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RPM of Group Unspecified

SAASound-3.2-29.fc36 Phillips SAA 1099 sound chip emulator library linux/armv7hl
SAASound-devel-3.2-29.fc36 Development files for SAASound linux/armv7hl
SDL2-2.0.20-3.fc36 Cross-platform multimedia library linux/armv7hl
SDL2-devel-2.0.20-3.fc36 Files needed to develop Simple DirectMedia Layer applications linux/armv7hl
SDL2-static-2.0.20-3.fc36 Static libraries for SDL2 linux/armv7hl
SDL2_gfx-1.0.4-7.fc36 SDL2 graphics drawing primitives and other support functions linux/armv7hl
SDL2_gfx-devel-1.0.4-7.fc36 Development files for SDL2_gfx linux/armv7hl
SDL2_gfx-docs-1.0.4-7.fc36 API Documentation for SDL2_gfx linux/noarch
SDL2_image-2.0.5-8.fc36 Image loading library for SDL linux/armv7hl
SDL2_image-devel-2.0.5-8.fc36 Development files for SDL2_image linux/armv7hl
SDL2_mixer-2.0.4-10.fc36 Simple DirectMedia Layer - Sample Mixer Library linux/armv7hl
SDL2_mixer-devel-2.0.4-10.fc36 Development files for SDL2_mixer linux/armv7hl
SDL2_net-2.0.1-15.fc36 SDL portable network library linux/armv7hl
SDL2_net-devel-2.0.1-15.fc36 Libraries and includes to develop SDL networked applications linux/armv7hl
SDL2_ttf-2.0.18-2.fc36 TrueType font rendering library for SDL2 linux/armv7hl
SDL2_ttf-devel-2.0.18-2.fc36 Development files for SDL2_ttf linux/armv7hl
SDL_Pango-0.1.2-36.fc36 Rendering of internationalized text for SDL (Simple DirectMedia Layer) linux/armv7hl
SDL_Pango-devel-0.1.2-36.fc36 Development files for SDL_pango linux/armv7hl
SDL_gfx-2.0.26-6.fc36 SDL graphics drawing primitives and other support functions linux/armv7hl
SDL_gfx-devel-2.0.26-6.fc36 Development files for SDL_gfx linux/armv7hl
SDL_image-1.2.12-30.fc36 Image loading library for SDL linux/armv7hl
SDL_image-devel-1.2.12-30.fc36 Development files for SDL_image linux/armv7hl
SDL_mixer-1.2.12-24.fc36 Simple DirectMedia Layer - Sample Mixer Library linux/armv7hl
SDL_mixer-devel-1.2.12-24.fc36 Development files for SDL_mixer linux/armv7hl
SDL_mng-0.2.8-4.fc36 Simple DirectMedia Layer - MNG Loading Library linux/armv7hl
SDL_mng-devel-0.2.8-4.fc36 Libraries and includes for SDL MNG development linux/armv7hl
SDL_net-1.2.8-21.fc36 SDL portable network library linux/armv7hl
SDL_net-devel-1.2.8-21.fc36 Development files for SDL_net linux/armv7hl
SDL_sound-1.0.3-29.fc36 Library handling decoding of several popular sound file formats linux/armv7hl
SDL_sound-devel-1.0.3-29.fc36 Library handling decoding of several popular sound file formats linux/armv7hl
SDL_ttf-2.0.11-22.fc36 Simple DirectMedia Layer TrueType Font library linux/armv7hl
SDL_ttf-devel-2.0.11-22.fc36 Development files for SDL_ttf linux/armv7hl
SFCGAL-1.4.0-1.fc36 C++ wrapper library around CGAL for PostGIS linux/armv7hl
SFCGAL-devel-1.4.0-1.fc36 The development files for SFCGAL linux/armv7hl
SFML-2.5.1-10.fc36 Simple and Fast Multimedia Library linux/armv7hl
SFML-devel-2.5.1-10.fc36 Development files for SFML linux/armv7hl
SIBsim4-0.20-23.fc36 Align expressed RNA sequences on a DNA template linux/armv7hl
SILLY-0.1.0-34.fc36 Simple and easy to use library for image loading linux/armv7hl
SILLY-devel-0.1.0-34.fc36 Development files for SILLY linux/armv7hl
SIMVoleon-2.0.3-8.fc36 Volume rendering library for Coin linux/armv7hl
SIMVoleon-devel-2.0.3-8.fc36 Development files for SIMVoleon linux/armv7hl
SLOF-20210217-4.git33a7322d.fc36 Slimline Open Firmware linux/noarch
SOIL-1.07-31.20080706.fc36 Simple OpenGL Image Library linux/armv7hl
SOIL-devel-1.07-31.20080706.fc36 Development files for SOIL linux/armv7hl
Saaghar-3.0.0-14.fc36 A Cross-Platform Persian Poetry Software linux/armv7hl
Saaghar-data-67.92.11-14.14.fc36 Database for Saaghar linux/noarch
ServiceReport-2.2.2-7.fc36 A tool to validate and repair First Failure Data Capture (FFDC) configuration linux/noarch
ShellCheck-0.7.2-5.fc36 Shell script analysis tool linux/armv7hl
SimGear-2020.3.12-1.fc36 Simulation library components linux/armv7hl
SimGear-devel-2020.3.12-1.fc36 Development libraries and headers for SimGear linux/armv7hl
Simple-Fuzzer-0.7.1-17.fc36 A simple fuzz test-case builder linux/armv7hl
Simple-Fuzzer-devel-0.7.1-17.fc36 Simple Fuzzer development files linux/armv7hl
Singular-4.2.0p3-3.fc36 Computer Algebra System for polynomial computations linux/armv7hl
Singular-devel-4.2.0p3-3.fc36 Singular development files linux/armv7hl
Singular-doc-4.2.0p3-3.fc36 Singular documentation files linux/armv7hl
Singular-emacs-4.2.0p3-3.fc36 Emacs interface to Singular linux/armv7hl
Singular-libpolys-4.2.0p3-3.fc36 C++ class library for polynomials in Singular linux/armv7hl
Singular-libpolys-devel-4.2.0p3-3.fc36 Development files for libpolys linux/armv7hl
Singular-libs-4.2.0p3-3.fc36 Singular library linux/armv7hl
Singular-surfex-4.2.0p3-3.fc36 Singular java interface linux/armv7hl
SkyX-0.4-31.fc36 Photo-realistic sky simulator linux/armv7hl
SkyX-devel-0.4-31.fc36 Development files and libraries for SkyX linux/armv7hl
SoQt-1.6.0-8.fc36 High-level 3D visualization library linux/armv7hl
SoQt-devel-1.6.0-8.fc36 Development files for SoQt linux/armv7hl
SoapySDR-0.8.1-3.fc36 A Vendor Neutral and Platform Independent SDR Support Library linux/armv7hl
SoapySDR-devel-0.8.1-3.fc36 Development Files for SoapySDR linux/armv7hl
SoapySDR-doc-0.8.1-3.fc36 Development Files for SoapySDR linux/noarch
SolarModel-2.1-33.fc36 Real-time 3D Solar System simulation linux/armv7hl
SuperLU-5.3.0-2.fc36 Subroutines to solve sparse linear systems linux/armv7hl
SuperLU-devel-5.3.0-2.fc36 Header files and libraries for SuperLU development linux/armv7hl
SuperLU-doc-5.3.0-2.fc36 Documentation and Examples for SuperLU linux/noarch
SuperLUMT-3.1.0-32.fc36 Single precision real SuperLU routines for shared memory parallel machines linux/armv7hl
SuperLUMT-common-3.1.0-32.fc36 Documentation files for SuperLUMT linux/noarch
SuperLUMT-devel-3.1.0-32.fc36 The SuperLUMT headers and development-related files linux/armv7hl
SuperLUMT-double-3.1.0-32.fc36 Double precision real SuperLU routines for shared memory parallel machines linux/armv7hl
s-nail-14.9.23-2.fc36 Environment for sending and receiving mail linux/armv7hl
s-tui-1.1.3-2.fc36 Terminal-based CPU stress and monitoring utility linux/noarch
s3cmd-2.2.0-3.fc36 Tool for accessing Amazon Simple Storage Service linux/noarch
s3fs-fuse-1.91-1.fc36 FUSE-based file system backed by Amazon S3 linux/armv7hl
saab-fonts-0.91-25.fc36 Free Punjabi Unicode OpenType Serif Font linux/noarch
sac-1.3-38.fc36 Java standard interface for CSS parser linux/noarch
sac-javadoc-1.3-38.fc36 Javadoc for sac linux/noarch
saclib-2.2.8-3.fc36 Computer algebra library linux/armv7hl
saclib-devel-2.2.8-3.fc36 Development files for saclib linux/armv7hl
safecopy-1.7-20.fc36 Safe copying of files and partitions linux/armv7hl
safekeep-client-1.5.1-4.fc36 The SafeKeep backup system (client component) linux/noarch
safekeep-common-1.5.1-4.fc36 The SafeKeep backup system (common component) linux/noarch
safekeep-server-1.5.1-4.fc36 The SafeKeep backup system (server component) linux/noarch
safelease-1.0.1-7.fc36 Legacy locking utility for VDSM linux/armv7hl
safetyblanket-1.01-12.fc36 Creepy blanket simulator linux/noarch
saga-7.6.1-12.fc36 Geographic information system with an API for processing geodata linux/armv7hl
saga-devel-7.6.1-12.fc36 SAGA development package linux/armv7hl
sagator-2.0.0-2.fc36 Antivirus/anti-spam gateway for smtp server linux/noarch
sagator-core-2.0.0-2.fc36 Antivirus/anti-spam gateway for smtp server, core files linux/noarch
sagator-webq-2.0.0-2.fc36 SAGATOR's web quarantine access linux/noarch
sage-0.2.0-27.fc36 OpenGL extensions library using SDL linux/armv7hl
sage-devel-0.2.0-27.fc36 Development files for sage linux/armv7hl
saidar-0.92.1-2.fc36 System information real-time monitor linux/armv7hl
sailcut-1.4.1-12.fc36 A sail design and plotting software linux/armv7hl
sakura-3.8.4-2.fc36 Terminal emulator based on GTK and VTE linux/armv7hl
salt-lint-0.8.0-2.fc36 Salt State file (SLS) lint tool linux/noarch
samba-4.16.0-0.2.rc3.fc36 Server and Client software to interoperate with Windows machines linux/armv7hl
samba-client-4.16.0-0.2.rc3.fc36 Samba client programs linux/armv7hl
samba-client-libs-4.16.0-0.2.rc3.fc36 Samba client libraries linux/armv7hl
samba-common-4.16.0-0.2.rc3.fc36 Files used by both Samba servers and clients linux/noarch
samba-common-libs-4.16.0-0.2.rc3.fc36 Libraries used by both Samba servers and clients linux/armv7hl
samba-common-tools-4.16.0-0.2.rc3.fc36 Tools for Samba servers and clients linux/armv7hl
samba-dc-4.16.0-0.2.rc3.fc36 Samba AD Domain Controller linux/armv7hl
samba-dc-bind-dlz-4.16.0-0.2.rc3.fc36 Bind DLZ module for Samba AD linux/armv7hl
samba-dc-libs-4.16.0-0.2.rc3.fc36 Samba AD Domain Controller Libraries linux/armv7hl
samba-dc-provision-4.16.0-0.2.rc3.fc36 Samba AD files to provision a DC linux/noarch
samba-devel-4.16.0-0.2.rc3.fc36 Developer tools for Samba libraries linux/armv7hl
samba-krb5-printing-4.16.0-0.2.rc3.fc36 Samba CUPS backend for printing with Kerberos linux/armv7hl
samba-libs-4.16.0-0.2.rc3.fc36 Samba libraries linux/armv7hl
samba-pidl-4.16.0-0.2.rc3.fc36 Perl IDL compiler linux/noarch
samba-test-4.16.0-0.2.rc3.fc36 Testing tools for Samba servers and clients linux/armv7hl
samba-test-libs-4.16.0-0.2.rc3.fc36 Libraries need by the testing tools for Samba servers and clients linux/armv7hl
samba-winbind-4.16.0-0.2.rc3.fc36 Samba winbind linux/armv7hl
samba-winbind-clients-4.16.0-0.2.rc3.fc36 Samba winbind clients linux/armv7hl
samba-winbind-krb5-locator-4.16.0-0.2.rc3.fc36 Samba winbind krb5 locator linux/armv7hl
samba-winbind-modules-4.16.0-0.2.rc3.fc36 Samba winbind modules linux/armv7hl
samba-winexe-4.16.0-0.2.rc3.fc36 Samba Winexe Windows Binary linux/armv7hl
samcoupe-rom-3.0-22.fc36 SAM Coupé (Spectrum compatible homecomputer) ROM file linux/noarch
samdump2-3.0.0-23.fc36 Retrieves syskey and extracts hashes from Windows 2k/NT/XP/Vista SAM linux/armv7hl
sameboy-0.14.7-2.fc36 Game Boy and Game Boy Color emulator written in C linux/armv7hl
samefile-2.14-18.fc36 Command-line utility to find identical files on the file system linux/armv7hl
samloader-0-2.20211229git8203752.fc36 Download Samsung firmware from official servers linux/noarch
samplv1-0.9.23-3.fc36 A polyphonic sampler synthesizer with stereo fx linux/armv7hl
samtools-1.13-2.fc36 Tools for nucleotide sequence alignments in the SAM format linux/armv7hl
samurai-1.1-5.fc36 ninja-compatible build tool written in C linux/armv7hl
samyak-devanagari-fonts-1.2.2-27.fc36 Open Type Fonts for Devanagari script linux/noarch
samyak-fonts-common-1.2.2-27.fc36 Common files for samyak-fonts linux/noarch
samyak-gujarati-fonts-1.2.2-27.fc36 Open Type Fonts for Gujarati script linux/noarch
samyak-malayalam-fonts-1.2.2-27.fc36 Open Type Fonts for Malayalam script linux/noarch
samyak-odia-fonts-1.2.2-27.fc36 Open Type Fonts for Odia script linux/noarch
samyak-tamil-fonts-1.2.2-27.fc36 Open Type Fonts for Tamil script linux/noarch
sane-airscan-0.99.27-4.fc36 SANE backend for AirScan (eSCL) and WSD document scanners linux/armv7hl
sane-backends-1.1.1-3.fc36 Scanner access software linux/armv7hl
sane-backends-daemon-1.1.1-3.fc36 Scanner network daemon linux/armv7hl
sane-backends-devel-1.1.1-3.fc36 SANE development toolkit linux/armv7hl
sane-backends-doc-1.1.1-3.fc36 SANE backends documentation linux/noarch
sane-backends-drivers-cameras-1.1.1-3.fc36 Scanner backend drivers for digital cameras linux/armv7hl
sane-backends-drivers-scanners-1.1.1-3.fc36 SANE backend drivers for scanners linux/armv7hl
sane-backends-libs-1.1.1-3.fc36 SANE libraries linux/armv7hl
sane-frontends-1.0.14-41.fc36 Graphical frontend to SANE linux/armv7hl
sanlock-3.8.4-4.fc36 A shared storage lock manager linux/armv7hl
sanlock-devel-3.8.4-4.fc36 Development files for sanlock linux/armv7hl
sanlock-lib-3.8.4-4.fc36 A shared storage lock manager library linux/armv7hl
saphire-3.6.5-26.fc36 Yet another shell linux/armv7hl
saphire-devel-3.6.5-26.fc36 Development files for saphire linux/armv7hl
sar2-2.5.0-5.fc36 An open source helicopter simulator linux/armv7hl
sass-rs-0.2.2-8.fc36 Higher level binding for the Sass library linux/armv7hl
sassc-3.6.2-4.fc36 Wrapper around libsass to compile CSS stylesheet linux/armv7hl
sassist-0.8.5-9.fc36 Dell SupportAssist log collector linux/noarch
sasutils-0.3.12-2.fc36 Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) utilities linux/noarch
sat4j-2.3.5-24.fc36 A library of SAT solvers written in Java linux/noarch
satyr-0.39-4.fc36 Tools to create anonymous, machine-friendly problem reports linux/armv7hl
satyr-devel-0.39-4.fc36 Development libraries for satyr linux/armv7hl
sawfish-1.13.0-1.fc36 An extensible window manager for the X Window System linux/armv7hl
sawfish-devel-1.13.0-1.fc36 Development files for Sawfish linux/armv7hl
sawfish-pager-0.90.4-17.fc36 Pager for Sawfish window manager linux/armv7hl
sayonara-1.7.0-5.stable3.fc36 A lightweight Qt Audio player linux/armv7hl
sayonara-doc-1.7.0-5.stable3.fc36 Documentation files for sayonara linux/noarch
sazanami-fonts-common-0.20040629-39.fc36 Common files for Sazanami Japanese TrueType fonts linux/noarch
sazanami-gothic-fonts-0.20040629-39.fc36 Sazanami Gothic Japanese TrueType font linux/noarch
sazanami-mincho-fonts-0.20040629-39.fc36 Sazanami Mincho Japanese TrueType font linux/noarch
sbc-1.5-3.fc36 Sub Band Codec used by bluetooth A2DP linux/armv7hl
sbc-devel-1.5-3.fc36 Development package for sbc linux/armv7hl
sbcl-2.0.1-8.fc36 Steel Bank Common Lisp linux/armv7hl
sbd-1.5.1-2.fc36 Storage-based death linux/armv7hl
sbd-tests-1.5.1-2.fc36 Storage-based death environment for regression tests linux/armv7hl
sblim-cim-client- Java CIM Client library linux/noarch
sblim-cim-client-javadoc- Javadoc for sblim-cim-client linux/noarch
sblim-cim-client-manual- Manual and sample code for sblim-cim-client linux/noarch
sblim-cim-client2-2.2.5-21.fc36 Java CIM Client library linux/noarch
sblim-cim-client2-javadoc-2.2.5-21.fc36 Javadoc for sblim-cim-client2 linux/noarch
sblim-cim-client2-manual-2.2.5-21.fc36 Manual and sample code for sblim-cim-client2 linux/noarch
sblim-cmpi-base-1.6.4-20.fc36 SBLIM CMPI Base Providers linux/armv7hl
sblim-cmpi-base-devel-1.6.4-20.fc36 SBLIM CMPI Base Providers Development Header Files linux/armv7hl
sblim-cmpi-base-test-1.6.4-20.fc36 SBLIM CMPI Base Providers Test Cases linux/armv7hl
sblim-cmpi-devel-2.0.3-25.fc36 SBLIM CMPI Provider Development Support linux/armv7hl
sblim-cmpi-fsvol-1.5.1-30.fc36 SBLIM fsvol instrumentation linux/armv7hl
sblim-cmpi-fsvol-devel-1.5.1-30.fc36 SBLIM Fsvol Instrumentation Header Development Files linux/armv7hl
sblim-cmpi-fsvol-test-1.5.1-30.fc36 SBLIM Fsvol Instrumentation Testcases linux/armv7hl
sblim-cmpi-network-1.4.0-29.fc36 SBLIM Network Instrumentation linux/armv7hl
sblim-cmpi-network-devel-1.4.0-29.fc36 SBLIM Network Instrumentation Header Development Files linux/armv7hl
sblim-cmpi-network-test-1.4.0-29.fc36 SBLIM Network Instrumentation Testcases linux/armv7hl
sblim-cmpi-nfsv3-1.1.1-26.fc36 SBLIM nfsv3 instrumentation linux/armv7hl
sblim-cmpi-nfsv3-test-1.1.1-26.fc36 SBLIM Nfsv3 Instrumentation Testcases linux/armv7hl
sblim-cmpi-nfsv4-1.1.0-27.fc36 SBLIM nfsv4 instrumentation linux/armv7hl
sblim-cmpi-nfsv4-test-1.1.0-27.fc36 SBLIM Nfsv4 Instrumentation Testcases linux/armv7hl
sblim-cmpi-params-1.3.0-27.fc36 SBLIM params instrumentation linux/armv7hl
sblim-cmpi-params-test-1.3.0-27.fc36 SBLIM Params Instrumentation Testcases linux/armv7hl
sblim-cmpi-rpm-1.0.1-31.fc36 CIM access to installed software packages (currently RPMs) linux/armv7hl
sblim-cmpi-sysfs-1.2.0-27.fc36 SBLIM sysfs instrumentation linux/armv7hl
sblim-cmpi-sysfs-test-1.2.0-27.fc36 SBLIM Sysfs Instrumentation Testcases linux/armv7hl
