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java-1.6.0-openjdk-src- RPM for noarch

From Mageia 1 for i586 / media / core / updates

Name: java-1.6.0-openjdk-src Distribution: Mageia
Version: Vendor: Mageia.Org
Release: 30.b22.1.mga1 Build date: Sun Oct 28 02:29:24 2012
Group: Development/Java Build host:
Size: 44214938 Source RPM: java-1.6.0-openjdk-
Packager: luigiwalser <luigiwalser>
Summary: OpenJDK Source Bundle
The OpenJDK source bundle.




GPLv2 with exceptions


* Sun Oct 28 2012 luigiwalser <luigiwalser> 0:
  + Revision: 310941
  - Updated to IcedTea6 1.10.10
  - Security fixes
    - S6631398, CVE-2012-3216: FilePermission improved path checking
    - S7093490: adjust package access in rmiregistry
    - S7143535, CVE-2012-5068: ScriptEngine corrected permissions
    - S7167656, CVE-2012-5077: Multiple Seeders are being created
    - S7169884, CVE-2012-5073: LogManager checks do not work correctly for
    - S7169888, CVE-2012-5075: Narrowing resource definitions in JMX RMI connector
    - S7172522, CVE-2012-5072: Improve DomainCombiner checking
    - S7186286, CVE-2012-5081: TLS implementation to better adhere to RFC
    - S7189103, CVE-2012-5069: Executors needs to maintain state
    - S7189490: More improvements to DomainCombiner checking
    - S7189567, CVE-2012-5085: java net obselete protocol
    - S7192975, CVE-2012-5071: Conditional usage check is wrong
    - S7195194, CVE-2012-5084: Better data validation for Swing
    - S7195917, CVE-2012-5086: XMLDecoder parsing at close-time should be improved
    - S7195919, CVE-2012-5979: (sl) ServiceLoader can throw CCE without needing
      	      		     to create instance
    - S7198296, CVE-2012-5089: Refactor classloader usage
    - S7158800: Improve storage of symbol tables
    - S7158801: Improve VM CompileOnly option
    - S7158804: Improve config file parsing
    - S7176337: Additional changes needed for 7158801 fix
    - S7198606, CVE-2012-4416: Improve VM optimization
  - Backports
    - S7092186: adjust package access in rmiregistry
    - S7175845: "jar uf" changes file permissions unexpectedly
    - S7177216: native2ascii changes file permissions of input file
    - S7199153: TEST_BUG: try-with-resources syntax pushed to 6-open repo
  - Bug fixes
    - PR1194: IcedTea tries to build with /usr/lib/jvm/java-openjdk
      	    (now a 1.7 VM) by default
  - Updated to IcedTea6 1.10.9
  - Security fixes:
    - S7162476, CVE-2012-1682: XMLDecoder security issue via ClassFinder
    - S7163201, CVE-2012-0547: Simplify toolkit internals references
  - OpenJDK:
    - S7182135: Impossible to use some editors directly
    - S7185678: java/awt/Menu/NullMenuLabelTest/
      	      failed with NPE
    - S6815182: GSSAPI/SPNEGO does not work with server using MIT Kerberos lib
    - S6979329: CCacheInputStream fails to read ticket cache files from
      	      Kerberos 1.8.1
    - S7110373: krb5 test in openjdk6 without test infrastructure
  - Updated to IcedTea6 1.10.8
  - Security fixes:
    - CVE-2012-1711: Refine CORBA data models
    - S7110720: Issue with vm config file loadingIssue with vm config
      	      file loading
    - CVE-2012-1717: File.createTempFile should be improved for
      		   temporary files created by the platform.
    - CVE-2012-1716: SynthLookAndFeel stability improvement
    - CVE-2012-1713: Improve fontmanager layout lookup operations
    - CVE-2012-1719: Improve IIOP stub and tie generation in RMIC
    - CVE-2012-1718: Improve certificate extension processing
    - S7145239: Finetune package definition restriction
    - CVE-2012-1723: Issues in client compiler
    - CVE-2012-1724: Issues with loop
    - S7160677: missing else in fix for 7152811
    - CVE-2012-1725: Problem with hotspot/runtime_classfile
  - Bug fixes
    - PR1018: JVM fails due to SEGV during rendering some Unicode characters
  - Updated to IcedTea6 1.10.6 (mga #4563)
  - Security fixes:
    - CVE-2011-3563: fix issues in java sound
    - CVE-2011-3571: fix in AtomicReferenceArray
    - CVE-2011-5035: add property to limit number of request headers to
      		   the HTTP Server
    - CVE-2012-0497: incorrect checking for graphics rendering object
    - CVE-2012-0498, CVE-2012-0499, CVE-2012-0500: multiple unspecified
      		   vulnerabilities allow remote attackers to affect
    		   confidentiality, integrity, and availability via
    		   unknown vectors
    - CVE-2012-0501: better input parameter checking in zip file processing
    - CVE-2012-0502: issues with some KeyboardFocusManager methods
    - CVE-2012-0503: issues with TimeZone class
    - CVE-2012-0505: enhance exception throwing mechanism in ObjectStreamClass
    - CVE-2012-0506: issues with some methods in corba
    + dmorgan <dmorgan>
      - updated to icedtea6 1.10.4
      - Security fixes
        - S7000600, CVE-2011-3547: InputStream skip() information leak
        - S7019773, CVE-2011-3548: mutable static AWTKeyStroke.ctor
        - S7023640, CVE-2011-3551: Java2D TransformHelper integer overflow
        - S7032417, CVE-2011-3552: excessive default UDP socket limit under SecurityManager
        - S7046823, CVE-2011-3544: missing SecurityManager checks in scripting engine
