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Packages beginning with letter R

racket-7.4-1.el8 General purpose programming language linux/x86_64
racket-collects-7.4-1.el8 Racket's core collections libraries linux/noarch
racket-devel-7.4-1.el8 Development files for Racket linux/x86_64
racket-doc-7.4-1.el8 Documentation files for Racket linux/noarch
racket-minimal-7.4-1.el8 A minimal Racket installation linux/x86_64
racket-pkgs-7.4-1.el8 Racket package collections linux/noarch
radare2-5.8.8-2.el8 The reverse engineering framework linux/x86_64
radare2-common-5.8.8-2.el8 Arch-independent SDB files for the radare2 package linux/noarch
radare2-devel-5.8.8-2.el8 Development files for the radare2 package linux/x86_64
radcli-1.2.12-1.el8 RADIUS protocol client library linux/x86_64
radcli-compat-devel-1.2.12-1.el8 Development files for compatibility with radiusclient-ng and freeradius-client linux/x86_64
radcli-devel-1.2.12-1.el8 Development files for radcli linux/x86_64
radeon-profile-20200824-5.el8 Application to read current clocks of ATi Radeon cards linux/x86_64
radeon-profile-daemon-20190603-3.el8 Daemon for radeon-profile GUI linux/x86_64
radeontop-1.4-2.el8 AMD Radeon video cards monitoring utility linux/x86_64
radicale3-3.2.1-1.el8 A simple CalDAV (calendar) and CardDAV (contact) server linux/noarchNew
radicale3-httpd-3.2.1-1.el8 httpd config for Radicale linux/noarchNew
radicale3-selinux-3.2.1-1.el8 SELinux definitions for Radicale linux/noarchNew
radsecproxy-1.10.1-1.el8 Generic RADIUS proxy with RadSec support linux/x86_64
ragel- Finite state machine compiler linux/x86_64
ragel-devel- Development libraries header files for ragel linux/x86_64
rakudo-0.2019.07.1-1.el8 Perl 6 compiler implementation that runs on MoarVM linux/x86_64
rancid-3.13-7.el8 Really Awesome New Cisco confIg Differ linux/x86_64
range-v3-devel-0.11.0-4.el8 Development files for range-v3 linux/x86_64
ranger-1.9.3-4.el8 A vim-like file manager linux/noarch
rapidjson-devel-1.1.0-14.el8 Fast JSON parser and generator for C++ linux/x86_64
rapidjson-doc-1.1.0-14.el8 Documentation-files for rapidjson linux/noarch
rapidxml-devel-1.13-19.el8 Fast XML parser linux/noarch
rapidyaml-0.4.1-8.el8 A library to parse and emit YAML, and do it fast linux/x86_64
rapidyaml-devel-0.4.1-8.el8 Development files for Rapid YAML linux/x86_64
rb_libtorrent-1.2.6-4.el8 A C++ BitTorrent library aiming to be the best alternative linux/x86_64
rb_libtorrent-devel-1.2.6-4.el8 Development files for rb_libtorrent linux/x86_64
rb_libtorrent-examples-1.2.6-4.el8 Example clients using rb_libtorrent linux/x86_64
rb_libtorrent-python3-1.2.6-4.el8 Python bindings for rb_libtorrent linux/x86_64
rbenv-1.2.0-1.el8 Manage your app's Ruby environment linux/x86_64
rbldnsd-0.998b-1.el8 Small, fast daemon to serve DNSBLs linux/x86_64
rbspy-0.8.1-3.el8 Sampling CPU profiler for Ruby linux/x86_64
rc-1.7.4-11.el8 Re-implementation for Unix of the Plan 9 shell linux/x86_64
rclone-1.57.0-1.el8 Rsync for cloud storage linux/x86_64
rclone-browser-1.7.0-2.el8 Simple cross platform GUI for rclone linux/x86_64
rcs-5.10.1-3.el8 Revision Control System (RCS) file version management tools linux/x86_64
rd-agent-2.1.2-2.el8 Management agent for resctl-demo linux/x86_64
rd-agent-data-2.1.2-2.el8 Data files for rd-agent linux/noarch
rd-agent-selinux-2.1.2-2.el8 SELinux policy for rd-agent linux/noarch
rd-hashd-2.1.2-2.el8 Latency-sensitive pseudo workload for resctl-demo linux/x86_64
rdesktop-1.9.0-8.el8 X client for remote desktop into Windows Terminal Server linux/x86_64
rdiff-backup-2.2.6-3.el8 Convenient and transparent local/remote incremental mirror/backup linux/x86_64
rdopkg-1.4.0-1.el8 RPM packaging automation tool CLI linux/noarch
re2-20190801-1.el8 C++ fast alternative to backtracking RE engines linux/x86_64
re2-devel-20190801-1.el8 C++ header files and library symbolic links for re2 linux/x86_64
reStream-1.3.1-1.el8 Stream your reMarkable screen over SSH linux/noarch
readosm-1.1.0a-2.el8 Library to extract valid data from within an Open Street Map input file linux/x86_64
readosm-devel-1.1.0a-2.el8 Development libraries and headers for ReadOSM linux/x86_64
rebase-helper-0.27.0-1.el8 The tool that helps you to rebase your package to the latest version linux/noarch
recap-2.1.0-6.el8 Generates reports of various system information linux/noarch
redhat-display-fonts-4.0.3-1.el8 Red Hat Display fonts linux/noarch
redhat-mono-fonts-4.0.3-1.el8 Red Hat Mono fonts linux/noarch
