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anaconda-dracut-27.20.4-1.fc27 RPM for s390x

From Fedora 27 testing updates for s390x / a

Name: anaconda-dracut Distribution: Fedora Project
Version: 27.20.4 Vendor: Fedora Project
Release: 1.fc27 Build date: Thu Oct 12 19:09:21 2017
Group: Applications/System Build host:
Size: 175221 Source RPM: anaconda-27.20.4-1.fc27.src.rpm
Packager: Fedora Project
Summary: The anaconda dracut module
The 'anaconda' dracut module handles installer-specific boot tasks and
options. This includes driver disks, kickstarts, and finding the anaconda
runtime on NFS/HTTP/FTP servers or local disks.




GPLv2+ and MIT


* Thu Oct 12 2017 Martin Kolman <> - 27.20.4-1
  - Fix a translation check error (mkolman)
* Thu Oct 12 2017 Martin Kolman <> - 27.20.3-1
  - Mark the mount point assignment in TUI as experimental (vpodzime)
  - Reset storage on change in text mode (vpodzime)
  - Only allow the supported file systems in text mode (vpodzime)
  - Textual configuration of mount points (vpodzime)
  - Add support for the new 'mount' kickstart command (vpodzime)
  - Fix dnf exception repository not set (#1495211) (jkonecny)
  - Add logging of complete spokes in GUI. (rvykydal)
  - Do not execute storage when the spoke is left with no selected disk
    (#1496327) (rvykydal)
  - Add checks for group names (#1497676) (vponcova)
  - Add new checks for user names (#1491006) (vponcova)
* Fri Sep 29 2017 Martin Kolman <> - 27.20.2-1
  - Use name instead of index in TUI env selection (#1495204) (jkonecny)
  - Fix missing container in TUI source spoke (#1494801) (jkonecny)
  - Add MOCK_EXTRA_ARGS to Makefile (jkonecny)
  - tui source spoke: initialize nfs values when switching to nfs (rvykydal)
  - Deselect encryption when switching to blivet-gui partitioning (vtrefny)
  - Fix missing id to name environment transition (#1491119) (jkonecny)
  - Fix test for unset TUI software environment (#1491119) (jkonecny)
  - Rename processingDone to processing_done variable (jkonecny)
  - network: add support for kickstart --bindto=mac for virtual devices
    (#1328576) (rvykydal)
  - network: support mac bound network settings as first class (#1328576)
  - network: add support for kickstart --bindto=mac for wired devices (#1328576)
  - Don't setup the hub twice (#1491333) (vponcova)
  - rpmostreepayload: Substitute ${basearch} in ostreesetup ref (walters)
  - Bump Simpleline version (jkonecny)
  - Perform repo checks only when there are checks available. (rvykydal)
  - Add support for repo --metalink (GUI) (#1464843) (rvykydal)
  - Add support for repo --metalink (kickstart, tui) (#1464843) (rvykydal)
  - Make EFIGRUB._efi_binary a property, not a method (awilliam)
  - Better storing logs from build and tests (jkonecny)
  - Provide a default install class. (vponcova)
  - Do not use hidden install classes. (vponcova)
  - Make geolocation with kickstart possible (#1358331) (mkolman)
  - Run python-meh as modal in TUI (jkonecny)
  - Use GLib event loop in the simpleline (jkonecny)
  - TUI progress reporting is handled by show_all (jkonecny)
  - Fix catch TUI not main thread exceptions (jkonecny)
  - Add efi_dir to the BaseInstallClass (#1412391) (vponcova)
  - Document Anaconda branching workflow (mkolman)
  - Use constants for version number bumps and additions (mkolman)
  - Fix closest mirror now needs network (jkonecny)
  - Fix restart payload thread in Network spoke GUI (#1478970) (jkonecny)
  - Network spoke freeze when testing availability (#1478970) (jkonecny)
  - Add support for adding version numbers to makebumpver (mkolman)
  - Add support for major version bump to makebumpver (mkolman)
  - Fix proxy settings badly used when testing repos (#1478970) (jkonecny)
  - Add inst.notmux option (dusty)
* Tue Aug 29 2017 Martin Kolman <> - 27.20.1-1
  - Remove the metacity theme. (vponcova)
  - Add the option inst.decorated to allow title bar in GUI (vponcova)
  - Move python3-gobject Requires to core (jkonecny)
  - Return simpleline removed ipmi calls back (jkonecny)
  - Use new list container from Simpleline (jkonecny)
  - Remove old simpleline from anaconda (jkonecny)
  - Ask multiple times for wrong input (jkonecny)
  - Show TUI exception only first time (jkonecny)
  - Add simpleline logger to the Anaconda (jkonecny)
  - Modify TUI to use new Simpleline package (jkonecny)
  - Make 64-bit kernel on 32-bit firmware work for x86 efi machines (pjones)
  - Add missing gtk3 required version to spec file (jkonecny)
  - Sort spec required versions alphabetically (jkonecny)
  - Fix testing of the kickstart version (vponcova)
  - Move the installclass command to the %anaconda section. (vponcova)
  - Fix SL install class to use right efi dir (riehecky)
  - Fix accelerator key for blivet-gui partitioning (#1482438) (vtrefny)
  - Add blivet-gui logs to python-meh file list (vtrefny)
  - Remove the title bar in anaconda by default (#1468801) (vponcova)
  - Add simple script to read journal with message code source and thread info.
* Mon Aug 14 2017 Martin Kolman <> - 27.20-1
  - Add support for automatic generating of DBus specification. (vponcova)
  - Add support for generating XML (vponcova)
  - Add support for DBus typing system (vponcova)
  - dnfpayload: do not try to contact disabled repo (artem.bityutskiy)
  - Add message to setup-test-env is ran (jkonecny)
  - Use SHA256 instead of MD5 for repoMDHash (#1341280) (bcl)
  - Add lorax-packages.log to bug report. (rvykydal)
  - Use SHA256 instead of MD5 for repoMDHash (#1341280) (jkonecny)
  - 80-setfilecons: Add a few paths (/var/run, /var/spool) (walters)
  - Also capture anaconda-pre logs if they exist (riehecky)
  - Don't mock modules with sys in unit tests (vponcova)
  - logging: replace SyslogHandler with JournalHandler (rvykydal)
  - Add setup-test-env target to the Makefile (jkonecny)
  - Add tests for the install class factory (vponcova)
  - Support for the installclass kickstart command (vponcova)
  - Modules with install classes should define __all__ (vponcova)
  - Refactorization of the (vponcova)
  - docs: minor fixups of release document (rvykydal)
  - rescue: add RTD documentation (rvykydal)
  - rescue: clean up method for mounting root (rvykydal)
  - rescue: separate UI and execution logic (rvykydal)
  - Make kickstart rescue command noninteractive. (rvykydal)
  - Remove unused argument and code. (rvykydal)
* Thu Jul 27 2017 Radek Vykydal <> - 27.19-1
  - rpmostreepayload: Set up /var first (walters)
  - rpmostreepayload: Explicitly create /var/lib before tmpfiles (walters)
  - rpmostreepayload: Rework mount setup to support admin-defined mounts
  - rpmostreepayload: try to verify local ostree repo cache (dusty)
  - rpmostreepayload: ignore <F25 location, support RHEL (dusty)
  - rpmostreepayload: use correct secondary url location (dusty)
  - Add tracking of requirements application to requirements container.
  - Add langpacks via payload requirements (rvykydal)
  - Add NTP_PACKAGE via installation requirements (rvykydal)
  - timezone: simplify kickstart setup metod (rvykydal)
  - Store payload (packages, groups) requirements in a container. (rvykydal)
  - Fix anaconda --help fail with traceback (#1470514) (jkonecny)
  - rpmostreepayload: Do /sysroot mount non-recursively (walters)
  - Add isolated-test makefile target (jkonecny)
  - gui: show supported locales on Atomic Host installs (jlebon)
* Mon Jul 03 2017 Martin Kolman <> - 27.18-1
  - rpmostreepayload: Reuse the local repo as a cache (walters)
  - Document how to create Anaconda releases and package builds (mkolman)
* Sat Jul 01 2017 Martin Kolman <> - 27.17-1
  - Require "blivet-gui-runtime" instead of "blivet-gui" (vtrefny)
  - Fix a typo in python-meh initialization (#1462825) (mkolman)
* Mon Jun 26 2017 Martin Kolman <> - 27.16-1
  - Install class shouldn't set the default boot fstype (#1463297) (vponcova)
  - Store testing logs properly (jkonecny)
  - Fix location of the blivet-gui user help (vtrefny)
  - netowrk: fix noipv6 option check regression (#1464297) (rvykydal)
  - Refactor imports in (jkonecny)
  - Use context manager to check KickstartError (jkonecny)
* Wed Jun 21 2017 Martin Kolman <> - 27.15-1
  - Honor --erroronfail kickstart option in cmdline mode (rvykydal)
  - Fix import from a renamed module (#1462538) (vponcova)
  - Fix the 'non-ASCII characters in password' checks (#1413813) (awilliam)
  - Move mock config files to slaves (jkonecny)
* Thu Jun 15 2017 Martin Kolman <> - 27.14-1
  - Bump version of Pykickstart and Blivet (#1113207) (jkonecny)
  - Add XFS uuid changer (#1113207) (jkonecny)
  - Support --when parameter in snapshot (#1113207) (jkonecny)
  - Add snapshot support (#1113207) (jkonecny)
* Wed Jun 14 2017 Martin Kolman <> - 27.13-1
  - Fix renaming mixup (#1461469) (mkolman)
  - Separate blivet-daily builds in mock config (jkonecny)
  - network: bind to device name (not hwaddr) when dumping connections (#1457215)
* Tue Jun 13 2017 Martin Kolman <> - 27.12-1
  - Show warning if swap is smaller then recommended (#1290360) (vponcova)
* Tue Jun 06 2017 Martin Kolman <> - 27.11-1
  - Fix renaming error (mkolman)
  - Add a getter for the Anaconda root logger (mkolman)
  - Disable test-install in Makefile (jkonecny)
* Thu Jun 01 2017 Martin Kolman <> - 27.10-1
  - Bump Blivet version (mkolman)
  - Remove GUI logging prefixes from Network spoke (mkolman)
  - Rename TUI spokes (mkolman)
  - Rename GUI spokes (mkolman)
  - Rename to (mkolman)
  - Rename to (mkolman)
  - Rename to (mkolman)
  - Rename to (mkolman)
  - Get special purpose loggers from anaconda_loggers (mkolman)
  - Use structured logging in Anaconda modules (mkolman)
  - Use unique 3 letter log level names (mkolman)
  - Use constants for special purpose logger names (mkolman)
  - Add the anaconda_loggers module (mkolman)
  - Rename to (mkolman)
  - Add support for structured logging to the anaconda logger (mkolman)
  - Make it possible to set filters for file handlers (mkolman)
  - Add custom filter and formatter support for the syslog handler (mkolman)
  - Add AnacondaPrefixFilter (mkolman)
  - Fixes for Pylint 1.7 (vponcova)
  - Add support for IPoIB in tui (#1366935) (rvykydal)
  - Fix pylint unused import error (jkonecny)
  - network: handle multiple connections for one device better (#1444887)
  - Fix setting errors and warnings in the StorageCheckHandler (vponcova)
  - Add inst.waitfornet option (#1315160) (rvykydal)
  - network: catch exception when reading in-memory connection being removed
    (#1439220) (rvykydal)
* Thu May 25 2017 Martin Kolman <> - 27.9-1
  - Add support for DNF-2.5.0 (jkonecny)
  - Fix simpleline_getpass related Pylint warning (mkolman)
  - Provide access to simpleline App instance (mkolman)
  - Make it possible to use a custom getpass() (mkolman)
  - Set the default filesystem type from a kickstart file (vponcova)
  - Adapt to our new daily builds of Anaconda (jkonecny)
  - Provide access to simpleline App instance (mkolman)
  - Make it possible to use a custom getpass() (mkolman)
  - Perform recursive copying of driver disk RPM repo contents (esyr)
  - network: fix setting hostname via boot options (#1441337) (rvykydal)
  - Fix a typo in an error message (esyr)
  - Use the function we already have for applying disk selection (#1412022)
  - Ignore disks labeled OEMDRV (#1412022) (rvykydal)
  - network: create dracut arguments for iSCSI root accessed via vlan (#1374003)
  - Test if Anaconda can be installed inside of mock (jkonecny)
  - Remove run_install_test test (jkonecny)
  - rpmostreepayload: Handle /var as a user-specified mountpoint (walters)
