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Packages beginning with letter Y

yabasic-2.763-13.mga5 Small basic interpreter with printing and graphics linux/i586
yad-gtk2-0.27.0-1.mga5 Call GTK2 graphical dialog boxes from command line linux/i586
yad-gtk3-0.27.0-1.mga5 Call GTK3 graphical dialog boxes from command line linux/i586
yadex-1.7.0-16.mga5 Level editor for DOOM linux/i586
yafaray-0.1.1-6.mga5 A free open-source raytracing render engine linux/i586
yafaray-blender-0.1.1-6.mga5 Blender integration scripts linux/i586
yaflight-0.99.29-4.mga5 Yet Another FlightGear Launch Control linux/i586
yagf- Graphical front-end for cuneiform and tesseract linux/i586
yainstall-1.2-5.mga5 An utility to easily download and install FlightGear aircrafts linux/i586
yajl-2.0.4-5.mga5 Yet Another JSON Library linux/i586
yakuake-2.9.9-5.mga5 Very powerful Quake style Konsole linux/i586
yal-0.3-5.mga5 Yet another (game) launcher linux/i586
yamagi-quake2-5.23-2.mga5 Yamagi Quake II is an enhanced client for id Software's Quake II linux/i586
yamagi-quake2-ctf-5.23-2.mga5 Quake II 3.21 'Capture The Flag' for Yamagi Quake II linux/i586
yamagi-quake2-rogue-5.23-2.mga5 Quake II Mission Pack #2: "Ground Zero" for Yamagi Quake II linux/i586
yamagi-quake2-server-5.23-2.mga5 Yamagi Quake II server linux/i586
yamagi-quake2-xatrix-5.23-2.mga5 Mission Pack #1: "The Reckoning" for Yamagi Quake II linux/i586
yarssr-0.2.2-11.mga5 An unobtrusive RSS Aggregator linux/noarch
yasm-1.2.0-9.mga5 Modular Assembler linux/i586
yasm-devel-1.2.0-9.mga5 Development headers and files for yasm linux/i586
yasm-python-1.2.0-9.mga5 Python bindings for yasm linux/i586
yaz-4.2.20-12.mga5 Z39.50 protocol support library linux/i586
ycssmin-1.0.1-4.mga5 CSS minification tool linux/noarch
yecht-1.0-1.mga5 A YAML processor based on Syck linux/noarch
yecht-javadoc-1.0-1.mga5 Javadocs for yecht linux/noarch
yelp-3.14.1-3.mga5 GNOME 3 help browser linux/i586
yelp-tools-3.14.1-2.mga5 Create, manage, and publish documentation for Yelp linux/noarch
yelp-xsl-3.14.0-2.mga5 GNOME XML documentation utilities linux/noarch
yencode-0.46-16.mga5 Usenet yEnc encoder,decoder and poster linux/i586
ykclient-2.12-3.mga5 Implements online validation of Yubikey OTPs linux/i586
ykpers-1.7.0-6.mga5 Yubikey personalization program linux/i586
ykpers-devel-1.7.0-6.mga5 Development files for ykpers linux/i586
yle-dl-2.2.1-3.mga5 Downloader for YLE Areena, YleX Areena, and Elävä arkisto linux/noarch
yodl-3.00.0-7.mga5 Yet oneOther Document Language linux/i586
yodl-doc-3.00.0-7.mga5 yodl documentation package linux/i586
yoshimi-1.2.1-3.mga5 Real-time MIDI software synthesizer linux/i586
youri-check-0.10.2-6.mga5 Youri check tool linux/noarch
youtube-dl-2015.03.03-1.mga5 Small command-line program to download videos from YouTube linux/noarch
yp-tools-2.14-5.mga5 NIS (or YP) client programs linux/i586
ypbind-1.37.2-4.mga5 The NIS daemon which binds NIS clients to an NIS domain linux/i586
ypserv-2.32.1-5.mga5 The NIS (Network Information Service) server linux/i586
ytalk-3.3.0-13.mga5 A chat program linux/i586
yubikey-tools-1.9-5.mga5 Command line tools for libyubikey linux/i586
yuicompressor-2.4.6-5.mga5 JavaScript/CSS minifier linux/noarch
