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Packages beginning with letter G

g15daemon- Daemon to control logitech G15 keyboards linux/i586
gajim-0.16-0.beta1.4.mga5 Jabber Client written in PyGTK linux/i586
galago-sharp-0.5.0-18.mga5 Galago Mono bindings linux/noarch
galculator-2.1.3-3.mga5 GTK based calculator linux/i586
galette-0.8.1-1.mga5 Online tool to manage membership and fees linux/noarch
galette-plugin-admintools-1.5-2.mga5 Admintools plugin for galette linux/noarch
galette-plugin-fullcard-1.5-2.mga5 Fullcard plugin for galette linux/noarch
galois-0.3-3.mga5 Extended falling blocks game with many different geometries linux/i586
gambas3-devel-3.6.2-4.mga5 The Gambas development package linux/i586
gambas3-examples-3.6.2-4.mga5 The Gambas examples linux/noarch
gambas3-gb-args-3.6.2-4.mga5 The Gambas args component linux/i586
gambas3-gb-cairo-3.6.2-4.mga5 The Gambas Cairo component linux/i586
gambas3-gb-chart-3.6.2-4.mga5 The Gambas chart component linux/i586
gambas3-gb-clipper-3.6.2-4.mga5 The Gambas clipper component linux/i586
gambas3-gb-complex-3.6.2-4.mga5 The Gambas complex component linux/i586
gambas3-gb-compress-3.6.2-4.mga5 The Gambas compression component linux/i586
gambas3-gb-crypt-3.6.2-4.mga5 The Gambas cryptography component linux/i586
gambas3-gb-data-3.6.2-4.mga5 The Gambas data component linux/i586
gambas3-gb-db-3.6.2-4.mga5 The Gambas database component linux/i586
gambas3-gb-db-form-3.6.2-4.mga5 The Gambas db-form component linux/i586
gambas3-gb-db-mysql-3.6.2-4.mga5 The MySQL driver for the Gambas database component linux/i586
gambas3-gb-db-odbc-3.6.2-4.mga5 The ODBC driver for the Gambas database component linux/i586
gambas3-gb-db-postgresql-3.6.2-4.mga5 The PostgreSQL driver for the Gambas database component linux/i586
gambas3-gb-db-sqlite3-3.6.2-4.mga5 The SQLite 3 driver for the Gambas database component linux/i586
gambas3-gb-dbus-3.6.2-4.mga5 The Gambas dbus component linux/i586
gambas3-gb-desktop-3.6.2-4.mga5 The Gambas XDG component linux/i586
gambas3-gb-eval-highlight-3.6.2-4.mga5 The Gambas eval-highlight component linux/i586
gambas3-gb-form-3.6.2-4.mga5 The Gambas dialog form component linux/i586
gambas3-gb-form-dialog-3.6.2-4.mga5 The Gambas dialog form component linux/i586
gambas3-gb-form-mdi-3.6.2-4.mga5 The Gambas mdi form component linux/i586
gambas3-gb-form-stock-3.6.2-4.mga5 The Gambas stock form component linux/i586
gambas3-gb-geom-3.6.2-4.mga5 The Gambas Geometry hidden component linux/i586
gambas3-gb-gmp-3.6.2-4.mga5 The Gambas gmp component linux/i586
gambas3-gb-gsl-3.6.2-4.mga5 The Gambas interface to the GNU Scientific Library linux/i586
gambas3-gb-gtk-3.6.2-4.mga5 The Gambas GTK+ GUI component linux/i586
gambas3-gb-gui-3.6.2-4.mga5 The Gambas GUI component linux/i586
gambas3-gb-httpd-3.6.2-4.mga5 The Gambas httpd component linux/i586
gambas3-gb-image-3.6.2-4.mga5 The Gambas image manipulation component linux/i586
gambas3-gb-image-effect-3.6.2-4.mga5 The Gambas image effect component linux/i586
gambas3-gb-image-imlib-3.6.2-4.mga5 The Gambas image imlib component linux/i586
gambas3-gb-image-io-3.6.2-4.mga5 The Gambas image io component linux/i586
gambas3-gb-inotify-3.6.2-4.mga5 The Gambas inotify component linux/i586
gambas3-gb-jit-3.6.2-4.mga5 The Gambas JIT component linux/i586
gambas3-gb-libxml-3.6.2-4.mga5 The Gambas libxml component linux/i586
gambas3-gb-logging-3.6.2-4.mga5 The Gambas logging component linux/i586
gambas3-gb-map-3.6.2-4.mga5 The Gambas map component linux/i586
gambas3-gb-markdown-3.6.2-4.mga5 The Gambas markdown component linux/i586
gambas3-gb-media-3.6.2-4.mga5 The Gambas media component linux/i586
gambas3-gb-memcached-3.6.2-4.mga5 The Gambas memcached component linux/i586
gambas3-gb-mime-3.6.2-4.mga5 The Gambas mime component linux/i586
gambas3-gb-mysql-3.6.2-4.mga5 The Gambas mysql component linux/i586
gambas3-gb-ncurses-3.6.2-4.mga5 The Gambas ncurses component linux/i586
gambas3-gb-net-3.6.2-4.mga5 The Gambas networking component linux/i586
gambas3-gb-net-curl-3.6.2-4.mga5 The Gambas advanced networking component linux/i586
gambas3-gb-net-pop3-3.6.2-4.mga5 The Gambas POP3 component linux/i586
gambas3-gb-net-smtp-3.6.2-4.mga5 The Gambas SMTP component linux/i586
gambas3-gb-opengl-3.6.2-4.mga5 The Gambas OpenGL component linux/i586
gambas3-gb-opengl-glsl-3.6.2-4.mga5 The Gambas opengl-glsl component linux/i586
gambas3-gb-opengl-glu-3.6.2-4.mga5 The Gambas opengl-glu component linux/i586
gambas3-gb-opengl-sge-3.6.2-4.mga5 The Gambas opengl-sge component linux/i586
gambas3-gb-openssl-3.6.2-4.mga5 The Gambas openssl component linux/i586
gambas3-gb-option-3.6.2-4.mga5 The Gambas command-line option component linux/i586
gambas3-gb-pcre-3.6.2-4.mga5 The Gambas PCRE component linux/i586
gambas3-gb-pdf-3.6.2-4.mga5 The Gambas PDF component linux/i586
gambas3-gb-qt4-3.6.2-4.mga5 The Gambas Qt GUI component linux/i586
gambas3-gb-qt4-ext-3.6.2-4.mga5 The Gambas qt-ext component linux/i586
gambas3-gb-qt4-opengl-3.6.2-4.mga5 The Gambas qt-opengl component linux/i586
gambas3-gb-qt4-webkit-3.6.2-4.mga5 The Gambas qt-webkit component linux/i586
gambas3-gb-report-3.6.2-4.mga5 The Gambas report component linux/i586
gambas3-gb-sdl-3.6.2-4.mga5 The Gambas SDL component linux/i586
gambas3-gb-sdl-sound-3.6.2-4.mga5 The Gambas SDL sound component linux/i586
gambas3-gb-settings-3.6.2-4.mga5 The Gambas settings component linux/i586
gambas3-gb-signal-3.6.2-4.mga5 The Gambas signal component linux/i586
gambas3-gb-v4l-3.6.2-4.mga5 The Gambas Video4Linux component linux/i586
gambas3-gb-vb-3.6.2-4.mga5 The Gambas Visual Basic(tm) compatibility component linux/i586
gambas3-gb-web-3.6.2-4.mga5 The Gambas CGI component linux/i586
gambas3-gb-xml-3.6.2-4.mga5 The Gambas xml component linux/i586
gambas3-gb-xml-html-3.6.2-4.mga5 The Gambas xml html component linux/i586
gambas3-gb-xml-rpc-3.6.2-4.mga5 The Gambas xml-rpc component linux/i586
gambas3-gb-xml-xslt-3.6.2-4.mga5 The Gambas xml-rpc component linux/i586
gambas3-ide-3.6.2-4.mga5 The Gambas IDE linux/i586
gambas3-runtime-3.6.2-4.mga5 The Gambas runtime linux/i586
gambas3-script-3.6.2-4.mga5 The Gambas scripter package linux/i586
gameconqueror-0.13-3.mga5 CheatEngline-alike interface for scanmem linux/i586
gamin-0.1.10-16.mga5 Library providing the FAM File Alteration Monitor API linux/i586
gamine-1.2-0.git20110427.5.mga5 An interactive game for young children linux/i586
gammu-1.34.0-1.mga5 Mobile phones tools for Unix (Linux) and Win32 linux/i586
ganglia-core-3.6.0-5.mga5 Cluster Core linux/i586
ganglia-gmetad-3.6.0-5.mga5 Meta daemon linux/i586
ganglia-script-3.6.0-5.mga5 Cluster Script linux/i586
ganglia-web-3.6.2-4.mga5 Ganglia Web Frontend linux/noarch
ganttproject-2.5.4-6.mga5 Desktop tool for project scheduling and management linux/i586
ganyremote-6.3.2-3.mga5 GTK front-end for anyRemote linux/noarch
garcon-data-0.4.0-3.mga5 Locale and data files for garcon linux/i586
gargoyle-free-2011.1-8.mga5 Graphical player for Interactive Fiction games linux/i586
garmindev-0.3.4-6.mga5 Drivers for communication with Garmin GPS devices linux/i586
garmintools-0.10-6.mga5 Communication tools for Garmin devices linux/i586
gaskpass-1.2-14.mga5 A Gnome X11 passphrase dialog for OpenSSH linux/i586
gaupol-0.27-1.mga5 Subtitle editor linux/noarch
gaupol-i18n-0.27-1.mga5 Internationalization and locale data for gaupol and python-aeidon linux/noarch
gawk-4.1.1-4.mga5 The GNU version of the awk text processing utility linux/i586
gawk-doc-4.1.1-4.mga5 Documentation about the GNU version of the awk text processing utility linux/i586
gbrainy-2.2.3-3.mga5 A brain teaser game and trainer to have fun and to keep your brain trained linux/i586
gcab-0.4-6.mga5 Tool and library mainly made to create Cabinet files linux/i586
gcal-3.6.3-5.mga5 Program for calculating and printing calendars linux/i586
gcc-4.9.2-4.mga5 GNU Compiler Collection linux/i586
gcc-c++-4.9.2-4.mga5 C++ support for gcc linux/i586
gcc-cpp-4.9.2-4.mga5 The C Preprocessor linux/i586
gcc-doc-4.9.2-4.mga5 GCC documentation linux/noarch
gcc-doc-pdf-4.9.2-4.mga5 GCC documentation linux/noarch
gcc-gfortran-4.9.2-4.mga5 Fortran 95 support for gcc linux/i586
gcc-gnat-4.9.2-4.mga5 Ada 95 support for gcc linux/i586
gcc-java-4.9.2-4.mga5 Java support for gcc linux/i586
gcc-objc-4.9.2-4.mga5 Objective C support for gcc linux/i586
gcc-objc++-4.9.2-4.mga5 Objective C++ support for gcc linux/i586
gcc-plugins-4.9.2-4.mga5 Headers to build gcc plugins linux/i586
gcc3.3-3.3.6-11.mga5 GNU Compiler Collection linux/i586
gcc3.3-c++-3.3.6-11.mga5 C++ support for gcc linux/i586
gcc3.3-cpp-3.3.6-11.mga5 The C Preprocessor linux/i586
gccmakedep-1.0.3-3.mga5 Create dependencies in makefiles using 'gcc -M' linux/i586
gccxml-0.9.0-1.git20140627.mga5 XML output extension to GCC linux/i586
gcdemu-2.1.1-5.mga5 GTK+ based GUI for controlling CDEmu daemon linux/noarch
gchem3d-0.14.8-6.mga5 Molecules Viewer linux/i586
gchemcalc-0.14.8-6.mga5 Chemical calculator linux/i586
gchempaint-0.14.8-6.mga5 GNOME 2D chemical structure drawing tool linux/i586
gchemtable-0.14.8-6.mga5 Periodic table linux/i586
gcimagebundle-1.1.6-4.mga5 Tool that creates an image file out of a disk attached to a GCE VM linux/noarch
gcin-2.8.3-1.mga5 An input method server for traditional Chinese linux/i586
gcin-anthy-2.8.3-1.mga5 Anthy module for gcin linux/i586
gcin-gtk2-2.8.3-1.mga5 gtk2 immodule for gcin linux/i586
gcin-gtk3-2.8.3-1.mga5 gtk3 immodule for gcin linux/i586
gcin-qt4-2.8.3-1.mga5 Qt4 immodule for gcin linux/i586
gcj-tools-4.9.2-4.mga5 Java related tools from gcc 4.9.2 linux/i586
gcl- GNU Common Lisp linux/i586
gcl-emacs- Emacs mode for interacting with GCL linux/noarch
gcl-emacs-el- Source for Emacs mode for interacting with GCL linux/noarch
gcl-xemacs- XEmacs mode for interacting with GCL linux/noarch
gcl-xemacs-el- Source for XEmacs mode for interacting with GCL linux/noarch
gcolor2-0.4-27.mga5 Simple color selector linux/i586
gcompris-14.12-1.mga5 An educational game for children starting at 2 linux/i586
gcompris-boards-14.12-1.mga5 Board data for GCompris linux/noarch
gcompris-music-14.12-1.mga5 Background music for GCompris linux/noarch
gcompris-sounds-af-14.12-1.mga5 Afrikaans sounds for GCompris linux/noarch
gcompris-sounds-ar-14.12-1.mga5 Arabic (Tunisia) sounds for GCompris linux/noarch
gcompris-sounds-ast-14.12-1.mga5 Asturian sounds for GCompris linux/noarch
gcompris-sounds-bg-14.12-1.mga5 Bulgarian sounds for GCompris linux/noarch
gcompris-sounds-br-14.12-1.mga5 Breton sounds for GCompris linux/noarch
gcompris-sounds-cs-14.12-1.mga5 Czech sounds for GCompris linux/noarch
gcompris-sounds-da-14.12-1.mga5 Danish sounds for GCompris linux/noarch
gcompris-sounds-de-14.12-1.mga5 German sounds for GCompris linux/noarch
gcompris-sounds-el-14.12-1.mga5 Greek sounds for GCompris linux/noarch
gcompris-sounds-en-14.12-1.mga5 English sounds for GCompris linux/noarch
gcompris-sounds-eo-14.12-1.mga5 Esperanto sounds for GCompris linux/noarch
gcompris-sounds-es-14.12-1.mga5 Spanish sounds for GCompris linux/noarch
gcompris-sounds-eu-14.12-1.mga5 Basque sounds for GCompris linux/noarch
gcompris-sounds-fi-14.12-1.mga5 Finnish sounds for GCompris linux/noarch
gcompris-sounds-fr-14.12-1.mga5 French sounds for GCompris linux/noarch
gcompris-sounds-he-14.12-1.mga5 Hebrew soundsfor GCompris linux/noarch
gcompris-sounds-hi-14.12-1.mga5 Hindi soundsfor GCompris linux/noarch
gcompris-sounds-hu-14.12-1.mga5 Hungarian sounds for GCompris linux/noarch
gcompris-sounds-id-14.12-1.mga5 Indonesian sounds for GCompris linux/noarch
gcompris-sounds-it-14.12-1.mga5 Italian sounds for GCompris linux/noarch
gcompris-sounds-mr-14.12-1.mga5 Marathi sounds for GCompris linux/noarch
gcompris-sounds-nb-14.12-1.mga5 Norvegian Bokmal sounds for GCompris linux/noarch
gcompris-sounds-nl-14.12-1.mga5 Nederland sounds for GCompris linux/noarch
gcompris-sounds-nn-14.12-1.mga5 Norvegian sounds for GCompris linux/noarch
gcompris-sounds-pa-14.12-1.mga5 Punjabi sounds for GCompris linux/noarch
gcompris-sounds-pt-14.12-1.mga5 Portuguese sounds for GCompris linux/noarch
gcompris-sounds-pt_BR-14.12-1.mga5 Brasilian Portuguese sounds for GCompris linux/noarch
gcompris-sounds-ru-14.12-1.mga5 Russian sounds for GCompris linux/noarch
gcompris-sounds-sl-14.12-1.mga5 Slovenian sounds for GCompris linux/noarch
gcompris-sounds-so-14.12-1.mga5 Somalian sounds for GCompris linux/noarch
