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Packages beginning with letter R

r-quantlib-1.20-3.mga8 R bindings for Quantlib linux/i586
rabbitmq-server-3.8.9-1.mga8 The RabbitMQ server linux/i586
raceintospace-1.1-7.mga8 A turn based space race strategy game linux/i586
rachota-2.3-11.20130104cvs.5.mga8 Straightforward timetracking linux/noarch
rachota-javadoc-2.3-11.20130104cvs.5.mga8 Javadocs for rachota linux/noarch
racket-7.5-5.mga8 Racket is a Scheme implementation linux/i586
radare2-4.5.1-1.mga8 Reverse engineering framework and commandline tools security linux/i586
radare2-cutter-1.12.0-1.mga8 A Qt and C++ GUI for radare2 reverse engineering framework linux/i586
radeontool-1.6.3-10.mga8 Enable/disable ATI Radeon external display/backlight linux/i586
radeontop-1.3-1.mga8 View GPU utilization of AMD/ATI Radeon devices linux/i586
radicale-2.1.11-1.mga8 Simple Calendar and Contact Server linux/noarch
radio-3.107-3.mga8 Console radio application linux/i586
radiotray-ng-0.2.7-12.mga8 An Internet radio player for Linux linux/i586
radiusclient-ng-0.5.6-11.mga8 Radiusclient library and tools linux/i586
radiusclient-ng-conf-0.5.6-11.mga8 Radiusclient configuration files linux/i586
radiusclient-utils-0.3.2-22.mga8 Radiusclient library linux/i586
radvd-2.19-1.mga8 The IPv6 Router Advertisement Daemon linux/i586
rage-0.3.1-5.mga8 A video player based on the Enlightenment Foundation Library linux/i586
ragel-6.10-3.mga8 Finite state machine compiler linux/i586
rakarrack-0.6.1-10.mga8 Guitar FX processor emulator linux/i586
rancid-3.6.2-2.mga8 Really Awesome New Cisco confIg Differ linux/i586
rancid-lg-3.6.2-2.mga8 Looking Glass CGIs for rancid linux/i586
ranger-1.9.3-3.mga8 A flexible console file manager linux/noarch
rapid-photo-downloader-0.9.24-1.mga8 Images downloader for external devices linux/i586
rapidjson-1.1.0-4.mga8 A fast JSON parser/generator for C++ linux/i586
rapidsvn-0.12.1-8.mga8 A cross-platform GUI for the Subversion concurrent versioning system linux/i586
rapidxml-devel-1.13-6.mga8 Fast XML parser linux/noarch
raptor-1.4.21-15.mga8 Raptor RDF Parser Toolkit for Redland linux/i586
raptor2-2.0.15-19.mga8 Raptor RDF Parser Toolkit for Redland linux/i586
rarian-0.8.1-18.mga8 Cataloging system for documentation on open systems linux/i586
rasmol-2.7.3-11.mga8 Molecular Graphics Visualization Tool linux/i586
rasqal-0.9.33-4.mga8 RDF querying library linux/i586
ratbagd-0.15-1.mga8 A DBus daemon to configure input devices, mainly gaming mice linux/i586
ratpoison-1.4.9-2.mga8 A simple tiling Window Manager that does not require the mouse linux/i586
rawshark-3.4.3-1.mga8 Dump and analyze raw libpcap data linux/i586
rawtherapee-5.8-3.mga8 Raw image processing software linux/i586
razercfg-0.40-4.mga8 Razer device configuration tool linux/i586
rclone-1.53.3-1.mga8 A cloud storage cloning tool linux/i586
rcracki_mt-0.7.0-10.mga8 RainbowCrack (improved, multi-threaded) linux/i586
rcs-5.9.4-5.mga8 Revision Control System (RCS) file version management tools linux/i586
rdesktop-1.9.0-4.mga8 X client for remote desktop into Windows Terminal Server linux/i586
rdfind-1.4.1-4.mga8 Program that finds duplicate files linux/i586
rdiff-2.3.1-1.mga8 Compute and apply signature-based file differences linux/i586
rdiff-backup-2.0.5-1.mga8 Convenient and transparent local/remote incremental mirror/backup linux/i586
rdist-6.1.5-34.mga8 Maintains identical copies of files on multiple machines linux/i586
rdnssd-1.0.3-5.mga8 IPv6 recursive DNS server discovery daemon linux/i586
re2c-2.0.3-1.mga8 A tool for generating C-based recognizers from regular expressions linux/i586
reactive-streams-1.0.3-1.mga8 Reactive Streams Specification for the JVM linux/noarch
reactive-streams-javadoc-1.0.3-1.mga8 Javadoc for reactive-streams linux/noarch
readahead-1.5.7-12.mga8 Read a preset list of files into memory linux/i586
readline-doc-8.1-1.mga8 Readline documentation in GNU info format linux/i586
rear-2.4-4.mga8 Relax and Recover (ReaR) is a Linux Disaster Recovery framework linux/i586
reaver-1.6.5-3.mga8 Brute force attack against Wifi Protected Setup linux/i586
recode-3.7.8-1.mga8 Utility for converting between character sets linux/i586
recoll-1.27.12-1.mga8 Desktop full text search tool with a Qt GUI linux/i586
recoll-extra-1.27.12-1.mga8 Recoll extra indexing packages linux/noarch
recoll-full-1.27.12-1.mga8 Full Recoll installation linux/noarch
recordmydesktop- Desktop session recorder linux/i586
recoverjpeg-2.6.3-2.mga8 Recover JPEG pictures and MOV movies from damaged devices linux/i586
redeclipse-2.0.0-1.mga8 A Free, Casual Arena Shooter linux/i586
redeclipse-data-2.0.0-1.mga8 Data for the Red Eclipse FPS game linux/noarch
redeclipse-server-2.0.0-1.mga8 Server for the Red Eclipse FPS game linux/i586
redis-6.0.9-1.mga8 A persistent key-value database linux/i586
redland-1.0.17-9.mga8 Redland RDF Application Framework linux/i586
redland-bindings-common- Redland RDF Application Framework API Bindings linux/i586
rednotebook-2.21-1.mga8 Daily journal with calendar, templates and keyword searching linux/noarch
redshift-1.12-10.mga8 Adjusts the color temperature of your screen according to time of day linux/i586
redshift-common-1.12-10.mga8 Common data files for redshift linux/noarch
redshift-gtk-1.12-10.mga8 GTK integration for Redshift linux/i586
refind-0.12.0-2.mga8 EFI boot manager linux/i586
reflections-0.9.12-1.mga8 Java run-time meta-data analysis linux/noarch
reflections-javadoc-0.9.12-1.mga8 Javadoc for reflections linux/noarch
regexp-1.5-25.mga8 Simple regular expressions API linux/noarch
regexp-javadoc-1.5-25.mga8 Javadoc for regexp linux/noarch
regexxer-0.11-0.git20170430.3.mga8 Interactive search and replace tool linux/i586
regionset-0.2-4.mga8 Reads/sets the region code of DVD drives linux/i586
reiser4progs-2.0.0-2.mga8 Utilities for reiser4 filesystems linux/i586
reiser4progs-devel-2.0.0-2.mga8 Development libraries and headers for developing reiser4 tools linux/i586
reiserfsprogs-3.6.27-3.mga8 The utilities to create reiserfs volumes linux/i586
relaxngDatatype-2011.1-8.mga8 RELAX NG Datatype API linux/noarch
relaxngDatatype-javadoc-2011.1-8.mga8 API documentation for relaxngDatatype linux/noarch
remind-03.01.16-2.mga8 A sophisticated calendar and alarm program linux/i586
remind-gui-03.01.16-2.mga8 A graphical front-end for remind using Tcl/Tk linux/i586
remmina-1.4.10-1.mga8 GTK+ remote desktop client linux/i586
remmina-devel-1.4.10-1.mga8 Development files for remmina linux/i586
remmina-plugins-common-1.4.10-1.mga8 Common files for Remmina Remote Desktop Client plugins linux/i586
remmina-plugins-exec-1.4.10-1.mga8 External execution plugin for Remmina Remote Desktop Client linux/i586
remmina-plugins-kwallet-1.4.10-1.mga8 KDE Wallet plugin for Remmina Remote Desktop Client linux/i586
remmina-plugins-nx-1.4.10-1.mga8 NX plugin for Remmina Remote Desktop Client linux/i586
remmina-plugins-rdp-1.4.10-1.mga8 RDP plugin for Remmina Remote Desktop Client linux/i586
remmina-plugins-secret-1.4.10-1.mga8 Keyring integration for Remmina Remote Desktop Client linux/i586
remmina-plugins-spice-1.4.10-1.mga8 SPICE plugin for Remmina Remote Desktop Client linux/i586
remmina-plugins-st-1.4.10-1.mga8 Socket Terminal plugin for Remmina Remote Desktop Client linux/i586
remmina-plugins-vnc-1.4.10-1.mga8 VNC plugin for Remmina Remote Desktop Client linux/i586
remmina-plugins-www-1.4.10-1.mga8 WWW plugin for Remmina Remote Desktop Client linux/i586
remmina-plugins-xdmcp-1.4.10-1.mga8 XDMCP plugin for Remmina Remote Desktop Client linux/i586
remotebox-2.6-2.mga8 Open Source VirtualBox Client with Remote Management linux/noarch
renameutils-0.12.0-11.mga8 Set of programs designed to make renaming of multiple files faster linux/i586
rendercheck-1.5-4.mga8 Test a Render extension implementation linux/i586
replacer-1.6-10.mga8 Replacer Maven Mojo linux/noarch
replacer-javadoc-1.6-10.mga8 Javadoc for replacer linux/noarch
repoctl-0.1-8.mga8 Repository control tool linux/noarch
reprepro-5.3.0-3.mga8 Tool to handle local repositories of Debian packages linux/i586
repsnapper-2.5a5-5.mga8 RepRap control software linux/i586
reptyr-0.7.0-2.mga8 Attach a running process to a new terminal linux/i586
resolvconf-1.79-5.mga8 Nameserver information handler linux/noarch
resource-agents-4.7.0-1.mga8 Open Cluster Framework (OCF) resource agents linux/i586
resource-agents-devel-4.7.0-1.mga8 devel file for resource-agents linux/i586
resteasy-3.0.26-2.mga8 Framework for RESTful Web services and Java applications linux/noarch
resteasy-atom-provider-3.0.26-2.mga8 Module atom-provider for resteasy linux/noarch
resteasy-client-3.0.26-2.mga8 Client for resteasy linux/noarch
resteasy-core-3.0.26-2.mga8 Core modules for resteasy linux/noarch
resteasy-jackson2-provider-3.0.26-2.mga8 Module jackson2-provider for resteasy linux/noarch
resteasy-javadoc-3.0.26-2.mga8 Javadoc for resteasy linux/noarch
resteasy-jaxb-provider-3.0.26-2.mga8 Module jaxb-provider for resteasy linux/noarch
restinio-0.6.12-1.mga8 RESTinio is a header-only C++14 library that gives you an embedded HTTP/Websocket server linux/i586
rftg-0.9.4-4.mga8 Race for the Galaxy linux/i586
rgb-1.0.6-4.mga8 Uncompile an rgb color linux/i586
rgrep-0.99.19-21.mga8 A grep utility which can recursively descend through directories linux/i586
rhash-1.4.0-1.mga8 Great utility for computing hash sums linux/i586
