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RPM of Group Communications/Radio

airspy-1.0.7-1.mga6 An advanced Software Defined Radio project linux/x86_64
aldo-0.7.7-1.mga6 Morse code practice software linux/x86_64
bladerf-2016.01-0.rc1.1.mga6 A Software Defined Radio (SDR) platform linux/x86_64
chirp-0.4.1-1.mga5 A tool for programming radio equipment linux/noarch
codec2-0.5-1.mga6 An open source speech codec for 2400 bit/s and below linux/x86_64
cutecw-1.0-8.mga6 Morse Code Training Software linux/x86_64
cwstudio-0.9.4-1.mga6 Morse code practice software with extended features linux/x86_64
fldigi-3.23.01-1.mga6 A software modem for Amateur Radio use linux/x86_64
flrig-1.3.24-1.mga6 Transceiver control program for Amateur Radio use linux/x86_64
freedv-1.1-1.mga6 Digital Voice for Amateur Radio linux/x86_64
gnuradio-3.7.9-5.mga6 Software defined radio framework linux/x86_64New
gnuradio-companion-3.7.9-5.mga6 The GNU Radio Companion linux/x86_64New
gnuradio-doc-3.7.9-5.mga6 Software Defined Radio linux/noarchNew
gnuradio-examples-3.7.9-5.mga6 GNU Radio Example Programs linux/x86_64New
gnuradio-noaa-3.7.9-5.mga6 GNU Radio NOAA POES HRPT receiver linux/x86_64New
gnuradio-pager-3.7.9-5.mga6 GNU Radio FLEX Pager Decoder linux/x86_64New
gnuradio-utils-3.7.9-5.mga6 GNU Radio Utilities linux/x86_64New
gqrx-2.5.3-1.mga6 Software defined radio receiver powered by GNU Radio and Qt linux/x86_64New
gr-fcdproplus-0.1.0-0.20150330gitcf5db388.6.mga6 GNURadio support for FUNcube Dongle Pro+ linux/x86_64New
gr-fcdproplus-doc-0.1.0-0.20150330gitcf5db388.6.mga6 Documentation files for gr-fcdproplus linux/noarchNew
gr-iqbal-0.37.2-7.mga6 GNURadio block for suppressing IQ imbalance linux/x86_64New
gr-iqbal-doc-0.37.2-7.mga6 Documentation files for gr-iqbal linux/noarchNew
gr-osmosdr- Common software API for various radio hardware linux/x86_64New
gr-osmosdr-doc- Documentation files for gr-osmosdr linux/noarchNew
grig-0.8.1-1.mga6 A Ham Radio Control graphical user interface linux/x86_64
hackrf-2015.07.2-1.mga6 A project to produce a low cost open source software radio platform linux/x86_64
hackrf-doc-2015.07.2-1.mga6 Supplemental documentation for HackRF linux/noarch
hamlib-utils-3.0.1-1.mga6 Utilities to support the hamlib radio control library linux/x86_64
kvasd-installer-1.12.15-2.mga6 Install, Remove & Test KVASD Decoder linux/noarch
lib64airspy-devel-1.0.7-1.mga6 Development files for airspy linux/x86_64
lib64airspy0-1.0.7-1.mga6 Library files for airspy linux/x86_64
lib64codec2-devel-0.5-1.mga6 Development files for building packages using codec2 linux/x86_64
lib64codec2_0.5-0.5-1.mga6 Dynamic library files for linking with codec2 linux/x86_64
lib64gr-iqbal-devel-0.37.2-7.mga6 Development files for gr-iqbal linux/x86_64New
lib64gr-iqbal0-0.37.2-7.mga6 Library files for gr-iqbal linux/x86_64New
lib64gr-osmosdr-devel- Development files for gr-osmosdr linux/x86_64New
lib64gr-osmosdr0- Library files for gr-osmosdr linux/x86_64New
lib64hackrf-devel-2015.07.2-1.mga6 Development files for hackrf linux/x86_64
lib64hackrf0-2015.07.2-1.mga6 Library files for hackrf linux/x86_64
lib64hamlib++2-3.0.1-1.mga6 Hamlib radio control library C++ binding linux/x86_64
lib64hamlib2-3.0.1-1.mga6 Run-time library to control radio transceivers and receivers linux/x86_64
lib64libosmo-dsp-devel-0.3-1.mga5 Development files for libosmo-dsp linux/x86_64
lib64libosmo-dsp0-0.3-1.mga5 A library with SDR DSP primitives linux/x86_64
libmirisdr-0.0.20130608-2.mga5 Support programs for MRi2500 linux/x86_64
nec2c-1.3-2.mga6 Translation of NEC2 antenna modeling tool from FORTRAN to C linux/x86_64
osmo-sdr-0.1.20151211-1.mga6 Support programs for OsmoSDR linux/x86_64
rtl-sdr-0.5.3-1.mga5 SDR utilities for Realtek RTL2832 based DVB-T dongles linux/x86_64
splat-1.4.2-1.mga6 Analyze point-to-point terrestrial RF communication links linux/x86_64
uhd-3.9.2-1.mga6 Universal Hardware Driver for Ettus Research products linux/x86_64
uhd-devel-3.9.2-1.mga6 Development files for UHD linux/x86_64
uhd-doc-3.9.2-1.mga6 Documentation files for UHD linux/noarch
unixcw-3.3.1-4.mga6 Shared library for Morse programs linux/x86_64New
wsjtx-1.6.0-1.mga6 Enables JT9, JT65 and WSPR-2 modes for Weak Signal digital Amateur Radio linux/x86_64
xdx-2.5.0-1.mga6 DX Cluster client for radio amateurs linux/x86_64
xlog-2.0.13-1.mga6 Logging program for Amateur Radio Operators linux/x86_64
xnec2c-3.4-2.mga6 GTK based graphical wrapper for nec2c linux/x86_64

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