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RPM of Group Graphical desktop/GNOME

GConf2-3.2.6-8.mga5 A configuration database system for GNOME linux/x86_64
ORBit2-2.14.19-12.mga5 High-performance CORBA Object Request Broker linux/x86_64
adwaita-cursor-theme-3.14.1-1.mga5 Adwaita cursor theme linux/noarch
adwaita-gtk2-theme- Adwaita gtk2 theme linux/x86_64
adwaita-icon-theme-3.14.1-1.mga5 GNOME default icons linux/noarch
bijiben-3.14.2-2.mga5 Simple Note Viewer linux/x86_64
bug-buddy-2.32.0-10.mga5 Utility to ease the reporting of bugs within the GNOME Desktop Environment linux/x86_64
cheser-icon-theme-3.14.3-1.mga5 Tango-style icons for GNOME and Xfce linux/noarch
clearlooks-phenix-theme-6.0.3-2.mga5 GTK3 port of Clearlooks theme linux/noarch
colord-1.2.4-3.mga5 Color daemon linux/x86_64
colord-extra-profiles-1.2.4-3.mga5 More color profiles for color management that are less commonly used linux/noarch
dconf-editor-0.22.0-2.mga5 An editor for the Dconf configuration system linux/x86_64
devilspie-0.22-7.mga5 A window matching tool linux/x86_64
docky-2.2.0-4.mga5 Advanced shortcut bar written in Mono linux/x86_64
dropbox-bin-1.6.2-3.mga5.nonfree Dropbox binary and common files linux/x86_64
drwright-3.5.0-7.mga5 Typing monitor to force typing breaks linux/x86_64
elementary-icon-theme-3.1-4.mga5 Elementary icons for GNOME Desktop linux/noarch
emerillon-0.1.90-17.mga5 A map viewer for GNOME linux/x86_64
eog-3.14.3-1.mga5 The Eye of GNOME image viewer linux/x86_64
eog-plugins-3.14.1-1.mga5 Plugins for the Eye of GNOME image viewer linux/x86_64
evince-3.14.0-1.mga5 GNOME Document viewer linux/x86_64
evince-dvi-3.14.0-1.mga5 TeX DVI document support for evince linux/x86_64
frogr-0.10-3.mga5 Flickr Remote Organizer for GNOME linux/x86_64
ganyremote-6.3.2-3.mga5 GTK front-end for anyRemote linux/noarch
gbrainy-2.2.3-3.mga5 A brain teaser game and trainer to have fun and to keep your brain trained linux/x86_64
gconf-editor-3.0.1-5.mga5 An editor for the GConf configuration system linux/x86_64
gdm-3.14.1-1.mga5 The GNOME Display Manager linux/x86_64
gitg-3.14.1-1.mga5 GTK+ graphical interface for the git revision control system linux/x86_64
gksu-polkit-0.0.3-0.git20131130.11.mga5 Command line utility to run programs as root linux/x86_64
gnochm-0.9.11-10.mga5 A chm file viewer for gnome linux/x86_64
gnome-activity-journal-0.8.0-8.mga5 GUI to browse and search your Zeitgeist activities linux/noarch
gnome-backgrounds-3.14.1-2.mga5 Desktop backgrounds packaged with the GNOME desktop linux/noarch
gnome-bluetooth-3.14.0-3.mga5 GNOME Bluetooth Subsystem linux/x86_64
gnome-boxes-3.14.2-1.mga5 A simple GNOME 3 application to access remote or virtual systems linux/x86_64
gnome-calculator-3.14.1-1.mga5 GNOME Desktop calculator linux/x86_64
gnome-classic-session-3.14.3-1.mga5 GNOME "classic" mode session linux/noarch
gnome-color-manager-3.14.2-1.mga5 Color management tools for GNOME linux/x86_64
gnome-contacts-3.14.2-2.mga5 Contacts manager for GNOME linux/x86_64
gnome-control-center-3.14.2-1.mga5 GNOME control center linux/x86_64
gnome-desktop-2.32.1-7.mga5 Package containing code shared among gnome-panel, gnome-session, nautilus, etc linux/x86_64
gnome-desktop3-3.14.2-1.mga5 Package containing code shared among gnome-session, gnome-control-center, nautilus, etc linux/x86_64
gnome-do-0.95.1-4.mga5 Quick launch and search linux/x86_64
gnome-do-plugins-0.8.5-4.mga5 Creating and managing the plugins that put the 'Do' in 'GNOME Do' linux/x86_64
gnome-documents-3.14.2-1.mga5 Document manager application for GNOME linux/x86_64
gnome-encfs-manager- An easy to use manager and mounter for encfs stashes linux/x86_64
gnome-epub-thumbnailer-1.4-3.mga5 Thumbnailers for EPub and MOBI books linux/x86_64
