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RPM of Group System Environment/Libraries

autogen-libopts-5.9.4-7.el6 Automated option processing library based on autogen linux/i686
dpm-libs-1.9.0-1.el6 Disk Pool Manager (DPM) libraries linux/i686
globus-authz-3.15-1.el6 Globus Toolkit - Globus authz library linux/i686
globus-common-16.8-1.el6 Globus Toolkit - Common Library linux/i686
globus-ftp-client-8.33-1.el6 Globus Toolkit - GridFTP Client Library linux/i686
globus-ftp-control-7.7-1.el6 Globus Toolkit - GridFTP Control Library linux/i686
globus-gass-cache-9.10-1.el6 Globus Toolkit - Globus Gass Cache linux/i686
globus-gass-copy-9.23-1.el6 Globus Toolkit - Globus Gass Copy linux/i686
globus-gram-client-13.16-1.el6 Globus Toolkit - GRAM Client Library linux/i686
globus-gram-protocol-12.15-1.el6 Globus Toolkit - GRAM Protocol Library linux/i686
globus-gridftp-server-11.8-1.el6 Globus Toolkit - Globus GridFTP Server linux/i686
globus-gridmap-eppn-callout-1.13-1.el6 Globus Toolkit - Globus gridmap ePPN callout linux/i686
globus-gridmap-verify-myproxy-callout-2.9-1.el6 Globus Toolkit - Globus gridmap myproxy callout linux/i686
globus-gsi-callback-5.12-1.el6 Globus Toolkit - Globus GSI Callback Library linux/i686
globus-gsi-cert-utils-9.15-2.el6 Globus Toolkit - Globus GSI Cert Utils Library linux/i686
globus-gsi-credential-7.11-1.el6 Globus Toolkit - Globus GSI Credential Library linux/i686
globus-gsi-openssl-error-3.7-1.el6 Globus Toolkit - Globus OpenSSL Error Handling linux/i686
globus-gsi-proxy-core-8.6-1.el6 Globus Toolkit - Globus GSI Proxy Core Library linux/i686
globus-gsi-proxy-ssl-5.10-1.el6 Globus Toolkit - Globus GSI Proxy SSL Library linux/i686
globus-gsi-sysconfig-6.11-1.el6 Globus Toolkit - Globus GSI System Config Library linux/i686
globus-gss-assist-10.20-1.el6 Globus Toolkit - GSSAPI Assist library linux/i686
globus-gssapi-gsi-12.12-1.el6 Globus Toolkit - GSSAPI library linux/i686
globus-io-11.8-1.el6 Globus Toolkit - uniform I/O interface linux/i686
globus-net-manager-0.16-1.el6 Globus Toolkit - Network Manager linux/i686
globus-openssl-module-4.8-1.el6 Globus Toolkit - Globus OpenSSL Module Wrapper linux/i686
globus-xio-5.14-1.el6 Globus Toolkit - Globus XIO Framework linux/i686
globus-xio-gridftp-driver-2.17-1.el6 Globus Toolkit - Globus XIO GridFTP Driver linux/i686
globus-xio-net-manager-driver-0.16-1.el6 Globus Toolkit - Globus XIO Network Manager Driver linux/i686
globus-xio-udt-driver-1.25-1.el6 Globus Toolkit - Globus XIO UDT Driver linux/i686
ibus-table-chinese-1.8.2-1.el6 Chinese input tables for IBus linux/noarch
ibus-table-chinese-array-1.8.2-1.el6 Array input methods linux/noarch
ibus-table-chinese-cangjie-1.8.2-1.el6 Cangjie based input methods linux/noarch
ibus-table-chinese-cantonese-1.8.2-1.el6 Cantonese input methods linux/noarch
ibus-table-chinese-easy-1.8.2-1.el6 Easy input method linux/noarch
ibus-table-chinese-erbi-1.8.2-1.el6 Erbi input method linux/noarch
ibus-table-chinese-quick-1.8.2-1.el6 Quick-to-learn input methods linux/noarch
ibus-table-chinese-scj-1.8.2-1.el6 Smart Cangjie linux/noarch
