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RPM of Group Games/Simulation

endless-sky-0.8.0-1.mga6 A space exploration and combat game similar to Escape Velocity linux/x86_64New
endless-sky-data-0.8.0-1.mga6 Data files for the Endless Sky game linux/noarchNew
fgrun-3.4.0-1.mga5 Graphical launcher for the FlightGear flight simulator linux/x86_64
fgx-2.8.0-7.mga5 Launcher for Open Source Flight Simulator FlightGear linux/x86_64
flightgear-3.4.0-2.mga5 The FlightGear Flight Simulator linux/x86_64
flightgear-data-3.4.0-2.mga5 The data for FlightGear Flight Simulator linux/noarch
freeminer- Open source Minecraft-inspired sandbox game based on Minetest linux/x86_64
gl-117-1.3.2-14.mga5 Action flight simulator linux/x86_64
micropolisj-1.6-4.mga5 MicropolisJ - The classic city-building game linux/noarch
powdertoy-90.2.322-1.mga5 Falling-sand physics sandbox game linux/x86_64
speed-dreams-2.1.0-6.mga5 Speed Dreams: An open motorsport simulation linux/x86_64
speed-dreams-data-base-2.1.0-6.mga5 Data base for Speed Dreams 2 linux/x86_64
speed-dreams-data-hq-2.1.0-3.mga5 HQ data for Speed Dreams linux/noarch
speed-dreams-data-more-hq-2.1.0-3.mga5 More HQ data for Speed Dreams linux/noarch
speed-dreams-data-wip-2.1.0-3.mga5 Work-in-progress data for Speed Dreams linux/noarch
speed-dreams-devel-2.1.0-6.mga5 Development files for speed-dreams linux/x86_64
speed-dreams-robots-hq-2.1.0-6.mga5 Basic robots for speed-dreams linux/x86_64
speed-dreams-robots-more-hq-2.1.0-6.mga5 More HQ robots for speed-dreams linux/x86_64
speed-dreams-robots-wip-2.1.0-6.mga5 WIP robots for speed-dreams linux/x86_64
stormbaancoureur-2.1.6-2.mga5 Physics-based obstacle course simulation linux/x86_64
torcs-1.3.4-9.mga5 The Open Racing Car Simulator linux/x86_64
torcs-robots-base-1.3.4-9.mga5 Basic robots for torcs linux/noarch
torcs-robots-berniw-1.3.4-9.mga5 Berniw robots for torcs linux/noarch
torcs-robots-bt-1.3.4-9.mga5 Bt robots for torcs linux/noarch
torcs-robots-olethros-1.3.4-9.mga5 Olethros robots for torcs linux/noarch
trigger-rally-0.6.2-1.mga6 3D rally racing game linux/x86_64
trigger-rally-data-0.6.2-1.mga6 Data files for the Trigger Rally racing game linux/noarch
vdrift-20120722-14.mga6 Open Source Car Racing Simulator linux/x86_64
vdrift-data-20120722-14.mga6 Data files for the VDrift driving simulation linux/noarch
vegastrike-0.5.1.r1-4.mga6 3D OpenGL spaceflight simulator linux/x86_64New
voxelands-1507.00-1.mga6 The fun-focused free software voxel world game linux/x86_64New
yaflight-0.99.29-4.mga5 Yet Another FlightGear Launch Control linux/x86_64

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