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RPM of Group System Environment/Daemons

389-admin-1.1.43-1.el6 389 Administration Server (admin) linux/x86_64
389-admin-1.1.43-1.el6 389 Administration Server (admin) linux/i686linux/x86_64
bitlbee-3.5-1.el6 IRC to other chat networks gateway linux/x86_64New
bitlbee-3.5-1.el6 IRC to other chat networks gateway linux/i686Newlinux/x86_64New
bitlbee-otr-3.5-1.el6 OTR plugin for bitlbee linux/x86_64New
carbon-c-relay-2.5-1.el6 Enhanced C implementation of Carbon relay, aggregator and rewriter linux/x86_64New
exim-4.88-1.el6 The exim mail transfer agent linux/x86_64
exim-greylist-4.88-1.el6 Example configuration for greylisting using Exim linux/x86_64
exim-mysql-4.88-1.el6 MySQL lookup support for Exim linux/x86_64
exim-pgsql-4.88-1.el6 PostgreSQL lookup support for Exim linux/x86_64
fail2ban-0.9.5-1.el6 Ban IPs that make too many password failures linux/noarch
hitch-1.4.4-2.el6 Network proxy that terminates TLS/SSL connections linux/x86_64
lighttpd-1.4.45-1.el6 Lightning fast webserver with light system requirements linux/x86_64New
lighttpd-fastcgi-1.4.45-1.el6 FastCGI module and spawning helper for lighttpd and PHP configuration linux/x86_64New
lighttpd-mod_authn_gssapi-1.4.45-1.el6 Authentication module for lighttpd that uses GSSAPI linux/x86_64New
lighttpd-mod_authn_mysql-1.4.45-1.el6 Authentication module for lighttpd that uses a MySQL database linux/x86_64New
lighttpd-mod_geoip-1.4.45-1.el6 GeoIP module for lighttpd to use for location lookups linux/x86_64New
lighttpd-mod_mysql_vhost-1.4.45-1.el6 Virtual host module for lighttpd that uses a MySQL database linux/x86_64New
mcollective-2.8.4-1.el6 Application Server for hosting Ruby code on any capable middleware linux/noarch
mod_proxy_uwsgi-2.0.14-6.el6 uWSGI - Apache2 proxy module linux/x86_64New
mod_qos-11.5-1.el6 Quality of service module for Apache linux/x86_64
myproxy-server-6.1.25-1.el6 Server for X.509 Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) security credentials linux/x86_64New
pdns-recursor-3.7.4-1.el6 Modern, advanced and high performance recursing/non authoritative name server linux/x86_64New
prosody-0.9.12-1.el6 Flexible communications server for Jabber/XMPP linux/x86_64New
salt-api-0.8.3-1.el6 A web api for to access salt the parallel remote execution system linux/noarch
uwsgi-2.0.14-6.el6 Fast, self-healing, application container server linux/x86_64New
uwsgi-alarm-curl-2.0.14-6.el6 uWSGI - Curl alarm plugin linux/x86_64New
uwsgi-alarm-xmpp-2.0.14-6.el6 uWSGI - Curl alarm plugin linux/x86_64New
uwsgi-log-encoder-msgpack-2.0.14-6.el6 uWSGI - msgpack log encoder plugin linux/x86_64New
uwsgi-logger-crypto-2.0.14-6.el6 uWSGI - logcrypto logger plugin linux/x86_64New
uwsgi-logger-file-2.0.14-6.el6 uWSGI - logfile logger plugin linux/x86_64New
uwsgi-logger-graylog2-2.0.14-6.el6 uWSGI - Graylog2 logger plugin linux/x86_64New
uwsgi-logger-pipe-2.0.14-6.el6 uWSGI - logpipe logger plugin linux/x86_64New
uwsgi-logger-redis-2.0.14-6.el6 uWSGI - redislog logger plugin linux/x86_64New