  - Fix the addon handlers for the checkbox (#1451754) (vponcova)
  - Show the text of completions in the datetime spoke. (vponcova)
  - Use new daily-blivet copr builds (jkonecny)
  - Prevent TUI from crashing with a single spoke on a hub (mkolman)
* Tue May 09 2017 Martin Kolman <> - 27.8-1
  - Bump Pykickstart version (mkolman)
* Fri May 05 2017 Martin Kolman <> - 27.7-1
  - Make some missed adjustments to blivet API changes. (#1440134) (dlehman)
  - Bump required version for blivet-gui (vtrefny)
  - BlivetGuiSpoke: Set keyboard shortcuts for blivet-gui (#1439608) (vtrefny)
  - BlivetGuiSpoke: Refresh blivet-gui UI after spoke is entered (vtrefny)
  - Really fix with tmux 2.4 (version comparison was busted) (awilliam)
  - Show or hide the content of the expander on Fedora (vponcova)
  - itertools.chain can be iterated only once (#1414391) (vponcova)
* Fri Apr 28 2017 Martin Kolman <> - 27.6-1
  - Use `time.tzset()` to apply timezone changes when we can (awilliam)
  - Tweak epoch definition to fix system clock setting (#1433560) (awilliam)
  - Optimize payload thread restart on network change (jkonecny)
  - Add unit test for RepoMDMetaHash object (#1373449) (jkonecny)
  - Make the formating in payload consistent (#1373449) (jkonecny)
  - Fix Anaconda forces payload restart when network (not)change (#1373449)
  - Catch race-condition error reading from in-memory connection being removed
    (#1373360) (rvykydal)
  - network tui: fix changing ipv4 config from static to dhcp (#1432886)
  - Allow setting up bridge for fetching installer image from kickstart
    (#1373360) (rvykydal)
* Thu Apr 27 2017 Martin Kolman <> - 27.5-1
  - make anaconda working back again with tmux2.4 (pallotron)
  - Trigger the entered signal only once the screen is shown (#1443011) (mkolman)
  - Use constants in storage checker constraints. (vponcova)
  - Gtk: Fix creating images from resources. (vponcova)
  - Fix partial kickstart software selection in GUI (#1404158) (jkonecny)
  - Removed unused code in the Software spoke (#1404158) (jkonecny)
  - Fix selection logic in Software spoke (#1404158) (jkonecny)
  - Fix Driver Disc documentation (#1377233) (jkonecny)
  - Support DD rpm loading from local disk device (#1377233) (jkonecny)
  - Gtk: Replace deprecated get_misc_set_alignment in widgets. (vponcova)
  - Gtk: Replace deprecated Gtk.Viewport.get_v/hadjustment. (vponcova)
  - Gtk: Replace deprecated methods. (vponcova)
  - Set the info bar only once if the partitioning method changes. (vponcova)
  - Fix pylint issue Catching too general exception Exception (jkonecny)
  - Support --noboot and --noswap options in autopartitioning (#1220866)
  - Support --nohome option in the autopartitioning (vponcova)
* Tue Apr 11 2017 Martin Kolman <> - 27.4-1
  - Hide options based on storage configuration method (#1439519) (mkolman)
  - Catch exception when reading from in-memory connection being removed
    (#1439051) (rvykydal)
  - docs/boot-options.rst: Fix #dhcpd anchor (mopsfelder)
  - docs/boot-options.rst: Remove trailing spaces (mopsfelder)
  - Fix logging of the storage checker report. (vponcova)
  - Fix a property name of luks devices in storage checking (#1439411) (vponcova)
  - Bump required version for blivet-gui (vtrefny)
  - Use newly created swaps after the installation (#1439729) (vtrefny)
  - docs/boot-options.rst: Fix #dhcpd anchor (mopsfelder)
  - docs/boot-options.rst: Remove trailing spaces (mopsfelder)
  - Set default FS type for blivet-gui (#1439581) (vtrefny)
  - Display progress for the post installation phase (mkolman)
  - Display progress for the post installation phase (mkolman)
  - Increase verbosity of lvmdump in pre logging script (#1255659) (jkonecny)
* Thu Mar 30 2017 Martin Kolman <> - 27.3-1
  - Enable the install class to customize the storage checking (vponcova)
  - Replace sanity check with more advanced storage checker (vponcova)
  - Various log-capture script improvements (mkolman)
  - Rename StorageChecker to StorageCheckHandler (vponcova)
* Thu Mar 16 2017 Martin Kolman <> - 27.2-1
  - Correction of some typographic mistakes in documentation. (rludva)
  - Fix bullet point formatting in contribution guidelines (mkolman)
  - Propagate firstboot --disable to Screen Access Manager (mkolman)
  - util: Add script to capture logs (riehecky)
  - Fix a typo (mkolman)
  - Correction of some typographic mistakes in documentation. (rludva)
  - Enhance git-find-branch script (jkonecny)
  - Improve how storage configuration settings are displayed (mkolman)
  - util: Add script to capture logs (riehecky)
  - Propagate firstboot --disable to Screen Access Manager (mkolman)
* Mon Mar 06 2017 Martin Kolman <> - 27.1-1
  - We should not have pyanaconda submodules on PYTHONPATH (vponcova)
  - Lock empty root password during kickstart installation (#1383656) (mkolman)
  - Use system Python when running Anaconda (mkolman)
  - Remove unused false positives for pylint (vtrefny)
  - Fix pylint error in BlivetGUI spoke (vtrefny)
  - Fix tests by renaming packaging to payload (jkonecny)
  - Rescue mode should wait for the storage and luks devices (#1376638) (vponcova)
* Mon Feb 27 2017 Martin Kolman <> - 26.21-1
  - Add blivet-gui as requirement for the GUI package (vtrefny)
  - Add a bottom bar to the Blivet GUI spoke (mkolman)
  - Hide storage config spokes marked by SAM as visited (mkolman)
  - Keep last used partitioning method selected (mkolman)
  - Rollback planned storage changes if partitioning method changes (mkolman)
  - Add blivet-gui spoke (vpodzime)
  - docs: fix formating a bit for Links (Frodox)
  - Fix a typo (mkolman)
  - Polish unsupported filesystems in the custom spoke (jkonecny)
* Tue Feb 07 2017 Martin Kolman <> - 26.20-1
  - Update dracut test for network --ipv6gateway (rvykydal)
  - Correctly propagate --ipv6gateway to ifcfg files(#1170845) (mkolman)
  - network: respect --activate value for bridge from kickstart (rvykydal)
  - network: fix --activate for bridge slaves configured via %pre ks (rvykydal)
  - network: activate bridge for first network command in ks via %pre (rvykydal)
  - network: unify slave connection names for ks %pre with ks and gui (rvykydal)
  - network: bind slave connections to DEVICE, not HWADDR (#1373360) (rvykydal)
  - Do not allow creating ntfs filesystem in custom spoke (vtrefny)
  - Various minor formatting fixes (mkolman)
  - PEP8 and refactoring for packaging (mkolman)
  - PEP8 and refactoring for (mkolman)
  - PEP8 and refactoring for (mkolman)
  - PEP8 and refactoring for (mkolman)
  - PEP8 and refactoring for (mkolman)
  - PEP8 and refactoring for (mkolman)
  - Cosmetic PEP8 and refactoring for (mkolman)
  - PEP8 and refactoring for (mkolman)
  - PEP8 and refactoring for (mkolman)
  - PEP8 and refactoring for (mkolman)
  - Validate dasd and zfcp user input (#1335092) (vponcova)
  - network: use introspection data from libnm instead of libnm-glib (lkundrak)
* Mon Jan 16 2017 Martin Kolman <> - 26.19-1
  - Use initialization controller for spoke initialization (mkolman)
  - Add module initialization controller (mkolman)
  - Fix link to the documentation in the README file (jkonecny)
  - There is no thread for dasd formatting in tui. (vponcova)
  - Move the (mkolman)
  - Fix the status of the StorageSpoke for dasd formatting (#1274596) (vponcova)
* Mon Jan 09 2017 Martin Kolman <> - 26.18-1
  - Always refresh the size of swap before autopartitioning. (vponcova)
  - Run the space check only if the spokes are complete (#1403505) (vponcova)
  - Ignore result directory with logs from tests (jkonecny)
  - Disable pylint no-member error for re.MULTILINE (jkonecny)
  - Fix nosetests to use newest python3 (jkonecny)
  - Disable the button if iscsi is not available (#1401263) (vponcova)
  - Include Python 3.6 sysconfigdata module in initramfs (#1409177) (awilliam)
  - Nicer __repr__ for hubs and spokes (mkolman)
  - Close the .treeinfo file after the retrieve. (vponcova)
* Wed Jan 04 2017 Martin Kolman <> - 26.17-1
  - Fix a GTK Widget related deprecation warning (mkolman)
  - Fix GTK screen/display related deprecation warnings (mkolman)
  - Fix GObject and GLib deprecation warnings (mkolman)
  - Fix selection of no software environment (#1400045) (vponcova)
  - Use signals for Spoke & Hub entry/exit callbacks (mkolman)
  - Fix the name of StorageDiscoveryConfig attribute (#1395350) (vponcova)
  - Iutil PEP8 & formatting fixes (mkolman)
  - Add inst.ksstrict option to show kickstart warnings as errors. (vponcova)
  - Use the structured installation task classes (mkolman)
  - Improved password quality checking (mkolman)
  - Add unit tests for password quality checking (mkolman)
  - Use Enum for password status constants (mkolman)
  - Use a sane unified password checking policy (mkolman)
  - Add install task processing classes and unit tests (mkolman)
  - Add a signal/slot implementation (mkolman)
  - Set correctly the default partitioning. (vponcova)
* Wed Dec 14 2016 Martin Kolman <> - 26.16-1
  - rpmostreepayload: Rework binds to be recursive (walters)
  - Let DNF do its own substitutions (riehecky)
  - Bump Blivet version due to systemd-udev dependency (mkolman)
  - Don't log "Invalid bridge option" when network has no --bridgeopts.
  - Fix updating of bridge slave which is bond. (rvykydal)
* Mon Dec 05 2016 Martin Kolman <> - 26.15-1
  - Don't pass storage to firstboot.setup() (mkolman)
  - RTD fixes (mkolman)
  - Catch ValueError from LVM part in Blivet library (jkonecny)
  - Handle unexpected storage exception from blivet (jkonecny)
  - Add sudo to test requires (jkonecny)
  - network: fix network --noipv4 in %pre (rvykydal)
  - fix typo in systemd service keyword (mail)
  - Fix pylint issue in ks_version_test (jkonecny)
  - Move Anaconda tests to mock (jkonecny)
  - Add checks to git-find-branch script (jkonecny)
  - Remove intermediate pot files in po-push (mkolman)
  - Allow install classes to set alternate states for firstboot/initial-setup
* Wed Nov 23 2016 Martin Kolman <> - 26.14-1
  - Changed the required version of BlockDev to 2.0. (vponcova)
  - Remove auto generated documentation (mkolman)
  - Fix generated zanata.xml from https unstable branch (jkonecny)
  - Don't crash if the UIC file can't be written (#1375702) (mkolman)
* Wed Nov 23 2016 Martin Kolman <> - 26.13-1
  - Fix calling of can_touch_runtime_system function (jkonecny)
  - fix formating a bit (gitDeveloper)
  - Fix in substitution variables (mkolman)
* Thu Nov 17 2016 Martin Kolman <> - 26.12-1
  - Mock chroot environment is chosed by a git branch (jkonecny)
  - Set Zanata branch from git-find-branch script (jkonecny)
  - Add git-find-branch script for finding parent branch (jkonecny)
  - fix pykickstart docks link (gitDeveloper)
  - aarch64 now has kexec-tools (pbrobinson)
  - Resolve directory ownership (mkolman)
  - Fix user interaction config handling in image & directory install modes
    (#1379106) (mkolman)
  - tui: Available help system (vponcova)
  - network: index team slave connection names starting with 1 (rvykydal)
* Thu Nov 10 2016 Martin Kolman <> - 26.11-1
  - Relax blivet dependency to >= 2.1.6-3 (awilliam)
  - Bump required Blivet version (#1378156) (mkolman)
  - Fix bad exception handling from blivet in iscsi (#1378156) (jkonecny)
  - tui: New class for prompt (vponcova)
  - iSCSI: adjust to change in blivet auth info (#1378156) (awilliam)
  - Disable false positive pylint error (jkonecny)
  - Add some error checking when users don't provide input for DASD devices.
  - Add some error checking when users don't provide input for zFCP devices.
