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Packages beginning with letter L

labyrinth-0.6-11.mga6 A simple yet powerful mind-mapping tool for the GNOME desktop linux/noarch
laf-plugin-1.0-0.0.10.mga6 Generic plugin framework for Java look-and-feels linux/noarch
langdetect-1.1-0.8.20120113.mga6 Language Detection Library for Java linux/noarch
langdetect-javadoc-1.1-0.8.20120113.mga6 Javadoc for langdetect linux/noarch
latex2html-2017.2-1.mga6 LaTeX to HTML converter linux/noarch
lato-fonts-2.015-3.mga6 A sanserif typeface family linux/noarch
lavennin-20041119-11.mga6 Converts written Finnish text to a readable form linux/noarch
layerfx-gimp-2.4-7.mga6 A series of GIMP scripts that implement various layer effects linux/noarch
lcov-1.10-6.mga6 LTP GCOV extension code coverage tool linux/noarch
ldaptive-1.1.0-1.mga6 LDAP library for Java linux/noarch
ldaptive-beans-1.1.0-1.mga6 Ldaptive Beans linux/noarch
ldaptive-javadoc-1.1.0-1.mga6 Javadoc for ldaptive linux/noarch
ldaptive-json-1.1.0-1.mga6 Ldaptive Json linux/noarch
ldaptive-parent-1.1.0-1.mga6 Ldaptive Parent POM linux/noarch
ldaptive-templates-1.1.0-1.mga6 Ldaptive Templates linux/noarch
lettuce-2.3.3-2.mga6 Scalable Java Redis client linux/noarch
lettuce-javadoc-2.3.3-2.mga6 Javadoc for lettuce linux/noarch
leveldb-java-0.7-6.mga6 Port of LevelDB to Java linux/noarch
leveldb-java-javadoc-0.7-6.mga6 Javadoc for leveldb-java linux/noarch
leveldbjni-javadoc-1.8-17.mga6 Javadoc for leveldbjni linux/noarch
libabw-doc-0.1.1-7.mga6 Documentation of libabw API linux/noarch
libaccounts-glib-docs-1.23-1.mga6 Documentation for libaccounts-glib linux/noarch
libbase-1.1.6-7.mga6 JFree Base Services linux/noarch
libbase-javadoc-1.1.6-7.mga6 Javadoc for libbase linux/noarch
libcangjie-data-1.3-1.mga6 Database for libcangjie linux/noarch
libdrak3d-2.6-1.mga6 3D desktop effects tools library linux/noarch
libetonyek-doc-0.1.6-6.mga6 Documentation of libetonyek API linux/noarch
libfonts-1.1.6-9.mga6 TrueType Font Layouting linux/noarch
libfonts-javadoc-1.1.6-9.mga6 Javadoc for libfonts linux/noarch
libformula-1.1.6-8.mga6 Formula Parser linux/noarch
libformula-javadoc-1.1.6-8.mga6 Javadoc for libformula linux/noarch
libfreehand-doc-0.1.1-7.mga6 Documentation of libfreehand API linux/noarch
libgames-support-i18n-1.0.2-1.mga6 Support library for GNOME games - translations linux/noarch
libgnome-keyring-i18n-3.12.0-9.mga6 Localization data files for libgnome-keyring linux/noarch
libgoogle-data-mono- .NET library for the Google Data API linux/noarch
libgoogle-data-mono-devel- .NET library for the Google Data API linux/noarch
libiptcdata-i18n-1.0.4-9.mga6 Translations of the IPTC tag library linux/noarch
liblangtag-data-0.6.2-3.mga6 liblangtag data files linux/noarch
liblangtag-doc-0.6.2-3.mga6 Documentation of liblangtag API linux/noarch
liblarch-2.1.0-10.mga6 A python library to easily handle data structures linux/noarch
liblayout-0.2.10-10.mga6 CSS based layouting framework linux/noarch
liblayout-javadoc-0.2.10-10.mga6 Javadoc for liblayout linux/noarch
libloader-1.1.6-8.mga6 Resource Loading Framework linux/noarch
libloader-javadoc-1.1.6-8.mga6 Javadoc for libloader linux/noarch
libmirisdr-devel-doc-0.0.20130608-3.mga6 Documentation for libmirisdr linux/noarch
libmp3splt-i18n-0.9.2-2.mga6 Internationalization and locale data for libmp3splt linux/noarch