rhino- JavaScript for Java linux/noarch
rhino-demo- Examples for rhino linux/noarch
rhn-check-2.9.36-5.mga8 Check for RHN actions linux/noarch
rhn-client-tools-2.9.36-5.mga8 Support programs and libraries for Red Hat Satellite or Spacewalk linux/noarch
rhn-setup-2.9.36-5.mga8 Configure and register an RHN/Spacewalk client linux/noarch
rhn-setup-gnome-2.9.36-5.mga8 A GUI interface for RHN/Spacewalk Registration linux/noarch
rhnsd-5.0.44-2.mga8 Spacewalk query daemon linux/i586
rhythmbox-3.4.4-3.mga8 Music Management Application linux/i586
rhythmbox-devel-3.4.4-3.mga8 Rhythmbox plugin development files linux/i586
ri-li-2.0.1-15.mga8 A toy wood train kit game linux/i586
rinutils-0.8.0-1.mga8 Shlomi Fish's gnu11 C Library of Random headers linux/i586
ripgrep-12.1.1-1.mga8 Recursively search directories for a regex pattern linux/i586
ripgrep-bash-completion-12.1.1-1.mga8 Bash completion for ripgrep linux/i586
ripgrep-fish-completion-12.1.1-1.mga8 Fish completion for ripgrep linux/i586
ripgrep-zsh-completion-12.1.1-1.mga8 Zsh completion for ripgrep linux/i586
ripmime- Extracts attachments out of mailpack format emails linux/i586
ripole-0.2.0-22.mga8 Extracts attachments out of mailpack format emails linux/i586
ristretto-0.10.0-2.mga8 A picture viewer for the Xfce desktop environment linux/i586
rkhunter-1.4.6-3.mga8 Rootkit scans for rootkits, backdoors and local exploits linux/noarch
rkrlv2-git20171213-5.mga8 Rakarrack effects ported to LV2 plugins linux/i586
rkward-0.7.2-2.mga8 RKWard aims to provide an easily extensible, easy to use IDE/GUI for R-language linux/i586
rls-1.49.0-1.mga8 Rust Language Server for IDE integration linux/i586
rlwrap-0.43-4.mga8 Readline wrapper linux/i586
rman-3.2-15.mga8 PolyglotMan - manual page translator to HTML, ASCII, TkMan, DocBook linux/i586
rmanage-0.1.8-13.mga8 A network discovery and management tool linux/i586
rmic-maven-plugin-1.2.1-17.mga8 Uses the java rmic compiler to generate classes used in remote method invocation linux/noarch
rmic-maven-plugin-javadoc-1.2.1-17.mga8 Javadoc for rmic-maven-plugin linux/noarch
rmt-0.4b46-8.mga8 Provides certain programs with access to remote tape devices linux/i586
rng-tools-6.10-1.mga8 Random number generator related utilities linux/i586
rng-utils-5-3.mga8 Random number generator related utilities linux/i586
roadmap-1.2.1-19.mga8 GPS Tracker linux/i586
robin-map-devel-0.6.3-1.mga8 C++ implementation of a fast hash map and hash set using robin hood hashing linux/noarch
rocksndiamonds- A boulderdash like game linux/i586
rocs-20.12.0-1.mga8 Graph Editor and a Programming Environement linux/i586
rocs-devel-20.12.0-1.mga8 Devel stuff for rocs linux/i586
rocs-handbook-20.12.0-1.mga8 rocs handbook linux/noarch
rodovid-0.3.18-3.mga8 Genealogy visual editor linux/noarch
rogueboxadventures-3.0.1-1.mga8 Libre hybrid of classical roguelike gameplay and sandbox games linux/noarch
rolisteam-1.9.3-2.mga8 A program to manage a tabletop role-playing game with remote players linux/i586
rootcerts-20201201.00-2.mga8 Bundle of CA Root Certificates linux/noarch
rootcerts-java-20201201.00-2.mga8 Bundle of CA Root Certificates for Java linux/noarch
rootfiles-11.0-16.mga8 The basic required files for the root user's directory linux/noarch
rosegarden-20.06-2.mga8 Midi, audio sequencer and notation editor linux/i586
roundcubemail-1.4.10-1.mga8 Round Cube Webmail is a browser-based multilingual IMAP client linux/noarch
routed-0.17-20.mga8 The routing daemon which maintains routing tables linux/i586
routino-3.3.3-1.mga8 Router for OpenStreetMap Data linux/i586
rovclock-0.6e-2.mga8 Radeon Clocking Tool linux/i586
rp-pppoe-3.12-5.mga8 ADSL/PPPoE userspace driver linux/i586
rp-pppoe-gui-3.12-5.mga8 GUI front-end for rp-pppoe linux/i586
rpcbind-1.2.5-2.mga8 Universal Addresses to RPC Program Number Napper linux/i586
rpcgen-1.4-1.mga8 RPC protocol compiler linux/i586
rpcsvc-proto-devel-1.4-1.mga8 RPC protocol definitions linux/i586
rply-1.1.4-3.mga8 A library to read and write PLY files linux/i586
rpm- The RPM package management system linux/i586
rpm-apidocs- API documentation for RPM libraries linux/noarch
rpm-build- Scripts and executable programs used to build packages linux/i586
rpm-cron- Create daily logs of installed packages linux/noarch
rpm-helper-0.24.21-1.mga8 Helper scripts for rpm scriptlets linux/noarch
rpm-mageia-setup-2.57-2.mga8 The Mageia rpm configuration and scripts linux/i586
rpm-mageia-setup-build-2.57-2.mga8 The Mageia rpm configuration and scripts to build rpms linux/i586
rpm-plugin-audit- Rpm plugin for logging audit events on package operations linux/i586
rpm-plugin-ima- Rpm plugin for IMA file signatures linux/i586
rpm-plugin-prioreset- Rpm plugin for resetting scriptlet priorities for SysV init linux/i586
rpm-plugin-selinux- Rpm plugin for SELinux functionality linux/i586
rpm-plugin-syslog- Rpm plugin for syslog functionality linux/i586
rpm-plugin-systemd-inhibit- Rpm plugin for systemd inhibit functionality linux/i586
rpm-sign- Package signing support linux/i586
rpmbootstrap-0.16.1-1.mga8 Tool similar to debootstrap for RPM based distributions linux/noarch
rpmcheck-0.0.2368-21.mga8 A tool to check consistency of rpm repositories linux/i586
rpmconf-1.1.3-1.mga8 Tool to handle rpmnew and rpmsave files linux/noarch
rpmconf-base-1.1.3-1.mga8 Filesystem for rpmconf linux/noarch
rpmconstant-0.1.5-2.mga8 A library to bind RPM constant values linux/i586
rpmdevtools-9.3-1.mga8 RPM Development Tools linux/noarch
rpmdrake-6.32-1.mga8 Mageia graphical front end for software installation/removal linux/noarch
rpmlint-1.11-4.mga8 RPM correctness checker linux/noarch
rpmlint-mageia-policy-0.2.29-7.mga8 Rpmlint policy for Mageia linux/noarch
rpmmon-0.6.3-16.mga8 Helps you build better RPMs linux/noarch
rpmorphan-1.19-2.mga8 List packages that have no dependencies (like deborphan) linux/noarch
rpmrebuild-2.15-1.mga8 A tool to build rpm file from rpm database linux/noarch
rpmstats-0.6.1-20.mga8 Gather statistics from installed packages linux/i586
rpmsync-1.7-14.mga8 Script to rsync update an RPM repository mirror linux/noarch
rpmtools-7.12-2.mga8 Various RPM command-line tools linux/noarch
rrdcached-1.7.2-6.mga8 Data caching daemon for RRDtool linux/i586
rrdcollect-0.2.9-10.mga8 Round-Robin Database Collecting Daemon linux/i586
rrdtool-1.7.2-6.mga8 Round Robin Database Tool to store and display time-series data linux/i586
rsh-0.17-36.mga8 Clients for remote access commands (rsh, rlogin, rcp) linux/i586
rsh-server-0.17-36.mga8 Servers for remote access commands (rsh, rlogin, rcp) linux/i586
rshasum-0.8.0-1.mga8 Recursive shasum linux/noarch
rsibreak-0.12.13-3.mga8 Assists in the Recovery and Prevention of Repetitive Strain Injury linux/i586
rsnapshot-1.4.3-1.mga8 Local and remote filesystem snapshot utility linux/noarch
rspamd-2.5-2.mga8 Rapid spam filtering system linux/i586
rss2email-3.11-2.mga8 Forward RSS feeds to your email address, community maintained linux/noarch
rst2pdf-0.97-1.mga8 Tool for transforming reStructuredText to PDF linux/noarch
rstart-1.0.5-8.mga8 A sample implementation of a Remote Start rsh helper linux/i586
rstudio-1.2.5042-6.mga8 RStudio IDE is a powerful and productive user interface for R linux/i586
rstudio-common-1.2.5042-6.mga8 RStudio IDE is a powerful and productive user interface for R linux/i586
rstudio-server-1.2.5042-6.mga8 RStudio IDE is a powerful and productive user interface for R linux/i586
rsvndump-0.6-10.mga8 Remote Subversion repository dump linux/i586
rsync-3.2.2-2.mga8 A program for synchronizing files over a network linux/i586
rsync-bpc- A customized version of rsync that is used as part of BackupPC linux/i586
rsyntaxtextarea-3.1.1-1.mga8 A syntax highlighting, code folding text editor for Java Swing applications linux/noarch
rsyslog-8.2012.0-1.mga8 Enhanced system logging and kernel message trapping daemons linux/i586
rsyslog-crypto-8.2012.0-1.mga8 Encryption support for rsyslog linux/i586
rsyslog-dbi-8.2012.0-1.mga8 Dbi support for rsyslog linux/i586
rsyslog-elasticsearch-8.2012.0-1.mga8 ElasticSearch output module for rsyslog linux/i586
rsyslog-gnutls-8.2012.0-1.mga8 GnuTLS support for rsyslog linux/i586
rsyslog-gssapi-8.2012.0-1.mga8 GSS-API support for rsyslog linux/i586
rsyslog-journald-8.2012.0-1.mga8 Systemd journal support for rsyslog linux/i586
rsyslog-mysql-8.2012.0-1.mga8 MySQL support for rsyslog linux/i586
rsyslog-pgsql-8.2012.0-1.mga8 PostgreSQL support for rsyslog linux/i586
rsyslog-relp-8.2012.0-1.mga8 RELP support for rsyslog linux/i586
rsyslog-snmp-8.2012.0-1.mga8 SNMP support for rsyslog linux/i586
rt-tests-1.0-1.mga8 Programs that test various rt-features linux/i586
rtkit-0.13-1.mga8 Realtime Policy and Watchdog Daemon linux/i586
rtl-sdr-0.6.0-2.mga8 SDR utilities for Realtek RTL2832 based DVB-T dongles linux/i586
rtl_433-20.11-1.mga8 A generic data receiver linux/i586
rtlsdr-airband-3.2.1-1.mga8 CLI airband receiver using RTL-SDR dongle linux/i586
rtmpdump-2.4-0.git20160101.10.mga8 Toolkit for RTMP streams linux/i586
rtorrent-0.9.8-2.mga8 Curses based BitTorrent client linux/i586
rubber-1.5.1-3.mga8 An automated system for building LaTeX documents linux/noarch
rubberband-1.9.0-1.mga8 Audio time-stretching and pitch-shifting library linux/i586
ruby-2.7.2-33.mga8 Object Oriented Script Language linux/i586
ruby-Ascii85-1.0.3-3.mga8 Provides methods for encoding/decoding Adobe's binary-to-text encoding linux/noarch