sblim-cmpi-syslog-0.9.0-21.fc36 SBLIM syslog instrumentation linux/armv7hl
sblim-cmpi-syslog-test-0.9.0-21.fc36 SBLIM Syslog Instrumentation Testcases linux/armv7hl
sblim-gather-2.2.9-25.fc36 SBLIM Gatherer linux/armv7hl
sblim-gather-devel-2.2.9-25.fc36 SBLIM Gatherer Development Support linux/armv7hl
sblim-gather-provider-2.2.9-25.fc36 SBLIM Gatherer Provider linux/armv7hl
sblim-gather-test-2.2.9-25.fc36 SBLIM Gatherer Testcase Files linux/armv7hl
sblim-indication_helper-0.5.0-8.fc36 Toolkit for CMPI indication providers linux/armv7hl
sblim-indication_helper-devel-0.5.0-8.fc36 Toolkit for CMPI indication providers (Development Files) linux/armv7hl
sblim-sfcCommon-1.0.1-19.fc36 Common functions for SBLIM Small Footprint CIM Broker and CIM Client Library. linux/armv7hl
sblim-sfcCommon-devel-1.0.1-19.fc36 Sblim-sfcCommon Development Files linux/armv7hl
sblim-sfcb-1.4.9-26.fc36 Small Footprint CIM Broker linux/armv7hl
sblim-sfcc-2.2.8-18.fc36 Small Footprint CIM Client Library linux/armv7hl
sblim-sfcc-devel-2.2.8-18.fc36 Small Footprint CIM Client Library linux/armv7hl
sblim-smis-hba-1.0.0-29.fc36 SBLIM SMIS HBA HDR Providers linux/armv7hl
sblim-testsuite-1.3.0-26.fc36 SBLIM testsuite linux/noarch
sblim-wbemcli-1.6.3-21.fc36 SBLIM WBEM Command Line Interface linux/armv7hl
sbsigntools-0.9.4-8.fc36 Signing utility for UEFI secure boot linux/armv7hl
sc-7.16-17.fc36 Spreadsheet Calculator linux/armv7hl
scala-2.13.7-3.fc36 Hybrid functional/object-oriented language for the JVM linux/noarch
scala-apidoc-2.13.7-3.fc36 Documentation for the Scala programming language linux/noarch
scala-library-2.13.7-3.fc36 Scala standard library linux/noarch
scala-reflect-2.13.7-3.fc36 Scala reflection library linux/noarch
scalacheck-1.15.4-4.fc36 Property-based testing for Scala linux/noarch
scalapack-common-2.1.0-11.fc36 Common files for scalapack linux/armv7hl
scalapack-mpich-2.1.0-11.fc36 ScaLAPACK libraries compiled against mpich linux/armv7hl
scalapack-mpich-devel-2.1.0-11.fc36 Development libraries for ScaLAPACK (mpich) linux/armv7hl
scalapack-mpich-static-2.1.0-11.fc36 Static libraries for ScaLAPACK (mpich) linux/armv7hl
scalapack-openmpi-2.1.0-11.fc36 ScaLAPACK libraries compiled against openmpi linux/armv7hl
scalapack-openmpi-devel-2.1.0-11.fc36 Development libraries for ScaLAPACK (openmpi) linux/armv7hl
scalapack-openmpi-static-2.1.0-11.fc36 Static libraries for ScaLAPACK (openmpi) linux/armv7hl
scalasca-2.6-3.fc36 Toolset for performance analysis of large-scale parallel applications linux/armv7hl
scalasca-doc-2.6-3.fc36 Documentation for scalasca linux/noarch
scalasca-mpich-2.6-3.fc36 Toolset for performance analysis of large-scale parallel applications - mpich linux/armv7hl
scalasca-openmpi-2.6-3.fc36 Toolset for performance analysis of large-scale parallel applications - openmpi linux/armv7hl
scalpel-2.1-0.rc1.2.47815c2.fc36.15 Fast file carver working on disk images linux/armv7hl
scamp-2.10.0-3.fc36 compute astrometric and photometric solutions from sextractor catalogs linux/armv7hl
scanless-2.1.5-5.fc36 An online port scan scraper linux/noarch
scanmem-0.17-12.fc36.1 Memory scanner linux/armv7hl
scanmem-devel-0.17-12.fc36.1 Development libraries and header files for scanmem linux/armv7hl
scanmem-libs-0.17-12.fc36.1 Memory scanner library linux/armv7hl
scannotation-1.0.3-0.27.r12.fc36 A Java annotation scanner linux/noarch
scannotation-javadoc-1.0.3-0.27.r12.fc36 Javadoc for scannotation linux/noarch
scanssh-2.1.2-11.fc36 Fast SSH server and open proxy scanner linux/armv7hl
scantailor- An interactive post-processing tool for scanned pages linux/armv7hl
scap-security-guide-0.1.60-1.fc36 Security guidance and baselines in SCAP formats linux/noarch
scap-security-guide-doc-0.1.60-1.fc36 HTML formatted security guides generated from XCCDF benchmarks linux/noarch
scap-workbench-1.2.1-10.fc35 Scanning, tailoring, editing and validation tool for SCAP content linux/armv7hl
scapy-doc-2.4.5-4.fc36 Interactive packet manipulation tool and network scanner linux/noarch
scdoc-1.11.2-2.fc36 Tool for generating roff manual pages linux/armv7hl
schedtool-1.3.0-25.fc36 Tool to query or alter process scheduling policy linux/armv7hl
schismtracker-20200412-7.fc36 Sound module composer/player linux/armv7hl
schroedinger-1.0.11-26.fc36 Portable libraries for the high quality Dirac video codec linux/armv7hl
schroedinger-cat-backgrounds-18.91.0-16.fc36 Schrödinger's Cat desktop backgrounds linux/noarch
schroedinger-cat-backgrounds-animated-18.91.0-16.fc36 Time of day images for Schrödinger's Cat Backgrounds linux/noarch
schroedinger-cat-backgrounds-base-18.91.0-16.fc36 Base images for Schrödinger's Cat Backgrounds linux/noarch
schroedinger-cat-backgrounds-extras-base-18.91.0-16.fc36 Base images for Schrödinger's Cat Extras Backrounds linux/noarch
schroedinger-cat-backgrounds-extras-gnome-18.91.0-16.fc36 Extra Schrödinger's Cat Wallpapers for Gnome and Cinnamon linux/noarch
schroedinger-cat-backgrounds-extras-kde-18.91.0-16.fc36 Extra Schrödinger's Cat Wallpapers for KDE linux/noarch
schroedinger-cat-backgrounds-extras-mate-18.91.0-16.fc36 Extra Schrödinger's Cat Wallpapers for Mate linux/noarch
schroedinger-cat-backgrounds-extras-xfce-18.91.0-16.fc36 Extra Schrödinger's Cat Wallpapers for XFCE linux/noarch
schroedinger-cat-backgrounds-gnome-18.91.0-16.fc36 Schrödinger's Cat Wallpapers for Gnome and Cinnamon linux/noarch
schroedinger-cat-backgrounds-kde-18.91.0-16.fc36 Schrödinger's Cat Wallpapers for KDE linux/noarch
schroedinger-cat-backgrounds-mate-18.91.0-16.fc36 Schrödinger's Cat Wallpapers for Mate linux/noarch
schroedinger-cat-backgrounds-xfce-18.91.0-16.fc36 Schrödinger's Cat Wallpapers for XFCE4 linux/noarch
schroedinger-cat-kde-theme-18.91.6-16.fc36 Schrödinger's Cat KDE Theme linux/noarch
schroedinger-devel-1.0.11-26.fc36 Development files for schroedinger linux/armv7hl
schroot-1.6.10-21.fc36 Execute commands in a chroot environment linux/armv7hl
scidavis-2.7-1.fc36 Application for Scientific Data Analysis and Visualization linux/armv7hl
scikit-image-tools-0.18.3-2.fc36 Scikit-image utility tools linux/noarch
scim-1.4.18-4.fc36 Smart Common Input Method platform linux/armv7hl
scim-anthy-1.2.7-30.fc36 SCIM IMEngine for anthy for Japanese input linux/armv7hl
scim-devel-1.4.18-4.fc36 Smart Common Input Method platform linux/armv7hl
scim-fcitx-3.1.1-34.fc36 FCITX Input Method Engine for SCIM linux/armv7hl
scim-fcitx-tools-3.1.1-34.fc36 Fcitx tables tools linux/armv7hl
scim-gtk-1.4.18-4.fc36 Smart Common Input Method Gtk IM module linux/armv7hl
scim-hangul-0.4.0-3.fc36 Hangul Input Method Engine for SCIM linux/armv7hl
scim-libs-1.4.18-4.fc36 Smart Common Input Method libraries linux/armv7hl
scim-m17n-0.2.3-28.fc36 SCIM IMEngine for m17n-lib linux/armv7hl
scim-pinyin-0.5.92-22.fc36 Smart Pinyin IMEngine for Smart Common Input Method platform linux/armv7hl
scim-qt-1.4.18-4.fc36 Smart Common Input Method Qt IM module linux/armv7hl
scim-rawcode-1.4.18-4.fc36 SCIM Unicode Input Method Engine linux/armv7hl
scim-sayura-0.3.0-30.fc36 Sri Lankan input method for SCIM linux/armv7hl
scim-thai-0.1.3-15.fc36 Thai Input Method Engine for SCIM linux/armv7hl
scitokens-cpp-0.7.0-1.fc36 C++ Implementation of the SciTokens Library linux/armv7hl
scitokens-cpp-devel-0.7.0-1.fc36 Header files for the scitokens-cpp public interfaces linux/armv7hl
scl-utils-2.0.2-19.fc36 Utilities for alternative packaging linux/armv7hl
scl-utils-build-2.0.2-19.fc36 RPM build macros for alternative packaging linux/armv7hl
scl-utils-build-helpers-0-14.fc36 RPM macros and scripts for SCL maintainers linux/noarch
scmxx-0.9.0-26.fc36 Exchange data with Siemens mobile phones linux/armv7hl
scons-doc-4.3.0-3.fc36 An Open Source software construction tool linux/noarch
scorched3d-44-29.fc36 Game based loosely on the classic DOS game Scorched Earth linux/armv7hl
scorchwentbonkers-1.3-18.fc36 Realtime remake of Scorched Earth linux/armv7hl
scotch-6.1.2-2.fc36 Graph, mesh and hypergraph partitioning library linux/armv7hl
scotch-devel-6.1.2-2.fc36 Development libraries for scotch linux/armv7hl
scotch-doc-6.1.2-2.fc36 Documentations and example for scotch and ptscotch linux/noarch
scottfree-1.14-23.fc36 Interpreter for Scott Adams format text adventure games linux/armv7hl
scout-0.15.1-2.fc36 Lightweight URL fuzzer and spider linux/armv7hl
scoutfish-1.1-3.20210517gitb619262.fc36 Chess Query Engine linux/armv7hl
scpio-1.6-6.fc36 Copy file archives in and out (LEGACY) linux/armv7hl
scponly-4.8-29.fc36 Restricted shell for ssh based file services linux/armv7hl
scram-0.16.2-12.fc35 Probabilistic Risk Analysis Tool linux/armv7hl
scram-gui-0.16.2-12.fc35 GUI for Probabilistic Risk Analysis Tool linux/armv7hl
scratch- Programming language learning environment for stories, games, music and art linux/noarch
scratch-help- Documentation for the Scratch programming language linux/noarch
scratch-i18n- Translations for the Scratch programming environment linux/noarch
scratch-image- The Scratch programming environment linux/noarch
scratch-media- The standard distribution of sprites and media for Scratch linux/noarch
scratch-projects- The standard distribution of Scratch projects linux/noarch
screen-4.9.0-1.fc36 A screen manager that supports multiple logins on one terminal linux/armv7hl
screenfetch-3.9.1-6.fc36 A "Bash Screenshot Information Tool" linux/noarch
screenie-20120406-14.fc36 A small and lightweight screen wrapper linux/noarch
screenie-composer-1.0.0-0.26.20110805git49c2630.fc36 Fancy screenshot composer linux/armv7hl
screenkey-1.5-1.fc36 A screencast tool to display your keys linux/noarch
screenruler-0.96-18.fc36 GNOME screen ruler linux/noarch
scribus-1.5.7-9.fc36 Desktop Publishing application written in Qt linux/armv7hl
scribus-generator-3.0-1.fc36 Open source high-quality PDF template and mail-merge alternative linux/noarch
scrot-1.7-2.fc36 Command line screen capture utility linux/armv7hl
scrub-2.6.1-4.fc36 Disk scrubbing program linux/armv7hl
scsi-target-utils-1.0.79-5.fc36 The SCSI target daemon and utility programs linux/armv7hl
scsi-target-utils-gluster-1.0.79-5.fc36 Support for the Gluster backstore to scsi-target-utils linux/armv7hl
scudcloud-1.65-15.fc36 Non official desktop client for Slack linux/noarch
scummvm-2.5.1-3.fc36 Interpreter for several adventure games linux/armv7hl
scummvm-data-2.5.1-3.fc36 Data files for scummvm linux/noarch
scummvm-tools-2.5.0-2.fc36 Tools for scummVM / S.C.U.M.M scripting language linux/armv7hl
scythia-0.9.3-30.fc36 Just a small ftp client linux/armv7hl
sd-0.7.6-7.fc36 Intuitive find & replace CLI linux/armv7hl
sdbus-cpp-1.1.0-2.fc36 High-level C++ D-Bus library linux/armv7hl
sdbus-cpp-devel-1.1.0-2.fc36 Development files for sdbus-cpp linux/armv7hl
sdbus-cpp-devel-doc-1.1.0-2.fc36 Developer documentation for sdbus-cpp linux/noarch
sdbus-cpp-tools-1.1.0-2.fc36 Stub code generator for sdbus-c++ linux/armv7hl
sdcc-4.1.0-3.fc36 Small Device C Compiler linux/armv7hl
sdcc-libc-sources-4.1.0-3.fc36 Small Device C Compiler linux/armv7hl
sdcv-0.5.2-7.fc36 Console version of StarDict program linux/armv7hl
sddm-breeze-5.24.3-3.fc36 SDDM breeze theme linux/noarch
sddm-kcm-5.24.3-1.fc36 SDDM KDE configuration module linux/armv7hl
sddm-wayland-plasma-5.24.3-3.fc36 Plasma Wayland SDDM greeter configuration linux/noarch
sdformat-6.0.0-11.fc36 The Simulation Description Format linux/armv7hl
sdformat-devel-6.0.0-11.fc36 Development files and libraries for sdformat linux/armv7hl
sdformat-doc-6.0.0-11.fc36 Documentation for sdformat linux/armv7hl
sdl-telnet-devel-1.0.0-5.20220328gite0e2a91.fc36 Development files for sdl-telnet linux/armv7hl
sdl12-compat-0.0.1~git.20211125.4e4527a-4.fc36 SDL 1.2 runtime compatibility library using SDL 2.0 linux/armv7hl
sdl12-compat-devel-0.0.1~git.20211125.4e4527a-4.fc36 Files to develop SDL 1.2 applications using SDL 2.0 linux/armv7hl
sdl12-compat-static-0.0.1~git.20211125.4e4527a-4.fc36 Static library to develop SDL 1.2 applications using SDL 2.0 linux/armv7hl
sdlhack-1.4-14.fc36 Force full-screen games to minimize linux/armv7hl
sdljava-0.9.1-56.fc36 Java binding to the SDL API linux/armv7hl
sdljava-demo-0.9.1-56.fc36 Some examples for sdljava linux/noarch
sdljava-javadoc-0.9.1-56.fc36 Javadoc for sdljava linux/noarch
sdorfehs-1.1-4.fc36 A tiling window manager linux/armv7hl
sdparm-1.12-3.fc36 List or change SCSI/SATA disk parameters linux/armv7hl
sdrangel-6.20.1-1.fc36 Software defined radio (SDR) and signal analyzer frontend to various hardware linux/armv7hl
sdrpp-1.0.4-6.fc36 SDRPlusPlus bloat-free SDR receiver software linux/armv7hl
seabios-1.16.0-1.fc36 Open-source legacy BIOS implementation linux/noarch
seabios-bin-1.16.0-1.fc36 Seabios for x86 linux/noarch
seadrive-daemon-2.0.16-3.fc36 Daemon part of Seafile Drive client linux/armv7hl
seadrive-gui-2.0.16-2.fc36 GUI part of Seafile Drive client linux/armv7hl
seafile-8.0.6-1.fc36 Cloud storage cli client linux/armv7hl
seafile-client-8.0.6-1.fc36 Seafile cloud storage desktop client linux/armv7hl
seafile-devel-8.0.6-1.fc36 Development files for seafile linux/armv7hl
seahorse-41.0-2.fc36 A GNOME application for managing encryption keys linux/armv7hl
seahorse-adventures-1.4-1.fc36 Help barbie the seahorse float on bubbles to the moon linux/noarch
seahorse-caja-1.18.1-11.fc36 PGP encryption and signing for caja linux/armv7hl
seahorse-nautilus-3.11.92-20.fc36 PGP encryption and signing for nautilus linux/armv7hl
seavgabios-bin-1.16.0-1.fc36 Seavgabios for x86 linux/noarch
seaview-5.0-5.fc36 Graphical multiple sequence alignment editor linux/armv7hl
sec-2.9.0-3.fc36 Simple Event Correlator script to filter log file entries linux/noarch
secilc-3.3-2.fc36 The SELinux CIL Compiler linux/armv7hl
secilc-doc-3.3-2.fc36 Documentation for the SELinux CIL Compiler linux/noarch
security-menus-1.3.0-14.fc36 Menu Structure for the Fedora Security Lab linux/noarch
secvarctl-0.3-3.fc36 A command line tool for managing Secure Boot Variables on POWER linux/armv7hl
sed-4.8-10.fc36 A GNU stream text editor linux/armv7hl
sediment-0.9.1-11.fc36 A function reordering tool set linux/noarch
sedutil-1.15.1-9.fc36 Tools to manage the activation and use of self encrypting drives linux/armv7hl
seeker-3.0-26.fc36 Random access disk benchmark utility linux/armv7hl
selinux-policy-36.7-1.fc36 SELinux policy configuration linux/noarch
selinux-policy-devel-36.7-1.fc36 SELinux policy development files linux/noarch
selinux-policy-doc-36.7-1.fc36 SELinux policy documentation linux/noarch
selinux-policy-minimum-36.7-1.fc36 SELinux minimum policy linux/noarch
selinux-policy-mls-36.7-1.fc36 SELinux MLS policy linux/noarch
selinux-policy-sandbox-36.7-1.fc36 SELinux sandbox policy linux/noarch
selinux-policy-targeted-36.7-1.fc36 SELinux targeted policy linux/noarch
semver-devel-0.3.0-3.fc36 Development files for semver linux/armv7hl
semver-parser-0.10.2-4.fc36 Parsing of the semver spec linux/armv7hl
sen-0.6.2-2.fc36 Terminal User Interface for docker engine linux/noarch
senamirmir-fantuwua-fonts-4.1-32.fc36 Senamirmir Fantuwua, a font family for the Geʼez (Ethiopic) script linux/noarch
senamirmir-hiwua-fonts-4.1-32.fc36 Senamirmir Hiwua, a font family for the Geʼez (Ethiopic) script linux/noarch
senamirmir-jiret-fonts-4.1-32.fc36 Senamirmir Jiret, a font family for the Geʼez (Ethiopic) script linux/noarch
senamirmir-tint-fonts-4.1-32.fc36 Senamirmir Tint, a font family for the Geʼez (Ethiopic) script linux/noarch
senamirmir-washra-fonts-4.1-32.fc36 Senamirmir WashRa, a font family for the Geʼez (Ethiopic) script linux/noarch
senamirmir-washra-fonts-all-4.1-32.fc36 All the font packages, generated from senamirmir-washra-fonts linux/noarch
senamirmir-washra-fonts-doc-4.1-32.fc36 Optional documentation files of senamirmir-washra-fonts linux/noarch
