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Packages beginning with letter Z

z3-4.8.15-2.el9 Satisfiability Modulo Theories (SMT) solver linux/ppc64le
z3-debuginfo-4.8.15-2.el9 Debug information for package z3 linux/ppc64le
z3-debugsource-4.8.15-2.el9 Debug sources for package z3 linux/ppc64le
z3-devel-4.8.15-2.el9 Header files for build applications that use z3 linux/ppc64le
z3-doc-4.8.15-2.el9 API documentation for Z3 linux/ppc64le
z3-libs-4.8.15-2.el9 Library for applications that use z3 functionality linux/ppc64le
z3-libs-debuginfo-4.8.15-2.el9 Debug information for package z3-libs linux/ppc64le
zabbix-6.0.30-1.el9 Open-source monitoring solution for your IT infrastructure linux/ppc64le
zabbix-agent-6.0.30-1.el9 Zabbix agent linux/ppc64le
zabbix-agent-debuginfo-6.0.30-1.el9 Debug information for package zabbix-agent linux/ppc64le
zabbix-dbfiles-mysql-6.0.30-1.el9 Zabbix database schemas, images, data and patches linux/noarch
zabbix-dbfiles-pgsql-6.0.30-1.el9 Zabbix database schemas, images, data and patches linux/noarch
zabbix-dbfiles-sqlite3-6.0.30-1.el9 Zabbix database schemas and patches linux/noarch
zabbix-debuginfo-6.0.30-1.el9 Debug information for package zabbix linux/ppc64le
zabbix-debugsource-6.0.30-1.el9 Debug sources for package zabbix linux/ppc64le
zabbix-proxy-6.0.30-1.el9 Zabbix proxy common files linux/noarch
zabbix-proxy-mysql-6.0.30-1.el9 Zabbix proxy compiled to use MySQL linux/ppc64le
zabbix-proxy-mysql-debuginfo-6.0.30-1.el9 Debug information for package zabbix-proxy-mysql linux/ppc64le
zabbix-proxy-pgsql-6.0.30-1.el9 Zabbix proxy compiled to use PostgreSQL linux/ppc64le
zabbix-proxy-pgsql-debuginfo-6.0.30-1.el9 Debug information for package zabbix-proxy-pgsql linux/ppc64le
zabbix-proxy-sqlite3-6.0.30-1.el9 Zabbix proxy compiled to use SQLite linux/ppc64le
zabbix-proxy-sqlite3-debuginfo-6.0.30-1.el9 Debug information for package zabbix-proxy-sqlite3 linux/ppc64le
zabbix-selinux-6.0.30-1.el9 Zabbix SELinux policy linux/noarch
zabbix-server-6.0.30-1.el9 Zabbix server common files linux/noarch
zabbix-server-mysql-6.0.30-1.el9 Zabbix server compiled to use MySQL linux/ppc64le
zabbix-server-mysql-debuginfo-6.0.30-1.el9 Debug information for package zabbix-server-mysql linux/ppc64le
zabbix-server-pgsql-6.0.30-1.el9 Zabbix server compiled to use PostgreSQL linux/ppc64le
zabbix-server-pgsql-debuginfo-6.0.30-1.el9 Debug information for package zabbix-server-pgsql linux/ppc64le
zabbix-web-6.0.30-1.el9 Zabbix Web Frontend linux/noarch
zabbix-web-mysql-6.0.30-1.el9 Zabbix web frontend for MySQL linux/noarch
zabbix-web-pgsql-6.0.30-1.el9 Zabbix web frontend for PostgreSQL linux/noarch
zathura-0.4.9-1.el9 A lightweight document viewer linux/ppc64le
zathura-bash-completion-0.4.9-1.el9 bash-completion files for zathura linux/noarch
zathura-cb-0.1.10-1.el9 Comic book support for zathura linux/ppc64le
zathura-cb-debuginfo-0.1.10-1.el9 Debug information for package zathura-cb linux/ppc64le
zathura-cb-debugsource-0.1.10-1.el9 Debug sources for package zathura-cb linux/ppc64le