redhat-text-fonts-4.0.3-1.el8 Red Hat Text fonts linux/noarch
redict-7.3.0-1.el8 A persistent key-value database linux/x86_64
redict-devel-7.3.0-1.el8 Development header for Redict module development linux/x86_64
redir-3.3-3.el8 A TCP port redirector for UNIX linux/x86_64
rednotebook-2.29.6-1.el8 Daily journal with calendar, templates and keyword searching linux/noarch
redshift-1.12-10.el8 Adjusts the color temperature of your screen according to time of day linux/x86_64
redshift-gtk-1.12-10.el8 GTK integration for Redshift linux/x86_64
reg-0.16.1-5.el8 Docker registry v2 command line client linux/x86_64
remctl-3.17-4.el8 Client/server for Kerberos-authenticated command execution linux/x86_64
remctl-devel-3.17-4.el8 Development files needed to compile C programs against remctl linux/x86_64
remctl-perl-3.17-4.el8 Perl interface to remctl linux/x86_64
remctl-php-3.17-4.el8 PHP interface to remctl linux/x86_64
remctl-ruby-3.17-4.el8 Ruby interface to remctl linux/x86_64
remmina-1.4.33-1.el8 Remote Desktop Client linux/x86_64
remmina-devel-1.4.33-1.el8 Development files for remmina linux/x86_64
remmina-gnome-session-1.4.33-1.el8 Gnome Shell session for Remmina kiosk mode linux/x86_64
remmina-plugins-exec-1.4.33-1.el8 External execution plugin for Remmina Remote Desktop Client linux/x86_64
remmina-plugins-kwallet-1.4.33-1.el8 KDE Wallet plugin for Remmina Remote Desktop Client linux/x86_64
remmina-plugins-python-1.4.33-1.el8 Python plugin for Remmina Remote Desktop Client linux/x86_64
remmina-plugins-rdp-1.4.33-1.el8 RDP plugin for Remmina Remote Desktop Client linux/x86_64
remmina-plugins-secret-1.4.33-1.el8 Keyring integration for Remmina Remote Desktop Client linux/x86_64
remmina-plugins-spice-1.4.33-1.el8 SPICE plugin for Remmina Remote Desktop Client linux/x86_64
remmina-plugins-vnc-1.4.33-1.el8 VNC plugin for Remmina Remote Desktop Client linux/x86_64
remmina-plugins-www-1.4.33-1.el8 WWW plugin for Remmina Remote Desktop Client linux/x86_64
remmina-plugins-x2go-1.4.33-1.el8 x2go plugin for Remmina Remote Desktop Client linux/x86_64
reprepro-5.3.0-1.el8 Tool to handle local repositories of Debian packages linux/x86_64
reproc-14.2.4-1.20230609git1c07bdb.el8 A cross-platform (C99/C++11) process library linux/x86_64
reproc-devel-14.2.4-1.20230609git1c07bdb.el8 Development files for reproc linux/x86_64
reptyr-0.7.0-1.el8 Attach a running process to a new terminal linux/x86_64
resalloc-5.5-1.el8 Resource allocator for expensive resources - client tooling linux/noarch
resalloc-agent-spawner-5.5-1.el8 Resource allocator for expensive resources - daemon starting agent-like resources linux/noarch
resalloc-aws-1.8-1.el8 Resource allocator scripts for AWS linux/noarch
resalloc-helpers-5.5-1.el8 Resource allocator for expensive resources - helper/library scripts linux/noarch
resalloc-openstack-9.8-1.el8 Resource allocator scripts for OpenStack linux/noarch
resalloc-selinux-5.5-1.el8 SELinux module for resalloc linux/noarch
resalloc-server-5.5-1.el8 Resource allocator for expensive resources - server part linux/noarch
resalloc-webui-5.5-1.el8 Resource allocator for expensive resources - webui part linux/noarch
resctl-bench-2.1.2-2.el8 Whole system resource control benchmarks with realistic scenarios linux/x86_64
resctl-demo-2.1.2-2.el8 Guided tour of Linux resource control with live demos linux/x86_64
restic-0.13.1-1.el8 Fast, secure, efficient backup program linux/x86_64
retrace-server-1.24.2-2.el8 Application for remote coredump analysis linux/noarch
retsnoop-0.9.8-1.el8 A tool for investigating kernel error call stacks linux/x86_64
rhash-1.3.8-1.el8 Great utility for computing hash sums linux/x86_64
rhash-devel-1.3.8-1.el8 Development files for librhash linux/x86_64
riemann-c-client-1.9.0-13.el8 The riemann C client linux/x86_64
riemann-c-client-devel-1.9.0-13.el8 Development files for riemann-c-client linux/x86_64
rifiuti2-0.7.0-2.el8 A Windows Recycle Bin analyser linux/x86_64
ripgrep-13.0.0-6.el8 Line oriented search tool linux/x86_64
ripmime- Extract attachments out of a MIME encoded email packages linux/x86_64
ristretto-0.11.0-2.el8 Image-viewer for the Xfce desktop environment linux/x86_64
rizin-0.5.2-2.el8 UNIX-like reverse engineering framework and command-line tool-set linux/x86_64
rizin-common-0.5.2-2.el8 Arch-independent SDB files for the rizin package linux/noarch
rizin-devel-0.5.2-2.el8 Development files for the rizin package linux/x86_64
