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ipa-hcc-server-0.17-2.el8 RPM for noarch

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Name: ipa-hcc-server Distribution: Fedora Project
Version: 0.17 Vendor: Fedora Project
Release: 2.el8 Build date: Sun Apr 7 08:05:46 2024
Group: Unspecified Build host:
Size: 149204 Source RPM: ipa-hcc-0.17-2.el8.src.rpm
Packager: Fedora Project
Summary: IPA server plugin for Hybrid Cloud Console integration
This package contains IPA server plugins, LDAP schema extension, WebUI
extension, and registration agent for Hybrid Cloud Console integration. The
extensions require an account on and registration
with subscription manager.






* Sun Apr 07 2024 Christian Heimes <> 0.17-2
  - ipa-hcc-client depends on ipa-client again
* Sat Apr 06 2024 Christian Heimes <> 0.17-1
  - Don't install /etc/ipa/hcc.conf by default
  - Refactor: Client scripts now use hccplatform
  - refactor: Move all server code to ipahcc.server
  - Feat: Server features detect Console from rhsm.conf
  - feat: SELinux policy for ipa-hcc-server
  - Fix EPEL 8 build
* Thu Mar 28 2024 Christian Heimes <> - 0.16-2
  - Allow build without idm:DL1 module
* Wed Mar 27 2024 Christian Heimes <> 0.16-1
  - HMS-3840 feat: Detect configuration from rhsm.conf
  - ipahcc-stage-console now configures proxy
  - HMS-3821 feat: auto enrollment can set DNS resolver
  - More Fedora packaging fixes
  - Implement testing with Stage Console APIs
  - Implement console proxy settings
* Wed Mar 20 2024 Christian Heimes <> 0.15-1
  - add guidelines
  - Fedora packaging fixes
* Tue Mar 19 2024 Christian Heimes <> 0.14-1
  - Prepare ipa-hcc for Fedora packaging
  - infra: Add helper for stage console testing
  - Fix: pylint warning R1737
  - Fix: Typo in ipa-hcc-auto-enrollment sysconfig
  - Fix various infra issues
  - fix HMS-2066: Add timeout to confirmation prompt
  - test: Test on RHEL 9.3 / 8.9
* Tue Dec 05 2023 Christian Heimes <> 0.13-1
  - feat: Enhance reporting and logging
  - feat: Check remote status with HCC
  - refactor: Use context="hcc" in IPA API
  - infra: Log JSON error information
  - infra: Refresh cache and config file
  - fix: Use LDAP for public JWKs
  - refactor: Run ipa-client-automount
  - fix: Replace legacy with modern Insights API
  - fix: Limit hostname to 63 characters
  - fix: Use UEP CA to access prod cert-api
  - fix: Don't create global DNSResolver
  - feat: Add ipahcc-client-prepare
  - fix: Fake headers can use org_id/cn from RHSM cert
  - refactor: Change to --idmsvc-api-url
  - HMS-2348 feat: Add ephemeral fake header to auto-enrollment
  - test: Run CI on Fedora 39, drop 37
  - fix: Better error reporting for missing RHSM cert
  - fix: Fix typo fdqn -> fqdn
  - Fix: Keycloak SSO provider requires openid scope
  - doc: Add test instructions and hcc.conf info
  - HMS-2814 feat: IPA client installer and automount
  - test: idm-ci now requires local cloud auth
  - feat: Add sso.rh.c IdP provider definitions
  - HMS-2694 fix: Update JWST issuer and docs
  - HMS-2595 feat: Extend ipa-hcc to retrieve+store JWKs
  - test: Fix and improve coverage
  - fix: Update spec file URL
  - fix: Update git repo URL
  - HMS-2594: IPA plugin for HCC JWKs
  - test: Do not install KRA
  - HMS-2532 fix: attach to api commit
  - HMS-2491 test: Enable backend tests again
  - HMS-2491 test: Allow backend test to fail
  - HMS-2491 refactor: Separate GET signing keys
  - HMS-2491 test: Update test infra for DRT
  - HMS-2491 feat: Remove old domain registration
  - HMS-2491 feat: Update for domain token workflow
  - refactor: Remove env patching
  - HMS-2446 feat: New domain reg token
  - fix: Use gssproxy client keytab
  - HMS-2446 refactor: Move IPA API to WSGI framework
  - tests: Add test for deserialize()
  - tests: Check that serializing compact form gives a ValueError
  - feat: Add additional check json deserialization and update docs
  - feat: Rename deserialize_json to deserialize
  - feat: Do not allow compact serialization for MultiJWST
  - test: Enable mypy checker for tests
  - feat: Add domain token to mockapi
