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Packages beginning with letter S

s-nail-14.9.23-1.el8 Environment for sending and receiving mail linux/x86_64
s2n-tls-1.4.16-1.el8 A C99 implementation of the TLS/SSL protocols linux/x86_64
s2n-tls-devel-1.4.16-1.el8 A C99 implementation of the TLS/SSL protocols linux/x86_64
s2n-tls-doc-1.4.16-1.el8 A C99 implementation of the TLS/SSL protocols linux/noarch
s3cmd-2.4.0-1.el8 Tool for accessing Amazon Simple Storage Service linux/noarch
s3fs-fuse-1.94-1.el8 FUSE-based file system backed by Amazon S3 linux/x86_64
sagator-2.0.3-0.beta3.el8 Antivirus/anti-spam gateway for smtp server linux/noarch
sagator-core-2.0.3-0.beta3.el8 Antivirus/anti-spam gateway for smtp server, core files linux/noarch
sagator-webq-2.0.3-0.beta3.el8 SAGATOR's web quarantine access linux/noarch
salt-lint-0.9.1-1.el8 Salt State file (SLS) lint tool linux/noarch
samdump2-3.0.0-20.el8 Retrieves syskey and extracts hashes from Windows 2k/NT/XP/Vista SAM linux/x86_64
samtools-1.9-3.el8 Tools for nucleotide sequence alignments in the SAM format linux/x86_64
sasl-xoauth2-0.24-1.el8 The xoauth2 plugin for cyrus-sasl linux/x86_64
sassc-3.4.5-2.el8 Wrapper around libsass to compile CSS stylesheet linux/x86_64
sasutils-0.5.0-1.el8 Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) utilities linux/noarch
scalapack-common-2.0.2-31.el8 Common files for scalapack linux/x86_64
scalapack-mpich-2.0.2-31.el8 ScaLAPACK libraries compiled against mpich linux/x86_64
scalapack-mpich-devel-2.0.2-31.el8 Development libraries for ScaLAPACK (mpich) linux/x86_64
scalapack-mpich-static-2.0.2-31.el8 Static libraries for ScaLAPACK (mpich) linux/x86_64
scalapack-openmpi-2.0.2-31.el8 ScaLAPACK libraries compiled against openmpi linux/x86_64
scalapack-openmpi-devel-2.0.2-31.el8 Development libraries for ScaLAPACK (openmpi) linux/x86_64
scalapack-openmpi-static-2.0.2-31.el8 Static libraries for ScaLAPACK (openmpi) linux/x86_64
scalasca-2.5-2.el8 Toolset for performance analysis of large-scale parallel applications linux/x86_64
scalasca-doc-2.5-2.el8 Documentation for scalasca linux/noarch
scalasca-mpich-2.5-2.el8 Toolset for performance analysis of large-scale parallel applications - mpich linux/x86_64
scalasca-openmpi-2.5-2.el8 Toolset for performance analysis of large-scale parallel applications - openmpi linux/x86_64
scanless-2.1.2-2.el8 An online port scan scraper linux/noarch
scanssh-2.1.2-6.el8 Fast SSH server and open proxy scanner linux/x86_64
scdoc-1.9.6-2.el8 Tool for generating roff manual pages linux/x86_64
schedtool-1.3.0-25.el8 Tool to query or alter process scheduling policy linux/x86_64
schroedinger-1.0.11-21.el8 Portable libraries for the high quality Dirac video codec linux/x86_64
schroedinger-devel-1.0.11-21.el8 Development files for schroedinger linux/x86_64
schroot-1.6.10-10.el8 Execute commands in a chroot environment linux/x86_64
scitokens-cpp-1.1.1-1.el8 C++ Implementation of the SciTokens Library linux/x86_64
scitokens-cpp-devel-1.1.1-1.el8 Header files for the scitokens-cpp public interfaces linux/x86_64
scorep-6.0-20.el8 Scalable Performance Measurement Infrastructure for Parallel Codes linux/x86_64
scorep-config-6.0-20.el8 Score-P configuration files linux/x86_64
scorep-doc-6.0-20.el8 Documentation for scorep linux/noarch
scorep-libs-6.0-20.el8 Score-P runtime libraries linux/x86_64
scorep-mpich-6.0-20.el8 Scalable Performance Measurement Infrastructure for Parallel Codes for mpich linux/x86_64
scorep-mpich-config-6.0-20.el8 Score-P mpich configuration files linux/x86_64
scorep-mpich-libs-6.0-20.el8 Score-P mpich runtime libraries linux/x86_64
scorep-openmpi-6.0-20.el8 Scalable Performance Measurement Infrastructure for Parallel Codes for openmpi linux/x86_64
scorep-openmpi-config-6.0-20.el8 Score-P openmpi configuration files linux/x86_64
scorep-openmpi-libs-6.0-20.el8 Score-P openmpi runtime libraries linux/x86_64
scponly-4.8-26.el8 Restricted shell for ssh based file services linux/x86_64
screen-4.6.2-12.el8 A screen manager that supports multiple logins on one terminal linux/x86_64
screenkey-1.4-2.el8 A screencast tool to display your keys linux/noarch