uwsgi-logger-rsyslog-2.0.14-6.el6 uWSGI - rsyslog logger plugin linux/x86_64New
uwsgi-logger-socket-2.0.14-6.el6 uWSGI - logsocket logger plugin linux/x86_64New
uwsgi-logger-syslog-2.0.14-6.el6 uWSGI - syslog logger plugin linux/x86_64New
uwsgi-plugin-airbrake-2.0.14-6.el6 uWSGI - Plugin for AirBrake support linux/x86_64New
uwsgi-plugin-cache-2.0.14-6.el6 uWSGI - Plugin for cache support linux/x86_64New
uwsgi-plugin-carbon-2.0.14-6.el6 uWSGI - Plugin for Carbon/Graphite support linux/x86_64New
uwsgi-plugin-cheaper-busyness-2.0.14-6.el6 uWSGI - Plugin for Cheaper Busyness algos linux/x86_64New
uwsgi-plugin-common-2.0.14-6.el6 uWSGI - Common plugins for uWSGI linux/x86_64New
uwsgi-plugin-cplusplus-2.0.14-6.el6 uWSGI - Plugin for C++ support linux/x86_64New
uwsgi-plugin-curl-cron-2.0.14-6.el6 uWSGI - Plugin for CURL Cron support linux/x86_64New
uwsgi-plugin-dumbloop-2.0.14-6.el6 uWSGI - Plugin for Dumb Loop support linux/x86_64New
uwsgi-plugin-dummy-2.0.14-6.el6 uWSGI - Plugin for Dummy support linux/x86_64New
uwsgi-plugin-geoip-2.0.14-6.el6 uWSGI - Plugin for GeoIP support linux/x86_64New
uwsgi-plugin-gevent-2.0.14-6.el6 uWSGI - Plugin for GEvent support linux/x86_64New
uwsgi-plugin-jvm-2.0.14-6.el6 uWSGI - Plugin for JVM support linux/x86_64New
uwsgi-plugin-jwsgi-2.0.14-6.el6 uWSGI - Plugin for JWSGI support linux/x86_64New
uwsgi-plugin-ldap-2.0.14-6.el6 uWSGI - Plugin for LDAP support linux/x86_64New
uwsgi-plugin-lua-2.0.14-6.el6 uWSGI - Plugin for LUA support linux/x86_64New
uwsgi-plugin-nagios-2.0.14-6.el6 uWSGI - Plugin for Nagios support linux/x86_64New
uwsgi-plugin-notfound-2.0.14-6.el6 uWSGI - Plugin for notfound support linux/x86_64New
uwsgi-plugin-pam-2.0.14-6.el6 uWSGI - Plugin for PAM support linux/x86_64New
uwsgi-plugin-php-2.0.14-6.el6 uWSGI - Plugin for PHP support linux/x86_64New
uwsgi-plugin-pty-2.0.14-6.el6 uWSGI - Plugin for PTY support linux/x86_64New
uwsgi-plugin-python-2.0.14-6.el6 uWSGI - Plugin for Python support linux/x86_64New
uwsgi-plugin-rack-2.0.14-6.el6 uWSGI - Ruby rack plugin linux/x86_64New
uwsgi-plugin-ring-2.0.14-6.el6 uWSGI - Clojure/Ring request handler support plugin linux/x86_64New
uwsgi-plugin-rpc-2.0.14-6.el6 uWSGI - Plugin for RPC support linux/x86_64New
uwsgi-plugin-rrdtool-2.0.14-6.el6 uWSGI - Plugin for RRDTool support linux/x86_64New
uwsgi-plugin-ruby-2.0.14-6.el6 uWSGI - Plugin for Ruby support linux/x86_64New
uwsgi-plugin-spooler-2.0.14-6.el6 uWSGI - Plugin for Remote Spooling support linux/x86_64New
uwsgi-plugin-sqlite3-2.0.14-6.el6 uWSGI - SQLite3 plugin linux/x86_64New
uwsgi-plugin-ssi-2.0.14-6.el6 uWSGI - Server Side Includes plugin linux/x86_64New
uwsgi-plugin-tornado-2.0.14-6.el6 uWSGI - Plugin for Tornado support linux/x86_64New
uwsgi-plugin-ugreen-2.0.14-6.el6 uWSGI - Plugin for uGreen support linux/x86_64New
uwsgi-plugin-webdav-2.0.14-6.el6 uWSGI - Plugin for WebDAV support linux/x86_64New
uwsgi-plugin-xattr-2.0.14-6.el6 uWSGI - Plugin for Extra Attributes support linux/x86_64New