gcompris-sounds-sr-14.12-1.mga5 Serbian sounds for GCompris linux/noarch
gcompris-sounds-sv-14.12-1.mga5 Swedish sounds for GCompris linux/noarch
gcompris-sounds-th-14.12-1.mga5 Thai sounds for GCompris linux/noarch
gcompris-sounds-tr-14.12-1.mga5 Turkish sounds for GCompris linux/noarch
gcompris-sounds-ur-14.12-1.mga5 Urdu sounds for GCompris linux/noarch
gcompris-sounds-zh_CN-14.12-1.mga5 Simplified Chinese sounds for GCompris linux/noarch
gconf-editor-3.0.1-5.mga5 An editor for the GConf configuration system linux/i586
gconfmm2.6-doc-2.28.3-6.mga5 Documentation of gconfmm library linux/noarch
gcr-3.14.0-5.mga5 A library for bits of crypto UI and parsing linux/i586
gcrystal-0.14.8-6.mga5 Crystal structure viewer linux/i586
gcstar-1.7.0-5.mga5 A collection manager linux/noarch
gd-utils-2.1.1-1.mga5 The Utils files for gd linux/i586
gda2.0-3.1.5-18.mga5 GNU Data Access linux/i586
gda2.0-bdb-3.1.5-18.mga5 GDA Berkeley Database Provider linux/i586
gda2.0-ldap-3.1.5-18.mga5 GDA LDAP Provider linux/i586
gda2.0-mysql-3.1.5-18.mga5 GDA MySQL Provider linux/i586
gda2.0-odbc-3.1.5-18.mga5 GDA ODBC Provider linux/i586
gda2.0-postgres-3.1.5-18.mga5 GDA PostgreSQL Provider linux/i586
gda2.0-sqlite-3.1.5-18.mga5 GDA sqlite Provider linux/i586
gda2.0-xbase-3.1.5-18.mga5 GDA xbase Provider linux/i586
gdal-1.9.2-16.mga5 The Geospatial Data Abstraction Library (GDAL) linux/i586
gdal-python-1.9.2-16.mga5 The Python bindings for the GDAL library linux/i586
gdb-7.8.1-7.mga5 A GNU source-level debugger for C, C++, Fortran, Go and other languages linux/i586
gdbm-1.11-4.mga5 A GNU set of database routines which use extensible hashing linux/i586
gdisk-0.8.10-3.mga5 An fdisk-like partitioning tool for GPT disks linux/i586
gdk-pixbuf2.0-2.31.2-2.mga5 Image loading and manipulation library for GTK+ linux/i586
gdl-i18n-3.14.0-3.mga5 Gnome Docking library - translations linux/i586
gdm-3.14.2-5.mga5 The GNOME Display Manager linux/i586New
gdouros-symbola-fonts-6.13-4.mga5 A symbol font linux/noarch
gdouros-symbola-fonts-doc-6.13-4.mga5 Glyph table for gdouros-symbola font linux/noarch
geany-1.24.1-3.mga5 Small C editor using GTK2 linux/i586
geany-devel-1.24.1-3.mga5 Header files for building Geany plug-ins linux/i586
geany-plugins-1.24-4.mga5 A collection of different plugins for Geany linux/i586
geany-plugins-addons-1.24-4.mga5 Miscellaneous Addons for Geany linux/i586
geany-plugins-autoclose-1.24-4.mga5 Autoclose plugin for Geany linux/i586
geany-plugins-codenav-1.24-4.mga5 Navigate through your source code easily linux/i586
geany-plugins-commander-1.24-4.mga5 Control Geany using commands from a command panel linux/i586
geany-plugins-common-1.24-4.mga5 Common files used by all geany plugins linux/i586
geany-plugins-debugger-1.24-4.mga5 Enables debugging in Geany linux/i586
geany-plugins-defineformat-1.24-4.mga5 On-the-fly #define prettyprinter plugin for Geany linux/i586
geany-plugins-devhelp-1.24-4.mga5 Devhelp plugin for Geany linux/i586
geany-plugins-geanydoc-1.24-4.mga5 Call documentation from within Geany linux/i586
geany-plugins-geanyextrasel-1.24-4.mga5 Additional features for selecting code linux/i586
geany-plugins-geanygendoc-1.24-4.mga5 Automatically generate documentation source code linux/i586
geany-plugins-geanyinsertnum-1.24-4.mga5 Insert huge number ranges with small efforts linux/i586
geany-plugins-geanylatex-1.24-4.mga5 LaTeX support for Geany linux/i586
geany-plugins-geanylipsum-1.24-4.mga5 Lorem Ipsum generator for Inserting Placeholder Text linux/i586
geany-plugins-geanylua-1.24-4.mga5 Lua Scripting for Geany linux/i586
geany-plugins-geanymacro-1.24-4.mga5 User defined Macros for Geany linux/i586
geany-plugins-geanyminiscript-1.24-4.mga5 Geany Mini-Script filter plugin linux/i586
geany-plugins-geanynumberedbookmarks-1.24-4.mga5 Provide users 10 numbered Bookmarks linux/i586
geany-plugins-geanypg-1.24-4.mga5 Encrypt, decrypt and verify signatures with GnuPG linux/i586
geany-plugins-geanyprj-1.24-4.mga5 Provides an alternate project management tool for Geany linux/i586
geany-plugins-geanypy-1.24-4.mga5 Write Geany plugins in Python linux/i586
geany-plugins-geanysendmail-1.24-4.mga5 Send E-Mails from within Geany linux/i586
geany-plugins-geanyvc-1.24-4.mga5 Version Control for Geany linux/i586
geany-plugins-geniuspaste-1.24-4.mga5 Use nopaste services directly from within Geany linux/i586
geany-plugins-gproject-1.24-4.mga5 Extension of Geany's project management linux/i586
geany-plugins-markdown-1.24-4.mga5 Real time preview for Markdown documents linux/i586
geany-plugins-multiterm-1.24-4.mga5 MultiTerm support for Geany linux/i586
geany-plugins-pairtaghighlighter-1.24-4.mga5 Pair Tag Highlighter plugin for Geany linux/i586
geany-plugins-pohelper-1.24-4.mga5 Translation Helper plugin for Geany linux/i586
geany-plugins-pretty-printer-1.24-4.mga5 XML pretty printing plugin for Geany linux/i586
geany-plugins-scope-1.24-4.mga5 Graphical GDB front-end linux/i586
geany-plugins-shiftcolumn-1.24-4.mga5 Move Blocks of Text horizontally linux/i586
geany-plugins-spellcheck-1.24-4.mga5 Spellcheck Text in Geany using the Enchant Library linux/i586
geany-plugins-tableconvert-1.24-4.mga5 Helps on converting a tabulator separated selection into a table linux/i586
geany-plugins-treebrowser-1.24-4.mga5 Alternate file browser plugin providing a tree view of directories linux/i586
geany-plugins-updatechecker-1.24-4.mga5 Automatically check for Geany updates linux/i586
geany-plugins-webhelper-1.24-4.mga5 Preview and Debug Web documents from within Geany using WebKit linux/i586
geany-plugins-xmlsnippets-1.24-4.mga5 Extends XML/HTML tag autocompletion provided by Geany linux/i586
gearmand-1.1.12-4.mga5 Gearman Server and C Library linux/i586
geary-0.8.1-2.mga5 A lightweight email program designed around conversations linux/i586
gecko-mediaplayer-1.0.9-3.mga5 GNOME MPlayer browser plugin linux/i586
geda-1.8.2-4.mga5 GPL Electronic Design Automation Project linux/i586
geda-docs-1.8.2-4.mga5 Doc for the gEDA project linux/i586
geda-examples-1.8.2-4.mga5 Examples for the gEDA project linux/i586
geda-gattrib-1.8.2-4.mga5 Electronics schematics editor linux/i586
geda-gnetlist-1.8.2-4.mga5 Netlister for the gEDA project linux/i586
geda-gschem-1.8.2-4.mga5 Electronics schematics editor linux/i586
geda-gsymcheck-1.8.2-4.mga5 Electronics schematics editor linux/i586
geda-symbols-1.8.2-4.mga5 Electronic symbols for gEDA linux/i586
geda-utils-1.8.2-4.mga5 Netlister for the gEDA project linux/i586
gedit-3.14.3-1.mga5 Small but powerful text editor for GNOME linux/i586
gedit-beesu-plugin-0.4-3.mga5 Allows normal users to open files in gedit as root linux/i586
gedit-cossa-3.2.0-5.mga5 gedit plugin for GTK+ themes previewing linux/i586
gedit-devel-3.14.3-1.mga5 Headers for writing gEdit plugins linux/i586
gedit-plugins-3.14.1-1.mga5 Extra plugins for gedit linux/i586
geeqie-1.1-9.mga5 Graphics file browser utility linux/i586
gegl-0.2.0-22.mga5 GEGL (Generic Graphics Library) - graph based image processing framework linux/i586
geis-2.2.14-9.mga5 Gesture Engine Interface and Support Interface linux/i586
geisview-2.2.14-9.mga5 GEIS View linux/i586
gemrb-0.8.2-1.mga5 Port of the original Infinity (Game) Engine linux/i586
genders-1.20-8.mga5 Static cluster configuration database linux/i586
genders-compat-1.20-8.mga5 Compatability library linux/i586
gengetopt-2.22.6-5.mga5 GNU gengetopt generates command line parsers linux/i586
genhdlist2-7.00-3.mga5 Tool to generate urpmi metadata (media_info/*) linux/i586
genius-1.0.19-2.mga5 A general purpose calculator and math tool linux/i586
genromfs-0.5.2-11.mga5 Tool for creating romfs filesystems linux/i586
gens-gs-2.16.7-4.mga5 A Sega Genesis, Sega CD and Sega 32X emulator linux/i586
gentlyweb-utils-1.5-7.mga5 Java utility library used by JoSQL for I/O linux/noarch
gentlyweb-utils-javadoc-1.5-7.mga5 Javadoc for gentlyweb-utils linux/noarch
geoclue-2.1.9-4.mga5 A modular geoinformation service linux/i586
geoclue-devel-2.1.9-4.mga5 Development files for geoclue2 linux/noarch
geoclue1-0.12.99-10.mga5 A modular geoinformation service linux/i586
geoclue1-doc-0.12.99-10.mga5 Developer documentation for geoclue linux/noarch
geoclue1-gpsd-0.12.99-10.mga5 gpsd provider for geoclue linux/i586
geoclue1-gsmloc-0.12.99-10.mga5 gsmloc provider for geoclue linux/i586
geoclue1-gui-0.12.99-10.mga5 Testing gui for geoclue linux/i586
geoclue1-gypsy-0.12.99-10.mga5 gypsy provider for geoclue linux/i586
geoip-1.6.5-1.mga5 Find what country an IP address or hostname originates from linux/i586
geoip-database-1.6.5-1.mga5 Free (GeoLite) IP geolocation databases for GeoIP linux/noarch
geoipgen-0.4-8.mga5 Country-to-IPs generator. Geographic IP generator for IPv4 networks linux/noarch
geometria-3.2-0.r258.6.mga5 A graphic interface for creating and solving problems in solid geometry linux/noarch
geotiff-1.2.5-9.mga5 Cartographic software linux/i586
gerbv-2.6.1-4.mga5 Gerber file viewer linux/i586
gerbv-examples-2.6.1-4.mga5 Gerber file examples for gerbv linux/i586
geronimo-annotation-1.0-16.mga5 Java EE: Annotation API v1.1 linux/noarch
geronimo-annotation-javadoc-1.0-16.mga5 Javadoc for geronimo-annotation linux/noarch
geronimo-commonj-1.1.0-10.mga5 CommonJ Specification linux/noarch
geronimo-commonj-javadoc-1.1.0-10.mga5 Javadocs for geronimo-commonj linux/noarch
geronimo-ejb-1.0-12.mga5 Java EE: EJB API v3.1 linux/noarch
geronimo-ejb-javadoc-1.0-12.mga5 Javadoc for geronimo-ejb linux/noarch
geronimo-interceptor-1.0.1-11.mga5 Java EE: Interceptor API v3.0 linux/noarch
geronimo-interceptor-javadoc-1.0.1-11.mga5 Javadoc for geronimo-interceptor linux/noarch
geronimo-jaf-1_1-api-1.1-6.mga5 Java Activation Spec API 1.1 linux/noarch
geronimo-jaf-1_1-api-javadoc-1.1-6.mga5 Javadoc for geronimo-jaf-1_1-api linux/noarch
geronimo-jaspic-spec-1.1-12.mga5 Java Authentication SPI for Containers linux/noarch
geronimo-jaspic-spec-javadoc-1.1-12.mga5 API documentation for geronimo-jaspic-spec linux/noarch
geronimo-jaxrpc-2.1-15.mga5 Java EE: Java API for XML Remote Procedure Call v1.1 linux/noarch
geronimo-jaxrpc-javadoc-2.1-15.mga5 Javadoc for geronimo-jaxrpc linux/noarch
geronimo-jms-1.1.1-16.mga5 J2EE JMS v1.1 API linux/noarch
geronimo-jms-javadoc-1.1.1-16.mga5 API documentation for geronimo-jms linux/noarch
geronimo-jpa-1.1.1-13.mga5 Java persistence API implementation linux/noarch
geronimo-jpa-javadoc-1.1.1-13.mga5 API documentation for geronimo-jpa linux/noarch
geronimo-jta-1.1.1-14.mga5 J2EE JTA v1.1 API linux/noarch
geronimo-jta-javadoc-1.1.1-14.mga5 API documentation for geronimo-jta linux/noarch
geronimo-osgi-support-1.0-15.mga5 OSGI spec bundle support linux/noarch
geronimo-osgi-support-javadoc-1.0-15.mga5 Javadoc for geronimo-osgi-support linux/noarch
geronimo-parent-poms-1.6-12.mga5 Parent POM files for geronimo-specs linux/noarch
geronimo-saaj-1.1-11.mga5 Java EE: SOAP with Attachments API Package v1.3 linux/noarch
geronimo-saaj-javadoc-1.1-11.mga5 Javadoc for geronimo-saaj linux/noarch
geronimo-servlet-3_0-api-1.0-6.mga5 Servlet 3.0 API linux/noarch
geronimo-servlet-3_0-api-javadoc-1.0-6.mga5 Javadoc for geronimo-servlet-3_0-api linux/noarch
geronimo-validation-1.1-8.mga5 Geronimo implementation of JSR 303 linux/noarch
geronimo-validation-javadoc-1.1-8.mga5 Javadoc for geronimo-validation linux/noarch
get_iplayer-2.90-1.mga5 iPlayer TV, Radio, Podcase, Programmes stream tool linux/noarch
getfem-examples-4.2-10.mga5 Examples for getfem++ linux/noarch
getlive-2.4-4.mga5 Fetches mail from a Hotmail or Hotmail Live account linux/noarch
getmail-4.46.0-5.mga5 IMAP and POP3 mail retriever with reliable Maildir delivery linux/noarch
gettext-0.19.4-1.mga5 GNU libraries and utilities for producing multi-lingual messages linux/i586
gettext-base-0.19.4-1.mga5 Basic binary for showing translation of textual messages linux/i586
gettext-devel-0.19.4-1.mga5 Development files for gettext linux/i586
gfs2-utils-3.1.6-4.mga5 Utilities for managing the global file system (GFS2) linux/i586
gftp-2.0.19-13.mga5 Multithreaded FTP client for X Windows linux/i586
gfxboot-4.5.6-2.mga5 Tools to create graphical boot logos linux/i586
gfxboot-devel-4.5.6-2.mga5 Tools for creating a graphical boot logo linux/i586
ggz-client-libs- GGZ Client Libraries linux/i586
ggz-gtk-client- GGZ Client with GTK+ user interface linux/i586
ghc-7.4.2-4.mga5 Glasgow Haskell Compilation system linux/i586
