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Packages beginning with letter T

t-engine4-1.3.1-1.mga5 T-Engine4 is a graphical roguelike and tactical RPG engine linux/i586
t1lib-config-5.1.2-18.mga5 Configuration for t1lib linux/i586
t1lib-progs-5.1.2-18.mga5 Programs dor manipulating Type 1 font linux/i586
t1utils-1.39-1.mga5 Programs for manipulating PostScript Type 1 fonts linux/i586
t4k_common-0.1.1-6.mga5 Tux4Kids common files linux/i586
tac_plus- TACACS+ server based on Cisco engineering release linux/i586
taglib-extras-devel-1.0.1-10.mga5 Development files for taglib-extras linux/i586
taglib-sharp- Metadata library for most common movie and music formats linux/noarch
taglib-sharp-devel- Development files for taglib-sharp linux/noarch
tagsoup-1.2.1-7.mga5 A SAX-compliant parser written in Java linux/noarch
tagsoup-javadoc-1.2.1-7.mga5 Javadoc for tagsoup linux/noarch
tagtool-0.12.3-8.mga5 Audio file (MP3/OGG) tag editor linux/i586
tailor-0.9.35-9.mga5 A tool to migrate changesets between several version control systems linux/noarch
taisei-v1.0a_116-8.mga5 Taisei is a fan-made, Open Source clone of the Touhou series linux/i586
taktuk-3.7.5-3.mga5 Parallel, scalable launcher for cluster and lightweight grids linux/i586
tali-3.16.1-1.mga6 GNOME Tali game linux/i586
tanglet-1.3.1-1.mga6 Word finding game linux/i586
tango-icon-theme-0.8.90-12.mga5 Tango icon theme linux/noarch
tano-1.2.1-8.mga5 An open-source cross-platform IP TV player linux/i586
tanukiwrapper-3.2.3-6.mga5 Java Service Wrapper linux/i586
tanukiwrapper-javadoc-3.2.3-6.mga5 Javadoc for tanukiwrapper linux/i586
tanukiwrapper-manual-3.2.3-6.mga5 Documents for tanukiwrapper linux/i586
taper-7.0-0.pre1.16.mga5 A menu-driven file backup system linux/i586
tar-1.28-4.mga6 A GNU file archiving program linux/i586New
targetcli-2.1.fb36-4.mga5 An administration shell for storage targets linux/noarch
task-astronomy-1-13.mga5 Install astronomy related packages linux/noarch
task-c++-devel-2011.0-5.mga5 Metapackage for C++ development linux/noarch
task-c-devel-2011.0-5.mga5 Metapackage for C development linux/noarch
task-cinnamon-2.6-1.mga6 Metapackage for Cinnamon desktop environment linux/noarch
task-cinnamon-devel-2.6-1.mga6 Development package needed for Cinnamon desktop linux/noarch
task-cinnamon-minimal-2.6-1.mga6 Minimal dependencies needed for Cinnamon desktop linux/noarch
task-codec-audio-4-4.mga5 Meta-package for easy installation of audio codecs linux/noarch
task-codec-video-4-4.mga5 Meta-package for easy installation of video codecs linux/noarch
task-edu-1-15.mga5 Meta-package for educational programs linux/noarch
task-enlightenment-1-7.mga5 Metapackage for the enlightenment environment linux/noarch
task-enlightenment-minimal-1-7.mga5 Metapackage minimal for the enlightenment environment linux/noarch
task-esteid-3.11.0-1.mga6 Metapackage for Estonian ID card software linux/noarch
task-fvwm2-1-4.mga5 Metapackage for The F virtual window manager linux/noarch
task-games-5-12.mga5 Install almost all Mageia games linux/noarch
task-gnome-3.17.90-1.mga6 Metapackage for GNOME desktop environment linux/noarchNew
task-gnome-minimal-3.17.90-1.mga6 Minimal dependencies needed for GNOME desktop linux/noarchNew
task-kf5-devel-5.5.0-1.mga5 Metapackage for all KDE Frameworks 5 packages headers linux/noarch
task-lamp-3-4.mga5 Metapackage for the Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP and Perl server linux/noarch
task-lamp-extras-3-4.mga5 Metapackage for the Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP/Perl/Python extras linux/noarch
task-lamp-perl-3-4.mga5 Metapackage for the Linux, Apache, MySQL, Perl server linux/noarch
task-lamp-php-3-4.mga5 Metapackage for the Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP server linux/noarch
task-lxde-3-13.mga5 Metapackage for lxde linux/noarch
task-lxde-minimal-3-13.mga5 Minimal dependencies needed for LXDE linux/noarch
task-lxqt-0.9.0-1.mga5 Metapackage for LXQt linux/noarch
task-lxqt-minimal-0.9.0-1.mga5 Minimal dependencies needed for LXQt linux/noarch
task-mate-1.10.0-1.mga6 Meta package for MATE desktop environment linux/noarch
task-mate-minimal-1.10.0-1.mga6 Minimal dependencies needed for MATE desktop linux/noarch
task-obsolete-6-7.mga6 Meta package obsoleting old packages linux/noarchNew
task-plasma5-5.3.2-2.mga6 Metapackage for Plasma 5 linux/noarch
task-plasma5-minimal-5.3.2-2.mga6 Minimal dependencies needed by Plasma 5 linux/noarch
task-printing-2011-8.mga5 Task package for printing linux/i586
task-printing-canon-2011-8.mga5 Meta package for Canon printer drivers linux/i586
task-printing-epson-2011-8.mga5 Meta package for printer drivers for Epson linux/i586
task-printing-hp-2011-8.mga5 Meta package for printer drivers for HP linux/i586
task-printing-lexmark-2011-8.mga5 Meta package for printer drivers for Lexmark linux/i586
task-printing-misc-2011-8.mga5 Meta package for printer drivers for miscelaneous printers linux/i586
task-printing-okidata-2011-8.mga5 Meta package for printer drivers for Okidata linux/i586
task-printing-scanning-2011-8.mga5 Task package for printing and scanning linux/i586
task-printing-server-2011-8.mga5 Meta package for a full CUPS server linux/i586
