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RPM of Group Graphical desktop/Other

afterstep-2.2.12-5.mga6 AfterStep Window Manager linux/x86_64
alltray-0.71b-7.mga5 Docks any application into the system tray linux/x86_64
asclock-2.0.12-5.mga5 AfterStep Clock Applet linux/x86_64
autokey-common-0.90.4-7.mga6 Desktop automation utility - common data linux/noarch
autokey-gtk-0.90.4-7.mga6 AutoKey GTK+ front end linux/noarch
autokey-qt-0.90.4-7.mga6 AutoKey Qt front end linux/noarch
awesome-3.5.6-2.mga6 Highly configurable, framework window manager for X. Fast, light and extensible linux/x86_64
awesome-plugin-shifty-3.5-0.20130110.87c1f27.4.mga5 Dynamic tagging library for awesome linux/noarch
awesome-plugin-vicious-2.1.0-5.mga5 A modular widget library for the "awesome" window manager linux/noarch
cairo-dock-3.4.1-1.mga6 A light and eye-candy dock to launch your programs easily linux/x86_64
cairo-dock-Folders-3.4.1-2.mga6 That package provides plugin "Folders" linux/x86_64
cairo-dock-System-monitor-3.4.1-2.mga6 That package provides plugin "System-monitor" linux/x86_64
cairo-dock-alsamixer-3.4.1-2.mga6 That package provides a alsaMixer plugins linux/x86_64
cairo-dock-animated-icons-3.4.1-2.mga6 That package provides plugin "Animated icons" linux/x86_64
cairo-dock-cairo-penguin-3.4.1-2.mga6 That package provides a Cairo-Penguin plugins linux/x86_64
cairo-dock-clipper-3.4.1-2.mga6 That package provides plugin "clipper" linux/x86_64
cairo-dock-clock-3.4.1-2.mga6 That package provides plugin "clock" linux/x86_64
cairo-dock-composite-manager-3.4.1-2.mga6 That package provides plugin "composite-manager" linux/x86_64
cairo-dock-dbus-3.4.1-2.mga6 That package provides a Dbus plugins linux/x86_64
cairo-dock-desklet-rendering-3.4.1-2.mga6 That package provides plugin "desklet-rendering" linux/x86_64
cairo-dock-dialog-rendering-3.4.1-2.mga6 That package provides plugin "dialog-rendering" linux/x86_64
cairo-dock-dnd2share-3.4.1-2.mga6 That package provides plugin "dnd2share" linux/x86_64
cairo-dock-drop_indicator-3.4.1-2.mga6 That package provides plugin "drop_indicator" linux/x86_64
cairo-dock-dustbin-3.4.1-2.mga6 That package provides plugin "dustbin" linux/x86_64
cairo-dock-gnome-integration-3.4.1-2.mga6 That package provides a gnome-integration plugins linux/x86_64
cairo-dock-icon-effect-3.4.1-2.mga6 That package provides plugin "icon-effect" linux/x86_64
cairo-dock-illusion-3.4.1-2.mga6 That package provides plugin "illusion" linux/x86_64
cairo-dock-impulse-3.4.1-2.mga6 That package provides plugin "Impulse" linux/x86_64
cairo-dock-kde-integration-3.4.1-2.mga6 That package provides plugin "kde-integration" linux/x86_64
cairo-dock-keyboard-indicator-3.4.1-2.mga6 That package provides plugin "keyboard-indicator" linux/x86_64
cairo-dock-logout-3.4.1-2.mga6 That package provides plugin "logout" linux/x86_64
cairo-dock-mail-3.4.1-2.mga6 That package provides plugin "mail" linux/x86_64
cairo-dock-motion_blur-3.4.1-2.mga6 That package provides plugin "motion_blur" linux/x86_64
cairo-dock-musicPlayer-3.4.1-2.mga6 That package provides plugin "musicPlayer" linux/x86_64
cairo-dock-netspeed-3.4.1-2.mga6 That package provides a netspeed plugins linux/x86_64
cairo-dock-plugins-3.4.1-2.mga6 Plugins for cairo-dock linux/x86_64
cairo-dock-plugins-i18n-3.4.1-2.mga6 Translation files for cairo-dock-plugins linux/x86_64
cairo-dock-powermanager-3.4.1-2.mga6 That package provides a powermanager plugins linux/x86_64