senamirmir-wookianos-fonts-4.1-32.fc36 Senamirmir Wookianos, a font family for the Geʼez (Ethiopic) script linux/noarch
senamirmir-yebse-fonts-4.1-32.fc36 Senamirmir Yebse, a font family for the Geʼez (Ethiopic) script linux/noarch
senamirmir-yigezu-bisrat-goffer-fonts-4.1-32.fc36 Senamirmir Yigezu Bisrat Goffer, a font family for the Geʼez (Ethiopic) script linux/noarch
senamirmir-yigezu-bisrat-gothic-fonts-4.1-32.fc36 Senamirmir Yigezu Bisrat Gothic, a font family for the Geʼez (Ethiopic) script linux/noarch
senamirmir-zelan-fonts-4.1-32.fc36 Senamirmir Zelan, a font family for the Geʼez (Ethiopic) script linux/noarch
sendKindle-3-12.fc36 CLI tool for sending files via email to your Amazon Kindle device linux/noarch
sendemail-1.56-10.fc36 Lightweight command line SMTP e-mail client linux/noarch
sendmail-8.17.1-5.fc36 A widely used Mail Transport Agent (MTA) linux/armv7hl
sendmail-cf-8.17.1-5.fc36 The files needed to reconfigure Sendmail linux/noarch
sendmail-doc-8.17.1-5.fc36 Documentation about the Sendmail Mail Transport Agent program linux/noarch
sendmail-milter-8.17.1-5.fc36 The sendmail milter library linux/armv7hl
sendmail-milter-devel-8.17.1-5.fc36 Development files for the sendmail milter library linux/armv7hl
sendxmpp-1.24-15.fc36 Perl script to send XMPP messages linux/noarch
sensible-utils-0.0.17-2.fc36 Utilities for sensible alternative selection linux/noarch
sentencepiece-devel-0.1.92-6.fc36 Libraries and header files for SentencePiece linux/armv7hl
sentencepiece-libs-0.1.92-6.fc36 Runtime libraries for SentencePiece linux/armv7hl
sentencepiece-tools-0.1.92-6.fc36 Tools for SentencePiece linux/armv7hl
sepolicy_analysis-0.1-18.fc36 SELinux policy analysis tool linux/noarch
seqan-1.4.2-48.fc36 Open source C++ library of efficient algorithms and data structures linux/armv7hl
seqan-devel-1.4.2-48.fc36 SeqAn development files linux/armv7hl
seqan-doc-1.4.2-48.fc36 SeqAn documentation linux/noarch
seqan2-apps-2.4.0-16.fc36 SeqAn (2.x.x) applications linux/armv7hl
seqan2-examples-2.4.0-16.fc36 SeqAn (2.x.x) examples linux/armv7hl
seqan2-headers-2.4.0-16.fc36 SeqAn (2.x.x) headers only files linux/armv7hl
seqdiag-3.0.0-2.fc36 Generate sequence-diagram images from text linux/noarch
sequeler-0.8.2-5.fc36 Friendly SQL Client linux/armv7hl
sequence-library-1.0.3-12.fc36 Textual diff and merge library linux/noarch
sequence-library-javadoc-1.0.3-12.fc36 Javadocs for sequence-library linux/noarch
sequoia-keyring-linter-0.5.0-8.fc36 Linter for keyrings linux/armv7hl
sequoia-sop-0.26.1-1.fc36 Stateless OpenPGP Interface using Sequoia linux/armv7hl
sequoia-sq-0.26.0-1.fc36 Command-line frontends for Sequoia linux/armv7hl
sequoia-sqv-1.1.0-1.fc36 Simple OpenPGP signature verification program linux/armv7hl
ser2net-3.5-11.fc36 Proxy that allows tcp connections to serial ports linux/armv7hl
serafettin-cartoon-fonts-0.6-21.fc36 Sans-serif Cartoon Fonts linux/noarch
serd-0.30.10-4.fc36 A lightweight C library for RDF syntax linux/armv7hl
serd-devel-0.30.10-4.fc36 Development libraries and headers for serd linux/armv7hl
serdisplib-1.97.9-22.fc36 Library to drive serial displays with built-in controllers linux/armv7hl
serdisplib-devel-1.97.9-22.fc36 Development files for serdisplib linux/armv7hl
serdisplib-tools-1.97.9-22.fc36 serdisplib tools (testserdisp, multidisplay) linux/armv7hl
seren-0.0.21-15.fc36 Simple VoIP program to create conferences from the terminal linux/armv7hl
sergueis-destiny-1.1-26.fc36 Serguei's Destiny, an AGI adventure game linux/noarch
serialdv-1.1.4-1.fc36 C++ minimal interface to encode/decode audio with AMBE3000 based devices linux/armv7hl
serialdv-devel-1.1.4-1.fc36 Development files for serialdv linux/armv7hl
serp-1.15.2-0.17.20150412cvs.fc36 Byte-code manipulation framework linux/noarch
serp-javadoc-1.15.2-0.17.20150412cvs.fc36 Javadoc for serp linux/noarch
servus-1.5.2-6.fc35 Zeroconf discovery in C++ linux/armv7hl
servus-devel-1.5.2-6.fc35 Development files for servus linux/armv7hl
sessreg-1.1.2-4.fc36 Utility to manage utmp/wtmp entries for X sessions linux/armv7hl
setBfree-0.8.11-8.fc36 A DSP Tonewheel Organ emulator linux/armv7hl
setconf-0.7.7-7.fc36 Utility for changing settings in configuration text files linux/noarch
setools-4.4.0-5.fc36 Policy analysis tools for SELinux linux/armv7hl
setools-console-4.4.0-5.fc36 Policy analysis command-line tools for SELinux linux/armv7hl
setools-console-analyses-4.4.0-5.fc36 Policy analysis command-line tools for SELinux linux/armv7hl
setools-gui-4.4.0-5.fc36 Policy analysis graphical tools for SELinux linux/armv7hl
setroubleshoot-3.3.28-3.fc36 Helps troubleshoot SELinux problems linux/armv7hl
setroubleshoot-plugins-3.3.14-4.fc36 Analysis plugins for use with setroubleshoot linux/noarch
setroubleshoot-server-3.3.28-3.fc36 SELinux troubleshoot server linux/armv7hl
setserial-2.17-54.fc36 A utility for configuring serial ports linux/armv7hl
setuptool-1.19.11-24.fc36 A text mode system configuration tool linux/armv7hl
setxkbmap-1.3.2-5.fc36 X11 keymap client linux/armv7hl
setzer-0.4.7-1.fc36 LaTeX editor written in Python with Gtk linux/noarch
sevmgr-1.00.5-10.fc36 C++ Simulation-Oriented Discrete Event Management Library linux/armv7hl
sevmgr-devel-1.00.5-10.fc36 Header files, libraries and development helper tools for sevmgr linux/armv7hl
sevmgr-doc-1.00.5-10.fc36 HTML documentation for the sevmgr library linux/noarch
sextractor-2.25.0-5.fc36 Extract catalogs of sources from astronomical images linux/armv7hl
sfxr-1.2.1-15.fc36 Sound effect generator linux/armv7hl
sg3_utils-1.46-3.fc36 Utilities for devices that use SCSI command sets linux/armv7hl
sg3_utils-devel-1.46-3.fc36 Development library and header files for the sg3_utils library linux/armv7hl
sg3_utils-libs-1.46-3.fc36 Shared library for sg3_utils linux/armv7hl
sgabios-0.20180715git-8.fc36 Serial graphics BIOS option rom linux/noarch
sgabios-bin-0.20180715git-8.fc36 Sgabios for x86 linux/noarch
sgmanager-2.0.0-11+201801213git+146.861aa67.fc36 OpenStack Security Groups Management Tool linux/noarch
sgml-common-0.6.3-58.fc36 Common SGML catalog and DTD files linux/noarch
sgpio- SGPIO captive backplane tool linux/armv7hl
sgtk-menu-1.4.1-6.fc36 GTK launcher for sway & other WMs linux/noarch
sha-1.0.4b-20.fc36 File hashing utility linux/armv7hl
sha-devel-1.0.4b-20.fc36 Development files for sha linux/armv7hl
sha1collisiondetection-0.2.5-1.fc36 SHA-1 hash function with collision detection and mitigation linux/armv7hl
sha2-1.0.1-21.fc36 SHA Implementation Library linux/armv7hl
sha2-devel-1.0.1-21.fc36 Development files for sha2 linux/armv7hl
sha3sum-1.04-14.fc36 Compute and check SHA3 message digest linux/noarch
shadow-utils-4.11.1-2.fc36 Utilities for managing accounts and shadow password files linux/armv7hl
shadow-utils-subid-4.11.1-2.fc36 A library to manage subordinate uid and gid ranges linux/armv7hl
shadow-utils-subid-devel-4.11.1-2.fc36 Development package for shadow-utils-subid linux/armv7hl
shairplay-0.9.0-19.20160101gitce80e00.fc36 Apple AirPlay and RAOP protocol server linux/armv7hl
shairplay-devel-0.9.0-19.20160101gitce80e00.fc36 Development files for shairplay linux/armv7hl
shairplay-libs-0.9.0-19.20160101gitce80e00.fc36 Libraries for shairplay linux/armv7hl
shairport-sync-3.3.9-2.fc36 AirTunes emulator. Multi-Room with Audio Synchronisation linux/armv7hl
shake-0.19.5-22.fc36 Build system library, like Make, but more accurate dependencies linux/armv7hl
shake-common-0.19.5-22.fc36 shake common files linux/noarch
shaman-1.1-14.fc36 Man pages viewer linux/noarch
shapelib-1.5.0-12.fc36 C library for handling ESRI Shapefiles linux/armv7hl
shapelib-devel-1.5.0-12.fc36 Development files for shapelib linux/armv7hl
shapelib-tools-1.5.0-12.fc36 shapelib utility programs linux/armv7hl
shared-mime-info-2.1-3.fc35 Shared MIME information database linux/armv7hl
sharedmeataxe-1.0-6.fc36 Matrix representations over finite fields linux/armv7hl
sharedmeataxe-devel-1.0-6.fc36 Header files and libraries for SharedMeatAxe development linux/armv7hl
sharedmeataxe-doc-1.0-6.fc36 API documentation for sharedmeataxe linux/noarch
sharedmeataxe-libs-1.0-6.fc36 Library of matrix representations over finite fields linux/armv7hl
sharpfont-4.0.1-13.fc36 Cross-platform FreeType bindings for .NET linux/armv7hl
sharpfont-devel-4.0.1-13.fc36 Cross-platform FreeType bindings for .NET linux/armv7hl
sharpziplib-1.3.3-1.fc36 Zip, GZip, Tar and BZip2 library linux/armv7hl
sharpziplib-devel-1.3.3-1.fc36 Development files for sharpziplib linux/armv7hl
sharutils-4.15.2-21.fc36 The GNU shar utilities for packaging and unpackaging shell archives linux/armv7hl
shc-4.0.3-6.fc36 Shell script compiler linux/armv7hl
sheepdog-1.0.1-17.fc36 The Sheepdog distributed storage system for KVM/QEMU linux/armv7hl
sheepdog-devel-1.0.1-17.fc36 Header files for the Sheepdog distributed storage system linux/armv7hl
sheepdog-libs-1.0.1-17.fc36 Libraries for the Sheepdog distributed storage system linux/armv7hl
shelldap-1.5.1-6.fc36 A shell-like interface for browsing LDAP servers linux/noarch
shellinabox-2.20-17.fc36 Web based AJAX terminal emulator linux/armv7hl
shellz-1.5.0-5.fc36 Utility to tracking and controlling shells and tunnels linux/armv7hl
shfmt-3.4.3-2.fc36 Shell formatter linux/armv7hl
shhgit-0.2-5.fc36 GitHub secrets search tool linux/armv7hl
shiboken2- Python / C++ bindings generator for PySide2 linux/armv7hl
shigofumi-0.9-4.fc36 Command line client for accessing the Czech Data Boxes linux/armv7hl
shiny-0.3-35.git411ac43.fc36 Shader and material management library for OGRE linux/armv7hl
shiny-devel-0.3-35.git411ac43.fc36 Development Files for shiny linux/armv7hl
shippy-1.5.0-7.fc36 Space invaders / Galaxians like game with power-ups linux/armv7hl
shippy-allegro-1.5.0-7.fc36 Shippy1984 Allegro version linux/armv7hl
shippy-common-1.5.0-7.fc36 Shippy1984 common files linux/armv7hl
shntool-3.0.10-28.fc36 A multi-purpose WAVE data processing and reporting utility linux/armv7hl
shobhika-fonts-1.04-11.fc36 Free Indian truetype/open type fonts linux/noarch
shodan-1.26.1-1.fc36 CLI tool to access linux/noarch
shogun-data-0.12-0.14.git20171030.4b85bd7.fc36 Data-files for the SHOGUN machine learning toolbox linux/noarch
shorewall-5.2.8-9.fc36 An iptables front end for firewall configuration linux/noarch
shorewall-core-5.2.8-9.fc36 Core libraries for Shorewall linux/noarch
shorewall-init-5.2.8-9.fc36 Initialization functionality and NetworkManager integration for Shorewall linux/noarch
shorewall-lite-5.2.8-9.fc36 Shorewall firewall for compiled rulesets linux/noarch
shorewall6-5.2.8-9.fc36 Files for the IPV6 Shorewall Firewall linux/noarch
shorewall6-lite-5.2.8-9.fc36 Shorewall firewall for compiled IPV6 rulesets linux/noarch
shotwell-0.31.3-8.fc36 A photo organizer for the GNOME desktop linux/armv7hl
shrinkpdf-0-12.fc36 Simple wrapper around Ghostscript to shrink PDFs linux/noarch
shtool-2.0.8-28.fc36 A portable shell tool linux/noarch
shunit2-2.1.6-22.fc36 A xUnit based unit testing for Unix shell scripts linux/noarch
shutter-0.99.2-2.fc36 GTK+3-based screenshot application written in Perl linux/noarch
shyaml-0.6.2-4.fc36 YAML for command line linux/noarch
shybrid-0.4.3-2.fc36 GUI for generating hybrid ground-truth spiking data linux/noarch
sicktoolbox-1.0.1-18.fc36 The SICK LIDAR Toolbox linux/armv7hl
sicktoolbox-devel-1.0.1-18.fc36 Development headers and libraries for sicktoolbox linux/armv7hl
sicktoolbox-doc-1.0.1-18.fc36 Documentation for sicktoolbox linux/noarch
sid-0.0.5-4.fc36 Storage Instantiation Daemon (SID) linux/armv7hl
sid-base-libs-0.0.5-4.fc36 Libraries for Storage Instantiation Daemon (SID) base linux/armv7hl
sid-base-libs-devel-0.0.5-4.fc36 Development files for Storage Instantiation Daemon (SID) base linux/armv7hl
sid-iface-libs-0.0.5-4.fc36 Libraries for Storage Instantiation Daemon (SID) interfaces linux/armv7hl
sid-iface-libs-devel-0.0.5-4.fc36 Development files for Storage Instantiation Daemon (SID) interfaces linux/armv7hl
sid-log-libs-0.0.5-4.fc36 Libraries for Storage Instantiation Daemon (SID) logging linux/armv7hl
sid-log-libs-devel-0.0.5-4.fc36 Development files for Storage Instantiation Daemon (SID) logging linux/armv7hl
sid-mod-block-blkid-0.0.5-4.fc36 Blkid block module for Storage Instantiation Daemon (SID) linux/armv7hl
sid-mod-block-dm-mpath-0.0.5-4.fc36 Device-mapper multipath block module for Storage Instantiation Daemon (SID) linux/armv7hl
sid-mod-dummies-0.0.5-4.fc36 Dummy block and type module for Storage Instantiation Daemon (SID) linux/armv7hl
sid-mod-type-dm-0.0.5-4.fc36 Device-mapper type module for Storage Instantiation Daemon (SID) linux/armv7hl
sid-resource-libs-0.0.5-4.fc36 Libraries for Storage Instantiation Daemon (SID) resources linux/armv7hl
sid-resource-libs-devel-0.0.5-4.fc36 Development files for Storage Instantiation Daemon (SID) resources linux/armv7hl
sid-tools-0.0.5-4.fc36 Storage Instantiation Daemon (SID) supporting tools linux/armv7hl
sidplayfp-2.2.2-2.fc36 SID chip music module player linux/armv7hl
siege-4.1.1-3.fc36 HTTP regression testing and benchmarking utility linux/armv7hl
sigil-0.9.14-12.fc36 WYSIWYG ebook editor linux/armv7hl
sigil-doc-0.9.14-12.fc36 Documentation for Sigil ebook editor linux/noarch
signify-30-5.fc36 Sign and encrypt files linux/armv7hl
signon-8.60-10.fc36 Accounts framework for Linux and POSIX based platforms linux/armv7hl
signon-devel-8.60-10.fc36 Development files for signon linux/armv7hl
signon-doc-8.60-10.fc36 Documentation for signon linux/noarch
signon-glib-2.1-16.fc36 Single signon authentication library for GLib applications linux/armv7hl
signon-glib-devel-2.1-16.fc36 Development files for signon-glib linux/armv7hl
signon-glib-doc-2.1-16.fc36 Documentation for signon-glib linux/noarch
signon-kwallet-extension-21.12.2-1.fc36 KWallet integration for Sign-on framework linux/armv7hl
signon-plugin-oauth2-0.24-4.fc36 OAuth2 plugin for the Accounts framework linux/armv7hl
signon-plugin-oauth2-devel-0.24-4.fc36 Development files for signon-plugin-oauth2 linux/armv7hl
signon-ui-0.15-17.fc36 Online Accounts Sign-on Ui linux/armv7hl
sigrok-cli-0.7.2-3.fc36 Basic hardware access drivers for logic analyzers linux/armv7hl
sigrok-firmware-filesystem-0.1.0-19.20151211gitb2daf81.fc36 Directory structure for sigrok-firmware linux/noarch
sigrok-firmware-fx2lafw-0.1.7-6.fc36 Firmware for logic analyzers based on the Cypress EZ-USB FX2(LP) chip linux/noarch
sigrok-firmware-nonfree-0.1.0-19.20151211gitb2daf81.fc36 Components of sigrok-firmware with non-free licenses linux/noarch
sigscheme-0.9.1-4.fc36 R5RS Scheme interpreter for embedded use linux/armv7hl
sigscheme-devel-0.9.1-4.fc36 Development files for sigscheme linux/armv7hl
sigul-1.1-4.fc35 A signing server and related software client linux/armv7hl
sigul-bridge-1.1-4.fc35 Sigul bridge linux/armv7hl
sigul-server-1.1-4.fc35 Sigul server component linux/armv7hl
sil-abyssinica-fonts-1.200-23.fc36 SIL Abyssinica fonts linux/noarch
sil-alkalami-fonts-1.200-6.fc33 A font family for the Arabic scripts of the Kano region of Nigeria and Niger linux/noarch
sil-alkalami-fonts-doc-1.200-6.fc33 Optional documentation files of sil-alkalami-fonts linux/noarch
sil-andika-compact-fonts-5.000-5.fc33 SIL Andika Compact, a font family for literacy and beginning readers linux/noarch
sil-andika-fonts-5.000-5.fc33 SIL Andika, a font family for literacy and beginning readers linux/noarch
sil-andika-new-basic-fonts-5.500-4.fc33 SIL Andika New Basic, a font family for literacy and beginning readers linux/noarch
sil-annapurna-fonts-1.204-6.fc33 Annapurna SIL, a Devanagari font family linux/noarch
sil-annapurna-fonts-doc-1.204-6.fc33 Optional documentation files of sil-annapurna-fonts linux/noarch
sil-apparatus-fonts-1.0-5.fc33 Apparatus SIL, a font family for rendering Greek & Hebrew biblical texts linux/noarch