ruby-Ascii85-doc-1.0.3-3.mga8 Documentation for ruby-Ascii85 linux/noarch
ruby-BlueCloth-2.2.0-22.mga8 A Ruby implementation of Markdown linux/i586
ruby-BlueCloth-doc-2.2.0-22.mga8 Documentation for ruby-BlueCloth linux/noarch
ruby-Platform-0.4.2-2.mga8 Hopefully robust platform sensing linux/noarch
ruby-Platform-doc-0.4.2-2.mga8 Documentation for ruby-Platform linux/noarch
ruby-RedCloth-4.3.2-5.mga8 Textile parser for Ruby linux/i586
ruby-RedCloth-doc-4.3.2-5.mga8 Documentation for ruby-RedCloth linux/noarch
ruby-RubyGems-3.1.2-33.mga8 The Ruby standard for packaging ruby libraries linux/noarch
ruby-RubyInline-3.12.5-1.mga8 Inline allows you to write foreign code within your ruby code linux/noarch
ruby-RubyInline-doc-3.12.5-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-RubyInline linux/noarch
ruby-SDL-2.2.0-0.20160105.9.mga8 Wrapper around the cross platform Simple DirectMedia Layer game library linux/i586
ruby-ZenTest-4.11.2-2.mga8 ZenTest provides zentest, unit_diff, autotest, and multiruby linux/noarch
ruby-ZenTest-doc-4.11.2-2.mga8 Documentation for ruby-ZenTest linux/noarch
ruby-activerecord-deprecated_finders-1.0.4-3.mga8 Deprecated finder APIs extracted from Active Record linux/noarch
ruby-activerecord-deprecated_finders-doc-1.0.4-3.mga8 Documentation for ruby-activerecord-deprecated_finders linux/noarch
ruby-addressable-2.7.0-1.mga8 A replacement for the URI implementation of Ruby's standard library linux/noarch
ruby-addressable-doc-2.7.0-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-addressable linux/noarch
ruby-afm-0.2.2-3.mga8 reading Adobe Font Metrics (afm) files linux/noarch
ruby-afm-doc-0.2.2-3.mga8 Documentation for ruby-afm linux/noarch
ruby-arel-9.0.0-3.mga8 Ruby SQL AST manager linux/noarch
ruby-arel-doc-9.0.0-3.mga8 Documentation for ruby-arel linux/noarch
ruby-asciidoctor-2.0.11-1.mga8 A fast, open source AsciiDoc implementation in Ruby linux/noarch
ruby-asciidoctor-doc-2.0.11-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-asciidoctor linux/noarch
ruby-atk-3.4.1-1.mga8 Ruby/ATK is a Ruby binding of ATK-1.0.x linux/noarch
ruby-atk-doc-3.4.1-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-atk linux/noarch
ruby-atomic-1.1.101-4.mga8 An atomic reference implementation for JRuby, Rubinius, and MRI linux/i586
ruby-atomic-doc-1.1.101-4.mga8 Documentation for ruby-atomic linux/noarch
ruby-autotest-5.0.0-1.mga8 Autotest, without ZenTest linux/noarch
ruby-autotest-doc-5.0.0-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-autotest linux/noarch
ruby-aws-s3-0.6.3-15.mga8 Client library for Amazon's Simple Storage Service's REST API linux/noarch
ruby-aws-s3-doc-0.6.3-15.mga8 Documentation for ruby-aws-s3 linux/noarch
ruby-background_process-1.3-13.mga8 A library for spawning and interacting with UNIX processes linux/noarch
ruby-background_process-doc-1.3-13.mga8 Documentation for ruby-background_process linux/noarch
ruby-backports-3.17.0-1.mga8 Backports of Ruby features for older Ruby linux/noarch
ruby-backports-doc-3.17.0-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-backports linux/noarch
ruby-beefcake-1.2.0-3.mga8 A sane protobuf library for Ruby linux/noarch
ruby-beefcake-doc-1.2.0-3.mga8 Documentation for ruby-beefcake linux/noarch
ruby-bigdecimal-2.0.0-33.mga8 BigDecimal provides arbitrary-precision floating point decimal arithmetic linux/i586
ruby-builder-3.2.4-1.mga8 Builders for MarkUp linux/noarch
ruby-builder-doc-3.2.4-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-builder linux/noarch
ruby-bundler-2.1.4-33.mga8 Library and utilities to manage a Ruby application's gem dependencies linux/noarch
ruby-c21e-2.0.0-1.mga8 Run cross-platform executables linux/noarch
ruby-c21e-doc-2.0.0-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-c21e linux/noarch
ruby-caca-0.99-0.beta19.5.mga8 Ruby binding for libcaca linux/i586
ruby-cairo-1.16.2-3.mga8 Ruby bindings for cairo linux/i586
ruby-cairo-devel-1.16.2-3.mga8 Development files for ruby-cairo linux/i586
ruby-cairo-doc-1.16.2-3.mga8 Documentation for ruby-cairo linux/i586
ruby-cairo-gobject-3.4.1-1.mga8 Ruby/CairoGObject is a Ruby binding of cairo-gobject linux/i586
ruby-cairo-gobject-doc-3.4.1-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-cairo-gobject linux/noarch
ruby-cancan-1.6.10-3.mga8 Simple authorization solution for Rails linux/noarch
ruby-cancan-doc-1.6.10-3.mga8 Documentation for ruby-cancan linux/noarch
ruby-childlabor-0.0.3-15.mga8 Put your children to work linux/noarch
ruby-childlabor-doc-0.0.3-15.mga8 Documentation for ruby-childlabor linux/noarch
ruby-childprocess-3.0.0-1.mga8 Cross-platform ruby library for managing child processes linux/noarch
ruby-childprocess-doc-3.0.0-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-childprocess linux/noarch
ruby-choices-0.4.0-3.mga8 Easy settings for your app linux/noarch
ruby-choices-doc-0.4.0-3.mga8 Documentation for ruby-choices linux/noarch
ruby-chronic-0.10.2-6.mga8 Natural language date/time parsing linux/noarch
ruby-chronic-doc-0.10.2-6.mga8 Documentation for ruby-chronic linux/noarch
ruby-chunky_png-1.3.11-2.mga8 CSS Generator linux/noarch
ruby-chunky_png-doc-1.3.11-2.mga8 Documentation for ruby-chunky_png linux/noarch
ruby-ci_reporter-2.0.0-3.mga8 Allows you to generate reams of XML for use with continuous integration systems linux/noarch
ruby-ci_reporter-doc-2.0.0-3.mga8 Documentation for ruby-ci_reporter linux/noarch
ruby-coderay-1.1.2-3.mga8 Fast syntax highlighting for selected languages linux/noarch
ruby-coderay-doc-1.1.2-3.mga8 Documentation for ruby-coderay linux/noarch
ruby-coffee-script-2.4.1-3.mga8 Ruby CoffeeScript Compiler linux/noarch
ruby-coffee-script-doc-2.4.1-3.mga8 Documentation for ruby-coffee-script linux/noarch
ruby-coffee-script-source-1.12.2-3.mga8 The CoffeeScript Compiler linux/noarch
ruby-coffee-script-source-doc-1.12.2-3.mga8 Documentation for ruby-coffee-script-source linux/noarch
ruby-columnize-0.9.0-3.mga8 Module to format an array as an array of strings aligned in columns linux/noarch
ruby-columnize-doc-0.9.0-3.mga8 Documentation for ruby-columnize linux/noarch
ruby-commonjs-0.2.7-3.mga8 Provide access to your Ruby and Operating System runtime via the commonjs API linux/noarch
ruby-commonjs-doc-0.2.7-3.mga8 Documentation for ruby-commonjs linux/noarch
ruby-concurrent-ruby-1.1.7-1.mga8 Modern concurrency tools for Ruby. Inspired by Erlang, Clojure, Scala, Haskell, F#, C#, Java, and classic concurrency patterns linux/noarch
ruby-concurrent-ruby-doc-1.1.7-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-concurrent-ruby linux/noarch
ruby-configuration-1.3.4-3.mga8 Pure ruby scoped configuration files linux/noarch
ruby-configuration-doc-1.3.4-3.mga8 Documentation for ruby-configuration linux/noarch
ruby-connection_pool-2.2.3-1.mga8 Generic connection pool for Ruby linux/noarch
ruby-connection_pool-doc-2.2.3-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-connection_pool linux/noarch
ruby-contest-0.1.3-13.mga8 Write more readable tests in Test::Unit with this tiny script linux/noarch
ruby-contest-doc-0.1.3-13.mga8 Documentation for ruby-contest linux/noarch
ruby-contracts-0.16.0-3.mga8 Contracts for Ruby linux/noarch
ruby-contracts-doc-0.16.0-3.mga8 Documentation for ruby-contracts linux/noarch
ruby-cookiejar-0.3.3-3.mga8 Client-side HTTP Cookie library linux/noarch
ruby-cookiejar-doc-0.3.3-3.mga8 Documentation for ruby-cookiejar linux/noarch
ruby-crack-0.4.3-3.mga8 Really simple JSON and XML parsing, ripped from Merb and Rails linux/noarch
ruby-crack-doc-0.4.3-3.mga8 Documentation for ruby-crack linux/noarch
ruby-culerity-0.2.15-17.mga8 Integrates Cucumber and Celerity in order to test your application's full stack linux/noarch
ruby-culerity-doc-0.2.15-17.mga8 Documentation for ruby-culerity linux/noarch
ruby-curb-0.9.10-1.mga8 Ruby libcurl bindings linux/i586
ruby-curb-doc-0.9.10-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-curb linux/noarch
ruby-daemon_controller-1.2.0-7.mga8 A library for robust daemon management linux/noarch
ruby-daemon_controller-doc-1.2.0-7.mga8 Documentation for ruby-daemon_controller linux/noarch
ruby-daemons-1.3.1-2.mga8 A toolkit to create and control daemons in different ways linux/noarch
ruby-daemons-doc-1.3.1-2.mga8 Documentation for ruby-daemons linux/noarch
ruby-dalli-2.7.10-2.mga8 High performance memcached client for Ruby linux/noarch
ruby-dalli-doc-2.7.10-2.mga8 Documentation for ruby-dalli linux/noarch
ruby-database_cleaner-1.8.3-1.mga8 Strategies for cleaning databases linux/noarch
ruby-database_cleaner-doc-1.8.3-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-database_cleaner linux/noarch
ruby-debugger-linecache-1.2.0-10.mga8 Module for reading and caching lines linux/noarch
ruby-debugger-linecache-doc-1.2.0-10.mga8 Documentation for ruby-debugger-linecache linux/noarch
ruby-debugger-ruby_core_source-1.3.8-3.mga8 Provides Ruby core source files for C extensions that need them linux/noarch
ruby-debugger-ruby_core_source-doc-1.3.8-3.mga8 Documentation for ruby-debugger-ruby_core_source linux/noarch
ruby-declarative-0.0.10-3.mga8 DSL for nested schemas linux/noarch
ruby-declarative-doc-0.0.10-3.mga8 Documentation for ruby-declarative linux/noarch
ruby-declarative-option-0.1.0-3.mga8 Dynamic options linux/noarch
ruby-deep_merge-1.2.1-1.mga8 Merge Deeply Nested Hashes linux/noarch