sdbus-cpp-1.2.0-1.el8 High-level C++ D-Bus library linux/x86_64
sdbus-cpp-devel-1.2.0-1.el8 Development files for sdbus-cpp linux/x86_64
sdbus-cpp-devel-doc-1.2.0-1.el8 Developer documentation for sdbus-cpp linux/noarch
sdbus-cpp-tools-1.2.0-1.el8 Stub code generator for sdbus-c++ linux/x86_64
sddm-breeze-5.24.7-1.el8 SDDM breeze theme linux/noarch
sddm-kcm-5.24.7-1.el8 SDDM KDE configuration module linux/x86_64
sddm-wayland-plasma-5.24.7-1.el8 Plasma Wayland SDDM greeter configuration linux/noarch
sdl-crypto-devel-1.0.0-5.20220329gita5096e5.el8 Development files for sdl-crypto linux/x86_64
sdl-decnumber-devel-3.68.0-5.20220329git3aa2f45.el8 Development files for sdl-decnumber linux/x86_64
sdl-decnumber-doc-3.68.0-5.20220329git3aa2f45.el8 Documentation for sdl-decnumber linux/noarch
sdl-softfloat-devel-3.5.0-5.20220329git4b0c326.el8 Berkeley IEEE Binary Floating-Point Library (SDL version) linux/x86_64
sdl-telnet-devel-1.0.0-5.20220328gite0e2a91.el8 Development files for sdl-telnet linux/x86_64
sdorfehs-1.4-1.el8 A tiling window manager linux/x86_64
sdparm-1.10-10.el8 List or change SCSI/SATA disk parameters linux/x86_64
seahorse-caja-1.18.5-1.el8 PGP encryption and signing for caja linux/x86_64
seamonkey- Web browser, e-mail, news, IRC client, HTML editor linux/x86_64
sec-2.9.2-1.el8 Simple Event Correlator script to filter log file entries linux/noarch
secilc-2.9-2.el8 The SELinux CIL Compiler linux/x86_64
secilc-doc-2.9-2.el8 Documentation for the SELinux CIL Compiler linux/noarch
sedutil-1.20.0-2.el8 Tools to manage the activation and use of self encrypting drives linux/x86_64
sendemail-1.56-4.el8 Lightweight command line SMTP e-mail client linux/noarch
sendxmpp-1.24-12.el8 A Perl script to send XMPP messages linux/noarch
sensible-utils-0.0.17-2.el8 Utilities for sensible alternative selection linux/noarch
sentencepiece-devel-0.1.92-1.el8 Libraries and header files for SentencePiece linux/x86_64
sentencepiece-libs-0.1.92-1.el8 Runtime libraries for SentencePiece linux/x86_64
sentencepiece-tools-0.1.92-1.el8 Tools for SentencePiece linux/x86_64
ser2net-3.5-6.el8 Proxy that allows tcp connections to serial ports linux/x86_64
sevmgr-1.00.4-1.el8 C++ Simulation-Oriented Discrete Event Management Library linux/x86_64
sevmgr-devel-1.00.4-1.el8 Header files, libraries and development helper tools for sevmgr linux/x86_64
sevmgr-doc-1.00.4-1.el8 HTML documentation for the sevmgr library linux/noarch
sexpp-0.8.7-1.el8 S-expressions parser and generator tools linux/x86_64
sha2-1.0.1-17.el8 SHA Implementation Library linux/x86_64
sha2-devel-1.0.1-17.el8 Development files for sha2 linux/x86_64
shairport-sync-3.3.8-1.el8 AirTunes emulator. Multi-Room with Audio Synchronisation linux/x86_64
shapelib-1.5.0-12.el8 C library for handling ESRI Shapefiles linux/x86_64
shapelib-devel-1.5.0-12.el8 Development files for shapelib linux/x86_64
shapelib-tools-1.5.0-12.el8 shapelib utility programs linux/x86_64
shc-4.0.3-1.el8 Shell script compiler linux/x86_64
shdoc-1.2-1.el8 Documentation generator for bash/zsh/sh for generating documentation in Markdown linux/noarch
shelldap-1.4.0-6.el8 A shell-like interface for browsing LDAP servers linux/noarch
shigofumi-0.9-1.el8 Command line client for accessing the Czech Data Boxes linux/x86_64
shodan-1.23.0-1.el8 CLI tool to access linux/noarch
shorewall-5.2.2-4.el8 An iptables front end for firewall configuration linux/noarch
shorewall-core-5.2.2-4.el8 Core libraries for Shorewall linux/noarch
shorewall-init-5.2.2-4.el8 Initialization functionality and NetworkManager integration for Shorewall linux/noarch
shorewall-lite-5.2.2-4.el8 Shorewall firewall for compiled rulesets linux/noarch
shorewall6-5.2.2-4.el8 Files for the IPV6 Shorewall Firewall linux/noarch
shorewall6-lite-5.2.2-4.el8 Shorewall firewall for compiled IPV6 rulesets linux/noarch
siege-4.1.2-1.el8 HTTP regression testing and benchmarking utility linux/x86_64
signify-32-1.el8 Sign and verify signatures on files linux/x86_64
signon-8.60-10.el8 Accounts framework for Linux and POSIX based platforms linux/x86_64
signon-devel-8.60-10.el8 Development files for signon linux/x86_64
signon-doc-8.60-10.el8 Documentation for signon linux/noarch
