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vuze- RPM for noarch

From Mageia 1 for i586 / media / core / release

Name: vuze Distribution: Mageia
Version: Vendor: Mageia.Org
Release: 2.mga1 Build date: Sat Mar 26 23:42:30 2011
Group: Networking/File transfer Build host: ecosse
Size: 12829913 Source RPM: vuze-
Packager: Mageia Team <>
Summary: A BitTorrent Client
Vuze (previously Azureus) implements the BitTorrent protocol using java
and comes bundled with many invaluable features for both beginners and
advanced users.

If you need console or telnet support, you need to install package






* Sat Mar 26 2011 blino <blino>
  + Revision: 77875
  - remove old version checks and scriptlets
  - imported package vuze
* Wed Dec 08 2010 Oden Eriksson <>
  + Revision: 615414
  - the mass rebuild of 2010.1 packages
* Wed Dec 09 2009 Anssi Hannula <>
  + Revision: 475274
  - new version
  - create a vuze symlink for azureus binary as per upstream
  - rediff patches disable-updates.patch, disable-win32-osx.patch
* Sun Oct 04 2009 Anssi Hannula <>
  + Revision: 453371
  - fix gre selection in startup script
* Sun Sep 20 2009 Anssi Hannula <>
  + Revision: 445553
  - new version
  - provide build.plugins.xml for building plugins
  - replace fedora win32/osx removal patches with cleaner versions
  - suggest plugin packages that are bundled in the official upstream
    installation package
  - fix vuze-console description
* Wed Aug 19 2009 Anssi Hannula <>
  + Revision: 417918
  - new version
  - provide a new rewritten startup script
    o adds support for passing commands to already active instance
    o adds support for --ui option when necessary packages are installed
      (see below)
    o selects correct GRE for browser embedding depending on arch and the
      GRE version numbers (fixes bug #44008)
    o fixes loading of SWT, fixing vuze startup (fixes bug #42756)
    o use -Xmx128m option with java for now (as per upstream)
    o dropped symlink hacks, now using vuze's own support for separated
      system-wide plugins and user plugins
  - drop custom applications-registry entry, unneeded
  - clean .spec
  - remove patches that were not applied
  - remove fedora update manager removal patches
  - add java5.patch from fedora (build for target 1.5)
  - update other fedora patches
  - disable updates for core, internal plugins, and system-wide plugins
    (disable-updates.patch, fixes bug #46219); user-installed plugins will
    be updated, however, and plugins can be installed directly from the
    Tools menu, as with official build
  - do not try to install azupdater as a system-wide plugin (shared.patch)
  - fix build with recent bouncycastle (recent-bouncycastle.patch)
  - drop requires on java gtk stuff, they were unneeded
  - split console support into vuze-console subpackage; that package will
    be empty but it requires the extra packages that are needed for
    console/telnet support
  - really use system bouncycastle
  - on 2009.1 and older, keep using internal bouncycastle as bouncycastle
    packages on those releases were bloated
  - drop unneeded %post and %postun on 2009.0+
  - use liblog4j-java packages instead of log4j on cooker in order to
    reduce unneeded dependencies
* Sun Mar 15 2009 Olivier Blin <>
  + Revision: 355338
  - add glib-java and libgtk-java as Requires (and remove them from BuildRequires, their devel counterpart is already BuildRequired)
  - fix typo in BuildRequires
    + Jérôme Soyer <>
      - Fix launch script
* Thu Mar 05 2009 Jérôme Soyer <>
  + Revision: 348975
  - Add BR
  - Remove gcj support
  - New upstream release
* Wed Aug 13 2008 Alexander Kurtakov <> 0:
  + Revision: 271410
  - direct symlink to swt.jar
  - replace swt-gtk with swt everywhere
  - fix startup script
  - fix build
    + David Walluck <>
      - fix build with eclipse-swt
      - import vuze



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