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RPM of Group Applications/System

BackupPC-3.3.1-1.el6 High-performance backup system linux/x86_64New
autotest-framework-0.16.2-1.el6 Framework for fully automated testing linux/noarchNew
autotest-framework-server-0.16.2-1.el6 Server test harness and front-end for autotest linux/noarchNew
cobbler-2.6.7-1.el6 Boot server configurator linux/noarch
cobbler-web-2.6.7-1.el6 Web interface for Cobbler linux/noarch
etckeeper-1.18.1-1.el6 Store /etc in a SCM system (git, mercurial, bzr or darcs) linux/noarchNew
etckeeper-bzr-1.18.1-1.el6 Support for bzr with etckeeper linux/noarchNew
fedpkg-minimal-1.0.0-3.el6 Script to allow fedpkg fetch to work linux/noarch
imagefactory-1.1.7-1.el6 System image generation tool linux/noarch
imagefactory-plugins-1.1.7-1.el6 Default plugins for the Image Factory system image generation tool linux/noarch
imagefactory-plugins-Docker-1.1.7-1.el6 Cloud plugin for Docker linux/noarch
imagefactory-plugins-EC2-1.1.7-1.el6 Cloud plugin for EC2 linux/noarch
imagefactory-plugins-EC2-JEOS-images-1.1.7-1.el6 JEOS images for various OSes to support EC2 snapshot builds linux/noarch
imagefactory-plugins-IndirectionCloud-1.1.7-1.el6 Cloud plugin for allowing images to modify other images linux/noarch
imagefactory-plugins-OVA-1.1.7-1.el6 Cloud plugin for generating OVA archives linux/noarch
imagefactory-plugins-RHEVM-1.1.7-1.el6 RHEVM Cloud plugin linux/noarch
imagefactory-plugins-TinMan-1.1.7-1.el6 OS plugin for Fedora linux/noarch
imagefactory-plugins-ovfcommon-1.1.7-1.el6 common utilities to manipulate ovf-related objects linux/noarch
imagefactory-plugins-vSphere-1.1.7-1.el6 vSphere Cloud plugin linux/noarch
katello-cli-1.1.5-1.el6 Client package for managing application life-cycle for Linux systems linux/noarch
katello-cli-common-1.1.5-1.el6 Common Katello client bits linux/noarch
katello-cli-unit-tests-1.1.5-1.el6 Unit tests for Katello client linux/noarch
koan-2.6.7-1.el6 Helper tool that performs cobbler orders on remote machines linux/noarch
koji-1.9.0-10.el6.gitcd45e886 Build system tools linux/noarch
koji-builder-1.9.0-10.el6.gitcd45e886 Koji RPM builder daemon linux/noarch
koji-vm-1.9.0-10.el6.gitcd45e886 Koji virtual machine management daemon linux/noarch
nsca-2.9.1-4.el6 Nagios Service Check Acceptor linux/x86_64
nsca-client-2.9.1-4.el6 Client application for sending updates to a nsca server linux/x86_64
nxagent- NX agent linux/x86_64New
nxauth- NX Auth linux/x86_64New
nxproxy- NX Proxy linux/x86_64New
retrace-server-1.12-4.el6 Application for remote coredump analysis linux/noarch
statgrab-tools-0.17-1.el6.2 Tools from libstatgrab to monitoring the system linux/x86_64
vdpauinfo-0.9-0.1.el6 Tool to query the capabilities of a VDPAU implementation linux/x86_64
vdsm-4.16.12-0.el6 Virtual Desktop Server Manager linux/x86_64New
vdsm-bootstrap-4.16.12-0.el6 VDSM bootstrapping package linux/noarchNew
vdsm-cli-4.16.12-0.el6 VDSM command line interface linux/noarchNew
vdsm-debug-plugin-4.16.12-0.el6 VDSM Debug Plugin linux/noarchNew
vdsm-gluster-4.16.12-0.el6 Gluster Plugin for VDSM linux/noarchNew
vdsm-hook-ethtool-options-4.16.12-0.el6 Allow setting custom ethtool options for vdsm controlled nics linux/noarchNew
vdsm-hook-faqemu-4.16.12-0.el6 Fake qemu process for VDSM quality assurance linux/noarchNew
vdsm-hook-macspoof-4.16.12-0.el6 Disables MAC spoofing filtering linux/noarchNew
vdsm-hook-openstacknet-4.16.12-0.el6 OpenStack Network vNICs support for VDSM linux/noarchNew
vdsm-hook-qemucmdline-4.16.12-0.el6 QEMU cmdline hook for VDSM linux/noarchNew
vdsm-jsonrpc-4.16.12-0.el6 VDSM API Server linux/noarchNew
vdsm-python-4.16.12-0.el6 VDSM python libraries linux/noarchNew
vdsm-python-zombiereaper-4.16.12-0.el6 Collects zombie processes automatically linux/noarchNew
vdsm-reg-4.16.12-0.el6 VDSM registration package linux/noarchNew
vdsm-tests-4.16.12-0.el6 VDSM Test Suite linux/noarchNew
vdsm-xmlrpc-4.16.12-0.el6 VDSM xmlrpc API linux/noarchNew
vdsm-yajsonrpc-4.16.12-0.el6 JSON RPC server and client implementation linux/noarchNew
wdiff-1.2.2-3.el6 A front-end to GNU diff linux/x86_64
x2goagent- X2Go Agent linux/x86_64New

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