signon-kwallet-extension-22.04.1-1.el8 KWallet integration for Sign-on framework linux/x86_64
signon-plugin-oauth2-0.24-4.el8 OAuth2 plugin for the Accounts framework linux/x86_64
signon-plugin-oauth2-devel-0.24-4.el8 Development files for signon-plugin-oauth2 linux/x86_64
signon-ui-0.15-17.el8 Online Accounts Sign-on Ui linux/x86_64
simcrs-1.01.3-1.el8 C++ Simulated Travel-Oriented Distribution System library linux/x86_64
simcrs-devel-1.01.3-1.el8 Header files, libraries and development helper tools for simcrs linux/x86_64
simcrs-doc-1.01.3-1.el8 HTML documentation for the simcrs library linux/noarch
simde-devel-0.0.0-1.git29b9110.el8 Header files for SIMDe development linux/x86_64
simdjson-3.6.3-1.el8 Parsing gigabytes of JSON per second linux/x86_64
simdjson-devel-3.6.3-1.el8 Development files for simdjson linux/x86_64
simdjson-doc-3.6.3-1.el8 Documents for simdjson linux/x86_64
simfqt-1.00.3-1.el8 C++ Simulated Fare Quote System Library linux/x86_64
simfqt-devel-1.00.3-1.el8 Header files, libraries and development helper tools for simfqt linux/x86_64
simfqt-doc-1.00.3-1.el8 HTML documentation for the simfqt library linux/noarch
simple-mail-2.3.0-1.el8 SMTP Client Library for Qt linux/x86_64
simple-mail-devel-2.3.0-1.el8 SMTP Client Library for Qt - Development Files linux/x86_64
simple-scan- Simple scanning utility linux/x86_64
singularity-ce-4.1.3-1.el8 Application and environment virtualization linux/x86_64
sip-redirect-0.2.0-18.el8 Tiny IPv4 and IPv6 SIP redirect server written in Perl linux/noarch
sip6-6.5.1-1.el8 SIP - Python/C++ Bindings Generator linux/x86_64
sipcalc-1.1.6-17.el8 An "advanced" console based ip subnet calculator linux/x86_64
sipvicious-0.3.0-1.el8 Set of tools to audit SIP based VoIP systems linux/noarch
sj-delphine-fonts-2.0.2-19.el8 Handwriting font linux/noarch
sj-fonts-common-2.0.2-19.el8 Common files for sj-fonts linux/noarch
sj-stevehand-fonts-2.0.2-19.el8 Handwriting font linux/noarch
skanlite-22.04.1-1.el8 Lightweight scanning program linux/x86_64
sl-5.02-1.el8 Joke command for when you type 'sl' instead of 'ls' linux/x86_64
sleef-3.5.1-3.el8 Vectorized math library linux/x86_64
sleef-devel-3.5.1-3.el8 Development files for sleef linux/x86_64
sleef-doc-3.5.1-3.el8 Documentation for sleef linux/noarch
sleef-gnuabi-3.5.1-3.el8 GNUABI version of sleef linux/x86_64
sleef-gnuabi-devel-3.5.1-3.el8 Development files for GNUABI version of sleef linux/x86_64
sleuthkit-4.9.0-1.el8 The Sleuth Kit (TSK) linux/x86_64
sleuthkit-devel-4.9.0-1.el8 Development files for sleuthkit linux/x86_64
sleuthkit-libs-4.9.0-1.el8 Library for sleuthkit linux/x86_64
slick-greeter-1.5.6-1.el8 A slick-looking LightDM greeter linux/x86_64
slick-greeter-cinnamon-1.5.6-1.el8 Slick-greeter customisation for the CINNAMON desktop linux/noarch
slick-greeter-mate-1.5.6-1.el8 Slick-greeter customisation for the MATE desktop linux/noarch
sloccount-2.26-37.el8 Measures source lines of code (SLOC) in programs linux/x86_64
slop-7.6-5.el8 Command line tool to perform region SeLect OPeration with mouse linux/x86_64
slowhttptest-1.8.2-1.el8 An Application Layer DoS attack simulator linux/x86_64
slowloris-0.2.0-1.el8 Low bandwidth DoS tool linux/noarch
slurm-20.11.9-1.el8 Simple Linux Utility for Resource Management linux/x86_64
slurm-contribs-20.11.9-1.el8 Perl tools to print Slurm job state information linux/x86_64
slurm-devel-20.11.9-1.el8 Development package for Slurm linux/x86_64
slurm-doc-20.11.9-1.el8 Slurm documentation linux/x86_64
slurm-gui-20.11.9-1.el8 Slurm gui and visual tools linux/x86_64
slurm-libs-20.11.9-1.el8 Slurm shared libraries linux/x86_64
slurm-nss_slurm-20.11.9-1.el8 NSS plugin for slurm linux/x86_64
slurm-openlava-20.11.9-1.el8 Openlava/LSF wrappers for transition from OpenLava/LSF to Slurm linux/x86_64
slurm-pam_slurm-20.11.9-1.el8 PAM module for restricting access to compute nodes via Slurm linux/x86_64
slurm-perlapi-20.11.9-1.el8 Perl API to Slurm linux/x86_64
slurm-pmi-20.11.9-1.el8 The slurm implementation of libpmi and libpmi2 linux/x86_64
slurm-pmi-devel-20.11.9-1.el8 Development files for slurm-pmi linux/x86_64