rkhunter-1.4.6-7.el8 A host-based tool to scan for rootkits, backdoors and local exploits linux/noarch
rktime-0.6-16.el8 Multi-zone time display utility linux/noarch
rlog-1.4-27.el8 Runtime Logging for C++ linux/x86_64
rlog-devel-1.4-27.el8 Runtime Logging for C++ - development files linux/x86_64
rlottie-0.2-1.el8 Platform independent standalone library that plays Lottie Animation linux/x86_64
rlottie-devel-0.2-1.el8 Development files for rlottie linux/x86_64
rlwrap-0.46.1-1.el8 Wrapper for GNU readline linux/x86_64
rmol-1.00.3-1.el8 C++ library of Revenue Management and Optimisation classes and functions linux/x86_64
rmol-devel-1.00.3-1.el8 Header files, libraries and development helper tools for rmol linux/x86_64
rmol-doc-1.00.3-1.el8 HTML documentation for the rmol library linux/noarch
rnnoise-0-0.3.20210312git7f449bf.el8 Recurrent neural network for audio noise reduction linux/x86_64
rnnoise-devel-0-0.3.20210312git7f449bf.el8 Devel files for rnnoise linux/x86_64
rnp-0.17.1-1.el8 OpenPGP (RFC4880) tools linux/x86_64
robin-map-devel-0.6.1-2.el8 C++ implementation of a fast hash map and hash set using robin hood hashing linux/noarch
robodoc-4.99.43-8.el8 Extract documentation from source code linux/x86_64
roca-detect-1.2.12-12.el8 Key fingerprinting tools for CVE-2017-15361 linux/noarch
rocksdb-6.26.1-3.el8 A Persistent Key-Value Store for Flash and RAM Storage linux/x86_64
rocksdb-devel-6.26.1-3.el8 Development files for rocksdb linux/x86_64
rocm-clinfo-5.2.3-1.el8 ROCm OpenCL platform and device tool linux/x86_64
rocm-comgr-5.2.3-1.el8 AMD ROCm LLVM Code Object Manager linux/x86_64
rocm-comgr-devel-5.2.3-1.el8 AMD ROCm LLVM Code Object Manager linux/x86_64
rocm-device-libs-5.2.3-1.el8 AMD ROCm LLVM bit code libraries linux/x86_64
rocm-opencl-5.2.3-1.el8 ROCm OpenCL Runtime linux/x86_64
rocm-opencl-devel-5.2.3-1.el8 ROCm OpenCL development package linux/x86_64
rocm-runtime-5.2.3-1.el8 ROCm Runtime Library linux/x86_64
rocm-runtime-devel-5.2.3-1.el8 ROCm Runtime development files linux/x86_64
rocm-smi-5.7.1-1.el8 ROCm System Management Interface Library linux/x86_64
rocm-smi-devel-5.7.1-1.el8 ROCm SMI Library development files linux/x86_64
rocminfo-5.2.0-1.el8 ROCm system info utility linux/x86_64
rocs-22.04.1-1.el8 Graph Theory IDE linux/x86_64
rocs-devel-22.04.1-1.el8 Development files for rocs linux/x86_64
rocs-libs-22.04.1-1.el8 Runtime files for rocs linux/x86_64
root-6.30.06-3.el8 Numerical data analysis framework linux/x86_64
root-cli-6.30.06-3.el8 ROOT command line utilities linux/noarch
root-cling-6.30.06-3.el8 Cling C++ interpreter linux/x86_64
root-core-6.30.06-3.el8 ROOT core libraries linux/x86_64
root-fftw-6.30.06-3.el8 FFTW library for ROOT linux/x86_64
root-foam-6.30.06-3.el8 A Compact Version of the Cellular Event Generator linux/x86_64
root-fonts-6.30.06-3.el8 ROOT font collection linux/noarch
root-fumili-6.30.06-3.el8 Fumili library for ROOT linux/x86_64
root-gdml-6.30.06-3.el8 GDML import/export for ROOT geometries linux/x86_64
root-genetic-6.30.06-3.el8 Genetic algorithms for ROOT linux/x86_64
root-genvector-6.30.06-3.el8 Generalized vector library for ROOT linux/x86_64
root-geom-6.30.06-3.el8 Geometry library for ROOT linux/x86_64
root-geom-builder-6.30.06-3.el8 Geometry builder library for ROOT linux/x86_64
root-geom-painter-6.30.06-3.el8 Geometry painter library for ROOT linux/x86_64
root-geom-webviewer-6.30.06-3.el8 Geometry web viewer library for ROOT linux/x86_64
root-graf-6.30.06-3.el8 2D graphics library for ROOT linux/x86_64
root-graf-asimage-6.30.06-3.el8 AfterImage graphics renderer for ROOT linux/x86_64
root-graf-fitsio-6.30.06-3.el8 ROOT interface for the Flexible Image Transport System (FITS) linux/x86_64
root-graf-gpad-6.30.06-3.el8 Canvas and pad library for ROOT linux/x86_64
root-graf-gpadv7-6.30.06-3.el8 Canvas and pad library for ROOT (ROOT 7) linux/x86_64
root-graf-gviz-6.30.06-3.el8 Graphviz 2D library for ROOT linux/x86_64
root-graf-postscript-6.30.06-3.el8 Postscript/PDF renderer library for ROOT linux/x86_64
root-graf-primitives-6.30.06-3.el8 Graphics primitives (ROOT 7) linux/x86_64
root-graf-x11-6.30.06-3.el8 X window system renderer for ROOT linux/x86_64
root-graf3d-6.30.06-3.el8 Basic 3D shapes library for ROOT linux/x86_64
root-graf3d-csg-6.30.06-3.el8 Constructive solid geometry linux/x86_64
root-graf3d-eve-6.30.06-3.el8 Event display library for ROOT linux/x86_64
root-graf3d-eve7-6.30.06-3.el8 Event display library for ROOT (ROOT 7) linux/x86_64