sil-awami-nastaliq-fonts-2.000-4.fc33 Awami Nastaliq, a Nastaliq-style Arabic script font family linux/noarch
sil-busra-bunong-fonts-5.300-6.fc33 Khmer Busra Bunong, a special Khmer Busra variant linux/noarch
sil-busra-diagnostic-fonts-5.300-6.fc33 Khmer Busra diagnostic, a special Khmer Busra variant linux/noarch
sil-busra-dict-fonts-5.300-6.fc33 Khmer Busra dict, a special Khmer Busra variant linux/noarch
sil-busra-dot-fonts-5.300-6.fc33 Khmer Busra dot, a special Khmer Busra variant linux/noarch
sil-busra-fonts-7.100-5.fc33 Khmer Busra, a Khmer script font family suited for normal text linux/noarch
sil-busra-high-fonts-5.300-6.fc33 Khmer Busra high, a special Khmer Busra variant linux/noarch
sil-busra-moe-fonts-5.300-6.fc33 Khmer Busra MOE, a special Khmer Busra variant linux/noarch
sil-busra-xspace-fonts-5.300-6.fc33 Khmer Busra xspace, a special Khmer Busra variant linux/noarch
sil-charis-compact-fonts-5.000-10.fc36 Charis SIL Compact, a font family similar to Bitstream Charter linux/noarch
sil-charis-fonts-6.001-1.fc36 Charis SIL, a font family similar to Bitstream Charter linux/noarch
sil-dai-banna-fonts-2.200-5.fc33 Dai Banna SIL, a font family for rendering New Tai Lue (Xishuangbanna Dai) linux/noarch
sil-dai-banna-fonts-doc-2.200-5.fc33 Optional documentation files of sil-dai-banna-fonts linux/noarch
sil-doulos-fonts-4.104-25.fc36 Doulos SIL fonts linux/noarch
sil-ezra-fonts-2.51-4.fc33 Ezra SIL, an Hebrew font family linux/noarch
sil-ezra-sr-fonts-2.51-4.fc33 Ezra SIL SR, an Hebrew font family linux/noarch
sil-gentium-alt-fonts-1.02-30.fc36 SIL GentiumAlt fonts linux/noarch
sil-gentium-basic-book-fonts-1.102-3.fc36 SIL Gentium Book Basic font family linux/noarch
sil-gentium-basic-fonts-1.102-3.fc36 SIL Gentium Basic font family linux/noarch
sil-gentium-basic-fonts-all-1.102-3.fc36 All the font packages, generated from sil-gentium-basic-fonts linux/noarch
sil-gentium-basic-fonts-doc-1.102-3.fc36 Optional documentation files of sil-gentium-basic-fonts linux/noarch
sil-gentium-fonts-1.02-30.fc36 SIL Gentium fonts linux/noarch
sil-gentium-fonts-common-1.02-30.fc36 Common files of SIL Gentium fonts linux/noarch
sil-gentium-plus-compact-fonts-5.000-5.fc33 Gentium Plus Compact, a Latin/Greek/Cyrillic font family linux/noarch
sil-gentium-plus-fonts-5.000-9.fc36 Gentium Plus, a Latin/Greek/Cyrillic font family linux/noarch
sil-harmattan-fonts-1.001-4.fc33 Harmattan, a Warsh-style Arabic script font family linux/noarch
sil-lateef-fonts-1.001-22.fc36 An Arabic script unicode font linux/noarch
sil-mingzat-fonts-1.000-6.fc36 A font for Lepcha script linux/noarch
sil-mondulkiri-extra-fonts-all-5.300-6.fc33 All the font packages, generated from sil-mondulkiri-extra-fonts linux/noarch
sil-mondulkiri-extra-fonts-doc-5.300-6.fc33 Optional documentation files of sil-mondulkiri-extra-fonts linux/noarch
sil-mondulkiri-fonts-7.100-5.fc33 Khmer Mondulkiri, a Khmer script font family suited for very small print linux/noarch
sil-mondulkiri-fonts-all-7.100-5.fc33 All the font packages, generated from sil-mondulkiri-fonts linux/noarch
sil-mondulkiri-fonts-doc-7.100-5.fc33 Optional documentation files of sil-mondulkiri-fonts linux/noarch
sil-namdhinggo-fonts-1.004-11.fc36 Namdhinggo SIL, a font family for the Limbu writing system of Nepal linux/noarch
sil-nuosu-fonts-2.200-4.fc36 The Nuosu SIL Font linux/noarch
sil-oureang-fonts-5.300-6.fc33 Khmer Oureang, a very bold Khmer title font family linux/noarch
sil-padauk-book-fonts-3.003-9.fc36 A font for Burmese and the Myanmar script linux/noarch
sil-padauk-fonts-3.003-9.fc36 A font for Burmese and the Myanmar script linux/noarch
sil-ratanakiri-fonts-5.300-6.fc33 Khmer Ratanakiri, a Khmer Mool title font family linux/noarch
sil-scheherazade-fonts-2.100-14.fc36 An Arabic script unicode font linux/noarch
sil-shimenkan-fonts-1.000-5.fc33 Shimenkan, a Miao (Pollard) script font family linux/noarch
sil-sophia-nubian-fonts-1.0-5.fc33 Sophia Nubian, a font family for Nubian languages which use the Coptic script linux/noarch
sil-tagmukay-fonts-2.000-12.fc36 Tagmukay, a Shifinagh font that supports the Tawallammat dialect of Tamajaq linux/noarch
sil-tai-heritage-pro-fonts-2.600-6.fc33 Tai Heritage Pro, a traditional style Tai Viet script font family linux/noarch
sil-tai-heritage-pro-fonts-doc-2.600-6.fc33 Optional documentation files of sil-tai-heritage-pro-fonts linux/noarch
silkscreen-expanded-fonts-1.0-25.fc36 Expanded Silkscreen font family linux/noarch
silkscreen-fonts-1.0-25.fc36 Silkscreen four member type family linux/noarch
silkscreen-fonts-common-1.0-25.fc36 Common files for Silkscreen fonts (documentation...) linux/noarch
silver-1.1.0-19.fc36 Cross-shell customizable powerline-like prompt with icons linux/armv7hl
simarrange-0.0-3320170316git8238ce5.fc36 STL 2D plate packer with collision simulation linux/armv7hl
simcoupe-1.0-30.fc36 SAM Coupe emulator (spectrum compatible) linux/armv7hl
simcrs-1.01.5-9.fc36 C++ Simulated Travel-Oriented Distribution System library linux/armv7hl
simcrs-devel-1.01.5-9.fc36 Header files, libraries and development helper tools for simcrs linux/armv7hl
simcrs-doc-1.01.5-9.fc36 HTML documentation for the simcrs library linux/noarch
simde-devel-0.7.3-1.git3378ab3.fc35 Header files for SIMDe development linux/armv7hl
simdock-1.5.3-8.fc36 Fast and customizable dockbar linux/armv7hl
simfqt-1.00.4-10.fc36 C++ Simulated Fare Quote System Library linux/armv7hl
simfqt-devel-1.00.4-10.fc36 Header files, libraries and development helper tools for simfqt linux/armv7hl
simfqt-doc-1.00.4-10.fc36 HTML documentation for the simfqt library linux/noarch
simh-3.11.0-17.fc35 A highly portable, multi-system emulator linux/armv7hl
simple-ccsm-0.8.18-5.fc36 Simple settings manager for Compiz linux/noarch
simple-mail-1.4.0-7.fc36 SMTP Client Library for Qt linux/armv7hl
simple-mail-devel-1.4.0-7.fc36 SMTP Client Library for Qt - Development Files linux/armv7hl
simple-mtpfs-0.2-19.fc36 Fuse-based MTP driver linux/armv7hl
simple-scan-42.0-1.fc36 Simple scanning utility linux/armv7hl
simspark-0.3.2-5.fc36 Spark physical simulation system linux/armv7hl
simspark-devel-0.3.2-5.fc36 Development files for simspark linux/armv7hl
since-1.1-24.fc36 Stateful tail replacement linux/armv7hl
sing-1.1-24.fc36 Sends fully customized ICMP packets from command line linux/armv7hl
singularity-3.8.7-1.fc36 Application and environment virtualization linux/armv7hl
sip-4.19.25-3.fc36 SIP - Python/C++ Bindings Generator linux/armv7hl
sip-doc-4.19.25-3.fc36 Documentation for SIP - Python/C++ Bindings Generator linux/noarch
sip-redirect-0.2.0-16.fc36 Tiny IPv4 and IPv6 SIP redirect server written in Perl linux/noarch
sip6-6.5.0-2.fc36 SIP - Python/C++ Bindings Generator linux/armv7hl
sipcalc-1.1.6-21.fc36 An "advanced" console based ip subnet calculator linux/armv7hl
sipp-3.6.0-9.fc36 SIP test tool / traffic generator linux/armv7hl
sipsak- SIP swiss army knife linux/armv7hl
sipvicious-0.3.3-4.fc36 Set of tools to audit SIP based VoIP systems linux/noarch
sipwitch-1.9.15-16.fc35 A secure peer-to-peer VoIP server for the SIP protocol linux/armv7hl
sipwitch-cgi-1.9.15-16.fc35 cgi web interface to control sipwitch server linux/armv7hl
sipwitch-devel-1.9.15-16.fc35 Headers for building sipwitch plugins linux/armv7hl
sipwitch-plugin-forward-1.9.15-16.fc35 Forward registration and routing plugin linux/armv7hl
sipwitch-plugin-scripting-1.9.15-16.fc35 Scripting plugin for sipwitch linux/armv7hl
sipwitch-plugin-subscriber-1.9.15-16.fc35 Subscriber gateway plugin for sipwitch linux/armv7hl
sipwitch-plugin-zeroconf-1.9.15-16.fc35 Zeroconf plugin for sipwitch linux/armv7hl
sipwitch-runtime-1.9.15-16.fc35 Runtime library support for sipwitch linux/armv7hl
sirikali-1.4.8-4.fc36 GUI front end to encfs,cryfs,gocryptfs and securefs linux/armv7hl
siril-1.0.0-1.fc36 Astronomical image processing software linux/armv7hl
sirius-0.8.0-42.fc36 Reversi game for Gnome linux/armv7hl
sirocco-2.1.0-3.fc36 ROot Certified COntinuator linux/armv7hl
sirocco-devel-2.1.0-3.fc36 Development files for sirocco linux/armv7hl
sispmctl-3.1-16.fc36 Control Gembird SIS-PM programmable power outlet strips linux/armv7hl
sisu-0.3.4-9.fc36 Eclipse dependency injection framework linux/noarch
sisu-javadoc-0.3.4-9.fc36 API documentation for sisu linux/noarch
sisu-mojos-0.3.4-11.fc36 Sisu plugin for Apache Maven linux/noarch
sisu-mojos-javadoc-0.3.4-11.fc36 API documentation for sisu-mojos linux/noarch
six-0.5.3-39.fc36 Hex playing program linux/armv7hl
sj-delphine-fonts-2.0.2-25.fc36 Handwriting font linux/noarch
sj-fonts-common-2.0.2-25.fc36 Common files for sj-fonts linux/noarch
sj-stevehand-fonts-2.0.2-25.fc36 Handwriting font linux/noarch
sjasm-0.39-0.31.g1.fc36 A z80 cross assembler linux/armv7hl
sjinn-1.01-25.fc36 Simple tool for sending & receiving data from RS-232 devices linux/armv7hl
skanlite-21.12.2-1.fc36 Lightweight scanning program linux/armv7hl
skanpage-1.0-1.fc36 Utility to scan images and multi-page documents linux/armv7hl
skf-2.10.14-4.fc36.3 Utility binary files in Simple Kanji Filter linux/armv7hl
skf-common-2.10.14-4.fc36.3 Common files for Simple Kanji Filter - i18n kanji converter linux/armv7hl
skf-perl-2.10.14-4.fc36.3 Perl extension module for skf linux/armv7hl
skf-ruby-2.10.14-4.fc36.3 Ruby extension module for skf linux/armv7hl
ski-1.3.2-35.fc36 IA-64 user and system mode simulator linux/armv7hl
ski-devel-1.3.2-35.fc36 Development files for the ski simulator linux/armv7hl
ski-libs-1.3.2-35.fc36 Shared library for the ski simulator linux/armv7hl
skim-0.9.4-8.fc36 Fuzzy Finder in Rust linux/armv7hl
skkdic-20210919-1.gitc6e6a8822b.fc36 Dictionaries for SKK (Simple Kana-Kanji conversion program) linux/noarch
skopeo-1.7.0-1.fc36 Inspect container images and repositories on registries linux/armv7hl
skopeo-tests-1.7.0-1.fc36 Tests for skopeo linux/armv7hl
skrooge-2.26.1-3.fc36 Personal finances manager linux/armv7hl
skrooge-libs-2.26.1-3.fc36 Runtime libraries for skrooge linux/armv7hl
skychart-4.3-10.4466svn.fc36 Planetarium software for the advanced amateur astronomer linux/armv7hl
skychart-catgen-4.3-10.4466svn.fc36 Custom catalog builder for Skychart linux/armv7hl
skychart-data-dso-4.3-10.4466svn.fc36 Additional Deep Sky Object catalogs for Skychart linux/noarch
skychart-data-stars-4.3-10.4466svn.fc36 Additional star catalogs for Skychart linux/noarch
skychart-doc-4.3-10.4466svn.fc36 Documentation files for Skychart linux/noarch
skydns-2.5.3-21.20200802git94b2ea0.fc36 DNS service discovery for etcd linux/armv7hl
skyviewer-1.0.1-26.fc36 Program to display HEALPix-based skymaps in FITS files linux/armv7hl
sl-5.02-17.fc36 Joke command for when you type 'sl' instead of 'ls' linux/armv7hl
slang-2.3.2-11.fc36 Shared library for the S-Lang extension language linux/armv7hl
slang-devel-2.3.2-11.fc36 Development files for the S-Lang extension language linux/armv7hl
slang-slsh-2.3.2-11.fc36 Interpreter for S-Lang scripts linux/armv7hl
slapi-nis-0.56.7-5.fc36 NIS Server and Schema Compatibility plugins for Directory Server linux/armv7hl
slashem-0.0.8-0.32.E0F1.fc36 Super Lotsa Added Stuff Hack - Extended Magic linux/armv7hl
sleef-3.5.1-16.fc36 Vectorized math library linux/armv7hl
sleef-devel-3.5.1-16.fc36 Development files for sleef linux/armv7hl
sleef-doc-3.5.1-16.fc36 Documentation for sleef linux/noarch
sleuthkit-4.11.1-2.fc36 The Sleuth Kit (TSK) linux/armv7hl
sleuthkit-devel-4.11.1-2.fc36 Development files for sleuthkit linux/armv7hl
sleuthkit-libs-4.11.1-2.fc36 Library for sleuthkit linux/armv7hl
slf4j-1.7.32-3.fc36 Simple Logging Facade for Java linux/noarch
slf4j-javadoc-1.7.32-3.fc36 API documentation for slf4j linux/noarch
slf4j-jcl-1.7.32-3.fc36 SLF4J JCL Binding linux/noarch
slf4j-jdk14-1.7.32-3.fc36 SLF4J JDK14 Binding linux/noarch
slf4j-manual-1.7.32-3.fc36 Manual for slf4j linux/noarch
slf4j-migrator-1.7.32-3.fc36 SLF4J Migrator linux/noarch
slf4j-sources-1.7.32-3.fc36 SLF4J Source JARs linux/noarch
slib-3b6-5.fc36 Platform independent library for scheme linux/noarch
slibtool-0.5.28-8.fc36 A skinny libtool implementation, written in C linux/armv7hl
slibtool-devel-0.5.28-8.fc36 Development files for libslibtool linux/armv7hl
slibtool-libs-0.5.28-8.fc36 Backend library for slibtool linux/armv7hl
slic3r-1.3.0-23.fc36 G-code generator for 3D printers (RepRap, Makerbot, Ultimaker etc.) linux/armv7hl
slick-greeter-1.5.6-2.fc36 A slick-looking LightDM greeter linux/armv7hl
slick-greeter-cinnamon-1.5.6-2.fc36 Slick-greeter customisation for the CINNAMON desktop linux/noarch
slick-greeter-mate-1.5.6-2.fc36 Slick-greeter customisation for the MATE desktop linux/noarch
slim-1.3.6-22.fc36 Simple Login Manager linux/armv7hl
slimdata-2.7.1-5.fc36 Tools and library for reading and writing slim compressed data linux/armv7hl
slimdata-devel-2.7.1-5.fc36 Headers required when building programs against getdata linux/armv7hl
slingshot-0.9-16.fc36 A Newtonian strategy game linux/noarch
slirp4netns-1.2.0-0.2.beta.0.fc36 slirp for network namespaces linux/armv7hl
sloccount-2.26-33.fc36 Measures source lines of code (SLOC) in programs linux/armv7hl
slock-1.4-17.fc36 Simple X display locker linux/armv7hl
slop-7.6-4.fc36 Command line tool to perform region SeLect OPeration with mouse linux/armv7hl
slowhttptest-1.8.2-5.fc36 An Application Layer DoS attack simulator linux/armv7hl
slowloris-0.2.1-7.fc36 Low bandwidth DoS tool linux/noarch
slrn-1.0.3a-10.fc36 A threaded Internet news reader linux/armv7hl
slrn-pull-1.0.3a-10.fc36 Offline news reading support for the SLRN news reader linux/armv7hl
slurp-1.3.2-3.fc36 Select a region in Sway linux/armv7hl
slv2-0.6.6-33.fc35 LV2 host library linux/armv7hl
slv2-devel-0.6.6-33.fc35 Development libraries and headers for slv2 linux/armv7hl
smaclient-1.1-18.fc36 Provides access to z/VM System Management functions linux/armv7hl
smartmontools-7.2-12.fc36 Tools for monitoring SMART capable hard disks linux/armv7hl
smartmontools-selinux-7.2-12.fc36 SELinux policies for smartmontools linux/noarch
smartsim-1.4-18.fc36 Digital logic circuit design and simulation package linux/armv7hl
smb4k-3.1.1-2.fc36 The SMB/CIFS Share Browser for KDE linux/armv7hl
smbldap-tools-0.9.11-21.fc36 User and group administration tools for Samba/OpenLDAP linux/noarch
smc-anjalioldlipi-fonts-7.1.2-5.fc36 Open Type Fonts for Malayalam script linux/noarch
smc-dyuthi-fonts-3.0.2-5.fc36 Open Type Fonts for Malayalam script linux/noarch
smc-meera-fonts-7.0.3-5.fc36 Open Type Fonts for Malayalam script linux/noarch
smc-rachana-fonts-7.0.3-5.fc36 Open Type Fonts for Malayalam script linux/noarch
smc-raghumalayalamsans-fonts-2.2.1-6.fc36 Open Type Fonts for Malayalam script linux/noarch
smc-suruma-fonts-3.2.4-4.fc36 Open Type Fonts for Malayalam script linux/noarch
smc-tools-1.7.0-2.fc36 Shared Memory Communication Tools linux/armv7hl
smcalc-1.0.1-7.fc36 Matrix Calculator linux/armv7hl
smem-1.5-10.fc36 Report application memory usage in a meaningful way linux/armv7hl
smesh- OpenCascade based MESH framework linux/armv7hl
smesh-devel- Development files for smesh linux/armv7hl
smokegen-4.14.3-19.fc36 Smoke Generator linux/armv7hl
smokegen-devel-4.14.3-19.fc36 Development files for Smoke Generator linux/armv7hl
smokeping-2.8.2-2.fc36 Latency Logging and Graphing System linux/noarch
smoldyn-2.66.1-2.fc36 A particle-based spatial stochastic simulator linux/armv7hl
smoldyn-doc-2.66.1-2.fc36 smoldyn documentation linux/noarch
smoldyn-libs-2.66.1-2.fc36 smoldyn libraries linux/armv7hl
smoldyn-libs-devel-2.66.1-2.fc36 smoldyn libraries for development linux/armv7hl
smp_utils-0.99-5.fc36 Utilities for SAS management protocol (SMP) linux/armv7hl
smp_utils-devel-0.99-5.fc36 Development library and header files for the smp_utils library linux/armv7hl
