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RPM of Group Sciences/Physics

cgns-4.3.0-2.mga9 Computational fluid dynamics notation system linux/armv7hl
gnudl-1.0.4-2.mga10 A free incremental compiler quite similar and compatible with IDL linux/armv7hlNew
libhepmc-devel-3.2.7-1.mga10 Header files for HepMC linux/armv7hl
libhepmc3-3.2.7-1.mga10 An event record for High Energy Physics Monte Carlo Generators linux/armv7hl
libpythia-devel-8.3.07-1.mga9 Pythia 8 Development Files linux/armv7hl
libpythia8-8.3.07-1.mga9 Pythia Event Generator for High Energy Physics linux/armv7hl
opencascade-7.6.3-3.mga10 3D modeling & numerical simulation linux/armv7hl
openfoam-10-2.mga9 The open source CFD toolbox linux/armv7hl
openfoam-tutorials-10-2.mga9 Development files for openfoam linux/armv7hl
pythia8-data-8.3.07-1.mga9 Pythia 8 Data Files linux/noarch
python3-distrdf-6.26.10-7.mga10 Distributed RDataFrame linux/noarch
python3-h5netcdf-1.2.0-3.mga10 netCDF4 via h5py linux/noarch
python3-jsmva-6.26.10-7.mga10 TMVA interface used by JupyROOT linux/noarch
python3-jupyroot-6.26.10-7.mga10 ROOT Jupyter kernel linux/armv7hl
python3-root-6.26.10-7.mga10 Python extension for ROOT linux/armv7hl
root-6.26.10-7.mga10 Numerical data analysis framework linux/armv7hl
root-cli-6.26.10-7.mga10 ROOT command line utilities linux/noarch
root-cling-6.26.10-7.mga10 Cling C++ interpreter linux/armv7hl
root-core-6.26.10-7.mga10 ROOT core libraries linux/armv7hl
root-fftw-6.26.10-7.mga10 FFTW library for ROOT linux/armv7hl
root-foam-6.26.10-7.mga10 A Compact Version of the Cellular Event Generator linux/armv7hl
root-fonts-6.26.10-7.mga10 ROOT font collection linux/noarch
root-fumili-6.26.10-7.mga10 Fumili library for ROOT linux/armv7hl
root-gdml-6.26.10-7.mga10 GDML import/export for ROOT geometries linux/armv7hl
root-genetic-6.26.10-7.mga10 Genetic algorithms for ROOT linux/armv7hl
root-genvector-6.26.10-7.mga10 Generalized vector library for ROOT linux/armv7hl
root-geom-6.26.10-7.mga10 Geometry library for ROOT linux/armv7hl
root-graf-6.26.10-7.mga10 2D graphics library for ROOT linux/armv7hl
root-graf-asimage-6.26.10-7.mga10 AfterImage graphics renderer for ROOT linux/armv7hl
root-graf-fitsio-6.26.10-7.mga10 ROOT interface for the Flexible Image Transport System (FITS) linux/armv7hl
root-graf-gpad-6.26.10-7.mga10 Canvas and pad library for ROOT linux/armv7hl
root-graf-gpadv7-6.26.10-7.mga10 Canvas and pad library for ROOT (ROOT 7) linux/armv7hl
root-graf-gviz-6.26.10-7.mga10 Graphviz 2D library for ROOT linux/armv7hl
root-graf-postscript-6.26.10-7.mga10 Postscript/PDF renderer library for ROOT linux/armv7hl
root-graf-primitives-6.26.10-7.mga10 Graphics primitives (ROOT 7) linux/armv7hl
root-graf-x11-6.26.10-7.mga10 X window system renderer for ROOT linux/armv7hl
root-graf3d-6.26.10-7.mga10 Basic 3D shapes library for ROOT linux/armv7hl
root-graf3d-csg-6.26.10-7.mga10 Constructive solid geometry linux/armv7hl
root-graf3d-eve-6.26.10-7.mga10 Event display library for ROOT linux/armv7hl
root-graf3d-eve7-6.26.10-7.mga10 Event display library for ROOT (ROOT 7) linux/armv7hl
root-graf3d-gl-6.26.10-7.mga10 GL renderer for ROOT linux/armv7hl
root-graf3d-gviz3d-6.26.10-7.mga10 Graphviz 3D library for ROOT linux/armv7hl
root-graf3d-x3d-6.26.10-7.mga10 X 3D renderer for ROOT linux/armv7hl