root-graf3d-gl-6.30.06-3.el8 GL renderer for ROOT linux/x86_64
root-graf3d-gviz3d-6.30.06-3.el8 Graphviz 3D library for ROOT linux/x86_64
root-graf3d-x3d-6.30.06-3.el8 X 3D renderer for ROOT linux/x86_64
root-gui-6.30.06-3.el8 GUI library for ROOT linux/x86_64
root-gui-browsable-6.30.06-3.el8 GUI browsable (ROOT 7) linux/x86_64
root-gui-browserv7-6.30.06-3.el8 Browser (ROOT 7) linux/x86_64
root-gui-builder-6.30.06-3.el8 GUI editor library for ROOT linux/x86_64
root-gui-canvaspainter-6.30.06-3.el8 Canvas painter (ROOT 7) linux/x86_64
root-gui-fitpanel-6.30.06-3.el8 GUI element for fits in ROOT linux/x86_64
root-gui-fitpanelv7-6.30.06-3.el8 GUI element for fits in ROOT (ROOT 7) linux/x86_64
root-gui-ged-6.30.06-3.el8 GUI element for editing various ROOT objects linux/x86_64
root-gui-html-6.30.06-3.el8 HTML GUI library for ROOT linux/x86_64
root-gui-qt5webdisplay-6.30.06-3.el8 Qt5 Web display linux/x86_64
root-gui-recorder-6.30.06-3.el8 Interface for recording and replaying events in ROOT linux/x86_64
root-gui-webdisplay-6.30.06-3.el8 Web display for ROOT linux/x86_64
root-gui-webgui6-6.30.06-3.el8 Web based GUI for ROOT linux/x86_64
root-hbook-6.30.06-3.el8 Hbook library for ROOT linux/x86_64
root-hist-6.30.06-3.el8 Histogram library for ROOT linux/x86_64
root-hist-draw-6.30.06-3.el8 Histogram drawing (ROOT 7) linux/x86_64
root-hist-factory-6.30.06-3.el8 RooFit PDFs from ROOT histograms linux/x86_64
root-hist-painter-6.30.06-3.el8 Histogram painter plugin for ROOT linux/x86_64
root-histv7-6.30.06-3.el8 Histogram library for ROOT (ROOT 7) linux/x86_64
root-html-6.30.06-3.el8 HTML documentation generator for ROOT linux/x86_64
root-icons-6.30.06-3.el8 ROOT icon collection linux/noarch
root-io-6.30.06-3.el8 Input/output of ROOT objects linux/x86_64
root-io-dcache-6.30.06-3.el8 dCache input/output library for ROOT linux/x86_64
root-io-sql-6.30.06-3.el8 SQL input/output library for ROOT linux/x86_64
root-io-xml-6.30.06-3.el8 XML reader library for ROOT linux/x86_64
root-io-xmlparser-6.30.06-3.el8 XML parser library for ROOT linux/x86_64
root-mathcore-6.30.06-3.el8 Core mathematics library for ROOT linux/x86_64
root-mathmore-6.30.06-3.el8 GSL interface library for ROOT linux/x86_64
root-matrix-6.30.06-3.el8 Matrix library for ROOT linux/x86_64
root-minuit-6.30.06-3.el8 Minuit library for ROOT linux/x86_64
root-minuit2-6.30.06-3.el8 Minuit version 2 library for ROOT linux/x86_64
root-mlp-6.30.06-3.el8 Multi-layer perceptron extension for ROOT linux/x86_64
root-montecarlo-eg-6.30.06-3.el8 Event generator library for ROOT linux/x86_64
root-montecarlo-pythia8-6.30.06-3.el8 Pythia version 8 plugin for ROOT linux/x86_64
root-multiproc-6.30.06-3.el8 Multi-processor support for ROOT linux/x86_64
root-net-6.30.06-3.el8 Net library for ROOT linux/x86_64
root-net-auth-6.30.06-3.el8 Authentication extension for ROOT linux/x86_64
root-net-davix-6.30.06-3.el8 Davix extension for ROOT linux/x86_64
root-net-http-6.30.06-3.el8 HTTP server extension for ROOT linux/x86_64
root-net-httpsniff-6.30.06-3.el8 HTTP sniffer extension for ROOT linux/x86_64
root-net-rpdutils-6.30.06-3.el8 Authentication utilities used by xproofd linux/x86_64
root-netx-6.30.06-3.el8 NetX extension for ROOT linux/x86_64
root-notebook-6.30.06-3.el8 Static files for the Jupyter ROOT Notebook linux/noarch
root-physics-6.30.06-3.el8 Physics library for ROOT linux/x86_64
root-proof-6.30.06-3.el8 PROOF extension for ROOT linux/x86_64
root-proof-bench-6.30.06-3.el8 PROOF benchmarking linux/x86_64
root-proof-player-6.30.06-3.el8 PROOF player extension for ROOT linux/x86_64
root-proof-sessionviewer-6.30.06-3.el8 GUI to browse an interactive PROOF session linux/x86_64
root-quadp-6.30.06-3.el8 QuadP library for ROOT linux/x86_64
root-r-6.30.06-3.el8 R interface for ROOT linux/x86_64
root-r-tools-6.30.06-3.el8 R Tools linux/x86_64
root-roofit-6.30.06-3.el8 ROOT extension for modeling expected distributions - toolkit linux/x86_64
root-roofit-batchcompute-6.30.06-3.el8 Optimized computation functions for PDFs linux/x86_64
root-roofit-core-6.30.06-3.el8 ROOT extension for modeling expected distributions - core linux/x86_64
root-roofit-dataframe-helpers-6.30.06-3.el8 RooFit DaraFrame helpers linux/x86_64
root-roofit-hs3-6.30.06-3.el8 RooFit HS3 linux/x86_64
root-roofit-jsoninterface-6.30.06-3.el8 JSON interface to RooFit linux/x86_64
root-roofit-more-6.30.06-3.el8 ROOT extension for modeling expected distributions - more linux/x86_64