libmypaint-i18n-1.3.0-3.mga6 Internationalization and locale data for libmypaint linux/noarch
libodfgen-doc-0.1.6-2.mga6 Documentation of libodfgen API linux/noarch
libomxil-bellagio-doc-0.9.3-8.mga6 OpenMAX Bellagio Documentation linux/noarch
libosmo-dsp-doc-0.3-2.mga6 Documentation for osmo-dsp linux/noarch
libpagemaker-doc-0.0.3-1.mga6 Documentation of libpagemaker API linux/noarch
libpam4j-1.8-7.mga6 Java binding for linux/noarch
libpam4j-javadoc-1.8-7.mga6 Javadoc for libpam4j linux/noarch
libpcap-doc-1.8.1-1.mga6 Manual pages for libpcap linux/noarch
libpgf-doc-6.12.24-7.mga6 Documentation for libpgf linux/noarch
libqglviewer-doc-2.6.3-8.mga6 API documentation for libQGLViewer linux/noarch
libquvi-scripts-0.9.20131130-5.mga6 Embedded lua scripts for parsing media details linux/noarch
librepository-1.1.6-10.mga6 Hierarchical repository abstraction layer linux/noarch
librepository-javadoc-1.1.6-10.mga6 Javadoc for librepository linux/noarch
librevenge-doc-0.0.4-3.mga6 Documentation of librevenge API linux/noarch
libringclient-i18n-1.0.0-3.mga6 Internationalization and locale data for libringclient linux/noarch
libsecret-i18n-0.18.5-2.mga6 Library for the secret protocol - translations linux/noarch
libserializer-1.1.6-10.mga6 JFreeReport General Serialization Framework linux/noarch
libserializer-javadoc-1.1.6-10.mga6 Javadoc for libserializer linux/noarch
libsigc++2.0-doc-2.10.0-1.mga6 Documentation for libsigc++ library linux/noarch
libthrift-java-0.9.3-6.mga6 Java support for thrift linux/noarch
libthrift-javadoc-0.9.3-6.mga6 API documentation for java-thrift linux/noarch
libticalcs2-i18n-1.1.9-1.mga6 Internationalization and locale data for libticalcs2 linux/noarch
libtifiles2-i18n-1.1.7-1.mga6 Internationalization and locale data for libtifiles2 linux/noarch
libtimezonemap-data-0.4.5-1.mga6 Data files for libtimezonemap linux/noarch
libusb-devel-doc-1.0.21-1.mga6 Development documentation for libusb linux/noarch
libvirt-java-0.4.9-4.mga6 Java bindings for the libvirt virtualization API linux/noarch
libvirt-java-devel-0.4.9-4.mga6 Compressed Java source files for libvirt-java linux/noarch
libvirt-java-javadoc-0.4.9-4.mga6 Java documentation for libvirt-java linux/noarch
libwps-doc-0.4.6-1.mga6 Documentation of libwps API linux/noarch
libx11-doc-1.6.5-1.mga6 Documentation for libx11 linux/noarch
licensecheck-3.0.29-1.mga6 Simple license checker for source files linux/noarch
lightcouch-0.1.8-3.mga6 CouchDB Java API linux/noarch
lightcouch-javadoc-0.1.8-3.mga6 Javadoc for lightcouch linux/noarch
lightlang-dict-0.0.2-8.mga6 Dictionary for LightLang linux/noarch
lightlang-sounds-0.0.1-6.mga6 Sounds for LightLang Dictionary (English) linux/noarch
lilypond-doc-2.19.61-1.mga6 LilyPond documentation, examples and Mutopia files linux/noarch
liquibase-3.5.3-1.mga6 Database Refactoring Tool linux/noarch
liquibase-cdi-3.5.3-1.mga6 Liquibase CDI linux/noarch
liquibase-javadoc-3.5.3-1.mga6 API documentation for liquibase linux/noarch
liquibase-maven-plugin-3.5.3-1.mga6 Maven plugin for liquibase linux/noarch
liquibase-parent-3.5.3-1.mga6 Liquibase Parent Configuration POM linux/noarch
liquidlnf-2.9.1-8.mga6 Java look and feel based on the Mosfet Liquid KDE 3.x theme linux/noarch
listadmin-2.42-1.mga6 Command line mailman interface linux/noarch
littleproxy-1.1.0-1.mga6 High Performance HTTP Proxy linux/noarch