slurm-rrdtool-20.11.9-1.el8 Slurm rrdtool external sensor plugin linux/x86_64
slurm-slurmctld-20.11.9-1.el8 Slurm controller daemon linux/x86_64
slurm-slurmd-20.11.9-1.el8 Slurm compute node daemon linux/x86_64
slurm-slurmdbd-20.11.9-1.el8 Slurm database daemon linux/x86_64
slurm-slurmrestd-20.11.9-1.el8 Slurm REST API deamon linux/x86_64
slurm-torque-20.11.9-1.el8 Torque/PBS wrappers for transition from Torque/PBS to Slurm linux/x86_64
smatch-1.73-2.el8 A static analyzer for C linux/x86_64
smatch-data-1.73-2.el8 Data for Smatch the C static analyzer linux/noarch
smcalc-1.0.1-2.el8 Matrix Calculator linux/x86_64
smem-1.5-6.el8 Report application memory usage in a meaningful way linux/noarch
smokeping-2.8.2-1.el8 Latency Logging and Graphing System linux/noarch
smoldyn-2.61-3.el8 A particle-based spatial stochastic simulator linux/x86_64
smoldyn-doc-2.61-3.el8 smoldyn PDF documentation linux/noarch
smp_utils-0.99-5.el8 Utilities for SAS management protocol (SMP) linux/x86_64
smp_utils-devel-0.99-5.el8 Development library and header files for the smp_utils library linux/x86_64
smp_utils-libs-0.99-5.el8 Shared library for smp_utils linux/x86_64
smtpping-1.1.4-1.el8 Small tool for measuring SMTP parameters linux/x86_64
snakeyaml-1.32-1.el8 YAML parser and emitter for Java linux/noarch
snakeyaml-javadoc-1.32-1.el8 API documentation for snakeyaml linux/noarch
snap-confine-2.63-0.el8 Confinement system for snap applications linux/x86_64
snapd-2.63-0.el8 A transactional software package manager linux/x86_64
snapd-devel-2.63-0.el8 Development files for snapd linux/noarch
snapd-glib-1.58-1.el8 Library providing a GLib interface to snapd linux/x86_64
snapd-glib-devel-1.58-1.el8 Development files for snapd-glib linux/x86_64
snapd-glib-tests-1.58-1.el8 Installed tests for snapd-glib linux/x86_64
snapd-qt-1.58-1.el8 Library providing a Qt5 interface to snapd linux/x86_64
snapd-qt-devel-1.58-1.el8 Development files for snapd-qt linux/x86_64
snapd-qt-qml-1.58-1.el8 Library providing a Qt5 QML interface to snapd linux/x86_64
snapd-qt-tests-1.58-1.el8 Installed tests for snapd-qt linux/x86_64
snapd-selinux-2.63-0.el8 SELinux module for snapd linux/noarch
snapraid-12.2-1.el8 Disk array backup for many large rarely-changed files linux/x86_64
snmpcheck-1.9-9.el8 An utility to get information via SNMP protocols linux/noarch
snoopy-2.5.1-1.el8 A preload library to send shell commands to syslog linux/x86_64
snoopy-compat-2.5.1-1.el8 Compatibility scripts for snoopy linux/noarch
soci-4.0.0-2.el8 The database access library for C++ programmers linux/x86_64
soci-devel-4.0.0-2.el8 Header files, libraries and development documentation for soci linux/x86_64
soci-doc-4.0.0-2.el8 HTML documentation for the soci library linux/noarch
soci-mysql-4.0.0-2.el8 MySQL back-end for soci linux/x86_64
soci-mysql-devel-4.0.0-2.el8 MySQL back-end for soci linux/x86_64
soci-odbc-4.0.0-2.el8 ODBC back-end for soci linux/x86_64
soci-odbc-devel-4.0.0-2.el8 ODBC back-end for soci linux/x86_64
soci-postgresql-4.0.0-2.el8 PostGreSQL back-end for soci linux/x86_64
soci-postgresql-devel-4.0.0-2.el8 PostGreSQL back-end for soci linux/x86_64
soci-sqlite3-4.0.0-2.el8 SQLite3 back-end for soci linux/x86_64
soci-sqlite3-devel-4.0.0-2.el8 SQLite3 back-end for soci linux/x86_64
socialscan-1.3.0-1.el8 CLI and library for usage checking of user names and email addresses linux/noarch
socnetv-2.9-1.el8 A Social Networks Analyser and Visualiser linux/x86_64
softfloat-devel-3.5.0-2.20210329git42f2f99.el8 Berkeley IEEE Binary Floating-Point Library linux/x86_64
softhsm-2.6.1-5.el8.1 Software version of a PKCS#11 Hardware Security Module linux/x86_64
softhsm-devel-2.6.1-5.el8.1 Development package of softhsm that includes the header files linux/x86_64
solaar-1.1.1-1.el8 Device manager for a wide range of Logitech devices linux/noarch
solaar-doc-1.1.1-1.el8 Developer documentation for Solaar linux/noarch
solaar-udev-1.1.1-1.el8 Udev rules for Logitech receivers linux/noarch
soundfont-utils-0.4-30.el8 Utilities for converting from / to various soundfont formats linux/x86_64
sourcextractor++-0.12-1.el8 A program that extracts a catalog of sources from astronomical images, and the successor of SExtractor linux/x86_64