root-roostats-6.30.06-3.el8 Statistical tools built on top of RooFit linux/x86_64
root-smatrix-6.30.06-3.el8 Sparse matrix library for ROOT linux/x86_64
root-spectrum-6.30.06-3.el8 Spectra analysis library for ROOT linux/x86_64
root-spectrum-painter-6.30.06-3.el8 Spectrum painter plugin for ROOT linux/x86_64
root-splot-6.30.06-3.el8 Splot library for ROOT linux/x86_64
root-sql-mysql-6.30.06-3.el8 MySQL client plugin for ROOT linux/x86_64
root-sql-odbc-6.30.06-3.el8 ODBC plugin for ROOT linux/x86_64
root-sql-pgsql-6.30.06-3.el8 PostgreSQL client plugin for ROOT linux/x86_64
root-sql-sqlite-6.30.06-3.el8 Sqlite client plugin for ROOT linux/x86_64
root-testsupport-6.30.06-3.el8 Unit test support library for ROOT linux/x86_64
root-tmva-6.30.06-3.el8 Toolkit for multivariate data analysis linux/x86_64
root-tmva-gui-6.30.06-3.el8 Toolkit for multivariate data analysis GUI linux/x86_64
root-tmva-python-6.30.06-3.el8 Toolkit for multivariate data analysis (Python) linux/x86_64
root-tmva-r-6.30.06-3.el8 Toolkit for multivariate data analysis (R) linux/x86_64
root-tmva-sofie-6.30.06-3.el8 ROOT/TMVA SOFIE (System for Optimized Fast Inference code Emit) linux/x86_64
root-tmva-sofie-parser-6.30.06-3.el8 ROOT/TMVA SOFIE Parsers linux/x86_64
root-tmva-utils-6.30.06-3.el8 Toolkit for multivariate data analysis (dataframe utilities) linux/x86_64
root-tpython-6.30.06-3.el8 ROOT's TPython interface linux/x86_64
root-tree-6.30.06-3.el8 Tree library for ROOT linux/x86_64
root-tree-dataframe-6.30.06-3.el8 A high level interface to ROOT trees linux/x86_64
root-tree-ntuple-6.30.06-3.el8 Ntuple (ROOT 7) linux/x86_64
root-tree-ntuple-utils-6.30.06-3.el8 Ntuple utility library (ROOT 7) linux/x86_64
root-tree-player-6.30.06-3.el8 Library to loop over a ROOT tree linux/x86_64
root-tree-viewer-6.30.06-3.el8 GUI to browse a ROOT tree linux/x86_64
root-tree-webviewer-6.30.06-3.el8 ROOT tree web viewer library for ROOT linux/x86_64
root-tutorial-6.30.06-3.el8 ROOT tutorial scripts and test suite linux/noarch
root-unfold-6.30.06-3.el8 Distribution unfolding linux/x86_64
root-unuran-6.30.06-3.el8 Random number generator library linux/x86_64
root-vecops-6.30.06-3.el8 Vector operation extension for ROOT linux/x86_64
root-xroofit-6.30.06-3.el8 Extra tools for RooFit projects linux/x86_64
rootsh-1.5.3-22.el8 Shell wrapper for auditing linux/x86_64
rpkg-common-1.66-15.el8 Common files for rpkg linux/noarch
rpkg-macros-2.0-1.el8 Set of preproc macros for rpkg utility linux/noarch
rpki-client-9.0-1.el8 OpenBSD RPKI validator to support BGP Origin Validation linux/x86_64
rpl-1.5.7-6.el8 Intelligent recursive search/replace utility linux/noarch
rpm-git-tag-sort-1.0-1.el8 Sorts merged git annotated tags according to topology and rpm version sorting. linux/x86_64
rpmautospec-0.6.3-1.el8 CLI tool for generating RPM releases and changelogs linux/noarch
rpmbuild-order-0.2.1-1.el8 Order RPM packages by dependencies linux/x86_64
rpmconf-1.1.7-2.el8.1 Tool to handle rpmnew and rpmsave files linux/noarch
rpmconf-base-1.1.7-2.el8.1 Filesystem for rpmconf linux/noarch
rpminspect-1.12.1-1.el8 Build deviation analysis and compliance tool linux/x86_64
rpminspect-data-centos-1.4-1.el8 Build deviation compliance tool data files for CentOS linux/noarch
rpminspect-data-fedora-1.12-1.el8 Build deviation compliance tool data files linux/noarch
rpminspect-data-generic-1.12.1-1.el8 Template data files used to drive rpminspect tests linux/x86_64
rpmreaper-0.2.0-20.el8 A tool for removing packages from system linux/x86_64
rpmrebuild-2.16-3.el8 A tool to build rpm file from rpm database linux/noarch
rr-5.6.0-2.el8 Tool to record and replay execution of applications linux/x86_64
rr-testsuite-5.6.0-2.el8 Testsuite for checking rr functionality linux/x86_64
rs-20200313-4.el8 Reshape a data array linux/x86_64
rsakeyfind-1.0-2.el8 Locate BER-encoded RSA private and public keys in memory images linux/x86_64
rsh-0.17-94.el8 Clients for remote access commands (rsh, rlogin, rcp) linux/x86_64
rsh-server-0.17-94.el8 Servers for remote access commands (rsh, rlogin, rcp) linux/x86_64
rsibreak-0.12.13-1.el8 A small utility which bothers you at certain intervals linux/x86_64
rsnapshot-1.4.5-1.el8 Local and remote filesystem snapshot utility linux/noarch
rst2txt-1.1.0-6.el8 Convert reStructuredText to plain text linux/noarch
rsync-bpc- A customized fork of rsync that is used as part of BackupPC linux/x86_64
