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fail2ban-0.9.2-1.mga6 Ban IP-addresses that result in too many password failures linux/noarch
gdm-3.18.0-1.mga6 The GNOME Display Manager linux/i586New
libgdm-devel-3.18.0-1.mga6 Development files for gdm linux/i586New
libgdm-gir1.0-3.18.0-1.mga6 GObject Introspection interface description for gdm linux/i586New
libgdm1-3.18.0-1.mga6 Library for the gdm greeter linux/i586New
libpython3-devel-3.5.0-4.mga6 The libraries and header files needed for Python development linux/i586New
libpython3.5-3.5.0-4.mga6 Shared libraries for Python 3.5.0 linux/i586New
python-pip-7.1.2-3.mga6 pip installs packages. Python packages. An easy_install replacement linux/noarchNew
python-pkg-resources-18.3.2-2.mga6 Runtime module to access python resources linux/noarchNew
python-setuptools-18.3.2-2.mga6 Easily build and distribute Python packages linux/noarchNew
python-wheel-0.26.0-1.mga6 A built-package format for Python linux/noarchNew
python3-3.5.0-4.mga6 An interpreted, interactive object-oriented programming language linux/i586New
python3-docs-3.5.0-4.mga6 Documentation for the Python programming language linux/noarchNew
python3-pip-7.1.2-3.mga6 A tool for installing and managing Python3 packages linux/noarchNew
python3-pkg-resources-18.3.2-2.mga6 Runtime module to access python 3 resources linux/noarchNew
python3-setuptools-18.3.2-2.mga6 Easily build and distribute Python3 packages linux/noarchNew
python3-wheel-0.26.0-1.mga6 A built-package format for Python linux/noarchNew
tkinter3-3.5.0-4.mga6 A graphical user interface for the Python scripting language linux/i586New
tkinter3-apps-3.5.0-4.mga6 Various applications written using tkinter linux/i586New

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