ruby-deep_merge-doc-1.2.1-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-deep_merge linux/noarch
ruby-deprecated-3.0.1-13.mga8 An easy way to handle deprecating and conditionally running deprecated code linux/noarch
ruby-deprecated-doc-3.0.1-13.mga8 Documentation for ruby-deprecated linux/noarch
ruby-devel-2.7.2-33.mga8 Development file for the powerful language Ruby linux/i586
ruby-dict-0.9.4-15.mga8 Ruby/DICT library linux/noarch
ruby-did_you_mean-1.4.0-33.mga8 "Did you mean?" experience in Ruby linux/i586
ruby-diff-lcs-1.3-4.mga8 Provides a list of changes linux/noarch
ruby-diff-lcs-doc-1.3-4.mga8 Documentation for ruby-diff-lcs linux/noarch
ruby-digest-crc-0.5.1-1.mga8 A Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) library for Ruby linux/noarch
ruby-digest-crc-doc-0.5.1-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-digest-crc linux/noarch
ruby-doc-2.7.2-33.mga8 Documentation for the powerful language Ruby linux/noarch
ruby-docile-1.3.2-1.mga8 Docile keeps your Ruby DSLs tame and well-behaved linux/noarch
ruby-docile-doc-1.3.2-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-docile linux/noarch
ruby-domain_name-0.5.20190701-1.mga8 Domain Name manipulation library for Ruby linux/noarch
ruby-domain_name-doc-0.5.20190701-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-domain_name linux/noarch
ruby-dust-0.1.7-14.mga8 Add on for Test::Unit that allows an alternative test definition syntax linux/noarch
ruby-dust-doc-0.1.7-14.mga8 Documentation for ruby-dust linux/noarch
ruby-ecasound-2.9.1-10.mga8 Ruby bindings to ecasound control interface linux/i586
ruby-edavis10-object_daddy-0.4.3-12.mga8 Object Daddy linux/noarch
ruby-em-http-request-1.1.7-1.mga8 EventMachine based, async HTTP Request client linux/noarch
ruby-em-http-request-doc-1.1.7-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-em-http-request linux/noarch
ruby-em-socksify-0.3.2-3.mga8 Adds SOCKS support to any protocol linux/noarch
ruby-em-socksify-doc-0.3.2-3.mga8 Documentation for ruby-em-socksify linux/noarch
ruby-erubi-1.10.0-1.mga8 Erubi is a ERB template engine for ruby. It is a simplified fork of Erubis linux/noarch
ruby-erubi-doc-1.10.0-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-erubi linux/noarch
ruby-erubis-2.7.0-15.mga8 A fast and extensible eRuby implementation which supports multi-language linux/noarch
ruby-erubis-doc-2.7.0-15.mga8 Documentation for ruby-erubis linux/noarch
ruby-escape_utils-1.2.1-6.mga8 Faster string escaping routines for your web apps linux/i586
ruby-escape_utils-doc-1.2.1-6.mga8 Documentation for ruby-escape_utils linux/noarch
ruby-ethon-0.12.0-2.mga8 Very lightweight libcurl wrapper linux/noarch
ruby-ethon-doc-0.12.0-2.mga8 Documentation for ruby-ethon linux/noarch
ruby-event-bus-0.2.3-3.mga8 Notify subscribers about event linux/noarch
ruby-event-bus-doc-0.2.3-3.mga8 Documentation for ruby-event-bus linux/noarch
ruby-eventmachine-1.2.7-4.mga8 Ruby/EventMachine library linux/i586
ruby-eventmachine-doc-1.2.7-4.mga8 Documentation for ruby-eventmachine linux/noarch
ruby-evernote-1.2.1-13.mga8 High level wrapper for the Evernote API linux/noarch
ruby-evernote-doc-1.2.1-13.mga8 Documentation for ruby-evernote linux/noarch
ruby-excon-0.78.1-1.mga8 EXtended http(s) CONnections linux/noarch
ruby-excon-doc-0.78.1-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-excon linux/noarch
ruby-execjs-2.7.0-3.mga8 Run JavaScript code from Ruby linux/noarch
ruby-execjs-doc-2.7.0-3.mga8 Documentation for ruby-execjs linux/noarch
ruby-fake_ftp-0.3.0-3.mga8 Creates a fake FTP server for use in testing linux/noarch
ruby-fake_ftp-doc-0.3.0-3.mga8 Documentation for ruby-fake_ftp linux/noarch
ruby-faker-2.11.0-1.mga8 A port of Perl's Data::Faker - Generates fake names, phone numbers, etc linux/noarch
ruby-faker-doc-2.11.0-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-faker linux/noarch
ruby-fakeweb-1.3.0-14.mga8 A tool for faking responses to HTTP requests linux/noarch
ruby-fakeweb-doc-1.3.0-14.mga8 Documentation for ruby-fakeweb linux/noarch
ruby-faraday-1.0.0-1.mga8 HTTP/REST API client library linux/noarch
ruby-faraday-doc-1.0.0-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-faraday linux/noarch
ruby-fastercsv-1.5.5-14.mga8 FasterCSV is CSV, but faster, smaller, and cleaner linux/noarch
ruby-fastercsv-doc-1.5.5-14.mga8 Documentation for ruby-fastercsv linux/noarch
ruby-fcgi- FastCGI library for Ruby linux/i586
ruby-ffi-1.12.2-2.mga8 A ruby extension for programmatically loading dynamic libraries linux/i586
ruby-ffi-bit_masks-0.1.1-3.mga8 Adds support for bit-masked types in FFI linux/noarch
ruby-ffi-bit_masks-doc-0.1.1-3.mga8 Documentation for ruby-ffi-bit_masks linux/noarch
ruby-ffi-doc-1.12.2-2.mga8 Documentation for ruby-ffi linux/noarch
ruby-flexmock-2.3.6-3.mga8 Simple and Flexible Mock Objects for Testing linux/noarch
ruby-flexmock-doc-2.3.6-3.mga8 Documentation for ruby-flexmock linux/noarch
ruby-fssm-0.2.10-6.mga8 File System State Monitor linux/noarch
ruby-fssm-doc-0.2.10-6.mga8 Documentation for ruby-fssm linux/noarch
ruby-gdk_pixbuf2-3.4.1-1.mga8 Ruby/GdkPixbuf2 is a Ruby binding of GdkPixbuf-2.x linux/noarch
ruby-gdk_pixbuf2-doc-3.4.1-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-gdk_pixbuf2 linux/noarch
ruby-gem2rpm-1.0.1-3.mga8 Generate rpm specfiles from gems linux/noarch
ruby-gem2rpm-doc-1.0.1-3.mga8 Documentation for ruby-gem2rpm linux/noarch
ruby-gem_plugin-0.2.3-14.mga8 A plugin system based on rubygems that uses dependencies only linux/noarch
ruby-gem_plugin-doc-0.2.3-14.mga8 Documentation for ruby-gem_plugin linux/noarch
ruby-gemcutter-0.7.1-14.mga8 Commands to interact with linux/noarch
ruby-gemcutter-doc-0.7.1-14.mga8 Documentation for ruby-gemcutter linux/noarch
ruby-geoip-1.6.4-3.mga8 Searches a GeoIP database for a given host or IP address linux/noarch
ruby-geoip-doc-1.6.4-3.mga8 Documentation for ruby-geoip linux/noarch
ruby-gettext-3.3.5-1.mga8 A library and tools to localize messages linux/noarch
ruby-gettext-doc-3.3.5-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-gettext linux/noarch
ruby-ginger-1.2.1-14.mga8 Run rake tasks multiple times with different gem versions linux/noarch
ruby-ginger-doc-1.2.1-14.mga8 Documentation for ruby-ginger linux/noarch
ruby-gio2-3.4.1-1.mga8 Ruby/GIO2 is a Ruby binding of gio-2.x linux/i586
ruby-gio2-doc-3.4.1-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-gio2 linux/noarch
ruby-gir_ffi-0.15.2-1.mga8 FFI-based GObject binding using the GObject Introspection Repository linux/noarch
ruby-gir_ffi-doc-0.15.2-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-gir_ffi linux/noarch
ruby-git-1.6.0-1.mga8 Ruby/Git is a Ruby library that wraps system calls to the git binary linux/noarch
ruby-git-doc-1.6.0-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-git linux/noarch
ruby-glib2-3.4.1-1.mga8 Ruby/GLib2 is a Ruby binding of GLib-2.x linux/i586
ruby-glib2-devel-3.4.1-1.mga8 Development files for ruby-glib2 linux/i586
ruby-glib2-doc-3.4.1-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-glib2 linux/noarch
ruby-gobject-introspection-3.4.1-1.mga8 Ruby/GObjectIntrospection is a Ruby binding of GObjectIntrospection linux/i586
ruby-gobject-introspection-doc-3.4.1-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-gobject-introspection linux/noarch
ruby-google-api-client-0.37.2-1.mga8 Client for accessing Google APIs linux/noarch
ruby-google-protobuf-3.11.4-1.mga8 Protocol Buffers linux/i586
ruby-google-protobuf-doc-3.11.4-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-google-protobuf linux/noarch
ruby-googleapis-common-protos-types-1.0.4-1.mga8 Common protobuf types used in Google APIs linux/noarch
ruby-googleapis-common-protos-types-doc-1.0.4-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-googleapis-common-protos-types linux/noarch
ruby-googleauth-0.11.0-1.mga8 Google Auth Library for Ruby linux/noarch
ruby-googleauth-doc-0.11.0-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-googleauth linux/noarch
ruby-graphviz-2.44.1-2.mga8 Graphviz bindings for ruby linux/i586
ruby-grpc-1.27.0-1.mga8 GRPC system in Ruby linux/i586
ruby-grpc-doc-1.27.0-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-grpc linux/noarch
ruby-gtk2-3.4.1-1.mga8 Ruby/GTK2 is a Ruby binding of GTK+-2.x linux/i586
ruby-gtk2-devel-3.4.1-1.mga8 Development files for ruby-gtk2 linux/i586
ruby-gtk2-doc-3.4.1-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-gtk2 linux/noarch
ruby-haml-5.1.2-1.mga8 An elegant, structured XHTML/XML template engine linux/noarch
ruby-haml-doc-5.1.2-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-haml linux/noarch
ruby-hashdiff-1.0.1-1.mga8 HashDiff is a diff lib to compute the smallest difference between two hashes linux/noarch
ruby-hashdiff-doc-1.0.1-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-hashdiff linux/noarch
ruby-hashery-2.1.2-3.mga8 Facets-bread collection of Hash-like classes linux/noarch
ruby-hashery-doc-2.1.2-3.mga8 Documentation for ruby-hashery linux/noarch
ruby-hashicorp-checkpoint-0.1.5-3.mga8 Internal HashiCorp service to check version information linux/noarch
ruby-hashicorp-checkpoint-doc-0.1.5-3.mga8 Documentation for ruby-hashicorp-checkpoint linux/noarch
ruby-hashie-4.1.0-1.mga8 Your friendly neighborhood hash toolkit linux/noarch
ruby-hashie-doc-4.1.0-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-hashie linux/noarch
