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NLopt-2.4.2-2.el6 Open-Source library for nonlinear optimization linux/i686New
NLopt-devel-2.4.2-2.el6 Development files for NLopt linux/i686New
NLopt-doc-2.4.2-2.el6 Documentation files for NLopt linux/noarchNew
abduco-0.1-1.el6 Session management in a clean and simple way linux/i686
ansifilter-1.8-2.el6 ANSI terminal escape code converter linux/i686New
ansifilter-gui-1.8-2.el6 GUI for ansifilter based on Qt4 linux/i686New
canl-c-2.1.5-1.el6 EMI Common Authentication library - bindings for C linux/i686
canl-c-devel-2.1.5-1.el6 Development files for EMI caNl linux/i686
canl-c-doc-2.1.5-1.el6 API documentation for EMI caNl linux/noarch
canl-c-examples-2.1.5-1.el6 Example programs of EMI caNl linux/i686
doge-2.2.0-2.el6 MOTD script based on the doge meme linux/noarch
dynamic-edt-3d-1.6.6-4.el6 Dynamic Euclidian Distance Transform Implementation linux/i686
dynamic-edt-3d-devel-1.6.6-4.el6 Development files and libraries for dynamic-edt-3d linux/i686
emacs-golang-1.2.2-9.el6 Emacs add-on package for Go linux/noarchNew
ga-common-5.3b-9.el6 Global Arrays Common Files linux/noarchNew
ga-mpich-5.3b-9.el6 Global Arrays Toolkit for MPICH linux/i686New
ga-mpich-devel-5.3b-9.el6 Global Arrays Toolkit for MPICH Development linux/i686New
ga-mpich-static-5.3b-9.el6 Global Arrays Toolkit for MPICH Static Libraries linux/i686New
ga-openmpi-5.3b-9.el6 Global Arrays Toolkit for OpenMPI linux/i686New
ga-openmpi-devel-5.3b-9.el6 Global Arrays Toolkit for OpenMPI Development linux/i686New
ga-openmpi-static-5.3b-9.el6 Global Arrays Toolkit for OpenMPI Static Libraries linux/i686New
glite-jobid-api-c-2.2.13-1.el6 C library handling gLite jobid linux/i686
glite-jobid-api-c-devel-2.2.13-1.el6 Development files for gLite jobid C library linux/i686
glite-jobid-api-cpp-devel-1.3.10-1.el6 C++ API handling gLite jobid linux/noarch
glite-jobid-api-java-1.3.9-1.el6 JAVA implementation of handling gLite jobid linux/noarch
glite-jobid-api-java-javadoc-1.3.9-1.el6 Java API documentation for glite-jobid-api-java linux/noarch
glite-lb-client-6.0.10-1.el6 gLite Logging and Bookkeeping client library linux/i686
glite-lb-client-devel-6.0.10-1.el6 Development files for gLite L&B client library linux/i686
glite-lb-client-java-2.0.7-1.el6 JAVA implementation of the L&B service client linux/i686
glite-lb-client-java-javadoc-2.0.7-1.el6 Java API documentation for glite-lb-client-java linux/i686
glite-lb-client-progs-6.0.10-1.el6 gLite L&B client programs and examples linux/i686
glite-lb-common-9.1.1-1.el6 gLite Logging and Bookkeeping common headers and library linux/i686
glite-lb-common-devel-9.1.1-1.el6 Development files for gLite L&B common library linux/i686
glite-lb-logger-2.4.23-1.el6 gLite Logging and Bookkeeping local-logger and inter-loggers linux/i686
glite-lb-logger-devel-2.4.23-1.el6 Development files for gLite L&B logger linux/i686
glite-lb-state-machine-2.0.9-1.el6 gLite Logging and Bookkeeping state machine linux/i686
glite-lb-state-machine-devel-2.0.9-1.el6 Development files for gLite L&B state machine linux/i686
glite-lb-state-machine-plugins-2.0.9-1.el6 L&B state machine plugins linux/i686