cairo-dock-quick-browser-3.4.1-2.mga6 That package provides plugin "quick-browser" linux/x86_64
cairo-dock-recent-events-3.4.1-2.mga6 Recent-Events applet based on Zeitgeist framework linux/x86_64
cairo-dock-remote-control-3.4.1-2.mga6 That package provides plugin "remote-control" linux/x86_64
cairo-dock-rendering-3.4.1-2.mga6 That package provides plugin "rendering" linux/x86_64
cairo-dock-rssreader-3.4.1-2.mga6 That package provides plugin "rssreader" linux/x86_64
cairo-dock-screenshot-3.4.1-2.mga6 That package provides plugin "Screenshot" linux/x86_64
cairo-dock-shared-files-3.4.1-2.mga6 Shared files for plugins linux/x86_64
cairo-dock-shortcuts-3.4.1-2.mga6 That package provides a shortcuts plugins linux/x86_64
cairo-dock-show_mouse-3.4.1-2.mga6 That package provides plugin "show_mouse" linux/x86_64
cairo-dock-showdesktop-3.4.1-2.mga6 That package provides a showDesktop plugins linux/x86_64
cairo-dock-slider-3.4.1-2.mga6 That package provides a slider plugins linux/x86_64
cairo-dock-sound-effects-3.4.1-2.mga6 That package provides plugin "Sound-Effects" linux/x86_64
cairo-dock-stack-3.4.1-2.mga6 That package provides a stack plugins linux/x86_64
cairo-dock-status-notifier-3.4.1-2.mga6 That package provides plugin "status-notifier" linux/x86_64
cairo-dock-switcher-3.4.1-2.mga6 That package provides a switcher plugins linux/x86_64
cairo-dock-systray-3.4.1-2.mga6 That package provides a systray plugins linux/x86_64
cairo-dock-terminal-3.4.1-2.mga6 That package provides plugin "terminal" linux/x86_64
cairo-dock-themes- Themes for cairo-dock linux/noarch
cairo-dock-tomboy-3.4.1-2.mga6 That package provides a tomboy plugins linux/x86_64
cairo-dock-toons-3.4.1-2.mga6 That package provides plugin "toons" linux/x86_64
cairo-dock-vala-3.4.1-2.mga6 This package provides vala binding for cairo-dock linux/x86_64
cairo-dock-weather-3.4.1-2.mga6 That package provides a weather plugins linux/x86_64
cairo-dock-weblets-3.4.1-2.mga6 That package provides plugin "weblets" linux/x86_64
cairo-dock-wifi-3.4.1-2.mga6 That package provides a wifi plugins linux/x86_64
cairo-dock-xfce-integration-3.4.1-2.mga6 That package provides a xfce-integration plugins linux/x86_64
cairo-dock-xgamma-3.4.1-2.mga6 That package provides a Xgamma plugins linux/x86_64
desktop-file-utils-0.22-9.mga6 Utilities for working with desktop entries linux/x86_64
devede-4.3.2-1.mga6.tainted Graphical frontend to create video DVDs/(S)VCDs linux/noarch
devede-4.3.2-1.mga6 Graphical frontend to create video DVDs/(S)VCDs linux/noarch
devilspie2-0.39-1.mga6 Windows matching utility linux/x86_64
dmenu-4.5-8.mga6 A dynamic menu for X linux/x86_64
drakconf-icons-12.60-2.mga6 Icons of the Mageia Control Center linux/noarch
drakx-installer-matchbox-1.2-21.mga5 Customized version of Matchbox for DrakX installer linux/x86_64
dunst-1.1.0-1.mga6 Customizable and lightweight notification-daemon linux/x86_64
dwm-6.0-9.mga6 A minimalist window manager for the X Window System linux/x86_64
etoys-5.0.2408-5.mga5 An educational tool for teaching children powerful ideas in compelling ways linux/noarch
eyesight-0.1.2-3.mga5 Hawaii desktop image viewer linux/x86_64
faenza-icon-theme-1.3.1-7.mga5 Faenza icon theme linux/noarch
fluxbox-1.3.7-1.mga6 Windowmanager based on the original blackbox-code linux/x86_64
fluxbox-pulseaudio-1.3.7-1.mga6 Enable pulseaudio support linux/x86_64
fvwm-crystal-3.3.2-3.mga5 An eye-candy and powerful desktop environment based on FVWM2 linux/noarch