ruby-hiera-3.6.0-1.mga8 Light weight hierarchical data store linux/noarch
ruby-hiera-doc-3.6.0-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-hiera linux/noarch
ruby-highline-2.0.3-1.mga8 HighLine is a high-level command-line IO library linux/noarch
ruby-highline-doc-2.0.3-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-highline linux/noarch
ruby-hike-2.1.3-6.mga8 A Ruby library for finding files in a set of paths linux/noarch
ruby-hike-doc-2.1.3-6.mga8 Documentation for ruby-hike linux/noarch
ruby-hivex-1.3.19-11.mga8 Ruby bindings for hivex linux/i586
ruby-hoe-3.22.1-1.mga8 A rake/rubygems helper for project Rakefiles linux/noarch
ruby-hoe-doc-3.22.1-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-hoe linux/noarch
ruby-hoe-git-1.6.0-3.mga8 A set of Hoe plugins for tighter Git integration linux/noarch
ruby-hoe-git-doc-1.6.0-3.mga8 Documentation for ruby-hoe-git linux/noarch
ruby-hpricot-0.8.6-19.mga8 A swift, liberal HTML parser with a fantastic library linux/i586
ruby-hpricot-doc-0.8.6-19.mga8 Documentation for ruby-hpricot linux/noarch
ruby-htmlentities-4.3.4-3.mga8 A module for encoding and decoding (X)HTML entities linux/noarch
ruby-htmlentities-doc-4.3.4-3.mga8 Documentation for ruby-htmlentities linux/noarch
ruby-http-accept-2.1.1-1.mga8 Parse Accept and Accept-Language HTTP headers linux/noarch
ruby-http-accept-doc-2.1.1-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-http-accept linux/noarch
ruby-http-cookie-1.0.3-3.mga8 Ruby library to handle HTTP cookies linux/noarch
ruby-http-cookie-doc-1.0.3-3.mga8 Documentation for ruby-http-cookie linux/noarch
ruby-http_parser.rb-0.6.0-6.mga8 Simple callback-based HTTP request/response parser linux/i586
ruby-http_parser.rb-doc-0.6.0-6.mga8 Documentation for ruby-http_parser.rb linux/noarch
ruby-httpauth-0.2.1-6.mga8 Library for the HTTP Authentication protocol (RFC 2617) linux/noarch
ruby-httpauth-doc-0.2.1-6.mga8 Documentation for ruby-httpauth linux/noarch
ruby-httpclient-2.8.3-3.mga8 Gives something like the functionality of libwww-perl (LWP) in Ruby linux/noarch
ruby-httpclient-doc-2.8.3-3.mga8 Documentation for ruby-httpclient linux/noarch
ruby-hurley-0.2-3.mga8 HTTP client wrapper linux/noarch
ruby-hurley-doc-0.2-3.mga8 Documentation for ruby-hurley linux/noarch
ruby-i18n-1.8.2-1.mga8 New wave Internationalization support for Ruby linux/noarch
ruby-i18n-doc-1.8.2-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-i18n linux/noarch
ruby-icalendar-2.6.1-1.mga8 This is a Ruby library for dealing with iCalendar files linux/noarch
ruby-icalendar-doc-2.6.1-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-icalendar linux/noarch
ruby-ice_cube-0.16.3-2.mga8 Ruby Date Recurrence Library linux/noarch
ruby-ice_cube-doc-0.16.3-2.mga8 Documentation for ruby-ice_cube linux/noarch
ruby-indentation-0.1.1-3.mga8 A library of extensions to Ruby's Array and String classes linux/noarch
ruby-indentation-doc-0.1.1-3.mga8 Documentation for ruby-indentation linux/noarch
ruby-io-console-0.5.6-33.mga8 IO/Console is a simple console utilizing library linux/i586
ruby-irb-2.7.2-33.mga8 The Interactive Ruby linux/noarch
ruby-isolate-3.5.0-1.mga8 Isolate is a very simple RubyGems sandbox linux/noarch
ruby-isolate-doc-3.5.0-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-isolate linux/noarch
ruby-itextomml-1.6.0-1.mga8 Native Ruby bindings to itex2MML linux/i586
ruby-itextomml-doc-1.6.0-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-itextomml linux/noarch
ruby-jruby-pageant-1.1.1-12.mga8 Allows Pageant access on JRuby + Windows linux/noarch
ruby-jruby-pageant-doc-1.1.1-12.mga8 Documentation for ruby-jruby-pageant linux/noarch
ruby-json-2.3.0-33.mga8 This is a JSON implementation as a Ruby extension in C linux/i586
ruby-json_pure-2.3.0-2.mga8 JSON Implementation for Ruby linux/noarch
ruby-json_pure-doc-2.3.0-2.mga8 Documentation for ruby-json_pure linux/noarch
ruby-jwt-2.2.1-1.mga8 JSON Web Token implementation in Ruby linux/noarch
ruby-jwt-doc-2.2.1-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-jwt linux/noarch
ruby-kgio-2.11.2-4.mga8 Kinder, gentler I/O for Ruby linux/i586
ruby-kgio-doc-2.11.2-4.mga8 Documentation for ruby-kgio linux/noarch
ruby-launchy-2.5.0-1.mga8 Helper class for launching cross-platform applications linux/noarch
ruby-launchy-doc-2.5.0-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-launchy linux/noarch
ruby-less-2.6.0-3.mga8 LESS is leaner CSS linux/noarch
ruby-less-doc-2.6.0-3.mga8 Documentation for ruby-less linux/noarch
ruby-libguestfs-1.44.0-2.mga8 Ruby bindings for libguestfs linux/i586
ruby-libvirt-0.5.2-10.mga8 Ruby bindings for libvirt linux/i586
ruby-libwebsocket-0.1.8-3.mga8 A universal Ruby library to handle the WebSocket protocol linux/noarch
ruby-libwebsocket-doc-0.1.8-3.mga8 Documentation for ruby-libwebsocket linux/noarch
ruby-libxml-2.8.0-8.mga8 Ruby libxml bindings linux/i586
ruby-libxml-doc-2.8.0-8.mga8 Documentation for ruby-libxml linux/i586
ruby-liquid-4.0.3-1.mga8 A secure, non-evaling end user template engine with aesthetic markup linux/noarch
ruby-liquid-doc-4.0.3-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-liquid linux/noarch
ruby-listen-3.2.1-1.mga8 Ruby module to listen to file modifications linux/noarch
ruby-listen-doc-3.2.1-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-listen linux/noarch
ruby-little-plugger-1.1.4-3.mga8 LittlePlugger is a module that provides Gem based plugin management linux/noarch
ruby-little-plugger-doc-1.1.4-3.mga8 Documentation for ruby-little-plugger linux/noarch
ruby-locale-2.1.3-1.mga8 A pure ruby library which provides basic APIs for localization linux/noarch
ruby-locale-doc-2.1.3-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-locale linux/noarch
ruby-log4r-1.1.10-14.mga8 Log4r, logging framework for ruby linux/noarch
ruby-log4r-doc-1.1.10-14.mga8 Documentation for ruby-log4r linux/noarch
ruby-logging-2.2.2-3.mga8 A flexible and extendable logging library for Ruby linux/noarch
ruby-logging-doc-2.2.2-3.mga8 Documentation for ruby-logging linux/noarch
ruby-macaddr-1.7.2-1.mga8 Cross platform mac address determination for ruby linux/noarch
ruby-macaddr-doc-1.7.2-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-macaddr linux/noarch
ruby-mail-2.7.1-2.mga8 Mail provides a nice Ruby DSL for making, sending and reading emails linux/noarch
ruby-mail-doc-2.7.1-2.mga8 Documentation for ruby-mail linux/noarch
ruby-markaby-0.9.0-3.mga8 Markup as Ruby, write HTML in your native Ruby tongue linux/noarch
ruby-markaby-doc-0.9.0-3.mga8 Documentation for ruby-markaby linux/noarch
ruby-maruku-0.7.3-3.mga8 Maruku is a Markdown-superset interpreter written in Ruby linux/noarch
ruby-maruku-doc-0.7.3-3.mga8 Documentation for ruby-maruku linux/noarch
ruby-mechanize-2.7.6-3.mga8 The Mechanize library is used for automating interaction with websites linux/noarch
ruby-mechanize-doc-2.7.6-3.mga8 Documentation for ruby-mechanize linux/noarch
ruby-memcache-client-1.8.5-16.mga8 A Ruby library for accessing memcached linux/noarch
ruby-memcache-client-doc-1.8.5-16.mga8 Documentation for ruby-memcache-client linux/noarch
ruby-memoist-0.16.2-1.mga8 memoize methods invocation linux/noarch
ruby-memoist-doc-0.16.2-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-memoist linux/noarch
ruby-metaclass-0.0.4-3.mga8 Adds a metaclass method to all Ruby objects linux/noarch
ruby-metaclass-doc-0.0.4-3.mga8 Documentation for ruby-metaclass linux/noarch
ruby-method_source-1.0.0-1.mga8 Retrieve the source code for a method linux/noarch
ruby-method_source-doc-1.0.0-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-method_source linux/noarch
ruby-mg-0.0.8-12.mga8 Minimal Gem linux/noarch
ruby-mime-types-3.3.1-1.mga8 MIME Content-Type database linux/noarch
ruby-mime-types-data-3.2019.1009-1.mga8 MIME Content-Type database linux/noarch
ruby-mini_mime-1.0.2-1.mga8 A lightweight mime type lookup toy linux/noarch
ruby-mini_mime-doc-1.0.2-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-mini_mime linux/noarch
ruby-mini_portile-0.6.2-5.mga8 Simplistic port-like solution for developers linux/noarch
ruby-mini_portile-doc-0.6.2-5.mga8 Documentation for ruby-mini_portile linux/noarch
ruby-mini_portile2-2.5.0-1.mga8 Simplistic port-like solution for developers linux/noarch
ruby-mini_portile2-doc-2.5.0-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-mini_portile2 linux/noarch
ruby-minitar-0.9-1.mga8 Provides POSIX tarchive management from Ruby programs linux/noarch
ruby-minitar-doc-0.9-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-minitar linux/noarch
ruby-minitest-5.14.0-1.mga8 A complete suite of testing facilities linux/noarch
ruby-minitest-autotest-1.1.1-1.mga8 autotest is a continous testing facility meant to be used during development linux/noarch
ruby-minitest-autotest-doc-1.1.1-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-minitest-autotest linux/noarch
ruby-minitest-doc-5.14.0-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-minitest linux/noarch
ruby-minitest-server-1.0.6-1.mga8 minitest-server provides a client/server setup with your minitest process, allowing your test run to send its results directly to a handler linux/noarch
ruby-minitest-server-doc-1.0.6-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-minitest-server linux/noarch
ruby-mocha-1.11.2-1.mga8 Mocking and stubbing library linux/noarch