gnome-font-viewer-3.14.1-1.mga5 GNOME Font Viewer linux/x86_64
gnome-logs-3.14.2-1.mga5 GNOME Log Viewer linux/x86_64
gnome-maps-3.14.2-1.mga5 A map application for GNOME linux/x86_64
gnome-multi-writer-3.15.90-1.mga5 Write and verify an ISO file to up to 20 USB devices at once linux/x86_64
gnome-nettool-3.8.1-5.mga5 Network information tool for GNOME linux/x86_64
gnome-online-accounts-3.14.3-1.mga5 Provide online accounts information linux/x86_64
gnome-online-miners-3.14.1-1.mga5 Crawls through your online content linux/x86_64
gnome-photos-3.14.2-1.mga5 Access, organize and share your photos linux/x86_64
gnome-power-manager-3.14.1-2.mga5 GNOME Power Manager linux/x86_64
gnome-screensaver-3.6.1-10.mga5 GNOME Screensaver linux/x86_64
gnome-search-tool-3.6.0-5.mga5 GNOME Search tool linux/x86_64
gnome-session-3.14.0-2.mga5 The gnome desktop programs for the GNOME GUI desktop environment linux/x86_64
gnome-session-bin-3.14.0-2.mga5 The gnome desktop programs for the GNOME GUI desktop environment linux/x86_64
gnome-settings-daemon-3.14.2-1.mga5 GNOME Settings Daemon linux/x86_64
gnome-shell-3.14.3-3.mga5 Core user interface for the GNOME 3 desktop linux/x86_64
gnome-shell-extensions-alternate-tab-3.14.3-1.mga5 Classic Alt+Tab behavior. Window based instead of app based linux/noarch
gnome-shell-extensions-apps-menu-3.14.3-1.mga5 Gnome 2.x style menu on the panel linux/noarch
gnome-shell-extensions-auto-move-windows-3.14.3-1.mga5 Assign specific workspaces to applications linux/noarch
gnome-shell-extensions-common-3.14.3-1.mga5 Files common to GNOME Shell Extensions linux/noarch
gnome-shell-extensions-drive-menu-3.14.3-1.mga5 Disk device manager in the system status area linux/noarch
gnome-shell-extensions-launch-new-instance-3.14.3-1.mga5 Always launch a new application instance for GNOME Shell linux/noarch
gnome-shell-extensions-native-window-placement-3.14.3-1.mga5 Arrange windows in overview in a more native way linux/noarch
gnome-shell-extensions-overrides-3.14.3-1.mga5 Classic-mode schema overides in GNOME Shell linux/noarch
gnome-shell-extensions-places-menu-3.14.3-1.mga5 Places menu indicator in the system status area linux/noarch
gnome-shell-extensions-screenshot-window-sizer-3.14.3-1.mga5 Screenshot window sizer for GNOME Shell linux/noarch
gnome-shell-extensions-systemMonitor-3.14.3-1.mga5 Monitor your system status linux/noarch
gnome-shell-extensions-user-theme-3.14.3-1.mga5 Lets the user select a custom theme for the shell linux/noarch
gnome-shell-extensions-window-list-3.14.3-1.mga5 Display a window list at the bottom of the screen in GNOME Shell linux/noarch
gnome-shell-extensions-windowsNavigator-3.14.3-1.mga5 Keyboard selection of windows and work-spaces in overlay mode linux/noarch
gnome-shell-extensions-workspace-indicator-3.14.3-1.mga5 A menu for changing workspace linux/noarch
gnome-shell-theme-elegance-colors-2.9-3.mga5 Elegance Colors Gnome Shell theme linux/x86_64
gnome-shell-theme-zukitwo-20141022-1.mga5 Zukitwo GNOME Shell theme linux/noarch
gnome-software-3.14.1-2.mga5 A software center for GNOME linux/x86_64
gnome-sound-recorder-3.14.2-1.mga5 A simple, modern sound recorder linux/x86_64
gnome-system-log-3.9.90-5.mga5 GNOME System log utility linux/x86_64
gnome-system-monitor-3.14.1-2.mga5 Simple process monitor linux/x86_64
gnome-terminal-3.14.2-1.mga5 GNOME terminal linux/x86_64
gnome-terminal-nautilus-3.14.2-1.mga5 Open a terminal in a specified folder linux/x86_64
gnome-themes-extras-2.22.0-11.mga5 Additional themes collection for GNOME linux/noarch
gnome-themes-standard- Standard themes for GNOME applications linux/x86_64
gnome-timer-applet-2.1.4-6.mga5 Countdown timer applet for the GNOME panel linux/x86_64
gnome-tweak-tool-3.14.2-2.mga5 A tool to customize advanced GNOME 3 options linux/noarch
