.13.mga7 Common files for Colorer take5 linux/x86_64
colorize-0.3.4-7.mga6 Colorized output from tail linux/noarch
comex-0.1.9-8.mga7 Console interface for comex project linux/noarch
copyq-3.4.0-1.mga7 An advanced clipboard manager linux/x86_64New
cuneiform-linux-1.1.0-14.mga7 A command-line OCR system linux/x86_64
discount-2.2.2-1.mga6 A command-line utility for converting Markdown files into HTML linux/x86_64
dos2unix-7.3.4-2.mga7 Converts DOS and Mac EOLs to UNIX-style EOLs and vice versa linux/x86_64
editorconfig-0.12.2-1.mga7 Commandline utilities for EditorConfig linux/x86_64
enca-1.19-1.mga6 A program that can detect and convert between character sets linux/x86_64
expat-2.2.5-1.mga7 XML parser written in C linux/x86_64
file-rename-utils-1.7.3-7.mga6 Bash utilities that enable various file renaming actions, and more linux/noarch
foma-0.9.18-2.mga7 finite-state compiler and C library linux/x86_64
fpaste- A simple tool for pasting info onto linux/noarch
gawk-4.2.1-1.mga7 The GNU version of the awk text processing utility linux/x86_64
grep-3.1-1.mga7 The GNU versions of the grep pattern matching utilities linux/x86_64
groff-1.22.3-1.mga6 Document formatting system linux/x86_64
groff-doc-1.22.3-1.mga6 Parts of the groff formatting system that require X Windows System linux/x86_64
groff-for-man-1.22.3-1.mga6 Groff components required for viewing manpages linux/x86_64
groff-perl-1.22.3-1.mga6 Parts of the groff formatting system that require Perl linux/x86_64
groff-x11-1.22.3-1.mga6 Parts of the groff formatting system that require X Windows System linux/x86_64
grutatxt-2.0.16-8.mga7 Text to HTML converter linux/noarch
halibut-1.2-1.mga7 TeX-like software manual tool linux/x86_64
haveged-1.7c-5.mga6 A simple entropy daemon linux/x86_64
hspell-1.4-1.mga7 Free Hebrew linguistic project linux/x86_64
hyphen-af-0-0.4.20080714svn.6.mga6 Afrikaans hyphenation rules linux/noarch
hyphen-as-0.20100204-8.mga6 Assamese hyphenation rules linux/noarch
hyphen-be-1.1-11.mga6 Belorussian hyphenation rules linux/noarch
hyphen-bg-4.3-7.mga6 Bulgarian hyphenation rules linux/noarch
hyphen-bn-0.20100204-7.mga6 Bengali hyphenation rules linux/noarch
hyphen-ca-0.9.3-8.mga6 Catalan hyphenation rules linux/noarch
hyphen-cs-20060303-19.mga6 Czech hyphenation rules linux/noarch
hyphen-cy-0.20110620-7.mga6 Welsh hyphenation rules linux/noarch
hyphen-da-0.20070903-7.mga6 Danish hyphenation rules linux/noarch
hyphen-de-0.20060120-7.mga6 German hyphenation rules linux/noarch
hyphen-el-0.20051018-7.mga6 Greek hyphenation rules linux/noarch
hyphen-en-2.8.5-7.mga6 English hyphenation rules linux/noarch
hyphen-es-0.20040810-7.mga6 Spanish hyphenation rules linux/noarch
hyphen-et-0.20030606.1-15.mga6 Estonian hyphenation rules linux/noarch
hyphen-eu-0.20110620-7.mga6 Basque hyphenation rules linux/noarch
hyphen-fa-0.20081119-8.mga6 Farsi hyphenation rules linux/noarch
hyphen-fo-0.20040420-7.mga6 Faroese hyphenation rules linux/noarch
hyphen-fr-2.0-7.mga6 French hyphenation rules linux/noarch
hyphen-ga-0.20040220-7.mga6 Irish hyphenation rules linux/noarch
hyphen-gl-0.99-9.mga6 Galician hyphenation rules linux/noarch
hyphen-grc-0.20100531-7.mga6 Ancient Greek hyphenation rules linux/noarch
hyphen-gu-0.20100204-7.mga6 Gujarati hyphenation rules linux/noarch
hyphen-hi-0.20100204-7.mga6 Hindi hyphenation rules linux/noarch
hyphen-hr-0.20040608.1-14.mga6 Croatian hyphenation rules linux/noarch
hyphen-hsb-0.20100531-7.mga6 Upper Sorbian hyphenation rules linux/noarch
hyphen-hu-0.20090612-7.mga6 Hungarian hyphenation rules linux/noarch
hyphen-ia-0.20050628-8.mga6 Interlingua hyphenation rules linux/noarch