ruby-mocha-doc-1.11.2-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-mocha linux/noarch
ruby-monkey-lib-0.5.4-3.mga8 Making ruby extension frameworks pluggable linux/noarch
ruby-monkey-lib-doc-0.5.4-3.mga8 Documentation for ruby-monkey-lib linux/noarch
ruby-multi_json-1.14.1-1.mga8 A gem to provide swappable JSON backends linux/noarch
ruby-multi_json-doc-1.14.1-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-multi_json linux/noarch
ruby-multi_test-0.1.2-3.mga8 Wafter-thin gem to help control rogue test/unit/autorun requires linux/noarch
ruby-multi_test-doc-0.1.2-3.mga8 Documentation for ruby-multi_test linux/noarch
ruby-multi_xml-0.6.0-3.mga8 A generic swappable back-end for XML parsing linux/noarch
ruby-multi_xml-doc-0.6.0-3.mga8 Documentation for ruby-multi_xml linux/noarch
ruby-multipart-post-2.1.1-1.mga8 Creates a multipart form post accessory for Net::HTTP linux/noarch
ruby-mustache-1.1.1-1.mga8 A framework-agnostic way to render logic-free views linux/noarch
ruby-mustache-doc-1.1.1-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-mustache linux/noarch
ruby-mustermann-1.1.1-1.mga8 Your personal string matching expert linux/noarch
ruby-mutter-0.5.3-15.mga8 The tiny CLI library linux/noarch
ruby-mutter-doc-0.5.3-15.mga8 Documentation for ruby-mutter linux/noarch
ruby-mysql2-0.5.3-3.mga8 A simple, fast Mysql library for Ruby, binding to libmysql linux/i586
ruby-mysql2-doc-0.5.3-3.mga8 Documentation for ruby-mysql2 linux/noarch
ruby-ncursesw-1.4.10-5.mga8 Provides access to the functions of the ncurses library linux/i586
ruby-ncursesw-doc-1.4.10-5.mga8 Documentation for ruby-ncursesw linux/noarch
ruby-net-http-digest_auth-1.4.1-3.mga8 An implementation of RFC 2617 - Digest Access Authentication linux/noarch
ruby-net-http-digest_auth-doc-1.4.1-3.mga8 Documentation for ruby-net-http-digest_auth linux/noarch
ruby-net-http-persistent-3.1.0-1.mga8 Manages persistent connections using Net::HTTP plus a speed fix for Ruby linux/noarch
ruby-net-http-persistent-doc-3.1.0-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-net-http-persistent linux/noarch
ruby-net-ldap-0.16.2-1.mga8 Implements client access for LDAP linux/noarch
ruby-net-ldap-doc-0.16.2-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-net-ldap linux/noarch
ruby-net-scp-2.0.0-1.mga8 A pure Ruby implementation of the SCP client protocol linux/noarch
ruby-net-scp-doc-2.0.0-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-net-scp linux/noarch
ruby-net-sftp-2.1.2-10.mga8 A pure Ruby implementation of the SFTP client protocol linux/noarch
ruby-net-sftp-doc-2.1.2-10.mga8 Documentation for ruby-net-sftp linux/noarch
ruby-net-ssh-5.2.0-1.mga8 A pure-Ruby implementation of the SSH2 client protocol linux/noarch
ruby-net-ssh-doc-5.2.0-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-net-ssh linux/noarch
ruby-net-telnet-0.2.0-33.mga8 Provides telnet client functionality linux/i586
ruby-netrc-0.11.0-3.mga8 Library to read and update netrc files linux/noarch
ruby-netrc-doc-0.11.0-3.mga8 Documentation for ruby-netrc linux/noarch
ruby-network_interface-0.0.2-4.mga8 A cross platform gem to help get network interface information linux/i586
ruby-network_interface-doc-0.0.2-4.mga8 Documentation for ruby-network_interface linux/noarch
ruby-nokogiri-1.11.1-1.mga8 An HTML, XML, SAX, and Reader parser linux/i586
ruby-nokogiri-doc-1.11.1-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-nokogiri linux/noarch
ruby-ntlm-http-0.1.1-15.mga8 Ruby/NTLM HTTP library linux/noarch
ruby-oauth-0.5.4-3.mga8 OAuth Core Ruby implementation linux/noarch
ruby-oauth-doc-0.5.4-3.mga8 Documentation for ruby-oauth linux/noarch
ruby-obexftp-0.24.2-3.mga8 Ruby library to access devices via the OBEX protocol linux/i586
ruby-olddoc-1.8.0-1.mga8 old-fashioned Ruby documentation generator linux/noarch
ruby-olddoc-doc-1.8.0-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-olddoc linux/noarch
ruby-open4-1.3.4-3.mga8 Manage child processes and their Input/Output handles easily linux/noarch
ruby-open4-doc-1.3.4-3.mga8 Documentation for ruby-open4 linux/noarch
ruby-openbabel-2.4.1-14.mga8 Ruby wrapper for the Open Babel library linux/i586
ruby-openssl-2.1.2-33.mga8 OpenSSL provides SSL, TLS and general purpose cryptography linux/i586
ruby-orderedhash-0.0.6-3.mga8 Hash with preserved order and some array-like extensions linux/noarch
ruby-orderedhash-doc-0.0.6-3.mga8 Documentation for ruby-orderedhash linux/noarch
ruby-os-1.0.1-1.mga8 Simple and easy way to know if you're on windows or not (reliably), as well as how many bits the OS is, etc linux/noarch
ruby-os-doc-1.0.1-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-os linux/noarch
ruby-ox-2.13.4-1.mga8 A fast XML parser and object serializer linux/i586
ruby-ox-doc-2.13.4-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-ox linux/noarch
ruby-packetfu-1.1.13-3.mga8 PacketFu is a mid-level packet manipulation library linux/noarch
ruby-packetfu-doc-1.1.13-3.mga8 Documentation for ruby-packetfu linux/noarch
ruby-pango-3.4.1-1.mga8 Ruby/Pango is a Ruby binding of pango-1.x linux/i586
ruby-pango-devel-3.4.1-1.mga8 Development files for ruby-pango linux/i586
ruby-pango-doc-3.4.1-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-pango linux/noarch
ruby-parallel-1.19.1-1.mga8 Behaviour Driven Development for Ruby linux/noarch
ruby-parallel-doc-1.19.1-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-parallel linux/noarch
ruby-parallel_tests-2.32.0-1.mga8 Behaviour Driven Development for Ruby linux/noarch
ruby-parallel_tests-doc-2.32.0-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-parallel_tests linux/noarch
ruby-path_expander-1.1.0-1.mga8 PathExpander helps pre-process command-line arguments expanding directories into their constituent files linux/noarch
ruby-path_expander-doc-1.1.0-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-path_expander linux/noarch
ruby-patron-0.13.3-1.mga8 Patron HTTP client linux/i586
ruby-patron-doc-0.13.3-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-patron linux/noarch
ruby-pcap_tools-0.0.9-5.mga8 Tools for extracting data from pcap files linux/noarch
ruby-pcap_tools-doc-0.0.9-5.mga8 Documentation for ruby-pcap_tools linux/noarch
ruby-pcaprub-0.13.0-4.mga8 libpcap bindings for ruby linux/i586
ruby-pcaprub-doc-0.13.0-4.mga8 Documentation for ruby-pcaprub linux/noarch
ruby-pdf-reader-2.4.0-1.mga8 A library for accessing the content of PDF files linux/noarch
ruby-pdf-reader-doc-2.4.0-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-pdf-reader linux/noarch
ruby-pg-1.2.3-1.mga8 A Ruby interface to the PostgreSQL RDBMS linux/i586
ruby-pg-doc-1.2.3-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-pg linux/noarch
ruby-pkg-config-1.4.1-1.mga8 A pkg-config implementation by Ruby linux/noarch
ruby-pkg-config-doc-1.4.1-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-pkg-config linux/noarch
ruby-polyglot-0.3.5-3.mga8 Allows custom language loaders to be hooked into require linux/noarch
ruby-polyglot-doc-0.3.5-3.mga8 Documentation for ruby-polyglot linux/noarch
ruby-popen4-0.1.2-3.mga8 Open4 cross-platform linux/noarch
ruby-popen4-doc-0.1.2-3.mga8 Documentation for ruby-popen4 linux/noarch
ruby-posix-spawn-0.3.13-6.mga8 posix-spawn uses posix_spawnp(2) for faster process spawning linux/i586
ruby-posix-spawn-doc-0.3.13-6.mga8 Documentation for ruby-posix-spawn linux/noarch
ruby-power_assert-1.1.7-33.mga8 Power Assert for Ruby linux/noarch
ruby-prawn-core-0.8.4-15.mga8 A fast and nimble PDF generator for Ruby linux/noarch
ruby-prawn-core-doc-0.8.4-15.mga8 Documentation for ruby-prawn-core linux/noarch
ruby-prelude-5.2.0-1.mga8 Ruby bindings for prelude linux/i586
ruby-progressbar-1.10.1-1.mga8 A Text Progress Bar Library for Ruby linux/noarch
ruby-progressbar-doc-1.10.1-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-progressbar linux/noarch
ruby-protest-0.6.0-3.mga8 Protest is a tiny, simple, and easy-to-extend test framework linux/noarch
ruby-protest-doc-0.6.0-3.mga8 Documentation for ruby-protest linux/noarch
ruby-pry-0.13.0-1.mga8 An IRB alternative and runtime developer console linux/noarch
ruby-pry-doc-0.13.0-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-pry linux/noarch
ruby-psych-3.1.0-33.mga8 A libyaml wrapper for Ruby linux/i586
ruby-public_suffix-4.0.6-1.mga8 Domain name parser based on the Public Suffix List linux/noarch
ruby-public_suffix-doc-4.0.6-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-public_suffix linux/noarch
ruby-pyu-ruby-sasl- SASL client library linux/noarch
ruby-pyu-ruby-sasl-doc- Documentation for ruby-pyu-ruby-sasl linux/noarch
ruby-racc-1.5.0-1.mga8 A LALR(1) parser generator linux/i586
ruby-racc-doc-1.5.0-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-racc linux/noarch
ruby-rack-2.2.3-1.mga8 A modular Ruby webserver interface linux/noarch
ruby-rack-doc-2.2.3-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-rack linux/noarch
ruby-rack-protection- Protection for Rack linux/noarch
ruby-rack-protection-doc- Documentation for ruby-rack-protection linux/noarch
ruby-rack-test-1.1.0-3.mga8 Simple testing API built on Rack linux/noarch
ruby-rack-test-doc-1.1.0-3.mga8 Documentation for ruby-rack-test linux/noarch
ruby-radius-0.7.5-1.mga8 Powerful tag-based template system linux/noarch
ruby-radius-doc-0.7.5-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-radius linux/noarch