        - S7055902, CVE-2011-3521: IIOP deserialization code execution
        - S7057857, CVE-2011-3554: insufficient pack200 JAR files uncompress error checks
        - S7064341, CVE-2011-3389: HTTPS: block-wise chosen-plaintext attack against SSL/TLS (BEAST)
        - S7070134, CVE-2011-3558: HotSpot crashes with sigsegv from PorterStemmer
        - S7077466, CVE-2011-3556: RMI DGC server remote code execution
        - S7083012, CVE-2011-3557: RMI registry privileged code execution
        - S7096936, CVE-2011-3560: missing checkSetFactory calls in HttpsURLConnection
      - Bug fixes
        - RH727195 : Japanese font mappings are broken
      - Backports
        - S6826104, RH730015: Getting a NullPointer exception when clicked on Application & Toolkit Modal dialog
      - Zero/Shark
        - PR690: Shark fails to JIT using hs20.
        - PR696: Zero fails to handle fast_aldc and fast_aldc_w in hs20.
      - Sync with cauldron version
      - Resolves: rhbz#709375
      - Bumped to IcedTea6 1.10.2
      - RH706250, S6213702, CVE-2011-0872: (so) non-blocking sockets with TCP urgent
        disabled get still selected for read ops (win)
      - RH706106, S6618658, CVE-2011-0865: Vulnerability in deserialization
      - RH706111, S7012520, CVE-2011-0815: Heap overflow vulnerability in (win)
      - RH706139, S7013519, CVE-2011-0822, CVE-2011-0862: Integer overflows in 2D
      - RH706153, S7013969, CVE-2011-0867: NetworkInterface.toString can reveal
      - RH706234, S7013971, CVE-2011-0869: Vulnerability in SAAJ
      - RH706239, S7016340, CVE-2011-0870: Vulnerability in SAAJ
      - RH706241, S7016495, CVE-2011-0868: Crash in Java 2D transforming an image
        with scale close to zero
      - RH706248, S7020198, CVE-2011-0871: ImageIcon creates Component with null acc
      - RH706245, S7020373, CVE-2011-0864: JSR rewriting can overflow memory address
        size variables
* Wed Apr 20 2011 misc <misc> 0:
  + Revision: 89216
  - rebuilt to make sure the package can be uploaded
  - fix patch application as %patch is only valid in %prep
  - renumber the patch, and remove those not applied
    - java-1.6.0-openjdk-optflags.patch is not applied
    - java-1.6.0-openjdk-fix-RA.patch is only applied on i386 and i686 ( so not on i586 )
    - icedtea6-1.8.2-mutex_and_leak.patch is not even referenced in the spec
  - remove visualvm switch, as it has no effect except changing description
  - use some bashism to have a cleaner spec
  - do not requires XVfb if we do not run the test
  - remove define everywhere when they are used only in one place
  - patch0 seems to not be applied, so remove it
  - simplify the interleaved options between jit_arch and systemtap
  - remove another old Provides/Obsoletes couple
  - clean the last remaining part of arch conditional stuff
  - remove old comment about old patches
  - use regular macro for patch application
  - remove old Provides/Obsoletes, as they date back to 2009.0
  - run tests in the proper section
  - drop alpha/sparc64 define ( we do not have theses archs )
  - revert wrong commit, cause breakage
* Tue Apr 19 2011 dmorgan <dmorgan> 1:
  + Revision: 88409
  - Increase epoch to be in sync with fedora
* Sat Apr 09 2011 ahmad <ahmad> 0:
  + Revision: 82491
  - don't provide/obsolete java-1.6.0-openjdk-plugin here, will be done in icedtea-web package
* Fri Apr 08 2011 dmorgan <dmorgan> 0:
  + Revision: 82080
  - Fix typo
  - Obsoletes java-1.6.0-openjdk-plugin
* Thu Apr 07 2011 dmorgan <dmorgan> 0:
  + Revision: 81916
  - Remove patch112
  - Add libxrender-devel as a builrequire
  - Remove patch
  - Remove patch 103
  - Update to B22 ( sync with fedora )
  - Try to build without bootstrap
  - Update to version 1.9.7
* Sat Mar 26 2011 dmorgan <dmorgan> 0:
  + Revision: 77584
  - Add buildrequires
  - Change numbering
  - Revert to latest building version
  - Enable systemtap support
  - Enable bootstrap
  - New version 1.9.7
* Fri Feb 04 2011 dmorgan <dmorgan> 0:
  + Revision: 46849
  - updated to icedtea 1.9.5
  - Resolves: rhbz#672262
    +- Security updates
    - RH672262, CVE-2011-0025: IcedTea jarfile signature verification bypass
  - Backports
    - S6687968: PNGImageReader leaks native memory through an Inflater
    - S6541476, RH665355: PNG imageio plugin incorrectly handles iTXt chunk
    - S6782079: PNG: reading metadata may cause OOM on truncated images
  - Fixes
    - RH647157, RH582455: Update fontconfig files for rhel 6
    - PR619: Improper finalization by the plugin can crash the browser
* Mon Jan 31 2011 dmorgan <dmorgan> 0:
  + Revision: 45138
  - New version 1.9.4
  - New version 1.9.4
* Wed Jan 19 2011 dmorgan <dmorgan> 0:
  + Revision: 23660
  - Add systemtap as buildrequire
  - Fix buildrequires
  - Fix buildrequires
  - Fix openjdkver
  - Fix error in spec
  - Update to IcedTea 1.9.3 ( Sync with fedora )
    + ahmad <ahmad>
      - adapt java-1.6.0-openjdk-fontpath.patch
      - disable %mandriva_branch for now; we'll see what to do when we need to backport
      - drop uneeded and old scriptlets
      - configure with --with-pkgversion=mageia*
      - imported package java-1.6.0-openjdk



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