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Packages beginning with letter D

disktype-9-5.el5 Detect the content format of a disk or disk image linux/ppc
disktype-debuginfo-9-5.el5 Debug information for package disktype linux/ppc
dmlite-debuginfo-0.7.1-1.el5 Debug information for package dmlite linux/ppc
dmlite-devel-0.7.1-1.el5 Development libraries and headers for dmlite linux/ppc
dmlite-docs-0.7.1-1.el5 Documentation files for dmlite linux/ppc
dmlite-libs-0.7.1-1.el5 Libraries for dmlite packages linux/ppc
dmlite-plugins-adapter-0.7.1-1.el5 Adapter plugin for dmlite linux/ppc
dmlite-plugins-memcache-0.7.1-1.el5 Memcached plugin for dmlite linux/ppc
dmlite-plugins-mysql-0.7.1-1.el5 MySQL plugin for dmlite linux/ppc
dmlite-plugins-profiler-0.7.1-1.el5 Memcached plugin for dmlite linux/ppc
dmlite-private-devel-0.7.1-1.el5 Private development libraries and headers for dmlite linux/ppc
dmlite-shell-0.7.1-1.el5 Shell environment for dmlite linux/ppc
dpm-1.8.9-2.el5 Disk Pool Manager (DPM) client linux/ppcNew
dpm-copy-server-mysql-1.8.9-2.el5 DPM copy server with MySQL database back-end linux/ppcNew
dpm-devel-1.8.9-2.el5 DPM development libraries and header files linux/ppcNew
dpm-libs-1.8.9-2.el5 Disk Pool Manager (DPM) libraries linux/ppcNew
dpm-name-server-mysql-1.8.9-2.el5 DPM name server with MySQL database back-end linux/ppcNew
dpm-perl-1.8.9-2.el5 Disk Pool Manager (DPM) perl bindings linux/ppcNew
dpm-python-1.8.9-2.el5 Disk Pool Manager (DPM) python bindings linux/ppcNew
dpm-python26-1.8.9-2.el5 Disk Pool Manager (DPM) python bindings linux/ppcNew
dpm-rfio-server-1.8.9-2.el5 DPM RFIO server linux/ppcNew
dpm-server-mysql-1.8.9-2.el5 Disk Pool Manager (DPM) server with MySQL database back-end linux/ppcNew
dpm-srm-server-mysql-1.8.9-2.el5 DPM SRM server with MySQL database back-end linux/ppcNew
dpm-xrootd-3.4.0-1.el5 XROOT interface to the Disk Pool Manager (DPM) linux/ppc
dpm-xrootd-debuginfo-3.4.0-1.el5 Debug information for package dpm-xrootd linux/ppc
dpm-xrootd-devel-3.4.0-1.el5 Development libraries and headers for the DPM XROOT interface linux/ppc
drupal6-rules-1.5-1.el5 It allows site administrators to define conditionally executed actions linux/noarch
drupal6-strongarm-2.2-1.el5 Strongarm gives a way to override the default variable values linux/noarch
drupal7-7.32-1.el5 An open-source content-management platform linux/noarchNew
drupal7-context-3.3-2.el5 Allows contextual conditions and reactions management linux/noarchNew
drupal7-crumbs-2.2-1.el5 The ultimate breadcrumbs module linux/noarchNew
drupal7-date_ical-3.3-1.el5 Enables import/export of iCal feeds linux/noarchNew
drupal7-features-2.2-2.el5 Provides feature management for Drupal linux/noarchNew
drupal7-feeds-2.0-0.10.alpha8.el5 Aggregates RSS/Atom/RDF feeds, imports CSV files and more linux/noarchNew
drupal7-job_scheduler-2.0-0.7.alpha3.el5 Simple API for scheduling tasks linux/noarchNew
drupal7-metatag-1.4-1.el5 Adds support and an API to implement meta tags linux/noarchNew
drupal7-rpmbuild-7.32-1.el5 Rpmbuild files for drupal7 linux/noarchNew
drupal7-token-1.5-4.el5 Provides a user interface for the Token API and some missing core tokens linux/noarchNew
duply-1.7.4-1.el5 Wrapper for duplicity linux/noarch

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