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RPM of Group Games/Puzzles

atomiks-1.03-3.mga5.nonfree A faithful remake of, and a tribute to, Atomix, a classic puzzle game linux/x86_64New
atomix-2.14.0-15.mga5 Mind game - build molecules out of single atoms linux/x86_64New
balazarbrothers-0.3.1-9.mga5 Amazing libre (GPLed) 3D puzzle game linux/noarchNew
berusky-1.7-4.mga5 Advanced sokoban clone with nice graphics linux/x86_64New
berusky-data-1.7-3.mga5 Data files for Berusky linux/noarchNew
berusky2-0.10-4.mga5 Bugs Escape 3D - Advanced Sokoban clone with nice sceneries linux/x86_64New
berusky2-data-0.9-6.mga5 Data files for Berusky 2 linux/noarchNew
blinken-4.14.2-1.mga5 Simon Says Game linux/x86_64New
brainparty-0.61-5.mga5 Set of 36 minigames to train your brain in an entertaining way linux/x86_64New
caboodle-0.5-8.mga5 Puzzle computer game, clone of the Flash game Planarity linux/x86_64New
chroma-1.15-3.mga5 Abstract puzzle game with complex patterns of colourful shapes linux/x86_64New
colorcode-0.7.2-6.mga5 Advanced MasterMind clone linux/x86_64New
connectagram-1.1.2-3.mga5 A word unscrambling game linux/x86_64New
cube-escape-0.8-5.mga5 3D maze on a cube linux/x86_64New
fillets-ng-1.0.1-8.mga5 Fish Fillets NG linux/x86_64New
fillets-ng-data-1.0.0-6.mga5 Data files for the Fish Fillets NG game linux/noarchNew
five-or-more-3.14.1-2.mga5 GNOME Five or More game linux/x86_64New
freealchemist-0.5-7.mga5 Free clone of naturalchimie (puzzle game) linux/noarchNew
gnome-klotski-3.14.1-2.mga5 GNOME Klotski game linux/x86_64New
gnome-mahjongg-3.14.1-2.mga5 GNOME Mahjongg game linux/x86_64New
gnome-mines-3.14.0-2.mga5 GNOME Mines Sweeper game linux/x86_64New
gnome-sudoku-3.14.1-1.mga5 GNOME Sudoku game linux/x86_64New
gnome-tetravex-3.14.0-2.mga5 GNOME Tetravex game linux/x86_64New
gnubik-2.4.1-3.mga5 3D interactive graphics puzzle linux/x86_64New
gottet-1.0.6-3.mga5 Tetris clone linux/x86_64New
hex-a-hop-1.2.0-0.20140926.1.mga5 Puzzle game based on hexagonal tiles linux/x86_64New
hexalate-1.0.3-3.mga5 Color matching game linux/x86_64New
hitori- Logic puzzle game for GNOME linux/x86_64New
katomic-4.14.2-1.mga5 Build complex atoms with a minimal amount of moves linux/x86_64New
kblackbox-4.14.2-1.mga5 Find atoms in a grid by shooting electrons linux/x86_64New
ketris-1.1.2-4.mga5 A Tetris-like game for KDE linux/x86_64New
kitsune-3.0-3.mga5 Program to solve mathematical puzzles linux/x86_64New
krosswordpuzzle-0.16-0.svn1391051.3.mga5 KrossWordPuzzle - a crossword puzzle for KDE linux/x86_64New
ksudoku-4.14.2-1.mga5 KSudoku - Play, create and solve sudoku grids linux/x86_64New
laby-0.6.3-7.mga5 Learn how to program with ants and spider webs linux/x86_64New
lightsoff-3.14.1-2.mga5 GNOME Lightsoff game linux/x86_64New
million-1.0.0-3.mga5.nonfree Game "Who want to be a millionaire" (Russian version) linux/x86_64New
mirrormagic-2.0.2-10.mga5 A puzzle game with mirrors and ray of lights linux/x86_64New
monsterz-0.7.1-11.mga5 A little addictive puzzle game linux/noarchNew
numptyphysics-0.4-0.git20132002.5.mga5 A crayon-drawing based physics puzzle game linux/x86_64New
openalchemist-0.4-9.mga5 Free clone of naturalchimie (puzzle game) linux/x86_64New
palapeli-4.14.2-1.mga5 Jigsaw puzzle game linux/x86_64New
python-kye-1.0-5.mga5 Puzzle game linux/noarchNew
qqwing-1.2.0-3.mga5 Command-line Sudoku solver and generator linux/x86_64New
sgt-puzzles-10282-1.mga5 Simon Tatham's one-player puzzle collection linux/x86_64New
simsu-1.2.3-3.mga5 Basic Sudoku game linux/x86_64New
sudokuki-1.2.2-3.mga5 Essential Sudoku game linux/x86_64New
swell-foop-3.14.0-2.mga5 GNOME colored tiles puzzle game linux/x86_64New
tanglet-1.2.2-3.mga5 Word finding game linux/x86_64New
tetzle-2.0.3-3.mga5 Jigsaw puzzle with tetromino pieces linux/x86_64New
tong-1.3-4.mga5 A mixture of two classic games linux/x86_64New
tong-data-1.3-4.mga5 Data files for the Tong game linux/noarchNew
xlogical-1.0_8-13.mga5 XLogical - A puzzle game linux/x86_64New

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