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RPM of Group Development/Python

buildbot-0.8.12-3.mga6 Build/test automation system linux/noarch
buildbot-doc-0.8.12-3.mga6 BuildBot documentation linux/noarch
buildbot-master-0.8.12-3.mga6 buildbot master linux/noarch
buildbot-slave-0.8.12-3.mga6 buildbot slave linux/noarch
caldavclientlibrary-0.0-1.10809.2.mga6 Python library and tool for CalDAV linux/noarch
cerealizer-0.7-11.mga6 Python module that allows one to save objects in files linux/noarch
editobj2-0.4-9.mga6 Tkinter dialog box for editing any Python object linux/noarch
epydoc-3.0.1-17.mga6 Edward Loper's API Documentation Generation Tool linux/noarch
gitbuster-2.1-1.b5.8.mga6 Python Qt4 frontend for git filter-branch and git cherry-pick linux/noarch
giws-2.0.2-8.mga6 Generate C++ class wrappers to call Java methods/objects linux/noarch
ht2html-2.0-19.mga6 The Web site generator linux/noarch
pychecker-0.8.19-9.mga6 A python source code checking tool linux/noarch
pydb-1.26-12.mga6 Extended debugger for Python linux/noarch
python-GnuPG-Interface-0.3.2-18.mga6 GnuPG-Interface module for python linux/noarch
python-ID3-1.2-24.mga6 Python module for manipulating ID3 information tags on MP3 audio files linux/noarch
python-aeidon-0.19.2-15.mga6 Python package for reading, writing and manipulating text-based subtitle files linux/noarch
python-apsw-doc- Another Python SQLite Wrapper - Documentation linux/noarch
python-axiom-0.7.5-1.mga6 Object database, or alternatively, an object-relational mapper linux/noarch
python-backports-abc-0.4-3.mga6 A backport of recent additions to the '' module linux/noarch
python-beautifulsoup-3.2.1-9.mga6 The Screen-Scraper's Friend linux/noarch
python-bugz-0.10.1-11.mga6 A python and command line interface to Bugzilla linux/noarch
python-bunch-1.0.1-6.mga6 Python dictionary with attribute-style access linux/noarch
python-caldav-0.4.0-1.mga6 CalDAV (RFC4791) client library linux/noarch
python-carrot-0.10.7-10.mga6 AMQP Messaging Framework for Python linux/noarch
python-caslib-0.3.1-8.mga6 Python interface to CAS linux/noarch
python-cgen-2012.1-11.mga6 C/C++ source generation from an AST linux/noarch
python-clientform-0.2.10-11.mga6 Client-side HTML form handling linux/noarch
python-cloudfiles-1.7.10-10.mga6 Python language bindings for Rackspace CloudFiles API linux/noarch
python-cluster-1.3.3-1.mga6 Create several groups (clusters) of objects from a list linux/noarch
python-cmdln-1.3.0-8.mga6 An improved for Writing Multi-command Scripts and Shells linux/noarch
python-codepy-2013.1.2-2.mga6 Generate and execute native code at run time linux/noarch
python-coherence- Python framework to participate in digital living networks linux/noarch
python-collada-0.4.0-6.mga6 A python module for creating, editing and loading COLLADA linux/noarch
python-crypto-1.1.0-8.mga6 Simply tool for cryptography linux/noarch
python-dateutil15-1.5-1.mga6 Provides powerful extensions to the standard datetime module linux/noarch
python-decoratortools-1.8-9.mga6 Use class and function decorators -- even in Python 2.3 linux/noarch
python-discid-1.1.0-6.mga6 Python binding of Libdiscid linux/noarch
python-django-addons-0.6.6-8.mga6 Addon framework to create pluggable Django addons linux/noarch
python-django-authority-0.4-9.mga6 A Django app for generic per-object permissions and custom permission checks linux/noarch
python-django-dpaste-0.2.4-12.mga6 Dpaste is a code paste-bin application using Django linux/noarch
python-django-evolution-0.7.6-2.mga6 Schema evolution for Django linux/noarch
python-django-keyedcache-1.5.1-7.mga6 Utilities for simplified development of cache aware objects linux/noarch
python-django-pagination-1.0.7-9.mga6 Django pagination tools linux/noarch
python-django-piston-0.2.3-11.mga6 A mini-framework for Django for creating RESTful APIs linux/noarch
python-django-profile-0.6-9.mga6 Django pluggable user profile zone linux/noarch
python-django-sorting-0.1-9.mga6 A Django application for easy sorting linux/noarch
python-django-staticfiles-1.2.1-8.mga6 A Django app that provides helpers for serving static files linux/noarch