ghc-doc-7.4.2-4.mga5 Documentation for the Glasgow Haskell Compiler linux/i586
ghc-prof-7.4.2-4.mga5 Profiling libraries for GHC linux/i586
ghex-3.10.1-3.mga5 GNOME Hexadecimal Editor linux/i586
ghostpcl-9.05-5.mga5 PostScript, PDF and XPS interpreter and renderer linux/i586
ghostscript-9.14-3.mga5 PostScript/PDF interpreter and renderer (Main executable) linux/i586
ghostscript-X-9.14-3.mga5 PostScript/PDF interpreter and renderer (with X11 screen display) linux/i586
ghostscript-common-9.14-3.mga5 PostScript/PDF interpreter and renderer (Common files) linux/i586
ghostscript-doc-9.14-3.mga5 Documentation for GhostScript linux/noarch
ghostscript-dvipdf-9.14-3.mga5 PostScript/PDF interpreter and renderer (DVI-to-PDF converter) linux/i586
ghostscript-fonts-8.11-19.mga5 Fonts for the GhostScript PostScript(TM) interpreter linux/noarch
ghostscript-module-X-9.14-3.mga5 PostScript/PDF interpreter and renderer (Additional support for X) linux/i586
gif2png-2.5.8-7.mga5 Tools for converting websites from using GIFs to using PNGs linux/i586
gif89encoder-0.90-0.0.b.7.mga5 Java class library for encoding GIF's linux/noarch
gif89encoder-javadoc-0.90-0.0.b.7.mga5 Javadoc for gif89encoder linux/noarch
giflib-progs-4.2.3-4.mga5 Gif tools based on giflib linux/i586
gifsicle-1.84-3.mga5 Powerful program for manipulating GIF images and animations linux/i586
giftrans-1.12.2-28.mga5 Convert transparent GIFs into non-transparent GIFs linux/i586
gig-3.3.0-3.2671.3.mga5 C++ library for loading Gigasampler files and DLS Level 1/2 files linux/i586
gigedit-0.2.0-1.2671.3.mga5 Instrument editor for gig files linux/i586
giggle-0.7-7.mga5 Gtk frontend for git linux/i586
gigolo-0.4.2-4.mga5 Frontend for GIO/GVFS linux/i586
gimgtools-0.03-4.mga5 Manipulate Garmin IMG files linux/i586
gimp-2.8.14-4.mga5 The GNU Image Manipulation Program linux/i586
gimp-data-extras-2.0.2-8.mga5 The GNU Image Manipulation Program linux/noarch
gimp-help-de-2.8.2-3.mga5 German translation of Gimp2 help linux/noarch
gimp-help-el-2.8.2-3.mga5 Greek translation of Gimp2 help linux/noarch
gimp-help-en-2.8.2-3.mga5 English translation of Gimp2 help linux/noarch
gimp-help-es-2.8.2-3.mga5 Spanish translation of Gimp2 help linux/noarch
gimp-help-fi-2.8.2-3.mga5 Finnish translation of Gimp2 help linux/noarch
gimp-help-fr-2.8.2-3.mga5 French translation of Gimp2 help linux/noarch
gimp-help-ja-2.8.2-3.mga5 Japanese translation of Gimp2 help linux/noarch
gimp-help-ko-2.8.2-3.mga5 Korean translation of Gimp2 help linux/noarch
gimp-help-nn-2.8.2-3.mga5 Nynorsk Norwegian translation of Gimp2 help linux/noarch
gimp-help-ru-2.8.2-3.mga5 Russian translation of Gimp2 help linux/noarch
gimp-help-sl-2.8.2-3.mga5 Slovenian translation of Gimp2 help linux/noarch
gimp-help-sv-2.8.2-3.mga5 Swedish translation of Gimp2 help linux/noarch
gimp-help-zh_CN-2.8.2-3.mga5 Simplified Chinese translation of Gimp2 help linux/noarch
gimp-plugin-animstack-0.5-5.mga5 A collection of tools to simplify creating animations in GIMP linux/noarch
gimp-plugin-astronomy-0.8-6.mga5 Astronomy plugins for the GIMP graphic editor linux/i586
gimp-plugin-bgmask-0.1-5.mga5 A useful script to extract, to mask and to average linux/noarch
gimp-plugin-bimp-1.11-3.mga5 Batch Image Manipulation Plugin linux/i586
gimp-plugin-gmic- gmic plugin for gimp linux/i586
gimp-plugin-separate-0.5.8-7.mga5 CYMK plugins for the GIMP graphic editor linux/i586
gimp-plugin-wavelet-decompose-0.1.2-7.mga5 Gimp plugin to decomposes a layer into layers of wavelet scales linux/i586
gimp-plugin-wavelet-denoise-0.3.1-7.mga5 Gimp plugin to reduce noise in each channel of an image separately linux/i586
gimp-python-2.8.14-4.mga5 GIMP python extension linux/i586
gimp-resynthesizer-2.0-0.3.mga5 Gimp plug-in for texture synthesis linux/i586
gimp2-pandora-0.9.3-6.mga5 GIMP plugin for making panoramas linux/noarch
ginkgo-0.32-7.mga5 Ginkgo is a navigator for Nepomuk, the KDE semantic toolkit linux/noarch
gio-sharp-2.22.3-5.mga5 .NET/C# Bindings for GIO linux/noarch
gio-sharp-devel-2.22.3-5.mga5 .NET/C# Bindings for GIO linux/noarch
girara-i18n-0.2.2-3.mga5 Internationalization and locale data for girara linux/noarch
git-2.3.2-1.mga5 Global Information Tracker linux/i586
git-arch-2.3.2-1.mga5 Git tools for importing Arch repositories linux/i586
git-archive-all-1.8-3.mga5 Python script wrapper for git-archive that archives a git clone and its submodules linux/i586
git-core-2.3.2-1.mga5 Global Information Tracker linux/i586
git-core-oldies-2.3.2-1.mga5 Git obsolete commands, bound to extinction linux/i586
git-cvs-2.3.2-1.mga5 Git tools for importing CVS repositories linux/i586
git-email-2.3.2-1.mga5 Git tools for sending email linux/i586
git-info-bar-1.2.0-3.mga5 Shell plugin displaying various git attributes linux/noarch
git-prompt-2.3.2-1.mga5 Shows the current git branch in your bash prompt linux/i586
git-review-1.23-7.mga5 A git helper for integration with Gerrit linux/noarch
git-svn-2.3.2-1.mga5 Git tools for importing Subversion repositories linux/i586
git2cl-20080827-6.mga5 Concert git log to GNU ChangeLog format linux/noarch
gitbuster-2.1-1.b5.7.mga5 Python Qt4 frontend for git filter-branch and git cherry-pick linux/noarch
gitflow- Extensions providing operations for V. Driessen's branching model linux/noarch
gitg-3.14.1-1.mga5 GTK+ graphical interface for the git revision control system linux/i586
gitk-2.3.2-1.mga5 Git revision tree visualiser linux/i586
gitolite- Git hosting tool linux/noarch
gitslave-2.0.1-5.mga5 gitslave creates a group of related repositories linux/noarch
gitview-2.3.2-1.mga5 Git graphical revision tree visualiser linux/i586
gitweb-2.3.2-1.mga5 cgi-bin script for browse a git repository with web browsers linux/i586
giws-2.0.2-7.mga5 Generate C++ class wrappers to call Java methods/objects linux/noarch
gjs-1.42.0-2.mga5 JavaScript bindings based on gobject-introspection linux/i586
gkeyfile-sharp-0.1-7.mga5 Mono bindings for the GKeyFile library linux/noarch
gkeyfile-sharp-devel-0.1-7.mga5 Development files for gkeyfile-sharp linux/noarch
gkrellm-2.3.5-11.mga5 Multiple stacked system monitors linux/i586
gkrellm-devel-2.3.5-11.mga5 Include files for gkrellm linux/i586
gkrellm-plugins-2.3.5-13.mga5 Plugins for gkrellm linux/i586
gkrellm-plugins-kam-2.3.5-13.mga5 Kam plugin for gkrellm-plugins linux/i586
gkrellm-plugins-shoot-2.3.5-13.mga5 Shoot plugin for gkrellm-plugins linux/i586
gkrellm-plugins-snmp-2.3.5-13.mga5 SNMP plugin for gkrellm-plugins linux/i586
gkrellm-plugins-stock-2.3.5-13.mga5 Stock plugin for gkrellm-plugins linux/i586
gkrellm-plugins-wmforkplop-0.9.3-7.mga5 Gkrellm port of the WindowMaker dock application wmforkplop linux/i586
gkrellm-plugins-wmhdplop-0.9.9-6.mga5 Gkrellm port of the WindowMaker dock application wmhdplop linux/i586
gkrellm-server-2.3.5-11.mga5 Server component for gkrellm linux/i586
gkrellm-themes-20030129-15.mga5 Themes for the GKrellM linux/noarch
gksu-polkit-0.0.3-0.git20131130.11.mga5 Command line utility to run programs as root linux/i586
gl-117-1.3.2-14.mga5 Action flight simulator linux/i586
glabels-3.2.1-1.mga5 GNOME program to create labels and business cards linux/i586
glabels-docs-3.2.1-1.mga5 Development documentation for glabels linux/noarch
glade-3.18.3-4.mga5 GTK+ / GNOME 3 widget builder linux/i586
glade3-3.8.5-3.mga5 GTK+ / GNOME 2 widget builder linux/i586
glances-2.0-5.mga5 A cross-platform curses-based monitoring tool linux/noarch
glassfish-annotation-api-1.2-8.mga5 Common Annotations API Specification (JSR 250) linux/noarch
glassfish-annotation-api-javadoc-1.2-8.mga5 Javadoc for glassfish-annotation-api linux/noarch
glassfish-dtd-parser-1.2-0.4.20120120svn.6.mga5 Library for parsing XML DTDs linux/noarch
glassfish-dtd-parser-javadoc-1.2-0.4.20120120svn.6.mga5 Javadoc for glassfish-dtd-parser linux/noarch
glassfish-el-3.0.0-4.mga5 J2EE Expression Language Implementation linux/noarch
glassfish-el-api-3.0.0-3.mga5 Expression Language API 2.2.4 linux/noarch
glassfish-el-api-javadoc-3.0.0-3.mga5 Javadoc for glassfish-el-api linux/noarch
glassfish-el-javadoc-3.0.0-4.mga5 Javadoc for glassfish-el linux/noarch
glassfish-fastinfoset-1.2.12-10.mga5 Fast Infoset linux/noarch
glassfish-fastinfoset-javadoc-1.2.12-10.mga5 Javadoc for glassfish-fastinfoset linux/noarch
glassfish-gmbal-3.2.0-0.3.b003.5.mga5 GlassFish MBean Annotation Library linux/noarch
glassfish-gmbal-javadoc-3.2.0-0.3.b003.5.mga5 Javadoc for glassfish-gmbal linux/noarch
glassfish-ha-api-3.1.9-4.mga5 High Availability APIs and SPI linux/noarch
glassfish-ha-api-javadoc-3.1.9-4.mga5 Javadoc for glassfish-ha-api linux/noarch
glassfish-hk2-2.1.93-12.mga5 Hundred Kilobytes Kernel linux/noarch
glassfish-hk2-api-2.1.93-12.mga5 HK2 API module linux/noarch
glassfish-hk2-apt-2.1.93-12.mga5 HK2 Inhabitants' index generator linux/noarch
glassfish-hk2-class-model-2.1.93-12.mga5 Class Model for Hk2 linux/noarch
glassfish-hk2-core-2.1.93-12.mga5 HK2 core module linux/noarch
glassfish-hk2-dependency-verifier-2.1.93-12.mga5 HK2 Static Analyser for verifying module dependency linux/noarch
glassfish-hk2-dependency-visualizer-2.1.93-12.mga5 HK2 Tool to visualize the dependencies linux/noarch
glassfish-hk2-guice-bridge-2.1.93-12.mga5 HK2 Guice Bridge linux/noarch
glassfish-hk2-inhabitant-generator-2.1.93-12.mga5 HK2 Inhabitant Generator - maven plugin linux/noarch
glassfish-hk2-javadoc-2.1.93-12.mga5 Javadoc for glassfish-hk2 linux/noarch
glassfish-hk2-locator-2.1.93-12.mga5 HK2 ServiceLocator Default Implementation linux/noarch
glassfish-hk2-maven-2.1.93-12.mga5 HK2 Module system maven support linux/noarch
glassfish-hk2-maven-plugins-2.1.93-12.mga5 HK2 Maven Plugins linux/noarch
glassfish-hk2-osgi-2.1.93-12.mga5 HK2 OSGi Adapter linux/noarch
glassfish-hk2-runlevel-2.1.93-12.mga5 HK2 Run Level Service linux/noarch
glassfish-hk2-testing-2.1.93-12.mga5 Utilities for testing with HK2 linux/noarch
glassfish-hk2-utils-2.1.93-12.mga5 HK2 Implementation Utilities linux/noarch
glassfish-jax-rs-api-2.0-7.mga5 JAX-RS API Specification (JSR 339) linux/noarch
glassfish-jax-rs-api-javadoc-2.0-7.mga5 Javadoc for glassfish-jax-rs-api linux/noarch
glassfish-jaxb-2.2.5-7.mga5 JAXB Reference Implementation linux/noarch
glassfish-jaxb-api-2.2.9-6.mga5 Java Architecture for XML Binding linux/noarch
glassfish-jaxb-api-javadoc-2.2.9-6.mga5 Javadoc for jaxb-api linux/noarch
glassfish-jaxb-javadoc-2.2.5-7.mga5 Javadocs for glassfish-jaxb linux/noarch
glassfish-jaxws-2.2.7-80.mga5 JAX-WS Reference Implementation (RI) Project linux/noarch
glassfish-jaxws-javadoc-2.2.7-80.mga5 Javadoc for glassfish-jaxws linux/noarch
glassfish-jaxws-tools-2.2.7-80.mga5 JAX-WS Reference Implementation Tools linux/noarch
glassfish-jaxws-tools-javadoc-2.2.7-80.mga5 Javadoc for glassfish-jaxws-tools linux/noarch
glassfish-jaxws-transports-2.2.7-80.mga5 JAX-WS RI Transports Implementation linux/noarch
glassfish-jsp-2.3.2-5.mga5 Glassfish J2EE JSP API implementation linux/noarch
glassfish-jsp-api-2.3.1-3.mga5 Glassfish J2EE JSP API specification linux/noarch
glassfish-jsp-api-javadoc-2.3.1-3.mga5 API documentation for glassfish-jsp-api linux/noarch
glassfish-jsp-javadoc-2.3.2-5.mga5 API documentation for glassfish-jsp linux/noarch
glassfish-legal-1.1-6.mga5 Legal License for glassfish code linux/noarch
glassfish-management-api-3.2.0-0.3.b001.4.mga5 GlassFish Common APIs linux/noarch
glassfish-management-api-javadoc-3.2.0-0.3.b001.4.mga5 Javadoc for glassfish-management-api linux/noarch
glassfish-master-pom-8-7.mga5 Master POM for Glassfish Maven projects linux/noarch
glassfish-pfl-3.2.0-0.3.b001.5.mga5 GlassFish Primitive Function Library linux/noarch
glassfish-pfl-javadoc-3.2.0-0.3.b001.5.mga5 Javadoc for glassfish-pfl linux/noarch
glassfish-policy-2.3.1-8.mga5 GlassFish WS-Policy implementation linux/noarch
glassfish-policy-javadoc-2.3.1-8.mga5 Javadoc for glassfish-policy linux/noarch
glassfish-resolver-0-5.mga5 Resolver subproject of xml-commons patched for Glassfish JAXB linux/noarch
glassfish-saaj-1.3.19-5.mga5 JSR-67 implementation linux/noarch
glassfish-saaj-javadoc-1.3.19-5.mga5 Javadocs for glassfish-saaj linux/noarch
glassfish-servlet-api-3.1.0-7.mga5 Java Servlet API linux/noarchNew
glassfish-servlet-api-javadoc-3.1.0-7.mga5 Javadoc for glassfish-servlet-api linux/noarchNew
glassfish-toplink-essentials-2.0.46-9.mga5 Glassfish JPA Toplink Essentials linux/noarch