root-gui-6.26.10-7.mga10 GUI library for ROOT linux/armv7hl
root-gui-browsable-6.26.10-7.mga10 GUI browsable (ROOT 7) linux/armv7hl
root-gui-browserv7-6.26.10-7.mga10 Browser (ROOT 7) linux/armv7hl
root-gui-builder-6.26.10-7.mga10 GUI editor library for ROOT linux/armv7hl
root-gui-canvaspainter-6.26.10-7.mga10 Canvas painter (ROOT 7) linux/armv7hl
root-gui-fitpanel-6.26.10-7.mga10 GUI element for fits in ROOT linux/armv7hl
root-gui-fitpanelv7-6.26.10-7.mga10 GUI element for fits in ROOT (ROOT 7) linux/armv7hl
root-gui-ged-6.26.10-7.mga10 GUI element for editing various ROOT objects linux/armv7hl
root-gui-html-6.26.10-7.mga10 HTML GUI library for ROOT linux/armv7hl
root-gui-recorder-6.26.10-7.mga10 Interface for recording and replaying events in ROOT linux/armv7hl
root-gui-webdisplay-6.26.10-7.mga10 Web display (ROOT 7) linux/armv7hl
root-gui-webgui6-6.26.10-7.mga10 Web based GUI for ROOT linux/armv7hl
root-hbook-6.26.10-7.mga10 Hbook library for ROOT linux/armv7hl
root-hist-6.26.10-7.mga10 Histogram library for ROOT linux/armv7hl
root-hist-draw-6.26.10-7.mga10 Histogram drawing (ROOT 7) linux/armv7hl
root-hist-factory-6.26.10-7.mga10 RooFit PDFs from ROOT histograms linux/armv7hl
root-hist-painter-6.26.10-7.mga10 Histogram painter plugin for ROOT linux/armv7hl
root-histv7-6.26.10-7.mga10 Histogram library for ROOT (ROOT 7) linux/armv7hl
root-html-6.26.10-7.mga10 HTML documentation generator for ROOT linux/armv7hl
root-icons-6.26.10-7.mga10 ROOT icon collection linux/noarch
root-io-6.26.10-7.mga10 Input/output of ROOT objects linux/armv7hl
root-io-dcache-6.26.10-7.mga10 dCache input/output library for ROOT linux/armv7hl
root-io-gfal-6.26.10-7.mga10 Grid File Access Library input/output library for ROOT linux/armv7hl
root-io-sql-6.26.10-7.mga10 SQL input/output library for ROOT linux/armv7hl
root-io-xml-6.26.10-7.mga10 XML reader library for ROOT linux/armv7hl
root-io-xmlparser-6.26.10-7.mga10 XML parser library for ROOT linux/armv7hl
root-mathcore-6.26.10-7.mga10 Core mathematics library for ROOT linux/armv7hl
root-mathmore-6.26.10-7.mga10 GSL interface library for ROOT linux/armv7hl
root-matrix-6.26.10-7.mga10 Matrix library for ROOT linux/armv7hl
root-minuit-6.26.10-7.mga10 Minuit library for ROOT linux/armv7hl
root-minuit2-6.26.10-7.mga10 Minuit version 2 library for ROOT linux/armv7hl
root-mlp-6.26.10-7.mga10 Multi-layer perceptron extension for ROOT linux/armv7hl
root-montecarlo-eg-6.26.10-7.mga10 Event generator library for ROOT linux/armv7hl
root-montecarlo-pythia8-6.26.10-7.mga10 Pythia version 8 plugin for ROOT linux/armv7hl
root-mpi-6.26.10-7.mga10 MPI library for ROOT linux/armv7hl
root-multiproc-6.26.10-7.mga10 Multi-processor support for ROOT linux/armv7hl
root-net-6.26.10-7.mga10 Net library for ROOT linux/armv7hl
root-net-auth-6.26.10-7.mga10 Authentication extension for ROOT linux/armv7hl
root-net-davix-6.26.10-7.mga10 Davix extension for ROOT linux/armv7hl
root-net-http-6.26.10-7.mga10 HTTP server extension for ROOT linux/armv7hl
root-net-httpsniff-6.26.10-7.mga10 HTTP sniffer extension for ROOT linux/armv7hl
root-net-rpdutils-6.26.10-7.mga10 Authentication utilities used by xproofd linux/armv7hl
root-netx-6.26.10-7.mga10 NetX extension for ROOT linux/armv7hl
root-notebook-6.26.10-7.mga10 Static files for the Jupyter ROOT Notebook linux/noarch
