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RPM of Group Development/Libraries

MUMPS-5.0.1-5.el6 A MUltifrontal Massively Parallel sparse direct Solver linux/i686New
MUMPS-common-5.0.1-5.el6 Documentation files for MUMPS linux/noarchNew
MUMPS-devel-5.0.1-5.el6 The MUMPS headers and development-related files linux/i686New
MUMPS-examples-5.0.1-5.el6 The MUMPS common illustrative test programs linux/i686New
MUMPS-openmpi-5.0.1-5.el6 MUMPS libraries compiled against openmpi linux/i686New
MUMPS-openmpi-devel-5.0.1-5.el6 The MUMPS headers and development-related files linux/i686New
OCE-devel-0.16.1-5.el6.1 OpenCASCADE CAE platform library development files linux/i686
VMDKstream-0.3-1.el6 Python tool to convert raw disk images to stream-optimized VMDK files linux/noarch
autogen-libopts-devel-5.9.4-7.el6 Development files for libopts linux/i686
bpython-0.12-6.1.el6 Fancy curses interface to the Python interactive interpreter linux/noarch
f2c-libs-20110801-8.el6 Dynamic libraries from f2c linux/i686New
gdb-heap-0.5-9.1.el6 Extensions to gdb for debugging dynamic memory allocation linux/i686
globus-common-devel-16.0-1.el6 Globus Toolkit - Common Library Development Files linux/i686
globus-gridftp-server-devel-9.1-1.el6 Globus Toolkit - Globus GridFTP Server Development Files linux/i686
globus-xio-devel-5.10-1.el6 Globus Toolkit - Globus XIO Framework Development Files linux/i686
globus-xio-udt-driver-devel-1.19-1.el6 Globus Toolkit - Globus XIO UDT Driver Development Files linux/i686
gnudos-devel-1.8-4.el6 Development files for the GnuDOS library linux/i686New
ipmiutil-devel-2.9.4-1.el6 Includes libraries and headers for the ipmiutil package linux/i686
kobo-0.5.1-1.el6 Python modules for tools development linux/noarch
kobo-client-0.5.1-1.el6 CLI client linux/noarch
kobo-django-0.5.1-1.el6 Django components linux/noarch
kobo-hub-0.5.1-1.el6 Xml-rpc and web interface to a task database linux/noarch
kobo-rpmlib-0.5.1-1.el6 Functions to manipulate with RPM files linux/noarch
kobo-worker-0.5.1-1.el6 Worker daemon processing tasks submitted to the hub linux/noarch
lcm-devel-0.9.2-1.el6 Lightweight communications and marshaling development files linux/i686
libNX_X11-devel- Development files for the Core NX protocol library linux/i686
libNX_Xau-devel- Development files for the NX authorization protocol library linux/i686
libNX_Xdmcp-devel- Development files for the NXDM Control Protocol library linux/i686
libNX_Xext-devel- Development files for the NX Common Extensions library linux/i686
libNX_Xfixes-devel- Development files for the NX Xfixes extension library linux/i686
libNX_Xpm-devel- Development files for the NX Pixmap image file format library linux/i686
libNX_Xrender-devel- Development files for the NX Render Extension library linux/i686
libRmath-3.2.2-2.el6 Standalone math library from the R project linux/i686
libRmath-devel-3.2.2-2.el6 Headers from the R Standalone math library linux/i686
libRmath-static-3.2.2-2.el6 Static R Standalone math library linux/i686
libXcomp-devel- Development files for the NX differential compression library linux/i686
libXcompext-devel- Development files for the NX compression extensions library linux/i686
libXcompshad-devel- Development files for the NX session shadowing library linux/i686
libfap-devel-1.5-1.el6 Development files for libfap linux/i686
libpng10-devel-1.0.64-1.el6 Development tools for version 1.0 of libpng linux/i686New
librepo-devel-1.7.11-2.el6 Repodata downloading library linux/i686
libstatgrab-devel-0.17-1.el6.2 The development files from libstatgrab linux/i686
lxc-devel-1.0.8-1.el6 Development files for lxc linux/i686New
msgpack-devel-0.5.8-1.el6 Libraries and header files for msgpack linux/i686
nx-libs-devel- Include files and libraries for NX development linux/i686
nx-proto-devel- Include files for NX development linux/i686
openblas-0.2.15-1.el6 An optimized BLAS library based on GotoBLAS2 linux/i686
openblas-devel-0.2.15-1.el6 Development headers and libraries for OpenBLAS linux/i686
openblas-openmp-0.2.15-1.el6 An optimized BLAS library based on GotoBLAS2, OpenMP version linux/i686
openblas-static-0.2.15-1.el6 Static version of OpenBLAS linux/i686
openblas-threads-0.2.15-1.el6 An optimized BLAS library based on GotoBLAS2, pthreads version linux/i686