task-pulseaudio-2011.0-6.mga5 Metapackage for PulseAudio linux/noarch
task-python-scipy-stack-1-7.mga5 Metapackage for Python SciPy Stack packages linux/noarch
task-python3-scipy-stack-1-7.mga5 Metapackage for Python 3 SciPy Stack packages linux/noarch
task-scanning-2011.0-8.mga5 Metapackage for scanning linux/noarch
task-sugar-0.101.0-3.mga5 Sugar Platform linux/noarch
task-windowmaker-1-6.mga5 Metapackage for Window Maker linux/noarch
task-wmdockapps-1-4.mga5 Metapackage for the Window Maker dock applications linux/noarch
task-x11-1-6.mga5 Metapackage for X11 linux/noarch
task-xfce-4.12-3.mga6 Metapackage for the Xfce desktop environment linux/noarch
task-xfce-minimal-4.12-3.mga6 Minimal dependencies needed for Xfce desktop linux/noarch
task-xfce-plugins-4.12-3.mga6 Metapackage for the Xfce panel plugins linux/noarch
taskcoach-1.4.1-3.mga5 Your friendly task manager linux/noarch
taskserver-1.0.0-3.mga5 Server for multi-user and multi-client access to taskwarrior data linux/i586
taskwarrior-2.3.0-3.mga5 A command-line to do list manager linux/i586
tbb-doc-4.3-1.20140724.4.mga6 The Threading Building Blocks documentation linux/i586New
tcb-1.1-6.mga6 Libraries and tools implementing the tcb password shadowing scheme linux/i586New
tcc-0.9.26-4.mga5 Tiny C Compiler linux/i586
tcl-8.5.15-1.mga5 Tool Command Language, pronounced tickle linux/i586
tcl-graphviz-2.38.0-11.mga6 Graphviz bindings for tcl linux/i586
tcl-ogdi-3.2.0-0.beta2.9.mga5 TCL wrapper for OGDI linux/i586
tcl-openipmi-2.0.21-9.mga6 TCL interface for OpenIPMI linux/i586
tcl-rrdtool-1.4.8-12.mga6 RRD Tool TCL interface linux/i586
tcl-snack-2.2.10-19.mga5 Snack Sound Toolkit for Tcl linux/i586
tcl-tcllib-1.16-1.mga5 Collection of utility modules for Tcl linux/noarch
tcl-tclxml-3.2-4.mga5 XML parsing library for the Tcl scripting language linux/i586
tcl-tclxml-devel-3.2-4.mga5 Development files for the tclxml packages linux/i586
tcl-tclxml-gui-3.2-4.mga5 UI widgets for manipulating a DOM tree linux/i586
tcl-vtk-6.0.0-9.mga6 Tcl bindings for VTK linux/i586
tcl-vtk-qt-6.0.0-9.mga6 Qt TCL bindings for VTK linux/i586
tclap-1.2.1-5.mga5 Templatized C++ Command Line Parser linux/noarch
tcldom-3.1-6.mga5 TclDOM is a package that provides a DOM binding for the Tcl scripting language linux/i586
tcldom-devel-3.1-6.mga5 The Tcl dom parser development files linux/i586
tcldom-expat-3.1-6.mga5 The Tcl dom parser built with the expat xml parser linux/i586
tcldom-gui-3.1-6.mga5 UI widgets for manipulating a DOM tree linux/i586
tcldom-libxml2-3.1-6.mga5 The Tcl dom parser built with the libxml2 xml parser linux/i586
tclhttpd-3.5.1-4.mga5 Extensible Web+Application server written in Tcl linux/i586
tclreadline-2.1.0-25.mga5 Tcl/Tk readline enhanced shells linux/i586
tcltls-1.6-8.mga5 SSL2, SSL3, and TLS1 encryption extensions for TCL linux/i586
tcltls-devel-1.6-8.mga5 SSL2, SSL3, and TLS1 encryption extensions for TCL linux/i586
tcp_wrappers-7.6-46.mga5 A security tool which acts as a wrapper for TCP daemons linux/i586
tcpdump-4.7.4-1.mga6 A network traffic monitoring tool linux/i586
tcpflow-1.4.4-3.mga5 Network traffic recorder linux/i586
tcpreplay-3.4.4-6.mga5 A tool to replay captured network traffic linux/i586
tcptrace-6.6.7-4.mga5 Analyses TCP dump files linux/i586
tcptraceroute-1.5-1.beta7.8.mga5 Traceroute implementation using TCP packets linux/i586
tcptunnel-0.7-4.mga5 Tcptunnel is a simple TCP port forwarder linux/i586
tcsh-6.19.00-2.mga6 An enhanced version of csh, the C shell linux/i586New
tdb-utils-1.3.6-2.mga6 Tools for backing up, restoring, and manipulating Samba's embedded database linux/i586New
tecnoballz-0.93.1-1.mga6 A Brick Busting game linux/i586New
teeworlds-0.6.3-1.mga5 Online multi-player platform 2D shooter linux/i586
teeworlds-data-0.6.3-1.mga5 Data files for teeworlds linux/noarch
teeworlds-server-0.6.3-1.mga5 Server for teeworlds linux/i586
teg-0.11.2-13.mga5 Clone of a Risk clone linux/i586
tegaki-0.3.1-10.mga5 Chinese and Japanese Handwriting Recognition linux/noarch
tegaki-gui-0.3.1-8.mga5 Chinese and Japanese Handwriting Recognition linux/noarch
tegaki-recognize- Chinese and Japanese Handwriting Recognition linux/noarch
tegaki-train-0.3.1-8.mga5 Character editor and training manager linux/noarch
tegaki-zinnia-japanese-0.3-6.mga5 Japanese Models for tegaki zinnia engine linux/noarch
tegaki-zinnia-simplified-chinese-0.3-6.mga5 Simplified Chinese Models for tegaki zinnia engine linux/noarch
tegaki-zinnia-traditional-chinese-0.3-6.mga5 Traditional Chinese Models for tegaki zinnia engine linux/noarch
telegram-cli-1.0.2-0.20140908git8c2069.3.mga5 Linux Command-line interface for Telegram linux/i586
telegramqml-0.8.0-6.mga6 Telegram qml library linux/i586New
telegramqml-devel-0.8.0-6.mga6 TelegramQML - development for TelegramQML linux/i586New
telepathy-filesystem-0.0.2-5.mga5 Telepathy filesystem layout linux/noarch
telepathy-gabble-0.18.3-2.mga5 A Jabber/XMPP connection manager linux/i586
telepathy-haze-0.8.0-4.mga5 A multiprotocol connection manager based on pidgin linux/i586
telepathy-idle-0.2.0-5.mga5 A Telepathy connection manager implementation for the IRC protocol linux/i586
telepathy-kde-accounts-kcm-15.08.0-1.mga6 KControl Module which handles Telepathy Accounts linux/i586New
