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gtm-0.4.11-fr2 RPM for i386

From Freshrpms for Red Hat 7.2 / gtm

Name: gtm Distribution: Fresh RPMS
Version: 0.4.11 Vendor:
Release: fr2 Build date: Fri Apr 12 10:43:20 2002
Group: Applications/Internet Build host:
Size: 789335 Source RPM: gtm-0.4.11-fr2.src.rpm
Packager: Matthias Saou <>
Summary: GNOME Transfer Manager.
GTM allows the user to retrieve multiple files from the web.
These files can be retrieved in multiple parts and each part retrieved on a
separate session that the user is connected to the Internet. This is
most useful to users with dialup connections. The program performs
these tasks using wget as its back-end.






* Fri Apr 12 2002 Matthias Saou <>
  - Spec file cleanup.
* Thu Nov 15 2001 Gregory Leblanc <>
  - added buildrequires
  - reformatted header
  - changed Copyright to License
  - added mandir to work on both Red Hat 6 and 7
  - removed explicit defines
  - made docdir in the right place on both Red HAt 6 and 7
  - changed BuildRoot
  - made %files section use relocatable file list
  - used the /usr/lib/rpm/ /var/tmp/rpm/gtm-root macro
* Sun Sep 30 2001 Bruno Pires Marinho <>
  - Change the refined the files to be installed. Thanks to Alex Converse.
    Also added the new oaf dir.
* Wed Mar 28 2001 Bruno Pires Marinho <bapm@netcabo.p>
  - Added the man dir
* Tue Jul 25 2000 Bruno Pires Marinho <>
  - Changed the gnome-libs version required to 1.0.59 because of the
    gnome-window-icon function
* Fri Apr 28 2000 Bruno Pires Marinho <>
  - Updated page location and author email
* Thu Dec 23 1999 Bruno Pires Marinho <>
  - Added the configuration for the sound events to the package
* Fri Sep 03 1999 Bruno Pires Marinho <>
  - Change the location of sysconfdir to /etc.
* Mon May 03 1999 Bruno Pires Marinho <>
  - Internationalization of spec. Portuguese, Italian and Spanish.
* Mon Apr 26 1999 Bruno Pires Marinho <>
  - I didn't understand quite well the CORBA stuff. To develop CORBA clients of
    gtm is only needed the idl file so the main package has also the idl file
    and there is no development package.
* Sun Apr 04 1999 Bruno Pires Marinho <>
  - Added the new development package that allows other programs to request
    the download of files with GTM
* Sat Apr 03 1999 Bruno Pires Marinho <>
  - Added new directories with files to the distribution because the program
    now uses corba
* Tue Mar 23 1999 Bruno Pires Marinho <>
  - added portuguese translation for rpm
* Sat Feb 27 1999 Bruno Pires Marinho <>
  - First try at an RPM



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