sourcextractor++-devel-0.12-1.el8 The development part of the sourcextractor++ package linux/x86_64
sourcextractor++-doc-0.12-1.el8 Documentation for package sourcextractor++ linux/noarch
sox- A general purpose sound file conversion tool linux/x86_64
sox-devel- The SoX sound file format converter libraries linux/x86_64
soxr-0.1.3-4.el8 The SoX Resampler library linux/x86_64
soxr-devel-0.1.3-4.el8 Development files for soxr linux/x86_64
spacenavd-0.7.1-1.el8 A free, compatible alternative for 3Dconnexion's input drivers linux/x86_64
spamass-milter-0.4.0-13.el8 Milter (mail filter) for spamassassin linux/x86_64
spamass-milter-postfix-0.4.0-13.el8 Postfix support for spamass-milter linux/noarch
spamassassin-dqs-1.5.1-1.el8 SpamAssassin plugin for Spamhaus Data Query Service (DQS) linux/noarch
spamassassin-iXhash2-2.05-26.el8 SpamAssassin plugin to lookup e-mail checksums in blacklists linux/noarch
spandsp-0.0.6-9.el8 A DSP library for telephony linux/x86_64
spandsp-apidoc-0.0.6-9.el8 SpanDSP API documentation linux/x86_64
spandsp-devel-0.0.6-9.el8 SpanDSP development files linux/x86_64
sparse-0.6.4-1.el8 A semantic parser of source files linux/x86_64
spatialindex-1.9.3-6.el8 Spatial index library linux/x86_64
spatialindex-devel-1.9.3-6.el8 Development files for spatialindex linux/x86_64
spawn-fcgi-1.6.3-17.el8 Simple program for spawning FastCGI processes linux/x86_64
spdlog-1.5.0-2.el8 Super fast C++ logging library linux/x86_64
spdlog-devel-1.5.0-2.el8 Development files for spdlog linux/x86_64
spdrs60-0.6.4-2.el8 SRCP based locking table for digital model railroads linux/x86_64
spdrs60-doc-0.6.4-2.el8 Documentation for spdrs60 linux/noarch
spectacle-22.04.1-1.el8 Screenshot capture utility linux/x86_64
spectre-meltdown-checker-0.46-1.el8 Spectre & Meltdown vulnerability/mitigation checker for Linux linux/noarch
speech-tools-2.5-18.el8 Edinburgh speech tools library linux/x86_64
speech-tools-libs-2.5-18.el8 Edinburgh speech tools libraries linux/x86_64
speech-tools-libs-devel-2.5-18.el8 Development files for the speech-tools libraries linux/x86_64
speech-tools-libs-static-2.5-18.el8 Static libraries of speech-tools, so far needed by at least festival linux/x86_64
speedcrunch-0.12-20.el8 A fast power user calculator linux/x86_64
speedtest-cli-2.1.3-1.el8 Command line interface for testing internet bandwidth linux/noarch
spew-1.0.8-29.el8 I/O performance measurement and load generation tool linux/x86_64
spglib-1.16.1-3.el8 C library for finding and handling crystal symmetries linux/x86_64
spglib-devel-1.16.1-3.el8 Development files for spglib linux/x86_64
sphinx-2.2.11-15.el8 Free open-source SQL full-text search engine linux/x86_64
sphinx-java-2.2.11-15.el8 Java API for Sphinx linux/x86_64
sphinx-php-2.2.11-15.el8 PHP API for Sphinx linux/x86_64
spirv-headers-devel-1.5.4-7.20210728.git449bc98.el8 Development files for spirv-headers linux/noarch
spnavcfg-0.3.1-1.el8 Spacenav daemon interactive configuration program linux/x86_64
sqlcipher-4.4.3-2.el8 SQLCipher is an open source extension to SQLite that provides transparent 256-bit AES encryption of database files. linux/x86_64
sqlcipher-devel-4.4.3-2.el8 Development files for sqlcipher linux/x86_64
sqlgrey-1.8.0-22.el8 Postfix grey-listing policy service linux/noarch
sqlitebrowser-3.13.0-0.7.gita302128.el8 Create, design, and edit SQLite database files linux/x86_64
sqm-scripts-1.4.0-1.el8 Traffic shaper scripts of the CeroWrt project linux/noarch
squashfs-tools-ng-1.3.1-2.el8 A new set of tools and libraries for working with SquashFS images linux/x86_64
squashfs-tools-ng-devel-1.3.1-2.el8 Header files for squashfs-tools-ng development linux/x86_64
squashfs-tools-ng-libs-1.3.1-2.el8 The squashfs-tools-ng libsquashfs library linux/x86_64
squashfuse-0.1.104-1.el8 FUSE filesystem to mount squashfs archives linux/x86_64
squashfuse-devel-0.1.104-1.el8 Development files for squashfuse linux/x86_64
squashfuse-libs-0.1.104-1.el8 Libraries for squashfuse linux/x86_64
squeezelite- Headless music player for streaming from Logitech Media Server linux/x86_64
squidGuard-1.4-36.el8 Filter, redirector and access controller plugin for squid linux/x86_64