ibus-table-chinese-stroke5-1.8.2-1.el6 Stroke 5 input method linux/noarch
ibus-table-chinese-wu-1.8.2-1.el6 Wu pronunciation input method linux/noarch
ibus-table-chinese-wubi-haifeng-1.8.2-1.el6 Haifeng Wubi input method linux/noarch
ibus-table-chinese-wubi-jidian-1.8.2-1.el6 Jidian Wubi 86 input method, JiShuang 6.0 linux/noarch
ibus-table-chinese-yong-1.8.2-1.el6 YongMa input method linux/noarch
idm-console-framework-1.1.15-1.el6 Identity Management Console Framework linux/noarch
lcgdm-libs-1.9.0-1.el6 LHC Computing Grid Data Management common libraries linux/i686
lcm-java-0.9.2-1.el6 Lightweight communications and marshaling java artifacts linux/noarch
lcm-python-0.9.2-1.el6 Lightweight communications and marshaling python bindings linux/i686
lfc-libs-1.9.0-1.el6 LCG File Catalog (LFC) libraries linux/i686
libdvbpsi-1.2.0-3.el6 Library for MPEG TS and DVB PSI tables decoding and generation linux/i686
libidn2-0.11-1.el6 Library to support IDNA2008 internationalized domain names linux/i686
libitl-0.7.0-11.el6 Libraries for The Islamic Tools and Libraries Project linux/i686
libmapi-7.1.14-3.el6 MAPI implementation and library by Zarafa linux/i686New
libopendmarc-1.3.2-0.7.el6 An open source DMARC library linux/i686New
librepo-1.7.11-2.el6 Repodata downloading library linux/i686
libs3-2.0-0.5.20161104gita052a00.el6 C Library and Tools for Amazon S3 Access linux/i686New
libstatgrab-0.17-1.el6.2 Make system statistics linux/i686
lrzip-libs-0.616-5.el6 Long Range ZIP library linux/i686New
lua-lxc-1.0.9-1.el6 Lua binding for lxc linux/i686New
lxc-libs-1.0.9-1.el6 Runtime library files for lxc linux/i686New
lxc-templates-1.0.9-1.el6 Templates for lxc linux/i686New
mcollective-common-2.8.4-1.el6 Common libraries for the mcollective clients and servers linux/noarch
mlpack-1.0.8-7.el6 Scalable, fast C++ machine learning library linux/i686
mlpack-devel-1.0.8-7.el6 Development headers for mlpack (C++ machine learning library) linux/i686
msgpack-0.5.8-1.el6 Binary-based efficient object serialization library linux/i686
nodejs-jsonparse-1.2.0-1.el6 Pure-js JSON streaming parser for node.js linux/noarch
nodejs-jsonstream-1.0.3-1.el6 Streaming JSON.parse and stringify for Node.js linux/noarch
nodejs-strip-json-comments-2.0.1-1.el6 Strip comments from JSON linux/noarch
pam_shield-0.9.5-9.el6 Pam Shield - A pam module to counter brute force attacks linux/i686
python-qpid-proton-0.14.0-2.el6 Python language bindings for the Qpid Proton messaging framework linux/i686
qpid-proton-c-0.14.0-2.el6 C libraries for Qpid Proton linux/i686
qpid-proton-c-docs-0.14.0-2.el6 Documentation for the C development libraries for Qpid Proton linux/noarch
qpid-proton-cpp-0.14.0-2.el6 C++ libraries for Qpid Proton linux/i686
qpid-proton-cpp-docs-0.14.0-2.el6 Documentation for the C++ development libraries for Qpid Proton linux/noarch
zarafa-client-7.1.14-3.el6 The Zarafa Client library linux/i686New
zarafa-contacts-7.1.14-3.el6 MAPI provider adding contact folders to the address book linux/i686New

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