python-django-threadedcomments-0.9-9.mga6 A simple yet flexible threaded commenting system linux/noarch
python-django-tracking-0.4.1-10.mga6 Django site visitor tracking, including basic blacklisting linux/noarch
python-django-userprofile-0.7-11.mga6 A user private zone/profile management application linux/noarch
python-django16- A high-level Python Web framework linux/noarch
python-django16-multiselectfield-0.1.3-1.mga6 Django multiple select field linux/noarch
python-django16-pipeline-1.3.27-1.mga6 Pipeline is an asset packaging library for Django linux/noarch
python-djblets-0.9.2-1.mga6 A collection of useful classes and functions for Django linux/noarch
python-dnspython-1.11.1-10.mga6 DNS toolkit for Python linux/noarch
python-docker-scripts-1.0.0rc1-1.mga6 A swiss-knife tool that could be useful for people working with Docker linux/noarch
python-egenix-mx-base-doc-3.2.9-2.mga6 Documentation for python-egenix-mx-base linux/noarch
python-elements-0.13-16.20100110svn.mga6 A 2D Physics API for Python linux/noarch
python-elib.intl-0.0.3-0.git20110711.8.mga6 Enhanced internationalization (I18N) for Python linux/noarch
python-epsilon-0.7.0-7.mga6 A small utility package linux/noarch
python-eyed3-0.7.8-2.mga6 ID3 tag module linux/noarch
python-fabulous-0.1.5-6.mga6 Makes your terminal output totally fabulous linux/noarch
python-flask-babel-0.9-5.mga6 Adds i18n/l10n support to Flask applications linux/noarch
python-flask-wtf-0.10.0-6.mga6 Simple integration of Flask and WTForms linux/noarch
python-flup-1.0.2-10.mga6 Python module related to FastCGI and WSGI linux/noarch
python-foolscap-0.10.1-1.mga6 Rewrite of Perspective Broker linux/noarch
python-formencode-1.3.0-1.mga6 HTML form validation, generation, and convertion package linux/noarch
python-fpconst-0.7.3-10.mga6 IEEE754 float infinity and NaN for python linux/noarch
python-fudgemsg-0.1.1-6.mga6 Fudge is a hierarchical, typesafe, binary, self-describing message encoding system linux/noarch
python-gdata-2.0.18-8.mga6 A Python module for accessing online Google services linux/noarch
python-gerrit-0.0.1-4.gita7ffd76.7.mga6 Python interface to Gerrit linux/noarch
python-gfbi_core-0.5-9.mga6 Core files for interactive git filter branch linux/noarch
python-googl-0.2.2-10.mga6 Python wrapper for URL shortener linux/noarch
python-googlechart-0.2.1-10.mga6 Python wrapper for the Google Chart API linux/noarch
python-grapefruit-0.1a3-0.svn31.6.mga6 Python module for easy manipulation of color information linux/noarch
python-guess-language-0.2-8.mga6 Guess the natural language of a text linux/noarch
python-hachoir-core-1.3.3-10.mga6 Python library to edit binary file and metadata linux/noarch
python-hachoir-metadata-1.3.3-11.mga6 Python library to read metadata file format for the hachoir framework linux/noarch
python-hachoir-parser-1.3.4-10.mga6 Python library to parse file format for the hachoir framework linux/noarch
python-hachoir-regex-1.0.5-9.mga6 Regex manipulation Python library linux/noarch
python-hachoir-urwid-1.1-10.mga6 The most sexy user interface based on hachoir-parser to explore a binary file linux/noarch
python-ipaddr-2.1.11-1.mga6 A library for working with IP addresses linux/noarch
python-jaxml-3.02-8.mga6 Python module to generate XML easily linux/noarch
python-json-3.4-8.mga6 JSON reader and writer in Python linux/noarch
python-jsonrpclib-0.1.3-8.mga6 This project is an implementation of the JSON-RPC v2.0 specification linux/noarch
python-keyczar-0.71c-7.mga6 Toolkit for safe and simple cryptography linux/noarch
python-kiwi-docs-1.9.40-3.mga6 Documentation related to python-kiwi linux/noarch
python-louie-1.1-15.mga6 Louie provides dispatch signals between objects in a wide variety of contexts linux/noarch
python-moksha-hub-1.4.6-3.mga6 Hub components for Moksha linux/noarch
python-mox-0.5.3-8.mga6 Mock object framework linux/noarch
python-musicbrainz2-0.7.4-10.mga6 Provides easy object oriented access to the MusicBrainz Database linux/noarch
python-mygpoclient-1.7-8.mga6 Library for accessing web services linux/noarch
python-nltk-3.0.3-2.mga6 Natural Language Toolkit for Python linux/noarch