  - test: Run CI with Fedora 37 and 38
  - HMS-2070 feat: Remove D-Bus service
* Mon Aug 14 2023 Christian Heimes <> 0.12-1
  - fix: use new Quay org for CI images
  - HMS-1789 tests: use @podengo/ipa-hcc COPR
  - fix: Support latest tox on Fedora 38
  - fix: Allow non-compact JWT serialization
  - fix: use OpenAPI from public GitHub repo
  - test: Build SRPM and RPMs on GHA
  - test: update packages in containers
  - fix: Don't hard-code inventory url
  - doc: Add documentation for developers
  - HMS-2195: fix: Use idmsvc as API slug
  - feat: update locations
  - fix: Fix typo in automember rule
  - HMS-2147 fix: use HostConfIpa schema in HostConfResponse
  - refactor: Use setuptools to install Python code
  - fix: store public JWK in separate file
  - HMS-1857 feat: signed assertion for host registration
  - HMS-1857 feat: Add multi-sig and host token
  - HMS-1289 fix: Remove inventory_id from HostConfResponse
  - HMS-1857 feat: Add JWK abstraction and helpers
  - feat: Update JSON schema from latest OpenAPI
  - HMS-2038 test: Smoke tests with idm-domains-backend
  - HMS-2068: Drop support for RHEL without PKINIT
* Mon Jul 03 2023 Christian Heimes <> 0.11-1
  - HMS-2052 build: Use OpenAPI schema from idm-domains-api
  - HMS-2038 test: catch metadata misconfiguration early
  - fix: Move rpkg output out of .tox directory
  - HMS-2041 fix: Represent org id as string, not int
  - HMS-2038 test: Improve testing with backend compose
  - HMS-1991 fix: Tighten OpenAPI schema
  - HMS-2008 feat: Adopt JSON API error objects
  - Add definitions for missing JSON schemas
  - HMS-1991 feat: Generate schema JSON files from OpenAPI
  - HMS-1991: Refactor JSON schema
  - Add project and build definitions to pyproject.toml
  - HMS-1898: Fix and validate error response
  - HMS-1975: Remove check-host API endpoint
  - Improve CI and test with Python 3.9 (RHEL 9)
  - register: prompt for confirmation
  - HMS-1926: Friendly D-Bus error message
  - ipa-hcc CLI: print human-readable messages
  - Document how to configure for ephemeral
  - logging: pretty print API response
  - Reconcile JSON schema with idm-domains-backend OpenAPI
  - Add verbose logging to ipa-hcc
  - Prepare release 0.11
  - Ephemeral env support with fake headers
  - Improve Makefile and tox runner
  - yamllint: don't apply truthy test to map keys
  - Rename field 'cacerts' to 'ca_certs'
  - Reconcile domain response schema
  - Reconcile register/update domain schema
  - Document how to install build and test deps
  - HMS-1898 Reconcile error result schema
  - Ruff: silence F811 redefined-while-unused
* Wed May 17 2023 Christian Heimes <> 0.10-1
  - [HMS-1788] Add simple GH CI workflow
  - [HMS-1779] Move secrets and settings to CI/CD variables
  - [HMS-1645] Replace bandit/flake8 with ruff linter
  - Add infrastructure for mypy type checks
  - [HMS-1645] Drop IPA 4.6 compatibility workarounds
  - [HMS-1645] Drop Python 2 compatibility
  - Run integration tests in FIPS mode
  - [HMS-1645] Drop support for RHEL 7
* Wed Apr 19 2023 Christian Heimes <> 0.9-1
  - Last version with RHEL 7 / Python 2.7 support
  - [HMS-1607] Use inventory_id in API routes
  - [HMS-1607] Move common WSGI code into module
  - Include os-release id and version in HTTP header
  - [HMS-1479] Implement status check
  - Drop bundle file, add more ipaserver tests
  - Detect and block auto-enrollment with FQDN localhost
  - [HMS-1472] Switch from admintool to D-Bus CLI
  - Add tests for dbus service, fix hccapi
  - Move cert parsing into common function
  - Validate insights registration state
* Wed Mar 29 2023 Christian Heimes <> 0.8-1
  - Fold common and registration-service into ipa-hcc-server
  - Default to stage
  - Add title and description to JSON schema
  - Use D-Bus service and simplify config
  - Download PKINIT chain from registration service
  - Add mock tests for mockapi service, refactor code
  - [HMS-1485] Add --location to auto-enrollment script
  - Verify with pylint and fix violations
  - Use server role to indicate presence of ipa-hcc plugin