zathura-debuginfo-0.4.9-1.el9 Debug information for package zathura linux/ppc64le
zathura-debugsource-0.4.9-1.el9 Debug sources for package zathura linux/ppc64le
zathura-devel-0.4.9-1.el9 Development files for the zathura PDF viewer linux/ppc64le
zathura-djvu-0.2.9-6.el9 DjVu support for zathura linux/ppc64le
zathura-djvu-debuginfo-0.2.9-6.el9 Debug information for package zathura-djvu linux/ppc64le
zathura-djvu-debugsource-0.2.9-6.el9 Debug sources for package zathura-djvu linux/ppc64le
zathura-fish-completion-0.4.9-1.el9 fish-completion files for zathura linux/noarch
zathura-pdf-poppler-0.3.0-6.el9 PDF support for zathura via poppler linux/ppc64le
zathura-pdf-poppler-debuginfo-0.3.0-6.el9 Debug information for package zathura-pdf-poppler linux/ppc64le
zathura-pdf-poppler-debugsource-0.3.0-6.el9 Debug sources for package zathura-pdf-poppler linux/ppc64le
zathura-plugins-all-0.4.9-1.el9 Zathura plugins (all plugins) linux/ppc64le
zathura-zsh-completion-0.4.9-1.el9 zsh-completion files for zathura linux/noarch
zbar-0.23.90-5.el9 Bar code reader linux/ppc64le
zbar-debuginfo-0.23.90-5.el9 Debug information for package zbar linux/ppc64le
zbar-debugsource-0.23.90-5.el9 Debug sources for package zbar linux/ppc64le
zbar-devel-0.23.90-5.el9 Bar code reader library extra development files linux/ppc64le
zbar-gtk-0.23.90-5.el9 Bar code reader GTK widget linux/ppc64le
zbar-gtk-debuginfo-0.23.90-5.el9 Debug information for package zbar-gtk linux/ppc64le
zbar-gtk-devel-0.23.90-5.el9 Bar code reader GTK widget extra development files linux/ppc64le
zbar-java-0.23.90-5.el9 Bar code reader Java library linux/ppc64le
zbar-java-debuginfo-0.23.90-5.el9 Debug information for package zbar-java linux/ppc64le
zbar-libs-0.23.90-5.el9 Bar code reader library linux/ppc64le
zbar-libs-debuginfo-0.23.90-5.el9 Debug information for package zbar-libs linux/ppc64le
zbar-qt-0.23.90-5.el9 Bar code reader Qt widget linux/ppc64le
zbar-qt-debuginfo-0.23.90-5.el9 Debug information for package zbar-qt linux/ppc64le
zbar-qt-devel-0.23.90-5.el9 Bar code reader Qt widget extra development files linux/ppc64le
zchunk-1.4.0-1.el9 Compressed file format that allows easy deltas linux/ppc64le
zchunk-debuginfo-1.4.0-1.el9 Debug information for package zchunk linux/ppc64le
zchunk-debugsource-1.4.0-1.el9 Debug sources for package zchunk linux/ppc64le
zchunk-devel-1.4.0-1.el9 Headers for building against zchunk linux/ppc64le
zchunk-libs-1.4.0-1.el9 Zchunk library linux/ppc64le
zchunk-libs-debuginfo-1.4.0-1.el9 Debug information for package zchunk-libs linux/ppc64le
zeek-btest-4.2.0-1.el9 The BTest test framework linux/ppc64le
zeek-btest-data-4.2.0-1.el9 Data for testing linux/noarch
zeek-core-4.2.0-1.el9 The core zeek installation without zeekctl linux/ppc64le
zeek-core-debuginfo-4.2.0-1.el9 Debug information for package zeek-core linux/ppc64le
zeek-debuginfo-4.2.0-1.el9 Debug information for package zeek linux/ppc64le
zeek-debugsource-4.2.0-1.el9 Debug sources for package zeek linux/ppc64le
zeek-devel-4.2.0-1.el9 Development files for Zeek linux/ppc64le