root-physics-6.26.10-7.mga10 Physics library for ROOT linux/armv7hl
root-proof-6.26.10-7.mga10 PROOF extension for ROOT linux/armv7hl
root-proof-bench-6.26.10-7.mga10 PROOF benchmarking linux/armv7hl
root-proof-player-6.26.10-7.mga10 PROOF player extension for ROOT linux/armv7hl
root-proof-sessionviewer-6.26.10-7.mga10 GUI to browse an interactive PROOF session linux/armv7hl
root-quadp-6.26.10-7.mga10 QuadP library for ROOT linux/armv7hl
root-r-6.26.10-7.mga10 R interface for ROOT linux/armv7hl
root-r-tools-6.26.10-7.mga10 R Tools linux/armv7hl
root-roofit-6.26.10-7.mga10 ROOT extension for modeling expected distributions - toolkit linux/armv7hl
root-roofit-batchcompute-6.26.10-7.mga10 Optimized computation functions for PDFs linux/armv7hl
root-roofit-common-6.26.10-7.mga10 ROOT extension for modeling expected distributions - common linux/armv7hl
root-roofit-core-6.26.10-7.mga10 ROOT extension for modeling expected distributions - core linux/armv7hl
root-roofit-dataframe-helpers-6.26.10-7.mga10 RooFit DaraFrame helpers linux/armv7hl
root-roofit-hs3-6.26.10-7.mga10 RooFit HS3 linux/armv7hl
root-roofit-more-6.26.10-7.mga10 ROOT extension for modeling expected distributions - more linux/armv7hl
root-roostats-6.26.10-7.mga10 Statistical tools built on top of RooFit linux/armv7hl
root-smatrix-6.26.10-7.mga10 Sparse matrix library for ROOT linux/armv7hl
root-spectrum-6.26.10-7.mga10 Spectra analysis library for ROOT linux/armv7hl
root-spectrum-painter-6.26.10-7.mga10 Spectrum painter plugin for ROOT linux/armv7hl
root-splot-6.26.10-7.mga10 Splot library for ROOT linux/armv7hl
root-sql-mysql-6.26.10-7.mga10 MySQL client plugin for ROOT linux/armv7hl
root-sql-odbc-6.26.10-7.mga10 ODBC plugin for ROOT linux/armv7hl
root-sql-pgsql-6.26.10-7.mga10 PostgreSQL client plugin for ROOT linux/armv7hl
root-sql-sqlite-6.26.10-7.mga10 Sqlite client plugin for ROOT linux/armv7hl
root-tmva-6.26.10-7.mga10 Toolkit for multivariate data analysis linux/armv7hl
root-tmva-gui-6.26.10-7.mga10 Toolkit for multivariate data analysis GUI linux/armv7hl
root-tmva-python-6.26.10-7.mga10 Toolkit for multivariate data analysis (Python) linux/armv7hl
root-tmva-r-6.26.10-7.mga10 Toolkit for multivariate data analysis (R) linux/armv7hl
root-tmva-sofie-6.26.10-7.mga10 ROOT/TMVA SOFIE (System for Optimized Fast Inference code Emit) linux/armv7hl
root-tmva-sofie-parser-6.26.10-7.mga10 ROOT/TMVA SOFIE Parsers linux/armv7hl
root-tpython-6.26.10-7.mga10 ROOT's TPython interface linux/armv7hl
root-tree-6.26.10-7.mga10 Tree library for ROOT linux/armv7hl
root-tree-dataframe-6.26.10-7.mga10 A high level interface to ROOT trees linux/armv7hl
root-tree-ntuple-6.26.10-7.mga10 Ntuple (ROOT 7) linux/armv7hl
root-tree-player-6.26.10-7.mga10 Library to loop over a ROOT tree linux/armv7hl
root-tree-viewer-6.26.10-7.mga10 GUI to browse a ROOT tree linux/armv7hl
root-tutorial-6.26.10-7.mga10 ROOT tutorial scripts and test suite linux/noarch
root-unfold-6.26.10-7.mga10 Distribution unfolding linux/armv7hl
root-unuran-6.26.10-7.mga10 Random number generator library linux/armv7hl
root-vecops-6.26.10-7.mga10 Vector operation extension for ROOT linux/armv7hl
spack-repos-k4-0.20200630git6112d62-2.mga9 Key4hep repo linux/noarch
step-24.01.95-1.mga10 Interactive physical simulator linux/armv7hl

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