squidclamav-7.3-1.el8 HTTP Antivirus for Squid based on ClamAv and the ICAP protocol linux/x86_64
srain-1.0.2-1.el8 Modern, beautiful IRC client written in GTK+ 3 linux/x86_64
srcpd-2.1.5-1.el8 Simple Railroad Command Protocol (SRCP) server linux/x86_64
srm-1.2.15-12.el8 Secure file deletion linux/x86_64
srm-ifce-1.24.6-1.el8 SRM client side library linux/x86_64
srm-ifce-devel-1.24.6-1.el8 SRM client side headers and development files linux/x86_64
srt-1.4.1-3.el8 Secure Reliable Transport protocol tools linux/x86_64
srt-devel-1.4.1-3.el8 Secure Reliable Transport protocol development libraries and headers linux/x86_64
srt-libs-1.4.1-3.el8 Secure Reliable Transport protocol libraries linux/x86_64
ssdeep-2.14.1-7.el8 Compute context triggered piecewise hashes linux/x86_64
ssdeep-devel-2.14.1-7.el8 Development files for libfuzzy linux/x86_64
ssdeep-libs-2.14.1-7.el8 Runtime libfuzzy library linux/x86_64
sshexport-2.4-1.el8 Install your SSH keys on remote sites linux/noarch
sshguard-2.4.2-6.el8 Protects hosts from brute-force attacks against SSH and other services linux/x86_64
sshguard-firewalld-2.4.2-6.el8 Configuration for firewalld backend of SSHGuard linux/x86_64
sshguard-iptables-2.4.2-6.el8 Configuration for iptables backend of SSHGuard linux/x86_64
sshguard-nftables-2.4.2-6.el8 Configuration for nftables backend of SSHGuard linux/x86_64
sshuttle-1.0.4-1.el8 Transparent Proxy VPN linux/noarch
ssldump-1.8-1.el8 SSL/TLS network protocol analyzer linux/x86_64
sslh-1.20-1.el8 Applicative protocol(SSL/SSH) multiplexer linux/x86_64
sslscan-2.0.6-1.el8 Security assessment tool for SSL/TLS linux/x86_64
ssmtp-2.64-36.el8 Extremely simple MTA to get mail off the system to a Mailhub linux/x86_64
st-0.9-1.el8 A simple terminal implementation for X linux/x86_64
st-user-0.9-1.el8 Sources and tools for user configuration of st linux/x86_64
stacer-1.1.0-12.el8 Linux system optimizer and monitoring linux/x86_64
stacer-devel-1.1.0-12.el8 Development files for stacer linux/x86_64
stalonetray-0.8.3-15.el8 A stand alone notification area linux/x86_64
standard-test-roles-4.11-2.el8 Standard Test Interface Ansible roles linux/noarch
standard-test-roles-inventory-docker-4.11-2.el8 Inventory provisioner for using docker linux/noarch
standard-test-roles-inventory-qemu-4.11-2.el8 Inventory provisioner for using plain qemu command linux/noarch
stb-devel-0-0.48.20240531git013ac3b.el8 Development files for stb linux/x86_64
stb-doc-0-0.48.20240531git013ac3b.el8 Documentation for stb linux/noarch
stb_c_lexer-devel-0.12-0.48.20240531git013ac3b.el8 Simplify writing parsers for C-like languages linux/x86_64
stb_connected_components-devel-0.96-0.48.20240531git013ac3b.el8 Incrementally compute reachability on grids linux/x86_64
stb_divide-devel-0.94-0.48.20240531git013ac3b.el8 More useful 32-bit modulus e.g. “Euclidean divide” linux/x86_64
stb_ds-devel-0.67-0.48.20240531git013ac3b.el8 Typesafe dynamic array and hash tables for C, will compile in C++ linux/x86_64
stb_dxt-devel-1.12-0.48.20240531git013ac3b.el8 Fabian “ryg” Giesen’s real-time DXT compressor linux/x86_64
stb_easy_font-devel-1.1-0.48.20240531git013ac3b.el8 Quick-and-dirty easy-to-deploy bitmap font for printing frame rate, etc linux/x86_64
stb_herringbone_wang_tile-devel-0.7-0.48.20240531git013ac3b.el8 Herringbone Wang tile map generator linux/x86_64
stb_hexwave-devel-0.5-0.48.20240531git013ac3b.el8 Audio waveform synthesizer linux/x86_64
stb_image-devel-2.30-0.48.20240531git013ac3b.el8 Image loading/decoding from file/memory: JPG, PNG, TGA, BMP, PSD, GIF, HDR, PIC linux/x86_64
stb_image_resize-devel-0.97-0.48.20240531git013ac3b.el8 Resize images larger/smaller with good quality (original version) linux/x86_64
stb_image_resize2-devel-2.07-0.48.20240531git013ac3b.el8 Resize images larger/smaller with good quality linux/x86_64
stb_image_write-devel-1.16-0.48.20240531git013ac3b.el8 Image writing to disk: PNG, TGA, BMP linux/x86_64
stb_leakcheck-devel-0.6-0.48.20240531git013ac3b.el8 Quick-and-dirty malloc/free leak-checking linux/x86_64
stb_perlin-devel-0.5-0.48.20240531git013ac3b.el8 Perlin’s revised simplex noise w/ different seeds linux/x86_64