  - Fix tui timezone region selection by name (vponcova)
* Fri Nov 04 2016 Martin Kolman <> - 26.10-1
  - F26_DisplayMode was added by non-interactive mode (jkonecny)
  - Fix pyanaconda tests for display mode (jkonecny)
  - Fix parse-dracut to support new kickstart displaymode (jkonecny)
  - Add boot option inst.noninteractive to the docs (jkonecny)
  - Abort installation when Playload exc rise in a NonInteractive mode (jkonecny)
  - Support non interactive mode in standalone spokes (jkonecny)
  - Non-interactive mode support for Password and User spokes (jkonecny)
  - Raise NonInteractive exception in Hubs event loop (jkonecny)
  - Raise exception for noninteractive mode in Hub (jkonecny)
  - Add new pykickstart noninteractive mode (jkonecny)
  - Disable bad kickstart command on F25 (jkonecny)
  - Improve DNF error message to be more understandable (jkonecny)
  - tui: Add software group selection (vponcova)
  - use blivet iSCSI singleton directly in storage spoke (awilliam)
  - Correct deviceLinks to device_links (blivet renamed it) (awilliam)
  - Instantiate the zFCP object ourselves now. (#1384532) (sbueno+anaconda)
  - Fix the way DASD list is determined. (#1384532) (sbueno+anaconda)
  - Add tests for payload location picking (#1328151) (jkonecny)
  - Fix picking mountpoint for package download (#1328151) (jkonecny)
  - Improve packaging logs without DEBUG logging (jkonecny)
* Tue Oct 25 2016 Martin Kolman <> - 26.9-1
  - Move the collect() function to iutil (mkolman)
  - Update messiness level (mkolman)
  - PEP8 and general refactoring for the main (mkolman)
  - Move kickstart file parsing code to startup_utils (mkolman)
  - Don't directly import items from anaconda_log (mkolman)
  - Remove old useless code (mkolman)
  - Move the rescue ui startup code to the rescue module (mkolman)
  - Move set-installation-method-from-anaconda code to startup_utils (mkolman)
  - Move the live startup code to startup_utils (mkolman)
  - Move code printing the startup note to startup_utils (mkolman)
  - Move the pstore cleanup function to startup_utils (mkolman)
  - Move the prompt_for_ssh function to startup_utils (mkolman)
  - Move logging setup to startup_utils (mkolman)
  - Move the geolocation startup code to a separate function (mkolman)
  - Unify addons path variable name (mkolman)
  - PEP 8 for (mkolman)
  - PEP 8 for (mkolman)
  - Move VNC startup checking to a separate function (mkolman)
  - Move imports to the top of the file in (mkolman)
  - Refactor display mode handling (mkolman)
  - Move display setup & startup tasks out of (mkolman)
  - Remove main and extra Zanata pot files on master (jkonecny)
  - Remove main and extra pot files before zanata push (jkonecny)
  - Don't send intermediate pot files to zanata (gh#791) (awilliam)
  - Improve message to be clearer in (jkonecny)
  - Add option to show password in password field (vponcova)
  - Generate a list of DASDs in GUI storage spoke. (#1378338) (sbueno+anaconda)
  - Echoing 4de0ec44bdf0f68545bb55bb5fea00464b65fcab May as well include the SL
    file (riehecky)
  - Fixup class name for CentOS install class (riehecky)
  - Fix a typo in SAM file header (mkolman)
  - Skip live image on usb when checking storage for mounted partitions
    (#1369786) (rvykydal)
* Mon Oct 03 2016 Martin Kolman <> - 26.8-1
  - Fix network spoke being incorrectly marked as mandatory (#1374864) (mkolman)
* Fri Sep 30 2016 Samantha N. Bueno <> - 26.7-1
  - Increse python3-blivet version to 1:2.1.5 (jkonecny)
  - Fix dnf.repo.Repo now requires dnf.conf.Conf (jkonecny)
  - Provides compatibility with DNF-2.0 (jmracek)
* Tue Sep 27 2016 Martin Kolman <> - 26.6-1
  - Don't deactivate all storage in anaconda-cleanup. (#1225184) (dlehman)
  - Stop setting ANACONDA udev environment variable. (#1225184) (dlehman)
* Tue Sep 27 2016 Martin Kolman <> - 26.5-1
  - Improved driver disk copying (#1269915) (mkolman)
  - Fix screenshot taking logic (#1327456) (mkolman)
  - Change blank lines to pep8 for Dracut DUD test (jkonecny)
  - Tweak lambda use in Dracut test (jkonecny)
  - Add Dracut test for reloading mod dependencies (jkonecny)
* Wed Sep 21 2016 Martin Kolman <> - 26.4-1
  - Fix NTP server list fetching when running in IS (#1374810) (mkolman)
  - rpmostreepayload: Clean up use of sysroot files a bit (walters)
  - rpmostreepayload: Fix remote handling to use correct sysroot (walters)
* Mon Sep 19 2016 Martin Kolman <> - 26.3-1
  - network: set onboot correctly for vlan on bond device in ks (#1234849)
  - network: don't show ibft configured devices in UI (#1309661) (rvykydal)
  - iscsi: don't generate kickstart iscsi commands for offload devices (#1252879)
  - iscsi: allow installing bootloader on offload iscsi disks (qla4xxx)
    (#1325134) (rvykydal)
  - network: adapt to changed NM ibft plugin enablement configuration (#1371188)
  - network: don't activate bond/team devices regardless of --activate (#1358795)
  - Fix traceback when payload have None as url (#1371494) (jkonecny)
  - Add new Dracut test and fix another ones (#1101653) (jkonecny)
  - Fix bug when we add set to list (#1101653) (jkonecny)
  - Add new helper script files to build system (#1101653) (jkonecny)
  - Document new helper scripts to the DriverDisk README (#1101653) (jkonecny)
  - Fix driver unload is disabling network settings (#1101653) (jkonecny)
  - dud: fix multiple inst.dd=http:// instances stalling in dracut (#1268792)
  - network: fix ksdata generating for for non-active virtual devices (#1321288)
  - network: update kickstart data also with bond bridge slaves (#1321288)
  - network: add support for bridge bond slaves (#1321288) (rvykydal)
  - screen_access: Ensure we write config to real sysroot (walters)
  - Add release commit support to makebumpver (mkolman)
  - Makefile improvements for separate release commits & tarball creation
  - network: add support for --no-activate kickstart opton (#1277975) (rvykydal)
  - fixup! Add base.close() after base.do_transaction (RhBug:1313240) (jmracek)
  - Add base.close() after base.do_transaction (RhBug:1313240) (jmracek)
* Tue Sep 06 2016 Martin Kolman <> - 26.2-1
  - Add git merging examples to the contribution guidelines (mkolman)
  - network: don't stumble upon new Device.Statistics NM dbus iface (#1370099)
  - Current Anaconda is not compatible with DNF 2.0.0 (jkonecny)
  - Filter out all merge commits from the changelog (mkolman)
  - Make it possible to override Zanata branch name (mkolman)
  - Switch to argparse & autodetect name, version and bug email address (mkolman)
  - Fix multi-inheritance (phil)
  - Fix replacement of deprecated DNF method (jkonecny)
  - Replace deprecated method of DNF (jmracek)
  - Static checker recommended improvements (mkolman)
  - Fix replacement of deprecated DNF method (jkonecny)
  - Replace deprecated method of DNF (jmracek)
* Mon Aug 29 2016 Samantha N. Bueno <> - 26.1-1
  - Fix a pylint no-member warning (mkolman)
  - Translate press-c-to-continue correctly in TUI (#1364539) (mkolman)
  - Fix bootDrive driveorder fallback (#1355795) (jkonecny)
  - Fix bootloader when re-using existing /boot part (#1355795) (jkonecny)
  - Add support for device specification variants (#1200833) (mkolman)
  - Revert "Update zanata.xml for f25-devel branch." (sbueno+anaconda)
  - Update zanata.xml for f25-devel branch. (sbueno+anaconda)
  - Add option to override efi_dir (phil)
  - efiboot: stderr= is not an option to efibootmgr (phil)
  - Fix EFI grub1 case (phil)
  - Make Fedora module not so grabby (phil)
  - Add centos module to pyanaconda (phil)
  - network: don't require gateway for static ipv4 config in TUI (#1365532)
  - Improve connection network change detection (jkonecny)
  - Revert "Revalidate source only if nm-con-ed change settings (#1270354)"
  - Fix anaconda-pre.service wasn't properly installed (#1255659) (jkonecny)
  - Rename function for better consistency (#1259284) (rvykydal)
  - Update error message for consistency (#1259284) (rvykydal)
  - Add more specific username check messages also to gui (#1360334) (rvykydal)
  - fix style guide test false positive on username variable (#1350375)
  - tui: use functions instead of fake REs for checking values (#1350375)
  - tui: get proper index of entry we are handling in input (#1331054) (rvykydal)
  - tui: fix user name validity checking (#1350375) (rvykydal)
  - More descriptive message on invalid username (kvalek)
  - Fix another pep8 name issue (jkonecny)
  - iscsi: fix getting iscsi target iface of bound target (#1359739) (rvykydal)
  - Fix needsNetwork testing only additional repositories (#1358788) (jkonecny)
  - Fix restart payload only when repo needs network (#1358788) (jkonecny)
  - Cleanup remaining runlevel references (mkolman)
  - Clarify a nosave related log message (mkolman)
  - Use Screen Access Manager (mkolman)
  - Add screen entry/exit callbacks (mkolman)
  - Add screen access manager (mkolman)
  - A simple formatting fix (mkolman)
  - Fix another blivet-2.0 pep8 error (jkonecny)
  - Quickfix of failing test (japokorn)
  - Some docstring refactoring & typo fixes for the TUI base classes (mkolman)
  - Add a file about contributing. (sbueno+anaconda)
  - Store logs before anaconda starts (#1255659) (japokorn)
  - DD can now replace existing drivers (#1101653) (japokorn)
  - Use the F25 timezone kickstart command version (mkolman)
  - Use instead of hardcoded sshd-keygen script (jjelen)
  - Make it possible to disable sshd service from running. (#1262707)
  - Change bootloader boot drive fallback (jkonecny)
  - Fix of Python3x uncompatible commands (japokorn)
  - Add NTP server configuration to the TUI (#1269399) (mkolman)
  - Move the NTP server checking constants to (mkolman)
  - Use a constant for the NTP check thread name prefix (mkolman)
  - Fix another victim of the python 2->3 conversion. (#1354020) (dshea)
  - Attempt to unload modules updated by a driver disk (dshea)
  - Fix the processing of device nodes as driver disks (dshea)
* Fri Jul 08 2016 Brian C. Lane <> - 25.20-1
  - Allow kickstart users to ignore the free space error (dshea)
  - Stop kickstart when space check fails (bcl)
  - Service anaconda-nm-config is missing type oneshot (jkonecny)
  - Fix dhcpclass to work both via kickstart and the boot cmdline. (clumens)
  - network: handle also ifcfg files of not activated virtual devices (#1313173)
  - network: check onboot value in ksdata, not NM connections (#1313173)
  - network: do not activate device on kickstart --onboot="yes" (#1341636)
* Fri Jun 24 2016 Brian C. Lane <> - 25.19-1
  - hostname: don't set installer env hostname to localhost.localdomain
    (#1290858) (rvykydal)
  - hostname: add tooltip to Apply button (#1290858) (rvykydal)
  - hostname: fix accelerator collision (#1290858) (rvykydal)
  - hostname: don't set hostname in initrafms of target system (#1290858)
  - hostname: set current hostname from target system hostname on demand
    (#1290858) (rvykydal)
  - hostname: suggest current hostname for storage containers (#1290858)
  - hostname: don't set target system static hostname to current hostname
    (#1290858) (rvykydal)
  - network tui: do not activate device when setting its onboot value (#1261864)
  - network tui: edit persistent configuration, not active connection (#1261864)
  - network: validate netmask in tui (#1331054) (rvykydal)
  - Add wordwrap to text mode and use it by default (#1267881) (rvykydal)
  - Fix adding new VG in Custom spoke can't be applied (#1263715) (jkonecny)
  - Fix SimpleConfigFile file permissions (#1346364) (bcl)
  - Re-configure proxy when updateBaseRepo is called (#1332472) (bcl)
* Fri Jun 17 2016 Brian C. Lane <> - 25.18-1
  - Only use <> for markup (#1317297) (bcl)
  - Update iscsi dialog for Blivet 2.0 API change (bcl)
  - Use the signal handlers to set initial widget sensitivies (dshea)
  - Fix bad sensitivity on boxes in source spoke (jkonecny)
  - Fix install-buildrequires (bcl)
  - Added optional [/prefix] as pattern (kvalek)
  - Require network for network-based driver disks (dshea)
  - Add missing pkgs to install-buildrequires (#612) (phil)
  - Increase the required version of gettext (dshea)
  - Fix the name sensitivity in the custom spoke. (dshea)
* Fri Jun 10 2016 Brian C. Lane <> - 25.17-1
  - Revert "Temporarily disable translations" (bcl)
  - Change where to look for the iscsi object (#1344131) (dshea)
  - Fix old blivet identifiers (#1343907) (dshea)
  - Fix a covscan warning about fetch-driver-net (#1269915) (bcl)
  - Fix crash when NM get_setting* methods return None (#1273497) (jkonecny)
  - Overwrite network files when using ks liveimg (#1342639) (bcl)
  - Stop using undocumented DNF logging API (bcl)
  - Use the LUKS device for encrypted swap on RAID (dshea)
  - Keep the subdir in driver disk update paths (dshea)
  - Warn about broken keyboard layout switching in VNC (#1274228) (jkonecny)
  - Make the anaconda-generator exit early outside of the installation
    environment (#1289179) (mkolman)
* Fri Jun 03 2016 Brian C. Lane <> - 25.16-1
  - Add a button to refresh the disk list. (dlehman)
  - Only try to restart payload in the Anaconda environment (mkolman)
  - Make current runtime environment identifiers available via flags (mkolman)
  - Display storage errors that cause no disks to be selected (#1340240) (bcl)
  - Fix the SourceSwitchHandler pylint errors differently. (clumens)
  - Fix pylint errors. (clumens)
  - Update the disk summary on Ctrl-A (dshea)
  - Revert "Refresh the view of on-disk storage state every 30 seconds."