smp_utils-libs-0.99-5.fc36 Shared library for smp_utils linux/armv7hl
sms_ntsc-0.2.3-26.fc36 Provides an SMS NTSC video filtering library linux/armv7hl
sms_ntsc-demos-0.2.3-26.fc36 Examples using sms_ntsc linux/armv7hl
sms_ntsc-devel-0.2.3-26.fc36 Development files for sms_ntsc linux/armv7hl
smtpping-1.1.4-2.fc36 Small tool for measuring SMTP parameters linux/armv7hl
snakemake-6.13.1-3.fc36 Workflow management system to create reproducible and scalable data analyses linux/noarch
snakemake-doc-6.13.1-3.fc36 Workflow management system to create reproducible and scalable data analyses linux/noarch
snakeyaml-1.27-6.fc36 YAML parser and emitter for Java linux/noarch
snakeyaml-javadoc-1.27-6.fc36 API documentation for snakeyaml linux/noarch
snallygaster-0.0.10-2.fc36 Tool to scan for secret files on HTTP servers linux/noarch
snap-confine-2.54.4-1.fc36 Confinement system for snap applications linux/armv7hl
snapd-2.54.4-1.fc36 A transactional software package manager linux/armv7hl
snapd-devel-2.54.4-1.fc36 Development files for snapd linux/noarch
snapd-glib-1.58-4.fc36 Library providing a GLib interface to snapd linux/armv7hl
snapd-glib-devel-1.58-4.fc36 Development files for snapd-glib linux/armv7hl
snapd-glib-tests-1.58-4.fc36 Installed tests for snapd-glib linux/armv7hl
snapd-qt-1.58-4.fc36 Library providing a Qt5 interface to snapd linux/armv7hl
snapd-qt-devel-1.58-4.fc36 Development files for snapd-qt linux/armv7hl
snapd-qt-qml-1.58-4.fc36 Library providing a Qt5 QML interface to snapd linux/armv7hl
snapd-qt-tests-1.58-4.fc36 Installed tests for snapd-qt linux/armv7hl
snapd-selinux-2.54.4-1.fc36 SELinux module for snapd linux/noarch
snapper-0.10.1-1.fc36 Tool for filesystem snapshot management linux/armv7hl
snapper-devel-0.10.1-1.fc36 Header files and development libraries for snapper-libs linux/armv7hl
snapper-libs-0.10.1-1.fc36 Library for filesystem snapshot management linux/armv7hl
snapper-tests-0.10.1-1.fc36 Integration tests for snapper linux/armv7hl
snappy-1.1.9-4.fc36 Fast compression and decompression library linux/armv7hl
snappy-devel-1.1.9-4.fc36 Development files for snappy linux/armv7hl
sndfile-tools-1.5-5.fc36 A collection of programs to do interesting things with sound files linux/armv7hl
snes_ntsc-0.2.2-26.fc36 Provides a SNES NTSC video filtering library linux/armv7hl
snes_ntsc-demos-0.2.2-26.fc36 Examples using snes_ntsc linux/armv7hl
snes_ntsc-devel-0.2.2-26.fc36 Development files for snes_ntsc linux/armv7hl
sng-1.1.0-14.fc36 Lossless editing of PNGs via a textual representation linux/armv7hl
sni-qt-0.2.7-0.10.20170217.fc36 Plugin for Qt4 that turns QSystemTrayIcons into status notifiers linux/armv7hl
snip-0.11-19.fc36 An Ant task designed to help with the single-sourcing of program documentation linux/noarch
snip-javadoc-0.11-19.fc36 Javadocs for snip linux/noarch
snmpcheck-1.9-13.fc36 An utility to get information via SNMP protocols linux/noarch
snoopy-2.4.14-2.fc36 A preload library to send shell commands to syslog linux/armv7hl
snotes-1.0-18.fc36 A flexible and easy to use notes system linux/noarch
snowcrash-0-0.5.20201119git49b99ad.fc36 Polyglot payload generator linux/armv7hl
snownews-1.9-3.fc36 A text mode RSS/RDF newsreader linux/armv7hl
soapy-rtlsdr-0.3.2-2.fc36 SoapySDR module for RTL-SDR hardware linux/armv7hl
soapy-uhd-0.4.1-5.fc36 Soapy SDR plugins for UHD supported SDR devices linux/armv7hl
socat- Bidirectional data relay between two data channels ('netcat++') linux/armv7hl
soci-4.0.2-6.fc36 The database access library for C++ programmers linux/armv7hl
soci-devel-4.0.2-6.fc36 Header files, libraries and development documentation for soci linux/armv7hl
soci-doc-4.0.2-6.fc36 HTML documentation for the soci library linux/noarch
soci-mysql-4.0.2-6.fc36 MySQL back-end for soci linux/armv7hl
soci-mysql-devel-4.0.2-6.fc36 MySQL back-end for soci linux/armv7hl
soci-odbc-4.0.2-6.fc36 ODBC back-end for soci linux/armv7hl
soci-odbc-devel-4.0.2-6.fc36 ODBC back-end for soci linux/armv7hl
soci-postgresql-4.0.2-6.fc36 PostGreSQL back-end for soci linux/armv7hl
soci-postgresql-devel-4.0.2-6.fc36 PostGreSQL back-end for soci linux/armv7hl
soci-sqlite3-4.0.2-6.fc36 SQLite3 back-end for soci linux/armv7hl
soci-sqlite3-devel-4.0.2-6.fc36 SQLite3 back-end for soci linux/armv7hl
socialscan-1.4.2-2.fc36 CLI and library for usage checking of user names and email addresses linux/noarch
socket_wrapper-1.3.3-3.fc35 A library passing all socket communications through Unix sockets linux/armv7hl
sockperf-3.6-6.fc36 Network benchmarking utility for testing latency and throughput linux/armv7hl
socnetv-3.0.4-2.fc36 A Social Networks Analyser and Visualiser linux/armv7hl
sofia-sip-1.13.7-1.fc36 Sofia SIP User-Agent library linux/armv7hl
sofia-sip-devel-1.13.7-1.fc36 Sofia-SIP Development Package linux/armv7hl
sofia-sip-glib-1.13.7-1.fc36 Glib bindings for Sofia-SIP linux/armv7hl
sofia-sip-glib-devel-1.13.7-1.fc36 Glib bindings for Sofia SIP development files linux/armv7hl
sofia-sip-utils-1.13.7-1.fc36 Sofia-SIP Command Line Utilities linux/armv7hl
softfloat-devel-3.5.0-4.20210329git42f2f99.fc36 Berkeley IEEE Binary Floating-Point Library linux/armv7hl
softhsm-2.6.1-5.fc36.4 Software version of a PKCS#11 Hardware Security Module linux/armv7hl
softhsm-devel-2.6.1-5.fc36.4 Development package of softhsm that includes the header files linux/armv7hl
solaar-1.1.2-1.fc36 Device manager for a wide range of Logitech devices linux/noarch
solaar-doc-1.1.2-1.fc36 Developer documentation for Solaar linux/noarch
solaar-udev-1.1.2-1.fc36 Udev rules for Logitech receivers linux/noarch
solar-backgrounds-0.92.0-23.fc36 Solar desktop backgrounds linux/noarch
solar-backgrounds-common-0.92.0-23.fc36 Solar desktop backgrounds shared between GNOME and KDE linux/noarch
solar-backgrounds-extras-0.92.0-23.fc36 Solar HD desktop backgrounds linux/noarch
solar-kde-theme-0.1.19-20.fc36 Solar KDE Theme linux/noarch
solarwolf-1.6.0-11.fc36.a4 A Python port of SolarFox linux/noarch
sombok-2.4.0-16.fc36 Unicode Text Segmentation Package linux/armv7hl
sombok-devel-2.4.0-16.fc36 Development files for sombok linux/armv7hl
sonic-visualiser-4.4-3.fc36 A program for viewing and exploring audio data linux/armv7hl
sooperlooper-1.7.3-19.fc36 Realtime software looping sampler linux/armv7hl
soprano-2.9.4-28.fc36 Qt wrapper API to different RDF storage solutions linux/armv7hl
soprano-apidocs-2.9.4-28.fc36 Soprano API documentation linux/noarch
soprano-devel-2.9.4-28.fc36 Developer files for soprano linux/armv7hl
sopwith-1.8.4-15.fc36 SDL port of the sopwith game linux/armv7hl
sord-0.16.8-3.fc36 A lightweight Resource Description Framework (RDF) C library linux/armv7hl
sord-devel-0.16.8-3.fc36 Development libraries and headers for sord linux/armv7hl
sorkintype-merriweather-fonts-2.008-6.20200314gitfad21f9.fc36 Merriweather, a warm space-saving serif font family linux/noarch
sorkintype-merriweather-fonts-doc-2.008-6.20200314gitfad21f9.fc36 Optional documentation files of sorkintype-merriweather-fonts linux/noarch
sorkintype-merriweather-sans-fonts-1.008-6.20200314gitf36d6e1.fc36 Merriweather Sans, a low-contrast semi-condensed sans-serif font family linux/noarch
sos-4.3-2.fc36 A set of tools to gather troubleshooting information from a system linux/noarch
sound-juicer-3.38.0-4.fc36 Clean and lean CD ripper linux/armv7hl
sound-theme-freedesktop-0.8-17.fc36 sound theme linux/noarch
soundconverter-4.0.3-2.fc36 Simple sound converter application for GNOME linux/noarch
soundfont-utils-0.4-36.fc36 Utilities for converting from / to various soundfont formats linux/armv7hl
soundkonverter-3.0.1-10.20200701gitaceda48.fc36 Audio file converter, CD ripper and Replay Gain tool linux/armv7hl
soundmodem-0.20-25.fc36 Soundcard Packet Radio Modem linux/armv7hl
soundmodem-devel-0.20-25.fc36 Development files for soundmodem linux/armv7hl
soundtouch-2.3.1-2.fc36 Audio Processing library for changing Tempo, Pitch and Playback Rates linux/armv7hl
soundtouch-devel-2.3.1-2.fc36 Libraries, includes, etc to develop soundtouch applications linux/armv7hl
soundtracker- Sound module composer/player linux/armv7hl
soup-sharp-2.42.2-6.20190810git0f36d10.fc36 .NET bindings for libsoup linux/armv7hl
soup-sharp-devel-2.42.2-6.20190810git0f36d10.fc36 Development files for soup-sharp linux/armv7hl
soup-sharp-doc-2.42.2-6.20190810git0f36d10.fc36 Documentation files for soup-sharp linux/noarch
source-highlight-3.1.9-12.fc36.1 Produces a document with syntax highlighting linux/armv7hl
source-highlight-devel-3.1.9-12.fc36.1 Development files for source-highlight linux/armv7hl
source-highlight-qt-0.2.3-36.fc36 Library for performing syntax highlighting in Qt documents linux/armv7hl
source-highlight-qt-devel-0.2.3-36.fc36 Header files, libraries and development documentation for source-highlight-qt linux/armv7hl
source-to-image-1.3.1-3.fc36 A tool for building artifacts from source and injecting into docker images linux/armv7hl
sourcetrail-2021.4.19-2.fc36 a free and open-source interactive source explorer linux/armv7hl
sourcextractor++-0.16-1.fc36 A program that extracts a catalog of sources from astronomical images, and the successor of SExtractor linux/armv7hl
sourcextractor++-devel-0.16-1.fc36 The development part of the sourcextractor++ package linux/armv7hl
sourcextractor++-doc-0.16-1.fc36 Documentation for package sourcextractor++ linux/noarch
sox- A general purpose sound file conversion tool linux/armv7hl
sox-devel- The SoX sound file format converter libraries linux/armv7hl
soxr-0.1.3-11.fc36 The SoX Resampler library linux/armv7hl
soxr-devel-0.1.3-11.fc36 Development files for soxr linux/armv7hl
spacefm-1.0.6-11.fc36 Multi-panel tabbed file and desktop manager linux/armv7hl
spacefm-Faenza-1.0.6-11.fc36 Faenza theme files for spacefm linux/noarch
spacenavd-0.8-5.fc36 A free, compatible alternative for 3Dconnexion's input drivers linux/armv7hl
spamass-milter-0.4.0-21.fc36 Milter (mail filter) for spamassassin linux/armv7hl
spamass-milter-postfix-0.4.0-21.fc36 Postfix support for spamass-milter linux/noarch
spamassassin-3.4.6-5.fc36 Spam filter for email which can be invoked from mail delivery agents linux/armv7hl
spamassassin-dqs-1.2.1-1.fc36 SpamAssassin plugin for Spamhaus Data Query Service (DQS) linux/noarch
spamassassin-iXhash2-2.05-21.fc36 SpamAssassin plugin to lookup e-mail checksums in blacklists linux/noarch
spampd-2.61-4.fc36 Transparent SMTP/LMTP proxy filter using spamassassin linux/noarch
spamprobe-1.4d-24.fc36 A Bayesian spam filter linux/armv7hl
spandsp-0.0.6-14.fc36 A DSP library for telephony linux/armv7hl
spandsp-apidoc-0.0.6-14.fc36 SpanDSP API documentation linux/armv7hl
spandsp-devel-0.0.6-14.fc36 SpanDSP development files linux/armv7hl
sparkleshare-3.28-7.fc36 Share and collaborate by syncing with any Git repository instantly linux/armv7hl
sparse-0.6.4-2.rc1.fc36 A semantic parser of source files linux/armv7hl
sparsehash-devel-2.0.3-6.fc36 Extremely memory-efficient C++ hash_map implementation linux/armv7hl
spatialindex-1.9.3-7.fc36 Spatial index library linux/armv7hl
spatialindex-devel-1.9.3-7.fc36 Development files for spatialindex linux/armv7hl
spatialite-gui-2.1.0-0.10.beta1.fc36 GUI to manage Spatialite databases linux/armv7hl
spatialite-tools-5.0.1-2.fc36 A set of useful CLI tools for SpatiaLite linux/armv7hl
spausedd-20210719-3.fc36 Utility to detect and log scheduler pause linux/armv7hl
spawn-0.1-25.fc36 Simple tool to run several Linux command-lines in parallel linux/armv7hl
spawn-fcgi-1.6.3-22.fc36 Simple program for spawning FastCGI processes linux/armv7hl
spax-1.6-6.fc36 Portable archive exchange linux/armv7hl
spdlog-1.9.2-3.fc36 Super fast C++ logging library linux/armv7hl
spdlog-devel-1.9.2-3.fc36 Development files for spdlog linux/armv7hl
spdrs60-0.6.4-3.fc36 SRCP based locking table for digital model railroads linux/armv7hl
spdrs60-doc-0.6.4-3.fc36 Documentation for spdrs60 linux/noarch
spec-version-maven-plugin-1.5-6.fc36 Spec Version Maven Plugin linux/noarch
spec-version-maven-plugin-javadoc-1.5-6.fc36 Javadoc for spec-version-maven-plugin linux/noarch
spec2scl-1.2.2-10.fc36 Convert RPM specfiles to be SCL ready linux/noarch
spectacle-21.12.2-1.fc36 Screenshot capture utility linux/armv7hl
spectral-0-17.20201224gitfba0df0.fc36 Glossy cross-platform Matrix client linux/armv7hl
spectre-meltdown-checker-0.44-4.fc36 Spectre & Meltdown vulnerability/mitigation checker for Linux linux/noarch
spectrographic-0.9.3-8.fc36 Turn an image into sound whose spectrogram looks like the image linux/noarch
spectrographic-doc-0.9.3-8.fc36 Documentation for spectrographic linux/noarch
speech-dispatcher-0.11.1-2.fc36 To provide a high-level device independent layer for speech synthesis linux/armv7hl
speech-dispatcher-devel-0.11.1-2.fc36 Development files for speech-dispatcher linux/armv7hl
speech-dispatcher-doc-0.11.1-2.fc36 Documentation for speech-dispatcher linux/noarch
speech-dispatcher-espeak-ng-0.11.1-2.fc36 Speech Dispatcher espeak-ng module linux/armv7hl
speech-dispatcher-festival-0.11.1-2.fc36 Speech Dispatcher festival module linux/armv7hl
speech-dispatcher-flite-0.11.1-2.fc36 Speech Dispatcher flite module linux/armv7hl
speech-dispatcher-utils-0.11.1-2.fc36 Various utilities for speech-dispatcher linux/armv7hl
speech-tools-2.5-17.fc36 Edinburgh speech tools library linux/armv7hl
speech-tools-libs-2.5-17.fc36 Edinburgh speech tools libraries linux/armv7hl
speech-tools-libs-devel-2.5-17.fc36 Development files for the speech-tools libraries linux/armv7hl
speech-tools-libs-static-2.5-17.fc36 Static libraries of speech-tools, so far needed by at least festival linux/armv7hl
speed-dreams-2.2.3-3.fc36 The Open Racing Car Simulator linux/armv7hl
speed-dreams-devel-2.2.3-3.fc36 The Open Racing Car Simulator development files linux/armv7hl
speed-dreams-robots-base-2.2.3-3.fc36 The Open Racing Car Simulator additional dirt tracks linux/noarch
speedcrunch-0.12-15.fc36 A fast power user calculator linux/armv7hl
speedtest-cli-2.1.3-4.fc36 Command line interface for testing internet bandwidth linux/noarch
speex-1.2.0-10.fc36 A voice compression format (codec) linux/armv7hl
speex-devel-1.2.0-10.fc36 Development package for speex linux/armv7hl
speex-tools-1.2.0-10.fc36 The tools package for speex linux/armv7hl
speexdsp-1.2.0-5.fc36 A voice compression format (DSP) linux/armv7hl
speexdsp-devel-1.2.0-5.fc36 Development package for speexdsp linux/armv7hl
spew-1.0.8-27.fc36 I/O performance measurement and load generation tool linux/armv7hl
spglib-1.16.1-4.fc36 C library for finding and handling crystal symmetries linux/armv7hl
spglib-devel-1.16.1-4.fc36 Development files for spglib linux/armv7hl
spherical-cow-backgrounds-18.0.0-17.fc36 Spherical Cow desktop backgrounds linux/noarch
spherical-cow-backgrounds-extras-gnome-18.0.0-17.fc36 Extra Spherical Cow Wallpapers for Gnome linux/noarch
spherical-cow-backgrounds-extras-kde-18.0.0-17.fc36 Extra Spherical Cow Wallpapers for KDE linux/noarch
spherical-cow-backgrounds-extras-single-18.0.0-17.fc36 Single screen images for Spherical Cow Extras Backrounds linux/noarch
spherical-cow-backgrounds-extras-xfce-18.0.0-17.fc36 Extra Spherical Cow Wallpapers for XFCE linux/noarch
spherical-cow-backgrounds-gnome-18.0.0-17.fc36 Spherical Cow Wallpapers for Gnome linux/noarch
spherical-cow-backgrounds-kde-18.0.0-17.fc36 Spherical Cow Wallpapers for KDE linux/noarch
spherical-cow-backgrounds-single-18.0.0-17.fc36 Single screen images for Spherical Cow Backgrounds linux/noarch
spherical-cow-backgrounds-xfce-18.0.0-17.fc36 Spherical Cow Wallpapers for XFCE4 linux/noarch
spherical-cow-kde-theme-18.0.3-15.fc36 Spherical Cow KDE Theme linux/noarch
sphinx-2.2.11-22.fc36 Free open-source SQL full-text search engine linux/armv7hl