stb_rect_pack-devel-1.1-0.48.20240531git013ac3b.el8 Simple 2D rectangle packer with decent quality linux/x86_64
stb_sprintf-devel-1.10-0.48.20240531git013ac3b.el8 Fast sprintf, snprintf for C/C++ linux/x86_64
stb_textedit-devel-1.14-0.48.20240531git013ac3b.el8 Guts of a text editor for games etc., implementing them from scratch linux/x86_64
stb_tilemap_editor-devel-0.42-0.48.20240531git013ac3b.el8 Embeddable tilemap editor linux/x86_64
stb_truetype-devel-1.26-0.48.20240531git013ac3b.el8 Parse, decode, and rasterize characters from TrueType fonts linux/x86_64
stb_vorbis-devel-1.22-0.48.20240531git013ac3b.el8 Decode Ogg Vorbis files from file/memory to float/16-bit signed output linux/x86_64
stb_voxel_render-devel-0.89-0.48.20240531git013ac3b.el8 Helps render large-scale “voxel” worlds for games linux/x86_64
stdair-1.00.8-1.el8 C++ Standard Airline IT Object Library linux/x86_64
stdair-devel-1.00.8-1.el8 Header files, libraries and development helper tools for stdair linux/x86_64
stdair-doc-1.00.8-1.el8 HTML documentation for the stdair library linux/noarch
stellarium-0.20.1-1.el8 Photo-realistic nightsky renderer linux/x86_64
step-22.04.1-1.el8 Interactive Physics Simulator linux/x86_64
stgit-0.23-2.el8 Patch stack for Git repositories linux/noarch
stlink-1.6.1-1.el8 STM32 discovery line Linux programmer linux/x86_64
stlink-devel-1.6.1-1.el8 Include files and mandatory libraries for development linux/x86_64
stlink-gui-1.6.1-1.el8 GUI for STM32 discovery line linux programmer linux/x86_64
stockfish-16.1-7.el8 Powerful open source chess engine linux/x86_64
stoken-cli-0.92-1.el8 Command line tool for stoken linux/x86_64
stoken-devel-0.92-1.el8 Development files for stoken linux/x86_64
stoken-gui-0.92-1.el8 Graphical interface program for stoken linux/x86_64
stoken-libs-0.92-1.el8 Libraries for stoken linux/x86_64
stompclt-1.8-1.el8 Versatile STOMP client linux/noarch
stow-2.4.0-1.el8 Manage the installation of software packages from source linux/noarch
stow-doc-2.4.0-1.el8 Documentation for Stow linux/noarch
stress-1.0.4-24.el8 A tool to put given subsystems under a specified load linux/x86_64
stressapptest-1.0.9-1.20220222git6714c57.el8 Stressful Application Test - userspace memory and IO test linux/x86_64
strongswan-5.9.10-1.el8 An OpenSource IPsec-based VPN and TNC solution linux/x86_64
strongswan-charon-nm-5.9.10-1.el8 NetworkManager plugin for Strongswan linux/x86_64
strongswan-libipsec-5.9.10-1.el8 Strongswan's libipsec backend linux/x86_64
strongswan-sqlite-5.9.10-1.el8 SQLite support for strongSwan linux/x86_64
strongswan-tnc-imcvs-5.9.10-1.el8 Trusted network connect (TNC)'s IMC/IMV functionality linux/x86_64
stubby-0.4.2-2.el8 Application that act as a local DNS Privacy stub resolver linux/x86_64
subunit-1.4.0-14.el8 C bindings for subunit linux/x86_64
subunit-cppunit-1.4.0-14.el8 Subunit integration into cppunit linux/x86_64
subunit-cppunit-devel-1.4.0-14.el8 Header files for applications that use cppunit and subunit linux/x86_64
subunit-devel-1.4.0-14.el8 Header files for developing C applications that use subunit linux/x86_64
subunit-filters-1.4.0-14.el8 Command line filters for processing subunit streams linux/noarch
subunit-perl-1.4.0-14.el8 Perl bindings for subunit linux/noarch
subunit-shell-1.4.0-14.el8 Shell bindings for subunit linux/noarch
subunit-static-1.4.0-14.el8 Static C library for subunit linux/x86_64
sundials-5.8.0-3.el8 Suite of nonlinear solvers linux/x86_64
sundials-devel-5.8.0-3.el8 Suite of nonlinear solvers (developer files) linux/x86_64
sundials-doc-5.8.0-3.el8 Suite of nonlinear solvers (documentation) linux/noarch
sundials-mpich-5.8.0-3.el8 Suite of nonlinear solvers linux/x86_64
sundials-mpich-devel-5.8.0-3.el8 Suite of nonlinear solvers linux/x86_64
sundials-openmpi-5.8.0-3.el8 Suite of nonlinear solvers linux/x86_64
sundials-openmpi-devel-5.8.0-3.el8 Suite of nonlinear solvers linux/x86_64
superlu_dist-doc-6.1.1-1.el8 Documentation for superlu_dist linux/noarch
superlu_dist-mpich-6.1.1-1.el8 Solution of large, sparse, nonsymmetric systems of linear equations - mpich linux/x86_64