zeek-devel-debuginfo-4.2.0-1.el9 Debug information for package zeek-devel linux/ppc64le
zeek-libcaf-4.2.0-1.el9 C++ actor framework linux/ppc64le
zeek-libcaf-debuginfo-4.2.0-1.el9 Debug information for package zeek-libcaf linux/ppc64le
zeek-libcaf-devel-4.2.0-1.el9 C++ actor framework development files linux/ppc64le
zeek-zkg-4.2.0-1.el9 The Zeek Package Manager linux/ppc64le
zeekctl-4.2.0-1.el9 Zeek Control linux/ppc64le
zeekctl-debuginfo-4.2.0-1.el9 Debug information for package zeekctl linux/ppc64le
zerofree-1.1.1-8.el9 Utility to force unused ext2/3/4 inodes and blocks to zero linux/ppc64le
zerofree-debuginfo-1.1.1-8.el9 Debug information for package zerofree linux/ppc64le
zerofree-debugsource-1.1.1-8.el9 Debug sources for package zerofree linux/ppc64le
zeromq-4.3.4-2.el9 Software library for fast, message-based applications linux/ppc64le
zeromq-debuginfo-4.3.4-2.el9 Debug information for package zeromq linux/ppc64le
zeromq-debugsource-4.3.4-2.el9 Debug sources for package zeromq linux/ppc64le
zeromq-devel-4.3.4-2.el9 Development files for zeromq linux/ppc64le
zimg-3.0.5-1.el9 Scaling, color space conversion, and dithering library linux/ppc64le
zimg-debuginfo-3.0.5-1.el9 Debug information for package zimg linux/ppc64le
zimg-debugsource-3.0.5-1.el9 Debug sources for package zimg linux/ppc64le
zimg-devel-3.0.5-1.el9 Development files for zimg linux/ppc64le
zimg-devel-debuginfo-3.0.5-1.el9 Debug information for package zimg-devel linux/ppc64le
zinnia-0.06-51.el9 Online handwriting recognition system with machine learning linux/ppc64le
zinnia-debuginfo-0.06-51.el9 Debug information for package zinnia linux/ppc64le
zinnia-debugsource-0.06-51.el9 Debug sources for package zinnia linux/ppc64le
zinnia-devel-0.06-51.el9 Development files for zinnia linux/ppc64le
zinnia-doc-0.06-51.el9 Documents for the zinnia library linux/noarch
zinnia-perl-0.06-51.el9 Perl bindings for zinnia linux/ppc64le
zinnia-perl-debuginfo-0.06-51.el9 Debug information for package zinnia-perl linux/ppc64le
zinnia-tomoe-ja-0.06-51.el9 Japanese tomoe model file for zinnia linux/ppc64le
zinnia-tomoe-zh_CN-0.06-51.el9 Simplified Chinese tomoe model file for zinnia linux/ppc64le
zinnia-utils-0.06-51.el9 Utils for the zinnia library linux/ppc64le
zinnia-utils-debuginfo-0.06-51.el9 Debug information for package zinnia-utils linux/ppc64le
zint-2.11.0-1.el9 Barcode generator library linux/ppc64le
zint-debuginfo-2.11.0-1.el9 Debug information for package zint linux/ppc64le
zint-debugsource-2.11.0-1.el9 Debug sources for package zint linux/ppc64le
zint-devel-2.11.0-1.el9 Library and header files for zint linux/ppc64le
zint-qt-2.11.0-1.el9 Zint Barcode Studio linux/ppc64le
zint-qt-debuginfo-2.11.0-1.el9 Debug information for package zint-qt linux/ppc64le
zint-qt-devel-2.11.0-1.el9 Library and header files for zint-qt linux/ppc64le
zlib-ada-1.4-0.32.20120830CVS.el9 Zlib for Ada linux/ppc64le
zlib-ada-debuginfo-1.4-0.32.20120830CVS.el9 Debug information for package zlib-ada linux/ppc64le
