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RPM of Group Development/Tools

d-feet-0.3.9-1.fc21 A powerful D-Bus Debugger linux/noarch
dchroot-1.6.5-6.fc22 Older tool similar to schroot linux/x86_64
debconf-1.5.53-2.fc22 Debian configuration management system linux/noarch
debconf-doc-1.5.53-2.fc22 Debconf documentation linux/noarch
debconf-gnome-1.5.53-2.fc22 GNOME frontend for debconf linux/noarch
debconf-i18n-1.5.53-2.fc22 Full internationalization support for debconf linux/noarch
debconf-kde-1.5.53-2.fc22 KDE frontend for debconf linux/noarch
debconf-utils-1.5.53-2.fc22 This package contains some small utilities for debconf developers linux/noarch
debhelper-9.20140613-4.fc22 Helper programs for Debian rules linux/noarch
dejagnu-1.5.1-4.fc22 A front end for testing other programs linux/noarch
desktop-file-utils-0.22-3.fc22 Utilities for manipulating .desktop files linux/x86_64
devhelp-3.14.0-1.fc22 API documention browser linux/i686
devhelp-3.14.0-1.fc22 API documention browser linux/x86_64linux/i686
devio-1.2-10.fc22 Read and write utility for block devices linux/x86_64
devtodo-0.1.20-14.fc22 Manage a prioritised list of todo items organized by directory linux/x86_64
devtodo2-2.1-11.20120711git8dee6.fc22 Manage a prioritized list of to do items organized by directory linux/x86_64
dfu-programmer-0.6.2-3.fc22 A Device Firmware Update based USB programmer for Atmel chips linux/x86_64
dfu-util-0.8-1.fc22 USB Device Firmware Upgrade tool linux/x86_64
dh-make-0.61-4.fc21 Tool that converts source archives into Debian package source linux/noarch
dieharder-3.31.1-13.fc22 Random number generator tester and timer linux/i686
dieharder-3.31.1-13.fc22 Random number generator tester and timer linux/x86_64linux/i686
diffstat-1.59-2.fc22 A utility which provides statistics based on the output of diff linux/x86_64
distcc-3.2rc1-8.fc22 Distributed C/C++ compilation linux/x86_64
distcc-server-3.2rc1-8.fc22 Server for distributed C/C++ compilation linux/x86_64
dreampie-1.1.1-7.fc21 A graphical cross-platform interactive Python shell linux/noarch
dreampie-python3-1.1.1-7.fc21 Support for running the python3 interpreter from dreampie linux/noarch
drm-utils-2.4.59-4.fc22 Direct Rendering Manager utilities linux/x86_64New
drupal7-rpmbuild-7.34-1.fc22 Rpmbuild files for drupal7 linux/noarch
dtc-1.4.1-2.fc22 Device Tree Compiler linux/x86_64
dumbster-1.6-18.fc21 Fake SMTP Server linux/noarch
dumpasn1-20141219-1.fc22 ASN.1 object dump utility linux/x86_64
dumpet-2.1-10.fc22 A tool to dump and debug bootable CD images linux/x86_64
dwarves-1.10-7.fc22 Debugging Information Manipulation Tools linux/x86_64
dwgrep-0.1-6.fc22 A tool for querying Dwarf (debuginfo) graphs linux/x86_64
dwz-0.11-4.fc22 DWARF optimization and duplicate removal tool linux/x86_64

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