ovirt-engine-cli- oVirt Engine Command Line Interface linux/noarchNew
ovirt-engine-sdk-python- oVirt Engine Software Development Kit (Python) linux/noarchNew
perl-Authen-Credential-1.1-1.el6 Abstraction of a credential linux/noarchNew
perl-Authen-Simple-0.4-5.el6 Simple Authentication linux/noarch
perl-Authen-Simple-Passwd-0.6-2.el6 Simple Passwd authentication linux/noarch
perl-Canary-Stability-2006-1.el6 Canary to check perl compatibility for Schmorp's modules linux/noarch
perl-Crypt-Rijndael-1.12-1.el6 Crypt::CBC compliant Rijndael encryption module linux/i686
perl-Devel-StackTrace-AsHTML-0.11-2.el6.1 Displays a stack trace in HTML linux/noarch
perl-Directory-Queue-1.9-1.el6 Object oriented interface to a directory based queue linux/noarchNew
perl-HTML-Scrubber-0.15-1.el6.1 Library for scrubbing/sanitizing html linux/noarch
perl-Lingua-Translit-0.22-2.el6 Transliterates text between writing systems linux/noarchNew
perl-Mail-IMAPClient-3.37-1.el6 An IMAP Client API linux/noarchNew
perl-Test-mysqld-0.17-3.el6 Mysqld runner for tests linux/noarchNew
php-apigen-theme-bootstrap-1.1.3-1.el6 Twitter Bootstrap Theme for Apigen linux/noarchNew
php-apigen-theme-default-1.0.2-1.el6 Default Theme for Apigen linux/noarchNew
php-doctrine-common-2.5.0-1.el6 Common library for Doctrine projects linux/noarch
php-doctrine-datafixtures-1.0.2-1.el6 Data Fixtures for all Doctrine Object Managers linux/noarch
php-hamcrest-1.2.2-1.el6 PHP port of Hamcrest Matchers linux/noarch
php-horde-Horde-Db-2.3.0-1.el6 Horde Database Libraries linux/noarchNew
php-horde-Horde-Icalendar-2.1.2-1.el6 iCalendar API linux/noarchNew
php-kukulich-fshl-2.1.0-2.el6 FSHL: fast syntax highlighter linux/noarch
php-latte-2.3.7-1.el6 Latte: the amazing template engine for PHP linux/noarchNew
php-nette-component-model-2.2.4-2.el6 Nette Component Model linux/noarchNew
php-nette-finder-2.3.1-1.el6 Nette Finder: Files Searching linux/noarchNew
php-nette-neon-2.3.3-1.el6 Nette NEON: parser and generator for Nette Object Notation linux/noarchNew
php-nette-php-generator-2.3.4-1.el6 Nette PHP Generator linux/noarchNew
php-nette-safe-stream-2.3.1-2.el6 Nette SafeStream: Atomic Operations linux/noarchNew
php-nette-tester-1.6.1-1.el6 An easy-to-use PHP unit testing framework linux/noarch
php-nette-tokenizer-2.2.1-1.el6 Nette Tokenizer linux/noarchNew
php-nette-utils-2.3.6-1.el6 Nette Utility Classes linux/noarchNew
php-pear-CAS-1.3.4-1.el6 Central Authentication Service client library in php linux/noarchNew
php-pecl-apcu-devel-4.0.8-1.el6 APCu developer files (header) linux/i686New
php-sabre-dav-1.8.12-1.el6 WebDAV Framework for PHP linux/noarch
php-sabredav-Sabre_VObject-2.1.7-1.el6 An intuitive reader for iCalendar and vCard objects linux/noarch
php-tecnickcom-tc-lib-barcode-1.5.0-1.el6 PHP library to generate linear and bidimensional barcodes linux/noarch
php-tecnickcom-tc-lib-color-1.6.2-1.el6 PHP library to manipulate various color representations linux/noarch
php-theseer-autoload-1.21.0-1.el6 A tool and library to generate autoload code linux/noarchNew
php-udan11-sql-parser-3.0.7-1.el6 A validating SQL lexer and parser with a focus on MySQL dialect linux/noarchNew
pyephem- The astronomy library for Python linux/i686
python-appstream-0.8-1.el6 Parse AppStream files when you don't have libappstream-glib linux/noarch
python-bson-3.0.3-1.el6 Python bson library linux/i686
python-flask-openid-1.2.4-1.el6 OpenID support for Flask linux/noarch
python-fn-0.2.13-1.el6 Features to allow functional programming in Python linux/noarch
python-pymongo-gridfs-3.0.3-1.el6 Python GridFS driver for MongoDB linux/i686
python-shapely-1.5.2-2.el6 Manipulation and analysis of geometric objects in the Cartesian plane linux/i686
srm-ifce-devel-1.23.3-1.el6 SRM client side headers and development files linux/i686New
tubo-5.0.15-3.el6 Library to thread process std-in/std-err/std-out from fork() child linux/i686
tubo-devel-5.0.15-3.el6 Development files for tubo linux/i686
tubo-doc-5.0.15-3.el6 HTML documentation of tubo linux/noarch
uwsgi-devel- uWSGI - Development header files and libraries linux/i686New
zarafa-devel-7.1.14-1.el6 Development files for several Zarafa libraries linux/i686New

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