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libabigail-1.2-1.el6 RPM for x86_64

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Name: libabigail Distribution: Fedora Project
Version: 1.2 Vendor: Fedora Project
Release: 1.el6 Build date: Wed Mar 7 10:04:19 2018
Group: Unspecified Build host:
Size: 5533304 Source RPM: libabigail-1.2-1.el6.src.rpm
Packager: Fedora Project
Summary: Set of ABI analysis tools
The libabigail package comprises seven command line utilities:
abidiff, kmidiff, abipkgdiff, abicompat, abidw, abilint and
fedabipkgdiff.  The abidiff command line tool compares the ABI of two
ELF shared libraries and emits meaningful textual reports about
changes impacting exported functions, variables and their types.
Simarly, the kmidiff compares the kernel module interface of two Linux
kernels.  abipkgdiff compares the ABIs of ELF binaries contained in
two packages.  abicompat checks if a subsequent version of a shared
library is still compatible with an application that is linked against
it.  abidw emits an XML representation of the ABI of a given ELF
shared library. abilint checks that a given XML representation of the
ABI of a shared library is correct.  fedabipkgdiff interacts with the
Fedora Build System over the internet to let the user compare the ABI
of Fedora packages without having to download them manually.

Install libabigail if you need to compare the ABI of ELF shared






* Tue Mar 06 2018 Dodji Seketeli <> - 1.2-1
  - Update to upstream 1.2
* Tue Jan 30 2018 Dodji Seketeli <> - 1.1-1
  - Update to upstream 1.1
* Wed Nov 22 2017 Dodji Seketeli <> - 1.0-1
  - Add missing %{dist} to release.
* Tue Nov 07 2017 Dodji Seketeli <> - 1.0-1
  - Update to upstream 1.0 tarball
  - Adjust tarball_revision and tarball_name macros
  - Adjust Release macro
  - Added missing build and runtime require 'mailcap' to allow
    fedabipkgdiff to detect RPM files
  - Update description to account for the new kmidiff tool
  - Remove patches that got applied upstream:
  - Add kmidiff to the RPM
* Fri Dec 09 2016 Dodji Seketeli <> - 1.0-0.8.rc6.4
  - Fix upstream bug - Fix aborting when reading .foo symbols from a ppc64 binary
* Mon Dec 05 2016 Dodji Seketeli <> - 1.0-0.8.rc6.3
  - Fix upstream Bug 20927 - Segfault when abidiff is invoked with $HOME not set
    Apply the upstream patch here.
* Sat Nov 26 2016 Dodji Seketeli <> - 1.0-0.8.rc6.2
  - Fix an issue where some suppressed diff nodes are still visible in change reports
    This implies applying upstream patch:
     "[PATCH] A suppressed diff node implies suppressing all equivalent nodes too"
* Thu Nov 24 2016 Dodji Seketeli <> - 1.0-0.8.rc6.1
  - Update to upstream 1.0.rc6 tarball
  - Add pyxdg, rpm-python, koji and python2 as runtime dependencies.
  - Add wget as a build and runtime requirement.  It's useful for fedabipkgdiff.
  - Update package description to mention fedabipkgdiff
* Tue Jun 28 2016 Dodji Seketeli <> - 1.0-0.8.rc5.2
  - Add README
* Mon Jun 27 2016 Dodji Seketeli <> - 1.0-0.8.rc5.1
  - Update to upstream 1.0.rc5 tarball
  - Add new build requires for new fedabipkgdiff tool: python2-devel,
    python-argparse, rpm-python, python-mock, koji, pyxdg,
  - Add new %{_bindir}/fedabipkgdiff binary and
    %{_libdir}/libabigail/default.abignore configuration file to the set
    of distributed files. 
  - Drop patches that were integrated upstream:
* Mon Apr 25 2016 Dodji Seketeli <> - 1.0-0.8.rc4.2
  - Fix PIE and ppc64 function aliases handling.
    The exact two upstream bugs fixed are:
      Bug 19961 - Distinguish between PI executable and shared library
      Bug 19964 - Cannot load function aliases on ppc64
    The two upstream patches applied are 8944ceb9ef03a4187 and 2529f84ae0e2ca2a
* Sun Apr 17 2016 Dodji Seketeli <> - 1.0-0.8.rc4.1
  - Update to upstream 1.0.rc4
  - Remove patch fix-test-diff-pkg-patch.txt as it got applied upstream
* Tue Mar 08 2016 Dodji Seketeli <> - 1.0-0.rc3.2
  - Fix test-diff-pkg regression test failure due to a race condition.
* Tue Mar 08 2016 Dodji Seketeli <> - 1.0-0.rc3.1
  - Update to upstream 1.0.rc3
  - Add gcc-c++ as BuildRequires
  - Drop the pactches to 1.0.rc2 as they are now integrated upstream in 1.0.rc3
  - Measure the time taken by regression tests
* Fri Jan 08 2016 Dodji Seketeli <> - 1.0-0.rc2.2
  - Add enum-val-stable-on-32-64-bits-patch
* Fri Jan 08 2016 Dodji Seketeli <> - 1.0-0.rc2.1
  - Update to upstream 1.0.rc2
  - Build the tests in // if possible
  - Add a patch to fix build on el6/g++ 4.4.7
  - Drop the previous patches as they got integrated upstream
* Tue Nov 17 2015 Dodji Seketeli <> - 1.0-0.3.rc0
  - Fix use of redhat-hardened-ld link script on el6
  - Add a patch to avoid using designated initializers in tools/
  - Add a patch to avoid a test failure do to loss of precision of
    enumerator values on 32 bits x86.
* Tue Nov 17 2015 Dodji Seketeli <> - 1.0-0.2.rc0
  - Update to upstream release 1.0.rc0
  - Take a tarball built using make dist now.
  - Do not run autoreconf -i anymore, during the build.
  - Add redhat-rpm-config to have binaries linked with
* Wed Sep 09 2015 Dodji Seketeli <> - 1.0-0.1.20150909git164d17e
  - Initial package for upstream git commit hash 164d17e



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