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RPM of Group Applications/Multimedia

jaaa-0.8.4-3.fc28 JACK and ALSA Audio Analyzer linux/i686New
jack-audio-connection-kit-dbus-1.9.12-4.fc28 Jack D-Bus launcher linux/i686New
jack-audio-connection-kit-example-clients-1.9.12-4.fc28 Example clients that use Jack linux/i686New
jack-keyboard-2.7.1-14.fc28 Virtual keyboard for JACK MIDI linux/i686New
jack-rack-1.4.7-23.fc28 Stereo LADSPA effects rack for the JACK audio API linux/i686New
jack_capture-0.9.73-1.fc28 Record sound files with JACK linux/i686New
jackctlmmc-4-16.fc28 Allows control over JACK transport via Midi linux/i686New
jam-control-1.03-4.fc21 GUI app to control audio servers linux/noarch
jamin-0.97.16-16.20111031cvs.fc28 JACK Audio Connection Kit (JACK) Audio Mastering interface linux/i686New
japa-0.8.4-7.fc28 Jack and ALSA Perceptual Audio Analyzer linux/i686New
jbrout-0.4-0.19.git20140930reva7c8fb8.fc28 Photo manager, written in python/pygtk linux/noarchNew
jconvolver-0.9.2-14.fc28 Real-time Convolution Engine linux/i686New
jhead-3.00-7.fc28 Tool for displaying EXIF data embedded in JPEG images linux/i686New
jkmeter-0.6.1-16.fc28 Horizontal or vertical bar-graph audio levels meter linux/i686New
jmeters-0.4.1-13.fc28 Multichannel audio level meter linux/i686New
jmtpfs-0.4-8.fc28 FUSE and libmtp based filesystem for accessing MTP devices linux/i686New
jorbis-player-0.0.17-17.fc28 Java applet for playing ogg-vorbis files from a browser linux/noarchNew
jpeginfo-1.6.1-9.fc28 Error-check and generate informative listings from JPEG files linux/i686New
jpegoptim-1.4.4-5.fc28 Utility to optimize JPEG files linux/i686New

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