rsyntaxtextarea-3.1.3-2.el8 A syntax highlighting, code folding text editor for Java Swing applications linux/noarch
rtklib-2.4.3.b33-5.el8 Program Package for GNSS Positioning linux/x86_64
rtklib-devel-2.4.3.b33-5.el8 Include files and mandatory libraries for development linux/x86_64
rtklib-doc-2.4.3.b33-5.el8 RTKLIB manual linux/noarch
rtklib-libs-2.4.3.b33-5.el8 RTKLIB shared library linux/x86_64
rtklib-qt-2.4.3.b33-5.el8 RTKLIB GUI tools linux/x86_64
rtl-433-21.12-4.20220401git8228f0d.el8 Generic radio data receiver linux/x86_64
rtl-433-devel-21.12-4.20220401git8228f0d.el8 Development libraries for rtl-433 linux/x86_64
rtl-sdr-0.6.0-11.el8 SDR utilities for Realtek RTL2832 based DVB-T dongles linux/x86_64
rtl-sdr-devel-0.6.0-11.el8 Development files for rtl-sdr linux/x86_64
rtorrent-0.9.8-1.el8 BitTorrent client based on libtorrent linux/x86_64
rttr-doc-0.9.6-3.el8 Documentation for rttr linux/noarch
rubberband-1.9.0-1.el8 Audio time-stretching and pitch-shifting library linux/x86_64
rubberband-devel-1.9.0-1.el8 Development files for rubberband linux/x86_64
ruby-augeas-0.5.0-24.el8 Ruby bindings for Augeas linux/x86_64
ruby-build-20221004-1.el8 Compile and install Ruby linux/x86_64
ruby-build-rbenv-20221004-1.el8 rbenv plugin to compile and install Ruby linux/x86_64
ruby-caca-0.99-0.59.beta20.el8 Ruby bindings for libcaca linux/x86_64
ruby-clearsilver-0.10.5-57.el8 Ruby interface to the ClearSilver HTML templating system linux/x86_64
ruby-facter-3.14.24-1.el8 Ruby bindings for facter linux/x86_64
ruby-notmuch-0.35-2.el8 Ruby bindings for notmuch linux/x86_64
ruby-openbabel-3.1.1-18.el8 Ruby wrapper for the Open Babel library linux/x86_64
ruby-prelude-5.2.0-1.el8 Ruby bindings for prelude linux/x86_64
rubygem-RedCloth-4.3.2-12.el8 Textile parser for Ruby linux/x86_64
rubygem-RedCloth-doc-4.3.2-12.el8 Documentation for rubygem-RedCloth linux/noarch
rubygem-addressable-2.8.1-3.el8 URI Implementation linux/noarch
rubygem-addressable-doc-2.8.1-3.el8 Documentation for rubygem-addressable linux/noarch
rubygem-aruba-0.14.14-1.el8.2 CLI Steps for Cucumber, hand-crafted for you in Aruba linux/noarch
rubygem-aruba-doc-0.14.14-1.el8.2 Documentation for rubygem-aruba linux/noarch
rubygem-asciidoctor-2.0.15-3.el8 A fast, open source AsciiDoc implementation in Ruby linux/noarch
rubygem-asciidoctor-doc-2.0.15-3.el8 Documentation for rubygem-asciidoctor linux/noarch
rubygem-builder-3.2.3-6.el8 Builders for MarkUp linux/noarch
rubygem-builder-doc-3.2.3-6.el8 Documentation for rubygem-builder linux/noarch
rubygem-concurrent-ruby-1.1.5-2.el8 Modern concurrency tools for Ruby linux/noarch
rubygem-concurrent-ruby-doc-1.1.5-2.el8 Documentation for rubygem-concurrent-ruby linux/noarch
rubygem-curb-0.9.10-1.el8 Ruby libcurl bindings linux/x86_64
rubygem-curb-doc-0.9.10-1.el8 Documentation for rubygem-curb linux/noarch
rubygem-deep_merge-1.2.1-4.el8 Merge Deeply Nested Hashes linux/noarch
rubygem-deep_merge-doc-1.2.1-4.el8 Documentation for rubygem-deep_merge linux/noarch
rubygem-docile-1.1.5-9.el8.1 Docile keeps your Ruby DSLs tame and well-behaved linux/noarch
rubygem-docile-doc-1.1.5-9.el8.1 Documentation for rubygem-docile linux/noarch
rubygem-erubi-1.7.0-1.el8 Small ERB Implementation linux/noarch
rubygem-erubi-doc-1.7.0-1.el8 Documentation for rubygem-erubi linux/noarch
rubygem-fast_gettext-1.2.0-9.el8 A simple, fast, memory-efficient and threadsafe implementation of GetText linux/noarch
rubygem-fast_gettext-doc-1.2.0-9.el8 Documentation for rubygem-fast_gettext linux/noarch
rubygem-ffi-1.10.0-3.el8 FFI Extensions for Ruby linux/x86_64
rubygem-ffi-doc-1.10.0-3.el8 Documentation for rubygem-ffi linux/noarch
rubygem-gettext-3.3.2-2.el8 RubyGem of Localization Library and Tools for Ruby linux/noarch
rubygem-gettext-doc-3.3.2-2.el8 Documentation for rubygem-gettext linux/noarch
rubygem-git-1.13.0-1.el8 Ruby/Git is a Ruby library that can be used to create, read and manipulate Git repositories by wrapping system calls to the git binary linux/noarch
rubygem-git-doc-1.13.0-1.el8 Documentation for rubygem-git linux/noarch
rubygem-gssapi-1.3.0-2.el8 A FFI wrapper around the system GSSAPI library linux/noarch
rubygem-gssapi-doc-1.3.0-2.el8 Documentation for rubygem-gssapi linux/noarch
rubygem-hiera-eyaml-3.2.0-1.el8 Hiera backend for decrypting encrypted yaml properties linux/noarch
rubygem-hiera-eyaml-doc-3.2.0-1.el8 Documentation for rubygem-hiera-eyaml linux/noarch
rubygem-highline-1.7.8-3.el8 HighLine is a high-level command-line IO library linux/noarch
