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RPM of Group Archiving/Compression

advancecomp-1.20-1.mga6 Recompression utilities linux/x86_64
arj-3.10.22-13.mga6 File compression and packaging utility compatible with ARJ for MS-DOS linux/x86_64
ark-15.08.3-1.mga6 Program for managing various archive formats within the KDE environment linux/x86_64
atool-0.39.0-5.mga6 A script for managing file archives of various types linux/noarch
bzip2-1.0.6-8.mga6 Extremely powerful file compression utility linux/x86_64
cabextract-1.6-1.mga6 A program to extract Microsoft Cabinet files linux/x86_64
dact-0.8.42-6.mga5 Dinamically choose best algorithm to compress a file linux/x86_64
dmg2img-1.6.5-6.mga6 Converts dmg archives to HFS+ images linux/x86_64
engrampa-1.12.0-1.mga6 An archive manager for MATE Desktop linux/x86_64
file-roller-3.16.4-1.mga6 An archive manager for GNOME linux/x86_64
gzip-1.6-8.mga6 The GNU data compression program linux/x86_64
innoextract-1.5-1.mga6 A tool to unpack installers created by Inno Setup linux/x86_64
j7z-1.2.0-4.mga5 A P7Zip GUI for Linux to simplify data compression and backup linux/noarch
j7z-kde4-1.2.0-4.mga5 KDE4 ServiceMenus for J7Z linux/noarch
lbzip2-2.5-3.mga5 Fast, multi-threaded bzip2 utility linux/x86_64
lcab-1.0-0.b12.6.mga5 Command-line Cabinet file creation tool linux/x86_64
lha-1.14i-27.mga6 An archiving and compression utility for LHarc format archives linux/x86_64
lrzip-0.621-1.mga6 Compression program optimized for large files linux/x86_64New
lzip-1.15-4.mga5 Lossless file compressor based on the LZMA algorithm linux/x86_64
lzop-1.03-5.mga5 LZO fast file compressor linux/x86_64
mscompress-0.4-4.mga5 MS compress/expand-compatible (de)compressor linux/x86_64
ncompress- Fast compression and decompression utilities linux/x86_64
nomarch-1.4-10.mga5 GPLed Arc de-archiver linux/x86_64
p7zip-9.20.1-8.mga6 7-zip compatible compression program linux/x86_64
patool-1.7-1.mga6 Portable command line archive file manager linux/noarch
pbzip2-1.1.8-6.mga5 Parallel implementation of bzip2 linux/x86_64
pigz-2.3.3-1.mga6 Parallel implementation of gzip linux/x86_64
unace-2.5-4.mga5.nonfree Decompressor for .ace format archives linux/x86_64
unar-1.8.1-5.mga6 Multi format application for uncompressing archive files linux/x86_64
unarj-2.65-3.mga5.tainted An uncompressor for .arj format archive files linux/x86_64
unpackssi-20030612-5.mga5 .SSI File Unpacker linux/x86_64
unrar-5.21-1.mga6.nonfree Decompressor for .rar format archives linux/x86_64
unzip-6.0-15.mga6 Unpacks ZIP files such as those made by pkzip under DOS linux/x86_64
unzoo-4.4-1.mga5 ZOO archive extractor linux/x86_64
upx-3.91-3.mga5 The Ultimate Packer for eXecutables linux/x86_64
xarchiver-0.5.4-1.mga5 A lightweight archiving/compression tool linux/x86_64
xz-5.2.2-1.mga6 XZ utils linux/x86_64
zip-3.0-8.mga5 A file compression and packaging utility compatible with PKZIP linux/x86_64
zopfli-1.0.1-1.mga6 zlib compatible compressor linux/x86_64

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