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RPM of Group Graphical desktop/KDE

Default-kde4-config-5-0.20150505.5.mga6 Mageia KDE configuration linux/noarch
akonadi-kde-15.08.3-1.mga6 Akonadi control center for KDE linux/x86_64
akonadiconsole-15.07.90-1.mga6 Console that help debugging Akonadi linux/x86_64
amarok-utils-2.8.0-8.mga6 Utilities for amarok linux/x86_64
appmenu-qt-0.2.6-4.mga5 Global application menu to Qt linux/x86_64
artikulate-15.11.80-1.mga6 Learning software to improve pronunciation skills linux/x86_64New
audiothumbs-0.2-6.mga5 KDE Audio files Thumbnailer linux/x86_64
breeze-icons-5.16.0-3.mga6 Breeze icon theme linux/noarch
cantata-1.4.1-10.mga6 Client for the Music Player Daemon (MPD) linux/x86_64
cervisia-15.11.80-1.mga6 K Desktop Environment - Software Development Kit linux/x86_64New
colord-kde-0.3.0-5.mga5 Interfaces and session daemon to colord for KDE linux/x86_64
curconvd-1.2.2-3.mga5 A daemon that acts as a currency conversion service over D-Bus linux/x86_64
dolphin-plugins-15.11.80-1.mga6 Plugins for dolphin linux/x86_64New
dropbox-servicemenu-0.16.1-3.mga5 Dropbox servicemenu for Konqueror and Dolphin linux/noarch
frescobaldi-2.18.1-3.mga6 A LilyPond sheet music editor linux/noarch
ginkgo-0.32-7.mga5 Ginkgo is a navigator for Nepomuk, the KDE semantic toolkit linux/noarch
gluon-0.71.0-10.mga5 Gluon is a cross-platform free and open source 2D game engine from KDE linux/x86_64
gtk-qt-engine-1.1-5.r5.8.mga5 Allow GTK to use Qt widget styles linux/x86_64
gtk-qt-kcm-1.1-5.r5.8.mga5 KDE System Settings module to configure GTK+ 2 theme linux/x86_64
kaffeine-1.2.2-7.mga6 Media Player for KDE4 linux/x86_64
kamoso-3.0~rc1-1.mga6 Application to take pictures and videos out of your webcam linux/x86_64
kannasaver-1.2.1-6.mga5 It's a screensaver for people who want to learn japanese linux/x86_64
kanyremote-6.3.5-1.mga6 KDE frontend for anyRemote Wireless remote control program linux/noarch
kapptemplate-15.11.80-1.mga6 Template for KDE Application Development linux/x86_64New
kaption-0.1.1-6.mga5 KDE screen capture editor and annotator linux/x86_64
katelier-2.9.9-1.mga6 Krita and karbon meta package linux/x86_64
kaudiocreator-1.3-6.mga5 CD ripper and audio encoder frontend for KDE4 linux/x86_64
kcachegrind-15.11.80-1.mga6 KCachegrind linux/x86_64New
kcaldav-1.2.0-6.mga5 Caldav support for KDE Kontact linux/x86_64
kchildlock- Tool to monitor and restrict time spend on computer by a children linux/x86_64
kchmviewer-7.3-3.mga6 KDE chm viewer linux/x86_64New
kcm-grub2-0.5.8-12.mga6 A KDE Control Module for configuring the GRUB2 bootloader linux/x86_64
kcm_touchpad-0.3.1-13.mga5 Touchpad Configuration GUI for KDE linux/x86_64
kcmsystemd-1.1.0-3.mga6 Systemd control module for KDE linux/x86_64
kcron-15.11.80-1.mga6 Graphical task scheduler linux/x86_64New
kde-base-artwork-15.08.3-1.mga6 KDE 4 application workspace components linux/noarch
kde-dev-scripts-15.11.80-1.mga6 K Desktop Environment - Software Development Kit linux/x86_64New
kde-dev-utils-15.11.80-1.mga6 K Desktop Environment - Software Development Kit linux/x86_64New
kde-export2pdf-servicemenu-0.01-3.mga5 KDE Service Menu to convert odt and doc files to pdf linux/noarch
kde-odf-thumbnail-1.0.0-8.mga5 ODF Thumbnail plugin for KDE linux/x86_64