  - Refresh the view of on-disk storage state every 30 seconds. (dlehman)
  - Handle unsupported disklabels. (dlehman)
  - Use a blivet method to remove everything from a device. (dlehman)
  - Tighten up ResizeDialog._recursive_remove a bit. (dlehman)
  - Only look for partitions on partitioned disks. (dlehman)
  - NFS DDs installation now works correctly (#1269915) (japokorn)
  - Remove unused on_proxy_ok_clicked from Source spoke (jkonecny)
  - send all layouts to localed for keymap conversion (#1333998) (awilliam)
  - Small cleanup (mkolman)
* Fri May 27 2016 Brian C. Lane <> - 25.15-1
  - Resolve shortcut conflict between "Desired Capacity" and "Done" (yaneti)
  - network: don't crash on devices with zero MAC address (#1334632) (rvykydal)
  - Remove Authors lines from the tops of all files. (clumens)
  - Related: rhbz#1298444 (rvykydal)
  - New Anaconda documentation - 25.14 (bcl)
  - Catch DNF MarkingError during group installation (#1337731) (bcl)
  - Fix TUI ErrorDialog processing (#1337427) (bcl)
  - Clean up yelp processes (#1282432) (dshea)
* Fri May 20 2016 Brian C. Lane <> - 25.14-1
  - Temporarily disable translations (bcl)
  - Don't crash when selecting the same hdd ISO again (#1275771) (mkolman)
* Thu May 19 2016 Brian C. Lane <> - 25.13-1
  - Fix writeStorageLate for live installations (#1334019) (bcl)
  - Remove the locale list from zanata.xml (dshea)
  - Ditch autopoint. (dshea)
  - Ditch intltool. (dshea)
  - Rename fedora-welcome to fedora-welcome.js (dshea)
  - Fix UEFI installation after EFIBase refactor (bcl)
  - Fix error handling for s390 bootloader errors (sbueno+anaconda)
  - Deselect all addons correctly (#1333505) (bcl)
  - gui-testing needs isys to be compiled. (clumens)
  - Add more to the selinux check in tests/gui/ (clumens)
* Fri May 13 2016 Brian C. Lane <> - 25.12-1
  - Add single language mode (#1235726) (mkolman)
  - Move default X keyboard setting out of the Welcome spoke (mkolman)
  - Rerun writeBootLoader on Live BTRFS installs (bcl)
  - Check for mounted partitions as part of sanity_check (#1330820) (bcl)
  - Merge pull request #620 from dashea/new-canary (dshea)
  - Update the required pykickstart version. (dshea)
  - Implement %packages --excludeWeakdeps (#1331100) (james)
  - Fix bad addon handling when addon import failed (jkonecny)
  - Add retry when downloading .treeinfo (#1292613) (jkonecny)
  - Return xprogressive delay back (jkonecny)
  - Change where tests on translated strings are run. (dshea)
  - Merge the latest from translation-canary (dshea)
  - Squashed 'translation-canary/' changes from 5a45c19..3bc2ad6 (dshea)
  - Add new Makefile target for gui tests (atodorov)
  - Define missing srcdir in and enable coverage (atodorov)
  - Split gui test running out into its own script. (clumens)
  - Look higher for the combobox associated with an entry (#1333530) (dshea)
  - Use createrepo_c in the ci target. (dshea)
  - Compile glib schema overrides with --strict. (dshea)
* Fri May 06 2016 Brian C. Lane <> - 25.11-1
  - Don't join two absolute paths (#1249598) (mkolman)
  - Don't crash when taking a screenshot on the hub (#1327456) (mkolman)
  - Fix pylint errors. (phil)
  - Factor out common grub1/grub2 stuff into mixin, and other factoring (phil)
  - Add GRUB1 (legacy) support back to Anaconda (phil)
* Fri Apr 29 2016 Brian C. Lane <> - 25.10-1
  - Handle unmounting ostree when exiting (bcl)
  - ostree: Use bind mounts to setup ostree root (bcl)
  - ostree: Skip root= setup when using --dirinstall (bcl)
  - disable_service: Specify string format args as logging params. (clumens)
  - Ignore failure when disable services that do not exist (phil)
  - Get rid of an unused variable in the network spoke. (clumens)
  - Revalidate source only if nm-con-ed change settings (#1270354) (jkonecny)
  - Merge solutions for test source when network change (#1270354) (jkonecny)
  - Changes in network state revalidate sources rhbz#1270354 (riehecky)
* Wed Apr 27 2016 Brian C. Lane <> - 25.9-1
  - Use the iutil functions for interacting with systemd services. (dshea)
  - Add methods to enable and disable systemd services. (dshea)
  - Do not add .service to the end of service names. (dshea)
  - Remove detach-client from tmux.conf (dshea)
  - Use Blivet 2.0 for set_default_fstype (#607) (sgallagh)
  - Remove dnf from the list of required packages. (#605) (dshea)
  - Add access to the payload from addons (#1288636) (jkonecny)
  - Disable pylint warnings related to the log handler fixer. (dshea)
  - Allow the metacity config dir to be overriden. (dshea)
  - Do not include /usr/share/anaconda files in the gui package. (dshea)
  - Work around logging's crummy lock behavior. (dshea)
  - Use rm -r to remove the temporary python site directory. (dshea)
  - Remove the subnet label for wired devices. (#1327615) (dshea)
  - Fix how unusued network labels are hidden (#1327615) (dshea)
  - Remove yum_logger (bcl)
  - Remove the lock loglevel (bcl)
  - Use a temporary user-site directory for the tests. (dshea)
  - Build everything for make ci. (dshea)
  - Ignore some E1101 no-member errors when running pylint (bcl)
  - Sprinkle the code with pylint no-member disable statements (bcl)
  - Catch GLib.GError instead of Exception (bcl)
  - Update storage test for Blivet 2.0 API change. (bcl)
  - Initialize missing private methods in BasePage class (bcl)
  - Update for Blivet 2.0 API change. (bcl)
  - Use namedtuple correctly in (bcl)
  - Add more requires to make password checking still work. (#1327411) (dshea)
  - Rename isS390 to match the renames in blivet. (dshea)
  - Suppress signal handling when setting zone from location (#1322648) (dshea)
  - Refresh metadata when updates checkbox changes (#1211907) (bcl)
* Fri Apr 15 2016 Brian C. Lane <> - 25.8-1
  - network: handle null wireless AP SSID object (#1262556) (awilliam)
  - Change new_tmpfs to new_tmp_fs. (clumens)
  - Add support for kickstart %onerror scripts. (clumens)
  - Show network spoke in the TUI reconfig mode (#1302165) (mkolman)
  - network: copy static routes configured in installer to system (#1255801)
  - network: fix vlan over bond in kickstart (#1234849) (rvykydal)
  - network: use NAME to find ifcfg on s390 with net.ifnames=0 (#1249750)
  - Get rid of the reimport of MultipathDevice. (clumens)
  - Fix iSCSI kickstart options aren't generated (#1252879) (jkonecny)
  - Fix adding offload iSCSI devices (vtrefny)
  - Make the list-harddrives script mode robust (mkolman)
* Fri Apr 08 2016 Brian C. Lane <> - 25.7-1
  - Blivet API change getDeviceBy* is now get_device_by_* (bcl)
  - network: don't set setting (#1323589) (rvykydal)
  - Log non-critical user/group errors (#1308679) (bcl)
  - Fix btrfs metadata raid level kwarg. (dlehman)
  - docs: Add release building document (bcl)
  - Minor improvements - README and test dependencies (atodorov)
  - Add more matches for network connectivity (atodorov)
* Mon Apr 04 2016 Brian C. Lane <> - 25.6-1
  - Remove an unused import from anaconda-cleanup. (clumens)
  - Don't use booleans in Requires (#1323314) (dshea)
  - Set CSS names on all of the anaconda classes. (#1322036) (dshea)
  - Don't crash if no groups are specified (#1316816) (dshea)
  - Fix only one address is shown in anaconda (#1264400) (jkonecny)
  - Fix call to update optical media format. (#1322943) (dlehman)
  - Reset invalid disk selection before proceeding. (dlehman)
  - Multiple Dogtail tests improvements (atodorov)
  - Do not allow liveinst with --image or --dirinstall (#1276349) (dshea)
  - New Anaconda documentation - 25.5 (bcl)
* Wed Mar 30 2016 Brian C. Lane <> - 25.5-1
  - Don't provide subclasses of the multipath or dmraid commands. (clumens)
  - Add support for chunksize raid kickstart parameter. (vtrefny)
  - Convert to blivet-2.0 API. (dlehman)
* Thu Mar 24 2016 Brian C. Lane <> - 25.4-1
  - Require that the English locale data be available. (#1315494) (dshea)
  - Revert "Change the default locale to C.UTF-8 (#1312607)" (#1315494) (dshea)
  - Make windows in metacity closable (#1319590) (dshea)
  - Fix the use of CSS psuedo-classes in the widgets. (dshea)
  - Add reason when logging invalid repository (#1240379) (jkonecny)
* Sat Mar 19 2016 Brian C. Lane <> - 25.3-1
  - Apply language attributes to all labels within anaconda. (dshea)
  - Add a function to apply a PangoAttrLanguage to a label. (dshea)
  - Add functions to watch changes to a container widget. (dshea)
  - Switch to the adwaita icon theme. (dshea)
  - Fix duplicate network settings in dracut (#1293539) (jkonecny)
  - Fix create device with bad name when parsing KS (#1293539) (jkonecny)
  - Use a lock for repoStore access (#1315414) (bcl)
  - Add missing inst prefix to the nokill option in docs (mkolman)
  - Merge pull request #551 from wgwoods/master-multiple-initrd-dd-fix (wwoods)
  - fix multiple inst.dd=<path> args (rhbz#1268792) (wwoods)
* Fri Mar 11 2016 Brian C. Lane <> - 25.2-1
  - Load the system-wide Xresources (#1241724) (dshea)
  - Use an icon that exists in Adwaita for the dasd confirmation (dshea)
  - Make it possible to skip saving of kickstarts and logs (#1285519) (mkolman)
  - Add a function for empty file creation (#1285519) (mkolman)
  - Run actions for argparse arguments (#1285519) (mkolman)
* Wed Mar 09 2016 Brian C. Lane <> - 25.1-1
  - don't install kernel-PAE on x86_64 (#1313957) (awilliam)
  - except block in py3.5 undefines the variable (bcl)
  - Remove some history from the liveinst setup. (dshea)
  - Do not run the liveinst setup if not in a live environment. (dshea)
  - Set GDK_BACKEND=x11 before running anaconda from liveinst. (dshea)
  - Run zz-liveinst as an autostart application (dshea)
  - Translate the help button. (dshea)
  - Translate the required space labes in (dshea)
* Fri Mar 04 2016 Brian C. Lane <> - 25.0-1
  - Add device id to dasdfmt screen. (#1269174) (sbueno+anaconda)
  - Unify displayed columns in custom spoke dialogs. (#1289577) (sbueno+anaconda)
  - Show some confirmation to users if adding a DASD was successful. (#1259016)
  - Hotfix for missing storage in payload class (#1271657) (jkonecny)
  - Check to see if DD repo is already in addOn list (#1268357) (bcl)
  - Use the default levelbar offset values. (dshea)
  - Do not change the GUI language to a missing locale. (#1312607) (dshea)
  - Don't crash when setting an unavailable locale (#1312607) (dshea)
  - Change the default locale to C.UTF-8 (#1312607) (dshea)
  - Update the libtool version-info. (dshea)
  - Use CSS to style the internal widgets. (dshea)
  - Move the widgets pixmaps into resources. (dshea)
  - Add a resource bundle to libAnacondaWidgets (dshea)
  - Rename show_arrow and chosen_changed to show-arrow and chosen-changed (dshea)
  - Remove an invalid transfer notation. (dshea)
  - Stop using SGML in the docs. (dshea)
  - Change the install test URL. (dshea)
  - Fix nfs source crash when options change (#1264071) (bcl)
  - makebumpver: Add a --dry-run option (bcl)
  - NTP should have better behavior (#1309396) (jkonecny)
  - Manually set clock shifts on UI idle (#1251044) (rmarshall)
  - Don't remove selected shared part when Delete all (#1183880) (jkonecny)
  - Don't delete shared/boot parts in deleteAll (#1183880) (jkonecny)
* Fri Feb 19 2016 Brian C. Lane <> - 24.13-1
  - tests/gui enhancements (atodorov)
  - Fix gui tests for anaconda move to (atodorov)
  - Use a different ipmi command to log events. (clumens)
  - Clarify that a string in list-screens is actually a regex. (clumens)
  - Merge pull request #513 from wgwoods/update-dd-docs (wwoods)
  - updated driver updates docs (wwoods)
  - Add specification for the user interaction config file (mkolman)
  - Update zanata webui URL in translation doc. (dlehman)
  - Tweak partition removal in Custom spoke (jkonecny)
  - Do not skip evaluation after removing partitions (jkonecny)
  - Import iutil earlier so we can use ipmi_report from check_for_ssh. (clumens)
  - Make disconnect_client_callbacks more resilient (#1307063). (clumens)
  - Move the langpacks install into to a separate function. (dshea)
  - Fix _find_by_title method in Accordion (jkonecny)
* Fri Feb 12 2016 Brian C. Lane <> - 24.12-1
  - Use host storage for directory or image install dnf download (bcl)
  - Log payloadError so we know why installation failed. (bcl)
  - Add the addons directory to the rpm. (dshea)
  - Use the packaged version of ordered-set (dshea)
  - Remove an unused import (dshea)
  - Add an uninstall hook for the renamed anaconda (dshea)
  - Make langpack work in DNF (#1297823) (jsilhan)
  - New Anaconda documentation - 24.11 (bcl)
* Fri Feb 05 2016 Brian C. Lane <> - 24.11-1
  - Fix makeupdates for anaconda move to (bcl)
  - Rename ./anaconda to ./ to work around #425 (atodorov)
  - Remove special handling for interruptible system calls. (dshea)
  - Handle PEP 3101 strings in the gettext context check (dshea)
  - Improve RHS summary strings in multiselection (#1265620) (jkonecny)
  - Increase GI version required of AnacondaWidgets (jkonecny)
  - Increment version of g-introspection for widgets (jkonecny)
  - Increment the AnacondaWidgets version (jkonecny)
  - Switch to the new Initial Setup unit name (#1299210) (mkolman)
  - Uncomment self.check_lang_locale_views in tests/gui/ (atodorov)
  - Add dogtail to test requirements (atodorov)
  - Add config for easier combining of kickstart and Jenkins coverage data
  - Apply the fallback style to anaconda selectors. (dshea)
  - Redo the stylesheet for Gtk 3.19+ (dshea)
  - Directly overwrite /usr/share/anaconda/anaconda-gtk.css (dshea)
  - Merge pull request #463 from dashea/translation-tests (dshea)
  - Display the name of the addon while executing it (bcl)
  - Add page selection summary to the right side (#1265620) (jkonecny)
  - Ask when removing new items in multiselection (#1265620) (jkonecny)
  - Add multiselection with SHIFT key (#1265620) (jkonecny)
  - Use show_arrow feature implemented in Selector (#1265620) (jkonecny)
  - Add new property to show/hide arrow in Selector (#1265620) (jkonecny)
  - Change selection logic when opening Page (#1265620) (jkonecny)
  - Add new BasePage class (#1265620) (jkonecny)
  - Add signal and methods to MountpointSelector (#1265620) (jkonecny)
  - Fix errors with multiselection (#1265620) (jkonecny)
  - Accordion class now process events for selectors (#1265620) (jkonecny)
  - Change cammel case for to new pep8 (jkonecny)
  - Move selection logic from custom spoke to accordion (#1265620) (jkonecny)
  - Modify ConfirmDeleteDialog now the checkbox is optional (#1265620) (jkonecny)
  - Multiselection works in GUI with remove (#1265620) (jkonecny)
  - Add multiselection to Accordion with control key (#1265620) (jkonecny)
  - Remove bad translations from the source tarball. (dshea)
  - Treat warnings from xgettext as errors. (dshea)
  - Run translation-canary tests from make check. (dshea)
  - Do not run pylint on translation-canary (dshea)
  - Squashed 'translation-canary/' content from commit 5a45c19 (dshea)
* Fri Jan 29 2016 Brian C. Lane <> - 24.10-1
  - Add a finished method to spokes (#1300499) (bcl)
  - Handle DeviceConfiguration with con = None (#1300499) (bcl)
  - Log detailed information about installed packages (bcl)
  - s/KickstartValueError/KickstartParseError. (clumens)
  - Move requiredDeviceSize to the main Payload class (#1297905) (dshea)
* Fri Jan 08 2016 Brian C. Lane <> - 24.9-1
  - Handle unexpected DNF exit (bcl)
  - Fix bad space needed messages (jkonecny)
  - nosetests-3.5 is now the right version. (clumens)
  - Ignore a pylint error about how we're using Popen (dshea)
  - Mark an unused variable as unused (dshea)
  - Ignore type-related errors for types pylint can't figure out (dshea)
  - Import errors are just regular errors now (dshea)
  - Replace the remaining log.warn calls with log.warning. (dshea)
  - Fix an erroneously bare raise statement (dshea)
  - Replace the deprecated assertEquals with assertEqual (dshea)
  - Don't add a None to the list of things to unmount on ostree installs.
