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RPM of Group System/Libraries

libd3d1-18.0.0-0.rc5.2.mga7 Mesa Direct3D9 state tracker linux/i586New
libdri-drivers-18.0.0-0.rc5.2.mga7 Mesa DRI drivers linux/i586New
libgbm1-18.0.0-0.rc5.2.mga7 Files for Mesa (gbm libs) linux/i586New
libglapi0-18.0.0-0.rc5.2.mga7 Files for mesa (glapi libs) linux/i586New
libllvm6.0-6.0.0-3.mga7 LLVM shared libraries linux/i586New
libmesaegl1-18.0.0-0.rc5.2.mga7 Files for Mesa (EGL libs) linux/i586New
libmesagl1-18.0.0-0.rc5.2.mga7 Files for Mesa (GL and GLX libs) linux/i586New
libmesaglesv1_1-18.0.0-0.rc5.2.mga7 Files for Mesa (glesv1 libs) linux/i586New
libmesaglesv2_2-18.0.0-0.rc5.2.mga7 Files for Mesa (glesv2 libs) linux/i586New
libosmesa8-18.0.0-0.rc5.2.mga7 Mesa offscreen rendering library linux/i586New
libvdpau-driver-nouveau-18.0.0-0.rc5.2.mga7 VDPAU plugin for nouveau driver linux/i586New
libvdpau-driver-r300-18.0.0-0.rc5.2.mga7 VDPAU plugin for r300 driver linux/i586New
libvdpau-driver-r600-18.0.0-0.rc5.2.mga7 VDPAU plugin for r600 driver linux/i586New
libvdpau-driver-radeonsi-18.0.0-0.rc5.2.mga7 VDPAU plugin for radeonsi driver linux/i586New
libvulkan_intel-18.0.0-0.rc5.2.mga7 Mesa vulkan driver for Intel GPU linux/i586New
libvulkan_radeon-18.0.0-0.rc5.2.mga7 Mesa vulkan driver for Radeon GPU linux/i586New
libwayland-egl1-18.0.0-0.rc5.2.mga7 Files for Mesa (Wayland EGL libs) linux/i586New
libxatracker2-18.0.0-0.rc5.2.mga7 Files for Mesa XA state tracker linux/i586New
mesa-18.0.0-0.rc5.2.mga7 OpenGL 4.5 compatible 3D graphics library linux/i586New

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