ruby-raindrops-0.19.0-4.mga8 Real-time stats for preforking Rack servers linux/i586
ruby-raindrops-doc-0.19.0-4.mga8 Documentation for ruby-raindrops linux/noarch
ruby-rake-13.0.1-33.mga8 Simple ruby build program with capabilities similar to make linux/noarch
ruby-rake-compiler-1.0.7-2.mga8 Rake-based Ruby Extension (C, Java) task generator linux/noarch
ruby-rake-compiler-doc-1.0.7-2.mga8 Documentation for ruby-rake-compiler linux/noarch
ruby-rb-fsevent-0.10.3-3.mga8 Very simple & usable FSEvents API linux/noarch
ruby-rb-fsevent-doc-0.10.3-3.mga8 Documentation for ruby-rb-fsevent linux/noarch
ruby-rb-inotify-0.10.1-1.mga8 A Ruby wrapper for Linux's inotify, using FFI linux/noarch
ruby-rb-inotify-doc-0.10.1-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-rb-inotify linux/noarch
ruby-rbot-0.9.15-14.mga8 A modular ruby IRC bot linux/noarch
ruby-rbx-require-relative-0.0.9-11.mga8 Fast Ruby debugger - core component linux/noarch
ruby-rbx-require-relative-doc-0.0.9-11.mga8 Documentation for ruby-rbx-require-relative linux/noarch
ruby-rchardet-1.8.0-3.mga8 Character encoding auto-detection in Ruby linux/noarch
ruby-rchardet-doc-1.8.0-3.mga8 Documentation for ruby-rchardet linux/noarch
ruby-rdiscount- Fast Implementation of Gruber's Markdown in C linux/i586
ruby-rdiscount-doc- Documentation for ruby-rdiscount linux/noarch
ruby-rdoc-6.2.1-33.mga8 A tool to generate HTML and command-line documentation for Ruby projects linux/noarch
ruby-representable-3.0.4-3.mga8 Renders and parses JSON/XML/YAML documents from and to Ruby objects. Includes plain properties, collections, nesting, coercion and more linux/noarch
ruby-representable-doc-3.0.4-3.mga8 Documentation for ruby-representable linux/noarch
ruby-rest-client-2.1.0-3.mga8 A simple HTTP and REST client for Ruby linux/noarch
ruby-rest-client-doc-2.1.0-3.mga8 Documentation for ruby-rest-client linux/noarch
ruby-retriable-3.1.2-3.mga8 Retriable is an simple DSL to retry failed code blocks with randomized exponential backoff linux/noarch
ruby-retriable-doc-3.1.2-3.mga8 Documentation for ruby-retriable linux/noarch
ruby-rexical-1.0.7-1.mga8 Rexical is a lexical scanner generator linux/noarch
ruby-rexical-doc-1.0.7-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-rexical linux/noarch
ruby-riddle-2.4.1-1.mga8 An API for Sphinx, written in and for Ruby linux/noarch
ruby-riddle-doc-2.4.1-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-riddle linux/noarch
ruby-ritex-1.0.1-14.mga8 WebTeX to MathML conversion library linux/noarch
ruby-ritex-doc-1.0.1-14.mga8 Documentation for ruby-ritex linux/noarch
ruby-ronn-0.7.3-11.mga8 Builds manuals linux/noarch
ruby-ronn-doc-0.7.3-11.mga8 Documentation for ruby-ronn linux/noarch
ruby-rpam-ruby19-1.2.1-7.mga8 PAM integration with ruby linux/i586
ruby-rpam-ruby19-doc-1.2.1-7.mga8 Documentation for ruby-rpam-ruby19 linux/noarch
ruby-rpm-0.0.5-4.mga8 RPM bindings for ruby linux/noarch
ruby-rr-1.2.1-3.mga8 A double framework that features a rich selection of techniques linux/noarch
ruby-rr-doc-1.2.1-3.mga8 Documentation for ruby-rr linux/noarch
ruby-rspec-3.9.0-1.mga8 Behavior Driven Development for Ruby linux/noarch
ruby-rspec-core-3.9.1-1.mga8 Behavior Driven Development for Ruby linux/noarch
ruby-rspec-core-doc-3.9.1-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-rspec-core linux/noarch
ruby-rspec-doc-3.9.0-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-rspec linux/noarch
ruby-rspec-expectations-3.9.1-1.mga8 Behavior Driven Development for Ruby linux/noarch
ruby-rspec-expectations-doc-3.9.1-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-rspec-expectations linux/noarch
ruby-rspec-its-1.3.0-1.mga8 RSpec extension gem for attribute matching linux/noarch
ruby-rspec-mocks-3.9.1-1.mga8 Behavior Driven Development for Ruby linux/noarch
ruby-rspec-mocks-doc-3.9.1-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-rspec-mocks linux/noarch
ruby-rspec-support-3.9.2-1.mga8 Support utilities for RSpec gems linux/noarch
ruby-rspec-support-doc-3.9.2-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-rspec-support linux/noarch
ruby-ruby-dbus-0.16.0-2.mga8 Ruby bindings for D-BUS linux/noarch
ruby-ruby-dbus-doc-0.16.0-2.mga8 Documentation for ruby-ruby-dbus linux/noarch
ruby-ruby-openid-2.9.2-1.mga8 A library for consuming and serving OpenID identities linux/noarch
ruby-ruby-openid-doc-2.9.2-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-ruby-openid linux/noarch
ruby-ruby-rc4-0.1.5-11.mga8 A pure Ruby implementation of the RC4 algorithm linux/noarch
ruby-ruby-rc4-doc-0.1.5-11.mga8 Documentation for ruby-ruby-rc4 linux/noarch
ruby-ruby-yadis-0.3.4-15.mga8 A library for performing Yadis service discovery linux/noarch
ruby-ruby-yadis-doc-0.3.4-15.mga8 Documentation for ruby-ruby-yadis linux/noarch
ruby-ruby2_keywords-0.0.2-1.mga8 Shim library for Module#ruby2_keywords linux/noarch
ruby-ruby2_keywords-doc-0.0.2-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-ruby2_keywords linux/noarch
ruby-ruby2ruby-2.4.4-1.mga8 Allows generating pure ruby code easily from RubyParser compatible Sexps linux/noarch
ruby-ruby2ruby-doc-2.4.4-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-ruby2ruby linux/noarch
ruby-ruby_core_source-0.1.5-13.mga8 Retrieve Ruby core source files linux/noarch
ruby-ruby_core_source-doc-0.1.5-13.mga8 Documentation for ruby-ruby_core_source linux/noarch
ruby-ruby_dep-1.5.0-3.mga8 Creates a version constraint of supported Rubies,suitable for a gemspec file linux/noarch
ruby-ruby_dep-doc-1.5.0-3.mga8 Documentation for ruby-ruby_dep linux/noarch
ruby-ruby_parser-3.12.0-2.mga8 A ruby parser written in pure ruby linux/noarch
ruby-ruby_parser-doc-3.12.0-2.mga8 Documentation for ruby-ruby_parser linux/noarch
ruby-rubyforge-2.0.4-14.mga8 A script which automates a limited set of rubyforge operations linux/noarch
ruby-rubyforge-doc-2.0.4-14.mga8 Documentation for ruby-rubyforge linux/noarch
ruby-rubyntlm-0.6.2-3.mga8 Ruby/NTLM library linux/noarch
ruby-rubyntlm-doc-0.6.2-3.mga8 Documentation for ruby-rubyntlm linux/noarch
ruby-rubytree-1.0.0-3.mga8 Ruby implementation of the Tree data structure linux/noarch
ruby-rubytree-doc-1.0.0-3.mga8 Documentation for ruby-rubytree linux/noarch
ruby-rubyzip-2.3.0-1.mga8 A ruby module for reading and writing zip files linux/noarch
ruby-rubyzip-doc-2.3.0-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-rubyzip linux/noarch
ruby-rugged-0.99.0-1.mga8 Rugged is a Ruby binding to the libgit2 linkable library linux/i586
ruby-rugged-doc-0.99.0-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-rugged linux/noarch
ruby-rvm- RVM is the Ruby Version Manager (rvm) linux/noarch
ruby-rvm-doc- Documentation for ruby-rvm linux/noarch
ruby-safe_yaml-1.0.5-1.mga8 SameYAML provides an alternative implementation of YAML.load suitable for accepting user input in Ruby applications linux/noarch
ruby-safe_yaml-doc-1.0.5-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-safe_yaml linux/noarch
ruby-sass-3.7.4-1.mga8 CSS Generator linux/noarch
ruby-sass-doc-3.7.4-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-sass linux/noarch
ruby-sass-listen-4.0.0-3.mga8 This fork of guard/listen provides a stable API for users of the ruby Sass CLI linux/noarch
ruby-sass-listen-doc-4.0.0-3.mga8 Documentation for ruby-sass-listen linux/noarch
ruby-sdoc-1.1.0-1.mga8 rdoc html with javascript search index linux/noarch
ruby-sdoc-doc-1.1.0-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-sdoc linux/noarch
ruby-selenium-webdriver-3.142.7-1.mga8 The next generation developer focused tool for automated testing of web-apps linux/i586
ruby-selenium-webdriver-doc-3.142.7-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-selenium-webdriver linux/noarch
ruby-semantic_puppet-1.0.2-2.mga8 Useful tools for working with Semantic Versions linux/noarch
ruby-semantic_puppet-doc-1.0.2-2.mga8 Documentation for ruby-semantic_puppet linux/noarch
ruby-sexp_processor-4.14.1-1.mga8 Branches from ParseTree bringing all the generic sexp processing tools with it linux/noarch
ruby-sexp_processor-doc-4.14.1-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-sexp_processor linux/noarch
ruby-shoulda-context-1.2.2-3.mga8 Context framework extracted from Shoulda linux/noarch
ruby-shoulda-context-doc-1.2.2-3.mga8 Documentation for ruby-shoulda-context linux/noarch
ruby-signet-0.13.2-1.mga8 Signet is an OAuth 1.0 / OAuth 2.0 implementation linux/noarch
ruby-signet-doc-0.13.2-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-signet linux/noarch
ruby-simplecov-0.18.5-1.mga8 Code coverage for Ruby 1.9 with a powerful configuration library linux/noarch
ruby-simplecov-doc-0.18.5-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-simplecov linux/noarch
ruby-simplecov-html-0.12.2-1.mga8 Default HTML formatter for SimpleCov code coverage tool for ruby 1.9+ linux/noarch
ruby-simplecov-html-doc-0.12.2-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-simplecov-html linux/noarch
ruby-sinatra- Classy web-development dressed in a DSL linux/noarch
ruby-sinatra-contrib- Collection of useful Sinatra extensions linux/noarch
ruby-sinatra-contrib-doc- Documentation for ruby-sinatra-contrib linux/noarch
ruby-slop-4.8.0-1.mga8 A simple DSL for gathering options and parsing the command line linux/noarch
ruby-slop-doc-4.8.0-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-slop linux/noarch