* Wed Dec 02 2015 Brian C. Lane <> - 24.8-1
  - Fix pylint problems in the gui testing code. (clumens)
  - Merge 9c5e02392d0401a3bd0adecedea03535595773ef into
    67b569253c724639c2490f5fab70f7111f699b3f (atodorov)
  - Fix the replacement suggestion for "hostname" (dshea)
  - Automatically generate sr (dshea)
  - Fix PropertyNotFoundError PermHwAddress (#1269298) (jkonecny)
  - Make sure python3.5 code can run in early initrd (bcl)
  - Replace <list>.delete() with <list>.remove() in (sujithpandel)
  - Rename everything that still refers to LiveCD (atodorov)
  - Updates to progress and storage tests (atodorov)
  - Multiple changes to DogtailTestCase (atodorov)
  - Move all Python files into the main gui/ directory (atodorov)
  - Simplify tests by removing OutsideMixin and update Creator (atodorov)
  - Modify existing tests to match latest anaconda behavior and environment
  - Temporary disable test code which doesn't work (atodorov)
  - Make tests/gui/ execute ./anaconda from git (atodorov)
  - Add window title (#1280077) (mkolman)
  - Replace execReadlines with check_output in (bcl)
  - Fix a spelling error in the hardware error message (#1284165). (clumens)
* Wed Nov 18 2015 Brian C. Lane <> - 24.7-1
  - Collect test-suite.log from all 'make check' invocations. Closes #452
  - Fix (clumens)
  - Remove (clumens)
  - Remove the kickstart_tests directory. (clumens)
  - Always quote values in ifcfg- files (#1279131) (bcl)
  - Include original kickstart in /root/original-ks.cfg (#1227939) (bcl)
  - strip spaces from extlinux label and default (#1185624) (bcl)
  - Report kernel failures during kickstart tests. (clumens)
  - Make sure unicode in kickstart works. (dshea)
  - Set the window icon (dshea)
  - Only run space check in TUI if spokes are complete. (#1279413)
  - Allow a user's primary group to be created in --groups (#1279041) (dshea)
  - Remove uses of broad-except. (dshea)
  - Add a test for all that container minimization stuff. (clumens)
  - Use the partition command in one of the kickstart_tests. (clumens)
  - Don't clear the _currentIsoFile if another iso was selected (bcl)
  - makeupdates: Include utils/handle-sshpw (bcl)
  - Add --sshkey to kickstart sshpw command (#1274104) (bcl)
  - Split exception description from exception traceback (jkonecny)
  - Show DNF exception instead of silent exit (jkonecny)
  - Combine results from all gettext_tests into one log file (atodorov)
  - Try to run make ci with real translations. (dshea)
  - Untranslate undisplayed TreeView column headers. (dshea)
  - Add a test for hidden translatable strings (dshea)
  - Add the translated string to markup error messages. (dshea)
  - Test glade translations by default (dshea)
  - Change the way glade tests are run. (dshea)
  - Remove the accelerator test. (dshea)
  - Add the test lib directory to $PYTHONPATH in the commit hook (dshea)
  - network: create ifcfg files in tui if needed (#1268155) (rvykydal)
  - Do not limit ONBOOT default setting to url and nfs installation methods
    (#1269264) (rvykydal)
  - ibft: fix setting dracut boot args for static ibft nic configuration
    (#1267526) (rvykydal)
  - network: Don't set --device link default for hostname only network cmd
    (#1272274) (rvykydal)
  - network: assume --device=link as default also for ks on hd (#1085310)
  - network: use ibftx interface for iSCSI from iBFT in dracut (#1077291)
  - network: add s390 options to default ifcfg files (#1074570) (rvykydal)
* Fri Nov 06 2015 Brian C. Lane <> - 24.6-1
  - Fix a pylint error in the previous commits. (clumens)
  - Load anaconda-gtk.css from ANACONDA_DATA if specified (atodorov)
  - Use the correct path for ui categories (atodorov)
  - Allow wired network properties more grid space. (dshea)
  - Improve language selection at low resolutions. (dshea)
  - Make reclaim work with small screens and big labels (dshea)
  - allow repo with only a name if it's a pre-defined one (#1277638) (awilliam)
  - Only raise thread exceptions once (#1276579) (bcl)
  - Use py3.4 crypt and salt (bcl)
  - Be more careful with incomplete device types (#1256582) (dshea)
  - Fix an import error in (clumens)
  - Fix Testing docs inclusion in Sphinx (bcl)
  - Ignore interfaces with invalid VLAN IDs. (dshea)
  - Cleaner logging of .treeinfo return conditions in dependant function.
  - Update link to upstream kickstart docs (opensource)
  - rpmostreepayload: Also unmount internal mounts during shutdown (walters)
  - rpmostreepayload: Fix two issues with mounting (walters)
  - Add a README for kickstart tests. (clumens)
  - Make the documentation match the environment variable. (clumens)
  - Check that cache PVs (if any) are in the VG the LV belongs to (#1263258)
  - Fix the alignment of the "Label" label in custom (dshea)
  - Use unsafe caching during kickstart tests. (clumens)
* Wed Oct 28 2015 Brian C. Lane <> - 24.5-1
  - Improve install space required estimation (#1224048) (jkonecny)
  - Update the on-disk snapshot of storage when adv. disks are added (#1267944)
  - Check that ipv6 kickstart outputs the right ip= (dshea)
  - Change a variable name for pylint. (dshea)
  - Do not run time_initialize for image and directory installations (#1274103)
  - Remove unused properties (dshea)
  - Do not modify the kickstart user data until apply() (dshea)
  - Make more readable (dshea)
  - Improve the behavior of the home directory input. (dshea)
  - Stop setting inappropriate properties in ksdata. (dshea)
  - Update the password strength bar during the password strength check. (dshea)
  - Remove unnecessary grab_focus and set_sensitive calls (dshea)
  - Use signal handlers in the user spoke more sensibly. (dshea)
  - Fix potential issues with the username guesser. (dshea)
  - Make kickstart tests growing LVs stricter (vpodzime)
  - Point to the full path of pyanaconda/ (atodorov)
  - Don't set BOOTPROTO= when it isn't set (jbacik)
  - Pass strings to blockdev.dasd_format, not a DASDDevice object. (#1273553)
  - Revert "Use yum to install the mock buildroot for now." (dshea)
  - decode package name for /etc/sysconfig/kernel (RHBZ #1261569) (awilliam)
  - Add tests for the more complicated command line options (dshea)
  - Store fewer kinds of things in the dirinstall option. (dshea)
  - Fix the parsing of selinux=0 (#1258569) (dshea)
  - Include a local $ANACONDA_DATADIR in the test environment. (dshea)
  - Move the command line arguments to anaconda_argparse. (dshea)
  - Don't crash while logging binary output. (dshea)
  - Decode program output even if there is no output (#1273145) (dshea)
  - Add a test for _run_program with binary output (dshea)
  - Test execWithCapture when the command outputs nothing. (dshea)
  - Fix a long line in kickstart_tests/ (clumens)
  - Merge pull request #414 from vpodzime/master-lvm_log (vpodzime)
  - Save the lvm.log Blivet may produce (vpodzime)
* Fri Oct 16 2015 Brian C. Lane <> - 24.4-1
  - Hide the places sidebar in the ISO chooser widget. (dshea)
  - Use GtkResponseType values in the iso chooser dialog (dshea)
  - Do not use deprecated getDevicesByInstance method (vtrefny)
  - By default, skip those kickstart tests we know to be failing. (clumens)
  - Fix pylint unused import (jkonecny)
  - network: handle bridge device appearing before its connection (#1265593)
  - Use $KSTEST_URL in tests that still had dl.fp.o hardcoded. (dshea)
  - Support CONNECT in the test proxy server. (dshea)
  - Extract the file used by liveimg as a prereq (dshea)
  - Convert the proxy script to a prereq. (dshea)
  - Add a prereqs function to kickstart tests. (dshea)
  - Fix traceback when trying to create list of unformatted DASDs. (#1268764)
  - network: handle missing connections of a device configured in GUI better
  - network: don't set NM_CONTROLLED=no for root on SAN. (rvykydal)
  - Add support for other systemd units to kickstart service command (bcl)
  - Merge pull request #388 from wgwoods/dd-in-initrd-fix (wwoods)
  - Set the password checkbox for empty kickstart passwords. (dshea)
  - Do not set the password input text with unencrypted passwords. (dshea)
  - Install input checks before modifying the user GUI (#1256065) (dshea)
  - Fix a lying error message in (dshea)
  - Use "Enter" instead of "Return" for the keyboard key. (dshea)
  - New Anaconda documentation - 24.3 (bcl)
  - Include missing test files and scripts in (atodorov)
  - dracut: accept inst.dd=[file:]/dd.iso (#1268792) (wwoods)
  - Do not override StorageChecker.errors in StorageSpoke (#1252596) (vtrefny)
  - Lookup IPv6 address without brackets (#1267872) (bcl)
  - Mangle the boot device differently for systemd (#1241704) (dshea)
  - Fail the media check if the systemd service failed to start. (dshea)
* Fri Oct 02 2015 Brian C. Lane <> - 24.3-1
  - Properly translate c-to-continue on the root selection screen (mkolman)
  - Check minimal memory requirements properly (#1267673) (jstodola)
  - Allow users to be created with an existing GID. (dshea)
  - Add a test for creating a user with an existing GID. (dshea)
  - Add tests for gids embmedded in the user groups list. (dshea)
  - Allow the kickstart --groups list to specify GIDs. (dshea)
  - Add a --groups argument to the user ks test. (dshea)
  - Fix the locale pattern packages-instlangs-3 looks for. (dshea)
  - Raise an error if osimg cannot be found (#1248673) (bcl)
  - Use the bootloader raid levels for bootloader installation (#1266898) (bcl)
  - Use otps.display_mode during early startup (#1267140) (mkolman)
  - Mount stage2 cdrom after running driver-updates (#1266478) (bcl)
  - Get rid of an unused import in the user spoke. (clumens)
  - Log crashes from the signal handler. (dshea)
  - Save a core file when anaconda crashes. (dshea)
  - Keep environment selection when reentering the software spoke (#1261393)
  - Only show the user spoke if no users are specified in kickstart (#1253672)
  - Fix 'cat: /tmp/dd_disk: No such file or directory' (#1251394) (jkonecny)
  - Do not display curl 404 errors that can be safely ignored (vtrefny)
  - Catch blkid failure in driver-updates (#1262963) (bcl)
  - Add kickstart tests for %packages --instLangs (dshea)
  - Do not display markup in showDetailedError. (dshea)
  - Skip OEMDRV if interactive DD is requested (#1254270) (bcl)
  - Drivers are simply under /run/install/DD-x/ (#1254270) (bcl)
  - Fix branding when iso is downloaded from nfs or hd (#1252756) (jkonecny)
  - Use yum to install the mock buildroot for now. (dshea)
  - Rename the gettext tests (dshea)
  - Bring back the KSTEST_HTTP_ADDON_REPO substitution in
  - Run substitution checks on the right kickstart file. (clumens)
  - Tell gettext that anaconda is not a GNU package. (dshea)
  - Ignore environment modification warnings in docs/ (dshea)
  - Check for unsubstituted strings before running a test. (dshea)
  - Autopart use 90% of disk capacity for required space compare (#1224048)
  - Fix include packages install size when downloading on root (#1224048)
  - Enable and improve the check for swap LV size in LVM cache kickstart tests
  - make-sphinx-docs: Add modules needed to document tests (bcl)
  - Add test documentation (atodorov)
  - Fix how the reqpart test checks for /boot, again. (clumens)
  - Add a way to get default settings when running the kickstart_tests. (clumens)
  - Change how we ignore non-tests in kickstart_tests. (clumens)
  - Various fixes to substitution strings in kickstart_tests. (clumens)
  - Move kickstart_test .ks files to (clumens)
* Fri Sep 11 2015 Brian C. Lane <> - 24.2-1
  - Handle driver rpms retrieved via network (#1257916) (bcl)
  - Fix the types passed to chown_dir_tree (#1260318) (dshea)
  - Add a test for home directory reuse (dshea)
  - Use MDRaidArrayDevice.members instead of .devices (dshea)
  - Make sure anaconda reads in ks file from OEMDRV device. (#1057271)
  - Try to deal with expected errors from devicetree.populate (#1257648)
  - Revert "Temporarily disable generating a coverage report." (clumens)
  - Fix a DBus InvalidProperty handling (jkonecny)
  - Fix another bash syntax problem in (#1057271)
  - Add a test for the rootpw kickstart command (dshea)
  - Add tests for setRootPassword (dshea)
  - Add a /boot partition to the reqpart test. (clumens)
  - Fix up a statement that's not assigned to anything. (clumens)
  - Temporarily disable generating a coverage report. (clumens)
  - Don't try to concatenate a list with a string (#1252444) (mkolman)
  - Activate coverage for tests executed with sudo (atodorov)
  - set sysroot correctly when setting root password (#1260875) (awilliam)
  - Add a test for kickstarts that %include a URL (dshea)
  - Add missing python dependencies for requests. (#1259506) (dshea)
  - Serve the http addon repos from the test tmpdir (dshea)
  - Make make-addon-pkgs easier to use from within a test (dshea)
  - Add a simple http server for use in kickstart tests. (dshea)
  - Add a script to print an IP address for the host. (dshea)
  - Add a cleanup hook that can be defined by kickstart tests (dshea)
  - Move kickstart test support files into a separate directory. (dshea)
  - Fix a python3 related error in the pre-commit hook (dshea)
  - network: gui spoke TODO cleanup (rvykydal)
  - libnm in spoke: add missing connection for eth device with Configure
  - libnm in spoke: allow adding missing connection for eth device externally
  - libnm in spoke: wait for valid state of added device before adding to list
  - libnm in spoke: use libmn objects instead of names an uuids (device on/off)
  - libnm in spoke: to check if device is activated just use its object
  - libnm in spoke: use connnection objects instead of uuids (edit connection)
  - libnm in spoke: refresh early when device is added (rvykydal)
  - libnm in spoke: use connection object instead of uuid (DeviceConfiguration)
  - libnm in spoke: share nm client in standalone and normal spoke (rvykydal)
  - libnm in spoke: add enterprise wpa connection using libnm client (rvykydal)
  - libnm in spoke: use AccessPoint object in place of ssid bytearray (rvykydal)