hyphen-id-0.20040812-6.mga6 Indonesian hyphenation rules linux/noarch
hyphen-is-0.20030920-7.mga6 Icelandic hyphenation rules linux/noarch
hyphen-it-0.20071127-7.mga6 Italian hyphenation rules linux/noarch
hyphen-kn-0.20100204-7.mga6 Kannada hyphenation rules linux/noarch
hyphen-ku-1.71.2-7.mga6 Kurdish hyphenation rules linux/noarch
hyphen-lt-0.20100531-8.mga6 Lithuanian hyphenation rules linux/noarch
hyphen-lv-0.9.4-11.mga6 Latvian hyphenation rules linux/noarch
hyphen-mi-0.20080630-7.mga6 Maori hyphenation rules linux/noarch
hyphen-ml-0.20100204-7.mga6 Malayalam hyphenation rules linux/noarch
hyphen-mn-0.20100531-8.mga6 Mongolian hyphenation rules linux/noarch
hyphen-mr-0.20100204-7.mga6 Marathi hyphenation rules linux/noarch
hyphen-nb-2.0.10-17.mga6 Bokmaal hyphenation rules linux/noarch
hyphen-nl-0.20050617-7.mga6 Dutch hyphenation rules linux/noarch
hyphen-nn-2.0.10-17.mga6 Nynorsk hyphenation rules linux/noarch
hyphen-or-0.20100204-7.mga6 Oriya hyphenation rules linux/noarch
hyphen-pa-0.20100204-8.mga6 Punjabi hyphenation rules linux/noarch
hyphen-pl-0.20060726-7.mga6 Polish hyphenation rules linux/noarch
hyphen-pt-0.20021021-7.mga6 Portuguese hyphenation rules linux/noarch
hyphen-ro-3.3.6-7.mga6 Romanian hyphenation rules linux/noarch
hyphen-ru-0.20020727-7.mga6 Russian hyphenation rules linux/noarch
hyphen-sa-0.20100531-8.mga6 Sanskrit hyphenation rules linux/noarch
hyphen-sk-0.20031227.1-8.mga6 Slovak hyphenation rules linux/noarch
hyphen-sl-0.20070127-7.mga6 Slovenian hyphenation rules linux/noarch
hyphen-sr-0.20100920.1-10.mga6 Serbian hyphenation rules linux/noarch
hyphen-sv-1.00.1-7.mga6 Swedish hyphenation rules linux/noarch
hyphen-ta-0.20100204-7.mga6 Tamil hyphenation rules linux/noarch
hyphen-te-0.20100204-7.mga6 Telugu hyphenation rules linux/noarch
hyphen-tk-0.20100531-8.mga6 Turkmen hyphenation rules linux/noarch
hyphen-uk-0.20030903-8.mga6 Ukrainian hyphenation rules linux/noarch
hyphen-zu-0-0.4.20080714svn.6.mga6 Zulu hyphenation rules linux/noarch
igal2-2.2-1.mga7 Easy and flexible online Image GALlery generator linux/noarchNew
kaptain-0.73-8.mga6 Kaptain is a universal graphical front-end for command line programs linux/x86_64
kcharselect-17.12.2-1.mga7 Select special characters from any font linux/x86_64
kytea-0.4.2-6.mga6 Toolkit for analyzing texts in Japanese, Chinese, and other languages linux/x86_64
letterize-1.4-1.mga7 Generate pronounceable mnemonics from phone numbers linux/x86_64
lib64aspell15- Shared library files for aspell linux/x86_64
lib64hspell0-1.4-1.mga7 Shared library files for hspell linux/x86_64
libcroco-utils-0.6.12-2.mga6 Example apps based on libcroco for working with CSS files linux/x86_64
libtasn1-tools-4.13-1.mga7 Command line ASN.1 tools linux/x86_64
malaga-7.12-16.mga7 A grammar development environment for natural languages linux/x86_64
mga-advisories-0.24-1.mga7 Tool to generate Mageia advisories pages and emails linux/noarch
multitail-6.4.2-2.mga7 View one or multiple files like tail but with multiple windows linux/x86_64
mythes-bg-4.3-7.mga6 Bulgarian thesaurus linux/noarch
mythes-ca-1.5.0-11.mga6 Catalan thesaurus linux/noarch
mythes-cs-0.20080222.1-11.mga7 Czech thesaurus linux/noarch
mythes-da-0.20100629.15.16.1-8.mga6 Danish thesaurus linux/noarch
mythes-de-0.20180411.1-4.mga7 German thesaurus linux/noarch
mythes-el-0.20070412.1-13.mga6 Greek thesaurus linux/noarch
mythes-en-3.0-15.mga6 English thesaurus linux/noarch
mythes-es-0.20101002.1-8.mga6 Spanish thesaurus linux/noarch
mythes-fr-2.3-4.mga6 French thesaurus linux/noarch
mythes-ga-0.20160213.1-1.mga7 Irish thesaurus linux/noarch
mythes-hu-0.20101019.1-8.mga6 Hungarian thesaurus linux/noarch