glite-lb-types-2.0.10-1.el6 Auxiliary build-time component defining LB event types and job status fields linux/noarch
glite-lb-utils-2.3.11-1.el6 gLite Logging and Bookkeeping auxiliary utilities linux/i686
glite-lb-ws-interface-4.0.9-1.el6 gLite Logging and Bookkeeping web service interface linux/noarch
glite-lbjp-common-db-3.2.11-1.el6 Database engine abstraction wrapper used in L&B and JP services linux/i686
glite-lbjp-common-db-devel-3.2.11-1.el6 Development files for gLite L&B/JP common DB module linux/i686
glite-lbjp-common-gsoap-plugin-3.2.12-1.el6 Plugin for gSoap to use glite-security-gss as the communication layer linux/i686
glite-lbjp-common-gsoap-plugin-devel-3.2.12-1.el6 Development files for gLite gsoap-plugin linux/i686
glite-lbjp-common-gss-3.2.16-1.el6 Wrapper of Globus GSS/SSL implementation used by gLite LB and JP linux/i686
glite-lbjp-common-gss-devel-3.2.16-1.el6 Development files for gLite GSS library linux/i686
glite-lbjp-common-jp-interface-2.3.11-1.el6 Public API to JP service internal interface linux/i686
glite-lbjp-common-jp-interface-devel-2.3.11-1.el6 Development files for gLite L&B/JP interface library linux/i686
glite-lbjp-common-log-1.3.11-1.el6 Definitions of glite common logging formats for LB and JP linux/i686
glite-lbjp-common-log-devel-1.3.11-1.el6 Development files for gLite L&B/JP common log module linux/i686
glite-lbjp-common-maildir-2.3.11-1.el6 Single-purpose implementation of maildir-like queue linux/i686
glite-lbjp-common-maildir-devel-2.3.11-1.el6 Development files for gLite L&B/JP common maildir library linux/i686
glite-lbjp-common-server-bones-2.3.11-1.el6 Skeleton of multi-process network server linux/i686
glite-lbjp-common-server-bones-devel-2.3.11-1.el6 Development files for gLite L&B/JP common server-bones linux/i686
glite-lbjp-common-trio-2.3.13-1.el6 Standalone extended implementation of printf and scanf linux/i686
glite-lbjp-common-trio-devel-2.3.13-1.el6 Development files for gLite L&B/JP common trio library linux/i686
golang-1.2.2-9.el6 The Go Programming Language linux/i686New
golang-github-coreos-go-systemd-devel-2-1.el6 Go bindings to systemd socket activation, journal and D-BUS APIs linux/i686
golang-github-gorilla-context-devel-0-0.23.gitb06ed15.el6 A golang registry for global request variables linux/i686
golang-github-gorilla-mux-devel-0-0.13.git136d54f.el6 A powerful URL router and dispatcher for golang linux/i686
golang-github-guelfey-godbus-devel-0-0.1.gitf6a3a23.el6 Go client bindings for D-Bus linux/i686
golang-github-kr-pty-devel-0-0.19.git67e2db2.el6 PTY interface for Go linux/i686
golang-github-smarterclayton-go-systemd-devel-0-0.4.git5cb9e9e.el6 Go bindings to systemd D-BUS APIs linux/i686
golang-github-syndtr-gocapability-devel-0-0.7.git3c85049.el6 Source for POSIX capability for the Go programming language linux/i686
golang-googlecode-net-devel-0-0.15.hg84a4013f96e0.el6 Supplementary Go networking libraries linux/i686New
golang-googlecode-sqlite-devel-0-0.9.hg74691fb6f837.el6 Trivial sqlite3 binding for Go linux/i686
golang-pkg-bin-linux-386-1.2.2-9.el6 Golang compiler tool for linux 386 linux/i686New