  - libnm in spoke: delete connection using libnm client (rvykydal)
  - libnm in spoke: replace python-dbus workaround calls for ap security flags
  - libnm in spoke: call get_data() on ap.get_ssid() result to get ssid bytes
  - libnm in spoke: showing ip configuration of a device (rvykydal)
  - libnm in spoke: NMClient -> NM.Client (rvykydal)
  - libnm in spoke: gi.NetworkManager -> gi.NM (rvykydal)
  - libnm in spoke: Revert "Fix crash when new device appear in Welcome screen
    (#1245960)" (rvykydal)
  - libnm in spoke: Revert "Fix crash when connections are changing (#1245960)"
  - Add an ignoredisk --drives= test. (clumens)
  - Add a test for the reqpart command. (clumens)
  - Grab anaconda.coverage on tests that reimplement validate(). (clumens)
  - Install driver-updates (dshea)
  - Fix a typo in service enablement in (clumens)
  - Get rid of the extraneous cats and greps in user.ks. (clumens)
  - Add sshkey testing to the user kickstart_test. (clumens)
  - Add a kickstart test in Arabic. (clumens)
  - Verify Initial Setup services are present before turning them ON/OFF
    (#1252444) (mkolman)
  - Don't crash if the Japanese PC-98 keyboard is selected (#1190589) (mkolman)
  - Report on all local files and exclude what we don't need instead of
    explicitly including paths we may not be aware of. (atodorov)
  - Change "failed to download" messages from critical to warning. (clumens)
  - getcode -> status_code in a live payload error message. (clumens)
  - Fix a bash error in (#1057271) (sbueno+anaconda)
  - specify if=virtio,cache=none for VM drives (atodorov)
  - update the test b/c latest anaconda doesn't allow weak passwords (atodorov)
  - Specify format=raw to avoid warning from qemu (atodorov)
  - update for Python3 nose (atodorov)
  - Add a file to match the existing services.ks. (clumens)
  - Add types to all existing kickstart tests. (clumens)
  - Add the ability to mark kickstart tests with a type. (clumens)
  - Run nm-connection-editor with the --keep-above flag (#1231856) (mkolman)
* Mon Aug 31 2015 Brian C. Lane <> - 24.1-1
  - Add a test for the user and group creation functions. (dshea)
  - Get rid of libuser. (#1255066) (dshea)
  - s/$releasever/rawhide/ (clumens)
  - LVM on RAID kickstart test (vpodzime)
  - unbuffered read in python3 only works for binary (bcl)
  - don't crash if no environment set in interactive (#1257036) (awilliam)
  - network: compare with ssid bytes, not str (rvykydal)
  - Add dependencies for running the tests/gui tests (atodorov)
  - Fix first run environment setup in software spoke (#1257036) (jkonecny)
  - Stop pretending liveinst+rescue is supported (#1256061). (clumens)
  - Defer to Fedora distro-wide settings for password strength (#1250746) (dshea)
  - New Anaconda documentation - 24.0 (bcl)
  - Do a better job reporting failures from kickstart_tests. (clumens)
  - Preserve coverage results from running the kickstart_tests. (clumens)
* Mon Aug 24 2015 Brian C. Lane <> - 24.0-1
  - Remove from the docs repo=hd installation with installable tree (jkonecny)
  - Fix a race between a window continuing and the next starting (#1004477)
  - Start hubs with the buttons insensitive. (dshea)
  - Do not replace the standard streams if not necessary. (dshea)
  - Fix inst.repo=hd: is not working (#1252902) (jkonecny)
  - Kickstart: Added SELinux test. (kvalek)
  - Kickstart tests related to SELinux. (kvalek)
  - Package install and debug message logging. (kvalek)
  - Don't crash if incorrect environment is set in kickstart (#1234890) (mkolman)
  - Fix I/O issues when anaconda is started without a locale. (dshea)
  - Move locale environment logic into (dshea)
  - network: fix configuring team in kickstart pre (#1254929) (rvykydal)
  - Merge pull request #311 from atodorov/add_local_coverage (clumens)
  - Merge pull request #308 from atodorov/rawhide_missing_deps (clumens)
  - Enable test coverage in CI (atodorov)
  - Fix the single-spoke TUI message for Python 3. (dshea)
  - Merge pull request #291 from atodorov/update_coverage_switch (clumens)
  - Add missing requirements (atodorov)
  - Add basic kickstart tests for LVM Thin Provisioning (vpodzime)
  - Use the default mirrorlist instead of fixed repo URL in kickstart tests
  - Destroy the keyboard layout dialog when finished (#1254150) (dshea)
  - Do not encode the geoloc timezone to bytes (#1240812) (dshea)
  - use inst.debug as alternative option to start coverage (atodorov)
* Mon Aug 17 2015 Brian C. Lane <> - 23.20-1
  - Skip source url checks when network is off (#1251130) (bcl)
  - Don't set net.device to link if there is no ksdevice (#1085310) (bcl)
  - Reading carrier while link is down raises IOError (#1085310) (bcl)
  - Don't write nfs repos to the target system (#1246212) (bcl)
  - Make sure username entered in TUI if create a user chosen. (#1249660)
  - Write the empty dnf langpacks.conf to the right directory (#1253469) (dshea)
  - Add pyanaconda test for network.check_ip_address (jkonecny)
  - Replace IPy package by ipaddress (jkonecny)
  - Correctly check return code when running rpm from makeupdates (mkolman)
  - Fix crash when new device appear in Welcome screen (#1245960) (jkonecny)
  - Fix crash when connections are changing (#1245960) (jkonecny)
  - Make LVM cache kickstart tests more robust (vpodzime)
  - product.img buildstamp should override distribution buildstamp (#1240238)
  - On incomplete ks, don't automatically proceed with install. (#1034282)
  - Update the translation doc with zanata branching incantations.
  - Merge pull request #287 from kparal/patch-1 (clumens)
  - boot-options.rst: add a note about nfsiso (kamil.paral)
  - Few fixes and amendments for the boot_options.rst file (vpodzime)
  - Prevent issues with encrypted LVs on renamed VGs (#1224045) (vpodzime)
  - Create and use snapshot of on-disk storage with no modifications (#1166598)
  - Implement the class for storage snapshots (vpodzime)
  - Prevent any changes in the StorageSpoke if just going back (vpodzime)
  - Make StorageSpoke's on_back_clicked less complicated (vpodzime)
  - Add kickstart tests for the LVM cache kickstart support (vpodzime)
  - Disable packages-multilib, for now. (clumens)
  - Make sure the liveimg test shuts down when it finishes. (clumens)
  - Change how success is checked for the basic-ostree test. (clumens)
* Fri Aug 07 2015 Brian C. Lane <> - 23.19-1
  - Add basic support for LVM cache creation in kickstart (vpodzime)
  - Use labels for the rest of the non-autopart test results. (dshea)
  - Use a disk label to find the filesystem for escrow results (dshea)
  - Use someone else's code for PID file management. (dshea)
  - Prevent incomplete translations from making the TUI unusable (#1235617)
  - Apply the environment substitutions more liberally in nfs-repo-and-addon
  - Use stage2=hd: instead of stage2=live: (dshea)
  - Add test for liveimg kickstart command (bcl)
  - Fix pre-install script execution (bcl)
  - test pre-install kickstart section (bcl)
  - Use sys.exit() instead of the exit() created by (dshea)
  - Call ipmi_report before sys.exit (dshea)
  - Add a test for proxy authentication (dshea)
  - Add optional authentication to the proxy server (dshea)
  - Add more tests to proxy-kickstart (dshea)
  - Show an alternative prompt if a hub contains only a single spoke (#1199234)
  - Add few docs and improvement in check_ip_address (jkonecny)
  - Check whether files actually contain translatable strings. (dshea)
  - Add specific error string to TUI user dialog (#1248421) (bcl)
  - Make EditTUIDialog error generic (#1248421) (bcl)
  - Fix and expand nfs-repo-and-addon.ks (dshea)
  - Added a script to make the packages used by nfs-repo-and-addon (dshea)
  - Implement the rest of the repo options in dnfpayload. (dshea)
  - Fix kickstart test for bond interface creation (jkonecny)
* Fri Jul 31 2015 Brian C. Lane <> - 23.18-1
  - Move the proxy server script into a common file. (dshea)
  - Use python3 for the proxy server and remove python2 compatibility (dshea)
  - makePickle now needs to return bytes (bcl)
  - gi.require_version raises ValueError (bcl)
  - Remove duplicate signal setup block (bcl)
  - Fix three bugs discovered by driverdisk-disk.ks (clumens)
  - Fix error with OEMDRV ks auto-load check. (#1057271) (sbueno+anaconda)
  - Make sure TUI is readable for non-latin languages (#1182562) (mkolman)
  - Equalize capacity & mount point entries (#1212615) (dshea)
  - Disable GRUB os_prober on POWER (#1193281) (rmarshall)
  - Cancel Container Edit Sensitizes Update (#1168656) (rmarshall)
  - Fix SoftwareSpoke._kickstarted. (dshea)
  - Disable a Pylint false-positive (#1234896) (mkolman)
  - Add support for autostep and --autoscreenshot (#1234896) (mkolman)
  - Escape \'s in doc strings (dshea)
  - Ellipsize the file system type combo box (#1212615) (dshea)
  - Add graphviz to make-sphinx-doc script (jkonecny)
  - Remove many of a documentation compilation errors (jkonecny)
  - Add class diagrams to existing spokes and hubs (jkonecny)
  - Add class diagram settings to documentation (jkonecny)
  - Fix the UnusuableConfigurationError dialog (#1246915) (dshea)
  - Chase pygobject's stupid moving target (dshea)
  - Add missing translation contexts (dshea)
  - Actually translate the container type labels (dshea)
  - Check whether a translated string requires a context or comment. (dshea)
  - Clean up the temporary pools virt-install makes. (clumens)
  - Return the same object for repeated calls to __get__ (#1245423) (dshea)
  - Use sys.exit instead of os._exit. (clumens)
  - Add parentheses around the IPV6 regex fragment. (dshea)
  - Add tests for IPv6 literals in URLs (dshea)
  - Modify Installation Source Proxy Label (#11688554) (rmarshall)
* Fri Jul 24 2015 Brian C. Lane <> - 23.17-1
  - Fix Initial PPC PReP Boot Selector Name (#1172755) (rmarshall)
  - Require a newer version of pykickstart (vpodzime)
  - Use dictionaries is thread-safe manner. (dshea)
  - Merge pull request #234 from wgwoods/master (wwoods)
  - Auto-load ks.cfg if OEMDRV volume available. (#1057271) (sbueno+anaconda)
  - Check the encrypt checkbox when encrypted specified in KS (vtrefny)
  - Do not raise KickstartValueError for missing passphrase (vtrefny)
  - Ask for encryption passphrase when not specified in ks (#1213096) (vtrefny)
  - dracut: minor cleanup (wwoods)
  - dracut: fix missing messages for inst.ks=cdrom (wwoods)
  - Wait forever for kickstarts on CDROM (#1168902) (wwoods)
  - Use abs_builddir instead of builddir so paths will look more reasonable.
  - Add a new makefile target that does everything needed for jenkins. (clumens)
  - Merge pull request #228 from AdamWill/logind (dshea)
  - Fix crash when mirrorlist checkbox is checked (jkonecny)
  - Fix crash when user start typing proxy credentials (jkonecny)
  - Check repository URL before leaving Source Spoke (jkonecny)
  - Add IDs to identify addon repositories (jkonecny)
  - Repositories can be checked without a selection (jkonecny)
  - Consolidate the language environment variables. (dshea)
  - Change the generated API indices slightly (dshea)
  - Ignore "mountpoint" used a format specifier (dshea)
  - filesystems -> file systems, per the style guide (dshea)
  - Properly parameterize a translated string (dshea)
  - Fix pylint errors in (dshea)
  - Remove unused imports (dshea)
  - Remove from spec file (#965985) (sbueno+anaconda)
  - Merge pull request #220 from AdamWill/1243962 (dshea)
  - Fix adding 'boot=' option in FIPS mode (vtrefny)
  - Wants systemd-logind.service (#1222413) (awilliam)
  - Remove the last usage of newt and get rid of it as a dependency (#965985)
  - Enable anaconda to use the new rescue mode. (#965985) (sbueno+anaconda)
  - Get rid of unnecessary constants in constants_text. (#965985)
  - Get rid of some unnecessary files. (#965985) (sbueno+anaconda)
  - Display verbose packaging errors to the user (bcl)
  - Show source errors from refresh method (bcl)
  - Fix the validate functions in the btrfs kickstart_tests. (clumens)
  - Connect kickstart lang data to dnf-langpacks (#1051816) (dshea)
  - Add simple_replace config file function (bcl)
  - Remove some vestiges of the old packaging module (dshea)
  - Remove window boot block detection functions. (dshea)
  - Remove iutil.xprogressive_delay. (dshea)
  - Simplify iutil.mkdirChain. (dshea)
  - Decode wifi SSIDs into strings. (#1240398) (dshea)
  - Actually use the temp directory so test files get cleaned up (dshea)
  - Disable the output from rpmbuild (dshea)
  - Remove stray references to python2. (dshea)
  - Fix possible to start installation without network (#1221109) (jkonecny)
  - Fix 'q' (to quit) do not work in TUI hub (jkonecny)
  - act on the right objects when stripping URL protocols (#1243962) (awilliam)
  - Fix 'App' object has no attribute 'queue' (#1243316) (jkonecny)
* Thu Jul 16 2015 Brian C. Lane <> - 23.16-1
  - fix storage writing for live and ostree installs (#1236937) (awilliam)
  - Add O_CREAT to the open flags when extracting rpm files. (dshea)
  - Move ostree gobject version check next to the import (#1243543) (bcl)
  - Remove rpmfluff from the buildrequires. (dshea)
  - Only import readline if readline is necessary. (dshea)
  - use the right baseurl in (clumens)
  - Don't copy the environment when starting metacity. (dshea)
  - Fix the use of a temporary file in SimpleConfig.write (dshea)
  - Add a test for SimpleConfig.write(use_tmp=True). (dshea)
  - Remove an unnecessary chmod when creating chrony.conf (dshea)
  - Fix some bad uses of chmod. (dshea)
  - Add a function to open a file with specific permission bits (dshea)
  - Don't ask to start vnc if user specifies text mode. (#1202277)
  - New Anaconda documentation - 23.15 (bcl)
  - Add a helper for building Sphinx docs using mock. (bcl)
  - Update Sphinx configuration for python3 (bcl)
  - Running without a GUI can also raise ValueError in (bcl)
  - fix driverdisk_test() (wwoods)
  - Fix the spelling of "version" (dshea)
* Mon Jul 13 2015 Brian C. Lane <> - 23.15-1
  - Some dracut modules anaconda needs have been split into their own package.