zlib-ada-debugsource-1.4-0.32.20120830CVS.el9 Debug sources for package zlib-ada linux/ppc64le
zlib-ada-devel-1.4-0.32.20120830CVS.el9 Development files for Zlib-Ada linux/ppc64le
zlib-ng-2.1.6-1.el9 Zlib replacement with optimizations linux/ppc64le
zlib-ng-debuginfo-2.1.6-1.el9 Debug information for package zlib-ng linux/ppc64le
zlib-ng-debugsource-2.1.6-1.el9 Debug sources for package zlib-ng linux/ppc64le
zlib-ng-devel-2.1.6-1.el9 Development files for zlib-ng linux/ppc64le
zmap-3.0.0-2.el9 Network scanner for Internet-wide network studies linux/ppc64le
zmap-debuginfo-3.0.0-2.el9 Debug information for package zmap linux/ppc64le
zmap-debugsource-3.0.0-2.el9 Debug sources for package zmap linux/ppc64le
znc-1.8.2-15.el9 An advanced IRC bouncer linux/ppc64le
znc-debuginfo-1.8.2-15.el9 Debug information for package znc linux/ppc64le
znc-debugsource-1.8.2-15.el9 Debug sources for package znc linux/ppc64le
znc-devel-1.8.2-15.el9 Development files needed to compile ZNC modules linux/ppc64le
znc-modperl-1.8.2-15.el9 Perl module for ZNC linux/ppc64le
znc-modperl-debuginfo-1.8.2-15.el9 Debug information for package znc-modperl linux/ppc64le
znc-modpython-1.8.2-15.el9 Python3 module for ZNC linux/ppc64le
znc-modpython-debuginfo-1.8.2-15.el9 Debug information for package znc-modpython linux/ppc64le
znc-modtcl-1.8.2-15.el9 TCL module for ZNC linux/ppc64le
znc-modtcl-debuginfo-1.8.2-15.el9 Debug information for package znc-modtcl linux/ppc64le
zopfli-1.0.3-8.el9 Zlib compatible better compressor linux/ppc64le
zopfli-debuginfo-1.0.3-8.el9 Debug information for package zopfli linux/ppc64le
zopfli-debugsource-1.0.3-8.el9 Debug sources for package zopfli linux/ppc64le
zopfli-devel-1.0.3-8.el9 Development files for zopfli and zopflipng. linux/ppc64le
zork-1.0.3-5.el9 Public Domain original DUNGEON game (Zork I) linux/ppc64le
zork-debuginfo-1.0.3-5.el9 Debug information for package zork linux/ppc64le
zork-debugsource-1.0.3-5.el9 Debug sources for package zork linux/ppc64le
zoxide-0.9.2-3.el9 Smarter cd command for your terminal linux/ppc64le
zoxide-debuginfo-0.9.2-3.el9 Debug information for package zoxide linux/ppc64le
zsh-autosuggestions-0.7.0-6.el9 Fish-like autosuggestions for zsh linux/noarch
zsh-syntax-highlighting-0.8.0-1.el9 Fish shell like syntax highlighting for Zsh linux/noarch
zvbi-0.2.35-15.el9 Raw VBI, Teletext and Closed Caption decoding library linux/ppc64le
zvbi-debuginfo-0.2.35-15.el9 Debug information for package zvbi linux/ppc64le
zvbi-debugsource-0.2.35-15.el9 Debug sources for package zvbi linux/ppc64le
zvbi-devel-0.2.35-15.el9 Development files for zvbi linux/ppc64le
zvbi-fonts-0.2.35-15.el9 Fonts from zvbi converted to X11 linux/noarch
zxing-cpp-1.2.0-1.el9 C++ port of the ZXing ("Zebra Crossing") barcode scanning library linux/ppc64le
zxing-cpp-debuginfo-1.2.0-1.el9 Debug information for package zxing-cpp linux/ppc64le
zxing-cpp-debugsource-1.2.0-1.el9 Debug sources for package zxing-cpp linux/ppc64le
zxing-cpp-devel-1.2.0-1.el9 Development files for zxing-cpp linux/ppc64le

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