kde-pdf-booklet-servicemenu-0.6-3.mga6 Convert PDF to Booklet KDE service menu linux/noarchNew
kde-pdf-servicemenu-0.6-3.mga6 Various KDE service menus actions for PDF files linux/noarchNew
kde-rootactions-servicemenu-2.7.3-5.mga5 Root actions for Dolphin context menu linux/noarch
kde-thumbnailer-epub-1.0-4.mga5 KDE PO Thumbnailer linux/x86_64
kde-wallpapers-15.08.3-1.mga6 KDE 4 application workspace components linux/noarch
kde-workspace-4.11.22-1.mga6 KDE 4 application workspace components linux/x86_64
kde4-nsplugins-15.07.80-1.mga6 Netscape plugins wrapper for KDE 4 linux/x86_64
kde4-style-bespin-0.1-0.1649svn.3.mga5 Bespin is a native style for QT/ KDE4 linux/x86_64
kde4-style-bespin-icons-0.1-0.1649svn.3.mga5 Bespin icons theme linux/noarch
kde4-style-bespin-kdm-0.1-0.1649svn.3.mga5 Bespin kdm theme linux/noarch
kde4-style-bespin-ksplash-0.1-0.1649svn.3.mga5 Bespin ksplash theme linux/noarch
kde4-style-oxygen-transparent-1.0-0.git20121201.5.mga5 Oxygen style and decoration with support for transparency linux/x86_64
kde4-style-qtcurve-1.8.14-6.mga5 QtCurve Theme for KDE4 linux/x86_64
kde4-style-skulpture-0.2.4-5.mga5 Skulpture Theme for KDE4 linux/x86_64
kde4-style-tibanna-kdm-0.1-0.1649svn.3.mga5 Tibanna kdm theme linux/noarch
kdeartwork4-4.14.3-1.mga5 K Desktop Environment linux/x86_64
kdeartwork4-color-schemes-4.14.3-1.mga5 kdeartwork color schemes linux/noarch
kdeartwork4-emoticons-4.14.3-1.mga5 kdeartwork emoticons linux/noarch
kdeartwork4-icons-theme-nuvola-4.14.3-1.mga5 Nuvola icons theme for KDE4 linux/noarch
kdeartwork4-kscreensaver-4.14.3-1.mga5 kdeartwork kscreensaver linux/x86_64
kdeartwork4-styles-4.14.3-1.mga5 kdeartwork styles linux/x86_64
kdeartwork4-wallpapers-4.14.3-1.mga5 kdeartwork wallpapers linux/noarch
kdebase4-15.07.80-1.mga6 K Desktop Environment linux/x86_64
kdebase4-common-15.07.80-1.mga6 Common files for Kdebase apps linux/x86_64
kdebase4-runtime-15.08.2-6.mga6 K Desktop Environment - Base Runtime linux/x86_64
kdeconnect-kde-0.8-1.mga5 Connect and sync your devices with KDE linux/x86_64
kdegraphics-mobipocket-15.11.80-1.mga6 A collection of plugins to handle mobipocket files linux/x86_64New
kdegraphics-strigi-analyzer-15.11.80-1.mga6 Strigi plugins linux/x86_64New
kdegraphics-thumbnailers-15.08.0-1.mga6 Postscript and PDF ThumbCreator linux/x86_64
kdegraphics-thumbnailers-dvi-15.08.0-1.mga6 DVI ThumbCreator linux/x86_64
kdelibs4-core-4.14.13-2.mga6 KDE 4 system core files linux/x86_64
kdenetwork-strigi-analyzers-15.11.80-1.mga6 K Desktop Environment - Network Applications linux/x86_64New
kdepim-15.07.90-1.mga6 K Desktop Environment linux/x86_64
kdepim-accountwizard-15.07.90-1.mga6 kincidenceeditor linux/x86_64
kdepim-core-15.07.90-1.mga6 Core files for kdepim linux/x86_64
kdepim4-4.14.5-1.mga5 K Desktop Environment linux/x86_64
kdeplasma-addons-5.4.95-1.mga6 kdeplasma is a compilation of plasma items ( runners, applets, plasmoids ) for Plasma linux/x86_64New
kdesdk-kioslaves-15.11.80-1.mga6 K Desktop Environment - Software Development Kit linux/x86_64New
kdesdk-strigi-analyzers-15.11.80-1.mga6 Strigi analyzer linux/x86_64New
kdesdk-thumbnailers-15.11.80-1.mga6 K Desktop Environment - Software Development Kit linux/x86_64New
kdesvn-1.6.0-5.mga5 KDE client for subversion linux/x86_64