mythes-it-2.0.9l-12.mga6 Italian thesaurus linux/noarch
mythes-lb-0.20180412.1-1.mga7 Luxembourgish thesaurus linux/noarch
mythes-lv-1.3.0-1.mga7 Latvian mythes dictionaries linux/noarch
mythes-mi-0.20080630.1-11.mga6 Maori thesaurus linux/noarch
mythes-nb-2.2-1.mga7 Bokmaal thesaurus linux/noarch
mythes-ne-1.1-9.mga6 Nepali thesauru linux/noarch
mythes-nl-0.20151210.1-1.mga7 Dutch thesaurus linux/noarch
mythes-nn-2.2-1.mga7 Nynorsk thesaurus linux/noarch
mythes-pl-1.5-12.mga6 Polish thesaurus linux/noarch
mythes-pt- Portuguese thesaurus linux/noarch
mythes-ro-3.3-9.mga6 Romanian thesaurus linux/noarch
mythes-ru-0.20140423.1-11.mga7 Russian thesaurus linux/noarch
mythes-sk-0.20180411.1-8.mga7 Slovak thesaurus linux/noarch
mythes-sl-0.20151225.1-1.mga7 Slovenian thesaurus linux/noarch
mythes-sv-1.3-8.mga6 Swedish thesaurus linux/noarch
mythes-uk-1.7.1-4.mga6 Ukrainian thesaurus linux/noarch
odt2txt-0.5-3.mga7 A simple (and stupid) converter from OpenDocument Text to plain text linux/x86_64
patch-2.7.6-1.mga7 The GNU patch command, for modifying/upgrading files linux/x86_64
patchutils-0.3.4-1.mga6 Patches utilities linux/x86_64
perl-Text-Reform-1.200.0-7.mga6 Manual text wrapping and reformatting linux/noarch
recode-3.7-1.mga7 Utility for converting between character sets linux/x86_64
regexxer-0.11-0.git20170430.1.mga7 Interactive search and replace tool linux/x86_64
repoctl-0.1-6.mga6 Repository control tool linux/noarch
rgrep-0.99.19-13.mga6 A grep utility which can recursively descend through directories linux/x86_64
rlwrap-0.43-1.mga7 Readline wrapper linux/x86_64
sed-4.5-1.mga7 A GNU stream text editor linux/x86_64
stardict-dalf-rus-rus-2.4.2-4.mga6 Dal's Russian Dictionary linux/noarch
stardict-mueller24-eng-rus-2.4.2-4.mga6 Mueller's English-Russian Dictionary, 24th edition linux/noarch
stardict-nbars-magus-eng-rus-2.4.2-4.mga6 Big English-Russian Dictionary linux/noarch
stardict-ozhshv-rus-rus-2.4.2-5.mga6 Ozhegov's and Shvedova's Russian Dictionary linux/noarch
stardict-ushakov-rus-rus-2.4.2-4.mga6 Russian Ushakov's Dictionary linux/noarch
sub2srt-0.5.3-9.mga6 Convert subtitles from .sub to subviewer .srt format linux/noarch
subtitlecomposer-0.6.6-2.mga7 A text-based subtitles editor linux/x86_64
susepaste-0.5-8.mga6 Simple script for using openSUSE paste easily linux/noarch
the_silver_searcher-2.1.0-2.20170825.mga7 Super-fast text searching tool (ag) linux/x86_64
tidy-5.6.0-1.mga7 Program for tidying up messy HTML linux/x86_64
tidyp-1.04-9.mga6 Program for tidying up messy HTML linux/x86_64
toilet-0.3-7.mga6 Powerful figlet replacement linux/x86_64
translate-shell- Command-line interface and interactive shell for Google Translate linux/noarch
ttyrec-1.0.8-7.mga6 A tty recorder linux/x86_64
txt2man-1.6.0-1.mga6 Converts flat ASCII text to man page format linux/noarch
txt2tags-2.6-8.mga6 Converts text files to HTML, XHTML, sgml, LaTeX, man, etc linux/noarch
unac-1.8.0-8.mga6 A command that removes accents linux/x86_64
unrtf-0.21.9-3.mga6 RTF to other formats converter linux/x86_64
voikko-fi-2.2-1.mga7 Description of Finnish morphology written in Malaga linux/noarch
voikko-tools-4.1.1-3.mga7 Test programs for libvoikko linux/x86_64
wdiff-1.2.2-4.mga6 Word-based diff front end linux/x86_64
words-3.0-15.mga6 A dictionary of English words for the /usr/dict directory linux/noarch
xclip-0.12-8.mga6 A command line interface to the X11 clipboard linux/x86_64
xmlstarlet-1.6.1-5.mga6 Command Line XML Toolkit linux/x86_64
zemberek-server-0.7.1-11.mga6 Zemberek NLP library spellchecker server linux/x86_64

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