golang-pkg-darwin-386-1.2.2-9.el6 Golang compiler toolchain to compile for darwin 386 linux/noarchNew
golang-pkg-darwin-amd64-1.2.2-9.el6 Golang compiler toolchain to compile for darwin amd64 linux/noarchNew
golang-pkg-freebsd-386-1.2.2-9.el6 Golang compiler toolchain to compile for freebsd 386 linux/noarchNew
golang-pkg-freebsd-amd64-1.2.2-9.el6 Golang compiler toolchain to compile for freebsd amd64 linux/noarchNew
golang-pkg-freebsd-arm-1.2.2-9.el6 Golang compiler toolchain to compile for freebsd arm linux/noarchNew
golang-pkg-linux-386-1.2.2-9.el6 Golang compiler toolchain to compile for linux 386 linux/noarchNew
golang-pkg-linux-amd64-1.2.2-9.el6 Golang compiler toolchain to compile for linux amd64 linux/noarchNew
golang-pkg-linux-arm-1.2.2-9.el6 Golang compiler toolchain to compile for linux arm linux/noarchNew
golang-pkg-netbsd-386-1.2.2-9.el6 Golang compiler toolchain to compile for netbsd 386 linux/noarchNew
golang-pkg-netbsd-amd64-1.2.2-9.el6 Golang compiler toolchain to compile for netbsd amd64 linux/noarchNew
golang-pkg-netbsd-arm-1.2.2-9.el6 Golang compiler toolchain to compile for netbsd arm linux/noarchNew
golang-pkg-openbsd-386-1.2.2-9.el6 Golang compiler toolchain to compile for openbsd 386 linux/noarchNew
golang-pkg-openbsd-amd64-1.2.2-9.el6 Golang compiler toolchain to compile for openbsd amd64 linux/noarchNew
golang-pkg-plan9-386-1.2.2-9.el6 Golang compiler toolchain to compile for plan9 386 linux/noarchNew
golang-pkg-plan9-amd64-1.2.2-9.el6 Golang compiler toolchain to compile for plan9 amd64 linux/noarchNew
golang-pkg-windows-386-1.2.2-9.el6 Golang compiler toolchain to compile for windows 386 linux/noarchNew
golang-pkg-windows-amd64-1.2.2-9.el6 Golang compiler toolchain to compile for windows amd64 linux/noarchNew
golang-src-1.2.2-9.el6 Golang compiler source tree linux/noarchNew
golang-vim-1.2.2-9.el6 Vim plugins for Go linux/noarchNew
guile-NLopt-2.4.2-2.el6 Guile bindings for NLopt linux/i686New
guile-NLopt-devel-2.4.2-2.el6 Development files of Guile bindings for NLopt linux/i686New
irma_configuration-0.1-0.5.aeb8d68.el6 IRMA Card configuration data linux/noarch
libqpid-dispatch-0.2-6.el6 The Qpid Dispatch Router library linux/i686New
libqpid-dispatch-devel-0.2-6.el6 Development files for Qpid Dispatch linux/i686New
lua-ldap-1.1.0-3.el6 LDAP client library for Lua, using OpenLDAP linux/i686New
lynis-1.5.7-1.el6 Security and system auditing tool linux/noarchNew
mylvmbackup-0.15-2.el6 Utility for creating MySQL backups via LVM snapshots linux/noarchNew
nodejs-ansistyles-0.1.3-4.el6 Functions that surround a string with ansistyle codes so it prints in style linux/noarch
octave-NLopt-2.4.2-2.el6 Octave bindings for NLopt linux/i686New
octomap-1.6.6-4.el6 Efficient Probabilistic 3D Mapping Framework Based on Octrees linux/i686
octomap-devel-1.6.6-4.el6 Development files and libraries for octomap linux/i686
octomap-doc-1.6.6-4.el6 HTML Documentation for octomap linux/noarch
octomap-octovis-1.6.6-4.el6 A visualization tool for Octomap linux/i686
octomap-octovis-devel-1.6.6-4.el6 Development files and libraries for octomap linux/i686
openstack-puppet-modules-2013.2-4.el6 Puppet modules used to deploy OpenStack linux/noarch
