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RPM of Group Applications/Text

ddate-0.2.2-4.fc27 Convert Gregorian dates to Discordian dates linux/x86_64
diction-1.11-16.fc27 Identifies diction and style errors linux/x86_64
diffmark-0.10-15.fc27 XML diff and merge linux/x86_64
diffmark-0.10-15.fc27 XML diff and merge linux/i686linux/x86_64
diffpdf-2.1.3-12.fc27 PDF files comparator linux/x86_64
diffutils-3.6-3.fc27 A GNU collection of diff utilities linux/x86_64
docbook-dtds-1.0-68.fc28 SGML and XML document type definitions for DocBook linux/noarch
docbook-simple-1.1-18.fc27 Simplified DocBook is a small subset of the DocBook XML DTD linux/noarch
docbook-slides-3.4.0-19.fc27 DocBook Slides document type and stylesheets linux/noarch
docbook-style-dsssl-1.79-24.fc27 Norman Walsh's modular stylesheets for DocBook linux/noarch
docbook-style-xsl-1.79.2-6.fc28 Norman Walsh's XSL stylesheets for DocBook XML linux/noarch
docbook-utils-0.6.14-43.fc27 Shell scripts for managing DocBook documents linux/noarch
docbook-utils-pdf-0.6.14-43.fc27 A script for converting DocBook documents to PDF format linux/noarch
docbook2X-0.8.8-28.fc27 Convert docbook into man and Texinfo linux/x86_64
docbook5-schemas-5.0-16.fc27 Norman Walsh's schemas (DTD, Relax NG, W3C schema) for Docbook 5.X linux/noarch
docbook5-style-xsl-1.79.2-4.fc27 Norman Walsh's XSL stylesheets for DocBook 5.X linux/noarch
dos2unix-7.4.0-1.fc28 Text file format converters linux/x86_64
dtdinst-20151127-2.fc27 XML DTD to XML instance format converter linux/noarch
dwdiff-2.0.9-13.fc27 Front end to diff for comparing on a per word basis linux/x86_64

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