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retrace-server-1.17.0-1.el6 RPM for noarch

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Name: retrace-server Distribution: Fedora Project
Version: 1.17.0 Vendor: Fedora Project
Release: 1.el6 Build date: Thu Mar 30 16:02:41 2017
Group: Applications/System Build host:
Size: 456032 Source RPM: retrace-server-1.17.0-1.el6.src.rpm
Packager: Fedora Project
Summary: Application for remote coredump analysis
The retrace server provides a coredump analysis and backtrace
generation service over a network using HTTP protocol.






* Thu Mar 30 2017 Matej Marusak <> 1.17.0-1
  - Enable creating releases with makefile
  - Introduce gen-version
  - Do not use as source
  - Include md5sum of original archive in summary page
  - Do not try to get default time when ftptask
  - Fix character escape typo
  - Change retrace-server httpd config
  - Modify search for existing vmlinux files in cache to handle older kernel-debuginfos
  - Default to hex mode for crash commands involving backtraces.
  - Create directories for tests if they are not present
  - Don't mention old wiki page
  - Fix double call of _fail method
  - Update README
  - Allow any compression of man pages
  - Autogen without args configures for debugging
  - Run 'configure' at the end of 'autogen'
  - Improve autogen to list and install dependencies
  - Avoid circular dependency on kernel-debuginfo for vmlinux files already in cache
  - Add plugin checking action
  - Update documentation of plugin in README
  - Use short form rhel when creating repository
  - Fix methods arguments
  - Move global variables to
  - Recover from missing start/finish task files
  - Change error message in cleanup script
  - Add '-ascending' argument to gdb
  - Use devtoolset-4-gdb when used on RHEL
  - Enable creating repository from faf repository
  - Add 'make check'
  - Correct eu-unstrip parser if FILE is .
  - Not mark packages with different architectures as duplicity
  - Separate worker start_retrace method
  - Add class to wrap plugins accessing
  - Add class to wrap configuration file reading
  - Delete python labels when no python backtrace available
  - Git ignore bytecode
  - Add python backtrace, source and locals into backtrace
  - Move src/lib to src/retrace to make testing retrace-server easier
  - Add "exploitable" into LocationMatch in the httpd.conf
  - Fix invalid syntax error in sys.stderr.print()
* Thu Jun 02 2016 Jakub Filak <> - 1.16-1
  - Log failed to start tasks
  - Gracefully handle the worker errors
  - Move the FTP query operation to an AJAX operation
  - Fix duplicate email if a vmcore task fails to determine the kernel version
  - Fix typo preventing email notifications from working.
  - Correct eu-unstrip parser if FILE is '-'
  - Allow package names with Epoch
* Fri Mar 18 2016 Jakub Filak <> - 1.15-1
  - Correct paths to Fedora development releases
  - Fix small problem with strip_vmcore calling prepare_debuginfo
  - Avoid calling prepare_debuginfo from retrace-server-interact after kernel version detection
  - Move prepare_debuginfo and strip_vmcore inside RetraceTask
  - Add vmlinux file inside RetraceTask
  - Fix bt_filter missing last task/PID read if the last line was not blank
  - Update the release information to be dynamic based off of plugins
  - Including a Red Hat Enterprise Linux plugin
  - Mock logging into retrace task's dir
  - Enforce uniform mode bits for almost all RetraceTask files
  - Fix incorrect group permissions when writing RetraceServer files especially with interactive mode
  - Fix retrace-server-worker --restart backtrace due to unwriteable retrace_log
  - Correct license address
  - Add VMCoreTask and UsrCoreTask to config
* Tue Feb 16 2016 Jakub Filak <> - 1.14-1
  - generated for the target platform at build time
  - update URL patterns for Fedora repositories
  - spec: add sqlite and cron to requirements
  - set "crash" inside get_crash_cmd file if the file does not exist
  - fix get_use_mock typo
  - use %global for the nested python_site macro instead of %define
* Mon Oct 05 2015 Michal Toman <> 1.13-1
  - update handling of RT kernels
  - do not forward error messages from 'strings' to actual stderr
  - do not die if RepoDir has no subdirs
  - allow 32-bit crash to be executed on 64-bit hosts
  - add bits for script hooks
  - better integration with FAF
  - refactor worker
* Wed Mar 11 2015 Michal Toman <> 1.12-4
  - fix the invocation of mock shell
* Tue Mar 03 2015 Michal Toman <> 1.12-3
  - manager.wsgi - fix kernelver handling (
  - add support for ppc64le and aarch64
* Thu Jul 31 2014 Michal Toman <> 1.12-1
  - do not run kmem on vmcores by default
  - fix group readability of vmcores
  - add support for lzop compression
  - add DeleteFailedTaskAfter config option
  - add arch-based remote execution
  - add set-success and set-fail actions to retrace-server-interact
  - add config sanity checks to retrace-server-cleanup
* Thu Mar 13 2014 Michal Toman <> 1.11-2
  - fix changelog
  - do not run 'kmem' crash command by default
* Thu Feb 27 2014 Michal Toman <> 1.11-1
  - do not die trying to chmod a hardlink
  - only hardlink unpacked vmcores
  - print command line formatted correctly
  - allow submitting vmcores with spaces in file name
  - do not run makedumpfile when not necessary
  - allow to specify kernel VRA with custom cores
  - do not require the trailing slash in task manager URL