glassfish-toplink-essentials-javadoc-2.0.46-9.mga5 Javadoc for glassfish-toplink-essentials Implementation linux/noarch
glew-1.11.0-3.mga5 The OpenGL Extension Wrangler Library linux/i586
glib-gettextize-2.42.1-2.mga5 Gettextize replacement linux/i586
glib-networking-2.42.1-1.mga5 Network-related GIO modules linux/i586
glib2.0-common-2.42.1-2.mga5 data files used by glib linux/i586
glibc-2.20-20.mga5 The GNU libc libraries linux/i586
glibc-devel-2.20-20.mga5 Header and object files for development using standard C libraries linux/i586
glibc-doc-2.20-20.mga5 GNU C library documentation linux/noarch
glibc-i18ndata-2.20-20.mga5 Database sources for 'locale' linux/i586
glibc-profile-2.20-20.mga5 The GNU libc libraries, including support for gprof profiling linux/i586
glibc-static-devel-2.20-20.mga5 Static libraries for GNU C library linux/i586
glibc-utils-2.20-20.mga5 Development utilities from GNU C library linux/i586
glibmm2.4-doc-2.42.0-3.mga5 Glibmm documentation linux/noarch
glm-devel- C++ mathematics library for graphics programming linux/i586
glm-doc- Documentation for glm-devel linux/noarch
globulation2- Globulation2 - a state of the art Real Time Strategy (RTS) game linux/i586
glom-1.28.0-2.mga5 Easy-to-use database designer and user interface linux/i586
gloobus-preview-0.4.1-7.mga5 A Gnome extension to enable previews for any kind of file linux/i586
glpi-0.84.8-2.1.mga5 A web based park management linux/noarch
glpi-plugin-archires-2.1.0-4.mga5 Network reporting plugin linux/noarch
glpi-plugin-datainjection-2.3.1-1.mga5 Data import plugin linux/noarch
glpi-plugin-fusioninventory-0.84+3.5-5.mga5 FusionInventory GLPI plugin linux/noarch
glpi-plugin-genericobject-2.3.2-1.mga5 Add new inventory objects linux/noarch
glpi-plugin-manufacturersimports-1.6.0-4.mga5 Financials informations from manufacturers web site plugin linux/noarch
glpi-plugin-racks-1.4.1-1.mga5 Bay management plugin linux/noarch
glpi-plugin-reports-1.7.2-1.mga5 Additional reports plugin linux/noarch
glpi-plugin-webservices-1.4.2-1.mga5 Web Services plugin linux/noarch
glpk-4.47-5.mga5 GLPK glpsol utility linux/i586
gltron-0.70-18.mga5 Gltron, a 3d lightcycle game using OpenGL linux/i586
gluegen-1.0b06-0.0.11.mga5 Java/JNI glue code generator to call out to ANSI C linux/i586
gluegen-manual-1.0b06-0.0.11.mga5 User documetation for gluegen linux/noarch
gluegen-source-1.0b06-0.0.11.mga5 GlueGen source code required to build JOGL linux/noarch
gluegen2-2.2.4-1.mga5 Java/JNI glue code generator to call out to ANSI C linux/i586
gluegen2-devel-2.2.4-1.mga5 GlueGen2 devel utilities required to build JOGL2 linux/noarch
gluegen2-doc-2.2.4-1.mga5 GlueGen's user manual linux/noarch
gluegen2-javadoc-2.2.4-1.mga5 Javadoc for GlueGen2 linux/noarch
gluon-0.71.0-10.mga5 Gluon is a cross-platform free and open source 2D game engine from KDE linux/i586
glusterfs-3.5.2-8.mga5 GlusterFS network/cluster filesystem linux/i586
glusterfs-api-3.5.2-8.mga5 Clustered file-system api library linux/i586
glusterfs-cli-3.5.2-8.mga5 GlusterFS CLI linux/i586
glusterfs-client-3.5.2-8.mga5 GlusterFS client linux/i586
glusterfs-extra-xlators-3.5.2-8.mga5 Extra Gluster filesystem Translators linux/i586
glusterfs-fuse-3.5.2-8.mga5 Fuse client linux/i586
glusterfs-geo-replication-3.5.2-8.mga5 GlusterFS Geo-replication linux/i586
glusterfs-regression-tests-3.5.2-8.mga5 Development Tools linux/i586
glusterfs-server-3.5.2-8.mga5 GlusterFS server linux/i586
glxinfo-8.2.0-4.mga5 Commandline GLX information tool linux/i586
gmetric4j-1.0.3-5.mga5 JVM instrumentation to Ganglia linux/noarch
gmetric4j-javadoc-1.0.3-5.mga5 Javadoc for gmetric4j linux/noarch
gmetrics-0.6-8.mga5 Groovy library that provides reports and metrics for Groovy code linux/noarch
gmetrics-javadoc-0.6-8.mga5 Javadoc for gmetrics linux/noarch
gmic- A script language (G'MIC) dedicated to image processing linux/i586
gmime-sharp-2.6.20-4.mga5 GMIME# bindings for mono linux/i586
gmpc-11.8.16-6.mga5 Gtk2 frontend for the mpd linux/i586
gmpc-albumview-11.8.16-6.mga5 Album View draws all album covers linux/i586
gmpc-avahi-11.8.16-6.mga5 An avahi plugin for gmpc linux/i586
gmpc-devel-11.8.16-6.mga5 GMPC development files linux/i586
gmpc-discogs-0.20.0-5.mga5 Artist and Album image fetcher linux/i586
gmpc-extraplaylist-0.20.0-8.mga5 An extra playlist plugin for gmpc linux/i586
gmpc-jamendo-11.8.16-6.mga5 Jamendo pluging for gmpc linux/i586
gmpc-lastfm-0.20.0-8.mga5 A Last.FM artist art provider plugin for gmpc linux/i586
gmpc-libnotify-11.8.16-6.mga5 A libnotify plugin for gmpc linux/i586
gmpc-lyrics-11.8.16-6.mga5 A lyrics provider plugin for gmpc linux/i586
gmpc-magnatune-11.8.16-6.mga5 A magnatune browser plugin for gmpc linux/i586
gmpc-mserver-0.20.0-8.mga5 A microhttpd server plugin for gmpc linux/i586
gmpc-shout-0.20.0-8.mga5 A shout plugin for gmpc linux/i586
gmpc-tagedit-11.8.16-6.mga5 GMPC Editor for song tags linux/i586
gmpc-wikipedia-11.8.16-6.mga5 A wikipedia plugin for gmpc linux/i586
gmrun-0.9.2-5.mga5 Lightweight "Run program" dialog box with search history and tab completion linux/i586
gmt-4.5.12-3.mga5 Scientific graphic tool with maps linux/i586
gmt-coast-2.3.2-3.mga5 GMT cartography data crude, low and intermediate resolution linux/noarch
gmt-fulldata-2.3.2-3.mga5 GMT cartography data Full-Resolution (maximum) linux/noarch
gmt-highdata-2.3.2-3.mga5 GMT cartography data High-Resolution linux/noarch
gmtk-i18n-1.0.9-3.mga5 Translation files for gmtk linux/noarch
gmtp-1.3.7-3.mga5 Simple MTP Client linux/i586
gmusicbrowser-1.1.13-6.mga5 Jukebox for collections of music files linux/noarch
gnac- Easy to use audio conversion program for the Gnome desktop linux/i586
gnash-0.8.10-13.mga5 gnash - a GNU Flash movie player linux/i586
gnash-cygnal-0.8.10-13.mga5 Streaming media server linux/i586
gnash-extension-dejagnu-0.8.10-13.mga5 DejaGnu extension for Gnash linux/i586
gnash-extension-fileio-0.8.10-13.mga5 Fileio extension for Gnash linux/i586
gnash-extension-lirc-0.8.10-13.mga5 LIRC extension for Gnash linux/i586
gnash-extension-mysql-0.8.10-13.mga5 MySQL extension for Gnash linux/i586
gnash-firefox-plugin-0.8.10-13.mga5 gnash firefox plugin linux/i586
gnash-tools-0.8.10-13.mga5 gnash tools linux/i586
gngt-1.1.2-3.mga5 German Noun Gender Trainer is a tool for German lerners linux/i586
gnochm-0.9.11-10.mga5 A chm file viewer for gnome linux/i586
gnofract4d-3.14.1-8.mga5 Gnofract 4D: Superior Fractal Software linux/i586
gnokii-0.6.31-13.mga5 Tool suite for Nokia mobile phones linux/i586
gnokii-smsd-0.6.31-13.mga5 Gnokii SMS daemon linux/i586
gnokii-smsd-mysql-0.6.31-13.mga5 MySQL support for Gnokii SMS daemon linux/i586
gnokii-smsd-pgsql-0.6.31-13.mga5 PostgreSQL support for Gnokii SMS daemon linux/i586
gnokii-smsd-sqlite-0.6.31-13.mga5 SQLite support for Gnokii SMS daemon linux/i586
gnokii-xgnokii-0.6.31-13.mga5 Graphical Linux/Unix tool suite for Nokia mobile phones linux/i586
gnomad2-2.9.6-8.mga5 A Nomad Jukebox manager linux/i586
gnome-activity-journal-0.8.0-8.mga5 GUI to browse and search your Zeitgeist activities linux/noarch
gnome-alsamixer-0.9.7-0.205.6.mga5 ALSA mixer (volume control) for MATE linux/i586
gnome-backgrounds-3.14.1-2.mga5 Desktop backgrounds packaged with the GNOME desktop linux/noarch
gnome-bluetooth-3.14.0-3.mga5 GNOME Bluetooth Subsystem linux/i586
gnome-boxes-3.14.2-1.mga5 A simple GNOME 3 application to access remote or virtual systems linux/i586
gnome-calculator-3.14.1-1.mga5 GNOME Desktop calculator linux/i586
gnome-chemistry-utils-0.14.8-6.mga5 Backend for Gnome chemistry applications linux/i586
gnome-chemistry-utils-common-0.14.8-6.mga5 Common files shared by different components of gnome-chemistry-utils linux/i586
gnome-chemistry-utils-devel-0.14.8-6.mga5 Development related files of gnome-chemistry-utils linux/i586
gnome-chemistry-utils-gnumeric-0.14.8-6.mga5 gchemutils plugin for gnumeric linux/i586
gnome-chemistry-utils-goffice-0.14.8-6.mga5 GOffice plugin for gchemutils linux/i586
gnome-chess-3.14.3-1.mga5 GNOME Chess game linux/i586
gnome-classic-session-3.14.3-1.mga5 GNOME "classic" mode session linux/noarch
gnome-clocks-3.14.1-2.mga5 Clocks applications for GNOME linux/i586
gnome-color-manager-3.14.2-1.mga5 Color management tools for GNOME linux/i586
gnome-commander-1.4.3-4.mga5 A GNOME filemanager similar to the Norton Commander(TM) linux/i586
gnome-common-3.14.0-2.mga5 Gnome-common contains useful things common to building gnome packages linux/noarch
gnome-contacts-3.14.2-2.mga5 Contacts manager for GNOME linux/i586
gnome-control-center-3.14.2-1.mga5 GNOME control center linux/i586
gnome-desktop-2.32.1-7.mga5 Package containing code shared among gnome-panel, gnome-session, nautilus, etc linux/i586
gnome-desktop-common-2.32.1-7.mga5 Data files needed by libgnomedesktop library linux/noarch
gnome-desktop-sharp-2.26.0-14.mga5 C# language bindings for GNOME desktop linux/i586
gnome-desktop-sharp-devel-2.26.0-14.mga5 C# language binding for the GNOME desktop - devel files linux/i586
gnome-desktop3-3.14.2-1.mga5 Package containing code shared among gnome-session, gnome-control-center, nautilus, etc linux/i586
gnome-devel-docs-3.14.4-1.mga5 GNOME Developer Documentation linux/noarch
gnome-dictionary-3.14.2-1.mga5 GNOME Dictionary linux/i586
gnome-disk-utility-3.14.0-1.mga5 Disk management daemon linux/i586
gnome-do-0.95.1-4.mga5 Quick launch and search linux/i586
gnome-do-plugins-0.8.5-4.mga5 Creating and managing the plugins that put the 'Do' in 'GNOME Do' linux/i586
gnome-doc-utils-0.20.10-6.mga5 GNOME XML documentation utilities linux/noarch
gnome-documents-3.14.2-1.mga5 Document manager application for GNOME linux/i586
gnome-dvb-daemon-0.2.90-2.mga5 DVB Daemon for GNOME linux/i586
gnome-encfs-manager- An easy to use manager and mounter for encfs stashes linux/i586
gnome-epub-thumbnailer-1.4-3.mga5 Thumbnailers for EPub and MOBI books linux/i586
gnome-font-viewer-3.14.1-1.mga5 GNOME Font Viewer linux/i586
gnome-games-3.12.0-6.mga5 GNOME games linux/noarch
gnome-getting-started-docs-3.14.1-1.mga5 Help a new user get started in GNOME linux/noarch
gnome-getting-started-docs-cs-3.14.1-1.mga5 Czech translations for gnome-getting-started-docs videos linux/noarch
gnome-getting-started-docs-de-3.14.1-1.mga5 German translations for gnome-getting-started-docs videos linux/noarch
gnome-getting-started-docs-es-3.14.1-1.mga5 Spanish translations for gnome-getting-started-docs videos linux/noarch
gnome-getting-started-docs-gl-3.14.1-1.mga5 Galician translations for gnome-getting-started-docs videos linux/noarch
gnome-getting-started-docs-hu-3.14.1-1.mga5 Hungarian translations for gnome-getting-started-docs videos linux/noarch
gnome-getting-started-docs-it-3.14.1-1.mga5 Italian translations for gnome-getting-started-docs videos linux/noarch
gnome-getting-started-docs-pl-3.14.1-1.mga5 Polish translations for gnome-getting-started-docs videos linux/noarch
gnome-getting-started-docs-pt_BR-3.14.1-1.mga5 Brazilian Portuguese translations for gnome-getting-started-docs videos linux/noarch
gnome-js-common-0.1.2-3.mga5 Common JavaScript modules for GNOME linux/noarch
gnome-keyring-3.14.0-2.mga5 Keyring and password manager for the GNOME desktop linux/i586
gnome-keyring-sharp-1.0.2-7.mga5 Mono implementation of the GNOME Keyring API linux/i586
gnome-keyring-sharp-doc-1.0.2-7.mga5 Development documentation for gnome-keyring-sharp linux/i586
gnome-klotski-3.14.2-2.mga5 GNOME Klotski game linux/i586
gnome-logs-3.14.2-1.mga5 GNOME Log Viewer linux/i586
gnome-mag-0.16.3-6.mga5 GNOME magnifier linux/i586
gnome-mahjongg-3.14.1-3.mga5 GNOME Mahjongg game linux/i586
gnome-main-menu-1.8.0-7.mga5 Menu and Application Browser for MATE Desktop linux/i586
gnome-maps-3.14.2-1.mga5 A map application for GNOME linux/i586
gnome-menus-3.13.3-4.mga5 GNOME menu library linux/i586
gnome-mime-data-2.18.0-13.mga5 The GNOME virtual file-system libraries linux/noarch
gnome-mines-3.14.0-3.mga5 GNOME Mines Sweeper game linux/i586
gnome-mplayer-1.0.9-3.mga5 Simple GUI for MPlayer linux/i586
gnome-multi-writer-3.15.90-1.mga5 Write and verify an ISO file to up to 20 USB devices at once linux/i586
gnome-music- Music player and management application linux/i586
gnome-nettool-3.8.1-5.mga5 Network information tool for GNOME linux/i586
gnome-nibbles-3.14.1-3.mga5 GNOME Nibbles game linux/i586
gnome-online-accounts-3.14.3-1.mga5 Provide online accounts information linux/i586