  - User operation kickstart tests. (kvalek)
  - Kickstart tests for UTC and LOCAL hwclock. (kvalek)
  - Kickstart firewall tests. (kvalek)
  - Fix Repository New_Repository has no mirror or baseurl (#1215963) (jkonecny)
* Fri Jul 10 2015 Brian C. Lane <> - 23.14-1
  - Catch blivet formatDevice ValueError in custom (#1240226) (bcl)
  - There's now a python3-rpmfluff, so revert this. (clumens)
  - Fix a couple other pylint problems in the driver disk tests. (clumens)
  - Merge pull request #194 from wgwoods/master (wwoods)
  - dracut: fix boot failure waiting for finished/ (wwoods)
  - Use builddir instead of srcdir to find the dd utils (dshea)
  - Fix the dd_test for python3. (dshea)
  - Fix %files to deal with compiled python3 modules (dshea)
  - Add a bunch of gi.require_version calls (dshea)
  - Temporarily disable the error about not importing rpmfluff. (clumens)
  - Don't try to iterate over threads directly in wait_all. (clumens)
  - Update the btrfs kickstart tests to use (clumens)
  - Merge pull request #182 from wgwoods/dd-refactor (wwoods)
  - driver_updates: fixes from patch review (wwoods)
  - Don't be too picky about what name is --device=link (dshea)
  - Ignore stderr output from parse-kickstart. (dshea)
  - Add an option to execReadlines to filter out stderr. (dshea)
  - Ignore interruptible system calls in the dd test (dshea)
  - Fix an undefined variable in writeStorageLate (dshea)
  - Connect zfcp entries to the discovery buttons (dshea)
  - Connect iscsi activations to buttons (dshea)
  - Connect the dasd number entry to the discovery buttons. (dshea)
  - Add keyboard layouts on the row-activated signal. (dshea)
  - Connect dialog inputs to default actions. (dshea)
  - Remove unnecessary GtkNotebooks. (dshea)
  - Re-save some dialog glade files. (dshea)
  - Merge pull request #181 from wgwoods/master (wwoods)
  - dd-refactor: dracut + build bits (wwoods)
  - Add kickstart test for RAID1 (bcl)
  - pass PYTHONPATH to the kickstart test framework (bcl)
  - Write servers to chronyd.conf even if it's off (#1197575) (wwoods)
  - Refresh advanced disks after disk summary dialog (#1226354) (bcl)
  - parse-kickstart: just emit 'inst.dd=XXX' for driverdisk (wwoods)
  - parse-kickstart: pylint fixes (wwoods)
  - dd-refactor: new + tests (wwoods)
  - payload: fix driverdisk repos (wwoods)
  - dracut: fix boot with inst.ks and no inst.{repo,stage2} (#1238987) (wwoods)
  - Use the most recent versions of the btrfs, logvol, part, and raid commands.
  - Allow /boot partition on iscsi with ibft (#1164195) (jkonecny)
  - Add kickstart tests to test btrfs installation (vtrefny)
  - Fix broken test by infiniband patch (#1177032) (jkonecny)
* Thu Jul 02 2015 Brian C. Lane <> - 23.13-1
  - Add a switch for the Airplane Mode label (dshea)
  - Connect labels with keyboard accelerators to a widget (dshea)
  - Add a test for dangling keyboard accelerators. (dshea)
  - Use pocketlint for translation and markup checking (dshea)
  - Flatten the glade test directory. (dshea)
  - Add support for specifying arbitrary mkfs options. (clumens)
  - Fix kickstart install with infiniband (#1177032) (jkonecny)
  - anaconda-dracut: Fix sysroot mount for netroot (#1232411) (bcl)
  - Add RAID swaps to /etc/fstab (#1234469) (bcl)
  - network: catch another race when calling dbus methods on invalid devices
  - network: GUI, add connection even when virtual device activation failed
    (#1179276) (rvykydal)
  - Fix IP / hostname mismatches when showing VNC server address (#1186726)
  - Check also ipv6 default routes when looking for onboot=yes device (#1185280)
  - Merge pull request #157 from wgwoods/master_dd_fixes (wwoods)
  - Do not check dependencies on invalid payloads (dshea)
  - network: don't set onboot=False for default autoconnections (#1212009)
  - Fix the types used to write anaconda-tb-all.log (dshea)
  - dd: drop unnecessary archive_read_data_skip (wwoods)
  - dd_extract: -l should not extract modules+firmware (wwoods)
  - dd: fix permissions on extracted files (#1222056) (wwoods)
  - tests: add dd_tests (wwoods)
* Fri Jun 26 2015 Brian C. Lane <> - 23.12-1
  - Revert "Add an optional conditional to progress_report." (bcl)
  - Fix inconsistencies in the payload messages. (dshea)
  - Fix install-requires and install-buildrequires (dshea)
  - anaconda-dracut: Mount /dev/mapper/live-rw (#1232411) (bcl)
  - Eliminate some false test results when running glade tests. (atodorov)
  - Move the knowledge about network packages into (clumens)
  - Add an optional conditional to progress_report. (clumens)
  - Move the big block of late storage writing out of (clumens)
  - The attribute is named ostreesetup.nogpg. (clumens)
  - Use the index in grubenv (#1209678) (bcl)
  - Do not raise an exception on EINTR from os.close or os.dup2 (dshea)
  - Merge pull request #154 from mulkieran/master-959701 (mulkieran)
  - Improve focus behavior in the advanced user dialog (dshea)
  - Re-save (dshea)
  - Depsolve kickstarted packages on the summary hub (#961280) (dshea)
  - Add a kickstart test for %packages --ignoremissing (dshea)
  - Remove descriptions for RAID levels (#959701) (amulhern)
  - No kexec-tools on aarch64 (bcl)
* Fri Jun 19 2015 Brian C. Lane <> - 23.11-1
  - Do not import iutil from flags (dshea)
  - Ignore EINTR errors in files unlikely to encounter them (dshea)
  - Reimplement the open override for the dracut scripts (dshea)
  - Wrap the only non-open call found by the new pocketlint checks (dshea)
  - Redefine open to retry on EINTR (dshea)
  - Remove __future__ imports (dshea)
  - Use python 3's OSError subclasses instead of checking errno (dshea)
  - Allow kwargs in eintr_retry_call (dshea)
  - Remove explicit uses of /dev/null (dshea)
  - Do not retry calls to close or dup2 (dshea)
  - Remove another function from isys (dshea)
  - Make dialogs behave better with timed input validation (dshea)
  - Fix the password/confirm checks to work with delayed validation (dshea)
  - Move the URL protocol removal out of the input check (dshea)
  - Remove the vestigal capslock label from the password spoke (dshea)
  - Re-saved a few glade files (dshea)
  - Run set_status unconditionally from update_check_status (dshea)
  - Do not run input checks for every keystroke of input (#1206307) (dshea)
  - Add a method to execute timed actions early (dshea)
  - Use comps.environments instead of comps.environments_iter (#1221736) (dshea)
  - Merge pull request #83 from mulkieran/master-requires (mulkieran)
  - Only show supported autopart choices in choices combo. (amulhern)
  - Strip out device types that blivet is not able to support. (amulhern)
  - Update blivet required version. (amulhern)
  - Fix nfs4 stage2 and repo handling (#1230329) (bcl)
  - Update upd-kernel so that it actually works (#1166535) (bcl)
  - Fix passing ,nfsvers=3 to dracut (#1161820) (bcl)
  - Require the python3 version of iscsi-initiator-utils (dshea)
  - Fix the pylint pre-commit hook for python3 and pocketlint (dshea)
  - Fix a type check to work with python 3. (dshea)
  - Do not log Xorg output to tty5 (dshea)
* Wed Jun 10 2015 Brian C. Lane <> - 23.10-1
  - Deal with encrypted partitions not being readable by virt-cat. (clumens)
  - Make use of the restore_signals Popen argument (dshea)
  - Don't allow /boot on iSCSI. (#1164195) (sbueno+anaconda)
  - Merge pull request #127 from mulkieran/master-kickstart (mulkieran)
  - Actually distribute the clickable message test, too (dshea)
  - Fix disk argument passing to virt-cat in the ostree test. (clumens)
  - Relabel all password and group files in %post (#1228489) (dshea)
  - Deal with the order of ifcfg files not being guaranteed. (clumens)
  - Add a to fix up an error when running (clumens)
  - Actually run the clickable message test (dshea)
  - Add a false positive to pylint checking for S390Error. (clumens)
  - Let the excludedocs test pass if there are only directories left. (clumens)
  - Allow successful kstest results to provide more details. (clumens)
  - The escrow_cert test cannot use autopart. (clumens)
  - Don't warn on PyInit__isys being unused. (clumens)
  - Test that root LV is encrypted. (amulhern)
  - Deal with subprocess returning bytes in tests/lib/, too. (clumens)
  - Make anaconda+python3+pocketlint work. (clumens)
  - Start using our new shared pylint framework in anaconda. (clumens)
  - Remove our extra pylint checkers. (clumens)
  - Remove a duplicate libselinux-python3 requires. (clumens)
  - Run makeupdates with Python 2 for now (mkolman)
  - Don't use the _safechars private property (#1014220) (mkolman)
  - Make sure directory size is returned as int (#1014220) (mkolman)
  - Only warn about missing yum-utils (#1014220) (mkolman)
  - Make sure set_system_time() gets an integer (#1014220) (mkolman)
  - Make sure the column number in TUI is an integer (#1141242) (mkolman)
  - Python 3 compatible sorting fixes (#1014220) (mkolman)
  - Make version comparison Python 3 compatible (#1014220) (mkolman)
  - Don't apply numeric comparison on None (#1141242) (mkolman)
  - Avoid comparing None to an integer (#1141242) (mkolman)
  - Handle urllib split (#1014220) (mkolman)
  - Don't try to decode strings (#1014220) (mkolman)
  - Rename function attributes (#1014220) (mkolman)
  - Replace raw_input() with input() (#1014220) (mkolman)
  - Make iterators and their usage Python 3 compatible (#1014220) (mkolman)
  - Convert Python 2 metaclass magic to Python 3 metaclass magic (#1014220)
  - Make the raise syntax Python 3 compatible (#1014220) (mkolman)
  - Python 3 no longer does tuple parameter unpacking (#1014220) (mkolman)
  - Make isys Python 3 compatible (#1014220) (mkolman)
  - Set a correct mode for the tempfile (#1014220) (mkolman)
  - Python 3 temp files no longer reflect external changes (#1014220) (mkolman)
  - Make print usage Python 3 compatible (#1014220) (mkolman)
  - Rename the warnings spoke to warnings_spoke (#1014220) (mkolman)
  - Replace list comprehension with for at class level (mkolman)
  - Make gettext usage Python 3 compatible (#1014220) (mkolman)
  - Do not open tty5 for writing in the "a" mode (#1014220) (vpodzime)
  - Do not use pykickstart's RepoData as a key in a dict (#1014220) (vpodzime)
  - Do not run repo attrs' checks if they are not set up yet (#1014220)
  - Don't depend on side effects of map() (#1141242) (mkolman)
  - Don't use exceptions' message attribute (#1014220) (vpodzime)
  - Addapt to string type changes (#1014220) (mkolman)
  - Handle modules returning bytes in Python 3 (#1014220) (mkolman)
  - Add and use function that makes sure we work with strings (#1014220)
  - Handle modules requiring different string types in Python 3 (#1014220)
  - Remove sitecustomize (#1014220) (mkolman)
  - Make ASCII conversions Python compatible (#1014220) (mkolman)
  - Remove "is Unicode" tests (#1014220) (mkolman)
  - Fix ASCII conversion tests (#1014220) (mkolman)
  - Return a string when calling a program (#1014220) (mkolman)
  - Handle subprocess returning bytes (#1014220) (mkolman)
  - Handle latin-1 strings in locale -a output (#1014220) (mkolman)
  - Open the VNC password file for binary writing (#1014220) (mkolman)
  - Update parse-kickstart for python3 (#1014220) (bcl)
  - Update driver-updates for python3 (#1014220) (bcl)
  - Update python-deps for python3 (#1014220) (bcl)
  - Add a test for parse-kickstart (#1014220) (bcl)
  - Make the import Python 3 compatible (#1014220) (mkolman)
  - Change configparser and queue imports (#1014220) (mkolman)
  - Remove imports from the __future__ (#1014220) (mkolman)
  - Use the imp module directly (#1014220) (mkolman)
  - Use Python 3 versions of Python dependencies  (#1014220) (mkolman)
  - Use /usr/bin/python3 in scripts (#1014220) (mkolman)
  - Use Python 3 versions of nose and Pylint (#1014220) (mkolman)
  - Build the Anaconda widgets for Python 3 (#1014220) (mkolman)
  - Update makebumpver for python3 (#1014220) (bcl)
  - Fix Kickstart installation without default gateway errors out (jkonecny)
  - Fix results checking in a couple ks tests. (clumens)
* Wed Jun 03 2015 Brian C. Lane <> - 23.9-1
  - Fix a usage typo in run_once_ks script. (sbueno+anaconda)
  - Add kickstart tests for keyboard settings. (sbueno+anaconda)
  - Add a kickstart test for lang settings. (sbueno+anaconda)
  - Fix a % call inside _(). (clumens)
  - Convert ntp-pools.* to using the new kstest functions and autopart. (clumens)
  - Fix up the expected output in (clumens)
  - Fix a couple more pylint problems in the s390 code. (clumens)
  - Use the adapted Timezone class for kickstart data (vpodzime)
  - Add a kickstart test for processing NTP servers/pools configuration
  - Show error on invalid username attempts in TUI. (#1171778) (sbueno+anaconda)
  - Fix dracut reads ksdevice from missing os enviromnent (jkonecny)
  - Run kickstart tests through an LMC-like program, not LMC itself. (clumens)
  - Move common kickstart_test code out into its own file. (clumens)
  - Switch to using autopart in the kickstart tests. (clumens)
  - Fix a couple pylint errors. (sbueno+anaconda)
  - Make anaconda changes necessary for libblockdev s390 plugin.
