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eclipse-contributor-tools-4.6.1-3.mga6 Tools for Eclipse Contributors linux/i586New
eclipse-equinox-osgi-4.6.1-3.mga6 Eclipse OSGi - Equinox linux/i586New
eclipse-jdt-4.6.1-3.mga6 Eclipse Java Development Tools linux/noarchNew
eclipse-p2-discovery-4.6.1-3.mga6 Eclipse p2 Discovery linux/noarchNew
eclipse-pde-4.6.1-3.mga6 Eclipse Plugin Development Environment linux/i586New
eclipse-platform-4.6.1-3.mga6 Eclipse platform common files linux/i586New
eclipse-swt-4.6.1-3.mga6 SWT Library for GTK+ linux/i586New
eclipse-tests-4.6.1-3.mga6 Eclipse Tests linux/i586New
gtkspell3-3.0.9-2.mga6 On-the-fly spell checking for GtkTextView widgets linux/i586New
ivshmem-tools-2.7.0-2.mga6 Client and server for QEMU ivshmem device linux/i586New
java-1.8.0-openjdk- OpenJDK Runtime Environment linux/i586New
java-1.8.0-openjdk-accessibility- OpenJDK accessibility connector linux/i586New
java-1.8.0-openjdk-demo- OpenJDK Demos linux/i586New
java-1.8.0-openjdk-devel- OpenJDK Development Environment linux/i586New
java-1.8.0-openjdk-headless- OpenJDK Runtime Environment linux/i586New
java-1.8.0-openjdk-javadoc- OpenJDK API Documentation linux/noarchNew
java-1.8.0-openjdk-javadoc-zip- OpenJDK API Documentation compressed in single archive linux/noarchNew
java-1.8.0-openjdk-src- OpenJDK Source Bundle linux/i586New
ksm-2.7.0-2.mga6 Kernel Samepage Merging services linux/i586New
libgtkspell3-devel-3.0.9-2.mga6 Development files for gtkspell3 linux/i586New
libgtkspell3-gir3.0-3.0.9-2.mga6 GObject Introspection interface description for gtkspell3 linux/i586New
libgtkspell3_0-3.0.9-2.mga6 Development files for gtkspell3 linux/i586New
libkpathsea-devel-20130530-30.mga6 Kpathsea development files linux/i586
libkpathsea-static-devel-20130530-30.mga6 Kpathsea development files linux/i586
libkpathsea6-20130530-30.mga6 Path searching library for TeX-related files linux/i586
libptexenc-devel-20130530-30.mga6 Library for Japanese pTeX linux/i586
libptexenc-static-devel-20130530-30.mga6 Library for Japanese pTeX linux/i586
libptexenc1-20130530-30.mga6 Library for Japanese pTeX linux/i586
mgarepo-1.13.2-1.mga6 Tools for Mageia repository access and management linux/noarchNew
mgarepo-ldap-1.13.2-1.mga6 Mgarepo plug-in to retrieve maintainer information from LDAP linux/noarchNew
moodle-3.1.2-1.mga6 A course management system linux/noarch
qemu-2.7.0-2.mga6 QEMU is a FAST! processor emulator linux/i586New
qemu-common-2.7.0-2.mga6 QEMU common files needed by all QEMU targets linux/i586New
qemu-guest-agent-2.7.0-2.mga6 QEMU guest agent linux/i586New
qemu-img-2.7.0-2.mga6 QEMU command line tool for manipulating disk images linux/i586New
qemu-kvm-2.7.0-2.mga6 QEMU metapackage for KVM support linux/i586New
qemu-system-aarch64-2.7.0-2.mga6 QEMU system emulator for AArch64 linux/i586New
qemu-system-alpha-2.7.0-2.mga6 QEMU system emulator for Alpha linux/i586New
qemu-system-arm-2.7.0-2.mga6 QEMU system emulator for ARM linux/i586New
qemu-system-cris-2.7.0-2.mga6 QEMU system emulator for CRIS linux/i586New
qemu-system-lm32-2.7.0-2.mga6 QEMU system emulator for LatticeMico32 linux/i586New
qemu-system-m68k-2.7.0-2.mga6 QEMU system emulator for ColdFire (m68k) linux/i586New
qemu-system-microblaze-2.7.0-2.mga6 QEMU system emulator for Microblaze linux/i586New
qemu-system-mips-2.7.0-2.mga6 QEMU system emulator for MIPS linux/i586New
qemu-system-moxie-2.7.0-2.mga6 QEMU system emulator for Moxie linux/i586New
qemu-system-or32-2.7.0-2.mga6 QEMU system emulator for OpenRisc32 linux/i586New
qemu-system-ppc-2.7.0-2.mga6 QEMU system emulator for PPC linux/i586New
qemu-system-s390x-2.7.0-2.mga6 QEMU system emulator for S390 linux/i586New
qemu-system-sh4-2.7.0-2.mga6 QEMU system emulator for SH4 linux/i586New
qemu-system-sparc-2.7.0-2.mga6 QEMU system emulator for SPARC linux/i586New
qemu-system-tricore-2.7.0-2.mga6 QEMU system emulator for tricore linux/i586New
qemu-system-unicore32-2.7.0-2.mga6 QEMU system emulator for Unicore32 linux/i586New
qemu-system-x86-2.7.0-2.mga6 QEMU system emulator for x86 linux/i586New
qemu-system-xtensa-2.7.0-2.mga6 QEMU system emulator for Xtensa linux/i586New
qemu-user-2.7.0-2.mga6 QEMU user mode emulation of qemu targets linux/i586New
qemu-user-binfmt-2.7.0-2.mga6 QEMU user mode emulation of qemu targets linux/i586New
texlive-20130530-30.mga6 The TeX formatting system linux/i586

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