  - [HMS-1485] Add IPA location information to domain
  - Add D-Bus service for checking host in HBI
  - [HMS-1475] Add tests for registration WSGI server
  - [HMS-1475] Refactor and test auto enrollment client
  - Test with RHEL 7.9 server
  - Remove dependency on requests
  - Rename smid -> rhsm_id, drop redundant rhsm_id from body
  - Move API handler in separate module, add JSON schema
* Wed Mar 15 2023 Christian Heimes <> 0.7-1
  - Fix config_mod(hcc_update_server_server) API call
  - Improve idm-ci
  - Refactor project structure
  - Add timeout option
  - Remove unused cert info and detect_environment
  - Split ipa_hcc_cli into CLI interface and logic
  - Add systemd timer service
  - Add global hccDomainId, use domain_id in PUT request
  - Add HCC update role and register/update subcommands
  - Add ipa-hcc to register/update domain with HCC
  - Update rhsm_id in server's host entry
  - - Add server role for HCC enrollment service
  - Fix deployment and rhc connect in stage environment
  - Test on RHEL 9.2, 8.8
  - Add mockapi with test API endpoints
* Tue Feb 21 2023 Christian Heimes <> 0.6-1
  - Add metadata to deploy with local builds
  - build and deploy RPMs from current checkout
  - Add QEW test and metadata file
  - Add idm-ci playbook and metadata
  - Add tox CI with custom image
  - Fix stage env support
  - Add 1minutetip and virt-builder scripts
  - More validation of PKINIT options
  - Write custom krb5.conf, handle missing domain better, more arg checks
  - Drop 'not krbprincipalkey' check for testing
  - Mention SHA-1 PKINIT issue on old RHEL 7 and 8.6 servers
* Mon Feb 06 2023 Christian Heimes <> 0.5-1
  - Fallback to kinit with PKINIT + ipa-getkeytab on systems without PKINIT
    support ipa-client-install
  - Add support for IPA 4.6 on RHEL 7 with Python 2.7 and mod_nss
  - Handle platform-python on RHEL 8
  - Sleep longer
  - Relax dependency on SELinux
  - Move keytab installation into auto enrollment
  - Basic tests for WSGI
  - Move /etc/ipa/hcc dir to registration-service RPM
  - Move scripts into ipaclient.hcc package
* Thu Feb 02 2023 Christian Heimes <> 0.4-1
  - Detect stage/prod from rhsm.conf
  - Move refresh_token to /etc/ipa/hcc/refresh_token
  - Move more configuration into hccplatform
  - Remove keytab file on error
  - Add service with force=True option
  - Update permissions before adding privileges
  - Use ipa-ldap-updater instead of slow ipa-server-upgrade
  - Split server plugin and registration service updates
* Tue Jan 31 2023 Christian Heimes <> 0.3-1
  - Rename package to ipa-hcc
  - Replace term 'consoleDot' with 'Hybrid Cloud Console'
* Tue Jan 31 2023 Christian Heimes <> 0.2-1
  - Update CA chain to official RH certs with new SHA-256 Candlepin cert
  - Wait until host appears in ConsoleDot inventory
  - Always disconnect to get a fresh Kerberos ticket and connection
  - Add ipa-consoledot-consoledot.service
  - Remove old test data
* Tue Jan 31 2023 Christian Heimes <> 0.1-1
  - Handle outdated keytab, autoconfig org id
  - Remove pkinit_anchors line on uninstall
  - Workaround for missing IdM features
  - Fix spec file dependencies
  - Automate ipa-getkeytab with update plugin
  - Move some files around, automate service and keytab
  - Update spec, add KRB5 snippet with anchors
  - Use more persistent connections
  - Add caching and logging to WSGI app
  - Add link from search facet to consoleDot inventory
  - Lookup host in consoleDot inventory
  - Regenerate certs with C=US instead of CN=US
  - Return shell script with certs
  - Add cross-signed certs
  - Add script to generate cross-signed Candlepin CA
  - Update README with more instructions
  - Require known CA issuer
  - Add WSGI service, roles, and cert mapping
  - Add test scripts
  - Add notes about cache and certmap-match
  - Add test data and instructions
  - Fix error reporting when global org id is missing
  - Use lower number for updates/schema so we can use 89 for test data
  - explain unique index
  - Add write permission
  - Add enrolled hosts to a hostgroup



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