gnome-online-miners-3.14.1-1.mga5 Crawls through your online content linux/i586
gnome-packagekit-3.14.2-1.mga5 A PackageKit client for the GNOME desktop linux/i586
gnome-packagekit-common-3.14.2-1.mga5 Common files and services for GNOME PackageKit linux/i586
gnome-packagekit-extra-3.14.2-1.mga5 Session applications to manage packages with GNOME PackageKit (extra bits) linux/i586
gnome-paint-0.4.0-4.mga5 Easy to use paint program linux/i586
gnome-phone-manager-0.69-12.mga5 GNOME Cellular Phone Manager linux/i586
gnome-photos-3.14.2-1.mga5 Access, organize and share your photos linux/i586
gnome-power-manager-3.14.1-2.mga5 GNOME Power Manager linux/i586
gnome-ppp-0.3.23-4.mga5 Modem internet connection tool for the GNOME Desktop linux/i586
gnome-print-sharp-2.26.0-14.mga5 C# language binding for the GNOME print library linux/i586
gnome-python-2.28.1-10.mga5 The sources for the PyGNOME Python extension module linux/i586
gnome-python-bonobo-2.28.1-10.mga5 Python bindings for interacting with bonobo linux/i586
gnome-python-canvas-2.28.1-10.mga5 Python bindings for the GNOME Canvas linux/i586
gnome-python-desktop-2.32.0-22.mga5 GNOME Desktop bindings for Python linux/i586
gnome-python-devel-2.28.1-10.mga5 Development files of gnome-python linux/i586
gnome-python-extras-2.25.3-48.mga5 GNOME extra bindings for Python linux/i586
gnome-python-gconf-2.28.1-10.mga5 Python bindings for interacting with GConf linux/i586
gnome-python-gnomekeyring-2.32.0-22.mga5 Python bindings for interacting with gnome-keyring linux/i586
gnome-python-gnomeprint-2.32.0-22.mga5 Python bindings for interacting with gnomeprint and gnomeprintui linux/i586
gnome-python-gnomevfs-2.28.1-10.mga5 Python bindings for interacting with gnome-vfs linux/i586
gnome-python-gtkhtml2-2.25.3-48.mga5 Python bindings for interacting with gtkhtml2 linux/i586
gnome-python-gtksourceview-2.32.0-22.mga5 Python bindings for Gtksourceview linux/i586
gnome-python-gtkspell-2.25.3-48.mga5 Python bindings for gtkspell linux/i586
gnome-python-gtop-2.32.0-22.mga5 Python bindings for Gtop linux/i586
gnome-python-metacity-2.32.0-22.mga5 Python bindings for the Metacity window manager linux/i586
gnome-python-totem-2.32.0-22.mga5 Python bindings for the Totem playlist parser linux/i586
gnome-robots-3.14.2-2.mga5 GNOME Robots game linux/i586
gnome-screensaver-3.6.1-10.mga5 GNOME Screensaver linux/i586
gnome-screenshot-3.14.0-2.mga5 GNOME Screenshot utility linux/i586
gnome-search-tool-3.6.0-5.mga5 GNOME Search tool linux/i586
gnome-session-3.14.0-6.mga5 The gnome desktop programs for the GNOME GUI desktop environment linux/i586New
gnome-session-bin-3.14.0-6.mga5 The gnome desktop programs for the GNOME GUI desktop environment linux/i586New
gnome-settings-daemon-3.14.2-2.mga5 GNOME Settings Daemon linux/i586New
gnome-settings-daemon-devel-3.14.2-2.mga5 Include files for the GNOME settings daemon linux/i586New
gnome-sharp2-2.24.2-7.mga5 C# language binding for GNOME linux/i586
gnome-sharp2-devel-2.24.2-7.mga5 C# language binding for GNOME - devel files linux/i586
gnome-shell-3.14.3-7.mga5 Core user interface for the GNOME 3 desktop linux/i586New
gnome-shell-docs-3.14.3-7.mga5 Documentation for gnome-shell linux/noarchNew
gnome-shell-extensions-alternate-tab-3.14.3-1.mga5 Classic Alt+Tab behavior. Window based instead of app based linux/noarch
gnome-shell-extensions-apps-menu-3.14.3-1.mga5 Gnome 2.x style menu on the panel linux/noarch
gnome-shell-extensions-auto-move-windows-3.14.3-1.mga5 Assign specific workspaces to applications linux/noarch
gnome-shell-extensions-common-3.14.3-1.mga5 Files common to GNOME Shell Extensions linux/noarch
gnome-shell-extensions-drive-menu-3.14.3-1.mga5 Disk device manager in the system status area linux/noarch
gnome-shell-extensions-launch-new-instance-3.14.3-1.mga5 Always launch a new application instance for GNOME Shell linux/noarch
gnome-shell-extensions-native-window-placement-3.14.3-1.mga5 Arrange windows in overview in a more native way linux/noarch
gnome-shell-extensions-overrides-3.14.3-1.mga5 Classic-mode schema overides in GNOME Shell linux/noarch
gnome-shell-extensions-places-menu-3.14.3-1.mga5 Places menu indicator in the system status area linux/noarch
gnome-shell-extensions-screenshot-window-sizer-3.14.3-1.mga5 Screenshot window sizer for GNOME Shell linux/noarch
gnome-shell-extensions-systemMonitor-3.14.3-1.mga5 Monitor your system status linux/noarch
gnome-shell-extensions-user-theme-3.14.3-1.mga5 Lets the user select a custom theme for the shell linux/noarch
gnome-shell-extensions-window-list-3.14.3-1.mga5 Display a window list at the bottom of the screen in GNOME Shell linux/noarch
gnome-shell-extensions-windowsNavigator-3.14.3-1.mga5 Keyboard selection of windows and work-spaces in overlay mode linux/noarch
gnome-shell-extensions-workspace-indicator-3.14.3-1.mga5 A menu for changing workspace linux/noarch
gnome-shell-theme-elegance-colors-2.9-3.mga5 Elegance Colors Gnome Shell theme linux/i586
gnome-shell-theme-zukitwo-20141022-1.mga5 Zukitwo GNOME Shell theme linux/noarch
gnome-software-3.14.1-2.mga5 A software center for GNOME linux/i586
gnome-sound-recorder-3.14.2-1.mga5 A simple, modern sound recorder linux/i586
gnome-speech-0.4.25-12.mga5 Simple general API for producing text-to-speech output linux/i586
gnome-speech-driver-espeak-0.4.25-12.mga5 Backend for gnome-speech based on espeak linux/i586
gnome-speech-driver-festival-0.4.25-12.mga5 Backend for gnome-speech based on festival linux/i586
gnome-subtitles-1.3-5.mga5 Subtitle editor for the GNOME desktop linux/i586
gnome-sudoku-3.14.2-2.mga5 GNOME Sudoku game linux/i586
gnome-system-log-3.9.90-5.mga5 GNOME System log utility linux/i586
gnome-system-monitor-3.14.1-2.mga5 Simple process monitor linux/i586
gnome-terminal-3.14.2-1.mga5 GNOME terminal linux/i586
gnome-terminal-nautilus-3.14.2-1.mga5 Open a terminal in a specified folder linux/i586
gnome-tetravex-3.14.0-3.mga5 GNOME Tetravex game linux/i586
gnome-themes-extras-2.22.0-11.mga5 Additional themes collection for GNOME linux/noarch
gnome-themes-standard- Standard themes for GNOME applications linux/i586
gnome-timer-applet-2.1.4-6.mga5 Countdown timer applet for the GNOME panel linux/i586
gnome-tweak-tool-3.14.2-2.mga5 A tool to customize advanced GNOME 3 options linux/noarch
gnome-user-docs-3.14.2-1.mga5 GNOME User Documentation linux/noarch
gnome-user-share-3.14.2-1.mga5 GNOME user file sharing linux/i586
gnome-vfs2-2.24.4-7.mga5 GNOME virtual file-system libraries linux/i586
gnome-vfsmm2.6-doc-2.26.0-10.mga5 Documentation of gnome-vfsmm library linux/i586
gnome-video-effects-0.4.1-3.mga5 Collection of GStreamer video effects linux/noarch
gnome-weather-3.14.1-3.mga5 A weather application for GNOME linux/i586
gnome-web-photo-0.10.6-5.mga5 HTML pages thumbnailer linux/i586
gnote-3.14.2-1.mga5 Note-taking application linux/i586
gnu-free-fonts-common-20120503-7.mga5 Common files for freefont (documentation) linux/noarch
gnu-free-fonts-compat-20120503-7.mga5 GNU freefont compatibility package linux/noarch
gnu-free-mono-fonts-20120503-7.mga5 GNU FreeFont Monospaced Font linux/noarch
gnu-free-sans-fonts-20120503-7.mga5 GNU FreeFont Sans-Serif Font linux/noarch
gnu-free-serif-fonts-20120503-7.mga5 GNU FreeFont Serif Font linux/noarch
gnu-getopt-1.0.14-4.mga5 Java getopt implementation linux/noarch
gnu-getopt-javadoc-1.0.14-4.mga5 Javadoc for gnu-getopt linux/noarch
gnu-regexp-1.1.4-25.mga5 Java NFA regular expression engine implementation linux/noarch
gnu-regexp-demo-1.1.4-25.mga5 Demo for gnu-regexp linux/noarch
gnu-regexp-javadoc-1.1.4-25.mga5 Javadoc for gnu-regexp linux/noarch
gnu-trove-2.1.0-6.mga5 High performance collections for Java linux/noarch
gnu-trove-javadoc-2.1.0-6.mga5 Javadoc for gnu-trove linux/noarch
gnubeep-1.4-12.mga5 Produce sound trough the speaker linux/i586
gnubg-1.03.001-4.mga5 A backgammon game and analyser linux/i586
gnubik-2.4.1-3.mga5 3D interactive graphics puzzle linux/i586
gnucap-20060830-12.mga5 A general purpose circuit simulator linux/i586
gnucash-2.6.5-3.mga5 Application to keep track of your finances linux/i586
gnucash-hbci-2.6.5-3.mga5 Enables HBCI importing in GnuCash linux/i586
gnucash-ofx-2.6.5-3.mga5 Enables OFX importing in GnuCash linux/i586
gnuchess-6.1.1-3.mga5 The GNU chess program linux/i586
gnudl-0.9.5-2.mga5 A free incremental compiler quite similar and compatible with IDL linux/i586
gnudl-healpix-3.20-1.mga5 HEALPix GDL/IDL routines for the GNU data language linux/i586
gnugo-3.8-7.mga5 The GNU program to play the game of Go linux/i586
gnuit-4.9.5-6.mga5 A set of GNU Interactive Tools linux/i586
gnuitar-0.3.2-14.mga5 Real-time guitar effects linux/i586
gnumeric-1.12.20-1.mga5 A full-featured spreadsheet for GNOME linux/i586
gnupg-1.4.19-1.mga5 GNU privacy guard - a free PGP replacement linux/i586
gnupg2-2.0.27-1.mga5 GNU privacy guard - a free PGP replacement linux/i586
gnuplot-4.6.5-8.mga5 A program for plotting mathematical expressions and data linux/i586
gnuplot-mode-4.6.5-8.mga5 Yet another Gnuplot mode for Emacs linux/i586
gnuplot-nox-4.6.5-8.mga5 A program for plotting mathematical expressions and data linux/i586
gnupod-0.99.8-9.mga5 Command-line tools for the iPod linux/noarch
gnupylot-0.1.9-4.mga5 GUI for gnuplot linux/noarch
gnuradio- Software defined radio framework linux/i586
gnuradio-companion- The GNU Radio Companion linux/i586
gnuradio-doc- Software Defined Radio linux/noarch
gnuradio-examples- GNU Radio Example Programs linux/i586
gnuradio-noaa- GNU Radio NOAA POES HRPT receiver linux/i586
gnuradio-pager- GNU Radio FLEX Pager Decoder linux/i586
gnuradio-utils- GNU Radio Utilities linux/i586
gnustep-base-1.24.6-4.mga5 GNUstep Base library package linux/i586
gnustep-base-devel-1.24.6-4.mga5 Header of the GNUstep Base library packes linux/i586
gnustep-base-doc-1.24.6-4.mga5 Documentation for gnustep-base linux/noarch
gnustep-filesystem-2.6.6-3.mga5 The basic directory layout for GNUstep packages linux/i586
gnustep-make-2.6.6-3.mga5 GNUstep makefile package linux/i586
gnustep-make-doc-2.6.6-3.mga5 Documentation for gnustep-make linux/noarch
gnutls-3.2.21-1.mga5 Library providing a secure layer (SSL) linux/i586
gnutrition-0.31-5.mga5 A free nutrition analysis software linux/i586
gnutu-2.7-4.mga5 Student's Schedule linux/i586
go-md2man-1.0.2-1.mga5 Transform md into man pages linux/i586
go-md2man-devel-1.0.2-1.mga5 Transform md into man pages devel part linux/i586
goaccess-0.8.5-1.mga5 Real-time web log analyzer and interactive viewer linux/i586
gob2-2.0.20-3.mga5 GTK+ Object Builder linux/i586
gobby-0.4.13-4.mga5 A free collaborative editor linux/i586
gobject-introspection-1.42.0-3.mga5 GObject Introspection linux/i586
gobject-libguestfs-1.27.39-10.mga5 Gobject bindings for libguestfs linux/i586
gocr-0.50-4.mga5 OCR (Optical Character Recognition) program linux/i586
goffice-0.10.20-1.mga5 Set of document centric objects and utilities for glib/gtk linux/i586
goffice0.8-0.8.17-6.mga5 Set of document centric objects and utilities for glib/gtk linux/i586
golang-1.3.3-2.mga5 The Go Programming Language linux/i586
golang-ActiveState-tail-0.20131114-4.mga5 Go package striving to emulate the features of the tail program linux/i586
golang-blackfriday-1.2-3.mga5 Markdown processor for Go linux/i586
golang-blackfriday-devel-1.2-3.mga5 Markdown processor for Go linux/i586
golang-codegangsta-devel-1.2.0-1.mga5 A small package for building command line apps in Go linux/noarch
golang-go-systemd-2-5.mga5 Go bindings to systemd socket activation, journal and D-BUS APIs linux/i586
golang-godbus-1-5.mga5 Go client bindings for D-Bus linux/i586
golang-gopatricia-1.0.1-3.mga5 A generic patricia trie (also called radix tree) implemented in Go (Golang) linux/i586
golang-gorilla-context-0.1.gita08edd3-4.mga5 a general purpose registry for global request variables linux/i586
golang-gorilla-mux-0.1.git9ede152-4.mga5 A powerful URL router and dispatcher for golang linux/i586
golang-howeyc-fsnotify-0.20131118-4.mga5 File system notifications for Go linux/i586
golang-kr-pty-0.1.git3b1f648-4.mga5 PTY interface for Go linux/i586
golang-launchpad-tomb-0.20130531-4.mga5 Clean goroutine termination in the Go language linux/i586
golang-libcontainer-1.2.0-6.mga5 Docker libcontainer library linux/i586
golang-libcontainer-devel-1.2.0-6.mga5 Docker libcontainer library linux/i586
golang-libcrypto-0.20131031-4.mga5 supplementary Go cryptography libraries linux/i586
