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RPM of Group System Environment/Daemons

dansguardian- Content filtering web proxy linux/x86_64
dap-freeform_handler-3.8.8-2.fc22 FreeForm data handler for Hyrax linux/x86_64
dap-hdf4_handler-3.11.5-2.fc22 HDF4 data handler for the Hyrax OPeNDAP Data server linux/x86_64
dap-netcdf_handler-3.10.4-2.fc22 NetCDF data handler for the OPeNDAP Data server linux/x86_64
dap-server-4.1.4-2.fc22 Basic request handling for OPeNDAP servers linux/x86_64
dbmail-3.2.3-1.fc23 A database backed mail storage system linux/x86_64
dbmail-auth-ldap-3.2.3-1.fc23 A database backed mail storage system - ldap authentication plugin linux/x86_64
ddclient-3.8.2-2.fc21 Client to update dynamic DNS host entries linux/noarch
dhcp-forwarder-0.10-1907.fc22 DHCP relay agent linux/x86_64
dhcp-forwarder-systemd-0.10-1907.fc22 Systemd initscripts for dhcp-forwarder linux/noarch
dhcp_probe-1.3.0-16.fc22 Tool for discover DHCP and BootP servers linux/x86_64
dictd-server-1.12.1-8.fc22 Server for the Dictionary Server Protocol (DICT) linux/x86_64
dnsmasq-2.72-3.fc22 A lightweight DHCP/caching DNS server linux/x86_64
dnsmasq-utils-2.72-3.fc22 Utilities for manipulating DHCP server leases linux/x86_64
dogtag-pki-10.2.1-1.fc22 Dogtag Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Suite linux/noarch
dovecot-2.2.16-1.fc23 Secure imap and pop3 server linux/x86_64
dovecot-mysql-2.2.16-1.fc23 MySQL back end for dovecot linux/x86_64
dovecot-pgsql-2.2.16-1.fc23 Postgres SQL back end for dovecot linux/x86_64
dovecot-pigeonhole-2.2.16-1.fc23 Sieve and managesieve plug-in for dovecot linux/x86_64
dspam-3.10.2-16.fc23 A library and Mail Delivery Agent for Bayesian SPAM filtering linux/x86_64
dspam-web-3.10.2-16.fc23 Web-based interface for DSPAM linux/x86_64

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