sphinx-java-2.2.11-22.fc36 Java API for Sphinx linux/armv7hl
sphinx-php-2.2.11-22.fc36 PHP API for Sphinx linux/armv7hl
sphinxbase-5-0.12.prealpha.fc36 Common library for CMU Sphinx voice recognition products linux/armv7hl
sphinxbase-devel-5-0.12.prealpha.fc36 Header and other development files for sphinxbase linux/armv7hl
sphinxbase-libs-5-0.12.prealpha.fc36 Libraries for sphinxbase linux/armv7hl
spi-tools-1.0.1-2.fc36 Simple command line tools to help using Linux spidev devices linux/armv7hl
spice-glib-0.40-1.fc36 A GObject for communicating with Spice servers linux/armv7hl
spice-glib-devel-0.40-1.fc36 Development files to build Glib2 applications with spice-glib-2.0 linux/armv7hl
spice-gtk-0.40-1.fc36 A GTK+ widget for SPICE clients linux/armv7hl
spice-gtk-tools-0.40-1.fc36 Spice-gtk tools linux/armv7hl
spice-gtk3-0.40-1.fc36 A GTK3 widget for SPICE clients linux/armv7hl
spice-gtk3-devel-0.40-1.fc36 Development files to build GTK3 applications with spice-gtk-3.0 linux/armv7hl
spice-gtk3-vala-0.40-1.fc36 Vala bindings for the spice-gtk-3.0 library linux/armv7hl
spice-html5-0.3.0-4.fc36 Pure Javascript SPICE client linux/noarch
spice-parent-26-18.fc36 Sonatype Spice Components linux/noarch
spice-protocol-0.14.4-1.fc36 Spice protocol header files linux/noarch
spice-server-0.15.0-4.fc36 Implements the server side of the SPICE protocol linux/armv7hl
spice-server-devel-0.15.0-4.fc36 Header files, libraries and development documentation for spice-server linux/armv7hl
spice-vdagent-0.22.1-1.fc36 Agent for Spice guests linux/armv7hl
spice-webdavd-2.5-6.fc36 Spice daemon for the DAV channel linux/armv7hl
spill-0.8-25.fc36 A segregated package install logical linker linux/armv7hl
spim-20211206-0.2.svn.fc36 An assembly language MIPS32 simulator linux/armv7hl
spin-kickstarts-0.36.0-0.2.fc36 Kickstart files and templates for creating your own Fedora Spins linux/noarch
spindown-0.4.0-32.fc36 Daemon that can spin idle disks down linux/armv7hl
spirv-headers-devel-1.5.5-1.20220117.gitb42ba6d.fc36 Development files for spirv-headers linux/noarch
spirv-llvm-translator-13.0.0-1.fc36 LLVM to SPIRV Translator linux/armv7hl
spirv-llvm-translator-devel-13.0.0-1.fc36 Development files for LLVM to SPIRV Translator linux/armv7hl
spirv-llvm-translator-tools-13.0.0-1.fc36 Standalone llvm to spirv translator tool linux/armv7hl
spirv-llvm8.0-translator-8-3.20211223gita44863e.fc36 LLVM 8.0 to SPIRV Translator linux/armv7hl
spirv-llvm8.0-translator-devel-8-3.20211223gita44863e.fc36 Development files for LLVM 8.0 to SPIRV Translator linux/armv7hl
spirv-llvm8.0-translator-tools-8-3.20211223gita44863e.fc36 Standalone llvm 8.0 to spirv translator tool linux/armv7hl
spirv-tools-2022.1-1.20220202.git45dd184.fc36 API and commands for processing SPIR-V modules linux/armv7hl
spirv-tools-devel-2022.1-1.20220202.git45dd184.fc36 Development files for spirv-tools linux/armv7hl
spirv-tools-libs-2022.1-1.20220202.git45dd184.fc36 Library files for spirv-tools linux/armv7hl
splat-1.4.2-16.fc36 Analyze point-to-point terrestrial RF communication links linux/armv7hl
splint-3.1.2-28.fc36 An implementation of the lint program linux/armv7hl
splix-2.0.1-0.46.20130902svn.fc36 Driver for QPDL/SPL2 printers (Samsung and several Xerox printers) linux/armv7hl
spnavcfg-0.3.1-4.fc36 Spacenav daemon interactive configuration program linux/armv7hl
spooky-c-1.0.0-20.fc36 C port of Bob Jenkins' spooky hash linux/armv7hl
spooky-c-devel-1.0.0-20.fc36 The development files for spooky-c linux/armv7hl
spor-1.0-25.fc36 Store file modes (permission/ownership) recursively linux/armv7hl
spread-sheet-widget-0.7-4.fc36 A library for Gtk+ which provides a spread sheet widget linux/armv7hl
spread-sheet-widget-devel-0.7-4.fc36 The development files for spread-sheet-widget linux/armv7hl
sqlcipher-4.4.3-4.fc36 SQLCipher is an open source extension to SQLite that provides transparent 256-bit AES encryption of database files. linux/armv7hl
sqlcipher-devel-4.4.3-4.fc36 Development files for sqlcipher linux/armv7hl
sqlgrey-1.8.0-23.fc36 Postfix grey-listing policy service linux/noarch
sqlite-3.36.0-5.fc36 Library that implements an embeddable SQL database engine linux/armv7hl
sqlite-analyzer-3.36.0-5.fc36 An analysis program for sqlite3 database files linux/armv7hl
sqlite-devel-3.36.0-5.fc36 Development tools for the sqlite3 embeddable SQL database engine linux/armv7hl
sqlite-doc-3.36.0-5.fc36 Documentation for sqlite linux/noarch
sqlite-libs-3.36.0-5.fc36 Shared library for the sqlite3 embeddable SQL database engine. linux/armv7hl
sqlite-tcl-3.36.0-5.fc36 Tcl module for the sqlite3 embeddable SQL database engine linux/armv7hl
sqlite2-2.8.17-37.fc36 Embeddable SQL engine in a C library linux/armv7hl
sqlite2-devel-2.8.17-37.fc36 Development files for SQLite linux/armv7hl
sqlite2-tcl-2.8.17-37.fc36 Tcl bindings for sqlite linux/armv7hl
sqlite3-dbf-2011.01.24-20.fc36 Converter of XBase / FoxPro tables to SQLite linux/armv7hl
sqlitebrowser-3.13.0-0.3.gita302128.fc36 Create, design, and edit SQLite database files linux/armv7hl
sqlitecpp-3.1.1-4.fc36 Smart and easy to use C++ SQLite3 wrapper linux/armv7hl
sqlitecpp-devel-3.1.1-4.fc36 Development files for sqlitecpp linux/armv7hl
sqliteman-1.2.2-32.fc36 Manager for sqlite - Sqlite Databases Made Easy linux/armv7hl
sqliteodbc-0.9996-10.fc36 SQLite ODBC Driver linux/armv7hl
sqljet-1.1.10-22.fc36 Pure Java SQLite linux/noarch
sqljet-javadoc-1.1.10-22.fc36 Javadoc for sqljet linux/noarch
sqlninja-0.2.999-0.17.alpha1.fc36 A tool for SQL server injection and takeover linux/noarch
sqlsh-1.17-10.fc36 Command interpreter for DBI shells linux/noarch
sqm-scripts-1.5.1-2.fc36 Traffic shaper scripts for Smart Queue Management linux/noarch
squashfs-tools-4.5-18.20220221gitbc0c097.fc36 Utility for the creation of squashfs filesystems linux/armv7hl
squashfuse-0.1.104-2.fc36 FUSE filesystem to mount squashfs archives linux/armv7hl
squashfuse-devel-0.1.104-2.fc36 Development files for squashfuse linux/armv7hl
squashfuse-libs-0.1.104-2.fc36 Libraries for squashfuse linux/armv7hl
squeak-image-4.5.13680-15.fc36 The image files for Squeak linux/noarch
squeak-vm- The Squeak virtual machine linux/armv7hl
squeekboard-1.16.0-2.fc36 a Wayland virtual keyboard linux/armv7hl
squeezelite- Headless music player for streaming from Logitech Media Server linux/armv7hl
squid-5.2-2.fc36 The Squid proxy caching server linux/armv7hl
squidGuard-1.4-41.fc36 Filter, redirector and access controller plugin for squid linux/armv7hl
squirrel-2.2.5-23.fc36 High level imperative/OO programming language linux/armv7hl
squirrel-devel-2.2.5-23.fc36 Development files needed to use Squirrel libraries linux/armv7hl
squirrel-libs-2.2.5-23.fc36 Libraries needed to run Squirrel scripts linux/armv7hl
srain-1.3.2-1.fc36 Modern, beautiful IRC client written in GTK+ 3 linux/armv7hl
srain-doc-1.3.2-1.fc36 Documentation files for srain linux/noarch
sratom-0.6.8-2.fc36 A C library for serializing LV2 plugins linux/armv7hl
sratom-devel-0.6.8-2.fc36 Development libraries and headers for sratom linux/armv7hl
src-1.28-4.fc36 Simple Revision Control linux/noarch
srcpd-2.1.5-6.fc36 Simple Railroad Command Protocol (SRCP) server linux/armv7hl
srecord-1.64-22.fc36 Manipulate EPROM load files linux/armv7hl
srecord-devel-1.64-22.fc36 Development headers and libraries for srecord linux/armv7hl
srm-1.2.15-16.fc36 Secure file deletion linux/armv7hl
srm-ifce-1.24.3-13.fc36 SRM client side library linux/armv7hl
srm-ifce-devel-1.24.3-13.fc36 SRM client side headers and development files linux/armv7hl
srmio- Schoberer Radmesstechnik (SRM) PowerControl access linux/armv7hl
srmio-devel- Header files and development documentation for srmio linux/armv7hl
srmio-libs- Library for srmio linux/armv7hl
srt-1.4.4-2.fc36 Secure Reliable Transport protocol tools linux/armv7hl
srt-devel-1.4.4-2.fc36 Secure Reliable Transport protocol development libraries and headers linux/armv7hl
srt-libs-1.4.4-2.fc36 Secure Reliable Transport protocol libraries linux/armv7hl
sscg-3.0.2-6.fc36 Simple SSL certificate generator linux/armv7hl
ssdeep-2.14.1-12.fc36 Compute context triggered piecewise hashes linux/armv7hl
ssdeep-devel-2.14.1-12.fc36 Development files for libfuzzy linux/armv7hl
ssdeep-libs-2.14.1-12.fc36 Runtime libfuzzy library linux/armv7hl
sselp-0.2-26.fc36 Prints X selection to standard out linux/armv7hl
ssh-contact-0.7-20.fc36 Establish SSH connections to your IM contacts using Telepathy linux/armv7hl
ssh-key-dir-0.1.3-2.fc36 sshd AuthorizedKeysCommand to read ~/.ssh/authorized_keys.d linux/armv7hl
sshexport-2.4-7.fc36 Install your SSH keys on remote sites linux/noarch
sshguard-2.4.2-3.fc36 Protects hosts from brute-force attacks against SSH and other services linux/armv7hl
sshguard-firewalld-2.4.2-3.fc36 Configuration for firewalld backend of SSHGuard linux/armv7hl
sshguard-iptables-2.4.2-3.fc36 Configuration for iptables backend of SSHGuard linux/armv7hl
sshguard-nftables-2.4.2-3.fc36 Configuration for nftables backend of SSHGuard linux/armv7hl
sshpass-1.09-3.fc36 Non-interactive SSH authentication utility linux/armv7hl
sshrc-0.6.2-8.fc36 Bring your bash and vim configuration in your ssh session linux/noarch
sshuttle-1.1.0-1.fc36 Transparent Proxy VPN linux/noarch
ssldump-1.4-5.fc36 SSL/TLS network protocol analyzer linux/armv7hl
sslh-1.21c-4.fc36 Applicative protocol(SSL/SSH) multiplexer linux/armv7hl
sslscan-2.0.6-4.fc36 Security assessment tool for SSL/TLS linux/armv7hl
sslsplit-0.5.5-6.fc35 Transparent and scalable SSL/TLS interception linux/armv7hl
ssmtp-2.64-29.fc36 Extremely simple MTA to get mail off the system to a Mailhub linux/armv7hl
sssd-2.7.0-1.fc36 System Security Services Daemon linux/armv7hl
sssd-ad-2.7.0-1.fc36 The AD back end of the SSSD linux/armv7hl
sssd-client-2.7.0-1.fc36 SSSD Client libraries for NSS and PAM linux/armv7hl
sssd-common-2.7.0-1.fc36 Common files for the SSSD linux/armv7hl
sssd-common-pac-2.7.0-1.fc36 Common files needed for supporting PAC processing linux/armv7hl
sssd-dbus-2.7.0-1.fc36 The D-Bus responder of the SSSD linux/armv7hl
sssd-idp-2.7.0-1.fc36 Kerberos plugins for external identity providers. linux/armv7hl
sssd-ipa-2.7.0-1.fc36 The IPA back end of the SSSD linux/armv7hl
sssd-kcm-2.7.0-1.fc36 An implementation of a Kerberos KCM server linux/armv7hl
sssd-krb5-2.7.0-1.fc36 The Kerberos authentication back end for the SSSD linux/armv7hl
sssd-krb5-common-2.7.0-1.fc36 SSSD helpers needed for Kerberos and GSSAPI authentication linux/armv7hl
sssd-ldap-2.7.0-1.fc36 The LDAP back end of the SSSD linux/armv7hl
sssd-nfs-idmap-2.7.0-1.fc36 SSSD plug-in for NFSv4 rpc.idmapd linux/armv7hl
sssd-proxy-2.7.0-1.fc36 The proxy back end of the SSSD linux/armv7hl
sssd-tools-2.7.0-1.fc36 Userspace tools for use with the SSSD linux/armv7hl
sssd-winbind-idmap-2.7.0-1.fc36 SSSD's idmap_sss Backend for Winbind linux/armv7hl
ssss-0.5-27.fc36.2 Shamir's secret sharing scheme linux/armv7hl
sstp-client-1.0.15-22.fc36 Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol(SSTP) Client linux/armv7hl
sstp-client-devel-1.0.15-22.fc36 Development files for sstp-client linux/armv7hl
st-0.8.4-5.fc36 A simple terminal implementation for X linux/armv7hl
st-user-0.8.4-5.fc36 Sources and tools for user configuration of st linux/armv7hl
stacer-1.1.0-14.fc36 Linux system optimizer and monitoring linux/armv7hl
stacer-devel-1.1.0-14.fc36 Development files for stacer linux/armv7hl
stack-2.7.3-14.fc36 Haskell package tool linux/armv7hl
staden-io_lib-1.12.4-22.fc36 General purpose library to handle gene sequencing machine trace files linux/armv7hl
staden-io_lib-devel-1.12.4-22.fc36 Development files for staden-io_lib linux/armv7hl
stage-4.3.0-7.fc36 A 2.5D multi-robot simulator linux/armv7hl
stage-devel-4.3.0-7.fc36 Header files and libraries for Stage linux/armv7hl
stalld-1.15-2.fc36 Daemon that finds starving tasks and gives them a temporary boost linux/armv7hl
stalonetray-0.8.3-16.fc36 A stand alone notification area linux/armv7hl
standard-test-roles-4.10-4.fc36 Standard Test Interface Ansible roles linux/noarch
standard-test-roles-inventory-docker-4.10-4.fc36 Inventory provisioner for using docker linux/noarch
standard-test-roles-inventory-qemu-4.10-4.fc36 Inventory provisioner for using plain qemu command linux/noarch
star-1.6-6.fc36 An archiving tool with ACL support linux/armv7hl
starcal-3.1.11-4.fc36 A full-featured international calendar written in Python linux/noarch
stardict-3.0.6-18.fc36 A powerful dictionary platform written in GTK+2 linux/armv7hl
stardict-dic-cs_CZ-20150213-16.fc36 Czech dictionaries for StarDict linux/noarch
stardict-dic-hi-3.0.1-26.fc36 Hindi dictionary for stardict linux/noarch
stargz-snapshotter-0.11.3-2.fc36 Fast container image distribution plugin with lazy pulling linux/armv7hl
starplot-0.95.5-34.fc36 3-dimensional perspective star map viewer linux/armv7hl
starplot-contrib-3-22.fc36 Stellar data set for use by the StarPlot tool linux/noarch
starplot-gliese3-0.95-23.fc36 Stellar data set for use by the StarPlot tool linux/noarch
starplot-yale5-0.95-23.fc36 Stellar data set for use by the StarPlot tool linux/noarch
starship-1.2.1-2.fc36 Minimal, blazing-fast, and infinitely customizable prompt for any shell linux/armv7hl
startdde-5.8.29-3.fc36 Starter of deepin desktop environment linux/armv7hl
startup-notification-0.12-23.fc36 Library for tracking application startup linux/armv7hl
startup-notification-devel-0.12-23.fc36 Development portions of startup-notification linux/armv7hl
statgrab-0.92.1-2.fc36 Sysctl-style interface to the statistics from libstatgrab linux/armv7hl
statsd-0.8.6-5.fc36 A simple, lightweight network daemon to collect metrics over UDP linux/noarch
statsd-perl-0.20-18.fc36 A Perl port of Flickr/Etsy's statsd metrics daemon linux/noarch
statserial-1.1-64.fc36 A tool which displays the status of serial port modem lines linux/armv7hl
stb-devel-0-0.9.20211022gitaf1a5bc.fc36 Development files for stb linux/armv7hl
stb-doc-0-0.9.20211022gitaf1a5bc.fc36 Documentation for stb linux/noarch
stb_c_lexer-devel-0.12-0.9.20211022gitaf1a5bc.fc36 Lexer for making little C-like languages with recursive-descent parsers linux/armv7hl
stb_connected_components-devel-0.96-0.9.20211022gitaf1a5bc.fc36 Connected components on grids linux/armv7hl
stb_divide-devel-0.94-0.9.20211022gitaf1a5bc.fc36 Three kinds of divide/modulus of signed integers linux/armv7hl
stb_ds-devel-0.67-0.9.20211022gitaf1a5bc.fc36 Data structures linux/armv7hl
stb_dxt-devel-1.12-0.9.20211022gitaf1a5bc.fc36 DXT1/DXT5 compressor linux/armv7hl
stb_easy_font-devel-1.1-0.9.20211022gitaf1a5bc.fc36 Bitmap font for 3D rendering linux/armv7hl
stb_herringbone_wang_tile-devel-0.7-0.9.20211022gitaf1a5bc.fc36 Herringbone Wang Tile Generator linux/armv7hl
stb_hexwave-devel-0.5-0.9.20211022gitaf1a5bc.fc36 A flexible anti-aliased (bandlimited) digital audio oscillator linux/armv7hl
stb_image-devel-2.27-0.9.20211022gitaf1a5bc.fc36 Image loader linux/armv7hl
stb_image_resize-devel-0.97-0.9.20211022gitaf1a5bc.fc36 Image resizing linux/armv7hl
stb_image_write-devel-1.16-0.9.20211022gitaf1a5bc.fc36 Writes out PNG/BMP/TGA/JPEG/HDR images to C stdio linux/armv7hl
stb_leakcheck-devel-0.6-0.9.20211022gitaf1a5bc.fc36 Quick and dirty malloc leak-checking linux/armv7hl
stb_rect_pack-devel-1.1-0.9.20211022gitaf1a5bc.fc36 Rectangle packing linux/armv7hl
stb_sprintf-devel-1.10-0.9.20211022gitaf1a5bc.fc36 Implementation of snprintf() linux/armv7hl
stb_textedit-devel-1.14-0.9.20211022gitaf1a5bc.fc36 Guts of a multi-line text-editing widget linux/armv7hl
stb_tilemap_editor-devel-0.42-0.9.20211022gitaf1a5bc.fc36 Embeddable tilemap editor for C/C++ linux/armv7hl
stb_truetype-devel-1.26-0.9.20211022gitaf1a5bc.fc36 Processes TrueType Files linux/armv7hl
stb_vorbis-devel-1.22-0.9.20211022gitaf1a5bc.fc36 Ogg Vorbis audio decoder linux/armv7hl