golang-libguestfs-1.27.39-10.mga5 Go bindings for libguestfs linux/i586
golang-libtrust-0.1.git9f61d45-2.mga5 Authentication and authorization library for Go linux/i586
golang-logrus-0.6.0-1.mga5 Structured logger for Go linux/noarch
golang-logrus-devel-0.6.0-1.mga5 Structured logger for Go linux/noarch
golang-mitchellh-go-fs-0.20130816-4.mga5 FAT Filesystem Library for Go linux/i586
golang-mitchellh-go-vnc-0.20130606-4.mga5 VNC Library for Go linux/i586
golang-mitchellh-goamz-0.20131119-4.mga5 An Amazon Library for Go linux/i586
golang-mitchellh-iochan-0.20130604-4.mga5 a Go library for treating io readers and writers like channels linux/i586
golang-mitchellh-mapstructure-0.20130922-4.mga5 a Go library for decoding generic map values to structures linux/i586
golang-mitchellh-multistep-0.20130831-4.mga5 Go library for building up complex actions using discrete steps linux/i586
golang-mitchellh-osext-0.20130617-4.mga5 Extensions to the standard go "os" package linux/i586
golang-mitchellh-panicwrap-0.20130814-4.mga5 Go library for catching and handling panics in Go applications linux/i586
golang-net-0.1.git84a4013f96e0-5.mga5 Supplementary Go networking libraries linux/i586
golang-net-devel-0.1.git84a4013f96e0-5.mga5 Supplementary Go networking libraries linux/i586
golang-racker-perigee-0.20130901-4.mga5 Go REST client optimized for use with APIs using JSON linux/i586
golang-rackspace-gophercloud-0.20131025-4.mga5 A multi-cloud language binding for Go linux/i586
golang-sqlite-0.1.git74691fb6f837-4.mga5 Trivial sqlite3 binding for Go linux/i586
golang-syndtr-gocapability-0.1.git3454319-4.mga5 Utilities for manipulating POSIX capabilities in Go linux/i586
golang-testify-0.git8ce79b9f0b77-2.mga5 A sacred extension to the standard go testing package linux/noarch
golang-testify-devel-0.git8ce79b9f0b77-2.mga5 A sacred extension to the standard go testing package linux/noarch
golang-vim-1.3.3-2.mga5 Vim plugins for Go linux/noarch
goldendict-1.5-0.git20140108.6.mga5 A feature-rich dictionary lookup program linux/i586
golems-0.57.1-0.git20140625.4.mga5 3D recreational physics simulator linux/noarch
golly-2.4-10.mga5 Cellular automata simulator (includes Conway's Game of Life) linux/i586
golly-devel-2.4-10.mga5 Development files for Golly cellular automata simulator linux/i586
gom-0.2.1-2.mga5 GObject to SQLite object mapper library linux/i586
gonvert-0.2.37-3.mga5 Units conversion utility linux/noarch
goobox-3.3.2-3.mga5 CD player and ripper for GNOME linux/i586
goocanvas-i18n-1.0.0-6.mga5 New canvas widget for GTK+ that uses the cairo 2D library linux/i586
goocanvas2-i18n-2.0.2-4.mga5 New canvas widget for GTK+ that uses the cairo 2D library linux/noarch
goocanvasmm-doc-1.90.9-4.mga5 Goocanvasmm documentation linux/noarch
google-croscore-arimo-fonts-1.23.0-3.mga5 The croscore Arimo family fonts linux/noarch
google-croscore-cousine-fonts-1.23.0-3.mga5 The croscore Cousine family fonts linux/noarch
google-croscore-fonts-common-1.23.0-3.mga5 Common files of google-croscore-fonts linux/noarch
google-croscore-symbolneu-fonts-1.23.0-3.mga5 The croscore Symbol Neu family fonts linux/noarch
google-croscore-tinos-fonts-1.23.0-3.mga5 The croscore Tinos family fonts linux/noarch
google-crosextra-caladea-fonts-1.002-0.2.20130214.4.mga5 Sans-serif font metric-compatible with Cambria font linux/noarch
google-crosextra-carlito-fonts-1.103-0.1.20130920.4.mga5 Sans-serif font metric-compatible with Calibri font linux/noarch
google-droid-sans-fonts-20100409-12.mga5 A humanist sans serif typeface linux/noarch
google-droid-sans-mono-fonts-20100409-12.mga5 A humanist monospace sans serif typeface linux/noarch
google-droid-serif-fonts-20100409-12.mga5 A contemporary serif typeface linux/noarch
google-gson-2.2.4-6.mga5 Java lib for conversion of Java objects into JSON representation linux/noarch
google-gson-javadoc-2.2.4-6.mga5 API documentation for google-gson linux/noarch
google-guice-3.2.2-8.mga5 Lightweight dependency injection framework for Java 5 and above linux/noarch
google-guice-javadoc-3.2.2-8.mga5 API documentation for Guice linux/noarch
google-noto-sans-armenian-fonts-20130807-4.mga5 Free sans-serif font for Armenian script linux/noarch
google-noto-sans-avestan-fonts-20130807-4.mga5 Free sans-serif font for Avestan script linux/noarch
google-noto-sans-bengali-fonts-20130807-4.mga5 Free sans-serif font for Bengali script linux/noarch
google-noto-sans-bengali-ui-fonts-20130807-4.mga5 Free sans-serif UI font for Bengali script linux/noarch
google-noto-sans-brahmi-fonts-20130807-4.mga5 Free sans-serif font for Brahmi script linux/noarch
google-noto-sans-carian-fonts-20130807-4.mga5 Free sans-serif font for Carian script linux/noarch
google-noto-sans-cherokee-fonts-20130807-4.mga5 Free sans-serif font for Cherokee script linux/noarch
google-noto-sans-coptic-fonts-20130807-4.mga5 Free sans-serif font for Coptic script linux/noarch
google-noto-sans-deseret-fonts-20130807-4.mga5 Free sans-serif font for Deseret script linux/noarch
google-noto-sans-devanagari-fonts-20130807-4.mga5 Free Devanagari script sans-serif fonts linux/noarch
google-noto-sans-devanagari-ui-fonts-20130807-4.mga5 Free Devanagari script sans-serif fonts for UI linux/noarch
google-noto-sans-egyptian-hieroglyphs-fonts-20130807-4.mga5 Free sans-serif font for Egyptian Hieroglyphs script linux/noarch
google-noto-sans-ethiopic-fonts-20130807-4.mga5 Free Ethiopic script sans-serif fonts linux/noarch
google-noto-sans-fonts-20130807-4.mga5 Free sans-serif font for Latin script linux/noarch
google-noto-sans-georgian-fonts-20130807-4.mga5 Free Georgian script sans-serif fonts linux/noarch
google-noto-sans-glagolitic-fonts-20130807-4.mga5 Free sans-serif font for Glagolitic script linux/noarch
google-noto-sans-gujarati-fonts-20130807-4.mga5 Free Unhinted Gujarati script sans fonts linux/noarch
google-noto-sans-gujarati-ui-fonts-20130807-4.mga5 Free Unhinted Gujarati script sans UI fonts linux/noarch
google-noto-sans-hanunno-fonts-20130807-4.mga5 Free Unhinted Hanunno script sans fonts linux/noarch
google-noto-sans-hebrew-fonts-20130807-4.mga5 Free Hebrew script sans-serif fonts linux/noarch
google-noto-sans-imperial-aramaic-fonts-20130807-4.mga5 Free sans-serif font for Imperial Aramaic script linux/noarch
google-noto-sans-kaithi-fonts-20130807-4.mga5 Free sans-serif font for Kaithi script linux/noarch
google-noto-sans-kannada-fonts-20130807-4.mga5 Free sans-serif font for Kannada script linux/noarch
google-noto-sans-kannada-ui-fonts-20130807-4.mga5 Free Unhinted Kannada script sans fonts linux/noarch
google-noto-sans-kayah-li-fonts-20130807-4.mga5 Free sans-serif font for Kayah Li script linux/noarch
google-noto-sans-kharoshthi-fonts-20130807-4.mga5 Free sans-serif font for Kharoshthi script linux/noarch
google-noto-sans-khmer-fonts-20130807-4.mga5 Free Khmer script sans-serif font linux/noarch
google-noto-sans-khmer-ui-fonts-20130807-4.mga5 Free Khmer script sans-serif fonts for UI linux/noarch
google-noto-sans-lao-fonts-20130807-4.mga5 Free Lao script sans-serif font linux/noarch
google-noto-sans-lao-ui-fonts-20130807-4.mga5 Free Lao script sans-serif fonts for UI linux/noarch
google-noto-sans-lisu-fonts-20130807-4.mga5 Free Lisu script sans-serif fonts for UI linux/noarch
google-noto-sans-lycian-fonts-20130807-4.mga5 Free Lycian script sans-serif fonts for UI linux/noarch
google-noto-sans-lydian-fonts-20130807-4.mga5 Free Lydian script sans-serif fonts for UI linux/noarch
google-noto-sans-malayalam-fonts-20130807-4.mga5 Free Malayalam script sans-serif fonts linux/noarch
google-noto-sans-malayalam-ui-fonts-20130807-4.mga5 Free Malayalam script sans-serif fonts for UI linux/noarch
google-noto-sans-mandaic-fonts-20130807-4.mga5 Free Mandaic script sans-serif fonts linux/noarch
google-noto-sans-meeteimayek-fonts-20130807-4.mga5 Free Meetei Mayek script sans-serif fonts linux/noarch
google-noto-sans-nko-fonts-20130807-4.mga5 Free NKo script sans-serif fonts linux/noarch
google-noto-sans-old-south-arabian-fonts-20130807-4.mga5 Free Old South Arabian script sans-serif fonts linux/noarch
google-noto-sans-old-turkic-fonts-20130807-4.mga5 Free Old Turkic script sans-serif fonts linux/noarch
google-noto-sans-osmanya-fonts-20130807-4.mga5 Free Osmanya script sans-serif fonts linux/noarch
google-noto-sans-phoenician-fonts-20130807-4.mga5 Free Phoenician script sans-serif fonts linux/noarch
google-noto-sans-shavian-fonts-20130807-4.mga5 Free Shavian script sans-serif fonts linux/noarch
google-noto-sans-symbols-fonts-20130807-4.mga5 Free Symbols script sans-serif fonts linux/noarch
google-noto-sans-tagalog-fonts-20130807-4.mga5 Free tagalog script sans-serif fonts linux/noarch
google-noto-sans-tai-tham-fonts-20130807-4.mga5 Free Tai Tham script sans-serif fonts linux/noarch
google-noto-sans-tai-viet-fonts-20130807-4.mga5 Free Unhinted Tai Viet script sans fonts linux/noarch
google-noto-sans-tamil-fonts-20130807-4.mga5 Free Tamil script sans-serif font linux/noarch
google-noto-sans-tamil-ui-fonts-20130807-4.mga5 Free Tamil script sans-serif fonts for UI linux/noarch
google-noto-sans-telugu-fonts-20130807-4.mga5 Free Telugu script sans-serif font linux/noarch
google-noto-sans-telugu-ui-fonts-20130807-4.mga5 Free Unhinted Telugu script sans fonts linux/noarch
google-noto-sans-thai-fonts-20130807-4.mga5 Free Thai script sans-serif font linux/noarch
google-noto-sans-thai-ui-fonts-20130807-4.mga5 Free Thai script sans-serif fonts for UI linux/noarch
google-noto-sans-ugaritic-fonts-20130807-4.mga5 Free Ugaritic script sans-serif font linux/noarch
google-noto-sans-ui-fonts-20130807-4.mga5 Free sans-serif Latin script fonts for UI linux/noarch
google-noto-sans-vai-fonts-20130807-4.mga5 Free Vai script sans-serif font linux/noarch
google-noto-serif-armenian-fonts-20130807-4.mga5 Free Armenian script serif fonts linux/noarch
google-noto-serif-fonts-20130807-4.mga5 Free Latin script serif fonts linux/noarch
google-noto-serif-georgian-fonts-20130807-4.mga5 Free Georgian script serif fonts linux/noarch
google-noto-serif-khmer-fonts-20130807-4.mga5 Free Khmer script serif font linux/noarch
google-noto-serif-lao-fonts-20130807-4.mga5 Free Lao script serif fonts linux/noarch
google-noto-serif-thai-fonts-20130807-4.mga5 Free Thai script serif fonts linux/noarch
google-startup-scripts-1.1.6-4.mga5 Startup scripts for use in a Google Compute Engine image linux/noarch
googlecl-0.9.14-8.mga5 This tool brings Google services to the command line linux/i586
gottet-1.0.6-3.mga5 Tetris clone linux/i586
gource-0.43-1.mga5 Software version control visualization linux/i586
gourmet-0.17.4-4.mga5 Recipe manager for the GNOME desktop linux/noarch
gox-0.2.0-4.mga5 Simple Go Cross Compilation linux/i586
gp2c-0.0.7pl3-5.mga5 PARI/GP to C translator linux/i586
gpa-0.9.7-1.mga5 The GNU Privacy Assistant linux/i586
gpaint-0.3.3-13.mga5 Small-scale painting program for GNOME, the GNU Desktop linux/i586
gpart-0.1h-18.mga5 Hard disk primary partition table reconstruction linux/i586
gparted-0.19.1-3.mga5 Graphical frontend to libparted linux/i586
gperf-3.0.4-7.mga5 A perfect hash function generator linux/i586
gperiodic-3.0.0-4.mga5 A graphical application for browsing the periodic table linux/i586
gpgpwd-0.4-3.mga5 Terminal-based password manager linux/noarch
gphoto2-2.5.6-1.mga5 Command line utilities to access digital cameras linux/i586
gpick-0.2.5-5.mga5 Advanced color picker written in C++ using GTK+ toolkit linux/i586
gpicview-0.2.4-3.mga5 A Simple and Fast Image Viewer for X linux/i586
gpm-1.20.7-6.mga5 A mouse server for the Linux console linux/i586
gpodder-3.7.0-4.mga5 A graphical podcast catcher linux/noarch
gpredict-1.3-7.mga5 Fast and accurate real-time satellite tracking linux/i586
gprolog-1.4.4-4.mga5 GNU Prolog is a free implementation of Prolog linux/i586
gpsbabel-1.5.0-3.mga5 GPSBabel converts GPS data from one format to another linux/i586
gpsbabel-gui-1.5.0-3.mga5 Qt GUI interface for GPSBabel linux/i586
gpscorrelate-1.6.1-6.mga5 GPS photo tagging application linux/i586
gpsd-3.11-4.mga5 GPS data translator and GUI linux/i586
gpsd-clients-3.11-4.mga5 Clients for gpsd with an X interface linux/i586
gpsd-python-3.11-4.mga5 Python bindings for gpsd linux/i586
gpsim-0.27.0-5.mga5 A software simulator for Microchip PIC micro-controllers linux/i586
gputils-1.2.0-4.mga5 A collection of tools for the Microchip (TM) PIC microcontrollers linux/i586