uwsgi-plugin-xslt-2.0.14-6.el6 uWSGI - Plugin for XSLT transformation support linux/x86_64New
uwsgi-plugin-zergpool-2.0.14-6.el6 uWSGI - Plugin for zergpool support linux/x86_64New
uwsgi-router-access-2.0.14-6.el6 uWSGI - Plugin for router_access router support linux/x86_64New
uwsgi-router-basicauth-2.0.14-6.el6 uWSGI - Plugin for Basic Auth router support linux/x86_64New
uwsgi-router-cache-2.0.14-6.el6 uWSGI - Plugin for Cache router support linux/x86_64New
uwsgi-router-expires-2.0.14-6.el6 uWSGI - Plugin for Expires router support linux/x86_64New
uwsgi-router-fast-2.0.14-6.el6 uWSGI - Plugin for FastRouter support linux/x86_64New
uwsgi-router-forkpty-2.0.14-6.el6 uWSGI - Plugin for ForkPTY router support linux/x86_64New
uwsgi-router-hash-2.0.14-6.el6 uWSGI - Plugin for Hash router support linux/x86_64New
uwsgi-router-http-2.0.14-6.el6 uWSGI - Plugin for HTTP router support linux/x86_64New
uwsgi-router-memcached-2.0.14-6.el6 uWSGI - Plugin for Memcached router support linux/x86_64New
uwsgi-router-metrics-2.0.14-6.el6 uWSGI - Plugin for Metrics router support linux/x86_64New
uwsgi-router-radius-2.0.14-6.el6 uWSGI - Plugin for Radius router support linux/x86_64New
uwsgi-router-raw-2.0.14-6.el6 uWSGI - Plugin for Raw Router support linux/x86_64New
uwsgi-router-redirect-2.0.14-6.el6 uWSGI - Plugin for Redirect router support linux/x86_64New
uwsgi-router-redis-2.0.14-6.el6 uWSGI - Plugin for Redis router support linux/x86_64New
uwsgi-router-rewrite-2.0.14-6.el6 uWSGI - Plugin for Rewrite router support linux/x86_64New
uwsgi-router-spnego-2.0.14-6.el6 uWSGI - Plugin for SPNEgo router support linux/x86_64New
uwsgi-router-ssl-2.0.14-6.el6 uWSGI - Plugin for SSL router support linux/x86_64New
uwsgi-router-static-2.0.14-6.el6 uWSGI - Plugin for Static router support linux/i686New
uwsgi-router-static-2.0.14-6.el6 uWSGI - Plugin for Static router support linux/x86_64Newlinux/i686New
uwsgi-router-uwsgi-2.0.14-6.el6 uWSGI - Plugin for uWSGI router support linux/x86_64New
uwsgi-router-xmldir-2.0.14-6.el6 uWSGI - Plugin for XMLDir router rupport linux/x86_64New
uwsgi-stats-pusher-file-2.0.14-6.el6 uWSGI - File Stats Pusher for uWSGI linux/x86_64New
uwsgi-stats-pusher-socket-2.0.14-6.el6 uWSGI - Socket Stats Pusher for uWSGI linux/x86_64New
uwsgi-stats-pusher-statsd-2.0.14-6.el6 uWSGI - StatsD Stats Pusher for uWSGI linux/x86_64New
uwsgi-stats-pusher-zabbix-2.0.14-6.el6 uWSGI - Zabbix Stats Pusher for uWSGI linux/x86_64New
uwsgi-transformation-chunked-2.0.14-6.el6 uWSGI - Chunked Transformation plugin linux/x86_64New
uwsgi-transformation-gzip-2.0.14-6.el6 uWSGI - GZip Transformation plugin linux/x86_64New
uwsgi-transformation-offload-2.0.14-6.el6 uWSGI - Off-Load Transformation plugin linux/x86_64New
uwsgi-transformation-template-2.0.14-6.el6 uWSGI - Template Transformation plugin linux/x86_64New
uwsgi-transformation-tofile-2.0.14-6.el6 uWSGI - ToFile Transformation plugin linux/x86_64New
uwsgi-transformation-toupper-2.0.14-6.el6 uWSGI - ToUpper Transformation plugin linux/x86_64New

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