  - Add a kickstart test for lvm with percentage-based sizes. (dlehman)
  - Add kickstart test for basic fixed-size lvm layout. (dlehman)
  - Add a kickstart test to validate the default fstype. (dlehman)
  - Add kickstart test to test bond interface creation (jkonecny)
  - Add kickstart test to test vlan creation (jkonecny)
  - Fix --device=link and --device not specified (#1085310) (rvykydal)
  - Add kickstart test to test hostname (jkonecny)
  - Add a /boot to tmpfs-fixed_size.ks. (clumens)
  - Fix bad warning message when user set illegal IP (jkonecny)
  - Fix bad check of illegal ip address (jkonecny)
  - Add a simple tmpfs kickstart test (mkolman)
  - Add a kickstart test for escrow packets and backup passphrases (dshea)
  - Fix a typo that caused us to discard corrected target sizes. (#1211746)
  - Don't pass anything to ./configure. (dshea)
  - Fix a pylint problem in (clumens)
  - Fix 0 choice in Language and Storage in TUI mode (jkonecny)
  - Update html documentation for new boot-options section (bcl)
  - Convert boot-options to ReST and include it in the Sphinx documents. (bcl)
* Fri May 15 2015 Brian C. Lane <> - 23.8-1
  - Clean up after processKickstart in (clumens)
  - Add support to for addon NFS repos. (clumens)
  - Fix IndexError: list index out of range (#1219004) (jkonecny)
  - Fix a typo in that was causing a test time out. (clumens)
  - iSCSI Name Validation using regexes (sujith_pandel)
  - Add kickstart tests for proxy usage. (dshea)
  - In dracut, do not display a warning for network lines with just a hostname.
  - Add transport adapters to support ftp and file fetching (dshea)
  - Fix for "Kickstart installation fails..." (#1197960) (jkonecny)
  - Allow passing kickstart tests to be run on the command line. (clumens)
  - Automatically collect environment variables to be passed to ks tests.
  - Use isinstance instead of type for doing type checks. (clumens)
  - Remove, its support files, and most references to yum.
  - Fix the packages-and-group wildcard exclusion test (dshea)
  - Set the GUI-selected environment in the ksdata (#1192100) (dshea)
  - Don't crash if the disk model is None (#1215251) (dshea)
  - Correct an error message in packages-and-groups-1.ks. (clumens)
  - Switch from testing for emacs* to kacst*. (clumens)
  - Tests that end in a traceback are failures, not successes. (clumens)
  - Don't run from within (clumens)
  - If a kickstart test failed due to a traceback, display that. (clumens)
  - Wrap device labels earlier (#1212586) (dshea)
  - Remove the angle property from the device label (dshea)
  - Get rid of the find button in the filter spoke. (dshea)
  - Rearrange (dshea)
  - Fix errors in the vendor column renderers. (dshea)
  - Fix some minor inconsistencies in (dshea)
  - Fix issues with advanced storage searching. (dshea)
  - Remove duplicate entries from search combo boxes (dshea)
  - Use named IDs for the filter type combo boxes. (dshea)
  - Rearrange the way glade wants it now (dshea)
  - Add a reporting support script to kickstart tests. (clumens)
  - Return a specific error code when a test times out. (clumens)
  - Fix indentation in (clumens)
  - Also remove all the fonts in the packages-and-groups-1 test. (clumens)
  - Enable the basic-ftp and basic-ftp-yum kickstart tests. (clumens)
  - Fix a typo in groups-and-envs-2.ks (clumens)
  - Get NTP pools and servers from ksdata for the runtime config (vpodzime)
  - Adapt to the new argument list for save_servers_to_config. (clumens)
  - Remove the restriction that /boot be below 2TB for grub (#1082331) (dshea)
  - Distinguish between NTP pools and servers in GUI (vpodzime)
  - Add support for chrony pool directive (mlichvar)
  - Add a readme pointing to the documentation (bcl)
  - Sphinx docs - use source order (bcl)
  - Add html documentation for Anaconda v23.7 (bcl)
  - Place html docs under ./docs/html/ (bcl)
  - Configure proxy settings for dnf payload (#1211122) (bcl)
  - Change online action to change (bcl)
  - Check for images/install.img first for netboot (bcl)
  - Ignore addon and anaconda sections in handle-sshpw (bcl)
  - Ignore %anaconda section in parse-kickstart (bcl)
  - Change of label in iscsi storage spoke (jkonecny)
* Wed Apr 22 2015 Brian C. Lane <> - 23.7-1
  - Fix doReqPartition import from autopart (bcl)
  - Add support for reboot --kexec kickstart command (bcl)
  - Add inst.kexec and --kexec support to reboot with kexec (bcl)
  - Add setup_kexec method to prepare the system for a reboot with kexec (bcl)
  - Add kickstart %pre-install section support (bcl)
  - Remove the custom help button from the toolbar (bcl)
  - Use multiple streams for zRAM instead of multiple devices (vpodzime)
  - iscsi: pass rd.* options of devices to be mouted in dracut (#1192398)
  - Remove the unused productName import from
  - Remove the old custom partitioning help dialog (mkolman)
  - Implement the new reqpart command. (clumens)
  - Sort disks by name when checking disk selection (vpodzime)
  - Set both .format's and .originalFormat's passphrase on unlock (vpodzime)
  - Make the Encrypt checkbox insensitive for encrypted non-BTRFS devices
    (#1210254) (vpodzime)
  - Check for Gtk before importing escape_markup (bcl)
  - If the network is disabled, also disable the network part of the source
    spoke. (#1192104) (clumens)
  - Add handling for unusable storage configurations. (dlehman)
  - Allow markup in the label/message of DetailedErrorDialog. (dlehman)
  - Allow passing an optional button list to showDetailedError. (dlehman)
  - Allow kwargs with gtk_action_wait, gtk_action_nowait decorators. (dlehman)
  - Fix makeupdates handling of Release: (bcl)
  - Make sure we unmount the path we mounted (bcl)
  - Fix up one more back_clicked reference that got missed. (clumens)
  - Don't unconditionally set ksdata.lang.seen to True (#1209927) (mkolman)
  - Reset the back_clicked flag if we stay on the Storage spoke (#1210003)
  - Mark the back_clicked attribute of the Storage spoke as private (vpodzime)
  - TUI pwpolicy setup was supposed to be in __init__ not refresh (#1208607)
  - Preserve the order of boot args added by kickstart. (clumens)
  - Revert "allow /boot on btrfs subvol or filesystem" (bcl)
  - Connect scroll adjustments in the right class (#1206472) (dshea)
* Thu Apr 02 2015 Brian C. Lane <> - 23.6-1
  - Enforce sane disk selections. (dlehman)
  - Add a test for parse-kickstart (bcl)
  - Add --tmpdir to parse-kickstart for testing (bcl)
  - Use the correct format for IPMI messages. (clumens)
  - Do not use min_luks_entropy with pre-existing devices (#1206101) (dshea)
  - Remove the dnf cache directory when resetting the repo (dshea)
  - Do not add separators to the addon list when not needed (dshea)
  - Only use the instclass environment if it actually exists. (dshea)
* Fri Mar 27 2015 Brian C. Lane <> - 23.5-1
  - Mock external module dependencies for readthedocs (bcl)
  - Generate the pyanaconda module documentation (bcl)
  - Reformat kickstart.rst using better ReST markup (bcl)
  - Add some deprecation-related false positives. (clumens)
  - Add Sphinx documentation support (bcl)
  - Add documentation on %anaconda kickstart command (bcl)
  - Prevent Storage spoke Done button method from multiple launch (jkonecny)
  - Prevent spokes from being exited more times. (jkonecny)
  - Only depend on pygobject3-base in anaconda-core (#1204469) (mkolman)
  - Use proxy when configured for the base repo (#1196953) (sjenning)
  - Assume UTC if setting the system time without a timezone (#1200444) (dshea)
  - Add boolean as return to ThreadManager.wait (jkonecny)
  - Make sure LANG is always set to something (#1201896) (dshea)
  - Fix pylint/translation issues from the pwpolicy patches. (clumens)
* Fri Mar 20 2015 Brian C. Lane <> - 23.4-1
  - Clean out the mock chroot before attempting to run the rest of the test.
  - Implement %anaconda kickstart section for pwpolicy (bcl)
  - Add pwpolicy support to TUI interface (bcl)
  - Add pwpolicy for the LUKS passphrase dialog. (bcl)
  - Add pwpolicy for the user spoke. (bcl)
  - Use pwpolicy for the root password spoke. (bcl)
  - Add the text for weak passwords to constants (bcl)
  - Add tests with an FTP instrepo (dshea)
  - Add kickstart tests for an NFS instrepo and addon repos. (dshea)
  - Handle /boot on btrfs for live (#1200539) (bcl)
  - rpmostreepayload: write storage config after shared var is mounted (#1203234)
  - Tweak tmux configuration file (jkonecny)
  - Remove --device= from the new kickstart tests. (clumens)
  - Add more kickstart-based packaging tests. (clumens)
  - Fix enlightbox call in ZFCPDialog. (#1151144) (sbueno+anaconda)
  - fix crash with bare 'inst.virtiolog' in boot args (wwoods)
  - Do not attempt to set None as a warning (dshea)
  - fix inst.ks.sendmac for static ip=XXX (#826657) (wwoods)
* Fri Mar 13 2015 Brian C. Lane <> - 23.3-1
  - Only insert strings into the environment (#1201411) (dshea)
  - Fix the rescue kernel version list in writeBootLoader (#1201429) (dshea)
  - Missing local variable check (omerusta)
  - Fix the handling of nfs:// URLs. (dshea)
  - Add glob support for the -a/--add option in makeupdates (mkolman)
  - White Space fixes (omerusta)
  - Put all mock results into the top-level source dir. (clumens)
  - Merge pull request #31 from dcantrell/master (david.l.cantrell)
  - Require newt-python in anaconda-core (dshea)
  - Make merge-pr executable (dshea)
  - Display an error for exceptions during GUI setup (dshea)
  - Remove unused invisible char properties (dshea)
  - Add a check for invisible_char validity (dshea)
  - Connect viewport adjustments to child focus adjustments (#1192155) (dshea)
  - Support '%packages --multilib' in (#1192628) (dcantrell)
* Fri Mar 06 2015 Brian C. Lane <> - 23.2-1
  - Add rc-release target (bcl)
  - Change --skip-tx to --skip-zanata in scratch-bumpver (bcl)
  - Add --newrelease to makebumpver (bcl)
  - Improve the addon repo name collision code (#1125322) (bcl)
  - Fix the import of mountExistingSystem (vpodzime)
  - Fix import error in anaconda-cleanup. (sbueno+anaconda)
  - Use the new static method to get possible PE sizes (vpodzime)
  - Try using the global LUKS passphrase if none is given for LV/part (#1196112)
  - Fix the help button mnemonic display on spokes (dshea)
  - Only set the hub message if the message has changed (dshea)
  - Wrap the info bar in a GtkRevealer (dshea)
  - Add links to clickable warning and error messages. (dshea)
  - Add a test to look for clickable messages that aren't clickable enough.
  - Increment the widgets version number (dshea)
  - Allow markup and links in the info bar. (dshea)
  - Add more links to gtk-doc comments (dshea)
  - Handle New_Repository name collision source spoke (#1125322) (bcl)
  - Fix a bad usage of execWithRedirect (#1197290) (dshea)
  - Have to be root to delete /var/tmp/kstest-* on the remote machines. (clumens)
  - Use the LUKS device for swap in fstab (#1196200) (vpodzime)
  - Clear TUI source spoke errors that may have been leftover from a prior
    attempt. (#1192259) (sbueno+anaconda)
* Fri Feb 27 2015 Brian C. Lane <> - 23.1-1
  - Make sure python2 dnf is required (bcl)
  - Fix pykickstart requirement. (clumens)
  - Extract xattrs from tar payload (#1195462) (bcl)
  - Add a script to rebase and merge pull requests (dshea)
  - Update translation documentation for Zanata (bcl)
  - Switch translation support to (bcl)
  - fix the 'is team device' check (awilliam)
  - Explain why Anaconda requires rpm-devel and libarchive-devel during build
  - Revert "Switch to temporary transifex branch" (bcl)
  - Revert "makebumpver needs to know about anaconda-1 transifex name" (bcl)
  - Commit 23.0 anaconda.pot file (bcl)
  - Rename to (clumens)
  - Remove references to old_tests, which no longer exists. (clumens)
  - Fix package and group removing with the dnf payload. (clumens)
  - Don't try to run new-kernel-pkg if it doesn't exist. (clumens)
* Fri Feb 20 2015 Brian C. Lane <> - 23.0-1
  - Remove unused imports (dshea)
  - Check for unused imports in __init__ files (dshea)
  - Remove timestamp-based version support. (dshea)
  - Add test lib methods to check regexes (dshea)
  - Cleanup BuildRequires (mkolman)
  - Remove obsolete imports. (amulhern)
  - Make print statement print output w/out surrounding parentheses. (amulhern)
  - Remove an unused import (dshea)
  - rpmostreepayload: Honor noverifyssl (walters)
  - typo: packaging: Don't vary name of "verified" (walters)
  - Disable the metacity mouse-button-modifier setting (dshea)
  - Fix completion setting in TUI language spoke. (#1192230) (sbueno+anaconda)
  - Remove the pylint false positives for the GLib module (dshea)
  - Use ExtendAction for --ignore flag (amulhern)
  - Use a simple ExtendAction for add_rpms option. (amulhern)
  - Fix log message formating (mkolman)
  - Don't clear nonexistent DNF package download location (#1193121) (mkolman)



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