stb_voxel_render-devel-0.89-0.9.20211022gitaf1a5bc.fc36 Helps render large-scale “voxel” worlds for games linux/armv7hl
stdair-1.00.10-10.fc36 C++ Standard Airline IT Object Library linux/armv7hl
stdair-devel-1.00.10-10.fc36 Header files, libraries and development helper tools for stdair linux/armv7hl
stdair-doc-1.00.10-10.fc36 HTML documentation for the stdair library linux/armv7hl
steghide-0.5.1-44.fc36 A steganography program linux/armv7hl
steinberg-bravura-fonts-1.392-2.fc36 Bravura music font linux/noarch
steinberg-bravura-fonts-all-1.392-2.fc36 All the font packages, generated from steinberg-bravura-fonts linux/noarch
steinberg-bravuratext-fonts-1.392-2.fc36 Bravura text font linux/noarch
steinberg-petaluma-fonts-1.065-4.fc36 Petaluma music font linux/noarch
steinberg-petaluma-fonts-all-1.065-4.fc36 All the font packages generated from steinberg-petaluma-fonts linux/noarch
steinberg-petalumascript-fonts-1.10-4.fc36 Petaluma script font linux/noarch
steinberg-petalumatext-fonts-1.065-4.fc36 Petaluma text font linux/noarch
stellarsolver-2.2-1.fc36 The Cross Platform Sextractor and Internal Astrometric Solver linux/armv7hl
stellarsolver-devel-2.2-1.fc36 Development files for stellarsolver linux/armv7hl
stellarsolver-libs-2.2-1.fc36 Shared library of StellarSolver linux/armv7hl
step-21.12.2-1.fc36 Interactive Physics Simulator linux/armv7hl
stfl-0.22-40.fc36 The Structured Terminal Forms Language/Library linux/armv7hl
stfl-devel-0.22-40.fc36 Development files for stfl linux/armv7hl
stfl-perl-0.22-40.fc36 Perl binding for STFL linux/armv7hl
stfl-ruby-0.22-40.fc36 Ruby binding for STFL linux/armv7hl
stgit-1.4-2.fc36 Patch stack for Git repositories linux/noarch
sticky-notes-0.4-19.fc36 Sticky notes is a free and open source paste-bin application linux/noarch
stix-fonts-2.0.2-11.fc36 STIX, a scientific and engineering font family linux/noarch
stix-fonts-doc-2.0.2-11.fc36 Optional documentation files of %{source_name} linux/noarch
stk-4.6.1-4.fc36 Synthesis ToolKit in C++ linux/armv7hl
stk-demo-4.6.1-4.fc36 Demo applications for stk linux/armv7hl
stk-devel-4.6.1-4.fc36 Development files for stk linux/armv7hl
stlink-1.7.0-3.fc36 STM32 discovery line Linux programmer linux/armv7hl
stlink-devel-1.7.0-3.fc36 Include files and mandatory libraries for development linux/armv7hl
stlink-gui-1.7.0-3.fc36 GUI for STM32 discovery line linux programmer linux/armv7hl
stlsplit-1.2-15.fc36 Split STL file to more files - one shell each linux/armv7hl
stlsplit-devel-1.2-15.fc36 Development files for the stlsplit linux/armv7hl
stockfish-14.1-2.fc36 Powerful open source chess engine linux/armv7hl
stoken-cli-0.92-6.fc36 Command line tool for stoken linux/armv7hl
stoken-devel-0.92-6.fc36 Development files for stoken linux/armv7hl
stoken-gui-0.92-6.fc36 Graphical interface program for stoken linux/armv7hl
stoken-libs-0.92-6.fc36 Libraries for stoken linux/armv7hl
stompclt-1.8-2.fc36 Versatile STOMP client linux/noarch
stormbaancoureur-2.1.6-25.fc36 Simulated obstacle course for automobiles linux/armv7hl
stow-2.3.1-7.fc36 Manage the installation of software packages from source linux/noarch
stow-doc-2.3.1-7.fc36 Documentation for Stow linux/noarch
stp-2.3.3-19.fc36 Constraint solver/decision procedure linux/armv7hl
stp-devel-2.3.3-19.fc36 Development files for STP constraint solver/decision procedure linux/armv7hl
strace-5.16-1.fc36 Tracks and displays system calls associated with a running process linux/armv7hl
stratagus-2.4.2-9.fc36 Real-time strategy gaming engine linux/armv7hl
stratagus-devel-2.4.2-9.fc36 Development files for stratagus linux/noarch
stratis-cli-3.0.1-1.fc36 Command-line tool for interacting with the Stratis daemon linux/noarch
stratisd-3.0.4-2.fc36 Daemon that manages block devices to create filesystems linux/armv7hl
stratisd-dracut-3.0.4-2.fc36 Dracut modules for use with stratisd linux/armv7hl
strawberry-1.0.2-1.fc36 Audio player and music collection organizer linux/armv7hl
streameye-0.9-7.fc36 Simple MJPEG streamer for Linux linux/armv7hl
streamtuner-2.2.1-6.fc36 An internet radio browser linux/noarch
stress-1.0.4-30.fc36 A tool to put given subsystems under a specified load linux/armv7hl
stress-ng-0.13.11-1.fc36 Stress test a computer system in various ways linux/armv7hl
stressapptest-1.0.9-1.20220222git6714c57.fc36 Stressful Application Test - userspace memory and IO test linux/armv7hl
string-template-maven-plugin-1.1-7.fc36 Execute StringTemplate files during a maven build linux/noarch
string-template-maven-plugin-javadoc-1.1-7.fc36 API documentation for string-template-maven-plugin linux/noarch
stringtemplate-3.2.1-28.fc36 A Java template engine linux/noarch
stringtemplate-javadoc-3.2.1-28.fc36 API documentation for stringtemplate linux/noarch
stringtemplate4-4.3.1-9.fc36 A Java template engine linux/noarch
stringtemplate4-javadoc-4.3.1-9.fc36 Javadoc for stringtemplate4 linux/noarch
strongswan-5.9.5-3.fc36 An OpenSource IPsec-based VPN and TNC solution linux/armv7hl
strongswan-charon-nm-5.9.5-3.fc36 NetworkManager plugin for Strongswan linux/armv7hl
strongswan-libipsec-5.9.5-3.fc36 Strongswan's libipsec backend linux/armv7hl
strongswan-sqlite-5.9.5-3.fc36 SQLite support for strongSwan linux/armv7hl
strongswan-tnc-imcvs-5.9.5-3.fc36 Trusted network connect (TNC)'s IMC/IMV functionality linux/armv7hl
stubby-0.4.0-3.fc36 Application that act as a local DNS Privacy stub resolver linux/armv7hl
studio-controls-2.1.0-5.fc36 Studio control for audio devices linux/noarch
stun-0.97-19.fc36 Implements a simple Stun Client linux/armv7hl
stun-server-0.97-19.fc36 Implements the Stun Server linux/armv7hl
stunnel-5.62-3.fc36 A TLS-encrypting socket wrapper linux/armv7hl
subnetcalc-2.4.19-2.fc36 IPv4/IPv6 Subnet Calculator linux/armv7hl
subprocess-0.2.7-2.fc36 Execution of and interaction with external processes and pipelines linux/armv7hl
subtitleeditor-0.54.0-15.fc36 GTK+3 tool to edit subtitles for GNU/Linux/*BSD linux/armv7hl
subunit-1.4.0-10.fc36 C bindings for subunit linux/armv7hl
subunit-cppunit-1.4.0-10.fc36 Subunit integration into cppunit linux/armv7hl
subunit-cppunit-devel-1.4.0-10.fc36 Header files for applications that use cppunit and subunit linux/armv7hl
subunit-devel-1.4.0-10.fc36 Header files for developing C applications that use subunit linux/armv7hl
subunit-filters-1.4.0-10.fc36 Command line filters for processing subunit streams linux/noarch
subunit-perl-1.4.0-10.fc36 Perl bindings for subunit linux/noarch
subunit-shell-1.4.0-10.fc36 Shell bindings for subunit linux/noarch
subunit-static-1.4.0-10.fc36 Static C library for subunit linux/armv7hl
subversion-1.14.1-11.fc36 A Modern Concurrent Version Control System linux/armv7hl
subversion-api-docs-1.14.1-2.fc36 Subversion API documentation linux/noarch
subversion-devel-1.14.1-11.fc36 Development package for the Subversion libraries linux/armv7hl
subversion-gnome-1.14.1-11.fc36 GNOME Keyring support for Subversion linux/armv7hl
subversion-javahl-1.14.1-11.fc36 JNI bindings to the Subversion libraries linux/noarch
subversion-kde-1.14.1-11.fc36 KDE Wallet support for Subversion linux/armv7hl
subversion-libs-1.14.1-11.fc36 Libraries for Subversion Version Control system linux/armv7hl
subversion-perl-1.14.1-11.fc36 Perl bindings to the Subversion libraries linux/armv7hl
subversion-ruby-1.14.1-11.fc36 Ruby bindings to the Subversion libraries linux/armv7hl
subversion-tools-1.14.1-11.fc36 Supplementary tools for Subversion linux/armv7hl
sudo-1.9.8-5.p2.fc36 Allows restricted root access for specified users linux/armv7hl
sudo-devel-1.9.8-5.p2.fc36 Development files for sudo linux/armv7hl
sudo-logsrvd-1.9.8-5.p2.fc36 High-performance log server for sudo linux/armv7hl
sudo-python-plugin-1.9.8-5.p2.fc36 Python plugin for sudo linux/armv7hl
sugar-0.118-6.fc36 Constructionist learning platform linux/noarch
sugar-abacus-61-7.fc36 A simple abacus activity for Sugar linux/noarch
sugar-artwork-0.118-3.fc36 Artwork for Sugar look-and-feel linux/armv7hl
sugar-browse-207-4.fc36 Browse activity for Sugar linux/noarch
sugar-calculator-47-3.fc36 Calculator for Sugar linux/noarch
sugar-chat-86-8.fc36 Chat client for Sugar linux/noarch
sugar-clock-22.1-6.fc36 Clock activity for Sugar linux/noarch
sugar-colordeducto-8-6.fc36 To improve students skills to deducing logic and learning colors & schemes linux/noarch
sugar-cp-all-0.118-6.fc36 All control panel modules linux/noarch
sugar-cp-background-0.118-6.fc36 Sugar Background control panel linux/noarch
sugar-cp-backup-0.118-6.fc36 Sugar Backup control panel linux/noarch
sugar-cp-datetime-0.118-6.fc36 Sugar Date and Time control panel linux/noarch
sugar-cp-frame-0.118-6.fc36 Sugar Frame control panel linux/noarch
sugar-cp-keyboard-0.118-6.fc36 Sugar Keyboard control panel linux/noarch
sugar-cp-language-0.118-6.fc36 Sugar Language control panel linux/noarch
sugar-cp-modemconfiguration-0.118-6.fc36 Sugar Modem configuration control panel linux/noarch
sugar-cp-network-0.118-6.fc36 Sugar Network control panel linux/noarch
sugar-cp-power-0.118-6.fc36 Sugar Power control panel linux/noarch
sugar-cp-updater-0.118-6.fc36 Sugar Activity Update control panel linux/noarch
sugar-cp-webaccount-0.118-6.fc36 Sugar Web Account control panel linux/noarch
sugar-datastore-0.118-5.fc36 Sugar Datastore linux/armv7hl
sugar-deducto-11-4.fc36 A learning activity aimed towards improving children’s skills to deducing logic linux/noarch
sugar-dimensions-60-4.fc36 A pattern matching game linux/noarch
sugar-distance-36-7.fc36 Distance measurement for Sugar linux/noarch
sugar-finance-15-7.fc36 Financial planning for Sugar linux/noarch
sugar-flip-10-4.fc36 Simple strategic game of flipping coins linux/noarch
sugar-flipsticks-14-3.fc36 A keyframe animation activity for Sugar linux/noarch
sugar-fototoon-26-3.fc36 An activity used to create cartoons linux/noarch
sugar-fractionbounce-28.1-5.fc36 A game which teaches fractions and estimations linux/noarch
sugar-imageviewer-65-6.fc36 Simple Image viewer for Sugar linux/noarch
sugar-implode-20-6.fc36 Implode for Sugar linux/noarch
sugar-jukebox-36-6.fc36 Media player activity for Sugar linux/noarch
sugar-locosugar-12-4.fc36 A game for discovering how to use the mouse and keyboard linux/noarch
sugar-log-42-3.fc36 Log activity for Sugar linux/noarch
sugar-logos-3-22.fc36 Boot splash imagery for Sugar on a Stick linux/noarch
sugar-maze-29-7.fc36 Maze game for Sugar linux/noarch
sugar-memorize-58-4.fc36 Memorize for Sugar linux/noarch
sugar-moon-19-11.fc36 Moon phases activity for sugar linux/noarch
sugar-nutrition-16-4.fc36 A collection of nutrition games linux/noarch
sugar-paint-70-9.fc36 Paint activity for Sugar linux/armv7hl
sugar-physics-35-7.fc36 A physical world simulator and playground for Sugar linux/noarch
sugar-pippy-75-6.fc36 Pippy for Sugar linux/armv7hl
sugar-playgo-6-4.fc36 Go for Sugar linux/noarch
sugar-portfolio-52-6.fc36 A simple tool for generating slide show from starred Journal entries linux/noarch
sugar-pukllanapac-14-6.fc36 A sliding puzzle game linux/noarch
sugar-read-123-8.fc36 A document reader for Sugar linux/noarch
sugar-recall-7-5.fc36 A series of memory games linux/noarch
sugar-record-201-5.fc36 Recording tool for Sugar linux/noarch
sugar-speak-59-3.fc36 Speak for Sugar linux/noarch
sugar-srilanka-4-4.fc36 Game about the geography of Sri Lanka linux/noarch
sugar-stopwatch-21-6.fc36 Simple stopwatch for Sugar linux/noarch
sugar-story-20-6.fc36 An activity that uses images to prompt the learner to tell stories linux/noarch
sugar-terminal-47-7.fc36 Terminal for Sugar linux/noarch
sugar-toolkit-gtk3-0.118-7.fc36 Sugar toolkit GTK+ 3 linux/armv7hl
sugar-toolkit-gtk3-devel-0.118-7.fc36 Invokation information for accessing SugarExt-1.0 linux/armv7hl
sugar-turtleart-220-6.fc36 Turtle Art activity for sugar linux/noarch
sugar-typing-turtle-32-7.fc36 A multilingual animated touch typing trainer linux/noarch
sugar-view-slides-15-2.fc36 Image series viewer for Sugar linux/noarch
sugar-words-24-7.fc36 A multi lingual dictionary with speech synthesis linux/noarch
sugar-write-101-7.fc36 Word processor for Sugar linux/noarch
sugar-xoeditor-14-4.fc36 Editor for XO icon colors linux/noarch
sugar-xoirc-14-4.fc36 IRC client for Sugar linux/noarch
sugarjar-0.0.9-6.fc36 A git/github helper utility linux/noarch
suil-0.10.8-4.fc36 A lightweight C library for loading and wrapping LV2 plugin UIs linux/armv7hl
suil-devel-0.10.8-4.fc36 Development libraries and headers for suil linux/armv7hl
suitesparse-5.10.1-2.fc36 A collection of sparse matrix libraries linux/armv7hl
suitesparse-devel-5.10.1-2.fc36 Development headers for SuiteSparse linux/armv7hl
suitesparse-doc-5.10.1-2.fc36 Documentation files for SuiteSparse linux/noarch
suitesparse-static-5.10.1-2.fc36 Static version of SuiteSparse libraries linux/armv7hl
sundials-5.8.0-4.fc36 Suite of nonlinear solvers linux/armv7hl
sundials-devel-5.8.0-4.fc36 Suite of nonlinear solvers (developer files) linux/armv7hl
sundials-doc-5.8.0-4.fc36 Suite of nonlinear solvers (documentation) linux/noarch
sundials-mpich-5.8.0-4.fc36 Suite of nonlinear solvers linux/armv7hl
sundials-mpich-devel-5.8.0-4.fc36 Suite of nonlinear solvers linux/armv7hl
sundials-openmpi-5.8.0-4.fc36 Suite of nonlinear solvers linux/armv7hl
sundials-openmpi-devel-5.8.0-4.fc36 Suite of nonlinear solvers linux/armv7hl
sundials2-2.7.0-10.fc36 Suite of nonlinear solvers linux/armv7hl
sundials2-devel-2.7.0-10.fc36 Suite of nonlinear solvers (developer files) linux/armv7hl
sundials2-doc-2.7.0-10.fc36 Suite of nonlinear solvers (documentation) linux/noarch
sundials2-mpich-2.7.0-10.fc36 Suite of nonlinear solvers linux/armv7hl
sundials2-mpich-devel-2.7.0-10.fc36 Suite of nonlinear solvers linux/armv7hl
sundials2-openmpi-2.7.0-10.fc36 Suite of nonlinear solvers linux/armv7hl
sundials2-openmpi-devel-2.7.0-10.fc36 Suite of nonlinear solvers linux/armv7hl
sunpinyin-3.0.0-0.7.20190805git.fc36 A statistical language model based Chinese input method engine linux/armv7hl
sunpinyin-data-3.0.0-0.7.20190805git.fc36 Little-endian data files for sunpinyin linux/armv7hl
sunpinyin-devel-3.0.0-0.7.20190805git.fc36 Development files for sunpinyin linux/armv7hl
sunwait-0.1-0.17.20041208.fc36 Calculate sunrise, sunset, twilight linux/armv7hl
sunxi-tools-1.4.2-15.42ffc5f.fc36 Tools to help hacking Allwinner (sunxi) based devices linux/armv7hl
supercollider-3.12.2-2.fc36 Object oriented programming environment for real-time audio and video processing linux/armv7hl
supercollider-devel-3.12.2-2.fc36 Development files for SuperCollider linux/armv7hl
supercollider-emacs-3.12.2-2.fc36 SuperCollider support for Emacs linux/armv7hl
supercollider-gedit-3.12.2-2.fc36 SuperCollider support for GEdit linux/armv7hl
supercollider-vim-3.12.2-2.fc36 SuperCollider support for Vim linux/armv7hl
superkb-0.23-4.fc36 Graphical application launcher for Linux linux/armv7hl
superlu_dist-doc-6.1.1-9.fc36 Documentation for superlu_dist linux/noarch
superlu_dist-mpich-6.1.1-9.fc36 Solution of large, sparse, nonsymmetric systems of linear equations - mpich linux/armv7hl
superlu_dist-mpich-devel-6.1.1-9.fc36 Development files for superlu_dist-mpich linux/armv7hl
superlu_dist-openmpi-6.1.1-9.fc36 Solution of large, sparse, nonsymmetric systems of linear equations - openmpi linux/armv7hl
superlu_dist-openmpi-devel-6.1.1-9.fc36 Development files for superlu_dist-openmpi linux/armv7hl
supermin-5.3.2-1.fc36 Tool for creating supermin appliances linux/armv7hl
supermin-devel-5.3.2-1.fc36 Development tools for supermin linux/armv7hl
supertux-0.6.3-3.fc36 Jump'n run like game linux/armv7hl
supertuxkart-1.3-3.fc36.1 Kids 3D go-kart racing game featuring Tux linux/armv7hl
supertuxkart-data-1.3-3.fc36.1 Kids 3D go-kart racing game featuring Tux linux/noarch