fvwm2-2.6.5-13.mga5 The F virtual window manager for the X Window system linux/x86_64
fvwm2-config-mageia-2.6.5-13.mga5 Mageia system-wide configuration for Fvwm2 linux/x86_64
gedit-beesu-plugin-0.4-3.mga5 Allows normal users to open files in gedit as root linux/x86_64
gmrun-0.9.2-5.mga5 Lightweight "Run program" dialog box with search history and tab completion linux/x86_64
hawaii-icon-theme-0.2.0-4.mga5 Icon themes for Hawaii desktop environment linux/noarch
hicolor-icon-theme-0.15-2.mga6 Basic requirement for icon themes linux/noarch
i3-4.7.2-3.mga5 A tiling window manager linux/x86_64
i3status-2.9-1.mga6 Generates a status line for dzen2 or wmii linux/x86_64
icon-naming-utils-0.8.90-8.mga5 Icon handling tools of the Tango Project linux/noarch
jwm-2.3.2-1.mga6 Lightweight X11 Window Manager linux/x86_64
lesstif-clients-0.95.2-13.mga6 Lesstif clients linux/x86_64
lesstif-mwm-0.95.2-13.mga6 Lesstif Motif window manager clone based on fvwm linux/x86_64
lib3ds-tools-1.3.0-18.mga5 3D Studio file format library linux/x86_64
lib64afterstep0-2.2.12-5.mga6 Libraries needed by AfterStep linux/x86_64
lib64lightdm-gir1-1.16.6-1.mga6 Typelib file for liblightdm-1 linux/x86_64New
lib64lightdm-gobject-devel-1.16.6-1.mga6 LightDM client library (development files) linux/x86_64New
lib64lightdm-gobject1_0-1.16.6-1.mga6 LightDM GObject client library linux/x86_64New
lib64lightdm-qt-devel-1.16.6-1.mga6 LightDM client library (development files) linux/x86_64New
lib64lightdm-qt3_0-1.16.6-1.mga6 LightDM Qt client library linux/x86_64New
lib64lightdm-qt5-devel-1.16.6-1.mga6 LightDM client library (development files) linux/x86_64New
lib64lightdm-qt5_3_0-1.16.6-1.mga6 LightDM Qt5 client library linux/x86_64New
lib64lxpanel0-0.8.1-1.mga6 Lxpanel library package linux/x86_64
lib64menu-cache-devel-1.0.0-8.mga6 Contains development files for menu-cache linux/x86_64New
lib64menu-cache3-1.0.0-8.mga6 Contains shared libraries for menu-cache linux/x86_64New
light-locker-1.7.0-1.mga6 A simple session locker linux/x86_64
lightdm-1.16.6-1.mga6 The Light Display Manager linux/x86_64New
lightdm-gtk-greeter-common-2.0.1-3.mga6 Common files for the Light Display Manager linux/noarch
lightdm-gtk-greeter-settings-1.2.0-2.mga6 Settings-dialog for lightdm-gtk-greeter linux/noarch
lightdm-gtk3-greeter-2.0.1-3.mga6 The Light Display Manager (GTK3 greeter) linux/x86_64
liquidlnf-2.9.1-7.mga6 Java look and feel based on the Mosfet Liquid KDE 3.x theme linux/noarch
lxappearance-0.6.1-3.mga5 A new feature-rich GTK+ theme switcher linux/x86_64
lxappearance-devel-0.6.1-3.mga5 lxappearance development files linux/x86_64
lxappearance-obconf-0.2.2-1.mga5 Plugin to configure OpenBox inside LXAppearance linux/x86_64
lxde-common-0.99.0-12.mga6 A set of default configuration for LXDE linux/noarchNew
lxde-icon-theme-0.5.1-1.mga5 LXDE icon theme linux/noarch
lxdm-0.5.3-1.mga6 GUI login manager for LXDE linux/x86_64New
lxdm-theme-mageia-2-8.mga5 A Mageia theme for lxdm linux/noarch
lxinput-0.3.4-2.mga5 Configure keyboard and mouse linux/x86_64
lxlauncher-0.2.3-3.mga5 Open source replacement for Asus Launcher of EeePC linux/x86_64
lxmed-20120515-5.mga5 LXDE Menu Editor linux/noarch
lxpanel-0.8.1-1.mga6 Lightweight X11 desktop panel based on fbpanel linux/x86_64
lxpanel-devel-0.8.1-1.mga6 Development files for lxpanel linux/x86_64
lxrandr-0.3.0-2.mga5 Simple monitor config tool for LXDE linux/x86_64
lxsession-0.5.2-3.mga6 The default X11 session manager of LXDE linux/x86_64