packagedb-cli-2.4-1.el6 A CLI for pkgdb linux/noarchNew
perl-Time-timegm-0.01-2.el6 UTC version of mktime() linux/i686New
php-aws-sdk-1.6.2-4.el6 Amazon Web Services framework for PHP linux/noarch
python-XStatic-1.0.1-1.el6 XStatic base package with minimal support code linux/noarchNew
python-behave-1.2.4-2.el6 Tools for the behavior-driven development, Python style linux/noarchNew
python-behave-doc-1.2.4-2.el6 Documentation for python-behave linux/noarchNew
python-django-savanna-0.2-2.el6 Savanna project dashboard linux/noarch
python-irawadi-user-0.1-7.el6 Python Library for manage system user in Linux linux/noarch
python-qpid-proton-0.7-3.el6 Python language bindings for the Qpid Proton messaging framework linux/i686New
python-qpid-proton-doc-0.7-3.el6 Documentation for the Python language bindings for Qpid Proton linux/noarchNew
python-xdot-0.5-4.el6 Interactive viewer for Graphviz dot files linux/noarch
python-yubico-1.2.1-3.el6 Pure-python library for interacting with Yubikeys linux/noarch
qpid-dispatch-router-0.2-6.el6 The Qpid Dispatch Router executable linux/i686New
qpid-dispatch-router-docs-0.2-6.el6 Documentation for the Qpid Dispatch router linux/noarchNew
qpid-dispatch-tools-0.2-6.el6 Tools for the Qpid Dispatch router linux/i686New
qpid-proton-c-0.7-3.el6 C libraries for Qpid Proton linux/i686New
qpid-proton-c-devel-0.7-3.el6 Development libraries for writing messaging apps with Qpid Proton linux/i686New
qpid-proton-c-devel-doc-0.7-3.el6 Documentation for the C development libraries for Qpid Proton linux/noarchNew
repo_manager-0.1.0-3.el6 Manage your RPM repositories easily linux/noarchNew
rubygem-qpid_proton-0.7-4.el6 Ruby language bindings for the Qpid Proton messaging framework linux/i686New
rubygem-qpid_proton-doc-0.7-4.el6 Documentation for rubygem-qpid_proton linux/i686New
sfk-1.7.2-1.el6 The Swiss File Knife File Tree Processor linux/i686New
shinken-2.0.3-5.el6 Python Monitoring tool linux/noarchNew
shinken-arbiter-2.0.3-5.el6 Shinken Arbiter linux/noarchNew
shinken-broker-2.0.3-5.el6 Shinken Broker linux/noarchNew
shinken-poller-2.0.3-5.el6 Shinken Poller linux/noarchNew
shinken-reactionner-2.0.3-5.el6 Shinken Reactionner linux/noarchNew
shinken-receiver-2.0.3-5.el6 Shinken Poller linux/noarchNew
shinken-scheduler-2.0.3-5.el6 Shinken Scheduler linux/noarchNew
shogun-data-0.8.1-0.16.git20140718.3f54017.el6 Data-files for the SHOGUN machine learning toolbox linux/noarchNew
slowhttptest-1.6-2.el6 An Application Layer DoS attack simulator linux/i686New
trace-summary-0.83-1.el6 A script generating break-downs of network traffic linux/noarchNew
tsung-1.5.1-2.el6 A distributed multi-protocol load testing tool linux/i686New
vttest-20140305-1.el6 Test the compatibility of so-called "VT100-compatible" terminals linux/i686New
youtube-dl-2014.07.20.2-1.el6 A small command-line program to download online videos linux/noarchNew
zmap-1.2.1-1.el6 Network scanner for Internet-wide network studies linux/i686New
zsh-lovers-0.9.0-1.el6 A collection of tips, tricks and examples for the Z shell linux/noarch

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