yuicompressor-javadoc-2.4.6-5.mga5 Javadocs for yuicompressor linux/noarch
yum-3.4.3-13.mga5 RPM installer/updater linux/noarch
yum-NetworkManager-dispatcher-1.1.31-3.mga5 NetworkManager script which tells yum to check its cache on network change linux/noarch
yum-metadata-parser-1.1.4-10.mga5 A fast metadata parser for yum linux/i586
yum-plugin-aliases-1.1.31-3.mga5 Yum plugin to enable aliases filters linux/noarch
yum-plugin-auto-update-debug-info-1.1.31-3.mga5 Yum plugin to enable automatic updates to installed debuginfo packages linux/noarch
yum-plugin-changelog-1.1.31-3.mga5 Yum plugin for viewing package changelogs before/after updating linux/noarch
yum-plugin-fastestmirror-1.1.31-3.mga5 Yum plugin which chooses fastest repository from a mirrorlist linux/noarch
yum-plugin-filter-data-1.1.31-3.mga5 Yum plugin to list filter based on package data linux/noarch
yum-plugin-fs-snapshot-1.1.31-3.mga5 Yum plugin to automatically snapshot your filesystems during updates linux/noarch
yum-plugin-keys-1.1.31-3.mga5 Yum plugin to deal with signing keys linux/noarch
yum-plugin-list-data-1.1.31-3.mga5 Yum plugin to list aggregate package data linux/noarch
yum-plugin-local-1.1.31-3.mga5 Yum plugin to automatically manage a local repo. of downloaded packages linux/noarch
yum-plugin-merge-conf-1.1.31-3.mga5 Yum plugin to merge configuration changes when installing packages linux/noarch
yum-plugin-post-transaction-actions-1.1.31-3.mga5 Yum plugin to run arbitrary commands when certain pkgs are acted on linux/noarch
yum-plugin-priorities-1.1.31-3.mga5 plugin to give priorities to packages from different repos linux/noarch
yum-plugin-protectbase-1.1.31-3.mga5 Yum plugin to protect packages from certain repositories linux/noarch
yum-plugin-ps-1.1.31-3.mga5 Yum plugin to look at processes, with respect to packages linux/noarch
yum-plugin-puppetverify-1.1.31-3.mga5 Yum plugin to add puppet checksums to verify data linux/noarch
yum-plugin-remove-with-leaves-1.1.31-3.mga5 Yum plugin to remove dependencies which are no longer used because of a removal linux/noarch
yum-plugin-rpm-warm-cache-1.1.31-3.mga5 Yum plugin to access the rpmdb files early to warm up access to the db linux/noarch
yum-plugin-security-1.1.31-3.mga5 Yum plugin to enable security filters linux/noarch
yum-plugin-show-leaves-1.1.31-3.mga5 Yum plugin which shows newly installed leaf packages linux/noarch
yum-plugin-tmprepo-1.1.31-3.mga5 Yum plugin to add temporary repositories linux/noarch
yum-plugin-tsflags-1.1.31-3.mga5 Yum plugin to add tsflags by a commandline option linux/noarch
yum-plugin-upgrade-helper-1.1.31-3.mga5 Yum plugin to help upgrades to the next distribution version linux/noarch
yum-plugin-verify-1.1.31-3.mga5 Yum plugin to add verify command, and options linux/noarch
yum-plugin-versionlock-1.1.31-3.mga5 Yum plugin to lock specified packages from being updated linux/noarch
yum-updateonboot-1.1.31-3.mga5 Run yum update on system boot linux/noarch
yum-utils-1.1.31-3.mga5 Utilities based around the yum package manager linux/noarch
yydebug-1.1.0-11.mga5 Supports tracing and animation for a Java-based parser generated by jay linux/noarch
yydebug-javadoc-1.1.0-11.mga5 Javadocs for yydebug linux/noarch

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