lxshortcut-1.2.3-5.mga6 Edit app shortcuts linux/x86_64
lxtask-0.1.6-1.mga5 Lightweight and desktop independent task manager linux/x86_64
lxterminal-0.2.0-2.mga6 Lightweight VTE-based terminal emulator linux/x86_64
mageia-lxde-config-Default-0.6.4-1.mga5 Mageia LXDE Free configuration files linux/noarch
matchbox-common-0.9.1-9.mga5 Shared files for the Matchbox Desktop linux/noarch
matchbox-desktop-2.0-10.mga5 Desktop for the Matchbox Desktop linux/x86_64
matchbox-nest-0.3-9.mga5 X nesting for the Matchbox Desktop linux/x86_64
matchbox-panel-0.9.3-10.mga5 Panel for the Matchbox Desktop linux/x86_64
matchbox-panel-manager-0.1-10.mga5 Manager for the Matchbox Desktop panel linux/x86_64
matchbox-themes-extra-0.3-9.mga5 Themes for the Matchbox Desktop linux/noarch
matchbox-window-manager-1.2-21.mga5 Window manager for the Matchbox Desktop linux/x86_64
mdvinput-1.6.4-1.mga6 Small program for set keyboard, mouse and touchpad linux/noarch
menu-cache-1.0.0-8.mga6 A library to speed up application menus linux/x86_64New
menulibre-2.1.2-1.mga6 Advanced menu editor linux/noarch
meteo-qt-0.8.5-1.mga6 Weather status system tray application linux/noarchNew
nautilus-beesu-manager-1.8-3.mga5 Utility to add beesu scripts to nautilus linux/noarch
nemo-beesu-manager-1.8-3.mga5 Utility to add beesu scripts to nemo linux/noarch
nimbus-icon-theme-2.20.2-5.mga5 Nimbus icon theme linux/noarch
nitrogen-1.5.2-5.mga6 A wallpaper setter linux/x86_64
obapps-0.1.7-9.mga5 Graphical tool for configuring per-application settings in the Openbox WM linux/noarch
obconf-2.0.4-5.mga6 Openbox preferences manager linux/x86_64
openbox-3.6-2.mga6 Windowmanager based on the original blackbox-code linux/x86_64
pekwm-0.1.17-4.mga5 A minimalist window manager for the X Window System linux/x86_64
qt4-phonon-backend-plugin-1.0-2.mga5 Link of phonon plugins to Qt4 path linux/x86_64
ratpoison-1.4.8-2.mga6 A simple tiling Window Manager that does not require the mouse linux/x86_64
redshift-1.10-2.mga6 Adjusts the color temperature of your screen according to time of day linux/x86_64
redshift-gtk-1.10-2.mga6 GTK integration for Redshift linux/x86_64
s2u-0.9.2-6.mga5 System to user tools linux/x86_64
screengrab-0.9.96-5.mga5 Screen grabber linux/x86_64
shared-mime-info-1.5-1.mga6 Shared MIME-Info Specification linux/x86_64New
slock-1.2-1.mga6 Simple X display locker linux/x86_64
spectrwm-2.1.1-6.mga5 Small Dynamic Tiling Window Manager for X11 linux/x86_64
sugar-0.106.0-1.mga6 Sugar window manager linux/noarch
sugar-artwork-0.106.0-1.mga6 Artwork for Sugar look-and-feel linux/x86_64
sugar-base-0.98.0-6.mga5 Base Sugar library linux/x86_64
sugar-browse-activity-156-3.mga5 Browse activity for Sugar linux/noarch
sugar-calculate-activity-42-3.mga5 Calculate activity for Sugar linux/noarch
sugar-chat-activity-78-5.mga5 Instant messaging client for Sugar linux/noarch
sugar-datastore-0.106.0-1.mga6 Datastore service for Sugar linux/x86_64
sugar-etoys-activity-116-5.mga5 Squeak Etoys activity for Sugar linux/noarch
sugar-fructose-0.101.0-3.mga5 Core Sugar activities linux/noarch
sugar-glucose-0.101.0-3.mga5 Core Sugar components linux/noarch
sugar-imageviewer-activity-59-3.mga5 Image viewer activity for Sugar linux/noarch
sugar-jukebox-activity-32-3.mga5 Audio and video player for Sugar linux/noarch
sugar-log-activity-36-3.mga5 Log activity for Sugar linux/noarch
sugar-paint-activity-63-4.mga6 Paint activity for Sugar linux/x86_64