ruby-solv-0.7.16-1.mga8 Ruby bindings for the libsolv library linux/i586
ruby-sqlite3-1.4.2-1.mga8 Allows Ruby programs to interface with the SQLite3 database engine linux/i586
ruby-sqlite3-doc-1.4.2-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-sqlite3 linux/noarch
ruby-stomp-1.4.9-1.mga8 Ruby client for the Stomp messaging protocol linux/noarch
ruby-stomp-doc-1.4.9-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-stomp linux/noarch
ruby-strace_me-1.0-17.mga8 A wrapper around strace(1) that allows you to perform targetted tracing of a block linux/noarch
ruby-strace_me-doc-1.0-17.mga8 Documentation for ruby-strace_me linux/noarch
ruby-structured_warnings-0.4.0-1.mga8 Provides structured warnings for Ruby, using an exception-like interface and hierarchy linux/noarch
ruby-structured_warnings-doc-0.4.0-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-structured_warnings linux/noarch
ruby-sync-0.5.0-1.mga8 A module that provides a two-phase lock with a counter linux/noarch
ruby-sync-doc-0.5.0-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-sync linux/noarch
ruby-syntax-1.2.2-3.mga8 Syntax is Ruby library for performing simple syntax highlighting linux/noarch
ruby-syntax-doc-1.2.2-3.mga8 Documentation for ruby-syntax linux/noarch
ruby-systemu-2.6.5-3.mga8 Universal capture of stdout and stderr and handling of child process pid linux/noarch
ruby-systemu-doc-2.6.5-3.mga8 Documentation for ruby-systemu linux/noarch
ruby-temple-0.8.2-1.mga8 Template compilation framework in Ruby linux/noarch
ruby-temple-doc-0.8.2-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-temple linux/noarch
ruby-term-ansicolor-1.7.1-2.mga8 Ruby library that colors strings using ANSI escape sequences linux/noarch
ruby-term-ansicolor-doc-1.7.1-2.mga8 Documentation for ruby-term-ansicolor linux/noarch
ruby-test-spec-0.10.0-15.mga8 A Behaviour Driven Development interface for Test::Unit linux/noarch
ruby-test-spec-doc-0.10.0-15.mga8 Documentation for ruby-test-spec linux/noarch
ruby-test-unit-3.3.4-33.mga8 test/unit compatible API testing framework linux/noarch
ruby-test-unit-notify-1.0.4-3.mga8 A test result notify extension for Test::Unit linux/noarch
ruby-test-unit-notify-doc-1.0.4-3.mga8 Documentation for ruby-test-unit-notify linux/noarch
ruby-test_construct-2.0.2-1.mga8 Creates temporary files and directories for testing linux/noarch
ruby-test_construct-doc-2.0.2-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-test_construct linux/noarch
ruby-text-1.3.1-3.mga8 A collection of text algorithms linux/noarch
ruby-text-doc-1.3.1-3.mga8 Documentation for ruby-text linux/noarch
ruby-text-format-1.0.0-16.mga8 Formats fixed-width text nicely linux/noarch
ruby-text-format-doc-1.0.0-16.mga8 Documentation for ruby-text-format linux/noarch
ruby-text-hyphen-1.4.1-9.mga8 Hyphenate words using modified versions of TeX hyphenation patterns linux/noarch
ruby-text-hyphen-doc-1.4.1-9.mga8 Documentation for ruby-text-hyphen linux/noarch
ruby-thor-1.0.1-1.mga8 A scripting framework that replaces rake, sake and rubigen linux/noarch
ruby-thor-doc-1.0.1-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-thor linux/noarch
ruby-thread_safe-0.3.6-3.mga8 Thread-safe collections and utilities for Ruby linux/noarch
ruby-thread_safe-doc-0.3.6-3.mga8 Documentation for ruby-thread_safe linux/noarch
ruby-thrift- Ruby bindings for the Apache Thrift RPC system linux/i586
ruby-thrift-doc- Documentation for ruby-thrift linux/noarch
ruby-thrift_client-0.11.0-2.mga8 A Thrift client wrapper that encapsulates some common failover behavior linux/noarch
ruby-thrift_client-doc-0.11.0-2.mga8 Documentation for ruby-thrift_client linux/noarch
ruby-tidy_ffi-1.0.0-1.mga8 Tidy library interface via FFI linux/noarch
ruby-tidy_ffi-doc-1.0.0-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-tidy_ffi linux/noarch
ruby-tilt-2.0.9-2.mga8 Generic interface to multiple Ruby template engines linux/noarch
ruby-tilt-doc-2.0.9-2.mga8 Documentation for ruby-tilt linux/noarch
ruby-tins-1.26.0-1.mga8 Useful stuff linux/noarch
ruby-tins-doc-1.26.0-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-tins linux/noarch
ruby-tk-0.2.0-6.mga8 Tk interface module using tcltklib linux/i586
ruby-tk-doc-0.2.0-6.mga8 Documentation for ruby-tk linux/noarch
ruby-tokyocabinet-1.32.0-5.mga8 Tokyo Cabinet: a modern implementation of DBM linux/i586
ruby-tokyocabinet-doc-1.32.0-5.mga8 Documentation for ruby-tokyocabinet linux/noarch
ruby-treetop-1.6.10-3.mga8 A Ruby-based text parsing and interpretation DSL linux/noarch
ruby-treetop-doc-1.6.10-3.mga8 Documentation for ruby-treetop linux/noarch
ruby-ttfunk- TrueType Font Metrics Parser linux/noarch
ruby-ttfunk-doc- Documentation for ruby-ttfunk linux/noarch
ruby-typhoeus-1.3.1-2.mga8 A library for interacting with web services at blinding speed linux/noarch
ruby-typhoeus-doc-1.3.1-2.mga8 Documentation for ruby-typhoeus linux/noarch
ruby-tzinfo-2.0.1-1.mga8 Daylight-savings aware timezone library linux/noarch
ruby-tzinfo-doc-2.0.1-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-tzinfo linux/noarch
ruby-uber-0.1.0-3.mga8 Gem-authoring tools like class method inheritance in modules, dynamic options and more linux/noarch
ruby-uber-doc-0.1.0-3.mga8 Documentation for ruby-uber linux/noarch
ruby-uglifier-4.2.0-1.mga8 Ruby wrapper for UglifyJS JavaScript compressor linux/noarch
ruby-uglifier-doc-4.2.0-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-uglifier linux/noarch
ruby-unf-0.1.4-3.mga8 A wrapper library to bring Unicode Normalization Form support to Ruby/JRuby linux/noarch
ruby-unf-doc-0.1.4-3.mga8 Documentation for ruby-unf linux/noarch
ruby-unf_ext- Unicode Normalization Form support library for CRuby linux/i586
ruby-unf_ext-doc- Documentation for ruby-unf_ext linux/noarch
ruby-uuid-2.3.9-3.mga8 Generates universally unique identifiers (UUIDs) for use in distributed applications linux/noarch
ruby-uuid-doc-2.3.9-3.mga8 Documentation for ruby-uuid linux/noarch
ruby-vagrant_cloud-3.0.2-1.mga8 Ruby client for the Vagrant Cloud API linux/noarch
ruby-vagrant_cloud-doc-3.0.2-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-vagrant_cloud linux/noarch
ruby-validates_email_format_of-1.6.3-3.mga8 Validate e-mail addresses against RFC 2822 and RFC 3696 linux/noarch
ruby-webmock-3.8.3-1.mga8 Library for stubbing HTTP requests in Ruby linux/noarch
ruby-webmock-doc-3.8.3-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-webmock linux/noarch
ruby-webrobots-0.1.2-3.mga8 A Ruby library to help write robots.txt compliant web robots linux/noarch
ruby-webrobots-doc-0.1.2-3.mga8 Documentation for ruby-webrobots linux/noarch
ruby-websocket-1.2.8-3.mga8 Universal Ruby library to handle WebSocket protocol linux/noarch
ruby-websocket-doc-1.2.8-3.mga8 Documentation for ruby-websocket linux/noarch
ruby-will_paginate-3.3.0-1.mga8 Pagination for Rails linux/noarch
ruby-will_paginate-doc-3.3.0-1.mga8 Documentation for ruby-will_paginate linux/noarch
ruby-xml-simple-1.1.5-3.mga8 A simple API for XML processing linux/noarch
ruby-xml-simple-doc-1.1.5-3.mga8 Documentation for ruby-xml-simple linux/noarch
ruby-xmlrpc-0.3.0-33.mga8 XMLRPC is a lightweight protocol that enables remote procedure calls over HTTP linux/noarch
ruby-xpath-3.2.0-2.mga8 RDoc produces HTML and command-line documentation for Ruby projects linux/noarch
ruby-xpath-doc-3.2.0-2.mga8 Documentation for ruby-xpath linux/noarch
ruby-yui-2.0.2-1.mga8 Ruby bindings for libyui linux/i586
ruby-zoom-0.5.0-10.mga8 Ruby Zoom Handler linux/i586
rubyripper-0.6.2-12.mga8 A high precision CD ripper linux/noarch
rubyripper-gtk-0.6.2-12.mga8 GTK frontend for rubyripper linux/noarch
ruli-tools-0.36-14.mga8 Tools utilizing the RULI (Resolver User Layer Interface) library linux/i586
run-parts-4.8.4-3.mga8 Run scripts or programs in a directory linux/i586
rust-1.49.0-1.mga8 The Rust Programming Language linux/i586
rust-analysis-1.49.0-1.mga8 Compiler analysis data for the Rust standard library linux/i586
rust-bitflags-devel-1.0.1-3.mga8 Macro to generate structures which behave like bitflags linux/noarch
rust-debugger-common-1.49.0-1.mga8 Common debugger pretty printers for Rust linux/noarch
rust-doc-1.49.0-1.mga8 Documentation for Rust linux/i586
rust-gdb-1.49.0-1.mga8 GDB pretty printers for Rust linux/noarch
rust-lldb-1.49.0-1.mga8 LLDB pretty printers for Rust linux/noarch
rust-packaging-17-1.mga8 RPM macros for building Rust packages on various architectures linux/i586
rust-src-1.49.0-1.mga8 Sources for the Rust standard library linux/noarch
rust-srpm-macros-17-1.mga8 RPM macros for building Rust source packages linux/noarch
rust-std-static-1.49.0-1.mga8 Standard library for Rust linux/i586
rustfmt-1.49.0-1.mga8 Tool to find and fix Rust formatting issues linux/i586
rutorrent-3.5-5.mga8 Web frontend for the rTorrent bittorrent client linux/noarch
rutorrent-plugins-3.5-5.mga8 Official plugins for ruTorrent linux/noarch
rxjava-1.1.8-3.mga8 Reactive Extensions for the JVM linux/noarch
rxjava-javadoc-1.1.8-3.mga8 Javadoc for rxjava linux/noarch
rxtx-2.2-13.20100211.4.mga8 Parallel communication for the Java Development Toolkit linux/i586
rxvt-unicode-9.22-9.mga8 A color VT102 terminal emulator for the X Window System linux/i586
rygel-0.40.0-1.mga8 A UPnP v2 Media Server linux/i586
rygel-tracker-0.40.0-1.mga8 Tracker plugin for rygel linux/i586

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