python-ntlm-1.0.1-8.mga6 NTLM support for python linux/noarch
python-oauth-1.0.1-12.mga6 Python module for OAuth linux/noarch
python-offtrac-0.1.0-6.mga6 Trac xmlrpc library linux/noarch
python-opengl-demo-3.0.1b1-10.mga6 Demonstration scripts for the PyOpenGL library linux/noarch
python-oslo-test-1.11.0-2.mga6 Oslo Test API linux/noarch
python-parallax-1.0.1-1.mga6 Execute commands and copy files over SSH to multiple machines at once linux/noarch
python-pastedeploy-1.5.0-11.mga6 Load, configure, and compose WSGI applications and servers linux/noarch
python-poster-0.8.1-9.mga6 Streaming HTTP uploads and multipart/form-data encoding linux/noarch
python-progressbar-2.3-10.mga6 Progress bar module for Python linux/noarch
python-psshlib-2.3.1-10.mga6 Parallel SSH library for Python linux/noarch
python-py2play-0.1.10-10.mga6 A peer-to-peer network game engine linux/noarch
python-pyemf-2.0.0-9.mga6 Pure Python Enhanced Metafile Library linux/noarch
python-pyexcelerator- Generating Excel 97+ files linux/noarch
python-pygame-doc-1.9.1-16.mga6 Pygame documentation and example programs linux/noarch
python-pyifbabel-0.4-2.mga6 Python implementation of the Treaty of Babel linux/noarch
python-pyrex-0.9.9-11.mga6 Language for Writing Python Extension Modules linux/noarch
python-pyro4-4.23-6.mga6 PYthon Remote Objects linux/noarch
python-pyro415-4.15-7.mga6 PYthon Remote Objects linux/noarch
python-pyrtf-0.45-13.mga6 Python module to generate RTF documents linux/noarch
python-pysearpc-3.1-1.mga6 Python 2 bindings for libsearpc linux/noarch
python-pytorctl-0-0.18.20130920git4fdd203.mga6 TorCtl Python bindings linux/noarch
python-pywebdav- WebDAV library linux/noarch
python-qpid-0.24-8.mga6 Python client library for AMQP linux/noarch
python-qrtools-1.2-2.mga6 Backend module for QtQR linux/noarch
python-rope-0.10.2-3.mga6 Python refactoring library linux/noarch
python-sampy-1.2.1-8.mga6 SAMPy is an IVOA SAMP (Simple Application Messaging Protocol) messaging system implementation in Python linux/noarch
python-scripttest-1.3-8.mga6 Helper to test command-line scripts linux/noarch
python-soap-0.12.0-11.mga6 A SOAP library for python linux/noarch
python-sphinxcontrib-programoutput-0.8-9.mga6 Sphinx extension to include program output linux/noarch
python-sqlobject-2.1.2-2.mga6 SQLObject Object-Relational Manager, aka database wrapper linux/noarch
python-stomper-0.3.0-2.mga6 A python client implementation of the STOMP protocol linux/noarch
python-systemd-dbus-0.1-9.mga6 Python wrapper for systemd system and session manager dbus interfaces linux/noarch
python-telepathy-0.15.19-8.mga6 Python libraries for Telepathy linux/noarch
python-tinysegmenter-0.1-9.mga6 Python module implementing a Japanese tokenizer linux/noarch
python-translate-1.13.0-1.mga6 Software localization toolkit linux/noarch
python-txws-0.9.1-5.mga6 Twisted WebSockets wrapper linux/noarch
python-txzmq-0.7.4-2.mga6 Twisted bindings for ZeroMQ linux/noarch
python-typeshed-0.1-0.1.git20160111.mga6 Static type information for python modules linux/noarch
python-urlgrabber-3.10.1-7.mga6 A high-level cross-protocol url-grabber linux/noarch
python-which-1.1.0-15.mga6 Small which replacement that can be used as a Python module linux/noarch
python-wsgiproxy-0.2.2-8.mga6 HTTP proxying tools for WSGI apps linux/noarch
python-x2go- A client-side X2go API for the Python programming language linux/noarch
python-xlutils-1.7.0-7.mga6 Utilities for working with Excel files that require both xlrd and xlwt linux/noarch
python-yolk-0.4.3-9.mga6 Python package command-line query tool linux/noarch
python-yum-3.4.3-19.mga6 Reusable YUM code linux/noarch
python3-docker-scripts-1.0.0rc1-1.mga6 A swiss-knife tool that could be useful for people working with Docker linux/noarch
python3-oslo-test-1.11.0-2.mga6 Oslo Test API linux/noarch
task-python2-1-1.mga6 Metapackage for Python 2 linux/noarch
task-python3-1-1.mga6 Metapackage for Python linux/noarch
tofu-0.5-15.mga6 Network game engine written with Python and Twisted linux/noarch
tvdb_api-1.8.2-1.git20130127.7.mga6 Simple to use TVDB ( API in Python linux/noarch

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