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RPM of Group Applications/Archiving

arj-3.10.22-22.el7 Archiver for .arj files linux/x86_64
atool-0.39.0-7.el7 A perl script for managing file archives of various types linux/noarch
cfv-1.18.3-6.el7 A utility to test and create data verification files linux/noarch
dar-2.5.22-1.el7 Software for making/restoring incremental CD/DVD backups linux/x86_64
deja-dup-34.3-1.el7 Simple backup tool and frontend for duplicity linux/x86_64
duplicity-0.7.19-1.el7 Encrypted bandwidth-efficient backup using rsync algorithm linux/x86_64
duply-1.11.3-1.el7 Wrapper for duplicity linux/noarch
dvdisaster-0.79.5-1.el7 Additional error protection for CD/DVD media linux/x86_64
freeze-2.5.0-16.el7 freeze/melt/fcat compression utilities linux/x86_64
lzma-sdk-4.6.5-21.el7 SDK for lzma compression linux/x86_64
lzma-sdk-devel-4.6.5-21.el7 Development libraries and headers for lzma-sdk linux/x86_64
lzma-sdk457-4.57-12.el7 SDK for lzma compression linux/x86_64
lzma-sdk457-devel-4.57-12.el7 Development libraries and headers for lzma-sdk457 linux/x86_64
nomarch-1.4-11.el7 GPLed Arc de-archiver linux/x86_64
paperkey-1.4-1.el7 An OpenPGP key archiver linux/x86_64
sx-2.17-2.el7 Tool to extract reports and run plug-ins against those extracted reports linux/noarch
unzoo-4.4-16.el7 ZOO archive extractor linux/x86_64
zarafa-archiver-7.1.14-6.el7 Archive messages to a secondary Zarafa server linux/x86_64
zopfli-1.0.1-1.el7 Zlib compatible better compressor linux/x86_64

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