telepathy-kde-approver-15.08.0-1.mga6 KDE Channel Approver for Telepathy linux/i586
telepathy-kde-auth-handler-15.08.0-1.mga6 UI/Kwallet Integration for telepathy-kde linux/i586
telepathy-kde-call-ui-0.9.0-2.mga6 Voice/Video Call UI for Telepathy linux/i586
telepathy-kde-common-internals-core-15.08.0-1.mga6 Commons files used by telepathy kde linux/i586
telepathy-kde-contact-list-15.08.0-1.mga6 Telepathy contact list application linux/i586
telepathy-kde-contact-runner-15.08.0-1.mga6 KRunner plugin for KDE Telepathy linux/i586New
telepathy-kde-desktop-applets-15.08.0-1.mga6 Telepathy KDE Desktop Plasmoid linux/i586
telepathy-kde-filetransfer-handler-15.08.0-1.mga6 Telepathy KDE File transfer handler linux/i586
telepathy-kde-integration-module-15.08.0-1.mga6 Telepathy KDE Integration module linux/i586
telepathy-kde-send-file-15.08.0-1.mga6 File Manager plugin to launch a file transfer job with a specified contact linux/i586
telepathy-kde-text-ui-15.08.0-1.mga6 Telepathy handler for Text Chats linux/i586
telepathy-launcher-kded-0.1-0.git20110807.5.mga5 KDED module that ensures necessary Telepathy services are running linux/i586
telepathy-logger-0.8.2-1.mga6 A logger for the telepathy framework linux/i586
telepathy-mission-control-5.16.3-4.mga5 Telepathy component managing connection managers linux/i586
telepathy-salut-0.8.1-5.mga5 Connection manager implementing link-local messaging for XMPP linux/i586
telepathy-sofiasip-0.7.1-6.mga5 A SIP protocol implementation for the Telepathy stack linux/i586
telldus-core-2.1.2-2.mga5 TellStick controlling library linux/i586
tellico-2.3.10-1.mga5 A collection manager linux/i586
tengine-2.1.0-3.mga6 Robust, small and high performance http and reverse proxy server linux/i586
tentakel-2.2-15.mga5 Program that executes the same command on many hosts in parallel linux/noarch
terminator-0.97-7.mga5 A simple way to run multiple terminals in a single window linux/noarch
terminatorx-3.90-4.mga5 Realtime audio synthesizer linux/i586
terminology-0.8.0-1.mga6 Terminal emulator that uses modern EFL linux/i586
terminus-font-4.39-3.mga5 Fixed width font especially for long hacking sessions linux/noarch
tesseract-3.02.02-9.mga5 A high-performance OCR engine linux/i586
tesseract-ara-3.02.02-9.mga5 Arabic language data for Tesseract linux/noarch
tesseract-bul-3.02.02-9.mga5 Bulgarian language data for Tesseract linux/noarch
tesseract-cat-3.02.02-9.mga5 Catalan language data for Tesseract linux/noarch
tesseract-ces-3.02.02-9.mga5 Czech language data for Tesseract linux/noarch
tesseract-chi_sim-3.02.02-9.mga5 Chinese (simplified) language data for Tesseract linux/noarch
tesseract-chi_tra-3.02.02-9.mga5 Chinese (traditional) language data for Tesseract linux/noarch
tesseract-chr-3.02.02-9.mga5 Cherokee language data for Tesseract linux/noarch
tesseract-dan-3.02.02-9.mga5 Danish language data for Tesseract linux/noarch
tesseract-dan-frak-3.02.02-9.mga5 Danish (fraktur) language data for Tesseract linux/noarch
tesseract-deu-3.02.02-9.mga5 German language data for Tesseract linux/noarch
tesseract-deu-frak-3.02.02-9.mga5 German (fraktur) language data for Tesseract linux/noarch
tesseract-ell-3.02.02-9.mga5 Greek language data for Tesseract linux/noarch
tesseract-eng-3.02.02-9.mga5 English language data for Tesseract linux/noarch
tesseract-fin-3.02.02-9.mga5 Finnish language data for Tesseract linux/noarch
tesseract-fra-3.02.02-9.mga5 French language data for Tesseract linux/noarch
tesseract-heb-3.02.02-9.mga5 Hebrew language data for Tesseract linux/noarch
tesseract-heb-com-3.02.02-9.mga5 Hebrew (community) language data for Tesseract linux/noarch
tesseract-hin-3.02.02-9.mga5 Hindi language data for Tesseract linux/noarch
tesseract-hun-3.02.02-9.mga5 Hungarian language data for Tesseract linux/noarch
tesseract-ind-3.02.02-9.mga5 Indonesian language data for Tesseract linux/noarch
tesseract-ita-3.02.02-9.mga5 Italian language data for Tesseract linux/noarch
tesseract-jpn-3.02.02-9.mga5 Japanese language data for Tesseract linux/noarch
tesseract-kor-3.02.02-9.mga5 Korean language data for Tesseract linux/noarch
tesseract-lav-3.02.02-9.mga5 Latvian language data for Tesseract linux/noarch
tesseract-lit-3.02.02-9.mga5 Lithuanian language data for Tesseract linux/noarch
tesseract-nld-3.02.02-9.mga5 Dutch language data for Tesseract linux/noarch
tesseract-nor-3.02.02-9.mga5 Norwegian language data for Tesseract linux/noarch
tesseract-osd-3.02.02-9.mga5 Orientation & script detection data pack for tesseract linux/i586
tesseract-pol-3.02.02-9.mga5 Polish language data for Tesseract linux/noarch
tesseract-por-3.02.02-9.mga5 Portuguese language data for Tesseract linux/noarch
tesseract-ron-3.02.02-9.mga5 Romanian language data for Tesseract linux/noarch
tesseract-rus-3.02.02-9.mga5 Russian language data for Tesseract linux/noarch
tesseract-slk-3.02.02-9.mga5 Slovakian language data for Tesseract linux/noarch
tesseract-slk-frak-3.02.02-9.mga5 Slovakian (fraktur) language data for Tesseract linux/noarch
tesseract-slv-3.02.02-9.mga5 Slovenian language data for Tesseract linux/noarch
tesseract-spa-3.02.02-9.mga5 Spanish language data for Tesseract linux/noarch
tesseract-srp-3.02.02-9.mga5 Serbian (latin) language data for Tesseract linux/noarch
