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RPM of Group Applications/Internet

AntTweakBar-1.16-1.el6 GUI library for videogame property editing UIs linux/i686
bodhi-client-0.9.9-1.el6 Bodhi Client linux/noarch
bodhi-server-0.9.9-1.el6 A modular framework that facilitates publishing software updates linux/noarch
davix-0.3.4-1.el6 Toolkit for Http-based file management linux/i686New
davix-devel-0.3.4-1.el6 Development files for davix linux/i686New
davix-libs-0.3.4-1.el6 Development files for davix linux/i686New
dmlite-plugins-memcache-0.6.4-1.el6 Memcached plugin for dmlite linux/i686
fedmsg-0.9.1-3.el6 Tools for Fedora Infrastructure real-time messaging linux/noarchNew
fedmsg-announce-0.9.1-3.el6 The fedmsg-announce command linux/noarchNew
fedmsg-collectd-0.9.1-3.el6 A fedmsg plugin for collectd linux/noarchNew
fedmsg-gateway-0.9.1-3.el6 The FedMsg Gateway daemon. linux/noarchNew
fedmsg-hub-0.9.1-3.el6 The FedMsg Hub linux/noarchNew
fedmsg-irc-0.9.1-3.el6 The FedMsg IRC Bot linux/noarchNew
fedmsg-relay-0.9.1-3.el6 The FedMsg Relay linux/noarchNew
fts-rest-3.2.7-1.el6 FTS3 Rest Interface linux/noarchNew
fts-rest-cli-3.2.7-1.el6 FTS3 Rest Interface CLI linux/noarchNew
fts-rest-selinux-3.2.7-1.el6 SELinux support for fts-rest linux/noarchNew
ginfo-1.0.3-1.el6 A versatile tool for discovering Grid services linux/noarch
gists-0.4.5-3.el6 A simple tool for pasting info linux/noarch
googlecl-0.9.9-3.el6 Command line tools for the Google Data APIs linux/noarch
httpry-0.1.8-1.el6 A specialized packet sniffer designed for displaying and logging HTTP traffic linux/i686New
ikiwiki-3.20140613-1.el6 A wiki compiler linux/noarchNew
ikiwiki-w3m-3.20140613-1.el6 Ikiwiki w3m cgi meta-wrapper linux/noarchNew
iperf3-3.0.5-1.el6 Measurement tool for TCP/UDP bandwidth performance linux/i686
koji-hub-1.9.0-1.el6 Koji XMLRPC interface linux/noarch
koji-hub-plugins-1.9.0-1.el6 Koji hub plugins linux/noarch
koji-utils-1.9.0-1.el6 Koji Utilities linux/noarch
koji-web-1.9.0-1.el6 Koji Web UI linux/noarch
mediawiki116-semantic-1.5.6-2.el6 An extension of MediaWiki that improves content organization linux/noarch
mirrormanager-1.4.4-1.el6 Fedora mirror management system linux/noarch
mirrormanager-client-1.4.4-1.el6 Fedora mirror management system downstream mirror tools linux/noarch
mirrormanager-maps-1.4.4-1.el6 MirrorManager map generator linux/noarch
mon-1.2.0-11.el6 General-purpose resource monitoring system linux/i686
mozilla-noscript- JavaScript white list extension for Mozilla Firefox linux/noarchNew
netdisco-1.1-1.el6 A web-based network management tool linux/noarch
phpMyAdmin- Handle the administration of MySQL over the World Wide Web linux/noarchNew
pidgin-sipe-1.18.2-1.el6 Pidgin protocol plugin to connect to MS Office Communicator linux/i686
plowshare-1.0.4-1.el6 Download and upload files from file-sharing websites linux/noarchNew
purple-sipe-1.18.2-1.el6 Libpurple protocol plugin to connect to MS Office Communicator linux/i686
python-fts-3.2.7-1.el6 FTS3 database model linux/noarchNew
remctl-3.9-2.el6 Client/server for Kerberos-authenticated command execution linux/i686
s3cmd-1.5.0-0.7.rc1.el6 Tool for accessing Amazon Simple Storage Service linux/noarch
srm-ifce-1.20.1-1.el6 SRM client side library linux/i686New
sticky-notes-0.4-4.el6 Sticky notes is a free and open source paste-bin application linux/noarch
trac-sphinx-plugin-0.2.1-20120515.hge021e691af84.el6 Basic tasks to manage Sphinx documentation in Trac linux/noarch

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