gnome-vfs2-2.24.4-7.mga5 GNOME virtual file-system libraries linux/x86_64
gnome-weather-3.14.1-3.mga5 A weather application for GNOME linux/x86_64
gnote-3.14.2-1.mga5 Note-taking application linux/x86_64
gourmet-0.17.4-4.mga5 Recipe manager for the GNOME desktop linux/noarch
gsettings-desktop-schemas-3.14.1-1.mga5 Shared GSettings schemas for the desktop linux/x86_64
gtk-chtheme-0.3.1-13.mga5 Utility to preview and change GTK 2 themes linux/x86_64
gtk-murrine-engine-0.98.2-6.mga5 Murrine GTK2 cairo theme linux/x86_64
gtkhtml-3.14-3.32.2-7.mga5 HTML rendering/editing library linux/x86_64
gtkhtml4-4.8.5-2.mga5 HTML rendering/editing library linux/x86_64
guake-0.5.2-3.mga5 A drop-down terminal for Gnome Desktop Environment linux/x86_64
hamster-time-tracker-1.04-7.mga5 The linux time tracker linux/noarch
ia_ora-gnome-1.0.25-8.mga5 Ia Ora Mageia GNOME theme linux/x86_64
indicator-application-12.10.0-4.mga5 Displays application menus on panel linux/x86_64
indicator-appmenu-0.3.97-7.mga5 An indicator to host the menus from an application linux/x86_64
lib64colord-devel-1.2.4-3.mga5 Development files and headers for colord linux/x86_64
lib64gtk-unico-engine-1.0.3-0.20140109bzr152.4.mga5 Unico Gtk+ theming engine linux/x86_64
libcryptui-3.12.2-4.mga5 Interface components for OpenPGP linux/x86_64
libgnome-media-profiles-3.0.0-16.mga5 GNOME Media Profiles library linux/x86_64
libreport-gtk-2.2.3-5.mga5 GTK front-end for libreport linux/x86_64
mageia-theme-gnome- Mageia GNOME theme for mageia linux/noarch
metacity-2.34.13-7.mga5 Metacity window manager linux/x86_64
mutter-3.14.3-3.mga5 Mutter window manager linux/x86_64
nautilus-actions-3.2.4-4.mga5 Configurable context menu for Nautilus linux/x86_64
nautilus-dropbox-1.6.2-3.mga5.nonfree Dropbox extension for Nautilus linux/x86_64
nautilus-open-terminal-0.20-4.mga5 Open a terminal in a specified folder linux/x86_64
nautilus-sendto-3.8.2-2.mga5 Send files from nautilus using with mail or IM linux/x86_64
nautilus-tracker-1.2.5-1.mga5 Nautilus integration of tracker linux/x86_64
ocrfeeder-0.8.1-1.mga5 Optical Character Recognition program linux/noarch
office-runner-1.0.2-3.mga5 Office game for laptop owners linux/x86_64
parcellite-1.1.8-6.mga5 Lightweight GTK+ clipboard manager linux/x86_64
pessulus-2.30.4-7.mga5 Desktop lockdown editor for GNOME linux/noarch
polari-3.14.1-2.mga5 Internet Relay Chat client for GNOME linux/x86_64
qdigidoc-nautilus-3.9.1-1.mga5 Nautilus extension for qdigidoc linux/x86_64
qtcurve-gtk2-1.8.16-4.mga5 QtCurve Theme for GTK linux/x86_64
referencer-1.2.1-6.mga5 Bibliography reference management tool for GNOME linux/x86_64
rubyripper-gtk-0.6.2-7.mga5 GTK frontend for rubyripper linux/noarch
seahorse-3.14.0-2.mga5 GNOME frontend to GnuPG linux/x86_64
seahorse-nautilus-3.11.92-3.mga5 PGP encryption and signing for nautilus linux/x86_64
seahorse-sharing-3.8.0-6.mga5 Share PGP public keys via DNS-SD and HKP linux/x86_64
shutter-0.93-4.mga5 Feature-rich screenshot application linux/noarch
task-gnome-3.14.2-2.mga5 Metapackage for GNOME desktop environment linux/noarch
task-gnome-minimal-3.14.2-2.mga5 Minimal dependencies needed for GNOME desktop linux/noarch
tomboy-1.15.4-3.mga5 Desktop Note-taking application linux/x86_64
tracker-1.2.5-1.mga5 Desktop-neutral metadata-based search framework linux/x86_64
virt-manager-1.1.0-7.mga5 Virtual Machine Manager linux/noarch
virt-viewer-1.0-3.mga5 Virtual Machine Viewer linux/x86_64
xdg-user-dirs-gtk-0.10-4.mga5 XDG user dirs support for GNOME/GTK+ linux/x86_64
yelp-3.14.1-3.mga5 GNOME 3 help browser linux/x86_64
zukitwo-gtk3-theme-20141022-1.mga5 Zukitwo GTK+3 themes linux/noarch
zukitwo-metacity-theme-20141022-1.mga5 Zukitwo Metacity themes linux/noarch

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