rubygem-highline-doc-1.7.8-3.el8 Documentation for rubygem-highline linux/noarch
rubygem-hocon-1.3.0-1.el8 HOCON Config Library linux/noarch
rubygem-hocon-doc-1.3.0-1.el8 Documentation for rubygem-hocon linux/noarch
rubygem-hoe-3.20.0-1.el8 Hoe is a simple rake/rubygems helper for project Rakefiles linux/noarch
rubygem-hoe-doc-3.20.0-1.el8 Documentation for rubygem-hoe linux/noarch
rubygem-hpricot-0.8.6-26.el8 A Fast, Enjoyable HTML Parser for Ruby linux/x86_64
rubygem-hpricot-doc-0.8.6-26.el8 Documentation for rubygem-hpricot linux/x86_64
rubygem-hrx-1.0.0-5.el8 An HRX parser and serializer linux/noarch
rubygem-hrx-doc-1.0.0-5.el8 Documentation for rubygem-hrx linux/noarch
rubygem-httpclient-2.8.0-8.el8 HTTP Client interface for ruby linux/noarch
rubygem-httpclient-doc-2.8.0-8.el8 Documentation for rubygem-httpclient linux/noarch
rubygem-introspection-0.0.4-6.el8 Dynamic inspection of the hierarchy of method definitions on a Ruby object linux/noarch
rubygem-introspection-doc-0.0.4-6.el8 Documentation for rubygem-introspection linux/noarch
rubygem-jgrep-1.5.1-2.el8 Filter JSON documents with a simple logical language linux/noarch
rubygem-jgrep-doc-1.5.1-2.el8 Documentation for rubygem-jgrep linux/noarch
rubygem-linked-list-0.0.16-1.el8 Ruby implementation of Doubly Linked List, following some Ruby idioms linux/noarch
rubygem-linked-list-doc-0.0.16-1.el8 Documentation for rubygem-linked-list linux/noarch
rubygem-locale-2.1.2-3.el8.2 Pure ruby library which provides basic APIs for localization linux/noarch
rubygem-locale-doc-2.1.2-3.el8.2 Documentation for rubygem-locale linux/noarch
rubygem-mail-2.7.1-3.el8 Mail provides a nice Ruby DSL for making, sending and reading emails linux/noarch
rubygem-mail-doc-2.7.1-3.el8 Documentation for rubygem-mail linux/noarch
rubygem-metaclass-0.0.4-8.el8 Adds a metaclass method to all Ruby objects linux/noarch
rubygem-metaclass-doc-0.0.4-8.el8 Documentation for rubygem-metaclass linux/noarch
rubygem-mime-types-3.2.2-1.el8 The mime-types library provides a library linux/noarch
rubygem-mime-types-data-3.2019.0331-1.el8 A registry for information about MIME media type definitions linux/noarch
rubygem-mime-types-data-doc-3.2019.0331-1.el8 Documentation for rubygem-mime-types-data linux/noarch
rubygem-mime-types-doc-3.2.2-1.el8 Documentation for rubygem-mime-types linux/noarch
rubygem-mini_mime-1.1.0-1.el8 A lightweight mime type lookup toy linux/noarch
rubygem-mini_mime-doc-1.1.0-1.el8 Documentation for rubygem-mini_mime linux/noarch
rubygem-mixlib-log-3.0.9-1.el8 A gem that provides a simple mixin for log functionality linux/noarch
rubygem-mixlib-log-doc-3.0.9-1.el8 Documentation for rubygem-mixlib-log linux/noarch
rubygem-mocha-1.1.0-9.el8 Mocking and stubbing library linux/noarch
rubygem-mocha-doc-1.1.0-9.el8 Documentation for rubygem-mocha linux/noarch
rubygem-multi_json-1.13.1-4.el8.1 A common interface to multiple JSON libraries linux/noarch
rubygem-multi_json-doc-1.13.1-4.el8.1 Documentation for rubygem-multi_json linux/noarch
rubygem-mustache-1.0.2-8.el8 Mustache is a framework-agnostic way to render logic-free views linux/noarch
rubygem-mustache-doc-1.0.2-8.el8 Documentation for rubygem-mustache linux/noarch
rubygem-net-ldap-0.17.0-1.el8 Net::LDAP for Ruby implements client access LDAP protocol linux/noarch
rubygem-net-ldap-doc-0.17.0-1.el8 Documentation for rubygem-net-ldap linux/noarch
rubygem-net-ssh-5.1.0-2.el8 Net::SSH: a pure-Ruby implementation of the SSH2 client protocol linux/noarch
rubygem-net-ssh-doc-5.1.0-2.el8 Documentation for rubygem-net-ssh linux/noarch
rubygem-open4-1.3.4-9.el8 Manage child processes and their IO handles easily linux/noarch
rubygem-open4-doc-1.3.4-9.el8 Documentation for rubygem-open4 linux/noarch
rubygem-optimist-3.0.0-1.el8 Commandline option parser for Ruby linux/noarch
rubygem-optimist-doc-3.0.0-1.el8 Documentation for rubygem-optimist linux/noarch
rubygem-parallel-1.12.1-5.el8 Run any kind of code in parallel processes linux/noarch
rubygem-parallel-doc-1.12.1-5.el8 Documentation for rubygem-parallel linux/noarch
rubygem-pathspec-0.2.1-6.el8 Use to match path patterns such as gitignore linux/noarch
rubygem-pathspec-doc-0.2.1-6.el8 Documentation for rubygem-pathspec linux/noarch
rubygem-public_suffix-4.0.7-1.el8 Domain name parser based on the Public Suffix List linux/noarch
rubygem-public_suffix-doc-4.0.7-1.el8 Documentation for rubygem-public_suffix linux/noarch