tesseract-swe-3.02.02-9.mga5 Swedish language data for Tesseract linux/noarch
tesseract-swe-frak-3.02.02-9.mga5 Swedish (fraktur) language data for Tesseract linux/noarch
tesseract-tgl-3.02.02-9.mga5 Tagalog language data for Tesseract linux/noarch
tesseract-tha-3.02.02-9.mga5 Thai language data for Tesseract linux/noarch
tesseract-tur-3.02.02-9.mga5 Turkish language data for Tesseract linux/noarch
tesseract-ukr-3.02.02-9.mga5 Ukrainian language data for Tesseract linux/noarch
tesseract-vie-3.02.02-9.mga5 Vietnamese language data for Tesseract linux/noarch
test-interface-1.0-1.mga5 Uniform interface to Scala and Java test frameworks linux/noarch
test-interface-javadoc-1.0-1.mga5 Javadoc for test-interface linux/noarch
testdisk-7.0-2.mga6 Tool to check and undelete partition linux/i586
testng-6.8.7-6.mga5 Java-based testing framework linux/noarch
testng-javadoc-6.8.7-6.mga5 API documentation for testng linux/noarch
tetzle-2.0.3-3.mga5 Jigsaw puzzle with tetromino pieces linux/i586
texi2html-5.0-6.mga5 Highly customizable texinfo to HTML and other formats translator linux/noarch
texinfo-5.2-8.mga6 Tools needed to create Texinfo format documentation files linux/i586
texinfo-tex-5.2-8.mga6 Tools for formatting Texinfo documentation files using TeX linux/i586
texlive-20130530-24.mga6 The TeX formatting system linux/i586
texlive-collection-basic-20130530-10.mga5 TeX Live extra fonts linux/noarch
texlive-dist-20130530-10.mga5 TeX Live extra fonts linux/noarch
texlive-doc-20130530-10.mga5 Tex Live documentation linux/noarch
texlive-fontsextra-20130530-10.mga5 TeX Live extra fonts linux/noarch
texlive-source-20130530-10.mga5 Tex Live source files linux/noarch
texlive-texmf-20130530-10.mga5 The TeX formatting system linux/noarch
texmacs-1.99.1-4.mga5 WYSIWYW scientific text editor linux/i586
texmaker-4.3-3.mga5 A QT-based LATEX editor linux/i586
texstudio-2.8.2-3.mga5 Free cross-platform LaTeX editor linux/i586
textroom-0.8.2-7.mga5 Full Screen Rich Text Editor For Writers linux/i586
texworks-0.4.5-4.mga5 A simple interface for working with TeX documents linux/i586
tftp-5.2-6.mga5 The client and server for the Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) linux/i586
tftp-server-5.2-6.mga5 The server for the Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) linux/i586
tggraphlayout-1.22-5.mga5 The layout library of the Touchgraph project linux/noarch
tggraphlayout-javadoc-1.22-5.mga5 Javadoc for tggraphlayout linux/noarch
thai-data-0.1.21-3.mga5 Thai language support data linux/i586
theli-1.9.5-3.mga5 A pipeline for the automated reduction of astronomical images linux/i586
themonospot-base-0.8.2-2.mga5 Base component for themonospot gui's/console components, parser/editor and content descriptor linux/i586
themonospot-console-0.1.1-5.mga5 Console application to use themonospot (multimedia files parser/editor) linux/i586
themonospot-gui-gtk-0.2.2-8.mga5 Gtk application to use themonospot (multimedia files parser/editor) linux/i586
themonospot-gui-qt-0.1.3-7.mga5 Qt application to use themonospot (multimedia files parser/editor) linux/i586
themonospot-plugin-avi-0.1.1-1.mga5 Avi plugin for themonospot system linux/i586
themonospot-plugin-mkv-0.1.1-1.mga5 Matroska plugin for themonospot system linux/i586
theora-java-20071009-0.0.10.mga5 A Java wrapper around theora, using JNA linux/i586
theora-java-javadoc-20071009-0.0.10.mga5 Javadoc for theora-java linux/i586
theora-tools-1.1.1-10.mga5 Command line tools for Theora videos linux/i586
thrift-0.9.1-4.mga5 Software framework for cross-language services development linux/i586
thrift-devel-0.9.1-4.mga5 Development files for thrift linux/i586
thumbnailer-1.1-20150113.2.mga5 Thumbnail generator for all kinds of files linux/i586
thunar-1.6.10-2.mga6 New modern file manager for the Xfce Desktop Environment linux/i586
thunar-archive-plugin-0.3.1-6.mga5 An archive plugin for the Thunar File Manager linux/i586
thunar-media-tags-plugin-0.2.1-4.mga5 A tag plugin for the Thunar File Manager linux/i586
thunar-vfs-1.2.0-8.mga5 Virtual filesystem shipped with Thunar 1.0 and earlier releases linux/i586
thunar-volman-0.8.1-1.mga5 A removable volume manager for Thunar linux/i586
thunarx-python-0.3.0-5.mga5 Python Bindings for the Thunar Extension Framework linux/i586
thunarx-python-doc-0.3.0-5.mga5 Documentation for thunarx-python linux/i586
thunderbird-38.2.0-1.mga6 Full-featured email, RSS, and newsgroup client linux/i586
thunderbird-ar-38.2.0-1.mga6 Arabic interface for Thunderbird linux/noarch
thunderbird-ast-38.2.0-1.mga6 Asturian interface for Thunderbird linux/noarch
thunderbird-be-38.2.0-1.mga6 Belarusian interface for Thunderbird linux/noarch
thunderbird-bg-38.2.0-1.mga6 Bulgarian interface for Thunderbird linux/noarch
thunderbird-bn_BD-38.2.0-1.mga6 Bengali (Bangla) interface for Thunderbird linux/noarch
thunderbird-br-38.2.0-1.mga6 Breton interface for Thunderbird linux/noarch
thunderbird-ca-38.2.0-1.mga6 Catalan interface for Thunderbird linux/noarch
thunderbird-cs-38.2.0-1.mga6 Czech interface for Thunderbird linux/noarch
thunderbird-cy-38.2.0-1.mga6 Welsh interface for Thunderbird linux/noarch
thunderbird-da-38.2.0-1.mga6 Dansk interface for Thunderbird linux/noarch
