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bcrypt-1.1-14.el7 File encryption utility linux/aarch64
disktype-9-12.el7 Detect the content format of a disk or disk image linux/aarch64
fslint-2.46-1.el7 File System "lint" discovery and cleaning utility linux/noarch
gfm-1.07-4.el7 Texas Instruments handheld(s) file manipulation program linux/aarch64
gifsicle-1.91-1.el7 Powerful program for manipulating GIF images and animations linux/aarch64
gifview-1.91-1.el7 Lightweight animated-GIF viewer linux/aarch64
krusader-2.4.0-0.14.beta3.el7 An advanced twin-panel (commander-style) file-manager for KDE linux/aarch64
lbzip2-2.5-1.el7 Fast, multi-threaded bzip2 utility linux/aarch64
lbzip2-utils-1.0-2.el7 Utilities for working with bzip2 compressed files linux/aarch64
lrzip-0.616-5.el7 Compression program optimized for large files linux/aarch64
lzip-1.19-1.el7 LZMA compressor with integrity checking linux/aarch64
lziprecover-1.19-1.el7 Data recovery tool and decompressor for files in the lzip compressed format linux/aarch64
md5deep-4.4-1.el7 A set of cross-platform tools to compute hashes linux/aarch64
mingw32-xz-5.1.2-3alpha.el7 Cross-compiled LZMA compression utilities linux/noarch
mingw64-xz-5.1.2-3alpha.el7 Cross-compiled LZMA compression utilities linux/noarch
mktorrent-1.0-8.el7 Command line utility to create BitTorrent metainfo files linux/aarch64
mmv-1.01b-24.el7 Move/copy/append/link multiple files linux/aarch64
openbabel-2.3.2-2.el7 Chemistry software file format converter linux/aarch64
openbabel-gui-2.3.2-2.el7 Chemistry software file format converter - GUI version linux/aarch64
pbzip2-1.1.12-1.el7 Parallel implementation of bzip2 linux/aarch64
pigz-2.3.4-1.el7 Parallel implementation of gzip linux/aarch64
pxz-4.999.9-10.beta.20120930git.el7 Parallel LZMA compressor using XZ linux/aarch64
swatch-3.2.3-24.el7 Tool for actively monitoring log files linux/noarch
weasyprint-0.22-1.el7 Utility to render HTML and CSS to PDF linux/noarch

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