rubygem-puppet-resource_api-1.8.13-1.el8 This library provides a simple way to write new native resources for puppet linux/noarch
rubygem-puppet-resource_api-doc-1.8.13-1.el8 Documentation for rubygem-puppet-resource_api linux/noarch
rubygem-puppetserver-ca-1.8.0-1.el8 A simple CLI tool for interacting with Puppet Server's Certificate Authority linux/noarch
rubygem-puppetserver-ca-doc-1.8.0-1.el8 Documentation for rubygem-puppetserver-ca linux/noarch
rubygem-qpid_proton-0.37.0-1.el8 Ruby language bindings for the Qpid Proton messaging framework linux/x86_64
rubygem-rack-2.2.4-1.el8 a modular Ruby webserver interface linux/noarch
rubygem-rack-doc-2.2.4-1.el8 Documentation for rubygem-rack linux/noarch
rubygem-rake-compiler-1.0.8-1.el8 Rake-based Ruby C Extension task generator linux/noarch
rubygem-rake-compiler-doc-1.0.8-1.el8 Documentation for rubygem-rake-compiler linux/noarch
rubygem-rb-inotify-0.10.0-1.el8 A Ruby wrapper for Linux inotify, using FFI linux/noarch
rubygem-rb-inotify-doc-0.10.0-1.el8 Documentation for rubygem-rb-inotify linux/noarch
rubygem-rchardet-1.8.0-4.el8 Character encoding auto-detection in Ruby linux/noarch
rubygem-rchardet-doc-1.8.0-4.el8 Documentation for rubygem-rchardet linux/noarch
rubygem-rdiscount- Converts documents in Markdown syntax to HTML linux/x86_64
rubygem-rdiscount-doc- Documentation for rubygem-rdiscount linux/noarch
rubygem-redcarpet-3.3.2-17.el8 A fast, safe and extensible Markdown to (X)HTML parser linux/x86_64
rubygem-redcarpet-doc-3.3.2-17.el8 Documentation for rubygem-redcarpet linux/noarch
rubygem-ronn-0.7.3-13.el8 Manual authoring tool linux/noarch
rubygem-ronn-doc-0.7.3-13.el8 Documentation for rubygem-ronn linux/noarch
rubygem-rspec-fire-1.3.0-1.el8 More resilient test doubles for RSpec linux/noarch
rubygem-rspec-fire-doc-1.3.0-1.el8 Documentation for rubygem-rspec-fire linux/noarch
rubygem-ruby-libvirt-0.7.1-18.el8 Ruby bindings for LIBVIRT linux/x86_64
rubygem-ruby-libvirt-doc-0.7.1-18.el8 Documentation for rubygem-ruby-libvirt linux/noarch
rubygem-ruby-shadow-2.5.0-12.el8 Ruby shadow password module linux/x86_64
rubygem-ruby-shadow-doc-2.5.0-12.el8 Documentation for rubygem-ruby-shadow linux/noarch
rubygem-semantic_puppet-1.0.2-1.el8 Useful tools for working with Semantic Versions linux/noarch
rubygem-semantic_puppet-doc-1.0.2-1.el8 Documentation for rubygem-semantic_puppet linux/noarch
rubygem-simplecov-0.13.0-7.el8.1 Code coverage analysis tool for Ruby 1.9 linux/noarch
rubygem-simplecov-doc-0.13.0-7.el8.1 Documentation for rubygem-simplecov linux/noarch
rubygem-simplecov-html-0.10.0-8.el8 Default HTML formatter for SimpleCov linux/noarch
rubygem-simplecov-html-doc-0.10.0-8.el8 Documentation for rubygem-simplecov-html linux/noarch
rubygem-simpleidn-0.2.1-1.el8 Punycode ACE to unicode UTF-8 (and vice-versa) string conversion linux/noarch
rubygem-simpleidn-doc-0.2.1-1.el8 Documentation for rubygem-simpleidn linux/noarch
rubygem-snmp-1.3.2-7.el8 A Ruby implementation of SNMP (the Simple Network Management Protocol) linux/noarch
rubygem-snmp-doc-1.3.2-7.el8 Documentation for rubygem-snmp linux/noarch
rubygem-sqlite3-1.4.2-2.el8 Allows Ruby scripts to interface with a SQLite3 database linux/x86_64
rubygem-sqlite3-doc-1.4.2-2.el8 Documentation for rubygem-sqlite3 linux/noarch
rubygem-text-1.3.1-9.el8 Collection of text algorithms linux/noarch
rubygem-text-doc-1.3.1-9.el8 Documentation for rubygem-text linux/noarch
rubygem-xml-simple-1.1.5-9.el8 A simple API for XML processing linux/noarch
rubygem-xml-simple-doc-1.1.5-9.el8 Documentation for rubygem-xml-simple linux/noarch
rubygem-yaml-lint-0.0.10-1.el8 Really simple YAML lint linux/noarch
rubygem-yaml-lint-doc-0.0.10-1.el8 Documentation for rubygem-yaml-lint linux/noarch
rubygem-yard-0.9.12-8.el8 Documentation tool for consistent and usable documentation in Ruby linux/noarch
rubygem-yard-doc-0.9.12-8.el8 Documentation for rubygem-yard linux/noarch
rusers-0.17-102.el8 Displays the users logged into machines on the local network linux/x86_64
rusers-server-0.17-102.el8 Server for the rusers protocol linux/x86_64
rust-pleaser+default-devel-0.5.3-0.el8 Please, a polite regex-first sudo alternative linux/noarch
rust-pleaser-devel-0.5.3-0.el8 Please, a polite regex-first sudo alternative linux/noarch
rxvt-unicode-9.31-1.el8 Unicode version of rxvt linux/x86_64
rxvt-unicode-terminfo-9.31-1.el8 Terminfo files for rxvt-unicode linux/noarch

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