kdewebdev4-15.07.80-1.mga6 A web editor for the KDE Desktop Environment linux/x86_64
kdialog-15.07.80-1.mga6 KDE base dialog widgets linux/x86_64
kdmfprintplugin-0.0-0.1050414.9.mga5 Fingerprint support for KDM linux/x86_64
keurocalc-1.2.2-3.mga5 Keurocalc linux/x86_64
kfilereplace-15.07.80-1.mga6 KDE utility that replace some strings in many of files in one operation linux/x86_64
kfind-handbook-15.07.80-1.mga6 Kfind handbook linux/noarch
kfingermanager-0.0-0.1050414.8.mga5 Fingerprint Manager for KDE4 linux/x86_64
kfloppy-15.11.80-1.mga6 Format floppy disks linux/x86_64New
kgpg-15.11.80-1.mga6 Control your GPG keys linux/x86_64New
kim4-0.9.8-1.mga6 Image menu for kde linux/noarchNew
kimagemapeditor-15.07.80-1.mga6 HTML imagemap editor for KDE linux/x86_64
kincidenceeditor-15.07.90-1.mga6 kincidenceeditor linux/x86_64
kio-clipboard-0.2.5-5.mga5 KDE IO Slave for file based access of clipboard entries linux/x86_64
kio-kuaipan-0.2-5.mga5 KIO plugin for KingSoft KuaiPan storage linux/x86_64
kio-locate-0.5.3-7.mga5 KDE I/O Slave for the locate command linux/x86_64
kio-recoll-1.21.3-1.mga6 KIO slave for recoll linux/x86_64
klinkstatus-15.07.80-1.mga6 KlinkStatus is a link checker linux/x86_64
kmess- Yet another MSN messenger for KDE linux/x86_64
kmldonkey-2.0.7-9.mga5 A frontend for MLDonkey linux/x86_64
kmozillahelper-0.6.4-5.mga5 Mozilla KDE Integration linux/x86_64
kmtrace-15.11.80-1.mga6 Memory Allocation Debugging Tool linux/x86_64New
knemo-0.7.6-6.mga5 The KDE Network Monitor linux/x86_64
knotes-15.07.90-1.mga6 Notes for the K Desktop Environment linux/x86_64
kommander-15.07.80-1.mga6 Editor and program executor for .ui files linux/x86_64
kompare-15.11.80-1.mga6 A diff graphic tool linux/x86_64New
konq-plugins-midi-1-4.mga5 A KDE service menu to convert MIDI files to WAV/OGG/MP3 linux/noarch
konqueror-plugin-readitlater-0.2.1-6.mga6 Read it later Konqueror plugin linux/x86_64
konsole-15.11.80-1.mga6 A terminal emulator similar to xterm for KDE linux/x86_64New
kopete-latex-15.07.80-1.mga6 Kopete latex plugin for writing and reading mesages in latex linux/x86_64
koverartist-0.7.6-7.mga5 Program for the fast creation of covers for cd/dvd cases and boxes linux/x86_64
kqtquickcharts-15.11.80-1.mga6 QtQuick plugin to render beautiful and interactive charts linux/x86_64New
kraft-0.58-1.mga6 KDE software to manage office documents in the office linux/x86_64
krename-4.0.9-6.mga6 A powerful batch renamer for KDE linux/x86_64
kross-interpreters-python-15.11.80-1.mga6 Python kross-interpreter linux/x86_64New
ksaneplugin-15.08.0-1.mga6 KDE Scan Service linux/x86_64
kshutdown-3.2-3.mga5 Advanced shut down utility for KDE linux/x86_64
ksnapshot-15.08.0-1.mga6 KDE Screenshot Utility linux/x86_64
ksystemlog-15.11.80-1.mga6 System log viewer tool for Plasma linux/x86_64New
ktexteditor-plugins-15.08.3-1.mga6 Ktexteditor interfaces linux/x86_64
ktimer-15.11.80-1.mga6 KDE countdown launcher linux/x86_64New
kuser-15.08.1-1.mga6 Users and groups manager linux/x86_64
kvkbd-0.7-3.mga5 Virtual keyboard for KDE linux/x86_64
kwebkitpart-1.3.4-4.mga5 A KPart based on QtWebKit linux/x86_64
kwin-effect-bekwinfx-0.1git382e9c-3.mga5 3rd party plugins for the KDE KWin compositor linux/x86_64
kwin-style-dekorator-0.5.1-5.mga5 Themable window decorator for KDE SC 4.x linux/x86_64