  - do not kill retrace-server-cleanup when retrace_log does not exist
  - cache kernel version into task directory
  - add support for ppc64, s390x
  - include floating point registers in userspace backtraces
  - execute ABRT's exploitability plugin if available
* Wed Aug 21 2013 Michal Toman <> 1.10-1
  - add possibility to make case number clickable
  - support local files in 'Custom core location'
  - create the stats database group-writable
  - do not die when saving stats fails
  - add possibility to restart task
  - do not show the output of 'mod -S' in crash
  - change directory to $MISCDIR after jumping to crash
  - load correct flavour for el4 kernels
  - do not kill tasks started from task manager
  - do not die if task manager is disabled
  - add basic support for ARM
  - find correct debuginfo for realtime kernels
  - fix httpd config for apache 2.4
  - use mtime instead of atime in RetraceTask.get_age()
  - use correct suffixes when unpacking archives
  - do not die if module list can't be read from vmcore
  - add support for X-CoreFileDirectory header
  - add support for tweaking yum config in reposync
  - rework reposync logging
  - accept package list in the archive with crash data
  - try harder to find ix86 debuginfo in koji
* Wed Mar 20 2013 Michal Toman <> 1.9-1
  - guess debuginfo name correctly for <= el4
  - rename _log to retrace-log
  - fix cross-arch vmcores processing
  - debug mode checked by default in task manager
  - fix typos
  - touch task directory when using retrace-server-interact
  - forward kernel version from command line correctly
  - parse flavoured kernel version correctly
  - allow to send notification e-mails
  - symlink retrace_log to MISC_DIR
  - do not die on download error
  - rework front page
  - be able to specify custom core location
  - do not die if makedumpfile fails
  - make FTP buffer size configurable
  - fix detaching from httpd
  - add more logging
  - fix paths of DF_BIN and TAR_BIN
  - fix dependencies
  - unify access to task directory elements
  - display the progress of FTP download
  - add notes & case no. boxes
  - run bt_filter on vmcores automatically
  - add timestamps to logs
  - enable free space check in task manager
  - urlencode hyperlinks
* Fri Nov 02 2012 Michal Toman <> 1.8-1
  - use standard python mechanisms for logging
  - determine archive types with file magic
  - catch all task-specific exceptions
  - support various archive types
  - make AuthGroup configurable
  - allow overriding kernel version & architecture from command line
  - create a writable directory for interactive debuggers
  - add the retrace-server-interact printdir command
  - autoload modules when jumping into crash
  - make dead tasks deletable (really look to /proc)
  - show downloaded files in task manager
  - do not delete files that do not need unpacking
  - show task's start and finish time
  - added backref to downloaded file
  - make vmcore readable for retrace group
  - improve architecture guessing for vmcores
  - add possibility to wget kernel debuginfo
  - try harder to determine the actual vmcore
  - fix kernel version handling
  - fix httpd config
* Fri Jul 27 2012 Michal Toman <> 1.7-1
  - check whether package can be retraced before uploading
  - add possibility to disable interactive debugging
  - add support for chrooted crashes
  - also cache debuginfo for modules loaded in a vmcore
  - add task manager
  - add possibility to search kernel debuginfo in koji-like directory structure
  - fix permission denied on
  - add possibility to query an external FTP for task data
  - tasks may have multiple results
  - tasks may have remote resources
  - add possibility to run makedumpfile on vmcores
  - add possibility to archive old tasks instead of deleting them
* Fri May 04 2012 Michal Toman <> 1.6-1
  - add support for interactive debugging
  - coredump2packages - handle malformed eu-unstrip output
  - expose repos via HTTP
* Mon Feb 27 2012 Michal Toman <> 1.5-1
  - add support for F17
  - add hacks helping to depsolver
  - read huge files buffered
  - get rid of retrace-server.repo file
  - add /<task_id>/delete action
* Tue Nov 22 2011 Michal Toman <> 1.4-1
  - add support for vmcores
  - add welcome page
  - add statistics page
  - add support for rawhide
* Tue Aug 23 2011 Michal Toman <> 1.3-1
  - cron jobs are not enabled by default
  - support X-Task-Type header
  - use atomic operations to lock/rename
  - add support for http(s) and ftp in reposync
  - abort if release is not supported
  - add option to use createrepo --update
  - add support for F16
* Wed Jun 29 2011 Michal Toman <> 1.2-1
  - add option to verify GPG signatures
  - make HTTPS optional
  - use RetraceTask class
  - validate input
  - limit allowed files
  - do not allow worker to start twice
  - ship cron configuration
  - do not require suid launcher
  - minor bug and typo fixes
* Wed Jun 01 2011 Scott Dodson <> 1.1-2
  - Add asciidocs xmlto to BuildRequires
* Wed Jun 01 2011 Michal Toman <> 1.1-1
  - add logrotate script
  - add asciidoc support and manpages
  - replace rm by os.remove() and shutil.rmtree()
  - call du and df without block factor
  - use communicate() instead of
  - replace popen by execlp
  - import manual from ABRT git, minor changes
  - create log directory
  - use 'retrace' user and group
* Wed May 18 2011 Michal Toman <> 1.0-1
  - initial packaging



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