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lftp-4.3.5-1.mga2 RPM for i586

From Mageia 2 for i586 / media / core / release

Name: lftp Distribution: Mageia
Version: 4.3.5 Vendor: Mageia.Org
Release: 1.mga2 Build date: Wed Jan 25 15:05:23 2012
Group: Networking/File transfer Build host: ecosse
Size: 809724 Source RPM: lftp-4.3.5-1.mga2.src.rpm
Packager: fwang <fwang>
Summary: Commandline ftp client
LFTP is a shell-like command line ftp client. The main two advantages
over other ftp clients are reliability and ability to perform tasks
in background. It will reconnect and reget the file being transferred
if the connection broke. You can start a transfer in background and
continue browsing on the ftp site.  It does this all in one process.
When you have started background jobs and feel you are done, you can
just exit lftp and it automatically moves to nohup mode and completes
the transfers. It has also such nice features as reput and mirror.






* Wed Jan 25 2012 fwang <fwang> 4.3.5-1.mga2
  + Revision: 201219
  - new version 4.3.5
    + dmorgan <dmorgan>
      - Fix package ownage
      - Remove require on lib
* Tue Jan 03 2012 zezinho <zezinho> 4.3.4-1.mga2
  + Revision: 189884
  - new version
* Mon Oct 31 2011 zezinho <zezinho> 4.3.3-1.mga2
  + Revision: 160212
  - new version
  - new version
* Sat Sep 17 2011 fwang <fwang> 4.3.2-1.mga2
  + Revision: 144367
  - new version 4.3.2
  - rebuild for new gnutls
* Mon Jul 04 2011 ahmad <ahmad> 4.3.1-2.mga2
  + Revision: 117885
  - Tighten the main package requires on libname
* Sun Jul 03 2011 ahmad <ahmad> 4.3.1-1.mga2
  + Revision: 117683
  - Update to 4.3.1
  - Fix NEWS file encoding
  - Don't ship .la
* Sun May 15 2011 pterjan <pterjan> 4.2.2-2.mga1
  + Revision: 98945
  - Rebuild for fixed find-requires
* Wed Apr 13 2011 tv <tv> 4.2.2-1.mga1
  + Revision: 84570
  - new release
  - rediff link patch
* Tue Jan 18 2011 blino <blino> 4.1.3-2.mga1
  + Revision: 23580
  - rename patch for default distro settings
  - remove old ldconfig scriptlets
  - imported package lftp



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