littleproxy-javadoc-1.1.0-1.mga6 Javadoc for littleproxy linux/noarch
liveusb-creator-3.14.2-2.mga6 A liveusb creator linux/noarch
lklug-fonts-0.6-5.20090803cvs.6.mga6 Fonts for Sinhala language linux/noarch
lkmpg-1.1.0-22.mga6 The Linux Kernel Module Programming Guide linux/noarch
localizer-1.23-4.mga6 Type-safe localization message access for Java linux/noarch
localizer-javadoc-1.23-4.mga6 Javadoc for localizer linux/noarch
localizer-parent-1.23-4.mga6 Parent POM file for localizer linux/noarch
lodash-3.10.1-7.mga6 A JavaScript utility library linux/noarch
log4cpp-doc-1.1.1-5.mga6 HTML formatted API documention for Log for C++ linux/noarch
log4j-2.5-8.mga6 Java logging package linux/noarch
log4j-bom-2.5-8.mga6 Apache Log4j BOM linux/noarch
log4j-javadoc-2.5-8.mga6 API documentation for log4j linux/noarch
log4j-jboss-logmanager-1.1.2-2.mga6 JBoss Log4j Emulation linux/noarch
log4j-jboss-logmanager-javadoc-1.1.2-2.mga6 Javadoc for log4j-jboss-logmanager linux/noarch
log4j-jcl-2.5-8.mga6 Apache Log4j Commons Logging Bridge linux/noarch
log4j-jmx-gui-2.5-8.mga6 Apache Log4j JMX GUI linux/noarch
log4j-liquibase-2.5-8.mga6 Apache Log4j Liquibase Binding linux/noarch
log4j-nosql-2.5-8.mga6 Apache Log4j NoSql linux/noarch
log4j-over-slf4j-1.7.22-1.mga6 Log4j implemented over SLF4J linux/noarch
log4j-slf4j-2.5-8.mga6 Binding between LOG4J 2 API and SLF4J linux/noarch
log4j-taglib-2.5-8.mga6 Apache Log4j Tag Library linux/noarch
log4j-web-2.5-8.mga6 Apache Log4j Web linux/noarch
log4net-1.2.15-1.mga6 A .NET framework for logging linux/noarch
log4net-devel-1.2.15-1.mga6 A .NET framework for logging linux/noarch
logisim-2.7.1-8.mga6 Graphical tool for designing and simulating logic circuits linux/noarch
lohit-kannada-fonts-2.4.5-11.mga6 Free Kannada font linux/noarch
lostsky-1.1.1c-1.mga6 Story of a Lost Sky - Turn-based strategy RPG in the Touhou universe linux/noarch
lout-doc-3.40-8.mga6 The documentation for the Lout document formatting language linux/noarch
lpg-java-2.0.17-20.mga6 Java runtime library for LPG linux/noarch
lpg-java-compat-1.1.0-20.mga6 Compatibility Java runtime library for LPG 1.x linux/noarch
lua-alt-getopt-0.7.0-1.mga6 Argument processing module for Lua linux/noarch
lua-logging-1.3.0-4.mga6 A simple API to use logging features in Lua linux/noarch
lua-lunit-0.5-1.mga6 Unit testing framework for Lua linux/noarch
lua-moonscript-0.3.2-1.mga6 A little language that compiles to Lua linux/noarch
luadoc-3.0.1-12.mga6 Documentation Generator Tool for the Lua language linux/noarch
lucene4-4.10.4-5.mga6 High-performance, full-featured text search engine linux/noarch
lucene4-javadoc-4.10.4-5.mga6 Javadoc for Lucene linux/noarch
lugaru-data-1.2-1.mga6 Arch-independent data files for the Lugaru game linux/noarch
lxcontrol-1.3-23.mga6 Lexmark printer management commands linux/noarch
lxde-common-0.99.2-1.mga6 A set of default configuration for LXDE linux/noarch
lxde-ctrl-center-0.1.4-2.mga6 LXDE Control Center linux/noarch
lxde-icon-theme-0.5.1-2.mga6 LXDE icon theme linux/noarch
lxdm-theme-mageia-6-1.mga6 A Mageia theme for lxdm linux/noarch
lxmed-20120515-7.mga6 LXDE Menu Editor linux/noarch
lxmenu-data-0.1.5-1.mga6 application menu definition files for the LXQt desktop linux/noarch
lybniz-1.3.2-12.mga6 A function graph plotter linux/noarch

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