gq-1.3.4-10.mga5 GQ is a GTK-based LDAP client linux/i586
gqrx-2.3.2-2.mga5 Software defined radio receiver powered by GNU Radio and Qt linux/i586
gr-fcdproplus-0-0.20150118git22f51738.1.mga5 GNURadio support for FUNcube Dongle Pro+ linux/i586
gr-fcdproplus-doc-0-0.20150118git22f51738.1.mga5 Documentation files for gr-fcdproplus linux/noarch
gr-iqbal-0.37.2-1.mga5 GNURadio block for suppressing IQ imbalance linux/i586
gr-iqbal-doc-0.37.2-1.mga5 Documentation files for gr-iqbal linux/noarch
gr-osmosdr- Common software API for various radio hardware linux/i586
gr-osmosdr-doc- Documentation files for gr-osmosdr linux/noarch
grace-5.1.22-13.mga5 Numerical Data Processing and Visualization Tool (Grace) linux/i586
grace-devel-5.1.22-13.mga5 Library and header files for Grace-linked apps development linux/i586
gracket-5.3.6-5.mga5 Racket graphical Scheme implementation linux/i586
grafx2-2.4-1.mga5 Ultimate 256-color bitmap paint program linux/i586
grail-3.0.9-8.mga5 Gesture Recognition And Instantiation Library linux/i586
gramps-4.1.1-2.mga5 Genealogical Research and Analysis Management Programming System linux/noarch
granatier-4.14.3-1.mga5 KDE Bomberman game linux/i586
granatier-handbook-4.14.3-1.mga5 Granatier handbook linux/noarch
grantlee-0.4.0-7.mga5 Qt string template engine based on the Django template system linux/i586
grantlee-devel-0.4.0-7.mga5 Development files for grantlee linux/i586
graphicsmagick-1.3.20-4.mga5 An X application for displaying and manipulating images linux/i586
graphicsmagick-doc-1.3.20-4.mga5 graphicsmagick Documentation linux/noarch
graphite2-1.2.4-3.mga5 Font rendering capabilities for complex non-Roman writing systems linux/i586
graphlcd-common-0.1.9-5.mga5 GraphLCD configuration file and documentation linux/i586
graphlcd-tools-0.1.9-5.mga5 GraphLCD tools linux/i586
graphviz-2.38.0-10.mga5 Graph visualization tools linux/i586
graphviz-doc-2.38.0-10.mga5 graphviz documentation linux/noarch
grass-6.4.4-5.mga5 Geographic Resources Analysis Support System linux/i586
grdesktop-0.23-12.mga5 A gtk2 frontend for rdesktop linux/i586
grep-2.20-4.mga5 The GNU versions of grep pattern matching utilities linux/i586
grep-doc-2.20-4.mga5 Grep documentation in info format linux/i586
grepmail-5.303.400-2.mga5 Search mailboxes for mail matching a regular expression linux/noarch
gretl-1.9.12-5.mga5 A tool for econometric analysis linux/i586
grfcodec-6.0.5-0.r986.1.mga5 A suite of programs to modify Transport Tycoon Deluxe's GRF files linux/i586
grhino-0.16.1-5.mga5 An Othello/Reversi chess with strong AI linux/i586
grig-0.8.0-9.mga5 A Ham Radio Control graphical user interface linux/i586
grilo-0.2.11-4.mga5 Content discovery framework linux/i586
grilo-plugins-0.2.13-3.mga5 Plugins for the Grilo framework linux/i586
grip-3.3.1-25.mga5 Grip, a CD player and ripper/MP3-encoder front-end linux/i586
grisbi-1.0.0-3.mga5 Personal finance manager linux/i586
grizzly-2.3.6-6.mga5 Java NIO Server Framework linux/noarch
grizzly-javadoc-2.3.6-6.mga5 Javadoc for grizzly linux/noarch
grizzly-samples-2.3.6-6.mga5 Grizzly samples linux/noarch
groff-1.22.2-6.mga5 Document formatting system linux/i586
groff-doc-1.22.2-6.mga5 Parts of the groff formatting system that require X Windows System linux/i586
groff-for-man-1.22.2-6.mga5 Groff components required for viewing manpages linux/i586
groff-perl-1.22.2-6.mga5 Parts of the groff formatting system that require Perl linux/i586
groff-x11-1.22.2-6.mga5 Parts of the groff formatting system that require X Windows System linux/i586
grok-0.260.0-6.mga5 A Pod 6 backend for grok linux/noarch
gromacs-4.6.6-3.mga5 Molecular dynamics package (non-mpi version) linux/i586
gromacs-devel-4.6.6-3.mga5 Header files and static libraries for GROMACS linux/i586
groovy-1.8.9-5.mga5 Dynamic language for the Java Platform linux/noarchNew
groovy-javadoc-1.8.9-5.mga5 API Documentation for groovy linux/noarchNew
groovy-lib-1.8.9-5.mga5 Groovy JAR artifact linux/noarchNew
grotesque- Utility to manage your collection of interactive fictions linux/noarch
grsync-1.2.5-3.mga5 A GTK GUI for rsync linux/i586
grub-0.97-41.mga5 GRand Unified Bootloader linux/i586
grub-customizer-4.0.6-2.mga5 Graphical interface to configure the grub2/burg settings linux/i586
grub-doc-0.97-41.mga5 More documentation for grub linux/i586
grub2-2.02-0.git9752.18.mga5 Boot-loader with support for Linux, Multiboot and more linux/i586
grub2-efi-2.02-0.git9752.18.mga5 Boot-loader with support for EFI linux/i586
grub2-mageia-theme-2.02-0.git9752.18.mga5 Provides a graphical theme with a custom Mageia background for grub2 linux/noarch
grub2-mageia3-theme-dejavu-1.0-6.mga5 Alternative Mageia GRUB2 theme using the DejaVu font linux/noarch
grub2-mageia4-theme-dejavu-1.0-3.mga5 Alternative Mageia GRUB2 theme using the DejaVu font linux/noarch
grub2-mageia5-theme-dejavu-1.0-1.mga5 Alternative Mageia GRUB2 theme using the DejaVu font linux/noarch
grutatxt-2.0.16-5.mga5 Text to HTML converter linux/noarch
gsbase-2.0.1-7.mga5 A collection of java utility classes linux/noarch
gsbase-javadoc-2.0.1-7.mga5 Javadoc for gsbase linux/noarch
gscan2pdf-1.2.5-3.mga5 Produces multipage PDFs from a scan linux/noarch
gsettings-desktop-schemas-3.14.1-1.mga5 Shared GSettings schemas for the desktop linux/i586
gsettings-desktop-schemas-devel-3.14.1-1.mga5 Development files for gsettings-desktop-schemas linux/i586
gsl-doc-1.16-5.mga5 Documentation of the Scientific Library linux/noarch
gsl-progs-1.16-5.mga5 Programs of the Scientific Library linux/i586
gsm-1.0.13-9.mga5 Shared libraries for GSM speech compressor linux/i586
gsmartcontrol-0.8.7-8.mga5 GSmartControl - Hard Disk Health Inspection Tool linux/i586
gsnmp-0.3.0-8.mga5 An SNMP library implementation based on glib and gnet linux/i586
gsoap-2.8.18-3.mga5 Development toolkit for SOAP/XML Web services in C/C++ linux/i586
gsoap-source-2.8.18-3.mga5 Source files of gsoap linux/i586
gspectrum-0.14.8-6.mga5 Spectrum viewer linux/i586
gssdp-0.14.11-1.mga5 Implements resource discovery and announcement over SSDP linux/i586
gst123-0.3.3-4.mga5 Command line audio player based on GStreamer linux/i586
gstm-1.2-14.mga5 A front-end to ssh tunneling linux/i586
gstreamer0.10-a52dec-0.10.19-14.mga5 GStreamer VOB decoder plugin linux/i586
gstreamer0.10-aalib-0.10.31-9.mga5 Gstreamer plugin for Ascii-art output linux/i586
gstreamer0.10-caca-0.10.31-9.mga5 Gstreamer plugin for Ascii-art output linux/i586
gstreamer0.10-cdio-0.10.19-14.mga5 GStreamer plug-in for audio CD playback linux/i586
gstreamer0.10-cdparanoia-0.10.36-9.mga5 Gstreamer plugin for CD audio input using CDParanoia IV linux/i586
gstreamer0.10-celt-0.10.23-22.mga5 GStreamer plug-in for CELT support linux/i586
gstreamer0.10-cog-0.10.23-22.mga5 GStreamer COG plugin linux/i586
gstreamer0.10-curl-0.10.23-22.mga5 GStreamer Curl plugin linux/i586
gstreamer0.10-dc1394-0.10.23-22.mga5 GStreamer DC1394 plugin linux/i586
gstreamer0.10-decoders-1-12.mga5 Default GStreamer 0.10 decoders linux/noarch
gstreamer0.10-decoders-audio-1-12.mga5 Default GStreamer 0.10 audio decoders linux/noarch
gstreamer0.10-dirac-0.10.23-22.mga5 GStreamer dirac plug-in linux/i586
gstreamer0.10-directfb-0.10.23-22.mga5 GStreamer plug-in for DirectFB output linux/i586
gstreamer0.10-dv-0.10.31-9.mga5 GStreamer DV plug-in linux/i586
gstreamer0.10-espeak-0.3.5-7.mga5 Simple gstreamer plugin to use espeak by way of sound source linux/i586
gstreamer0.10-farstream-0.1.2-9.mga5 Set of plugins for GStreamer used Audio/Video conferencing linux/i586
gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg-0.10.13-19.mga5 Gstreamer plugin for ffmpeg codecs and (de)muxers linux/i586
gstreamer0.10-flac-0.10.31-9.mga5 GStreamer plug-in for FLAC lossless audio linux/i586
gstreamer0.10-gme-0.10.23-22.mga5 GStreamer Game Music plug-in linux/i586
gstreamer0.10-gnomevfs-0.10.36-9.mga5 GStreamer plug-ins for GNOME VFS input and output linux/i586
gstreamer0.10-gsm-0.10.23-22.mga5 GStreamer plugin for GSM lossy audio format linux/i586
gstreamer0.10-jack-0.10.31-9.mga5 GStreamer plug-in for the Jack Sound Server linux/i586
gstreamer0.10-jp2k-0.10.23-22.mga5 GStreamer plug-in for JPEG2000 support linux/i586
gstreamer0.10-kate-0.10.23-22.mga5 GStreamer Karaoke and text plugin linux/i586
gstreamer0.10-ladspa-0.10.23-22.mga5 Gstreamer wrapper for LADSPA plug-ins linux/i586
gstreamer0.10-libass-0.10.23-22.mga5 GStreamer subtitles plugin linux/i586
gstreamer0.10-libvisual-0.10.36-9.mga5 GStreamer visualisations plug-in based on libvisual linux/i586
gstreamer0.10-mms-0.10.23-22.mga5 GStreamer plug-in for mms streams linux/i586
gstreamer0.10-moodbar-0.1.2-14.mga5 Moodbar plugin for gstreamer linux/i586
gstreamer0.10-mpeg-0.10.19-14.mga5 GStreamer plug-ins for MPEG video playback and encoding linux/i586
gstreamer0.10-mpeg2enc-0.10.23-22.mga5 GStreamer mjpegtools plug-in linux/i586
gstreamer0.10-musepack-0.10.23-22.mga5 GStreamer plug-in Musepack playback linux/i586
gstreamer0.10-nas-0.10.23-22.mga5 Gstreamer output plugin for the NAS sound server linux/i586
gstreamer0.10-neon-0.10.23-22.mga5 GStreamer HTTP plugin based on libneon linux/i586
gstreamer0.10-nice-0.1.7-2.mga5 Gstreamer elements from nice linux/i586
gstreamer0.10-ofa-0.10.23-22.mga5 GStreamer OFA plugin linux/i586
gstreamer0.10-plugins-bad-0.10.23-22.mga5 GStreamer Streaming-media framework plug-ins linux/i586
gstreamer0.10-plugins-bad-doc-0.10.23-22.mga5 GStreamer application library linux/i586
gstreamer0.10-plugins-base-0.10.36-9.mga5 GStreamer Streaming-media framework plug-ins linux/i586
gstreamer0.10-plugins-good-0.10.31-9.mga5 GStreamer Streaming-media framework plug-ins linux/i586
gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly-0.10.19-14.mga5 GStreamer Streaming-media framework plug-ins linux/i586
gstreamer0.10-pocketsphinx-0.8-7.mga5 Gstreamer plugin for pocketsphinx linux/i586
gstreamer0.10-pulse-0.10.31-9.mga5 Pulseaudio plugin for GStreamer linux/i586
gstreamer0.10-python-0.10.22-8.mga5 Python bindings for GStreamer linux/i586
gstreamer0.10-python-devel-0.10.22-8.mga5 Python bindings for GStreamer - development files linux/i586
gstreamer0.10-raw1394-0.10.31-9.mga5 GStreamer raw1394 Firewire plug-in linux/i586
gstreamer0.10-resindvd-0.10.23-22.mga5 GStreamer DVD menu plugin linux/i586
gstreamer0.10-rsvg-0.10.23-22.mga5 GStreamer plug-in for SVG support linux/i586
gstreamer0.10-rtmp-0.10.23-22.mga5 GStreamer plug-in for rtmp streams linux/i586
gstreamer0.10-schroedinger-0.10.23-22.mga5 GStreamer dirac plug-in based on Schroedinger linux/i586
gstreamer0.10-sid-0.10.19-14.mga5 GStreamer Sid C64 music plugin linux/i586
gstreamer0.10-soundtouch-0.10.23-22.mga5 GStreamer plug-in for SoundTouch support linux/i586
gstreamer0.10-soup-0.10.31-9.mga5 GStreamer HTTP plugin based on libsoup linux/i586
gstreamer0.10-speex-0.10.31-9.mga5 Gstreamer plugin for encoding and decoding Ogg Speex audio files linux/i586
gstreamer0.10-tools-0.10.36-12.mga5 GStreamer Streaming-media framework runtime linux/i586
gstreamer0.10-twolame-0.10.19-14.mga5 GStreamer plug-in for MP2 encoding support linux/i586
gstreamer0.10-vdpau-0.10.23-22.mga5 GStreamer plug-in for playback using VDPAU linux/i586
gstreamer0.10-voip-0.10.23-22.mga5 GStreamer voip plugins linux/i586
gstreamer0.10-vp8-0.10.23-22.mga5 GStreamer VP8 plug-in linux/i586
gstreamer0.10-wavpack-0.10.31-9.mga5 Gstreamer plugin for encoding and decoding WavPack audio files linux/i586
gstreamer0.10-wildmidi-0.10.23-22.mga5 GStreamer wildmidi plugin linux/i586
gstreamer1.0-a52dec-1.4.3-2.mga5 GStreamer AC-3 aka A/52 audio decoder plugin linux/i586
gstreamer1.0-aalib-1.4.3-2.mga5 Gstreamer plugin for Ascii-art output linux/i586
gstreamer1.0-caca-1.4.3-2.mga5 Gstreamer plugin for Ascii-art output linux/i586
gstreamer1.0-cdio-1.4.3-2.mga5 GStreamer plug-in for audio CD playback linux/i586
gstreamer1.0-cdparanoia-1.4.3-2.mga5 Gstreamer plugin for CD audio input using CDParanoia IV linux/i586
gstreamer1.0-curl-1.4.3-2.mga5 GStreamer Curl plugin linux/i586
gstreamer1.0-dash-1.4.3-2.mga5 GStreamer plugin for Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP linux/i586
gstreamer1.0-directfb-1.4.3-2.mga5 GStreamer plugin for DirectFB video sink linux/i586
gstreamer1.0-dv-1.4.3-2.mga5 GStreamer DV plug-in linux/i586
gstreamer1.0-editing-services-1.4.0-1.mga5 GStreamer editing services linux/i586
