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nagios-4.0.8-1.fc22 Host/service/network monitoring program linux/ppc64le
nagios-common-4.0.8-1.fc22 Provides common directories, uid and gid among nagios-related packages linux/ppc64le
nagios-devel-4.0.8-1.fc22 Provides include files that Nagios-related applications may compile against linux/ppc64le
nemo-compare-2.6.x-6.fc22 Context menu comparison extension for nemo linux/noarch
nemo-emblems-2.6.x-6.fc22 Emblem support for nemo linux/noarch
nemo-fileroller-2.6.x-6.fc22 File Roller extension for Nemo linux/ppc64le
nemo-image-converter-2.6.x-6.fc22 Nemo extension to mass resize images linux/ppc64le
nemo-pastebin-2.6.x-6.fc22 Pastebin extension for Nemo linux/noarch
nemo-preview-2.6.x-6.fc22 A quick previewer for Nemo linux/ppc64le
nemo-python-2.6.x-6.fc22 Python bindings for Nemo linux/ppc64le
nemo-python-devel-2.6.x-6.fc22 Python bindings for Nemo linux/ppc64le
nemo-rabbitvcs-2.6.x-6.fc22 RabbitVCS extension for Nemo linux/noarch
nemo-terminal-2.6.x-6.fc22 Embedded terminal window for Nemo linux/noarch
netmonitor-0.5-18.fc22 The free linux network bandwidth monitor linux/ppc64le
netresolve-0.0.1-0.12.20160121git.fc22 Generic name resolution library linux/ppc64le
netresolve-backends-aresdns-0.0.1-0.12.20160121git.fc22 DNS backend for netresolve based on aresdns linux/ppc64le
netresolve-backends-avahi-0.0.1-0.12.20160121git.fc22 Multicast DNS backend for netresolve based on libavahi linux/ppc64le
netresolve-backends-compat-0.0.1-0.12.20160121git.fc22 Backends for netresolve using existing tools linux/ppc64le
netresolve-backends-ubdns-0.0.1-0.12.20160121git.fc22 DNS backend for netresolve based on libunbound linux/ppc64le
netresolve-compat-0.0.1-0.12.20160121git.fc22 Compatibility netresolve libraries and tools linux/ppc64le
netresolve-core-0.0.1-0.12.20160121git.fc22 Core netresolve libraries linux/ppc64le
netresolve-devel-0.0.1-0.12.20160121git.fc22 Development files for netresolve linux/ppc64le
netresolve-tools-0.0.1-0.12.20160121git.fc22 Command line tools based on core netresolve libraries linux/ppc64le

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