kxstitch-1.2.0-4.mga6 Program to create cross stitch patterns linux/x86_64
lib64mygpo-qt1-1.0.8-4.mga5 Qt/C++ Library wrapping the Webservice linux/x86_64
lib64sofia-sip0-1.12.11-5.mga5 Sophia-sip library linux/x86_64
libkdcraw-common-15.11.80-1.mga6 Non-library files for the kf5dcraw library linux/noarchNew
libkdegames-common-15.11.80-1.mga6 Common files needed by KDE games linux/noarchNew
libkdegames-corebindings-15.11.80-1.mga6 Qml plugin for kdegames linux/x86_64New
libkdegames4-14.12.3-1.mga6 Common code and data for many KDE4 games linux/x86_64
libkface-2.0.0-0.git.3.mga6 LibRaw library used to decode RAW picture files linux/x86_64
libkfbapi-1.0-3.mga5 A library for accessing Facebook services linux/x86_64
libkgeomap-15.11.80-1.mga6 A wrapper around different world-map components, to browse and arrange photos over a map linux/x86_64New
libkpeople-core-0.3.0-1.mga5 Commons files used by libkpeople linux/x86_64
libqaccessibilityclient-0.1.1-3.mga5 Accessibilty tools helper library linux/x86_64
libreoffice-kde- LibreOffice KDE integration plug-in linux/x86_64New
lokalize-15.11.80-1.mga6 Computer-Aided Translation Tool linux/x86_64New
lximage-qt-0.4.0-1.mga5 Image viewer and screenshot tool for the LXQt desktop linux/x86_64
lxmenu-data-0.1.4-2.mga6 application menu definition files for the LXQt desktop linux/noarch
lxqt-about-0.10.0-2.mga6 About application for the LXQt desktop linux/x86_64
lxqt-common-0.10.0-2.mga6 Common files for the LXQt desktop linux/noarch
lxqt-config-0.10.0-4.mga6 Config panel for the LXQt desktop linux/x86_64New
lxqt-globalkeys-0.10.0-3.mga6 Global keys config module for LXQt linux/x86_64
lxqt-notificationd-0.10.0-3.mga6 Notification daemon for the LXQt desktop linux/x86_64
lxqt-openssh-askpass-0.10.0-3.mga6 OpenSSH askpass application for the LXQt desktop linux/x86_64
lxqt-panel-0.10.0-3.mga6 Panel for the LXQt desktop linux/x86_64
lxqt-policykit-0.10.0-3.mga6 LXQt PolicyKit agent linux/x86_64
lxqt-powermanagement-0.10.0-3.mga6 Power management module for LXQt linux/x86_64
lxqt-qtplugin-0.10.0-2.mga6 Qt plugin for the LXQt desktop linux/x86_64
lxqt-runner-0.10.0-3.mga6 Launcher runner for the LXQt desktop linux/x86_64
lxqt-session-0.10.0-3.mga6 Session manager for the LXQt desktop linux/x86_64
mageia-kde4-config-common-5-0.20150505.5.mga6 Common configs used for Mageia theme linux/noarch
mageia-plasma5-config-6-4.4.mga6 Mageia Plasma 5 configuration linux/noarchNew
mageia-theme-kde-background- Mageia KDE background theme for mageia linux/noarch
mldonkey-ed2k_submit-3.1.5-5.mga5 This tool gives you an easy way to add a ed2k-link linux/x86_64
mono-icon-theme-4.14.3-1.mga5 Monochrome Theme for KDE4 linux/noarch
mumble-protocol-kde4-1.2.10-4.mga6 The mumble protocol for KDE4 linux/x86_64
nepomuk-webminer-0.5-5.mga5 Nepomuk Service finds additional data on the internet linux/x86_64
nepomukshell-0.8.60-0.20120729.6.mga5 NepSaK - The Nepomuk Swiss Army Knife linux/x86_64
obconf-qt-0.1.1-0.20141024.4.mga5 Openbox configuration tool for the LXQt desktop linux/x86_64
okteta-15.11.80-1.mga6 Editor for raw file data as Hex values linux/x86_64New
okular-15.08.1-1.mga6 A universal document viewer linux/x86_64
openssh-askpass-qt4-1.0.1-8.mga5 Qt4 passphrase dialog for OpenSSH linux/x86_64