gstreamer1.0-farstream-0.2.4-4.mga5 Set of plugins for GStreamer used Audio/Video conferencing linux/i586
gstreamer1.0-flac-1.4.3-2.mga5 GStreamer plug-in for FLAC lossless audio linux/i586
gstreamer1.0-fluidsynth-1.4.3-2.mga5 GStreamer plugin for Midi Synthesizer Element linux/i586
gstreamer1.0-gme-1.4.3-2.mga5 GStreamer Game Music plug-in linux/i586
gstreamer1.0-gnonlin-1.4.0-1.mga5 GStreamer extension library for non-linear editing linux/i586
gstreamer1.0-gsm-1.4.3-2.mga5 GStreamer plugin for GSM lossy audio format linux/i586
gstreamer1.0-gstclutter-2.0.12-5.mga5 Gstreamer plugin for clutter-gst linux/i586
gstreamer1.0-jack-1.4.3-2.mga5 GStreamer plug-in for the Jack Sound Server linux/i586
gstreamer1.0-ladspa-1.4.3-2.mga5 GStreamer plugin for LADSPA plugin linux/i586
gstreamer1.0-libass-1.4.3-2.mga5 GStreamer subtitles plugin linux/i586
gstreamer1.0-libav-1.4.3-4.mga5 Gstreamer plugin for the FFmpeg codecs and formats linux/i586
gstreamer1.0-libvisual-1.4.3-2.mga5 GStreamer visualisations plug-in based on libvisual linux/i586
gstreamer1.0-mms-1.4.3-2.mga5 GStreamer plug-in for mms streams linux/i586
gstreamer1.0-mpeg-1.4.3-2.mga5 GStreamer plug-ins for MPEG video playback and encoding linux/i586
gstreamer1.0-mpeg2enc-1.4.3-2.mga5 GStreamer mjpegtools plug-in linux/i586
gstreamer1.0-neon-1.4.3-2.mga5 GStreamer plugin for NEON plugin linux/i586
gstreamer1.0-nice-0.1.7-2.mga5 Gstreamer elements from nice linux/i586
gstreamer1.0-ofa-1.4.3-2.mga5 GStreamer plugin for MusicIP Fingerprinting element linux/i586
gstreamer1.0-opencv-1.4.3-2.mga5 GStreamer OpenCV Plugins linux/i586
gstreamer1.0-plugins-bad-1.4.3-2.mga5 GStreamer Streaming-media framework plug-ins linux/i586
gstreamer1.0-plugins-bad-doc-1.4.3-2.mga5 GStreamer application library linux/noarch
gstreamer1.0-plugins-base-1.4.3-2.mga5 GStreamer Streaming-media framework plug-ins linux/i586
gstreamer1.0-plugins-good-1.4.3-2.mga5 GStreamer Streaming-media framework plug-ins linux/i586
gstreamer1.0-plugins-ugly-1.4.3-2.mga5 GStreamer Streaming-media framework plug-ins linux/i586
gstreamer1.0-pulse-1.4.3-2.mga5 Pulseaudio plugin for GStreamer linux/i586
gstreamer1.0-python-1.4.0-1.mga5 Python bindings for GStreamer linux/i586
gstreamer1.0-raw1394-1.4.3-2.mga5 GStreamer raw1394 Firewire plug-in linux/i586
gstreamer1.0-rtmp-1.4.3-2.mga5 GStreamer plug-in for rtmp streams linux/i586
gstreamer1.0-sbc-1.4.3-2.mga5 GStreamer plugin for Bluetooth SBC audio encoder/decoder linux/i586
gstreamer1.0-schroedinger-1.4.3-2.mga5 GStreamer dirac plug-in based on Schroedinger linux/i586
gstreamer1.0-sid-1.4.3-2.mga5 GStreamer Sid C64 music plugin linux/i586
gstreamer1.0-smoothstreaming-1.4.3-2.mga5 GStreamer plugin for Microsoft's Smooth Streaming format linux/i586
gstreamer1.0-soundtouch-1.4.3-2.mga5 GStreamer plug-in for SoundTouch support linux/i586
gstreamer1.0-soup-1.4.3-2.mga5 GStreamer HTTP plugin based on libsoup linux/i586
gstreamer1.0-spandsp-1.4.3-2.mga5 GStreamer plugin for libspandsp linux/i586
gstreamer1.0-speex-1.4.3-2.mga5 Gstreamer plugin for encoding and decoding Ogg Speex audio files linux/i586
gstreamer1.0-srtp-1.4.3-2.mga5 GStreamer plugin for srtp linux/i586
gstreamer1.0-tools-1.4.3-2.mga5 GStreamer Streaming-media framework runtime linux/i586
gstreamer1.0-twolame-1.4.3-2.mga5 GStreamer plug-in for MP2 encoding support linux/i586
gstreamer1.0-vp8-1.4.3-2.mga5 GStreamer VP8 plug-in linux/i586
gstreamer1.0-wavpack-1.4.3-2.mga5 Gstreamer plugin for encoding and decoding WavPack audio files linux/i586
gstreamer1.0-wildmidi-1.4.3-2.mga5 GStreamer wildmidi Plugins linux/i586
gstreamermm0.10-doc-0.10.11-5.mga5 Developer's documentation for the gstreamermm library linux/noarch
gsutil-3.38-5.mga5 Access Google Cloud Storage from the command line linux/noarch
gt-0.4-8.mga5 Modified Timidity which supportes enhanced gus format patches linux/i586
gtetrinet-0.7.11-11.mga5 TetriNET game client for Linux linux/i586
gtg-0.3.1-5.mga5 Organizer for the GNOME desktop environment linux/i586
gthumb-3.3.2-5.mga5 An image viewer and browser for GNOME linux/i586
gthumb-devel-3.3.2-5.mga5 Header files for building gthumb extensions linux/i586
gtimelog-0.9.1-5.mga5 A Gtk+ time tracking application linux/noarch
gtk+2.0-2.24.26-3.mga5 The GIMP ToolKit (GTK+), a library for creating GUIs linux/i586
gtk+3.0-3.14.8-5.mga5 The GIMP ToolKit (GTK+), a library for creating GUIs linux/i586
gtk-chtheme-0.3.1-13.mga5 Utility to preview and change GTK 2 themes linux/i586
gtk-doc-1.21-3.mga5 API documentation generation tool for GTK+ and GNOME linux/noarch
gtk-doc-mkpdf-1.21-3.mga5 API documentation PDF format generation tool for GTK+ and GNOME linux/noarch
gtk-gnutella-1.0.0-5.mga5 GUI based Gnutella Client linux/i586
gtk-murrine-engine-0.98.2-6.mga5 Murrine GTK2 cairo theme linux/i586
gtk-qt-engine-1.1-5.r5.8.mga5 Allow GTK to use Qt widget styles linux/i586
gtk-qt-kcm-1.1-5.r5.8.mga5 KDE System Settings module to configure GTK+ 2 theme linux/i586
gtk-recordmydesktop-0.3.8-12.mga5 GTK fronted for recordmydesktop linux/i586
gtk-sharp-beans-2.13.92-0.6.mga5 Extra Gtk# bindings linux/noarch
gtk-sharp-beans-devel-2.13.92-0.6.mga5 Extra Gtk# bindings linux/noarch
gtk-vnc-0.5.3-6.mga5 A VNC viewer widget for GTK linux/i586
gtk-vnc-i18n-0.5.3-6.mga5 A VNC viewer widget for GTK linux/noarch
gtk-xfce-engine-3.2.0-1.mga5 Xfce GTK+ theme engine with various different themes linux/i586
gtk2-theme-engines-2.20.2-5.mga5 Default GTK+ 2.0 theme engines linux/i586
gtk2-xfce-engine-3.2.0-1.mga5 Xfce GTK 2.x theme engine linux/i586
gtk3-xfce-engine-3.2.0-1.mga5 Xfce GTK 3.x theme engine linux/i586
gtkdialog-0.8.3-1.mga5 GUI creation tool for shells and arbitrary interpreters linux/i586
gtkdive-0.71-11.mga5 Buehlmann ZH-L16 model diving simulation linux/i586
gtkglextmm-doc-1.2.0-7.mga5 Developer's documentation for the gtkglextmm library linux/noarch
gtkguitune-0.8-10.mga5 Linux program for tuning guitars linux/i586
gtkhtml-3.14-3.32.2-7.mga5 HTML rendering/editing library linux/i586
gtkhtml-sharp-2.26.0-14.mga5 C# language binding for gtkhtml linux/i586
gtkhtml4-4.8.5-2.mga5 HTML rendering/editing library linux/i586
gtklp-1.3.0-4.mga5 A GTK front-end for CUPS linux/i586
gtkmathview-0.8.0-13.mga5 C++ rendering engine for MathML documents linux/i586
gtkmm-documentation-3.12.0-3.mga5 Documentation of C++ wrappers for GLib/GTK+ linux/noarch
gtkmm2.4-doc-2.24.4-4.mga5 GTKmm documentation linux/noarch
gtkmm3.0-doc-3.14.0-2.mga5 GTKmm documentation linux/noarch
gtkpod-2.1.4-7.mga5 GTK interface to iPod linux/i586
gtksourceview-3.14.3-1.mga5 Source code viewing library linux/i586
gtksourceview-sharp2-2.26.0-14.mga5 C# language binding for gtksourceview 2 linux/i586
gtksourceview1-1.8.5-12.mga5 Source code viewing library linux/i586
gtksourceview2-2.11.2-7.mga5 Source code viewing library linux/i586
gtkspell-2.0.16-10.mga5 Spell-checking addon for GTK's TextView widget linux/i586
gtkspell3-3.0.6-4.mga5 On-the-fly spell checking for GtkTextView widgets linux/i586
gtkterm-0.99.7-0.rc1.6.mga5 Serial port terminal linux/i586
gtranslator-2.91.6-6.mga5 Translation (.po) file editor with many features linux/i586
gtranslator-devel-2.91.6-6.mga5 Development files for gtranslator linux/i586
gts-0.7.6-5.mga5 3D modeling, animation, and rendering system linux/i586
guake-0.5.2-3.mga5 A drop-down terminal for Gnome Desktop Environment linux/i586
guava-17.0-3.mga5 Google Core Libraries for Java linux/noarch
guava-javadoc-17.0-3.mga5 Javadoc for guava linux/noarch
guayadeque-0.3.5-6.mga5 Music Player with the aims to be intuitive, easy to use and fast linux/i586
gucharmap-3.14.2-1.mga5 A Unicode character map and font viewer linux/i586
gudev-sharp-3.0.0-5.mga5 Mono bindings for the GUdev library linux/i586
gudev-sharp-devel-3.0.0-5.mga5 Development files for gudev-sharp linux/i586
guestfish-1.27.39-10.mga5 Shell for accessing and modifying virtual machine disk images linux/i586
guice-assistedinject-3.2.2-8.mga5 AssistedInject extension module for Guice linux/noarch
guice-extensions-3.2.2-8.mga5 Extensions for Guice linux/noarch
guice-grapher-3.2.2-8.mga5 Grapher extension module for Guice linux/noarch
guice-jmx-3.2.2-8.mga5 JMX extension module for Guice linux/noarch
guice-jndi-3.2.2-8.mga5 JNDI extension module for Guice linux/noarch
guice-multibindings-3.2.2-8.mga5 MultiBindings extension module for Guice linux/noarch
guice-parent-3.2.2-8.mga5 Guice parent POM linux/noarch
guice-persist-3.2.2-8.mga5 Persist extension module for Guice linux/noarch
guice-servlet-3.2.2-8.mga5 Servlet extension module for Guice linux/noarch
guice-spring-3.2.2-8.mga5 Spring extension module for Guice linux/noarch
guice-testlib-3.2.2-8.mga5 TestLib extension module for Guice linux/noarch
guice-throwingproviders-3.2.2-8.mga5 ThrowingProviders extension module for Guice linux/noarch
guile-2.0.9-5.mga5 GNU implementation of Scheme for application extensibility linux/i586
guile-runtime-2.0.9-5.mga5 Guile runtime library linux/i586
guile1.8-1.8.8-19.mga5 GNU implementation of Scheme for application extensibility linux/i586
guile1.8-runtime-1.8.8-19.mga5 Guile runtime library linux/i586
gummi-0.6.5-5.mga5 A LaTeX editor for the Linux platform in C/GTK+ linux/i586
gupnp-av-common-0.12.7-2.mga5 Non-library files for the "libgupnp-av1.0_2" library linux/i586
gupnp-dlna-0.10.2-6.mga5 A collection of helpers for building UPnP dlna applications linux/i586
gupnp-tools-0.8.9-4.mga5 A collection of dev tools utilizing GUPnP and GTK+ linux/i586
gurpmi-8.06-1.mga5 User mode rpm GUI install linux/noarchNew
gutenprint-common-5.2.10-5.mga5 Documentation, samples and translations of Gutenprint linux/i586
gutenprint-cups-5.2.10-5.mga5 Special CUPS printer driver of Gutenprint linux/i586
gutenprint-escputil-5.2.10-5.mga5 Gutenprint ink level monitor and printer maintenance tool linux/i586
gutenprint-foomatic-5.2.10-5.mga5 Foomatic data for Gutenprint IJS plugin for GhostScript linux/i586
gutenprint-gimp2-5.2.10-5.mga5 Gutenprint plugin for high-quality image printing linux/i586
gutenprint-ijs-5.2.10-5.mga5 Gutenprint IJS plugin for GhostScript linux/i586
guvcview-1.7.3-4.mga5 GTK+ UVC Viewer and Capturer linux/i586
gv-3.7.4-5.mga5 An enhanced front-end for the ghostscript PostScript(TM) interpreter linux/i586
gvfs-1.22.3-2.mga5 Glib VFS library linux/i586
gvfs-archive-1.22.3-2.mga5 Archiving support for gvfs linux/i586
gvfs-devel-1.22.3-2.mga5 Glib VFS Library - development files linux/i586
gvfs-fuse-1.22.3-2.mga5 FUSE support for gvfs linux/i586
gvfs-goa-1.22.3-2.mga5 GNOME Online Accounts support for gvfs linux/i586
gvfs-gphoto2-1.22.3-2.mga5 gphoto2 support for gvfs linux/i586
gvfs-iphone-1.22.3-2.mga5 iPhone support for gvfs linux/i586
gvfs-mtp-1.22.3-2.mga5 MTP support for gvfs linux/i586
gvfs-smb-1.22.3-2.mga5 Windows fileshare support for gvfs linux/i586
gvolwheel-1.0-7.mga5 Lightweight application to control the audio volume linux/i586
gwakeonlan-0.5.1-8.mga5 A GTK+ utility to awake machines using the Wake on LAN linux/i586
gwenhywfar-4.10.0-3.mga5 A multi-platform helper library for other libraries linux/i586
gwenview-4.14.3-2.mga5 Fast and easy to use image viewer for KDE linux/i586New
gwenview-devel-4.14.3-2.mga5 Devel stuff for gwenview linux/i586New
gwenview-handbook-4.14.3-2.mga5 Gwenview handbook linux/noarchNew
gwt-2.6.1-3.mga5 Google Web Toolkit linux/noarch
gwt-javadoc-2.6.1-3.mga5 Javadoc for gwt linux/noarch
gxmessage-2.20.0-5.mga5 An xmessage substitute for gtk-2.0 linux/i586
gxneur-0.17.0-4.mga5 GTK front-end for X Neural Switcher (xneur) linux/i586
gyachi-1.2.11-7.mga5 A GTK+ based Yahoo! Chat client linux/i586
gyachi-plugin-blowfish-1.2.11-7.mga5 Blowfish encryption plugin for GyachI linux/i586
gyachi-plugin-gpgme-1.2.11-7.mga5 GPGMe encryption plugin for GyachI linux/i586
gyachi-plugin-gtkspell-1.2.11-7.mga5 Spell check plugin for GyachI linux/i586
gyachi-plugin-mcrypt-1.2.11-7.mga5 MCrypt encryption plugin for GyachI linux/i586
gyachi-plugin-photosharing-1.2.11-7.mga5 Photo sharing plugin for GyachI linux/i586
gyachi-plugin-pulseaudio-1.2.11-7.mga5 PulseAudio plugin for GyachI linux/i586
gyp-0.1-0.svn1617.7.mga5 Generate Your Projects linux/noarch
gypsy-0.9-5.mga5 A GPS multiplexing daemon linux/i586
gypsy-docs-0.9-5.mga5 Documentation files for gypsy linux/noarch
gytha-0.9-6.mga5 Netrek client linux/noarch
gzip-1.6-7.mga5 The GNU data compression program linux/i586

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