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RPM of Group Applications/Publishing

texlive-IEEEtran-20200406-34.el9 Document class for IEEE Transactions journals and conferences linux/noarch
texlive-adobemapping-20200406-34.el9 Adobe cmap and pdfmapping files linux/noarch
texlive-ascmac-20200406-34.el9 Boxes and picture macros with Japanese vertical writing support linux/noarch
texlive-atenddvi-20200406-34.el9 Provides the \AtEndDvi command linux/noarch
texlive-auto-pst-pdf-20200406-34.el9 Wrapper for pst-pdf (with some psfrag features) linux/noarch
texlive-babel-french-20200406-34.el9 Babel contributed support for French linux/noarch
texlive-babel-german-20200406-34.el9 Babel support for documents written in German linux/noarch
texlive-bibunits-20200406-34.el9 Multiple bibliographies in one document linux/noarch
texlive-boondox-20200406-34.el9 Mathematical alphabets derived from the STIX fonts linux/noarch
texlive-chemformula-20200406-34.el9 Command for typesetting chemical formulas and reactions linux/noarch
texlive-chemgreek-20200406-34.el9 Upright Greek letters in chemistry linux/noarch
texlive-chktex-20200406-34.el9 Check for errors in LaTeX documents linux/aarch64
texlive-cjkpunct-20200406-34.el9 Adjust locations and kerning of CJK punctuation marks linux/noarch
texlive-convbkmk-20200406-34.el9 Correct platex/uplatex bookmarks in PDF created with hyperref linux/noarch
texlive-ctex-20200406-34.el9 LaTeX classes and packages for Chinese typesetting linux/noarch
texlive-ctie-20200406-34.el9 C version of tie (merging Web change files) linux/aarch64
texlive-cweb-20200406-34.el9 A Web system in C linux/aarch64
texlive-emulateapj-20200406-34.el9 Produce output similar to that of APJ linux/noarch
texlive-everyhook-20200406-34.el9 Hooks for standard TeX token lists linux/noarch
texlive-fandol-20200406-34.el9 Four basic fonts for Chinese typesetting linux/noarch
texlive-filemod-20200406-34.el9 Provide file modification times, and compare them linux/noarch
texlive-firstaid-20200406-34.el9 First aid for external LaTeX files and packages that need updating linux/noarch
texlive-fltpoint-20200406-34.el9 Simple floating point arithmetic linux/noarch
texlive-fontaxes-20200406-34.el9 Additional font axes for LaTeX linux/noarch
texlive-german-20200406-34.el9 Support for German typography linux/noarch
texlive-germbib-20200406-34.el9 German variants of standard BibTeX styles linux/noarch
texlive-gincltex-20200406-34.el9 Include TeX files as graphics (.tex support for \includegraphics) linux/noarch
texlive-glossaries-english-20200406-34.el9 English language module for glossaries package linux/noarch
texlive-glossaries-french-20200406-34.el9 French language module for glossaries package linux/noarch
texlive-glossaries-german-20200406-34.el9 German language module for glossaries package linux/noarch
texlive-hyphen-german-20200406-34.el9 German hyphenation patterns linux/noarch
texlive-ipaex-20200406-34.el9 IPA (Japanese) fonts linux/noarch
texlive-japanese-otf-20200406-34.el9 Advanced font selection for platex and its friends linux/noarch
texlive-japanese-otf-uptex-20200406-34.el9 Support for Japanese OTF files in upLaTeX linux/noarch
texlive-lacheck-20200406-34.el9 LaTeX checker linux/aarch64
texlive-latex-base-dev-20200406-34.el9 Development pre-release of the LaTeX kernel linux/noarch
texlive-latex-firstaid-dev-20200406-34.el9 Development pre-release of the LaTeX firstaid package linux/noarch
texlive-luatexja-20200406-34.el9 Typeset Japanese with Lua(La)TeX linux/noarch
texlive-media9-20200406-34.el9 Multimedia inclusion package with Adobe Reader-9/X compatibility linux/noarch
texlive-mhchem-20200406-34.el9 Typeset chemical formulae/equations and Risk and Safety phrases linux/noarch
texlive-newtx-20200406-34.el9 Alternative uses of the TX fonts, with improved metrics linux/noarch
texlive-nomencl-20200406-34.el9 Produce lists of symbols as in nomenclature linux/noarch
texlive-ocgx2-20200406-34.el9 Drop-in replacement for the 'ocgx' package linux/noarch
texlive-pgfplots-20200406-34.el9 Create normal/logarithmic plots in two and three dimensions linux/noarch
texlive-platex-20200406-34.el9 pLaTeX2e and miscellaneous macros for pTeX linux/noarch
texlive-platex-tools-20200406-34.el9 pLaTeX standard tools bundle linux/noarch
texlive-ps2eps-20200406-34.el9 Produce Encapsulated PostScript from PostScript linux/aarch64
texlive-ptex-20200406-34.el9 A TeX system for publishing in Japanese linux/aarch64
texlive-ptex-base-20200406-34.el9 Plain TeX format for pTeX and e-pTeX linux/noarch
texlive-ptex-fonts-20200406-34.el9 Fonts for use with pTeX linux/noarch
texlive-revtex4-20200406-34.el9 revtex4 package linux/noarch
texlive-sfmath-20200406-34.el9 Sans-serif mathematics linux/noarch
texlive-sidecap-20200406-34.el9 Typeset captions sideways linux/noarch
texlive-siunitx-20200406-34.el9 A comprehensive (SI) units package linux/noarch
texlive-standalone-20200406-34.el9 Compile TeX pictures stand-alone or as part of a document linux/noarch
texlive-sttools-20200406-34.el9 Various macros linux/noarch
texlive-supertabular-20200406-34.el9 A multi-page tables package linux/noarch
texlive-tcolorbox-20200406-34.el9 Coloured boxes, for LaTeX examples and theorems, etc linux/noarch
texlive-tie-20200406-34.el9 Allow multiple web change files linux/aarch64
texlive-ttfutils-20200406-34.el9 Linux TrueType utilities linux/aarch64
texlive-units-20200406-34.el9 Typeset units linux/noarch
texlive-uplatex-20200406-34.el9 pLaTeX2e and miscellaneous macros for upTeX linux/noarch
texlive-uptex-20200406-34.el9 Binaries for uptex linux/aarch64
texlive-uptex-base-20200406-34.el9 Plain TeX format and documents for upTeX linux/noarch
texlive-uptex-fonts-20200406-34.el9 Fonts for use with upTeX linux/noarch
texlive-web-20200406-34.el9 Original web programs tangle and weave linux/aarch64
texlive-xcjk2uni-20200406-34.el9 Convert CJK characters to Unicode, in pdfTeX linux/noarch
texlive-xpinyin-20200406-34.el9 Automatically add pinyin to Chinese characters linux/noarch
texlive-zhmetrics-20200406-34.el9 TFM subfont files for using Chinese fonts in 8-bit TeX linux/noarch
texlive-zhmetrics-uptex-20200406-34.el9 Chinese font metrics for upTeX linux/noarch
texlive-zhnumber-20200406-34.el9 Typeset Chinese representations of numbers linux/noarch

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