thunderbird-de-38.2.0-1.mga6 German interface for Thunderbird linux/noarch
thunderbird-el-38.2.0-1.mga6 Greek interface for Thunderbird linux/noarch
thunderbird-en_GB-38.2.0-1.mga6 British English interface for Thunderbird linux/noarch
thunderbird-en_US-38.2.0-1.mga6 English (United States) interface for Thunderbird linux/noarch
thunderbird-enigmail-38.2.0-1.mga6 Access the authentication and encryption features provided by GnuPG linux/i586
thunderbird-es_AR-38.2.0-1.mga6 Spanish (Argentina) interface for Thunderbird linux/noarch
thunderbird-es_ES-38.2.0-1.mga6 Spanish interface for Thunderbird linux/noarch
thunderbird-et-38.2.0-1.mga6 Estonian interface for Thunderbird linux/noarch
thunderbird-eu-38.2.0-1.mga6 Basque interface for Thunderbird linux/noarch
thunderbird-fi-38.2.0-1.mga6 Finnish interface for Thunderbird linux/noarch
thunderbird-fr-38.2.0-1.mga6 French interface for Thunderbird linux/noarch
thunderbird-fy_NL-38.2.0-1.mga6 Frisian interface for Thunderbird linux/noarch
thunderbird-ga_IE-38.2.0-1.mga6 Irish interface for Thunderbird linux/noarch
thunderbird-gd-38.2.0-1.mga6 Scottish Gaelic interface for Thunderbird linux/noarch
thunderbird-gl-38.2.0-1.mga6 Galician interface for Thunderbird linux/noarch
thunderbird-he-38.2.0-1.mga6 Hebrew interface for Thunderbird linux/noarch
thunderbird-hr-38.2.0-1.mga6 Croatian interface for Thunderbird linux/noarch
thunderbird-hsb-38.2.0-1.mga6 Upper Sorbian interface for Thunderbird linux/noarch
thunderbird-hu-38.2.0-1.mga6 Hungarian interface for Thunderbird linux/noarch
thunderbird-hy_AM-38.2.0-1.mga6 Armenian interface for Thunderbird linux/noarch
thunderbird-id-38.2.0-1.mga6 Indonesian interface for Thunderbird linux/noarch
thunderbird-is-38.2.0-1.mga6 Icelandic interface for Thunderbird linux/noarch
thunderbird-it-38.2.0-1.mga6 Italian interface for Thunderbird linux/noarch
thunderbird-ja-38.2.0-1.mga6 Japanese interface for Thunderbird linux/noarch
thunderbird-ko-38.2.0-1.mga6 Korean interface for Thunderbird linux/noarch
thunderbird-lightning-3.3-6.mga5 Calendar extension for Thunderbird linux/i586
thunderbird-lt-38.2.0-1.mga6 Lithuanian interface for Thunderbird linux/noarch
thunderbird-nb_NO-38.2.0-1.mga6 Norwegian Bokmaal interface for Thunderbird linux/noarch
thunderbird-nl-38.2.0-1.mga6 Dutch interface for Thunderbird linux/noarch
thunderbird-nn_NO-38.2.0-1.mga6 Norwegian Nynorsk interface for Thunderbird linux/noarch
thunderbird-pa_IN-38.2.0-1.mga6 Punjabi (gurmukhi) interface for Thunderbird linux/noarch
thunderbird-pl-38.2.0-1.mga6 Polish interface for Thunderbird linux/noarch
thunderbird-pt_BR-38.2.0-1.mga6 Brazilian portuguese interface for Thunderbird linux/noarch
thunderbird-pt_PT-38.2.0-1.mga6 Portuguese interface for Thunderbird linux/noarch
thunderbird-ro-38.2.0-1.mga6 Romanian interface for Thunderbird linux/noarch
thunderbird-ru-38.2.0-1.mga6 Russian interface for Thunderbird linux/noarch
thunderbird-servicemenu-1-1.mga5 Thunderbird attachment service menu for KDE linux/noarch
thunderbird-si-38.2.0-1.mga6 Sinhala interface for Thunderbird linux/noarch
thunderbird-sk-38.2.0-1.mga6 Slovak interface for Thunderbird linux/noarch
thunderbird-sl-38.2.0-1.mga6 Slovenian interface for Thunderbird linux/noarch
thunderbird-sq-38.2.0-1.mga6 Albanian interface for Thunderbird linux/noarch
thunderbird-sv_SE-38.2.0-1.mga6 Swedish interface for Thunderbird linux/noarch
thunderbird-ta_LK-38.2.0-1.mga6 Tamil (Sri-Lanka) interface for Thunderbird linux/noarch
thunderbird-tr-38.2.0-1.mga6 Turkish interface for Thunderbird linux/noarch
thunderbird-uk-38.2.0-1.mga6 Ukrainian interface for Thunderbird linux/noarch
thunderbird-vi-38.2.0-1.mga6 Vietnamese interface for Thunderbird linux/noarch
thunderbird-zh_CN-38.2.0-1.mga6 Simplified Chinese interface for Thunderbird linux/noarch
thunderbird-zh_TW-38.2.0-1.mga6 Traditional Chinese interface for Thunderbird linux/noarch
tidy-20090904-9.mga5 Program for tidying up messy HTML linux/i586
tidyp-1.04-8.mga5 Program for tidying up messy HTML linux/i586
tig-2.1.1-1.mga6 Text-mode interface for git linux/i586
tiger-types-1.4-6.mga5 Type arithmetic library for Java5 linux/noarch
tiger-types-javadoc-1.4-6.mga5 Javadoc for tiger-types linux/noarch
tigervnc-1.3.1-6.mga5 Viewer for the VNC remote display system linux/i586
tigervnc-java-1.3.1-6.mga5 Java viewer for the VNC remote display system linux/i586
tigervnc-server-1.3.1-6.mga5 Server for the VNC remote display system linux/i586
tigervnc-server-module-1.3.1-6.mga5 Xorg module for the VNC remote display system linux/i586
tika-1.4-6.mga5 A content analysis toolkit linux/noarch
tika-javadoc-1.4-6.mga5 Javadoc for tika linux/noarch
tiled-0.13.0-1.mga6 General purpose tile map editor linux/i586
tiles-2.2.2-9.mga5 Java templating framework for web application user interfaces linux/noarch
tiles-javadoc-2.2.2-9.mga5 Javadoc for tiles linux/noarch
tilitin-1.5.0-4.mga5 Free Finnish bookkeeping software linux/noarch
time-1.7-44.mga6 A GNU utility for monitoring a program's use of system resources linux/i586New
time-api-0.6.4-8.mga5 JSR-310 - Date and Time API linux/noarch
time-api-javadoc-0.6.4-8.mga5 Javadoc for time-api linux/noarch
timezone-2015d-2.mga6 Timezone data linux/i586New