superlu_dist-mpich-devel-6.1.1-1.el8 Development files for superlu_dist-mpich linux/x86_64
superlu_dist-openmpi-6.1.1-1.el8 Solution of large, sparse, nonsymmetric systems of linear equations - openmpi linux/x86_64
superlu_dist-openmpi-devel-6.1.1-1.el8 Development files for superlu_dist-openmpi linux/x86_64
supervisor-4.2.2-1.el8 A System for Allowing the Control of Process State on UNIX linux/noarch
supybot-fedora-0.5.3-1.el8 Plugin for Supybot to interact with Fedora services linux/noarch
supybot-koji-0.3-1.el8 Plugin for Supybot to interact with Koji instances linux/noarch
supybot-meetbot-0.4-1.el8 Plugin for Supybot for handling IRC meetings linux/noarch
supybot-notify-0.3-1.el8 Notification plugin for Supybot linux/noarch
suricata-6.0.19-1.el8 Intrusion Detection System linux/x86_64
svgpart-22.04.1-1.el8 SVG KPart linux/x86_64
svt-av1-0.8.7-1.el8 Scalable Video Technology for AV1 Encoder linux/x86_64
svt-av1-devel-0.8.7-1.el8 Development files for SVT-AV1 linux/x86_64
svt-av1-libs-0.8.7-1.el8 SVT-AV1 libraries linux/x86_64
svt-vp9-0.3.0-6.el8 Scalable Video Technology for VP9 Encoder linux/x86_64
svt-vp9-devel-0.3.0-6.el8 Include files and mandatory libraries for development svt-vp9 linux/x86_64
svt-vp9-libs-0.3.0-6.el8 Libraries for svt-hevc linux/x86_64
swaks-20240103.0-2.el8 Command-line SMTP transaction tester linux/noarch
swatch-3.2.3-28.el8.1 Tool for actively monitoring log files linux/noarch
sweeper-22.04.1-1.el8 Clean unwanted traces the user leaves on the system linux/x86_64
swift-lang-5.6.2-1.el8 Apple's Swift programming language linux/x86_64
switchtec-3.1-4.el8 Userspace code for the Microsemi PCIe switch linux/x86_64
switchtec-devel-3.1-4.el8 Development headers and libraries for switchtec linux/x86_64
switchtec-doc-3.1-4.el8 Documentation for switchtec linux/noarch
switchtec-libs-3.1-4.el8 Shared Libraries for switchtec linux/x86_64
sword-1.8.1-18.el8 Free Bible Software Project linux/x86_64
sword-devel-1.8.1-18.el8 Development files for the sword project linux/x86_64
sword-utils-1.8.1-18.el8 Utilities for the sword project linux/x86_64
sympa-6.2.72-2.el8 Powerful multilingual List Manager linux/x86_64
sympa-devel-doc-6.2.72-2.el8 Sympa devel doc linux/x86_64
sympa-httpd-6.2.72-2.el8 Sympa with Apache HTTP Server linux/x86_64
sympa-lighttpd-6.2.72-2.el8 Sympa with lighttpd linux/x86_64
sympa-nginx-6.2.72-2.el8 Sympa with nginx linux/x86_64
syncthing-1.27.7-1.el8 Continuous File Synchronization linux/x86_64
syncthing-tools-1.27.7-1.el8 Continuous File Synchronization (server tools) linux/x86_64
synergy- Share mouse and keyboard between multiple computers over the network linux/x86_64
sysbench-1.0.20-5.el8 System performance benchmark linux/x86_64
syslog-ng-3.23.1-3.el8 Next-generation syslog server linux/x86_64
syslog-ng-amqp-3.23.1-3.el8 AMQP support for syslog-ng linux/x86_64
syslog-ng-devel-3.23.1-3.el8 Development files for syslog-ng linux/x86_64
syslog-ng-geoip-3.23.1-3.el8 MaxMindDB (GeoIP) support for syslog-ng linux/x86_64
syslog-ng-http-3.23.1-3.el8 HTTP support for syslog-ng linux/x86_64
syslog-ng-java-3.23.1-3.el8 Java destination support for syslog-ng linux/x86_64
syslog-ng-libdbi-3.23.1-3.el8 Libdbi support for syslog-ng linux/x86_64
syslog-ng-logrotate-3.23.1-3.el8 Logrotate script for syslog-ng linux/x86_64
syslog-ng-mongodb-3.23.1-3.el8 MongoDB support for syslog-ng linux/x86_64
syslog-ng-python-3.23.1-3.el8 Python support for syslog-ng linux/x86_64
syslog-ng-redis-3.23.1-3.el8 Redis support for syslog-ng linux/x86_64
syslog-ng-riemann-3.23.1-3.el8 Riemann support for syslog-ng linux/x86_64
syslog-ng-smtp-3.23.1-3.el8 SMTP support for syslog-ng linux/x86_64
systemd-networkd-253.4-1.el8 System daemon that manages network configurations linux/x86_64
systemd-timesyncd-253.4-1.el8 System daemon to synchronize local system clock with NTP server linux/x86_64
sysusage-5.7-7.el8 System monitoring based on Perl, rrdtool, and sysstat linux/noarch
sysusage-common-5.7-7.el8 Common files for sysusage linux/noarch
sysusage-httpd-5.7-7.el8 Apache configuration for sysusage linux/noarch
sysusage-rsysusage-5.7-7.el8 Remote utility for sysusage linux/noarch

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