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RPM of Group Databases

389-adminutil-1.1.22-7.mga7 Utility library for 389 administration linux/x86_64
db1-tools-1.85-28.mga6 Tools for Berkeley DB (version 1) library linux/x86_64
db48-utils-4.8.30-22.mga7 Command line tools for managing Berkeley DB databases linux/x86_64
db53-utils-5.3.28-14.mga7 Command line tools for managing Berkeley DB databases linux/x86_64
db53_recover-5.3.28-14.mga7 Minimal package with 'db53_recover' only linux/x86_64
firebird- Firebird SQL database management system linux/x86_64
firebird-doc- Documentation for Firebird SQL server linux/noarch
firebird-examples- Examples for Firebird SQL server linux/noarch
firebird-utils- Firebird SQL user utilities linux/x86_64
flamerobin- Graphical client for Firebird linux/x86_64
gcstar-1.7.1-1.mga6 A collection manager linux/noarch
gq-1.3.4-13.mga7 GQ is a GTK-based LDAP client linux/x86_64
itop-itsm-2.0.3-4.mga6 iTop: IT Service Management Operational Portal and CMDB linux/noarch
kyotocabinet-1.2.76-8.mga7 A lightweight database library linux/x86_64
lbdb-0.42.1-1.mga6 Address Database for mutt linux/x86_64
ldb-utils-1.3.2-1.mga7 Tools for backing up, restoring, and manipulating Samba's embedded database linux/x86_64
lemon-3.23.1-1.mga7 A parser generator linux/x86_64
lib64psqlodbc-10.02.0000-1.mga7 The official PostgreSQL ODBC Driver linux/x86_64
lib64qt4-database-plugin-mysql-4.8.7-20.mga7 Qt4 MYSQL Database Plugin linux/x86_64
lib64qt4-database-plugin-pgsql-4.8.7-20.mga7 Qt4 PGSQL Database Plugin linux/x86_64
lib64qt4-database-plugin-sqlite-4.8.7-20.mga7 Qt4 SQLITE Database Plugin linux/x86_64
lib64qt4-database-plugin-tds-4.8.7-20.mga7 Qt4 FREETDS Database Plugin linux/x86_64
lib64qt5-database-plugin-mysql-5.10.1-5.mga7 Qt5 MYSQL Database Plugin linux/x86_64
lib64qt5-database-plugin-odbc-5.10.1-5.mga7 Qt5 Database ODBC Database Plugin linux/x86_64
lib64qt5-database-plugin-pgsql-5.10.1-5.mga7 Qt5 PGSQL Database Plugin linux/x86_64
lib64qt5-database-plugin-sqlite-5.10.1-5.mga7 Qt5 SQLITE Database Plugin linux/x86_64
lib64qt5-database-plugin-tds-5.10.1-5.mga7 Qt5 FREETDS Database Plugin linux/x86_64
libgda5.0-5.2.4-6.mga7 GNU Data Access linux/x86_64
libgda5.0-bdb-5.2.4-6.mga7 GDA Berkeley Database Provider linux/x86_64
libgda5.0-mysql-5.2.4-6.mga7 GDA MySQL Provider linux/x86_64
libgda5.0-postgres-5.2.4-6.mga7 GDA PostgreSQL Provider linux/x86_64
libgda5.0-sqlite-5.2.4-6.mga7 GDA sqlite Provider linux/x86_64
libreoffice-base- Database front-end for LibreOffice linux/x86_64New
mariadb-10.2.14-1.mga7 A very fast and reliable SQL database engine linux/x86_64
mariadb-client-10.2.14-1.mga7 Client linux/x86_64
mongo-tools-3.4.10-2.mga7 MongoDB Tools linux/x86_64
mongo-tools-devel-3.4.10-2.mga7 MongoDB Tools linux/x86_64
mongodb-3.4.9-3.mga7 MongoDB client shell and tools linux/x86_64
mongodb-server-3.4.9-3.mga7 MongoDB server, sharding server, and support scripts linux/x86_64
mysql-utilities-1.6.5-1.mga7 Mysql admin utilities linux/noarch
mysql-workbench-6.3.10-3.mga7 A MySQL visual database modeling, administration, development and migration tool linux/x86_64
mysqludf_curl-1.0-4.mga6 MySQL User-defined function (UDF) for HTTP REST linux/x86_64
mysqludf_json-0.0.2-5.mga6 MySQL UDFs to map relational data to the JSON format linux/x86_64
openldap-extra-schemas-1.3-18.mga6 Some extra schemas for OpenLDAP linux/noarch
pgadmin3-1.22.2-2.mga7 Graphical client for PostgreSQL linux/x86_64
postgresql9.6-9.6.7-1.mga7 PostgreSQL client programs and libraries linux/x86_64
postgresql9.6-contrib-9.6.7-1.mga7 Contributed binaries distributed with PostgreSQL linux/x86_64
postgresql9.6-docs-9.6.7-1.mga7 Extra documentation for PostgreSQL linux/noarch
postgresql9.6-pl-9.6.7-1.mga7 Procedurals languages for PostgreSQL linux/x86_64
postgresql9.6-plperl-9.6.7-1.mga7 The PL/Perl procedural language for PostgreSQL linux/x86_64
postgresql9.6-plpgsql-9.6.7-1.mga7 The PL/PgSQL procedural language for PostgreSQL linux/x86_64
postgresql9.6-plpython-9.6.7-1.mga7 The PL/Python procedural language for PostgreSQL linux/x86_64
postgresql9.6-pltcl-9.6.7-1.mga7 The PL/Tcl procedural language for PostgreSQL linux/x86_64
postgresql9.6-server-9.6.7-1.mga7 The programs needed to create and run a PostgreSQL server linux/x86_64
python2-redis-py-2.10.6-3.mga7 The Python 2 interface to the Redis key-value store linux/noarch
python3-redis-py-2.10.6-3.mga7 The Python 3 interface to the Redis key-value store linux/noarch
rasqal-0.9.33-2.mga7 RDF querying library linux/x86_64
recoll-1.24.1-1.mga7 Desktop full text search tool with a Qt GUI linux/x86_64New
redis-4.0.9-1.mga7 A persistent key-value database linux/x86_64
sqlite-tools-2.8.17-22.mga7 Command line tools for managing the lib64sqlite0 library linux/x86_64
sqlite3-tools-3.23.1-1.mga7 Command line tools for managing the lib64sqlite3_0 library linux/x86_64
sqlitebrowser-3.10.1-2.mga7 Design and edit database files compatible with SQLite linux/x86_64
sqliteman-1.2.2-8.mga7 Lightweight but powerful Sqlite3 manager linux/x86_64New
tdb-utils-1.3.15-1.mga7 Tools for backing up, restoring, and manipulating Samba's embedded database linux/x86_64
tellico-3.1.2-4.mga7 A collection manager linux/x86_64
tinycdb-0.77-7.mga6 Constant Database linux/x86_64
trietool-0.2.10-1.mga6 Trie manipulation tool linux/x86_64
unixODBC-2.3.4-3.mga7 Unix ODBC driver manager and database drivers linux/x86_64
xapian-1.4.5-1.mga7 Open Source Search Engine Library linux/x86_64
xbase-3.1.2-14.mga7 Xbase dBase database file library linux/x86_64
xcave-2.4.0-5.mga6 A wine cellar manager linux/x86_64

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