timezone-java-2015d-2.mga6 Timezone data for Java linux/i586New
timidity-patch-fluid-3.1-11.mga5 Pro-quality General Midi soundfont in GUS patch format linux/noarch
timidity-patch-freepats-20060219-19.mga5 Patch set for MIDI audio synthesis linux/noarch
timidity-patch-gravis-1.0-34.mga5 Instruments for the timidity midi->wave converter/player linux/noarch
tint2-0.11-6.mga5 Tint2 - A Lightweight Panel and Taskbar linux/i586
tintii-2.9.0-7.mga6 Utility for selective photo coloring linux/i586
tinycdb-0.77-6.mga5 Constant Database linux/i586
tinycompress-0.2.0-3.mga5 Userspace Interface to Kernel ALSA Compressed Audio APIs linux/i586
tinyproxy-1.8.3-8.mga5 Lightweight, non-caching, optionally anonymizing HTTP proxy linux/i586
tix-8.4.3-10.mga5 A set of capable widgets for Tk linux/i586
tix-devel-8.4.3-10.mga5 Development files for tix linux/i586
tk-8.5.15-3.mga5 The graphical toolkit for the Tcl scripting language linux/i586
tkcvs-8.2.2-9.mga5 Tk interface for CVS linux/noarch
tkdiff-4.2-3.mga5 A tcl/tk based graphical interface to the DIFF utility linux/noarch
tkgate-2.0-13.mga5 Event driven digital circuit simulator linux/i586
tkimg-1.4-5.mga5 Image support library for Tk linux/i586
tkimg-devel-1.4-5.mga5 Libraries, includes, etc. used to develop an application with tkimg linux/i586
tkinter-2.7.10-4.mga6 A graphical user interface for the Python scripting language linux/i586New
tkinter-apps-2.7.10-4.mga6 Various applications written using tkinter linux/i586New
tkinter3-3.4.3-7.mga6 A graphical user interface for the Python scripting language linux/i586New
tkinter3-apps-3.4.3-7.mga6 Various applications written using tkinter linux/i586New
tlddoc-1.3-8.mga5 Tag Library Documentation Generator linux/noarch
tlddoc-javadoc-1.3-8.mga5 Javadocs for tlddoc linux/noarch
tmpwatch-2.11-5.mga5 Utility for removing files based on when they were last accessed linux/i586
tmux-2.0-2.mga6 Terminal multiplexer linux/i586New
tnef-1.4.9-4.mga5 Decodes MS-TNEF attachments linux/i586
tntnet-2.2.1-4.mga6 A web application server for web applications written in C++ linux/i586New
tntnet-demos-2.2.1-4.mga6 Demos for tntnet linux/i586New
tofu-0.5-14.mga5 Network game engine written with Python and Twisted linux/noarch
toilet-0.3-6.mga5 Powerful figlet replacement linux/i586
tokyocabinet-1.4.48-4.mga5 Tokyo Cabinet: a modern implementation of DBM linux/i586
tokyocabinet-tcawmgr-1.4.48-4.mga5 The CGI utility of the abstract database API (tokyocabinet) linux/i586
tolua++-1.0.93-12.mga6 A tool to integrate C/C++ code with Lua linux/i586New
tomahawk-player-0.5.5-10.mga5 A social media player linux/i586
tomboy-1.15.4-3.mga5 Desktop Note-taking application linux/i586
tomcat-7.0.59-2.mga5 Apache Servlet/JSP Engine, RI for Servlet 3.0/JSP 2.2 API linux/noarch
tomcat-admin-webapps-7.0.59-2.mga5 The host-manager and manager web applications for Apache Tomcat linux/noarch
tomcat-docs-webapp-7.0.59-2.mga5 The docs web application for Apache Tomcat linux/noarch
tomcat-el-2.2-api-7.0.59-2.mga5 Expression Language v1.0 API linux/noarch
tomcat-javadoc-7.0.59-2.mga5 Javadoc generated documentation for Apache Tomcat linux/noarch
tomcat-jsp-2.2-api-7.0.59-2.mga5 Apache Tomcat JSP API implementation classes linux/noarch
tomcat-jsvc-7.0.59-2.mga5 Apache jsvc wrapper for Apache Tomcat as separate service linux/noarch
tomcat-lib-7.0.59-2.mga5 Libraries needed to run the Tomcat Web container linux/noarch
tomcat-log4j-7.0.59-2.mga5 Log4j support for Apache Tomcat linux/noarch
tomcat-servlet-3.0-api-7.0.59-2.mga5 Apache Tomcat Servlet API implementation classes linux/noarch
tomcat-webapps-7.0.59-2.mga5 The ROOT and examples web applications for Apache Tomcat linux/noarch
tomoyo-tools-2.5.0-6.mga5 TOMOYO Linux tools linux/i586
tong-1.3-4.mga5 A mixture of two classic games linux/i586
tong-data-1.3-4.mga5 Data files for the Tong game linux/noarch
toppler-1.1.6-4.mga5 Reimplementation of the old game known as Tower Toppler or Nebulous linux/i586
tor- Anonymizing overlay network for TCP (The onion router) linux/i586
tor-arm- Terminal status monitor for Tor linux/noarch
tor-arm-devel- Development files for tor-arm linux/noarch
tor-arm-gui- GTK frontend for tor-arm linux/noarch
tora-2.1.3-11.mga5 Toolkit for Oracle with MySQL and PostgreSQL support only linux/i586
torcs-1.3.4-9.mga5 The Open Racing Car Simulator linux/i586
torcs-data-1.3.4-5.mga5 Data files for torcs linux/noarch
torcs-data-cars-extra-1.3.4-5.mga5 Extra cars for TORCS linux/noarch
torcs-robots-base-1.3.4-9.mga5 Basic robots for torcs linux/noarch
torcs-robots-berniw-1.3.4-9.mga5 Berniw robots for torcs linux/noarch
torcs-robots-bt-1.3.4-9.mga5 Bt robots for torcs linux/noarch
torcs-robots-olethros-1.3.4-9.mga5 Olethros robots for torcs linux/noarch
torque-4.2.10-1.mga6 The Torque resource and queue manager linux/i586
torque-client-4.2.10-1.mga6 Command line utilities for Torque linux/i586
torque-gui-4.2.10-1.mga6 Graphical clients for Torque linux/i586
torque-mom-4.2.10-1.mga6 Node manager programs for Torque linux/i586
torque-sched-4.2.10-1.mga6 The scheduler for Torque server linux/i586
torque-server-4.2.10-1.mga6 The Torque server linux/i586
torsocks-1.3-4.mga5 Use socks-friendly applications with Tor linux/i586