oxygen-gtk-1.4.6-2.mga5 A port of the default KDE widget theme (Oxygen) to gtk linux/x86_64
oxygen-gtk3-1.4.1-3.mga5 A port of the default KDE widget theme (Oxygen) to gtk3 linux/x86_64
oxygen-icons5-5.16.0-5.mga6 Oxygen icon theme linux/noarch
pam-kwallet-0-0.git20140508.2.mga6 PAM module for KWallet linux/x86_64
pcmanfm-qt-0.10.0-3.mga6 File manager for the LXQt desktop linux/x86_64
perl-kde4-4.14.3-2.mga6 Kde4 bindings for perl language linux/x86_64
phonon-4.8.3-3.mga6 KDE4 Multimedia Framework linux/x86_64
plasma-applet-activity-manager-0.5-5.mga5 Lightweight plasmoid to manage your activities effectively linux/x86_64
plasma-applet-cwp-1.5.7-5.mga5 Yet another weather plasmoid highly customizable this time linux/x86_64
plasma-applet-didyouknow-15.11.80-1.mga6 plasma didyouknow Applet linux/x86_64New
plasma-applet-eventlist-0.6.97-4.mga5 Eventlist Plasmoid linux/x86_64
plasma-applet-eyasdp-1.2.0-3.mga5 System buttons plasmoid linux/x86_64
plasma-applet-homerun-1.2.5-4.mga5 Homerun is a fullscreen launcher with content organized in tabs linux/x86_64
plasma-applet-homerun-kicker-1.2.5-4.mga5 Homerun Kicker is a traditional application launcher linux/x86_64
plasma-applet-kalzium-calculator-15.11.80-1.mga6 Plasmoid applet for kalzium calculator linux/x86_64New
plasma-applet-keyboardleds-0.1-1.mga6 Keyboard status plasmoid linux/x86_64
plasma-applet-launchbutton-0.0.4-6.mga5 A plasma applet that's a configurable launching button linux/x86_64
plasma-applet-lionmail-0-0.20110928.5.mga5 A Plasma widget displaying new and important email linux/x86_64
plasma-applet-menubar-0.1.18-4.mga5 Show window menubars linux/x86_64
plasma-applet-nm-5.4.95-1.mga6 NetworkManager Plasma 5 applet linux/x86_64New
plasma-applet-nm-l2tp-5.4.95-1.mga6 L2tp plugin for Plasma 5 NetworkManager linux/x86_64New
plasma-applet-nm-openconnect-5.4.95-1.mga6 Openconnect plugin for Plasma 5 NetworkManager linux/x86_64New
plasma-applet-nm-openswan-5.4.95-1.mga6 OpenSwan plugin for Plasma 5 NetworkManager linux/x86_64New
plasma-applet-nm-openvpn-5.4.95-1.mga6 OpenVPN plugin for Plasma 5 NetworkManager linux/x86_64New
plasma-applet-nm-pptp-5.4.95-1.mga6 Pptp plugin for Plasma 5 NetworkManager linux/x86_64New
plasma-applet-nm-ssh-5.4.95-1.mga6 SSH plugin for Plasma 5 NetworkManager linux/x86_64New
plasma-applet-nm-vpnc-5.4.95-1.mga6 Vpnc plugin for Plasma 5 NetworkManager linux/x86_64New
plasma-applet-quickaccess-0.8.1-6.mga5 Quick access the most used folders linux/x86_64
plasma-applet-rsibreak-0.11-6.mga5 Plasma applet for rsibreak linux/x86_64
plasma-applet-simplewelcome-2.0.0-4.mga5 KDE Application Launcher developed by ROSA Desktop linux/x86_64
plasma-applet-socketsentry-0.9.3-6.mga5 Plasmoid that displays real-time network traffic linux/x86_64
plasma-applet-stackfolder-2.4-4.mga5 Browse the stack of folders linux/x86_64
plasma-applet-takeoff-1.0.r126-4.mga5 Full screen menu launcher linux/x86_64
plasma-applet-translatoid-1.30-8.mga5 Plasma widget to translate text using Google Translate linux/x86_64
plasma-applet-wacomtablet-2.0-4.mga5 Plasma applet for wacomtablet linux/x86_64
plasma-applet-xbar-0.1-0.1649svn.3.mga5 Xbar applet for Bespin style linux/x86_64
plasma-dataengine-socketsentry-0.9.3-6.mga5 Engine of the socket sentry plasma applet linux/x86_64
plasma-desktoptheme-androbit-4.14.3-1.mga5 Plasma Androbit desktopthemes linux/noarch
