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RPM of Group User Interface/X

adobe-source-code-pro-fonts- A set of mono-spaced OpenType fonts designed for coding environments linux/noarch
almas-mongolian-title-fonts-1.0-4.el7 Mongolian Title font linux/noarch
artwiz-aleczapka-anorexia-fonts-1.3-19.el7 Anorexia font in Artwiz family linux/noarch
artwiz-aleczapka-aqui-fonts-1.3-19.el7 Aqui font in Artwiz family linux/noarch
artwiz-aleczapka-cure-fonts-1.3-19.el7 Cure font in Artwiz family linux/noarch
artwiz-aleczapka-drift-fonts-1.3-19.el7 Drift font in Artwiz family linux/noarch
artwiz-aleczapka-edges-fonts-1.3-19.el7 Edges font in Artwiz family linux/noarch
artwiz-aleczapka-fkp-fonts-1.3-19.el7 Fkp font in Artwiz family linux/noarch
artwiz-aleczapka-fonts-1.3-19.el7 Very small futuristic font family linux/noarch
artwiz-aleczapka-fonts-common-1.3-19.el7 Common files for Artwiz Aleczapka fonts (documentation...) linux/noarch
artwiz-aleczapka-gelly-fonts-1.3-19.el7 Gelly font in Artwiz family linux/noarch
artwiz-aleczapka-glisp-fonts-1.3-19.el7 Glisp fonts in Artwiz family linux/noarch
artwiz-aleczapka-kates-fonts-1.3-19.el7 Kates font in Artwiz family linux/noarch
artwiz-aleczapka-lime-fonts-1.3-19.el7 Lime font in Artwiz family linux/noarch
artwiz-aleczapka-mints-mild-fonts-1.3-19.el7 Mints Mild font in Artwiz family linux/noarch
artwiz-aleczapka-mints-strong-fonts-1.3-19.el7 Mints Strong font in Artwiz family linux/noarch
artwiz-aleczapka-nu-fonts-1.3-19.el7 Nu font in Artwiz family linux/noarch
artwiz-aleczapka-smoothansi-fonts-1.3-19.el7 Smoothansi font in Artwiz family linux/noarch
artwiz-aleczapka-snap-fonts-1.3-19.el7 Snap font in Artwiz family linux/noarch
bitmap-1.0.7-4.el7 Bitmaps editor and converter utilities for the X Window System linux/aarch64
blender-fonts-2.68a-8.el7 International blender mono space font linux/noarch
cf-sorts-mill-goudy-fonts-3.1-7.el7 Goudy Oldstyle and Italic fonts linux/noarch
comic-neue-angular-fonts-2.2-2.el7 A typeface family inspired by Comic Sans, angular variant linux/noarch
comic-neue-fonts-2.2-2.el7 A typeface family inspired by Comic Sans linux/noarch
comic-neue-fonts-common-2.2-2.el7 Common files of comic-neue-fonts linux/noarch
conky-1.9.0-16.20140617gitab826d.el7 A system monitor for X linux/aarch64
devilspie2-0.43-1.el7 A window-matching utility linux/aarch64
dzen2-0.8.5-17.20100104svn.el7 A general purpose messaging and notification program linux/aarch64
fvwm-2.6.6-1.el7 Highly configurable multiple virtual desktop window manager linux/aarch64
gthumb-3.3.4-2.el7 Image viewer, editor, organizer linux/aarch64
horai-ume-gothic-fonts-610-2.el7 Free Japanese fonts family Ume Gothic linux/noarch
horai-ume-mincho-fonts-610-2.el7 Free Japanese fonts family Ume Mincho linux/noarch
horai-ume-pgothic-fonts-610-2.el7 Free Japanese fonts family Ume P Gothic linux/noarch
horai-ume-pmincho-fonts-610-2.el7 Free Japanese fonts family Ume P Mincho linux/noarch
horai-ume-uigothic-fonts-610-2.el7 Free Japanese fonts family Ume UI Gothic linux/noarch
lato-fonts-2.010-3.el7 A sanserif typeface family linux/noarch
linux-libertine-biolinum-fonts-5.3.0-6.2012_07_02.el7 Sans-serif fonts from Linux Libertine Open Fonts linux/noarch
linux-libertine-fonts-5.3.0-6.2012_07_02.el7 Linux Libertine Open Fonts linux/noarch
linux-libertine-fonts-common-5.3.0-6.2012_07_02.el7 Common files for Linux Libertine Open Fonts linux/noarch
moyogo-molengo-fonts-0.10-9.el7 A Latin typeface for documents linux/noarch
oflb-asana-math-fonts-0.954-1.el7 An OpenType font with a MATH table linux/noarch
pagul-fonts-1.0-7.el7 Font for Saurashtra script linux/noarch
rxvt-unicode-9.21-3.el7 Unicode version of rxvt linux/aarch64
rxvt-unicode-256color-9.21-3.el7 256 color version of rxvt-unicode linux/aarch64
rxvt-unicode-256color-ml-9.21-3.el7 256 color multi-language version of rxvt-unicode linux/aarch64
rxvt-unicode-ml-9.21-3.el7 Multi-language version of rxvt-unicode linux/aarch64
sazanami-fonts-common-0.20040629-22.el7 Common files for Sazanami Japanese TrueType fonts linux/noarch
sazanami-gothic-fonts-0.20040629-22.el7 Sazanami Gothic Japanese TrueType font linux/noarch
sazanami-mincho-fonts-0.20040629-22.el7 Sazanami Mincho Japanese TrueType font linux/noarch
silkscreen-expanded-fonts-1.0-15.el7 Expanded Silkscreen font family linux/noarch
silkscreen-fonts-1.0-15.el7 Silkscreen four member type family linux/noarch
silkscreen-fonts-common-1.0-15.el7 Common files for Silkscreen fonts (documentation...) linux/noarch
slim-1.3.6-7.el7 Simple Login Manager linux/aarch64
tabish-eeyek-fonts-1.0-6.el7 Font for Meetei Mayek script linux/noarch
tangerine-fonts-1.3-2.el7 Tangerine is a calligraphy font inspired by many italic chancery hands linux/noarch
terminus-fonts-4.38-3.el7 Clean fixed width font linux/noarch
terminus-fonts-console-4.38-3.el7 Clean fixed width font (console version) linux/noarch
tulrich-tuffy-fonts-1.28-2.el7 Generic sans font linux/noarch
vte-0.28.2-10.el7 A terminal emulator linux/aarch64
wmctrl-1.07-12.el7 Command line tool to interact with an X Window Manager linux/aarch64
x11vnc-0.9.13-11.el7 VNC server for the current X11 session linux/aarch64
x11vnc-javaviewers-0.9.13-11.el7 VNC clients (browser java applets) linux/noarch
xcalc-1.0.6-1.el7 Scientific Calculator X11 Client linux/aarch64
xdotool-3.20150503.1-1.el7 Fake keyboard/mouse input linux/aarch64
xloadimage-4.1-18.el7 Image viewer and processor linux/aarch64
zvbi-fonts-0.2.35-1.el7 Fonts from zvbi converted to X11 linux/noarch

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