tortoisehg-3.2.1-1.mga5 Mercurial GUI command line tool thg linux/noarch
tortoisehg-nautilus-3.2.1-1.mga5 Mercurial GUI plug-in to the Nautilus file manager linux/noarch
totem-3.16.3-1.mga6 Movie player for GNOME linux/i586New
totem-nautilus-3.16.3-1.mga6 Video and Audio Properties tab for Nautilus linux/i586New
totem-pl-parser-3.10.5-2.mga6 Playlist parser library from the Totem Movie Player linux/i586
totem-pl-parser-i18n-3.10.5-2.mga6 Playlist parser library from the Totem Movie Player linux/noarch
touchegg-1.1-6.mga5 Multi-touch gestures recognizer linux/i586
touchegg-gui-0.3-6.mga5 Touchegg configuration gui linux/i586
trac-1.0.1-9.mga5 Integrated SCM & Project manager linux/noarch
trac-cgi-1.0.1-9.mga5 Trac Integrated SCM & Project manager - cgi frontend linux/noarch
trac-fcgi-1.0.1-9.mga5 Trac Integrated SCM & Project manager - cgi frontend linux/noarch
trac-mod_python-1.0.1-9.mga5 Trac Integrated SCM & Project manager - mod_python frontend linux/noarch
trac-mysql-1.0.1-9.mga5 Trac Integrated SCM & Project manager - mysql database support linux/noarch
trac-postgresql-1.0.1-9.mga5 Trac Integrated SCM & Project manager - postgresql database support linux/noarch
trac-sqlite-1.0.1-9.mga5 Trac Integrated SCM & Project manager - sqlite database support linux/noarch
trac-standalone-1.0.1-9.mga5 Trac Integrated SCM & Project manager - standalone frontend linux/noarch
trac-svn-1.0.1-9.mga5 Trac Integrated SCM & Project manager - subversion support linux/noarch
trac-wsgi-1.0.1-9.mga5 Trac Integrated SCM & Project manager - wsgi frontend linux/noarch
traceroute-2.0.21-1.mga5 Traces the route taken by packets over an IPv4/IPv6 network linux/i586
trackballs-1.1.4-14.mga5 A Marble Madness-like game linux/i586
trackballs-music-1.4-10.mga5 In-game music for Trackballs - A Marble Madness-like game linux/noarch
tracker-1.4.1-1.mga6 Desktop-neutral metadata-based search framework linux/i586
tracker-docs-1.4.1-1.mga6 Documentations for tracker linux/noarch
tracker-vala-1.4.1-1.mga6 Vala bindings for tracker linux/noarch
trader-7.7-1.mga6 A simple game of interstellar trading linux/i586New
tradietrakka-0.5-6.mga5 Simple business tool for Tradesmen to keep track of invoices, tax etc linux/i586
trang-20131210-1.mga5 Multi-format schema converter based on RELAX NG linux/noarch
transfig-3.2.5d-8.mga5 A utility for converting FIG files (created by xfig) to other formats linux/i586
transfugdrake-1.9.9-1.mga5 Migration wizard linux/noarch
transifex-client-0.11.1-0.beta.1.mga5 Command line client for transifex linux/noarch
translate-shell- Command-line interface and interactive shell for Google Translate linux/noarch
transmageddon-1.5-2.mga5 A Video Transcoder linux/noarch
transmission-cli-2.84-4.mga5 Command line interface for Transmission BitTorrent client linux/i586
transmission-common-2.84-4.mga5 Common files for Transmission Bittorrent client linux/noarch
transmission-daemon-2.84-4.mga5 Daemon for Transmission BitTorrent client linux/i586
transmission-gtk3-2.84-4.mga5 GTK+ 3 Interface for Transmission BitTorrent client linux/i586
transmission-qt5-2.84-4.mga5 Qt5 Interface for Transmission BitTorrent client linux/i586
transset-df-6-6.mga5 Sets translucency properties linux/i586
tree-1.7.0-3.mga5 Utility which displays a tree view of directory contents linux/i586
tremulous-1.2.0-0.beta1.10.mga5 An open source game that blends a team based FPS with elements of an RTS linux/i586
tremulous-data-1.2.0-0.beta1.6.mga5 Data files for tremulous the FPS game linux/noarch
trietool-0.2.8-3.mga5 Trie manipulation tool linux/i586
trigger-rally-0.6.2-2.mga6 3D rally racing game linux/i586New
trigger-rally-data-0.6.2-1.mga6 Data files for the Trigger Rally racing game linux/noarch
trilead-putty-extension-1.2-6.mga5 Extension to trilead-ssh2 for handling PuTTY keys linux/noarch
trilead-putty-extension-javadoc-1.2-6.mga5 Javadoc for trilead-putty-extension linux/noarch
trilead-ssh2-217-3.jenkins4.4.mga5 SSH-2 protocol implementation in pure Java linux/noarch
trilead-ssh2-javadoc-217-3.jenkins4.4.mga5 Javadoc for trilead-ssh2 linux/noarch
triplea- A networked open source strategy game linux/noarch
tritonus-0.3.7-0.0.20110107.5.mga5 Tritonus - A implementation of the Java Sound API linux/i586
tritonus-alsa-0.3.7-0.0.20110107.5.mga5 Implementations of javax.sound.sampled.Mixer and javax.sound.midi.MidiDevice based on ALSA linux/i586
tritonus-aos-0.3.7-0.0.20110107.5.mga5 An add-on to the Java Sound API linux/i586
tritonus-cdda-0.3.7-0.0.20110107.5.mga5 A plug-in for Java that enables you to digitally read audio CD's linux/i586
tritonus-core-0.3.7-0.0.20110107.5.mga5 Contains public classes and SPI instantiation support linux/i586
tritonus-dsp-0.3.7-0.0.20110107.5.mga5 A collection of classes for digital signal processing (DSP) linux/i586
tritonus-fluidsynth-0.3.7-0.0.20110107.5.mga5 Plug-in for fluidsynth linux/i586
tritonus-gsm-0.3.7-0.0.20110107.5.mga5 GSM codec linux/i586
tritonus-javasequencer-0.3.7-0.0.20110107.5.mga5 A Java-Sequencer linux/i586
tritonus-jorbis-0.3.7-0.0.20110107.5.mga5 A plug-in for Java that enables decoding of Ogg Vorbis bitstreams linux/i586
tritonus-misc-0.3.7-0.0.20110107.5.mga5 Plug-in with several service provider of Tritonus linux/i586
tritonus-mp3-0.3.7-0.0.20110107.5.mga5 MP3 Decoder linux/i586