plasma-desktoptheme-aya-4.14.3-1.mga5 Plasma aya desktopthemes linux/noarch
plasma-desktoptheme-caledonia-1.9-3.mga5 An elegant artwork set for Plasma linux/noarch
plasma-desktoptheme-caledonia-wallpapers-1.9-3.mga5 Caledonia Official Wallpaper Collection linux/noarch
plasma-desktoptheme-produkt-4.14.3-1.mga5 Plasma Produkt desktopthemes linux/noarch
plasma-desktoptheme-slim-glow-4.14.3-1.mga5 Plasma slim-glow desktopthemes linux/noarch
plasma-desktoptheme-tibanna-4.14.3-1.mga5 Plasma Tibanna desktopthemes linux/noarch
plasma-engine-kalzium-15.11.80-1.mga6 Plasma engine for kalzium linux/x86_64New
plasma-engine-rsibreak-0.11-6.mga5 Plasma engine for rsibreak linux/x86_64
plasma-pa-5.4.2-2.mga6 Plasma applet for audio volume management using PulseAudio linux/x86_64
plasma-runner-fsrunner-0.7.5-2.mga5 Access any file from krunner linux/x86_64
plasma-runner-recoll-0.6-5.mga5 Krunner plugin for Recoll linux/x86_64
plasma-wallpaper-scripted-1.0-4.mga5 A Scripted Wallpaper Plugin For KDE linux/x86_64
plasma-wallpaper-timeoftheday-0.1-10.mga5 A Plasma Wallpaper that changes wallpaper based on day hour linux/x86_64
polkit-kde-agent-1-5.4.95-2.mga6 PolicyKit authentication agent for KDE linux/x86_64New
polkit-kde-kcmodules-1-0.98.1-6.mga5 PolicyKit KDE Configuration linux/x86_64
poxml-15.11.80-1.mga6 Xml2po and vice versa converters linux/x86_64New
print-manager-15.11.80-1.mga6 Printing management for KDE linux/x86_64New
quick-usb-formatter-0.5-0.preview.3.mga5 A small KDE4 application to format usb sticks and devices linux/x86_64
sddm-0.13.0-1.mga6 QML based X11 desktop manager linux/x86_64
sni-qt-0.2.6-1.mga5 Qt4 plugin that turns QSystemTrayIcons into status notifiers linux/x86_64
stateshape-2.9.9-1.mga6 State Shape linux/x86_64
strigi-0.7.8-11.mga6 Desktop Search linux/x86_64
strigi-gui-0.7.8-11.mga6 Strigi interface linux/x86_64
superkaramba-15.08.3-1.mga6 Put Karamba applets to the desktop with Python linux/x86_64
sweeper-15.11.80-1.mga6 KDE System Cleaner linux/x86_64New
task-plasma5-5.3.2-2.mga6 Metapackage for Plasma 5 linux/noarch
task-plasma5-minimal-5.3.2-2.mga6 Minimal dependencies needed by Plasma 5 linux/noarch
telepathy-kde-call-ui-15.08.3-1.mga6 Voice/Video Call UI for Telepathy linux/x86_64
telepathy-kde-common-internals-core-15.11.80-1.mga6 Commons files used by telepathy kde linux/x86_64New
thunderbird-servicemenu-1-1.mga5 Thunderbird attachment service menu for KDE linux/noarch
umbrello-4.14.3-1.mga5 UML Modeller linux/x86_64
vanilla-kde4-config-5-0.20150505.5.mga6 Default configs used for upstream KDE linux/noarch
wacomtablet-2.0-4.mga5 KCM module to configure Wacom linux Drivers linux/x86_64
wacomtablet-kcmodule-2.0-4.mga5 Kcmodule for wacomtablet linux/x86_64
wacomtablet-kded-2.0-4.mga5 Kded module for wacomtablet linux/x86_64
wally-2.4.5-4.mga6 Wallpaper changer with multiple Internet sources linux/x86_64
webshape-2.9.9-1.mga6 Calligra Web Shape linux/x86_64
xsettings-kde-0.12.3-9.mga6 XSettings Daemon for KDE Environment linux/x86_64
yakuake-3.0.0-0.git20150801.2.mga6 Very powerful Quake style Konsole linux/x86_64
zanshin-0.2.1-7.mga5 Getting Things Done application linux/x86_64

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Fabrice Bellet, Sun Nov 29 03:42:17 2015