supervisor-4.2.2-3.fc36 A System for Allowing the Control of Process State on UNIX linux/noarch
surf-2.0-13.fc36 Simple web browser linux/armv7hl
surf-geometry-1.0.6-32.fc36 Tool to visualize some real algebraic geometry linux/armv7hl
surfraw-2.3.0-9.fc36 Shell Users Revolutionary Front Rage Against the Web linux/noarch
surgescript-0.5.5-3.fc36 A scripting language for games linux/armv7hl
surgescript-devel-0.5.5-3.fc36 Files for developing applications using surgescript linux/armv7hl
surgescript-static-0.5.5-3.fc36 Files for developing applications using surgescript linux/armv7hl
suricata-6.0.4-5.fc36 Intrusion Detection System linux/armv7hl
suru-icon-theme-0-9.20180927git2d81020.fc36 Suru icon and cursor set linux/noarch
sushi-41.2-1.fc36 A quick previewer for Nautilus linux/armv7hl
svg2svgt-0.9.6-14.fc36 SVG to SVG Tiny converter linux/armv7hl
svg2svgt-devel-0.9.6-14.fc36 Development files for svg2svgt linux/armv7hl
svgpart-21.12.2-1.fc36 SVG KPart linux/armv7hl
svn-bisect-1.1-31.fc36 Binary search through svn revisions linux/noarch
svn2cl-0.14-15.fc36 Create a ChangeLog from a Subversion log linux/noarch
svncpp-0.13.0-0.20220201git3a564e0.fc36 C++ bindings for the Subversion client library linux/armv7hl
svncpp-devel-0.13.0-0.20220201git3a564e0.fc36 Development resources for the 'svncpp' library linux/armv7hl
svnkit-1.8.12-13.fc36 Pure Java library to manage Subversion working copies and repositories linux/noarch
svnkit-cli-1.8.12-13.fc36 SVNKit based Subversion command line client linux/noarch
svnkit-javadoc-1.8.12-13.fc36 Javadoc for SVNKit linux/noarch
svnkit-javahl-1.8.12-13.fc36 SVNKit based Subversion JavaHL API implementation linux/noarch
svxlink-reflector-1.0.1-12.fc36 An audio reflector for connecting SvxLink Servers linux/armv7hl
svxlink-server-1.6.1-12.fc36 SvxLink - A general purpose voice services system linux/armv7hl
swaks-20190914.0-6.fc36 Command-line SMTP transaction tester linux/noarch
swappy-1.4.0-2.fc36 Wayland native snapshot editing tool, inspired by Snappy on macOS linux/armv7hl
swarp-2.38.0-19.fc36 Tool that resamples and co-adds together FITS images linux/armv7hl
swarp-doc-2.38.0-19.fc36 Documentation for swarp linux/noarch
swatch-3.2.3-34.fc36 Tool for actively monitoring log files linux/noarch
sway-1.7-1.fc36 i3-compatible window manager for Wayland linux/armv7hl
sway-systemd-0.2.2-1.fc36 Systemd integration for Sway session linux/noarch
swaybg-1.1.1-1.fc36 Wallpaper tool for Wayland compositors linux/armv7hl
swayidle-1.7.1-1.fc36 An idle daemon for wayland compositors linux/armv7hl
swaylock-1.6-1.fc36 Screen locker for Wayland linux/armv7hl
sweep-0.9.3-31.fc36 An audio editor and live playback tool linux/armv7hl
sweep-devel-0.9.3-31.fc36 Development files for Sweep linux/armv7hl
sweeper-21.12.1-2.fc36 Clean unwanted traces the user leaves on the system linux/armv7hl
sweet-gtk-theme-3.0-3.20220212.fc36 Light and dark, colorful GTK+ theme linux/noarch
swell-foop-41.0.1-2.fc36 GNOME colored tiles puzzle game linux/armv7hl
swid-tools-0.8.15-1.fc36 Tools for producing SWID tags for rpm packages and inspecting the SWID tags linux/noarch
swig-4.0.2-14.fc36 Connects C/C++/Objective C to some high-level programming languages linux/armv7hl
swig-doc-4.0.2-14.fc36 Documentation files for SWIG linux/noarch
swig-gdb-4.0.2-14.fc36 Commands for easier debugging of SWIG linux/armv7hl
swing-layout-1.0.4-24.fc36 Natural layout for Swing panels linux/noarch
switchboard-6.0.0-3.fc36 Modular Desktop Settings Hub linux/armv7hl
switchboard-devel-6.0.0-3.fc36 Modular Desktop Settings Hub (development files) linux/armv7hl
switchboard-libs-6.0.0-3.fc36 Modular Desktop Settings Hub (shared library) linux/armv7hl
switchboard-plug-a11y-2.3.0-3.fc36 Switchboard Accessibility plug linux/armv7hl
switchboard-plug-about-6.0.1-2.fc36 Switchboard System Information plug linux/armv7hl
switchboard-plug-applications-6.0.1-2.fc36 Switchboard Applications plug linux/armv7hl
switchboard-plug-bluetooth-2.3.6-3.fc36 Switchboard Bluetooth plug linux/armv7hl
switchboard-plug-display-2.3.2-2.fc36 Switchboard Display plug linux/armv7hl
switchboard-plug-keyboard-2.6.0-2.fc36 Switchboard Keyboard plug linux/armv7hl
switchboard-plug-mouse-touchpad-6.1.0-2.fc36 Switchboard Mouse and Touchpad plug linux/armv7hl
switchboard-plug-networking-2.4.2-1.fc36 Switchboard Networking plug linux/armv7hl
switchboard-plug-notifications-2.2.0-3.fc36 Switchboard Notifications plug linux/armv7hl
switchboard-plug-onlineaccounts-6.3.0-2.fc36 Switchboard Online Accounts plug linux/armv7hl
switchboard-plug-pantheon-shell-6.1.0-2.fc36 Switchboard Pantheon Shell plug linux/armv7hl
switchboard-plug-printers-2.1.10-2.fc36 Switchboard Printers Plug linux/armv7hl
switchboard-plug-sharing-2.1.5-3.fc36 Switchboard Sharing Plug linux/armv7hl
switchboard-plug-sound-2.3.0-2.fc36 Switchboard Sound Plug linux/armv7hl
switchboard-plug-tweaks-1.0.3-3.fc36 Switchboard Tweaks Plug linux/armv7hl
switchdesk-5.0.1-10.fc36 A desktop environment switcher linux/noarch
switchdesk-gui-5.0.1-10.fc36 A graphical interface for the Desktop Switcher linux/noarch
switcheroo-control-2.4-5.fc36 D-Bus service to check the availability of dual-GPU linux/armv7hl
switcheroo-control-docs-2.4-5.fc36 Documentation for switcheroo-control linux/noarch
sword-1.9.0-9.fc36 Free Bible Software Project linux/armv7hl
sword-devel-1.9.0-9.fc36 Development files for the sword project linux/armv7hl
sword-utils-1.9.0-9.fc36 Utilities for the sword project linux/armv7hl
swtpm-0.7.2-1.20220307git21c90c1.fc36 TPM Emulator linux/armv7hl
swtpm-devel-0.7.2-1.20220307git21c90c1.fc36 Include files for the TPM emulator's CUSE interface for usage by clients linux/armv7hl
swtpm-libs-0.7.2-1.20220307git21c90c1.fc36 Private libraries for swtpm TPM emulators linux/armv7hl
swtpm-tools-0.7.2-1.20220307git21c90c1.fc36 Tools for the TPM emulator linux/armv7hl
swtpm-tools-pkcs11-0.7.2-1.20220307git21c90c1.fc36 Tools for creating a local CA based on a TPM pkcs11 device linux/armv7hl
sxhkd-0.6.1-9.fc36 Simple X hotkey daemon linux/armv7hl
sxiv-26-5.fc36 Simple (or small or suckless) X Image Viewer linux/armv7hl
sylfilter-0.8-22.fc36 A generic message filter library and command-line tools linux/armv7hl
sylfilter-devel-0.8-22.fc36 Development files for sylfilter linux/armv7hl
sylpheed-3.7.0-12.fc36 GTK+ based, lightweight, and fast email client linux/armv7hl
sylpheed-devel-3.7.0-12.fc36 Development files for sylpheed linux/armv7hl
sylpheed-libs-3.7.0-12.fc36 Libraries for sylpheed linux/armv7hl
symbian-m-yuppy-gb-fonts-1.00-5.fc33 M Yuppy GB, a Chinese font family with a unique, modern feel linux/noarch
symfpu-0-0.10.20190517gitc3acaf6.fc36 An implementation of IEEE-754 / SMT-LIB floating-point linux/armv7hl
symfpu-devel-0-0.10.20190517gitc3acaf6.fc36 Development files for symfpu linux/armv7hl
symlinks-1.7-6.fc36 A utility which maintains a system's symbolic links linux/armv7hl
symmetrica-3.0.1-5.fc36 A Collection of Routines for Solving Symmetric Groups linux/armv7hl
symmetrica-devel-3.0.1-5.fc36 Development files for symmetrica linux/armv7hl
sympa-6.2.68-1.fc36 Powerful multilingual List Manager linux/armv7hl
sympa-devel-doc-6.2.68-1.fc36 Sympa devel doc linux/armv7hl
sympa-httpd-6.2.68-1.fc36 Sympa with Apache HTTP Server linux/armv7hl
sympa-lighttpd-6.2.68-1.fc36 Sympa with lighttpd linux/armv7hl
sympa-nginx-6.2.68-1.fc36 Sympa with nginx linux/armv7hl
sympol-0.1.9-28.fc36 Symmetric polyhedra tool linux/armv7hl
sympol-devel-0.1.9-28.fc36 Headers and libraries for developing SymPol applications linux/armv7hl
sympol-libs-0.1.9-28.fc36 Symmetric polyhedra library linux/armv7hl
sympow-2.023.6-5.fc36 Special Values of Symmetric Power Elliptic Curve L-Functions linux/armv7hl
sympow-data-2.023.6-5.fc36 Shared data for sympow linux/noarch
sympy-doc-1.9-2.fc36 Documentation for sympy linux/noarch
sympy-examples-1.9-2.fc36 Sympy examples linux/noarch
synapse- A semantic launcher written in Vala linux/armv7hl
syncevolution-2.0.0-3.fc36 SyncML client for evolution linux/armv7hl
syncevolution-devel-2.0.0-3.fc36 Development package for syncevolution linux/armv7hl
syncevolution-gtk-2.0.0-3.fc36 GTK+ GUI for syncevolution linux/armv7hl
syncevolution-libs-2.0.0-3.fc36 Library package for syncevolution linux/armv7hl
syncevolution-libs-akonadi-2.0.0-3.fc36 Akonadi backend package for syncevolution linux/armv7hl
syncevolution-perl-2.0.0-3.fc36 Perl utils for syncevolution linux/armv7hl
syncthing-1.19.1-1.fc36 Continuous File Synchronization linux/armv7hl
syncthing-tools-1.19.1-1.fc36 Continuous File Synchronization (server tools) linux/armv7hl
synergy- Share mouse and keyboard between multiple computers over the network linux/armv7hl
synfig-1.5.1-1.fc36 Vector-based 2D animation rendering backend linux/armv7hl
synfig-devel-1.5.1-1.fc36 Development files for synfig linux/armv7hl
synfigstudio-1.5.1-1.fc36 Vector-based 2D animation studio linux/armv7hl
synfigstudio-devel-1.5.1-1.fc36 Development files for synfigstudio linux/armv7hl
synthv1-0.9.23-3.fc36 A 4-oscillator subtractive polyphonic synthesizer linux/armv7hl
sysbench-1.0.20-8.fc36 System performance benchmark linux/armv7hl
sysconftool-0.18-3.fc36 Macros for aclocal to install configuration files linux/noarch
sysfsutils-2.1.1-3.fc36 Utilities for interfacing with sysfs linux/armv7hl
syslinux-extlinux-nonlinux-6.04-0.22.fc36 The parts of the EXTLINUX bootloader which aren't run from linux. linux/noarch
syslinux-nonlinux-6.04-0.22.fc36 SYSLINUX modules which aren't run from linux. linux/noarch
syslinux-tftpboot-6.04-0.22.fc36 SYSLINUX modules in /tftpboot, available for network booting linux/noarch
syslog-ng-3.35.1-3.fc36 Next-generation syslog server linux/armv7hl
syslog-ng-amqp-3.35.1-3.fc36 AMQP support for syslog-ng linux/armv7hl
syslog-ng-devel-3.35.1-3.fc36 Development files for syslog-ng linux/armv7hl
syslog-ng-geoip-3.35.1-3.fc36 GeoIP support for syslog-ng linux/armv7hl
syslog-ng-http-3.35.1-3.fc36 HTTP support for syslog-ng linux/armv7hl
syslog-ng-kafka-3.35.1-3.fc36 Kafka support for syslog-ng linux/armv7hl
syslog-ng-libdbi-3.35.1-3.fc36 Libdbi support for syslog-ng linux/armv7hl
syslog-ng-mongodb-3.35.1-3.fc36 MongoDB support for syslog-ng linux/armv7hl
syslog-ng-python-3.35.1-3.fc36 Python support for syslog-ng linux/armv7hl
syslog-ng-redis-3.35.1-3.fc36 Redis support for syslog-ng linux/armv7hl
syslog-ng-riemann-3.35.1-3.fc36 Riemann support for syslog-ng linux/armv7hl
syslog-ng-slog-3.35.1-3.fc36 secure logging support for syslog-ng linux/armv7hl
syslog-ng-smtp-3.35.1-3.fc36 SMTP support for syslog-ng linux/armv7hl
syslog-ng-snmp-3.35.1-3.fc36 SNMP support for syslog-ng linux/armv7hl
sysmontask-1.3.9-4.fc36 Linux system monitor with the compactness and usefulness of WTM linux/noarch
sysprof-3.44.0-1.fc36 A system-wide Linux profiler linux/armv7hl
sysprof-capture-devel-3.44.0-1.fc36 Development files for sysprof-capture static library linux/armv7hl
sysprof-cli-3.44.0-1.fc36 Sysprof command line utility linux/armv7hl
sysprof-devel-3.44.0-1.fc36 Development files for sysprof linux/armv7hl
sysreporter-3.0.4-12.fc36 Basic system reporter with emailing linux/noarch
sysstat-12.5.4-3.fc36 Collection of performance monitoring tools for Linux linux/armv7hl
system-config-language-3.5.0-8.fc36 A graphical interface for modifying the system language linux/noarch
system-config-printer-1.5.15-6.fc36 A printer administration tool linux/armv7hl
system-config-printer-applet-1.5.15-6.fc36 Print job notification applet linux/armv7hl
system-config-printer-libs-1.5.15-6.fc36 Libraries and shared code for printer administration tool linux/noarch
system-config-printer-udev-1.5.15-6.fc36 Rules for udev for automatic configuration of USB printers linux/armv7hl
system-config-rootpassword-1.99.6-26.fc36 A graphical interface for modifying the rootpassword linux/noarch
system-rules-1.19.0-2.fc36 A collection of JUnit rules for testing code which uses java.lang.System linux/noarch
system-rules-javadoc-1.19.0-2.fc36 API documentation for system-rules linux/noarch
system-storage-manager-1.3-12.fc36 A single tool to manage your storage linux/noarch
system-switch-java-1.1.8-7.fc36 A tool for changing the default Java toolset linux/noarch
system-switch-mail-2.0.1-15.fc36 The Mail Transport Agent Switcher linux/noarch
system-switch-mail-gui-2.0.1-15.fc36 A GUI interface for Mail Transport Agent Switcher linux/noarch
system76-keyboard-configurator-1.0.0-5.20220213git30f7c7a.fc36 System76 Keyboard Configurator linux/armv7hl
system76_ectool-0.3.8-1.fc36 System76 EC tool linux/armv7hl
systemd-250.3-8.fc36 System and Service Manager linux/armv7hl
systemd-bootchart-233-11.fc36 Boot performance graphing tool linux/armv7hl
systemd-container-250.3-8.fc36 Tools for containers and VMs linux/armv7hl
systemd-devel-250.3-8.fc36 Development headers for systemd linux/armv7hl
systemd-journal-remote-250.3-8.fc36 Tools to send journal events over the network linux/armv7hl
systemd-libs-250.3-8.fc36 systemd libraries linux/armv7hl
systemd-networkd-250.3-8.fc36 System daemon that manages network configurations linux/armv7hl
systemd-oomd-defaults-250.3-8.fc36 Configuration files for systemd-oomd linux/noarch
systemd-pam-250.3-8.fc36 systemd PAM module linux/armv7hl
systemd-resolved-250.3-8.fc36 Network Name Resolution manager linux/armv7hl
systemd-rpm-macros-250.3-8.fc36 Macros that define paths and scriptlets related to systemd linux/noarch
systemd-standalone-sysusers-250.3-8.fc36 Standalone sysusers binary for use in non-systemd systems linux/armv7hl
systemd-standalone-tmpfiles-250.3-8.fc36 Standalone tmpfiles binary for use in non-systemd systems linux/armv7hl
systemd-swap-3.3.0-10.fc36 Creating hybrid swap space from zram swaps, swap files and swap partitions linux/noarch
systemd-tests-250.3-8.fc36 Internal unit tests for systemd linux/armv7hl
systemd-udev-250.3-8.fc36 Rule-based device node and kernel event manager linux/armv7hl
systemtap-4.7~pre16433134g7d871ab5-2.fc36 Programmable system-wide instrumentation system linux/armv7hl
systemtap-client-4.7~pre16433134g7d871ab5-2.fc36 Programmable system-wide instrumentation system - client linux/armv7hl
systemtap-devel-4.7~pre16433134g7d871ab5-2.fc36 Programmable system-wide instrumentation system - development headers, tools linux/armv7hl
systemtap-exporter-4.7~pre16433134g7d871ab5-2.fc36 Systemtap-prometheus interoperation mechanism linux/armv7hl
systemtap-initscript-4.7~pre16433134g7d871ab5-2.fc36 Systemtap Initscripts linux/armv7hl
systemtap-runtime-4.7~pre16433134g7d871ab5-2.fc36 Programmable system-wide instrumentation system - runtime linux/armv7hl
systemtap-runtime-java-4.7~pre16433134g7d871ab5-2.fc36 Systemtap Java Runtime Support linux/armv7hl
systemtap-runtime-python3-4.7~pre16433134g7d871ab5-2.fc36 Systemtap Python 3 Runtime Support linux/armv7hl
systemtap-runtime-virtguest-4.7~pre16433134g7d871ab5-2.fc36 Systemtap Cross-VM Instrumentation - guest linux/armv7hl
systemtap-runtime-virthost-4.7~pre16433134g7d871ab5-2.fc36 Systemtap Cross-VM Instrumentation - host linux/armv7hl
systemtap-sdt-devel-4.7~pre16433134g7d871ab5-2.fc36 Static probe support tools linux/armv7hl
systemtap-server-4.7~pre16433134g7d871ab5-2.fc36 Instrumentation System Server linux/armv7hl
systemtap-testsuite-4.7~pre16433134g7d871ab5-2.fc36 Instrumentation System Testsuite linux/armv7hl
sysusage-5.7-14.fc36 System monitoring based on Perl, rrdtool, and sysstat linux/noarch
sysusage-common-5.7-14.fc36 Common files for sysusage linux/noarch
sysusage-httpd-5.7-14.fc36 Apache configuration for sysusage linux/noarch
sysusage-rsysusage-5.7-14.fc36 Remote utility for sysusage linux/noarch
sysutil-0-0.6.20200615git15668db.fc36 Provides cross platform system utilities linux/armv7hl

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