sugar-pippy-activity-59-4.mga6 Python programming activity for Sugar linux/noarch
sugar-presence-service-0.90.2-7.mga6 The Sugar presence service linux/noarch
sugar-read-activity-113-3.mga5 Read activity for Sugar linux/noarch
sugar-runner-0.106.0-1.mga6 Sugar runner emulator for development linux/x86_64
sugar-terminal-activity-42-3.mga5 Terminal for Sugar linux/noarch
sugar-toolkit-0.98.1-5.mga5 Sugar toolkit linux/x86_64
sugar-toolkit-gtk3-0.106.0-1.mga6 Sugar toolkit linux/x86_64
sugar-turtleart-activity-169-5.mga5 Pseudo-Logo graphical programming language for Sugar linux/noarch
sugar-write-activity-85-6.mga5 Word processor for Sugar linux/noarch
swm-1.2.5-15.mga6 A small window manager for X11 linux/x86_64
tango-icon-theme-0.8.90-12.mga5 Tango icon theme linux/noarch
task-fvwm2-1-4.mga5 Metapackage for The F virtual window manager linux/noarch
task-lxde-3-14.mga6 Metapackage for lxde linux/noarch
task-lxde-minimal-3-14.mga6 Minimal dependencies needed for LXDE linux/noarch
task-lxqt-0.10.0-1.mga6 Metapackage for LXQt linux/noarch
task-lxqt-minimal-0.10.0-1.mga6 Minimal dependencies needed for LXQt linux/noarch
task-sugar-0.101.0-3.mga5 Sugar Platform linux/noarch
task-windowmaker-1-6.mga5 Metapackage for Window Maker linux/noarch
task-wmdockapps-1-4.mga5 Metapackage for the Window Maker dock applications linux/noarch
tint2-0.11-6.mga5 Tint2 - A Lightweight Panel and Taskbar linux/x86_64
touchegg-1.1-6.mga5 Multi-touch gestures recognizer linux/x86_64
volumeicon-0.4.6-7.mga6 Lightweight volume control linux/x86_64
wmcalclock-1.25-7.mga5 A dock application giving the current date and time linux/x86_64
wmdocker-1.5-11.mga5 Standalone system tray linux/x86_64
x-tile-2.5.1-1.mga6 A GTK application to tile windows in different ways linux/noarchNew
xdesktopwaves-1.3-9.mga6 Create water effect on your X background linux/x86_64
xdg-compliance-0.1-10.mga5 Packages to help old desktop environments follow XDG standards linux/x86_64
xdg-compliance-autostart-0.1-10.mga5 XDG Autostart compliance for old desktop environments linux/x86_64
xdg-compliance-menu-0.1-10.mga5 User menus for old desktop environments based on XDG Menu linux/x86_64
xlockmore-5.46-1.mga6 An X terminal locking program linux/x86_64
xlockmore-gtk2-5.46-1.mga6 A GTK2 front-end to xlockmore linux/x86_64
xscreensaver-5.34-2.mga6.tainted A set of X Window System screen savers linux/x86_64
xscreensaver-5.34-2.mga6 A set of X Window System screen savers linux/x86_64
xscreensaver-base-5.34-2.mga6.tainted A set of screen savers linux/x86_64
xscreensaver-base-5.34-2.mga6 A set of screen savers linux/x86_64
xscreensaver-common-5.34-2.mga6.tainted Utilities used by xscreensaver screen savers linux/x86_64
xscreensaver-common-5.34-2.mga6 Utilities used by xscreensaver screen savers linux/x86_64
xscreensaver-extrusion-5.34-2.mga6.tainted OpenGL screen saver linux/x86_64
xscreensaver-extrusion-5.34-2.mga6 OpenGL screen saver linux/x86_64
xscreensaver-gl-5.34-2.mga6.tainted A set of GL screen savers linux/x86_64
xscreensaver-gl-5.34-2.mga6 A set of GL screen savers linux/x86_64
xscreensaver-matrix-5.34-2.mga6.tainted The Matrix screen savers linux/x86_64
xssstate-1.1-4.mga5 Utility to get the state of the X screensaver extension linux/x86_64
zukitwo-common-20141022-1.mga5 Files common to Zukitwo themes linux/noarch
zukitwo-gtk2-theme-20141022-1.mga5 Zukitwo GTK+2 themes linux/noarch

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