tritonus-pvorbis-0.3.7-0.0.20110107.5.mga5 A plug-in for Java that enables encoding to Ogg Vorbis bitstreams linux/i586
tritonus-shared-0.3.7-0.0.20110107.5.mga5 Shared classes required by all other Tritonus plug-ins linux/i586
tritonus-src-0.3.7-0.0.20110107.5.mga5 Sample rate converter linux/i586
tritonus-vorbis-0.3.7-0.0.20110107.5.mga5 A plug-in for Java that enables encoding to Ogg Vorbis bitstreams linux/i586
trojita-0.5-1.mga6 Qt IMAP e-mail client linux/i586
trophy-2.0.3-6.mga6 A 2D car racing action game for Linux linux/i586New
trousers-0.3.13-3.mga5 TCG's Software Stack v1.2 linux/i586
trustedqsl-1.14.3-7.mga5 TrustedQSL ham-radio applications linux/i586
tshark-1.99.8-1.mga6 Text-mode network traffic and protocol analyzer linux/i586
tslib-common-1.0-11.mga5 Touchscreen access library common files linux/noarch
tslib-utils-1.0-11.mga5 Touchscreen access library utilities linux/i586
tsocks-1.8-0.beta5.15.mga5 A transparent SOCKS proxying library linux/i586
tt-rss-1.12-5.mga5 Tiny Tiny RSS: web-based news feed (RSS/Atom) reader and aggregator linux/noarch
tt-rss-contrib-1.12-0.5502421d91c633332ec656a80bf82311632be240.3.mga5 Tiny Tiny RSS contributed plugins linux/noarch
ttaenc-3.4.1-3.mga5 The True Audio (TTA) Codec Lossless audio compressor linux/i586
ttfautohint-1.3-1.mga6 The ttfautohint utility for TrueType fonts linux/i586
ttfautohint-gui-1.3-1.mga6 Qt based GUI for the ttfautohint utility for TrueType fonts linux/i586
ttmkfdir-3.0.9-39.mga5 Utility to create fonts.scale files for truetype fonts linux/i586
ttv-3.103-11.mga5 Display TV/video on a tty linux/i586
ttyrec-1.0.8-6.mga5 A tty recorder linux/i586
ttyter-2.1.0-6.mga5 The CLI twitter client linux/noarch
tumbler-0.1.31-1.mga5 A thumbnail D-Bus service linux/i586
tuncel-1.6-5.mga5 Servicemenu or Actions for RPM Packages linux/noarch
tuncel-caja-1.6-5.mga5 Caja action for RPM Packages linux/noarch
tuncel-kde4-1.6-5.mga5 KDE4 Service Menu for RPM Packages linux/noarch
tuncel-nautilus-1.6-5.mga5 Nautilus action for RPM Packages linux/noarch
tuncel-nautilus-data-1.6-5.mga5 Nautilus/Caja action for RPM Packages linux/noarch
tuncel-nemo-1.6-5.mga5 Nemo actions for RPM Packages linux/noarch
tunctl-1.5-5.mga5 Create and remove virtual network interfaces linux/i586
tupi-0.2-1.git04.6.mga5 2D vector-based animation environment linux/i586
turtlearena-0.6.1-6.mga5 A Third Person Action game using a modified version of the ioquake3 engine linux/i586
turtlearena-data-0.6.1-5.mga5 Data files for TurtleArena linux/noarch
turtlearena-server-0.6.1-6.mga5 Dedicated server for TurtleArena linux/i586
tuscany-sdo-java-1.1.1-12.mga5 Service Data Objects 2.1 Java API spec linux/noarch
tuscany-sdo-java-javadoc-1.1.1-12.mga5 Javadocs for tuscany-sdo-java linux/noarch
tux_aqfh-1.0.14-20.mga5 Tuxedo T. Penguin: A Quest For Herring linux/i586
tuxguitar-1.2-15.mga5 Multitrack guitar tablature editor and player linux/i586
tuxkart-0.4.0-18.mga5 Tuxedo T. Penguin stars in TuxKart linux/i586
tuxmath-2.0.3-8.mga6 Math game for kids with Tux linux/i586
tuxmathscrabble-0.8.0-2.mga5 A math version of the popular board game for ages 4-40 linux/noarch
tuxpaint-0.9.22-3.mga5 Simple and fun paint program for kids linux/i586
tuxpaint-config-0.0.13-4.mga6 Configuration tool for Tuxpaint linux/i586
tuxpaint-devel-0.9.22-3.mga5 Headers and development libraries from tuxpaint linux/i586
tuxpaint-stamps-2014.08.23-3.mga5 Pictures for use with the paint program Tuxpaint linux/noarch
tuxpuck-0.8.2-20.mga5 Clone of ShufflePuck Cafe historical game linux/i586
tuxtype-1.8.3-1.mga6 Educational typing tutor game starring Tux linux/i586
tuxwordsmith-0.8.0-1.mga5 Multilanguage scrabble game linux/noarch
tv-fonts-1.1-6.mga5 Fonts for TV programs (fbtv, motv, ttv, xawtv) linux/noarch
tv_to_potatoe-0.5.66-1.mga6 Convert XML to the potatoe guide view tool linux/noarch
tvbrowser-3.4-4.mga5 A digital TV guide linux/noarch
tvdb_api-1.8.2-1.git20130127.6.mga5 Simple to use TVDB ( API in Python linux/noarch
tvheadend-3.2.18-5.mga5 TV streaming server linux/i586
tvtime-1.0.6-2.mga5 High quality television application linux/i586
tvtime-doc-1.0.6-2.mga5 User manual for tvtime linux/noarch
twin-0.6.2-8.mga5 A text mode Windows Manager linux/i586
twinkle-1.9.0-1.mga6 Voice Over IP phone using SIP for QT linux/i586New
twm-1.0.9-1.mga6 Tab Window Manager for the X Window System linux/i586
twolame-0.3.13-6.mga5 Optimized MPEG Audio Layer 2 (MP2) encoder linux/i586
txt2man-1.5.6-5.mga5 Converts flat ASCII text to man page format linux/noarch
txt2tags-2.6-7.mga5 Converts text files to HTML, XHTML, sgml, LaTeX, man, etc linux/noarch
txw2-20110809-11.mga5 Typed XML writer for Java linux/noarch
txw2-javadoc-20110809-11.mga5 Javadocs for txw2 linux/noarch
tycho-0.21.0-2.mga5 Plugins and extensions for building Eclipse plugins and OSGI bundles with Maven linux/noarch
tycho-extras-0.21.0-2.mga5 Additional plugins for Tycho linux/noarch
tycho-extras-javadoc-0.21.0-2.mga5 Java docs for tycho-extras linux/noarch
tycho-javadoc-0.21.0-2.mga5 Javadocs for tycho linux/noarch
typespeed-0.6.5-27.mga5 Type words that are flying by from left to right as fast as you can linux/i586

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